03-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Just Can't Get It

Friday, March 16th

Mens Room Question: What do you know for a fact that you suck at, and what was the moment that you figured it out?


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You what you're about to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. I don't go out of Arizona our 2714. At. Along with Steve the draw here. See Ted Smith. Why wouldn't follow. In my car. I didn't have an image of a. Hey bring on the bad jokes bitches the return of ten vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list of headlines have been your shot of the day fumble this Terry Nelson everyone's favorite TV time but it kept laughing and I don't I knew I don't want a guy with a one point six. Million in drugs after a grenade at rolls off her nightstand. And explodes. Good group of senior citizen look to a millennial dating slang to try to decipher their coats. Take his obituary contained story of a man of rescuing pouring kidneys from outpouring pet store. They mail carrier shocked when a teenager holding his penis opens the door. And for a mom leaves her three year old son home to go out blanket that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. How all our bench is good day to you and yours all right we're all familiar with OJ Simpson. Most of us recognize the need the murderers a hole most of us except that. And its way to giving away what double homicide and doing a few years in prison OJ still an unrepentant piece of these. So it's a come as no surprise. That that's who was recently banned from the cosmopolitan. Hotel the most Vegas now according to them. He got drunk belligerent and rural glasses. Just like anybody does when they go to Vegas except in these OJ Simpson. Annoys him that OJ well he's such that the whole freedom thing. Yeah have your freedom you got away with that the man he just does not do a good job. Everybody thought that something will motivate them to be freedom. OJ thugs sit freedoms are afraid of me he kind of thinks that co existing in a free society and that the more proper way to put it went. The windows unidentified 36 year old man from Everett Washington now we don't know much about this guy. Except that he's not a very efficient very efficient and kind of lingers. He took two gunshots to the head. Because according to the prostitute who shot him he quote performed oral sexual. You cannot make this about him a village but fuselage and said. There's what the hell the motive was just a while. Well you remember all sites I don't know how to tellem. So she's on among some back and read once inside of that and look I'm not slam and I'm born started playing the burial. I'd like to think Nolan thought of killing me while doing. But anyway to finish before Roland did know on film puts legends had Mobi go so again. We don't know the full story with the evidence but the evidence we have right now he's not very good at bat. Urges such great oh he's such that we all suck at something and we all have a moment when we found out that we saw so today's question is this. What do you know for a fact that you sought to. And what was the moment you figured that if brother Joseph caught 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live. And to your emails to the men's room Edmonds or my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is your. True holiday that I go out of this November 2714. It's. Our program we have rain today and met Joseph tunnel. Right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day the exciting return today of ten vs the FCC as Ted tries to get one back into the win column and again another round coming up of profile this and today we're gonna talk about things that you things just suck at. And the moment did you realize you you're. You're not as good as you saw better or maybe you thought you had a decent chance of perfecting the art but that alone bold you do not. Mean there's all kinds of ways you find that out in in life but yes something's people just are natural that. Others it's so little but more work involved. Some people try for a brief amount of time whether it's to play guitar. Or to take singing lessons or sports or you name enemy of activity that he was wanna try giving him a shot. A big musical instrument probably get the least amount of of practice before people abandoned. At least in a sport that the teams for maybe just enjoy the atmosphere of steel to go. Well my daughter sucks at soccer she is the worst thing. I can't even explain what it. Is that she does when she takes the field it is so atrocious and bad and offensive to anyone who has any ounce of respect for soccer but. She didn't mind going than those are buddies are on the team depth may have some musical instrument and you hand your average person. A guitar. And if they can now play. Christ if they cannot play everything that Steve I can play with and we thought not for me properly. That's the side easily your right anxious you. I think people probably stick to the gym longer than mistook a musical instruments depth. Without question eighteen what you can either you do need to kind of figured out or are you willing to take the time to learn or just don't know what he's good wanna pick it up crowd is there. I that we Stephen I had they an interest in conversation earlier in this has brought the memory I'm not even sure if one correlates to the other but it just did it brought it up with. We're talking about the the electric. Turkey cutter in enemy like oh yeah that's all yeah I saw all right. And basically it was just two harbors with a column written blog entry and Tony Harris and Steven have both the doctor like look man if you've. If you got to the point on your Turkey where it needs to be car with a chain saw it probably took them bad boy little bit too long is probably not gonna be the best to know one. Is excited to eat that Turkey when it and you can't cut meet with a knife flagship Simon Henderson dump there hasn't impolite and I mean you can yes but they always the same person who 1980 still has it they