03-22-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Regrets Their Choice

Thursday, March 22nd

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Grilled by. Or others there's just not right now on ninety Iraq California's rock station in lovely Sacramento California. WAF in Boston Boston's. Legendary Iraq's Asian and of course 973 machine that some Diego talk the rocks and let's not forget our our good friends down that Fort Leavenworth. Lets the bad guy in Kansas City 99 Iraq's along among a big show for it I did dream Dennis don't ever talk about prize. Big dummy will play all day no I Sherlock profile this and the shot of the day enemy to have I believe we have about Patrick on the line and playing for team so frighteningly so there. Follow me we don't fret and now whereas he knew which and we prefer to be killed by real what a great white shark. Now chimpanzee grizzly bear lion garments revolt and you pick the shark in so let me tell you why and we don't empires so why. Bad at all. Our 400 million golden bachelor show that it's totally but I per hundred million but that time. Jerry sharks are extremely good at killing him. I'm a lot of times you want it killed by an answer you want to kill let that man. I you are re assign a you have this give the word write him out believe your phone's ringing off the hook with hallmarks and boom. We just can't just throw them happy holiday cards for. All right another mortgage your first real question of Mike hawk has prepared some of these questions in advance and it is my hawks area of expertise the question. What do you call a guy with no arms no legs that loosens takes groups. Didn't limit us loosens. Loosens what I call a guy with no arms no legs loosens extradition. I mean and I don't know I don't and obviously it doesn't I'm not listening score is oh yeah Allen's. Okay. All right your first question these with the ground he is so proud he's got a New Orleans because he's got on a more human element of the our culture what you call got no arms no legs and a bank. Why at a bank. And got a lot of Arnold legs and what would you say now that bill O. How bad this big bunker but I think bill O. I don't know if that's our judges we think bill Barr had billed you let me as a very solid hours and I got them the reason I oppose and I posit rubber match rubber match what you call a guy with no arms no legs. In a meat grinder who used car as well. I. And shocked. But he's pretty I am not an Indy like that. So what is he writing and I don't know I think why do consider. All right here is your first real question both in the band queen and the bay of the rendering and both had a drummer named blocked. I don't I don't know. I had no idea Roger there. Question number two to. Blood is the sixth commandment. I didn't say. That I'm. Double on about a they are neighbors left. Here I am. It's about a billion neighbors got out thought myself. How would that not even more. Number one prominent news out of it I didn't feel like you know I would move them toward tough. And I think thing I don't want to do is tell me back. The first got to be nice your parents who. And starting with the goal until you look at them all the time you would start the topsoil like. If you echo the first nine if you can just did that do the first one like but he didn't kill me about maybe you were difficult people didn't like you used and I'll definitely didn't kill you back the number one is no false idols. Are OK Clark that but I told him I was the number two on the list thou shall not kill it. What order would you put him all the score without the league what does that number one again I don't know I don't know if you put it on martial art and I don't have to double the honor thy father or mother okay I. I would maybe for a second. Did you do one or the other. Why would you could convert my mother father Ed they kill people that that's not okay both of them could fees aren't much question. About how many miles or in an astronomical unit at hand it's the same distance as it is from the earth to the song. Early act immediately one block on the kind of got. 100000. Miles sometimes 30000068. Yes. You know that's nothing. Scratched but it stretch and there. And the sunshine and like I can feel the warmth of your color you are you dating anyone. I know he commented on how long have you been on this dry spell. I wanna I get. You know it's coming through me at its own thing I can come through. Did you go out last night. I thought when we're glad to get a real date. Albeit. I want it and am an hour north here to help we're really gonna try to smooth this over or rolled. Out I'm. Maybe don't go well things. Add up. Now they're in the magazine the last month asked me if I didn't think it would have really good the last one guy who aren't they're doing. All right nice question mr. sunshine and William McKinley was the last US president. In what century. The army and donate it to. Tiger might presented in a positive direction after congratulations. Absolutely sun is shining on him in Florida and I and I and I don't know who is our next contest and ready to play the game known as big down days you organized that. Had you know who it is. Well Jenkins Jeff is. Do you remember. Hello today and we'll thought. After javy is over now it's over. I'm so we're welcome to the children's. Bedroom wall Italian guy today. Death by great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bears or lions. I got to go to speedy line. All right