03-22-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Grades The Fries

Thursday, March 22nd

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes Has the Best French Fries Ever! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's tour. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. Greg de LA tonight Megan just 844999. Alone we have Darrel on the line he's playing for team not so friendly girl your question for this point there. Just just our here if you questioned the two states that manufacture the most guns are broken away in Massachusetts. And the live free or die states. Oh. That is one of the other State's motto is live free or die. Bowl. Are there and do them cleverly. Luke. You go became a mobile now has not Son Volt isn't the pickle he's in a bubble. Can they. New Hampshire. He just moved from the live free or die state it's. But it and I didn't include the state to my mood of the crowd on this the license plate. I post. It's easy you know have a car there. Excuse or did you have a car you know it. Yeah. And that's who sentenced places where the media need I hope. Are no longer partly now and I got a full glad I don't regret yeah that this is not a good son is not signing underground and America. Right it's right there on your license yeah. The only option on him again as well anyway my way you know back to the if these 1980 does it mean being of the titles I got it out of encourage. If he thought but that is a question. We're just came first. Former university or calculus. Which university of arbor university or calculus. Hug. Those. They were so Smart they didn't. There are murdered 171636. Car to a provides creative until the sixteenth infantry. Take yeah how do you know. It's. All of those who did leave my hotel room and we know is that. All of a sigh of equipment and rooms and I. Had multiple choice. Circumcision became popular in the eighteen hundreds. It was all about you know. Circumcision became popular in the late 18100 because it allegedly was supposed to cure. Masturbation. ST do you lose a blindness. Today it. Yes. If you do Manfred. Became top left of their daughter. Close to cure faster than low flying quite poor command of the world by tiger look at my son our brother and those great day's gone before and it's all but yeah. I don't mean Mac consult our after finding new and private battle need to know you do for the rest. I don't knife. Once you discovered it Europeans were you will do. You know sure our children need adults up to die. Always look away. The game of life and really is man. And you're not the first person uses Sox cleanup don't think it's. Well aren't. In question whole food believe that whole foods is good number two biggest seller organic food in the US. Retailers number one so both organic food all you know when barrel doesn't seem right but it's just big big gas realty retail. I don't want more time or third yeah so we're looking for the number one seller over organic food in the US whole foods number two. So what retailers the number one solar organic food demands. Okay should you vote. Well it could well we're just ordinary guess store where you walk in you buy stuff like groceries. And little old. General Mills. There's historical General Mills. Mark Wal-Mart man advantage Wal-Mart but even if I mean look at the. General Mills and it's hurting him. A British General Mills and I hear the question and you have daughters what is the only state where it is still legal. For an adult to drive without Oreo seek out. It's the home of the white mountain national force. A little blue and white mountain national sports. It's. It. Now let's command and leave their third I'm trying to keep my little earlier but no I'm warning you right now. I think my good free download tens of New Hampshire. These guys it's all. Always they were still legal for adults brawl broke New Hampshire are usually you just glad who did you really live in New Hampshire were you saying that. No no I lived I don't know. Love them and Massachusetts where they're almost going Alabama then you go down there and then I went out not them. Not your New Hampshire figures into any I don't even know this tournament I'm OK and we rely on their own even breaking. Hello I'm not under the lights. Yeah I don't know yet what are you drinking like lazy in the glass like getting Costello all I'm god yeah I don't know multiple organ. Are OK you've got to be divorced right. You do not you know within about Iraq. So yeah I think so okay thank god as it's more like an oh no way I don't know why anybody would put up with the don't remotely controlled I don't know what do you bring and not enough there are motivated I don't know oh yellow gold dogs aren't. Multiple choice multiple yeah. Rained contained which vitamin BED. Twelve dean or even beat me twelve. I I. Over the mountains so the ball yeah. Okay that part. We just over came out of a smile. And multiple chips the average brawl size in the United States right