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Thursday, March 22nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled by. It's okay I'll take our 9844999. Hole you'll play profile this in minutes. And good your headlines on the way one hour from now first which I get a Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on all right burgers are now more popular in France than baguette sandwiches hot pass through sounding get that break is. Do they call him birders. But again this event again United's and organize our president and implode murders on Baghdad what is the traditional thing that you put on aid to get salad and a joint news. Is it just Jammer and I don't know what I guess he goes you're. Yeah don't you cured meats and geez I don't get any called her you don't prominent. Is a little tough man I looked like Cabrera B yeah forget it that's on the red red percent of the worth it to about I don't know I had the thought that it tastes bad man but like everybody has steaks and we Donovan get. It's not mormons to pile up because I like different again. You can tell your vast marsh you do solvent and I didn't go there were mama and their burger was really juicy became an effective. But that was a good thing the values you saw a ball honor I guess you did you sense of weaves them okay. Juicy begins a new study found a small daily dose of Viagra. Could significantly reduce your colon cancer risk. All right OK okay I've read that fueled that none of your friend you can believe you would you say that's why do you see other Canon. I think that Martan whatever scarlet letter I think that those Viagra. I think the price of Viagra has gone up like in the last five years temple I don't know I don't know but to be true it was expensive it was already spends dozens atropine I think now it's ridiculously expensive. All that's I don't even know the other stuff we took that one doesn't exist you are about but here's Viagra may not chief. And Viagra I don't care won't win another good looks like look if he gets about one mile I have I will spend manure at navy that's all right but Vanilla star Blake moved art if you don't have a threat that but I learned this is not like think you may be asked when you have a heart attack which you know cost two bucks for 500 deaths like this that he did it would probably cost you significant amount of money. Dizzy don't get the gas cans don't have an erection and I'm cancer for Pratt let's go play everything downstairs and we're gonna wait like if that's exactly you can hang a wool coat on music. The Internet. According to this. According to the CDC you're more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you haven't no easy job. I had no idea had a correlate Sony and asked. I work college is more stress and the momentum for the noisy job that you're listening for things differently. And Saudi oil or fruit or regret that I. Then all you have to concentrate and stuff you have to listen to you as opposed are available to quiet job of not outside similar act like comics as one still on whether Dennis are dropping. They're crazy things. A thirty year old man has talent was just convicted of committing a hate crime after he posted a video of his girlfriend's dog. Giving the Nazi salutes. JR Todd in the dog they're given Nazi salute daft. But but the dog doesn't know why it's doing right it's ridiculous I karma chuckle if brought up the smartest thing about why the dog has no ill intent. Right well knows how old are one of the only guys Jewish people that don't you think his girlfriend might be Jewish. We don't know Aaron I think that actually was the case that all sounds familiar. And I hope was as they went over that hasn't happened more visibility as the joke is no show play out of Houston he plays a tough subject I have jokes with a guy like abortion and a couple of other things that yeah or. Think that the yeah is that they can't be done players that they would shield if she's okay with the jokes and no one of them from the word access I have. I don't think she's on the front of the lawsuit far I'm pretty sure that solved I think she has a better time of that and other people that on the Internet. Well that's why he's the cool yeah and always remember about Tom dog and to do not a solution now on the court and host. The City Council city councilman in New York wants to pass a new law that would make it illegal to smoke while walking down the streets. Yeah I thought I think it would make my logged on the street a little bit cleaner cloud setup my. The same street anime guys PM add a dumpster and human excrement on the sidewalk that was the worst thing I don't think you're as bad as number one of them that was the worst thing colleges you're walking in a crowded parking lot because all. You know people don't the class of the same time as the bulk of students get done at a certain time walking out of the parking lot and there's a crowd of people behind me and there's one jackass. And he's just bill and his smoked right up behind him and I and that's right match but some automatic jacket because I could I was in a crowd throw. We're all on interaction and he couldn't just pull off. Put in south yeah I'd I I'd. He sounds like I don't know what people want smokers to do right. Blow up innocent folks hitting it into words anymore that I'd like Mike Healy are in do you shouldn't fart and elevators editor MLK on hey I learned from him. Unlike if you're an enclosed space you ER do dude nobody here yeah like you're outside and we're supposed to do like if you're outside part of way. And the thing is. There's no way you Fordham law removed