03-28-17 Jonathan Davis

Tuesday, March 28th

Jonathan Davis of KoRn was kind enough to call in after his sold out show in Berlin to talk to the guys!

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I'd be mar satellite to bleed to Berlin Germany do we have won only Jonathan Davis witness. Hello how aria. Until they're manicured under pressure here permanently. Yeah and I it sounds to me like it'll give you much downtime Malia we try to get ahold of you a little while ago I know that no he just got offstage. He just needs to second to shopper and another outlet apathetic at about you but after they work language and how much of the kids like him and give daddy jet smoked cigarette in you've just got all day he you do the journal my god damn. We had no idea tells us as the snow anyway is partly goes. Goes amazingly Pitt big arena here in Berlin and now this. How different color that I look in the long term here and you have a guitar with a making sure. Is it one euros. Is it a typical just a crazy crowd. Your attic and because if they're earlier this I don't know what it is about a over here if you're. Well so hard that it always often win over here and how they didn't really have a good. And you guys I mean if there's if there's one place in the world. Where I'd have to think. That the fan base for corn in the wheel house it is it's it's this little Torrey are doing right now. Eric Hurley won't you know if I won't go in the world would if you would interpret it aren't. Of course president their credit in the world record and we pick what would you like being in the show up and we have a guitar. Is it crazy you get your Mary guy that got kids in Rome same boat on that at what you think about and going home. A lot of people formed band everybody wants to be pop and everybody wants to go too early do you ever reflect bag of things holy crap guys like. Were actually doing this is actually art twenty some years ago. Yeah I didn't think it created the artwork along the border and I'm sure they created a lot of what I would either way it should. It's a dream come true. That the helpers who Ehrlich a little while I'm here right Greg Norman very limited but it big huge arena. Narrowing of the door I don't interview. I ordered it murdered children to do it like that it mr. cool. But you know you've you've been donors from blogs god and Tony you guys are stored ambit. So but you compromise musical family your father and this is crazy to me he play keyboard for Frank Zappa and Buck Owens Terrell. If provoke thought and upping their pets and weird thing or is I don't know all of our. I don't know what but I still swirl about the same page right so you definitely is a buck goes did you have to watch Hee Haw. No war. Yeah he hole pretty accurate it was a great show would your kid and it's what a public because to me the only thing I know buckle from. Is he hall where you saw attractive women you thought despair and agony on Gregg got a lot of good stuff there. Doug let me ask you this way you used stated many times about how difficult you know growing up and some of the experiences and lyrically you're right about that and everything else. In about being bullied or whatever it did you do kind of feel like now. As an adults you kinda get to redo your childhood in the way you know I know you have your kids and but did just based on your interest in the fact that you really into video games of writing in the creative and all dressed up as a is it nice to be able to kind of may be heard early years were the best but now you kind of if you take advantage evident and you know and I mean beat that kid did you know he always wanted to be an old. I've never really grew up her. You are with you are I'd lose it but all the what world your meat market interest and I don't like it better video game very music. And just being creative and leaking or are you know how to. You know what you saw on the main thing. And millions of us are there any more mature than you Liu and pretend like you know lately and get together and he accused that this guy. I mean I don't think it actually tell you that we are I lose audience. I'm Eric Bruntlett at an electric burner are aware of the figured that the prosecutor probably don't. So what they had a wanna grow up is essentially saying little written I don't know how it will of the people but. Go boating and miserable and honest to god they get older they give us from what. The wonder about double what went so a lot of guys in the Lotta bands at some point unique at all and had to deal the bowling and all of that. And under the point where your Bainbridge. Have there been times firstly to playback in California where. This guy in the two new high school grant he was bully he's hooked on it took for tickets. And get to look at as the dude I remember there's no there's no chance or is it like sure come on to shoot at you ever been in that position. I mean I think it early on there was that. Easy to Khatami and hard to let it be Marshall or or grow we're gonna get back in the Dallas like Margaret credential. With Marla. And walk away is there any. Probably get a federal friends and I didn't know if it is that it. Repeal it. Talking out of that are targeted Jonathan Davis of a corn and one thing seaboard beggars and I don't know if it's just one of these things that bring about Bakersfield Bakersfield California is the county seat. Of current account and might include. Did you ever think about as they demand term economic data now I don't know apparently. No border greater degree in Carolina and you know. Actually that's tour. I