now. Is it 34 BC's. Deal or eat. It you. Both sides and thirty years you have 34 beat. Hello I'm. Mean he's good he. All right earlier on question number nine cola world. It. Which country owns every panda in the world. I. They're throughout America yes and it's a big country. It is lots of people and they taunted enhancement I think you learn by now that means nothing I know that. I and her long hair and you know cousin there are pandas at the news all over the world they're like Rent A Center the genetically Reynolds what they all come from one place and all owned by one country right there only gives. Japan. Just. They're close but contender. It's at the. I really I love sushi and excuse you went to school in Alabama. Hello yes OK they are proud I don't regret it the guy okay. That is pretty funny that the equipment you need it and keep our eyes. I mean you you've you've you've you've. Oh yeah you could well if it what part of the body stays the same size. Your entire life. Explain why like Davies and kittens and puppies are suing you know and everything gets a little uglier the older. Part of the body oil stays the same size your entire life he. Wouldn't do so. So. Come on dude your total bogey there. Or sell your towards those that now before we get afraid he might be a highly deformed. We're going to. I just say. Your guys your high speed things up. Says I didn't have gotten me hello okay okay okay okay that I had to do everything at all. So did a barrel if you open the door then do you see the river. Which can just get it at that if you open the door your vanity looking in a river. Look similar local Psycho slate. Was terrified. I do not question. What sex of mosquito is the only one that by. It is only two options there's a ski griner Peter knock it off Darryl and also what is sex of mail or email notes is the only one the bites. We'll hear those. Male or female mosquitoes and oh. 40 words male or female money and more out. Mel. Home redshirt forget about you can give a terrorist an inexact. No no don't you yes. If you can't really did they know that Illinois is not my Forte team files that he didn't have before you like you live free or die from his right knee walking into a brawl store buying bras and pay for myself I just. Yeah he's in the boy yeah. Our question. The singer for your mean one mister grinch. Also voiced which zero breakfast cereal mask. Did it earlier there. All started tonight your Forte. You I guess our. Today. Alone won't look you can groom. I'd like. This cereal but that might need cereal guy in his cereal mascot like Tony the Tiger Captain Crunch one at noon Iraq and I never exaggerate it zooms through Brady drew little. Laying very. The honey bee you can help analysts. I'm ground. That's enough thirteen Darrel yeah. You're lucky number fifth but the number. Call their health through you know we're gonna hold the line now we pick up again nymex we get this very same time you hold the line there at the I just hang on really does view. In seven days. Got a degree. Feel like they're. A fantastic care at all. Jeff got a dead may have to Obama that drives. You know I sure like coming up for the kill some. Henry knows Illinois next men's tournament or might not come you are listening to the reds are radio networks. Fitch is your. I've just gotten has just announced that they've says all the French Fries and a tennis French Fries in the USA. According to you live first time for a few emails over the men's room and enjoy my dark job. Jump right into the birthday requests please wish my beautiful Jozy bug having fifteen per day from the Lubbock Klan how about a barbershop quartet they sandwich thanks bridges that from the Lovett clan. Use it to move you borrow this and wins. She's the daughter on this. I don't understand what is ladies do really is in them on hand at noon at noon and and not. In the words of my boyfriend all of Angeles yesterday was my boyfriend job just money seventh birthday and I think I screwed up when I tried to email them a shot out. He listens to you guys every morning on his way into work. And I know he would love it if you would play him some of the dirty as nasty as Germans you can play at a suck it up cupcake to make up for me missing it on a special day Mabon Sar rating get on Brea. Love you and happy two years thanks guys that from Caitlin short game yeah things birthdays two. Other men. It but Zetterberg Datsyuk and think I want it to one thing two years what I want thing. She couldn't get it done our guys showed up but man if we all had to get together and go out like. The week before. Your boyfriend's birthday because he had to work maybe on his actual birthday and then go out tonight. We still would not sing him happy birthday because it's not we'll go out of technically because that's the reason most celebrated but we weren't saying we're not seeing advertisements about things or break out of service is pretty forgiveness is not an original intent. All mad today as my