more part of all elevator on her and I'm saying you part of my floor eleventh and there was still you know they may it was still growing like you're gonna remain. That it and listening to you had an understanding finger grounded Dennis. An unexpected way to do there's no that's the thing. No I don't do it because I do it to the mayor it's good to know if it could easily lose all day what are some famous the times that many elderly. And I gonna try and I don't expect people to be on their food ice Millwood I walked in the bathroom when you got done parting is no one really coming out of that gay men and it was not a that was. There's not a happy place and accuracy flash. He showed openness duels that meant it was bad it was ten now now you need now you know that I needed to relieve a little bit of pressure is gonna get bad we're moving on Islamic Sharia we start like it's easy burn the note according to a new survey 76% of people say that it on an average day there happy as moments are when they are eating. We'll show and I'm bored eating a lot I just don't know what if I think he said some people want a guy I don't think it about their daily the road to demise. Really you know French Fries for the last half an hour and these foods that make us happy is star. Did you ever done pizza chocolate is number one pizza is number two and fried stuff is number three on that that that's right. I'm about to attract new salad in there. Do you guys eat these foods with a fork or spoon ice cream cake. Ice cream cake smooth or well for because it's still pretty froze 40% eat it with a fork. Watermelon. Just trying to Chinese food. While mighty if he jewel and they have tailored yeah it is it's a city with a spoon spoon Alec half water around like garlic the melon balls really to have a little ball out of oatmeal. So live. 3% eating with a fork I don't know how but. Well it's my teeth I mean you must take forever to the probably just keeps slide didn't go over before it's thick Oak Hill and I believe he'll be using its sports. Thanks that's disturbing Camby you to do it utility area either words you have. One yeah right he's a floor and a gaming group and on the Hanigan and a knife and related path filled if these racist if how much who believe producing your lifetime according to scientists you get rid of an average of fourteen ounces a day. Which adds up to 312. Pounds a year. Our eyes somewhere between ten orange 26000. In your lifetime. Would be nice we could do something good will left. To back before kindergarten right now. Dario will be harmed her your own crops these girls. Get the best corn into effect of currency was talking about. Secret you would just have very little unicorn outcome yet not the first win in Hollywood thing and the they move through my god and authorities knew she you have to plan the cornea implants itself. According to a new survey 77% of us have used a handicapped bathroom. We don't know there's no one you pick as the big 154%. Have Pete in the shower as an adult store okay I did both those things today only person. The only person who's gonna come out of my handicap stalled any campers there waiting for them as Larry David. All of us are safe and limit 48% have peed in the ocean. So are I don't know let me finish in the oceans feed their lineup I guarantee that the reason why the other 52% haven't is because they don't immunity access to the ocean as the rest of got to be a 10% camped in a pool cherica. And tempers and emptied and someone else is seeking. Our I'm yeah. Just sitting back and you'd know why do you know. I he's our gas radio you wanna you know hallway wake anybody there's our heads of different things that are going. Oh yeah Brosseau homeowners don't that you peer group think you are moved in the TransCanada laundromat and so Mosul in the Mac people who didn't freak in baton wait a minute he pissed in a trash can you know hotel like an idiot if there was that Super Bowl after. Wait a minute said you don't want to disturb the homeowner. So you pee in their singer did not disturb them both because they give our talent by their rules and many of the bag of urine and tied it up into the ocean is like he has officiated if I use the baggage goldfish you really look back there you put your bags like Andre reed beat you if you think the right thing to do I think he the president of the available and I headline greens a woman's. If woman's palladium fused together leaving eight panel opening quote doodle lack of sex after Mann applause and I. A sailed out now on our mouth thank you Mike we can't wait for that headlines are going to be one article from how the first guy to stop. Precepts. Inevitably start on how profile this is playing and mr. Dan miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that had been right here on planet earth. Our. Well as you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Kelsey welcome to the men's room. Is healthy but that's okay because. Hello how are you healthy welcome to the men's room. Paul and I am I don't think you understand how does your name explains. I fantastic. Here is the story we go to New York City were all homeless man who was arrested in January. After stumbling across a highway. While caring PC he lays cigarettes. Has been recently charged or stealing diapers by the port authority of New York. For the second time. In less than a week the suspect who police say does not have a permanent residency as a Russert on March 13 and then again on March 20. And is facing charges of shoplifting or theft and bailed jump. And most recent court apparently was arrested after his caught stealing