you know what I read an interview you did many many many years ago when you cited the fact it to your favorite band going doubles surrendering and I too was a huge directory and tangled up and one of the first concerts vessels of major production was Doran grant they opened up the curtain in the Camilla the reflex went to separate tigers criminals blown away you know and mean it. And I was a kid knows into the cheer in some of the stuff as well. But but it ran drills when those fans when I saw that you like to rendering and you feel better I don't know I felt validated it justified and not say why men because I went the other day epic above vinyl all the time Olympic of the very first or indirect and I came and I screamed as the public. God damn John Taylor is a beast on base out there and never really realized it before but that the did you ever get a chance to meet the Rand or manner ever run their. Hung up I know it clear what articles. Are very I don't know what to do. I don't truly. He lost that. What we'll do what they thought I'll eat. Somebody would you like what are they were following me and getting grilled amok chauffeur and he would like all right here and it. And did so deep. Yet he came out the first show. I let them England. And he came up with potential and apple now. It would be if they open a door a little bit it would turn out there already and I think that I'm making right and you know what Charlie you're. Without an urgent medical. This group a couple of lava that particular shook his form but we got among you did you know Clinton TV and I can't political actually like oh my god moment. Yeah but things happen to accommodate him at that you know because we all have our oh my gosh you BP's be village idolize for whatever reason Simon a block of that but not you guys have been around forever sort of garment tour that you won a medic got to band's upcoming says hey man I got if it wasn't corn there's no chance Ivan started to do and I'm bill. They're taught to look we put on or was it there except that in our respect. They go in order not typically would fully back. I'm gonna ask you got out okay that would put an album what about the kids and and the kids that have been believed to molested there. Depressed growing well and had a hard time portal and those kids got to can you say man hey thank you you know. That's better than me that's what they'll put the only hear from the trouble more than you can not totally there and it will be written into what money we're. Political mean collector when you're helping them. I'm not allowable. And if it it will include all of a little bit toward what we do. If he hit it breakdown on the leaderboard with you I would be dead or I need to hit a horrible. You know whatever would be. If you came to Trenton it. Yeah that's got to be met but it's cool it's cool would it be a role model just by being yourself and you know not to do anything else but. One of the things aren't fascinating about you in a pivotal corn and other things than DJ and all that but. Some rain some of the stuff and things didn't quite come to fruition so they're like the serial killer museum but the thing that really got me. Was pop scholars have no known as the video game you're developing and I got it's like a game but. But the the fighters were different people you know sort of and you could take on a dale whatever the case might be. I think that is something you need to go I'm telling you man it's to me that is the greatest idea ever the greatest work. The next three years ago where it went on with American but he did. Outlook and are a lot of big games he's really very video game artists. And we get hit it and discuss it on a point where they didn't thirteenth the game. The programmer he's the company and they need to turn to do it will be thirty gain Internet couldn't get our so. It just went away Arab not unfortunately. You know the thing happened and what looked like an adult worker Garnett didn't come. It didn't happen but it'll get there aren't that he article cool. Thought into what Jonathan Davis corn at white river and Peter Pan grass 2017. You're in Germany there's Brownstein air force base there's a lot of other I'm not allowed roms and are familiar your band but do you do. And I know you're going in you visit the military and I know you visit veterans and everything else it. And he needs on that for a number of years as there is or any story or any particular. You know individual or anything along the way that you just kind of always remembered and kept in contact with there are any of that from those experiences. In between all the experts are different political truth in New England Ernie go. They conduct particularly welcome moderately injured or what happened what a person. If you go to an aunt and uncle are over in which it. From the local and American Islamic and green and it didn't matter of cranberry or not. We dig up an army walked in and and to give them a little piece of home and I talked to a number and if he Marlon McCree is what. I don't did you know we don't know how hurtful group. I mean it is America work order thing I don't care about there I would care about human being looked certain people aren't. I like Warner and every one couple that are committed liberal I mean really really quick treatment so. What is considered a pre order now and not in the same not in the same degree. In not in the same situation obviously but don't you feel than a little ways that you of you've been three year old from a growing up. Now it's a completely different type of drama but I mean whether it was