older brother Jonathan's a birthday pronounced a ball palace and dirty Germans and Ozzie Ted much appreciated you guys are awesome that from the leopard. This remember you don't even have to be in a police lineup for me to think. Yeah Fifth Amendment if they do nicknames they thought good things they have all night stand here without the data bound. It is good robotic Christians birthday he's at friendly jab at Tel behaved before you gone public. Can I get a little turtle wax or maybe a legal LeRoy Jenkins in the Paz. Thanks guys appreciated that from Michael. Do you. This is not very good birthday isn't that figured my wife pulled email I need to ask the bird they song ain't gonna get an oh look out now putting the window. Followed by some dirty German talk love the show and keep doing what you do that from Chris so look at. Oh yeah. My juices taken to court imposed a gag order on. Yahoo! content from political and not commit to. Does Robert de gonna get a full original faced sandwich and a little turtle wax believes thanks guys for all the years of laps that from Steve AKA captain save ho. Sandwich. Brother Rick. And I grow up. Photos there's not very HR Brown's son and I would like to request the dirty Germans talking abouts ninja turtles. He loved the great work and thanks for all the good radio as a driver roundup for work daily and from your homey Brian. Yeah a woman too much to talk to themselves with the I would bring new meaning to April show. Not these territories. And a half step I will be up full senate and now. It during a birthday present love your kid goes and why he's a big fan of your show that former may have on some dirty Germans believe. Yeah I'll open new mile oval to this feature. Now the statistic post. Took pride but it's a little bit since he's been in the. Job is to introduce to you it's. This is joy of physically she is. Mozilla is above bridges Zetterberg takes my main ma'am brow Lou he's boring today loads of men's room and shares his birthday with thrill. Human symphony eternal sex and a geez Louise that from blue and like blah. So we'll wait and holidays and Lucent did avert their questions that I mean me and Lou from Lou yeah exactly my main man to lose right now run loomed over probably around Honolulu round moved from Lou yes exactly goes by Lou I think he's pushed himself after birth it might be might be is our main man. All of today's my 41 I'd love and Alan Vegas I get up next scholar at thanks guys are the best have been listening since the buzz days that from Jeremy who was a fund the preview. Oh. I had read now. Met her own and happy birthday to our own Steve the throw ability onto ideal you are today 43 denying 49 years old Jesus Christ as we know. I mean yeah in my day yeah yeah you know it's. Hey David David you meant sales of thirteen Germans brought by men's room. Also available through he's world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. And im sure might apply. Lou probably we have got lectures are great I know you don't get on social media too often probably out there and see people just being negative and not very nice all the time but this is actually a very nicely. Didn't those listed that all of it below right all right when we are the right right we're doing the there's that nice email a rainbow just do it means meanwhile the corn fared well that's good knowledge that I think the only that was okay yeah apparently Tyson grabbed my water vapor that is not true when a unicorn fart to leave the rainbow. Yeah on Germany we just think the guys decided. Clearly a beautiful. Rains and of course our view we're looking at a church with the rainbow how apropos in the budget they can live journal of the rainbow Monica and yeah I let it go figure as a million men that. We get a good deal look looking unmanned aerial. All the Jewelers. My friend Josh is currently incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth US disciplinary barracks AK eight military prison. Your show has a big following there. Yeah. We are able to listen through 99 the rock out in Kansas City so he told me about your program. And Ira got my wish they're just told new stories. From collars incursion at. Chicken outlets and on my home. My only regret is that I didn't look up the show as soon as he told me about it I just started listening this past November through the podcast to your show is now the best part of my day at work. See my job require. And while minimal brain function editorial job the easier for losing what little my mind I have left. I quickly felt like you guys are my friends but not than creepy way were I don't know that you have whatever. But I do you guys anyway I Josh and I love the birthday emails and the sound bites we your penis is too small as are favored along those dirty Germans. Is part days in a few weeks and I'm excited to email you guys again to request the birthday wishes form. The purpose all my email today is to inquire whether or not you would cinnamon