this BV I finally somebody without great white shark gets. Appreciate tank unit religion meet we have watched the video though of a lion through those times I. And still staring similar face Barack twisted this to their right like. Why do you fault line. Sales edged sword and shield to say in who idolize the pretty cool yeah. Double what was the apple haters did when I know darn well what what never what was the average record for gladiator. Fred says the average and a ballplayer I shall we please through season. What does the average record of gladiator an important. It's like I've got a long career because they're only. Gonna have one defeat. Right it could literally as a guarantee everybody is something and yet wanna lose interest anybody go blank can go armed claims all of them when something in one. This and I'd rather die like gladiator. Yeah I just want to do Obama sharpened I would be done and I were to say look like they'll. Our energy birth question Hamlet that Shakespeare was the principal what country. I think I know this quick shout out to my number and then he's automatically love you guys I used Denmark. You seem awfully top minority did a shout out to your kid avenue and I just and daddy I want at a guy who want to have our daddies so Smart you know if you were wrong was to be so much more enjoyable. Okay. There are other vital body lie in your dog and it's not very go. Davis made dummy 844999. All of who is our next contest and read a blame game hello Devin welcome to the men's room. Hello mobile metadata. I hope hello. Kevin or use overnight so. Over welcome to the show them and then went to meant Drupal honey when a guy great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear lion. I'll Google does merit to quit if it outdoor. Tiger and he's don't want to know the inevitable something coming up in eating. You or I know you're so now I want to leave the animal coming up hey I do not. I don't overlap going to be I wanna buy just due to one time but all I want I don't like I made a move. And you know what man I'd just like as they cross and someone over you know you're like just completely take him out of his cleats for just a second good turnaround and he gave it. I think you've got a nose that you tasty yeah I think you're gonna know for certain is that you don't they still ahead. I thought if I played like crap I'll never know if I'm dead banquet. The bears got who they abandoned tasty is nothing in the bag and same. Gonzalez blouse. Stared at lined out collect data on air miles you're taking the bears are you to bear down try to take him dad why they lament. And you just a bit we just wants to video it was tiger so large pentagon bald blue dogs even dead and Mueller took no time but. It would drag him by the next. Is there back into like that's logical to think about man reportedly kills you kills you. It might be drag your ass. I threw the African bush turned my back on them. That's the problem attacked. From the front and there is a famous video what gave the bear whisperer goes up and leg you know let go pro whatever like lay outside and you either hear him do the emergency and oh yeah yeah yeah I was longer now on us the out of a fight. I. I hear is your first question would go to our no arms no legs in the sink full of dirty dishes. You know darned all right your next question up. There are people who could. They could be a woman to make immediate W in my play as a guy Brad I you know I don't have a game of all the call the United States is the white horse tavern which opened in the 1673. What stage would you find. It's a New England obviously reeling market. Using a Virginia until I was an enormous only 86 feel very old that old bar the piano bar at the end of the French Quarter there in the little house ma'am I don't remember I don't remember that's where you were the drummer and spoon whatever you're all web way yeah there are. What what state. All autumn. In New York. I would definitely if you Rhode Island. RI I have a hotbed of our. New ports lovely thing. Question freedom. Wasn't very aware is tranquility base looking. I. Bullied there. The bottom of that on Newton is the the I. All day. Or the moon. Yeah sort of an amused. Monday and you give it some regular commercial break. Our. Total to 100. Boxcar that's the name of the B 29 bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on. Hiroshima or Nagasaki. You're Jeanne what you're more. Come on board. Question number five. More yeah if you like bacon doesn't it four point 999 all you're listening to the mantra of radio network. They joke. You don't have a gentle men's room. Alexandria but who knows all about him tasty delicious French Fries at your favorite fast food establishments that Tom didn't rise in the US of A coming up. With kids meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy if you like to be contest and 844999. All we do have got an online working on questioned by the end playing for team sober I don't down. All right we're going gaga no arms no legs on the show. All yeah on a shelf. Dusty you call dusty aren't here is your question. What play that makes up most vocal wallet mayors guy. All this mean. And for a it. Well they do. They need your support to clean up from super clean and powerful wild animals simply stupid idea of our Australian no listeners love us now. We're going to face hunger to history related like. Me like I you know that it's late thank while bears looked really cute you wanna hold habits that don't. Most