like your experiences working with the corn or what. Whatever stuck in your head manager couldn't get out I mean you can at least relate to that aspect of life and in an emperor I would. Good I do not have put road trip or I will do them some of that and are working and corner off our back like he. He publicly all the money on the table book I know with the miners are about. I know what he's here to update or anything you don't Feyerick what what actual thing. I went through and there are people who don't wooden platform out there in the armed intruder really healthy and he could be held Google Earth will. Figure tripled alleviate it really can't even get locked in the paperwork and probably a deep hole. Yeah I gotta I guess is apparent the manner I don't know if I'd be down with my can working at a corner office. But yeah for my perspective it's I'm Jonathan hear you talk about like look if this is what you get what you do you need to talk to Jonathan confused and give the real deal of ways but. It is a thing in you can talk to these guys in the military and you know this while we do that it means so much to them when you shall. And you said you know arteries in the bay keeps one on the east is a bully but beyond just enjoying music. What you've become to these people all this stuff in and kills plea or Berlin burglaries and the grounds amazing in the go crazy. And I'm thinking myself he's married with a kid so the all the adulation and all these incredible influence as you have in you get home no one cares take that got the impression. That it they're a bit like how quick are you humbled would need at all because kids have no prompt on how dumb you look at video or whatever might be an error. Particularly apparently were double what the governor did it ever go home. And hold it immediately and very low life like it we hang out and don't know who built an in my studio. Wish I'd love them or create Ritter did a trampoline in the later would buckle under where it looks good in a leading global little Aaron. We do have aren't there and that's what sanctuary. I'm Beckel are either toward the end. The craziness of warfare group or anything else I mean we're being. How old are your order. How does your kids they're all there is because you don't you don't something special but also which is part of his life instead go to go to the students were bad they let it. That's compatibility is they'd love it think they'd be looked around seeing me play. And they do their own thing is there if you know on the Capitol. Hill yet so. Got to go run up and I would have to think it's very similar to what you grew up in and a different way I mean obviously the family dynamic is different mr. Obama is kind of an actress and was involved in the Archie had obviously musician so. Your QB kind of surrounded by that type of lifestyle if you hope that your own children maybe take a page out of a book and can Olerud is. Let Arnold do something to be sort of my music didn't increase it to be an upward garnered it from Arnold is the only air and how he felt. These are currently sort of eat each Iranian. Now Jonathan city mayor is it. Mary is now those theoretically. You might be a grandpa Cintron. A couple years and what oil that's great input in the same time you that you you you be eligible for the rock and roll hall of fame. And I are. That's exactly wreck hitting. Up by the way real quick here managed well it's no prep forget about this is far as the show it's the pain in the grass 2017 what program theater. I would not be surprised normally. In about 40% of that to a population there that day is in from joint base Lewis McCord users who you're gonna you're going to be surprised the number of military personnel who show up to that shields I think you're gonna get. The gonna get a great kick out of aperture. There underneath it. Ordinary it was a with the child. Okay and one more thing here I just that how how now how long is abandoned in Germany because I know you do have some German anyhow how long have Allenby has been over the. I'm in a written over in your thought. You may have been. Are we actually if no agreement. Particularly difficult days and the best we would like to go to problem over another preacher what. And cut and how many and how does he demands have been Germany I mean I don't probably demeaning to him at times it didn't. Aren't well here is here's the deal Jonathan RLR rep producer of the lovely Robin she was born in Germany and she is fluent in German. What we're doing this week come up with that she's going to give you. She's going to speak in German. And there we're going to give you some choices deceit and brush up on your German was behind us workspace that would give you vote what do you think she's all right rob that you could McChrystal the first German prisoners. Do pence to make small is that you can't teach monkeys. There's mustard and your beard Jonathan or bite me again depends street mall. Yeah it's the right. I. Your next your next major difference in excrement for. Math don't knicks. Is that your fly is open. It doesn't matter or use smell like Nichols masked off mix. I know it it doesn't it doesn't matter it doesn't matter and it doesn't matter I hear tonight. BS is Alice. Is that beer is my past. Theory is everything or beer makes them pretty near it. Period everything. A look. All right the next he's on nine included is that haters gonna hate. You son of a bitch or you are very ugly views on I'm in London. Hull. Of the and one more point don't you go look hard enough of them with the zinc in Z violation accident that. Is that I