bring in now onetime media I know when I was a kid it was in a massive deal it was food and electrical and it was faster than you realize well you can comparable to arguments don't you eat the entire Turkey but Turkey last for days and they would result in but it but it just shredding it and this goes back a few years but. And god bless her. That means something now now none of us know there's no practice no story now it's not that. Gospel no one says anything positive about someone when you begin aware of god bless him. Got okay well. Somebody and by jewel for dinner men and and I was at this point in time. I was kind of dwell on those. I was in a town by myself it was one of those deals where hey. Do you wanna go over four and it was Thanksgiving dinner was a holiday it's always the one and it's because I was working in a small town in Maryland that you know I've I think at that point my then wife had gone home for Thanksgiving with her family that I had to work so right around or the Friday after somewhere around there. And I did we had been as a couple into their house before to eat all right look now the wife is a a stay at home mom. And and she cooks constantly for the shore probably is as she was just sheet that the few terrible the food was there with the food was awful right I mean it was so dry. Why it was so bad it was so bad like I was looking at the two kids out just thank him. A man misses I know why you think you know no Moses I don't know when no Mon no man though. So yes. Right so I go to their Thanksgiving and in the way the deal was was like he actually had to work before me. OK so then I came over like you know for our way out of that fact and that's what they're gonna have the dinner anyway later on this evening you know and involve a lot on my gosh itself. And it's already uncomfortable because it's basically just mean. His wife and his two kids at the time they're like eight in ten you are right and it she cooked dinner. I'm telling you that's that's what brought it up when you said the dry Turkey I I mean I I swear to god and that the it was so bad that it should never have been served. But it was still served since then it's a I was kind of like looking around like all right you know like is is your gravy in it was an ego I can huddle I don't know great you know greatest fears he saw just a sweet potato thing was rest I don't know how she messed that up but she messed that up to. The hole and O'Grady I don't know man I really do not. She had a sinus cost it was more of an Italian home. It's just well I know I know and apostles bland and those overcoat it was a no marinara. He was on the good the shells which were over Compton yeah but the whole thing was just. Terrible and any it was a and I love them because they were nice enough to invite me over in it and maybe they hated you enough one million indicted his wife is the nicest woman in the world. And he's a very nice guy. But then they would continually ask be over after that to come over for dinner or anything like the idea like I you know my kids love you my wife of seven overs come over marital feud you know neat cause I think you know Randy I got things going on as the Pentagon is likely got going on a regular. Once O'Donnell whatever your travel somewhere and I just a nod to go away Olelo you know this is for those things are like I did not. It was I mean I could not believe. I just cannot I cannot believe. You know there's a place that we all kind of know here around the area where. It's they have food. It just doesn't have really any flavor to it. Yes very very. It's just it's it's nothing it's like it looks like the food it's in the shape of the food you taste the food and it has no taste good. When you would matter if you got a usually come people out there you know I'm saying like oh Rahal what would you Soledad I mean that's actually how describe it is. Literally all it is it yeah looks like it should be good it looks normal like it's disguised as food it would be good but the new taste and realize like he how bad is just how. How good this was like that to the level than them being back. Right so it was just I don't I just. For someone who cooked every single day I mean she cooked constantly giving this was a big family. They ate constantly I mean now's my buddy who was he got the lap band surgery the whole deal OG he's a bigger guy so I know for a fact he loved his wife's cooking and I. That was evil which I think you got the let me answer in excuses stop ED I mean our funny I just like that. But they constantly he would have a laugh and they did he get the lap band and then tell you what man I don't know if I don't know. If you know anybody personally who's been through this in you have to be in close proximity to them. But so he has this surgery okay and it's a big deal and its I don't I don't get the kind of you know. Be ready to do it you have to die before you do it in the most important thing that you need to do. Is strictly followed the diet at once you have to have yet because of the ramifications. Ultimately are horrible so he goes down this road he starts like these bags of chips every day right. So he'd bring a bag go vote moved potato chips and why did he gets a lead man and it isn't any just eat to hold them back to chip twice and now the studio was very very small. I don't know if you've ever smelled the ass of a person who has gas who had gastric bypass surgery I do not believe I had it is. Amazing. I mean in a bad way it is I cannot believe I you cannot believe what it smells like it is. There's if I smelled that smell again. You enemy my game I would know immediately so it's slow and it's so distinct if I mean it is so distinctively awful to say it is it is loyal Baghdad if you're my better resisting in the back of your nostrils that you feel when you smelled so it's unbelievable stuff. How what do you do what are you know for a fact that you suck gad and what was the moment you figure that this thing you just went to that whole story and you never told the woman cooking sucks though so a lot of what she doesn't know that she's