three boxes of Pampers diapers from drugstore. While record checks found two active arrest warrants only about 1600 bucks on new Jersey City. The dude what they call the bill reform law he was released pending court pending a court appearance on the date of his expected court appearance. First one if the police responded at 5 o'clock that afternoon to call for disturbance. At the same drug store and when they arrived. Yes this guy who's supposed to be court was attempting to flee from the store without paying for truth I we were Arianna goalies argues. Yeah I mean he sure we're on the court instead insiders feel more hybrids on the same day gosh yeah he been released from got the even released from custody again pending a court appearance again so we know it'll happen but. Just after midnight January 15 that's original time that it may contacted us guide that Baltimore gas station because he was walking on a normal traffic on highway when they pulled him to decide. They can smell the PCP realized he didn't cigarettes PCP amateur. Anyway this gag you believe that he is black white to Mexico or Asian. Until they got to go and now he is I can't exist for sure I think his baby is older more persistent. Eagle you can't beat up I. He destroys me is a guy who might lead even have a it is useless still diaper and don't be overconfident but he's still in diapers and smoking difference. Oh well. Yeah yeah yeah you know I wanna go to the bathroom on the he really hearts and. That's lower my did my friend. So I don't honoree was who people's front yards. Tell me what tell anything their black white Mexican or Asian. I was thinking black and I'm just because of the earth that haven't I'm glad it's. I I I'm I'm thinking more no you go to the light despite the final answer he got that same place I'm yeah I'm gonna be white. Okay kills are gonna find out did he was black white Mexican or Asian next. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Thanks mirror today and almost man accused of look continually brought in places for divers on the day you supposed to go to court. The confiscated they call from Gosselin divers it's this cat and walk around flood insurance that's as deep and when he does end. Tells me. Who originally called Chelsea and we ask you do you believe that this guy was black and white makes you or Asian and you went with whites he. It. And okay. All. Makes a fool. It's well. But I doubt any appetite means mountain OK I think I'm pleased. Specifically distaff version that did this figure Tim Rice you are right there with the man now grown TV club I've never TV to have a day. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. I hear. Kinda had crashed some senior sneak into something you shouldn't be in absolutely. So generally easier to be kind of fun things there's a whole movie called wedding pressures act so Bill Murray has a brand new movie out. He was 01 of the he's doing like that the circuit of the morning shows or whatever and he starts talking about basically. What Elvis Presley passed away he crashed Elvis's wedding and are up. Funeral. Poitier was what we're here to Israel doesn't instantly seven those Sony wants to walk up the late seventies I go perfect Bill Murray was he meatballs. Animal house he's our he's personnel Carty famous at this point to rally people know who we is OK or I mean stripes or whatever he's done something right and yeah Jack that's part of this story that you hear him say here is like he copy or forty that I look at these Bill Murray at a different set wreath at all. You actually attended. Uninvited. Elvis'. Funeral. You have where there are invited that you're ready I did I was here worker and her first ever live and I'd something maybe warrant goes back when they had standby I'm the airplanes. I was at 27 personally stand by it and I got on the plane. And I just went right to a house and go they just into the sort of visitation and I met a photo news photographer. And the next day I ended up in the bus in front of their profession and it was an amazing thing to see an extraordinary things that he hundreds of thousands of people. Standing there have been really hot days. Waiting and we got to to the cemetery and we were there early numbers are right people trying to get a and then. I know who she minister running across the cemetery in very rare across the cemetery. All the sudden the motorcycles came in motorcycle cops looking like if you move. We will kill you. And I just frozen and all the cars rolled by and they know they were all the steering important and I thought oh Boston and I realized they were pointing. Ed Helms is mother's grave I was standing right there braves is very interesting moment. Yeah just youth weird all right so I have led to this isn't my story all right I have heard it second hand from a friend of a friend. I've never heard of Cape Cod. He know who write in Massachusetts have heard of that SOK got a little bit of a different place right leg none of the building server two story sure. And people on Cape Cod legit kind of where late. A golf shirt shorts or tacky so get all your rent so I want to say this is one of my cousins friends. I was seats Ted Kennedy passes away whatever so he lives on Cape Cod rites of late their. You know like when here we go back to the house to go to the cemetery like there's a long line of cars that he doesn't read so this guy doesn't realize that many just pulls into the line. Before he realizes that they'll like he's in the fuel lines and I was in the procession. Right so now they're going to like the Kennedy used the eight this is that he do so now he's in Mary's