03-27-17 PodDammit has a new member

Monday, March 27th

Poddammit this week showcazses the newest producer of the show, Robin Fox

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And we're oh whale get a meeting a lot of clocks is going to be a quick go pod dammit so podcasts today but welcome to pod dammit and welcome to upon them podcasts and welcome all of our exciting viewers on no FaceBook you know you are there's thirteen if you. Ladies and gentlemen this is our Robin. Okay we wanna Jews Jerod informally. Our Robin Joseph Bob on the micro mirror tonight looks John alcohol or. Okay let's go on allies birthright not a video now exactly how Robin is broken someone Somalis and stolen if you're curious and we don't want is a free for all. We start slow down and it will be nominee OK I am not a teacher to have so Robin as a producer for the men's room she has she's been here for awhile longer than there. 56 months 56 months. And you you use a you don't wanna talk on the air because you're nothing intelligent to say as we are told us so that's why you have heard a lot from her she's a slow learner. So right now we're just trying to get the water not to dribble out of the side of her mouth when she drinks from a cup. Things like that no actually we just or his camera into the launch the Robin show. We're just gonna sit back and let you do everything you're shorter weeks and now we're just gonna you know. Just enjoy whether it. It totally investor who's giggling and bankrupt them and what do I do is they thought it was dead yet. Oh my. Or might frighten what they're saying I hope you guys read between lines and you giggle like women. Right like a little lady I guess this does anyone have any questions for our on how you giggle very emotionally hurt her her right exactly enable. Software where you originally from Germany in Durham in the. I now love. So dude I know the Romans 1010. I did and Steve turn you on. I know how much having is you know there's been writing all the dirty German skits and I Matsuzaka and now we're doing register emergency we're trying to throw non today I and they were to go from Germany. Griffin North Carolina what part of North Carolina in Fayetteville. Saying its Fayetteville yes say is anybody's been stationed at fort dragon is now Fort Lewis knows exactly. How horrible if you read it on a map you say it's Fayetteville red zone. Have you had video of these people as a bakery still open to overlook it's not so my family under German bakery for 22 in five years it's not a minute I'll. But it's a story to people I've actually run into people here since I moved to Siena job and their grazing area thanks so yeah. You have got I don't know and I thanks CNN I appreciate that he's. Somalia don't take your job railroads or the German bigger I don't know what to into the clinic yes. Gave them. Did you move from from our Thelma gas shed kind of another now on the East Coast I was in Maryland for oral allergy as our little rural Georgia working did you would you yeah I was working in house and for company that so you were right beside us it was is it OnStar they give you the track dead grass so worked for a company that kind of gave them traffic updates on unfurl around work with TV stations are musicians there owner Robert Altman. I did not. And and were to Key West stored in Raleigh he lest hot. And dysfunctional Dickey is a real calm man whose on New Year's Eve his Milliken. Yeah stresses they drop there is. It's there is. Are drag queen I did not drag queen named sushi yeah she they drop and a job. All right he'll she do. Our middle of downtown and midnight and I and assets have seen is that Italian club doom doesn't have slowly yeah Bobby shows it's best that I yeah Bobby jones' they're sloppy Joes and finally asked is there with all the weird cats and added some bizarre plays so it's not the United States right it's like being in and meets different kinds say being in the land run by parents it's your current Republican. It is a come Contra tub they actually tried to use secede from the United States has some points of that tell. I'm with that they are that did not and already in Florida and threatened to Larry you are really and flora and write my dad and Dana what did you go from there you can from there went to Oregon Bend, Oregon. And now neither. The Green Zone during cellular and I'm Florida NIC go to the northwest. And they're gonna back at Wrigley the world we nice that we d.s to work with Vista be honest to draw off down it is a great you just smell like yesterday's goose movement but it's mostly do you like it must you must keep any of questions and in my. No date yet that was here Nigel I don't know how did you get to the radio business where my gosh I was in high school when I started and a friend is doing overnight summit classic rock station and a putt. You complain Led Zeppelin and be as Smart as we paid for months content. Jonathan what's your most embarrassing moment while boy yeah so many so many. I dash off the top of my head the I'm not entirely sure I'll think on a down there what are Larissa get back to that because there's not Ralston did no instill little embarrassing I'd fallen asleep. During warm harassing for the again. Yazoo City got SI and the you never mind you I'm so sad face down don't know. As you we were drawn made my way to the next morning and I'm shall face down between her legs but my own crap I got to go to our own now. True I had like he imprints of her little. Are there or did web solar flare falsely bunt and also was fab. Also made a ton of fun of one like a big a deal to go to work it'll click what is then my comment honestly I told him. It looks a little boy every couple hours may have a thing called the bush Marcum a yeah I was I was an embarrassment little weir and tell presumably that's so gross mark on. Now my breath. I was three of them are doing and new questions known Jack and we got to get on me yet so welcome Robbins. And what else hoping in the grass the military announced we have tickets those we've profiled as soon. I if you're not a rock solid club member of the gasoline dot com senate because we've got to the transmission will send out or give your pre sales up at all so. Now Matt Bourne Supreme Court it was June 20 war drill down that they citizen I'm either gonna have you know the people who. Who did the corn it to fair. There's going to be all over ran as a write parking lot man you don't you think you know if you name it grows corn no more.