autographed picture of your cells and an autographed photo of just want them. This would mean a lot John. And way way way way you were able to do this whole case we love your show and hoping people beyond the march. Now from the lovely Jennifer what do what do you think. He won the debate will nationally and I went and I'll come back grass around it you've got to let the man masturbating your image you got me by ten glossy don't just a burden. All he'll weigh also tell us sort of like hair dolls and stuff again. I don't know one thing he's ever played there are clear apparently have a huge partnership formed earth act. America there. We get tonight and really deadly cinnamon autograph pictures yeah for sure they have Google right. I don't know I don't know I am goat of Mendes are a lot of economic Joba maybe you keep showing over and we distract of the honeymoon civilian housing for the upcoming at all yet don't have like cellphones and Internet right. It feels. We year causing an error by my new photo don't let it still weird because people masturbating my picture outside I don't know it did take care to a steel I have all the bad things like that they didn't say layered look at how we as the top bunk. Committed people come I got ya gonna get vodafone's. Let me credit for cigarettes that you must act wouldn't we don't know. I think anyone else cigarettes and cigarette you think you're. All know organ find out. You know I knew he had part of and we are expensive if you get a car and feel good about yourself all right thief. Thank you for the caddies are and I just feel like it or something residual full pardon for big tournament like. I am a good look at her go a little pitcher Robin did. Don't worry miles puts its money on your books games and that's what keeps this this. Caligiuri you have to monitor the flow with us out of Arizona and if you're not coming on first down and had jetBlue announced timed out. Really read me. So hungry mean yeah he's doing a retirement place where he beings flew all we could say a lot of different ways to places outside like an angry story lately and green but he over here and demand a whole thing's sweet Susan green being born right after six weeks premier. Yeah that's because they're ready priorities right when he takes over glow flurry fans agree rained. You don't know anything like again I am all the things you look at Sweden and play my hand between him and am just let AJ hammer and drawn bottom of the local. Opera I think it's just French Fries fast food franchise shore. Everybody eat them and you'll get him all the time as I can guarantee you this will be how highly. Debated topic yes it's a well. Except critical cuts and saw. No not do yet I don't money catch him they have no place you have got a truck. I have done much and I don't like them yeah now there's other better than Kringle got fried dipped in some delicious Del Monte catch you know like the worst. Yeah it's just people be marry I think we may or ketchup anymore. Who dumb money have they don't funds have been mine hunts. It's digital do I do what I believe they only by other than everybody in the country's gonna think I'm puts us in what if I think that this is a standard that I'm not eat it can't do it not not an informant that bond almost up by a run out of punk rock kid a remain that way. So I probably mostly to visit a small town which you need to get our way through until with a look at me like yeah yeah with miles. But I don't want Burton okay I think people would catch up on French Fries absolute just before I start the list will would you say your favorite Fries are. I've got. Hot guests are five guys. And five guys or the the coral for another matter Reza correlate our crows are looking like that has literally for a Rosalie sedan analytical fast ahead there will welcome Jack Onebox. All right let's start number ten number just. Under ten. KFC's potato wedges. They don't know other coalition there and they are really I'm glad they made eagle I had not thought about those he had another qualifier his I don't I don't get a big box them into what they don't last Bengali Verizon the only and that's one of the reasons that inspires me to get the takeaways it gross I do web users are one of the left little wedge in men Australia my best potato I'd rather do so bad that. I was at my heaviest. Yeah I kid you not. I would go get an author of late twelve chicken tenders in the whole order the wedges than watch football heated over a good one out this. And this was going to be controversial. Brand new taco Bell's new season frak. I know drive evidence I don't know they're that good the world try if they made the list already there but they must be pretty good well may come a little bit acacia and they try to kill James do Shimon would've let those. They are still popular there are so popular right now that the most popular new item that they've ever introduced another gonna keep it on the menu permanent Josh door Mel bats that