liked. I can't help himself right he's just gonna go with it so by the end of it he ends up hitting. I hug from Oprah Laura Bush. That's because the goal powerful people now how they promote from right is I mean it's a funerals are usually stay in there they think they that he didn't ever heard. Were you alone and hungry and soon we'll get I had a new high today. So we've got a great story you gig yeah I gotta have I mean Oprah they like under dressed for the humans that's why I think that up with you've got to understand because of the because that was my just the blog like look when they're just as soon as I stepped out of the vehicle to do it easier analyst is saying we look like you're supposed to be there are always the same clothes Mosley look like LB and the was actually is my uncle lives are so I asked him like you had a big party that stick out and they Disco it's the cape. You wouldn't think twice about being at a funeral team somebody in my shorts is your edit all murderer back yeah. Hello Graham property public that my my wife had her friend when Michael Jackson died. There was a raffle to get tickets for his funeral. Because they're gonna have a bad servicer and kind of weird it was real raffle go to if you look at who's gonna be the stables that are. So her friend wins and like she calls. You know real work on nature's like hey. Am I am I gonna get a ticket and I'm gonna fly out of town tomorrow I would go to Michael Jackson went at her funeral and like. That yeah yeah yeah of a friend once against we're gonna go to Michael Jackson's funeral Mike. Okay he to have fun you know equities say so's she goes down there. And she still has a good program and all the stuff but there were some bands that you know performed and did songs in the worst tributes but I think more so than any thing. She saw the legendary nothing wrong about your daddy speech live and all humans are oh yes she was better. And geography doesn't Rome would joke no not strain that I don't know that I yes he was ever man I know older these ones in Ramsey new president some obscure vote. And I know sort of a goal Weber jab a bottoms of those moments now. To ever man I know none strange about change and raises of them but. I've never man I'm going on strange about that. I mean that is weird doesn't have a very into themselves and leg pita bread and make your grandchildren mega grumbled about it at raise your hand now. Yeah I mean I don't know how to explain it but the person that. I don't find I don't it's a fun bit. It's interesting and it goes right back guy it's a weird story that he crashed a funeral but he got to hunt from Oprah and Bill Murray went out with the journey that iconic and Elvis had 200000 people on the disabled the say the Staples Center holds a 3540. Doubt he'll still. So lots board quote the don't take as long gone bloodsuckers lights Oklahoma and Michael Jackson that I have an idea for promotion. And you can win tickets due to win the general are brought to you by the remaining members of the Jackson family can now finally cash yet. If I think it's a US and a full interview Bill Murray Baddeley took the mantra FaceBook page has a total of toilet is that. She just I always worry about her every Thomas here in an interview I might want to dressed like a boat captain and I don't know if you know anything that's act I'd go none of the world she's one of those people tackled the it's like calling the psychic numbers and how much heat whom she was early on plastic surgery to. Yeah a movement I think Tito's probably the most most normal the sport. That's not sign it and thought Jermaine the Jermaine remains always been there or the fatherly figure in the group of it what was already old news now Israel's Genentech which is negative. What David Jackson ever did was beyond tiara. You know what you write the perfect I guarantee. So TRL total crest life. For meat lake in my generation like that was a huge show right Carson daily dose of it Kid Rock was always on mayor. You know the boy advance estimate from well I'm sorry I just saw there are learning did rockets I knew to ask them back home Bopp. So who are. So basically it was gone for nine years straight then you know anti Bryant backs it up bring back tiara. And it hasn't done that also but instead we get rid of it. They're basically doubling down since TRL. A little bit of hiatus and it's coming back with its regular show a morning show and up post channel. Cute guy. All right. I'm just doing a real good one show and then maybe you have to worry about all the crap they see the morning version will be sort of like a quote curator at Spotify. Isn't. Then solid. Just out of class lot of fun on an IPO that spot a flat he notes Spotify playlist. Yeah I don't FDRLs gonna be there beyond forever generations from now be like man I love my first tiara. He doesn't seem like you really need any news on MTV until breaking news occurred that goes on one thing Arum about news. You're just watching videos your watching programming somebody died overloading you seeker longer. By the way looters the nickname when you aren't and his happiness all of his happiness all I was like. Hi I'm curb motor I like music and I'm better than new in my growing stone writers. I also MTV. They have always done a good job of like almost reinventing themselves and are also they they have shows late but I still say he. The real world the original season and that's got to be one of the first reality TV show did this and then salute mean you hate to admit Billick would Jersey Shore I mean any. They found a monster and I think they they cross they found a monster