animals you could do that I am put fertility. Are your question what Drake was beyoncé is 26 team album named after all you've got this down and actually Gunner of this war all you know and now so anthem we are after. All. Actually come on man. There. All. Boom. I doubt as strong with his beyoncé now dominant and an. I didn't make Demi is far far 999 all those who is our next contestant write a play the big game hello old men Z welcome to the men's room. About various overnight over. For Lindsay from McCain yeah. Yeah it's all right. Men's room full Hollywood died Ireland the great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear or lion. We are probably about maybe a lion gets about the jugular as you know I think he left. I'm gonna go you know you do my best and so sweet and I described about Jiang Zemin's duo were so. All right they're Lindsay question would go now to norms and no legs sitting behind a new desk. Say behind that once I knew that a new desk yet. I don't know I just didn't. All right here is your question. To what number. Is at 12 o'clock commodore board. I. The only 1 morning. And it's probably the only. I've played darts for years. Up by the seventeenth and you didn't get enough work matter who the numbers are fifteen stuff from me up. When I was a part and that's we did after work you have to wonder addict dark or a space that you went there and play cricket. And I enjoyed charged but one thing and notably truth whatever number right 84 when I'm not going to write in you know twenty through fifteen and a bullseye you don't lower sixes. And I'll play cricket you don't think Leah. And in leg when you know you kind of know but everything else on the board who don't. Are here's a question of what percentage of State's most ratify a new amendment report officially becomes part of the US constitution. What can. Up book per cent stake and to ratify new a New London. We go to Ireland things. I went out I'll also Dahlia case you sound like somebody in. Your question. An inconvenient truth is Al Gore's documentary about what. It's about multi teams he's the a little roll over how to take care of I. An amendment to the Internet. It's. About global war. Aren't good question we'll be orbit about plants. Please go woman with the orange and alleged floating an apartment. Continue to. I don't know Lilly corner Leon LA now. Are your next question. Who's geared in Mike Tyson bites in the 1997. Boxing match. Only deal are right. Holy air and here's my domain for 4999 all lose our next contest and I play the games. Hello creepy Jeremy welcome to the yeah. Furious over a today every Beck very very. Thank you just bedroom fallen tree you've got to thinking on this window by great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear or life. I did not hundred actually double a plus social marketing message most efficient. It's. Aren't here is your question what drink do you get when you make suburban sugar. And gowns for a bidders they got that right kudos and total war. Urban sugar and goes through and goes through bidders and so the war. I don't have the foggiest no ideas. It's like no more lies. Okay. What you've. I'll lock in old fashioned. Hard scribe to Germany would go govern no arms no legs on the stage. Mike Hall. And I watch that now. My question is it I know that's not your question but you got an answer it and it looked good because this is not going through the norm and no legs. Alabama ought to get that would write about it about a may have. But did an outstanding job our ears and how many players are there and a standard men's lacrosse team. On the field bodies that are just hurting her to. Thirteen people total war on the like to. But it sold okay at twelve eats. You have got a great question. Both Heathrow and those who have sent both teams are our test. The early twentieth. That seems to have no were asking her to leave it's like a basketball team has twelve players but not all on the court all I see okay. If you're an assault on the court I don't even on the on the fielder. That was an elderly and on the charge even Minneapolis I'm so confused I always say in the ten players all across seem correct. There's no way no censure is a no no coolers attendance there's a lot of until the field yes. Billy Crystal costumes and what they already torn lottery yeah I would get up look at my idea I had tenants include a thank you got a sixteen year old that we did motif red molten national. On the radio today at. We have similar profession I would do the best candidate. But we don't forget our I don't know what we normally don't do Giuliani got in front of the wheel stayed we don't do facts. To depends a Little Rock earlier. We have professional lacrosse has not yet I don't know called Paul and Gary Gates I mean I only know there's only elements when he teamed up already already all right I think yeah yeah the girl the gullies and a chemical Allred. Thousands of Africa yeah but they don't hardly anything and they get Clinton daughter is in nor the same as Al Gore know. Or maximum and they can't be good that's the final project. But slacks drama where borrowers are Syracuse listeners. I guess the question that while we figure out this lacrosse thing. What if multiple choice what is measured in points. Disgust at the port density. Always. PO ISP. Well that's. Identity. On the field. It's happened that needs. Three defensive tackle probably an eighteen. I think it depends do with high school to high school football