such zone and in Los Angeles Gregg goes in those people make eye and a friend growing up that was the same way right. Now I always thought his mom's cooking is a little suspect but they loved it and it was all they knew wrote that and then all they know exactly. That was the whole thing well I knew better and it hit it under those terrible. Tire let's go to I believe Las Vegas and add up. As the story goes OJ Simpson should probably just lay low not attract attention to himself and enjoy the fact that once again he's a free man in other words. Just act like a normal seventy year old man. But of course OJ is not a normal senior citizen and he still doesn't have though the limit to the whatever that I just do stupid things allegedly. DMZ claims and OJ was kicked out of the cosmopolitan hotel. In Las Vegas on Wednesday night after he got wasted in a little to rally. I've been to Vegas numerous times. Probably at least attend the where in the hell is the cosmopolitan hotels are too high informing or is that just something I've never heard. I don't loves to hi amber they even gamut advertise themselves as like hey. We already know you're Vegas weren't the hotel you go to Vegas for you to go real base yet that I can tell food look. So the college Carlton hotels in for a Fremont. I don't know I don't know probably on the strip or some more clothes would you stand you've you've seen at Vegas is Vegas and number egos are that the same general ideas is anybody else and in the cosmopolitan is still kind of like look. You can get real Vegas it we don't care and and we're not gonna found one so to get booted out of the cosmopolitan. For being rowdy. I mean it's that's absolutely book it's like getting booted out of prison does combined. And get in our enemy it is midnight that's the play thirty to go there's of their act like OJ senators that tolerance level in Vegas it's a little bit their dirty high and the 2000 piled into the oven at a casino where Minnesota are arguing and I threatened to murder him and middle casino security to say. Kiki protect our threatened to kill a man. And I got to slam after casino. You know you were not on the strip of they get those I don't know well against them is no date has killed people so they're definitely different. I got cut off the content they view yet damp had no idea. You good to realize it was a simple way. Eight that involved cup mall in the cosmopolitan defense okay I'm sure just the powerful global credit in the off yeah we are. Who's a bachelor party we've already done and the strippers and all that. I I barely remember being a man who but they were plate. You fell twice I think didn't you didn't look picked up the perks I felt right at it and they think we're cool about it easily used to stares back up LaBarge. You fell a second stare the dude is like I may announce occupy the Gaza they have the gleaming instead they're gonna be up bright and corporate. Basically it's got to diva brag that they they made me a little gotcha host stay up right. The police wife says I don't agree so Brad could go get another life sand it was the second all they were like all right threat Euribor following. Not really okay. You remember anything else after that incident. The best part was the pictures. OK I had a picture with parallel my new. Pakistani friends who. I have no idea if you read our public. I probably a good did you do it all around the shots they what you should what is the hangover from the pictures also you think we go away but I think the and they could. There was another picture to show girl but their legs stretched out on my shoulder not like it's remember that that's. None well if it in this all avenues to get kicked out cosmopolitan OT. If I think this is a leading up to all I figured out about the weather center cosmopolitan at cosmopolitan runners through the Bellagio. Yeah so dread that mr. Todd McCarthy I I don't realize you've seen. I am I just put memories I have no Internet the only hotel almost triple balconies apparently every damn body except doesn't really exactly well how's my guy directs. Well on OJ was kicked out of the Gaza balls and hotel just like Ted Anthony got wasted in a little too rowdy. They say he had been hitting up the bars in the hotel since his release from prison and he started arguing with a staff and quotes broke glasses at the bar. Technically they don't say whether OJ broke getting the glasses are not security showed up and escorted him out. And he did leave without causing a scene but he has been permanently 86 now from the cosmopolitan or whatever went down. For what it's worth OJ's lawyer admits that he was banned from the hotel but denies that he did anything wrong he says they just decided they didn't wanna have to have him around anymore. Causing such Iraq I'm sure delusional videotape from inside a casino in Vegas and yet I also make you think. And the value was pretty rowdy security share up into going out and probably. We can ship I mean he's gonna go back to jail you think so I deal what what would charge you threw to him but I got away with a big one. Well first of all he's always was we drink is on parole. To you can't drink of her own parole. It depends on your but I'm pretty sure he is he he's not allowed to have alcohol or drugs I would imagine so kind of a mean drunk I would wonder what I just assume the once you've done your time you still had kind of chicken an allegation I don't know I mean I noted what you might he was released early. Re all so thank you all adult role okay Ryan service fault or the server full term tenure Scot free you want out major do you do it every day and this case Heyman we've let you out. Then also for this much longer you gotta be 200 you have to but it does something doesn't have a best behavior. There is no best he got away with murder it's insane I go home go to school he's got to do something new gimmick. I don't see him lasting two on an outside get a did you imagine it being up to no good or whatever you've been doing for your life. In the moment that you get out of jail. The place that you choose to live is