is a different way or even doing entertainment yeah I mean it was stupid but it was what it was right and in those there was a massive massive thing. Yeah and thank god we don't know it's very proud and out I think I don't have the bachelor. Yeah Alison no dignity and members of college. It's it's like TRLs coming back right things that are they reduce smoking amounts of smoke monster. So things go out of fashion and you know they come back to TRLs one of those things. Also I would say is the closing ranks always very cyclical if you have. So there's showing ESPN caught around the corner you guys are seeing deaths are. So basically there's four there is you know one host an image for panels up there. And they they're talking about sports and stuff he gives them points in the cement so this is not during the show. This is kind of like during a commercial break whatever is Bobby Jones and basically just talking about the the new basketball factions. I was at the ACC championship we'll go weeks ago. And I notice they fashion Trinity College basketball that made me feel older than any other which is. We are entering the new aero little boat shortly better yeah all I'd like loans or pets. As part of the generation that fought so they see they have to be out here way these daisy dukes who I am a little thrown I'll see that he's tilted don't respect what we have. Well we just that after that we may. Addison Arabs have also did you go wedded baggy shorts as you possibly double what it in life and he's young boys as well to come out here that night dress like a granddaddy. All got a little short shorts with compression underneath it the short shorts without compression and and it yeah. I agree man I I don't you know it doesn't old clip of bats while powerful man you don't look like they look cool. I never. These relate to me I have so. Right I'm at that age relate that you had to Wear everything massively value and arrows and nice rhetoric but I remember guys that they would Wear three X jerseys that we're. Yeah I'm forty wanted to do and outright. So I get it that it's kind of gotten smaller bill like. I don't it seems to me to do is everybody just went Presley John Stockton now dude man 1000 college to the guys from Florida everything they were they dressed like everything was as tight as possible. Like if you could Wear today if they should Wear medium they were small. Absolutely into the in an America black white whatever walk of life you can't remedy came from Florida. You were all your clothes short and tight in those just. It was weird to look at our own thing if you live in Florida man you want that loose baggy black family got named Ari BI you know little like the white like Lenin look you know and nearly everything is loose later I moved to Florida I'm only wearing one thing every day. You richer tonight. Four I don't yeah. I have one I only girl are very low. Oh yeah you that they do move to Florida about the Natalee Cuban food millions yeah of course an apple Barack Obama ham sandwich bags and don't have to have a definite there's an old man component making it sound economy more. There's a bunch of weight off on that hole and yes or the park avenue and a muffin half. San registrars who looked good but I get. Got it at a at a ridiculous I went over his column when I don't taste of one of the I need to get these catastrophic as how much do and all of the anything you see them there LeClair okay good yeah I don't know why the booty shorts are back but I have a dog did. If those dolphins white mid calf socks. Yeah I don't get a better basketball all. You know it though I really do appreciate those long running compression. Sox. That's different domain my serve a pound on an island of an idea that these days and a larger good is still feels weird pulling up Sox that high above your calf it's like. It just doesn't feel more narrow than normal people don't know it right that's on sale until it is this is week eight year old men do it. The Delaware sock suspenders and over the hill but it was cool for awhile there Alina. I have pictures of me when I was medical. But active in the eighth grade school that they need my cousin at the beach. I mean I'm ready whites hawks pulled hopelessly and industry strives for two colors and one ultimately I was a little past them I don't know I was you are definite room object trooper look. Do goes a point in time or worry if you just happy ankle socks or you know kennel equipment farm you will not only double they had little blue ball the youth ball in the back demanding a little buddy ball. Little money to yeah yeah I mean these are about being made fun and he's declared Roger women's gym pretty much know they're all that way. There were not all that way you could not always talks the issue could you goodbye ankle as the mental image what they did that all of the truth O movie ball man mama I had those as a tiny girl all right good for you as he's signing me that I. No he did not keep your dog do you ever Robinette can look does ironies. Alone I don't know about them girls but yeah this new sort of live event and also have some that I find backhand and four touch to maybe touch the ankle but also that are awful. Don't know I cannot handle the but like Connecticut like rule they don't mind yeah. I'm not play and who donated a terrible tragedy brought to manatees could cook it. The football brands before brought the clean air and glittery sandals made of plastic I deny okay. Where there's the jelly oh my god daughters got those because those become background noted there are my daughter has those two who actually got to beat it. I