they make the commercial and reflected fast food people don't want to know about this. Don't follow the track as a man I didn't recognize that was Josh Josh do you move back up Duhon will you know from them ahead hormel like I am and the pepperoni. Still. It's five guys are as the plead their cajun fry those are delicious enough of them dead all right are you surprised just Fries will bail on a break it to agencies and again and African lit. My kids eat the live emphasize all of pop us gauge and social front pretty gun is that right and those an option. So don't talk goes. Critical country and off Tom. Probably pretty good they make us loud and let you be excited I am on the ground I never had a one night I'll try to might just. I'd never within the del taco would have Fries and an elated next time you go to California mean you need to combine your passion it's all right there no doubt get a burger they go to del Rocco get those critical cuts if. It's simply. And I'm glad to back agencies it all yeah pop my French fry is delicious is it the season prize is as he's added that he's a proud guy isn't he. You thought I was money within. I got a short hole big okay all right. Yeah it's my feet and that's why they put me in the commercials if you are used to anti season prize for awhile now I want it back in the day that Arby's curly Fries turned my life around I feel like this welcome the play MacArthur and then he couldn't you couldn't even I also make this gives worker red lobster and the social worker. Law and order. As anybody everybody's excited for trips and is about another Obama but I believe if you're at. Black superhero moment. It always golden bearing the editor in rural social worker Oregon they encourage your loads or just hang always look earrings have done years of big canyon de it and I think that's. It's almost like you're engaged in the Sonoma Maine read you really think you people. All my vet him on the when he stretcher I think he did that. He's got a good Fred Friday. Might not like a leader but you Dave responds with a bat LoopNet I wrote I just don't remember him. I didn't make a Miami you have now is you know that ran a guarantee I'll get a burger initially that the Israelis are really old. Burger in Chile does that you got the same thing yeah yeah well you gotta liquid murder got Chile where you've got a solid Joseph McEnroe Wendy's is when you go you gotta get the chill. We don't fire report. Where are born out okay cool sorry. It shakes shacks. Click Coca frat. All of Michael we have one coming so will be able to face is very soon I think was an tactics might not finish a check but a religious and Greg capital wrinkle can't they were just voted the best members in the country tunes so that's where Shawshank rates we think about a long time to eat lunch I don't have a sugar couldn't get an idea that it did little whacked if it. I. You hardly could look for the blue Obama has run today about when my clothes and underwear home and. For the record McGrath. If it's a battered the league's regular and you don't let you angered that it's a fraud fingernail Dickinson to breakfast and I go to check in Alsace. Good good. Wanna regardless of browser and an eight bit particularly well monitored move due to particularly baseball apple Fries the carnage during his. Oh yeah I didn't waffle Fries but I like waffle Fries again I think. The tablets are placed that it does not season and on little off is just because of people feel the need to put everything hung out I would has on them adequately when it comes as well I'm how many of public check our greatest his problem for a while trying to sometimes they come with us from final cut until they give you like the whole hang upside that potato skin and all designed not alienated a big half as you have one bad experience or how your body with a global world to get to count the skin on the back here a couple of million and it's I don't think they're too big sometimes have put in the containers yet there are these different kind of ripped off to a brilliant job and it affected caveat Jonathan unbearably hot it's good number. McDonald's track I'm so looking back without question then I'm all our problems are against you have Barry go home the prize. On Ted Stevens took her. Still to come and address it tells the shot of the day is on the way they're trying to nicer lines going up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and I still come and enter again that's no show today is on the way the first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes the globe and. Didn't started at night. Now and Sharon locked. Switching from unhealthy to healthier diet lowers depressive symptoms more than social support. Hello. Jarrett rock. Women's that woman's death after being he's being therapy showed practice of obesity acupuncture not sleep. GU Alec cares are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Sherlock. Doctor to write the most all the good prescriptions