saw you boob in the grass. Let's add sex in the grants or. See you at team in the grass resiliency by Schmidt sin in glass. Or it. I saw you poop in the grass. Let's add sex in the grass or seen you at pain in the grafts. A bigger now. I heard a lot of that. Now back at the top off off. Jonathan Davis thanks so much man we we appreciate you statement sent to us to hang out a pain in the grass. It is Saturday June 24 at white river amphitheater a you put on the road with thought Corey Taylor stone sour will be joining you are we into all assumed that since you guys didn't tune together that will see you guys both of onstage at certain points during the store. Yes it can be made in Cologne out these candidates are. Absolutely and we appreciate it we'll see in the summer Jonathan thanks about our record out of the Davis from our very. Care. Played a massive sold out show but that wouldn't it don't you feel bad I got a little bit. It doesn't look. Earth they'll have a I am determined heroic and it's just for time reasons of Coleman calls which have a problem so much trying to get hold of them and Mike Walton says hey is run a little late that we start rolling all right all right surgically gap he just Arnold state. We didn't buy it don't you know like look like it's after working one decompress and it. I can't believe what you do you just walked onstage to think about what he does it. Get a shower and then you dreamed injury could talk to go too much about only I also like they think it. We've been here punch we have some friends here and that helps I think you're right there's a group of people who are German who would. Credit he should. I'm only that they that the problem until I got people he's got to talk to by the way it's 12:37 in the morning. It's our army moaning completely deleted though he laid up until midnight and then he gets off stage. And his manager Sebastien says hey these Jamal from Seattle talk on the phone promote this Torino because like. John dentist Jimmy's second I think you showered with water in the whenever that day. 1230 at night he's got to come doctors which he. I'm surprised but it was cool. You just stupid. And doesn't betterment and we couldn't walk and and we are somewhat to my city got offstage and they can own knowledge and implement our. Yeah I'd like death you know yeah I had to. I can't leave it the government side is Coleman fairness apps actually everybody we ever talked about it. Died you know many the other Altria a period. Quicker and break it segment the first and the government in the members that. David Lee Rawle. Was playing a show he was opening up for that company all right so I had interviewed David Lee Roth much the same places on the phone in hamster. The difference was that when we were we we had some time before. McCain and with others it's typical David he talks like much he's never out of character team. He's down and down and some believe that he was on the ladies you know on like who two years. If you get some good week and you bring it back and grab me some we'd want to answer Weasley Arctic air in a prop. Teach marketable job. So -- ago so you know can we expect. And they're gonna play AT&T and us I go to man David the drop and performs in an angle to use a manager big at Anderson he's to be the manager Van Halen for number year's money list. Ain't he introduces me today and in its stage music that you guys talked you got to wheat this. He goes in his duffel bag man into starts in this huge bag and starts taking his due to meet this but. Headed to put an anthem Janet Allen pockets this up weeks. In weeks. So we're just worked for smoke on this we do that's most of going to hear Vietnam messed up. And since this guy a couple of guys and we have talked it was rate loser. He is the draw for the drop in the gap for Pittsburgh public. About we start talking. It's a rate is now drum corps. So all your address and he's he's been that there's that thing about 2000 green it was into the man to report every domestic in my. I remember you guys to remember loved it well he remembers the experience of club and obviously with the Iraqis to put on treasonous dressing room was stand on the floor he was they've really brought into strippers from scores they had a glow in the dark doubled along I mean it was just like I mean it was just the real hoping with that we just sort of backs that you literally watch the show is two chicks with the area. That's I know the felt like it to bring an obvious that today while. That happened more than once to see you know I would imagine come out at the big east and that every city that was the thing that was the last time that I truly solved. A backstage experience that rock show that was 1997. In in since that point in time I've seen some of the botrus activities. I have never in my life when we walked out of that dressing room. That company had already played their stage had been torn down Jesus. The trucks had taken everything away we were the last people in the arena when I left the arena. It was. 4:30 in the morning I got lost driving there but the time I get my bearings got back on the road it was daylight it's got him so it was one of those nights rose just like man I wanna party and its allies like Jesus Christ. Now just everybody. Into the spam and take my neighbors and violated article and the jam that are that was completely the watchers. Well are you or someone else completely unqualified to do but did anyway that is our question again thanks Jonathan Davis and corn for a start by talking to us we'll take a quick break and come back a more vehicles and.