think due to college troops are wearing short short that's true your daughter's having messed real big age gap but still they're probably aware in sync stuff yet. Dollars of changes for good reason to. Like it to the jerseys used to be number no really he's actually George short ball and now I mean they look like it looks like good add. Looks like assure did you should be open on a Teddy bear to stretch that thing over man and you really matter where the bump you want to Wear these tight Jersey B then you have to have the white T shirt underneath it's really loosen baggy back into the game yet. I noticed that earlier easier to tackle. Second promo code taught did in. If it's under taught this in ma'am you play at all opens to hug your denim shirt and months. What are there things you found is always nice steak units. Packing for vacation. Mean the only time I think I'll Wear a 42 different shares and one weeks. And crunch from being perfect food for people who love both breakfast cereal and having the inside of them house torn to shreds. Oh okay. Yeah. Cocktail umbrellas. I'm keeping my wet dream for nice drive. On this day she's good memories. They remind me how much better in the seven years ago. Cameras mean the only tool of Somalis. Thank you sneezing. For not being called wet yelling. You wet yelling at him back. That's a place on the more on the backs that you don't. Not a good night I was kind of wet yell come out Comair and you will you quit yell above vile liquid fueled. Because it's good honest look at bat you okay it was a wet you know. Positive solid payment for remote app are chat. And I got to thoroughly. This could finish he won so. Without extra Beck host jeopardy and when he goes up and talks everybody right did you know that he is three things he talked about. Also is three factoid seeded Pitt would onions news on carbon. Whatever it is whatever that I like and I love if you if you could say like I played bass it CB GB user and I you know kidnap hadn't heard a million people in the heat or no I played at sea I had dvd Amy had a threesome on my birthday one year many many thought Zuckerberg but I didn't Alex could take any one of those three things right into exactly and I'll bring it up. So I was thought maybe just you're the one thing that David he has thirty that he depicted she OK. So there was a guy on there that had been and Willy Wonka. If for whatever reason Al charette would bring this up. He didn't get it would've loved the movie. From the original. It he would not bring us. Cutler know the and and look I don't know why I'm losing my daughter but there's nothing more interesting about this person you can bring up targeting my interest laid might TV in the nineteen said that movie buddy walk in the chocolate doesn't every guy I watched that recent leads to give one decision not freaky thing it was they remind half of them do outlets are all liberal and we wanna I wanna I wanna watch it and yeah a little sister forgot how trip because they're constantly there late Davey dice Mike Gharib British are these kids are dying old movies about cats never seen it all out there why these children Paris oh yeah still a kid you met look. There's been some bulls and you didn't think he noticed he noticed it as a boy you died man. Yeah I thought it was a late kind of the chocolate factory and they don't kill you if you have Bob. There are real basic human you make of it's my dvd there you die die. Well wasn't it like this movie so it's cool hey it's does sometimes kids are on its own weird when you say yes but what integrate both good but you my kids were little leg. My command usage you wanna watch it there you go. Baghdad area probably right I was very good headlines going oh my god in minutes you're listening to avenger radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Aerogel we don't go anywhere with summaries and restaurants are these so that's vodka infused. I was very loving and give kids a chance a university will drop thirteen majors that are actually rarely use. Tell us comedian brings a comedy by seizing dog to do the Nazi salutes. Defendants are hitting several Saint Louis restaurants would delicious brisket being the lewd and Ohio couples both of grabbing sex at a children's playground. In front of children it is time your headlines. It's time day. Here's my car. Our jobs are in Japan a woman has suffered what may be a nightmare of us women just in general. She is postmenopausal it turns out that her Levy and I have actually fused together. And doctors are claiming that it is from a lack of sacks. Well that's not gonna help her cause I think that there will be more cases of data that was actually. We all are now motivated well look I mean there's other things this but he still I am now at her late youth teams to. Did you get used together this is not unheard of in the medical world but she doesn't have a because of the common causes which are it says here. She was little she head as she's given birth nationally she's just no history of infection or pelvic trauma which are the two big cases for this southern. Trying to figure it out and all they have to go on is that she did that's excited dining room that no one needs him right. The same is gee if they did she was having sex and when it. Picked up where I mean like the physical dining emulating your house for a better idea of venom that was the only journalist. About the signing of Christmas my day availability and Hutchinson craft and every but the doors don't shut forever on the finger when you don't use a lousy got to blow the bells volume and if there's security I don't pay my a