rightly high school football you have an estimate due to empty the professional football 53 quickly threw it right. And to what extend my right. He wants to go back and review as we'll give it to me or against us because. They think that's what this. What is. So hard and skills in math than I imagined these forward to and I better at all. But I got to be socket where it wouldn't. Nobody gets injured or died this week but yeah. I read or look at the rap. Louisiana. Act act after Cindy's name translates to red state. Bread stick and loopholes and on the dog penis. Bad English. Grad and a letter dated sockets capsule and a Davis big dummy for Ford 999 all the river new contestant they can play the game until you know bad rude man good luck we'll be spreading. Hello Megan welcome to the men's room. Okay so maybe on. Well. It's just sober enough over. I am about 24 weeks still left twenty stories like this. And pregnant. A fact have to give your you know the San Antonio and others do a lot easier rehab or her pregnancy. He really Hillary had speaking agents people that are pregnant he knew he is right if if if if if you know an F Vandenberg is only a month mega what's I would like to die they're great white shark chimpanzee ripping your genitalia authors of airlines. And I don't. Know if that's how can lend. I didn't crippling their prisoner aren't gonna try and kill you anyway we'll die together we'll go I think camping and then we'll just emblem that was for the big stake in our tests. And this way and yeah hopefully get you lines we've got to do we'll take stakes I think you're gonna wake up and you wait a little wild and people who start with your adds a new dvd but I just didn't feeling you wake up. I have a dream that there is an animal eating my hand the ball club. There are club would put a small Webber on her back right we Harden up to the top of the amount of rice dream come up a couple of big states we don't cook salmon after examine and we just put it in the tent we sit there we waited out from under budgeted I think that's aren't nearly eight. And ended hand your arm you might only got. Us goes villages pity flowers that Obama swimming in the ocean I'm broccoli and all right what do gold govern no legs no arms and alleged shady. Now nick I all of naked guy with a lot of like shaving his name is and home all right here is your question she have alcohol capital of one country. Ukraine. She added I'm in Maryland are made for far 9990 lose our next contessa Ripley's game known as big Demi hello John Leo. Hello John. Johnny so we're not over. Not so welcome to the show just. Little did a man Aaron John what can you give me if your name's not John as Johnny so like you got a guy I was gonna get. And you every law or any time has gone down. As he moves jock Don laughed yeah Dante. And you know what you tell ideal I feel usually on the view nice Johnny had a wanna die great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear lion. Lot of big and well this is an ally and proved it. Through chimpanzee behavior that fits Chardonnay it's. You actually grab behind him but I got uprooted their. You're gonna get you attack him with your own your audio for a terror the added Sargent Tim they just need him back and rob that's. Its. Security and there are now like to me looked at all and it. No I don't but I feel like the situation right so. Like visual person thrown at because they wanna fight in you know they're gonna kick your Alley and then move into. It. Then I get a look at her I feel like I just a dozen raids like you just can beat my ass reformer and I hit a little piece flu like he's really gonna lay down. You know really can't really hit what do you hold a dollar. Anything to write a tell you my general had. I. The chimpanzee a beautiful beat it but. Even I can't root talk about bag up on third out of a kangaroo detectives say. It's just not cool anywhere. I didn't quite make you it's multiple choice which season is the shortest. Even the shortest. Seems like summer until the until spring. So scoring less about my three day summer 94 days is all about ninety days. What are they say about it. Some analysts expect six more weeks. Ran aground mode included live coaches head out of a hole in seven calendar and so there's the date. They don't acknowledge your boat key for the first time today and I think. There's there's actually an awesome. Don't know I'm glad you enjoyed it man. Are here it is ladies and if they noted a chimpanzee yeah. Well I put a third now I don't know there's just it has resumed his craft is it David did an. All right the technical term for a while to bodily function is to. In U rough should not erection in the eruption. ER UCT. I owe it shall at all man. Federally embarrassing eruption. And. Man you. And look at him as soon as well. Out of Baghdad believe it about a including. The computer what are the. Power it. The hardest languages for English speakers to learn our Arabic Chinese Japanese. The hornets play good for English because we learned our Arabic. He's. Japanese and and what other Asian language. It. Nobody and I how did you alleges guess Johnny know him very very. Myself our men's room Paula death by great white shark appears to be the one that is taken over. Lion inn number two. Followed by grizzly bear and chimpanzee we'll have results coming up from a Twitter we put the pull up there who recommends Armando FaceBook as well as any Olympic champions league and he's just yeah yeah zone snipers