Las Vegas in a bad. A ultimately all the strip of all the places yeah right all the places that you can go to get into trouble like if you said. Hey Lamar Odom. We know you've got some problems with substance abuse would every deal is there's a rehab place but its outpatient we wanna send you two on the strip in Las Vegas and you can stay there. Let me stay in Vegas let's let me let part of my problem that that that's what I mean or South Beach in my hands like look at if you're if you're if you have problems with addiction to cocaine whatever may be Miami's not the right place for you or Vegas or New Orleans or wherever you go party all nighter Vegas or wherever he sent them. Maybe say got to pick a city. I would send him to someplace in Utah Fargo. You don't focus Fargo they throw down man because of all the fracking in the natural gas of golf right on cigars as there are these are delayed. But he's gonna be able to just get absolutely yarder demanded multimillion someplace in Utah. That's right within my aunt my kid yes you. I don't know man because he's all it's a washing cocaine. The walks to jump ball everybody's on a bottle draws anywhere that pretend that concerned. Yeah that's no real I'd report may want to stuff that make your eyeballs bleed like I think they are dirty and up to no good if they try too hard to pretend or not. You know remain on my map of that to cover did you talk. They're very nice I think the burglarized but so was Jeffrey Dahmer recorded you know he volunteered is why really the boy if he eight people maybe Wyoming. More now well why don't we do have to be a man's man I've that I gather our recent Jack Daniel's arm. And Jen well I mean look if you re VT tunnel that's why you gotta go to rehab thing and stay in the rehab. Yeah I would like do you use alcohol over there just seems like there is but let's fill just I don't know it just seems like with Vegas like there's this neighborhood like OJ lives there. And Pete Rose lives there. And again and say like Jose Canseco look at the candidates Stevenson Stevenson dollars there and my camera view on satellite as Randall worse it was one of those places. I. Yeah OJ going to bay is seems like an ambulance there. That's the whole group of McCain's apparent shocker exactly. What do you what are you know for a fact that you Zagat and what was the moment you figure that out 844999. Hole. Calls on the way you are losing to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Right returner Ted vs the FCC on the way our question what did you know for a fact that just look at and what was a moment you figure that out 8449990. Here come the comments. I yell what are the stories that inspired today's question probably the lesser of feature stories about OJ Simpson we have got to the gun when it. It's had to divert onshore habitat OJ he has permanently 86 from the cosmopolitan hotel. On the Las Vegas Strip and we're assembly man in all this based on OJ. And how lucky them hopefuls Ben Bruce gave would be truly deserve why would you go to Las Vegas like the place. Basically just begs for you get in trouble right so says luck. They can't leave the stage is part of his paroles were second about a world would you wanna be a little while to make a cancel out one and another one comes Emerson for drinking and whatever comes up parole violations might be says OJ killed blow more than a point 083 can drink within reason it can't go to the legal limit but. Penalties that is playing so some liberals. Until the breathalyzer in there that he could go back to jail we won't be there again our state to prison guy or whatever bunker burn up. Our question today what do you know for a fact that you Zagat and what was the moment you figure that out this is a story that brought us to the question today and it's a doozy I think that. As far as the world of what you guys. Tend to talk about that they think they're better at than those people. It's pretty universal thing riady and tighter yes and the memories and they you know whether they've been told that are not religious believe that it. It's kind of hard Vick did to deny it to really know because it. You're not the one enjoying it for the most brother UD I mean how you enjoyed doing everything we're pretty good I bet that's exactly but I think that you know it as a collegiate effort you know regular Joseph or give the best guy and an absolute this guy however it was made clear he's not to defend this is a this is a disturbing story all the way around trust you 36 year old Manuel suffered at his home for three days. Until police found two gunshots to his head last month. Now a escort is in jail on one million bail after being captured at the man's home surveillance footage that night. That he was shot and it gets a little bit more bizarre. Marisa Whalen was arrested and is being investigated on first degree assault first degree identity theft in first degree robbery. Everett to a police say she spent more than 101000 dollars of the victim's credit cards. The victim. Their employer called police concerned that the victim had on care to list and characteristically not logged on for work that day I guess this person more from home button have been a few days urged for. His own mother also called 911 with concerns officers found no signs of forced entry to home and no one answered the door an officer checked the inside the house and found the man. Sitting up against the wall in the master bedroom of dried blood on his head. He was awake but on responsive to questions according to the incidence Jesus medics took into a medical senator whereas CT scan revealed he had two bullets inside this tent. I got served a search on what was alive for those three days oh yeah. Oh geez man I did not realize that yeah I thought they're saying he died in for three days his body. Was a loser he was alive for three days after thing to boast about it. And that's oh wait there's there's more he's our question what are you know for a fact it is not yet and what was the moment you figure that out a 44999. Obama. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.