clear his biggest amount of garbage don't mean like for some reason you care needs. Their own border that gave us stuff. Sure it's been around the world in Arkansas man was found in a stolen body armor this around the world in Arkansas Arkansas. All right I guess you'd think Japan my bad you know we're going everywhere come on okay in Arkansas which is part of the world. A man was found in a stolen cars a police arrested him but this man at a planned. When he was told is being around. That he immediately lost consciousness. Consciousness this guy's a gym he's forty years old he actually he's following a sleaze I mean this guy is what I do think he goes on deterred by you have writing music here are idiot jerk now you're making craters like dude like. How pathetic you. Medics at the scene shakes his vitals and he checked out okay old Damien take into the hospital. Think I'd still like for two hours like acting like he's asleep when he's not he told cops that like. This guy is the ultimate beauty is gonna try to fake a coma I would guy going to evaluate new wing group like Mike and I finally drive trucks was just joking he wasn't really having a heart attack. They took him to the hospital just be say that's when doctors concluded that the man was making it clear to be transported to jazz when you give him more time for just wasting everyone else's time rides to your ID card that I've seen it before reporting for our first story. Put half. I just fell asleep and got cut. Yet many we just let and they were looked like it like the security came in America that they get like c'mon can't just get out is happening in my stance about our lives of the points relief at EDS had a column in my. But come on. Stretcher and all. A tentative or talk from a place is very threatened beyond odd now grossly out how much you can move on now I bet you guys get so I swear to god the beverage cart was three rows away. The third after a before and I'll just like you've got to be kidding fluid on. Someone in Sheboygan Wisconsin. You know. Should they still at some point you kind of avoided. The more I finished yesterday the fact good and probably do decision boys knew I was gonna say if we're going to have arisen let's say Sheboygan and how might bring him. Boy that someone is Sheboygan Wisconsin is terrorizing the women's community center toilet. There have been rough with its. There have been roughly thirty days in the past thirty years of age twenty ounce plastic soda bottle being forcefully shop down the toilet I. The drink is a proven to be achieved thanks costing as much as 3000 dollars in damages and some don't even have to remove the toilet to get the bottle out. There's been going on for twenty some years. Twenty years there he said no. It only ounce bottle of going up about three years all three that's still ridiculous yet there were twelve cases and sixteen to fourteen cases into his seventeenth. In at least three already you know an idiot given mentally. Right deficient person and ours just basic understanding of how things were proud of them are things they did what Graham wearing gas than exploding bag and as I'll take this dude all day after enough. And have. Meanwhile we head over to Saint Louis where the same ground war. Saint Louis I'm aware of the run up the road again. That's where the same to brisket Bennett has struck again who co like I hope he put into it could be flown have you heard about this yet no I don't. Please in the area are investigating three incidents of meat being stolen from local restaurants surveillance footage shows the suspect walking into the cooler a business and walking back out with a side of beef. Before jumping into a truck of his cohort and speeding away I take my cap off though. That's a brisket Joseph. No I've I've followed German. This miles and the rest kids and I've gotten rid I had the cast yesterday at the top prize under the codes and we believe that they like that the Fed up but either way it's I find that should be left up. I agree. They don't always leave the camp and then. Another man trying to break the world record for hi is do you life he was stopped and arrested for do you like in Spring Hill and was found more than alcohol level of any guesses. 31 point 14. Nice 316. Oh on court 13 are also. These people is he wearing carry the umbrella called quote if he's out of gradually wearing a rainbow way. Nobody looks Reagan's iconic presentation has got now is got to dig dug in on his tennis heroes I have an accomplice to get that deal I don't think you can ever did that was fresh and is having you might be crying immigration you can tell in Ohio a double play or is edited tape classy route you give give the head play a bit of a show. Please receive multiple reports of the couple exposing themselves to no less than a dozen children and adults while Ford getting near an elementary school. Well there residential authorities that they didn't know they couldn't have sexton the school and we're not aware that they had an audience. They recycle a couple Republican decently in decency and disorderly conduct charges it's it's against the rules. Tend to have sex I know it's all drug free zone. I know I cannot driver rather and Osama says that we can afford to take it says that they continued to expose themselves to everybody Edmund G before sometimes. As every head linesman that. I. Brazil's CNN's sampler turn of Ted vs the FCC bad jokes we will drink Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true. We'll be all about those goods for now but until next time please. Do what you do best and for a loop this thing it's. Diane a beautiful.