to low percentage so we're gonna head job is on the way Tanzania potatoes as are all things about French Fries and attempt in French Fries according to the leaders of the fast food food world out there the United States quickly and what's the facet for tracks and new contracts at that. Come on they had Geoff Petrie at just am more a big dummy on the way you like to be a contest and 44999. Alone you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. All today everybody knowing how would you like to die great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear or lion now if you like humans are month FaceBook the polls up there. And right now grizzly bear. 54%. If you want to take great white charter chimpanzee for whatever reason the other thing we'll let you put up all those options on their which can make you double comments including one from. Robert Jager bomb. I've shark is quite is at least painful he's that's on his name Tim is gonna rebut your testicles and buy up your fingers before eventually getting around killing you. Good chance the lion will leased by your neck and in a relatively quickly pretty sure I can take a bears is Robert. A grizzly bear. I grizzly bear man out smokey they got they like an out grizzly bear pacers goes chimpanzee you can always Tyson isn't Jesus well it's did chasers yeah as you can always tell IK talked to our take it's in their target chimpanzee and if killing you or be friends with it but they sharply edu. Bite by bite or you'll be drowned before he gets the what Borland just told you that there's a possibility you could make friends of the chimpanzee when it's actively to Tom and asked paces how many chimpanzees have you diplomatically negotiate with to make the claim hallway. And Asus comes back and says well that comes to a life or death situation. Like the Denver zoo I have I saw two and gave them bananas they were grateful and moved on. When it comes a charge on them. What so basically pieces that he's got a banana in his pocket if it's yeah he's safe he's that you loved ones I would timberlands and being an iron about demanding and back again if they've. Good sense it's that. I did a big dummy four point 999 all of who's our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Darryl welcome to the man drew. You go and thrown. Eight million children have children. Barely you sober now for over. Furyk about it. Those that do. Partly cloudy partly glad I got a loan and I thought oh god here we go men's room holed a Darryl would you rather die by great white shark a chimpanzee a grizzly bear alliance. Came out a slow Mo wanted to live no it we know though no one of these porno. Is a corporate welfare Christmas. You know the smell bad. I don't know if that's the problem is that quick. You know I was in Alabama miles and all that but they start eating first credit I couldn't use our remit meal they already have. But breath breath I no matter what the EQ but first you need to ratings something it already smells like something else is acts I thought originally Raleigh capital. The raw diet have raw fish raw clay you are do what you call B Libby does Ross. All. Annihilated the raw bad schools bulletin Clinton ran. Do not go to America and indeed in demands like Rihanna do they think like who is not bad to all shore. Not from lack of Canadian I'm saying from him. WW Brothers and and it may prove to be announcer this out your heart is a question. What real detailed what retailer sells more hot dogs and all the good Major League Baseball stadiums combined buying it. Well. Oh and it. I would I would hire a mathematical. Through a red hot dog and totally stress just had a guest Helen left thing. Even though they are kind of like the ones survived where billions there and I think is there anything special low numbers just the name you know ironically enough you know it's special about a mile front they have clinical cut French car guy had a really. The Vatican ROU. Somehow that all painful for a little bit. All right here's the question only two British singers or groups and had her debut album hit number one in the US. Got a little Spice Girls with so. What was the other bank. Beatles. Does you know. OK with the album was a home ice tubs yeah. Topple I am. They were huge if not even that won't they won't mess that we know nothing about it one direction rather Coca. Wonder I still don't know if I've ever heard Salma. Muslims and commercial. Does that hurt and I'm OK I know that story in my life I've got her I don't know if that's what we heard that they have no idea you know that might make you go and honest and up. I don't even think I saw that so there rom on my kid like I don't think I've ever heard song. Are you actually amazing cool pad and a that is armor member. Four remember why you know explain why only know the there was a guy named in one direction or the rest of dealing with it. Well I would lose after we land at home how the massive deal I'll never easy have you seen a great. Let's commercials are twelve very styles on from a group until it's been a special look at them hooked up but the Paula ordinarily had a real quick thing here. Go ahead Jeff got a deadbeat dad knows all about them Fries the Pringle got variety and all of the best fast food Fries across the USA and that was the poll. Top ten of this French Fries and USA coming up knowing Sherlock on the way and we'll drink a toast here in an hour with a shot of the day. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.