get paid the most Monday by a pharmaceutical companies that make old feelings. And wire companies and make oh really playing dot paying doctors. Mean. There's a drug. Russian president being blatantly hear company's pain bartenders. Basically had begun a push our product we're gonna pay in which they can't do her dream and I read so I mean I think it's why you kind of shower mostly tears stuff right. And O series the outright oppose stirs the Rangel magnetic hard and my god thank you I've been winning these coasters my head I can hurt us and Canada and Canada. I care a right turn my Muslim led down short to look. At the Russian presidential vote hinted that reports of ballot box. Stuffing. Right well no sure not graduation. Trump's lawyer calls for Russia proved to be shut them. And no show or god. Educational. YouTube videos for toddlers are each game. Add. They do it and relate real subjects. I think they're attempting to convince you that things. Our complete dude you're digital learning anything from this thing I did my one on one ride this like headline is very very long. So I'm who's gonna do lemon juice or perhaps and then re read today as the Holmgren and line. When he fourteen paper showed that the game the floor is law book would not be playable with actual lava. Well monkey's uncle. Jerry I don't know whether or not done. And the air a blow blow blow when haven't ever drew Q hi refused to survive for more than a few seconds GU oil occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl not solo. Paul headline read sort of fourteen paper so that the day below the floor as Lama would not be Blair bold actual love as they are mobile Lama whatever temperature to a hybrid uses about more than three seconds. We'll tell me about this is base say that the reason the game would not be playable the floor Slava if you're not familiar I have kids the reason I know at some point they'd determined that maybe. The wood floors lob and the carpet it's lava and then the pillows they've earned run sleepless night. As other jumping around the house and the whole point obviously is not a lot but according to this headline the reason. That his game but not be playable. If it was actual lava is not because it's actual lob reviewed this and agree with your stuff and not that it's thick air temperature above a lovable old. If you were just rubble antiwar sentiment found according to businesses gently luck so turned out to a game that you know the floor while. Not a great game of the threw a lob remember my kids. Caught he has opposite effects to marijuana in human metabolism. The Jarrett. Rock and you know the one champion in the one that we. Yeah and parents and it will leave you this one's Putin critic who warned he was on Russian hit list was murdered. Show that it did aren't on the registry kids now. Zero so be ready. That I should go ahead considering death can't seem to draw vilified on nortel's yes indeed and today we chose. A forty year old man named simply read I've been there from Hubble. Then Lloyd jacked. India now we toe stone because he is the shining example of the old adage no good deed goes unpunished. Parameter he's a factory work. And as a favor to a guy that he met who happens to be from the same small village board and the good word inning got the sky job at the same factory. The guys are working their few weeks and as a thank you he decided to repay him. By inserting an error closed. Into revenues rectum and turning amount bolt it should be noted that this particular air hose is used to Cora would. Give me an idea how much air pressures coming out of there this is an heir to. That is used to carve what he stumps as injured raptors Amos says he's like my intern to not. They say arrive undertook a few steps before dropping to the ground and as you'd imagine dying. That's the Garrick but there was no prob the other witnesses that were Saturn said there were no provocation. There's no indication anything was weird there's no idea that he was hardly joke there's just nothing it's just something he did. And turn tomorrow yeah I don't know man. I don't think I think it'd explode. It makes whoa but right there's no way you could thrive and that kind of compressed air is shot used car woods and now this is in your Avis and I've flips the thing op. And now he is not to. And I just I. Not sure to make the story of an imported LA hey man you know he he got a nose job up. No I still believe that dissent or surrounded mark you know they'll move those in the district where the magazine's regular stream. How to remedy and I hope I don't know and once you do that outlook when an act but he's gone. Use and Haynes gets in just. Still would more a lose lose a degree does lose because we think it's yummy okay over the tong and down the road to Barney is our Tommy's. Down the aisle lavish. Let's get back are not a lot right now a 44999. Olivia profile of those coming evidence. Shenanigans continue on the men's Wear a radio network.