04-03-17 PodDammit goes to the movies

Monday, April 3rd

We kick off the week with a brand new Poddammit featuring Thrill's excruciating experience at the movies this weekend

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And thoroughly bad things relax. Oh my big news is three days the baby boss dethroned Beauty and the Beast and how does he Power Rangers and my son and I his buddies. It's rated RPG thirteen rats of lights five on five I don't carry the magazine. The rest. But I won't let you browse Ener1 as a bomb on the home movies it was all right both kids are scared watching the Power Rangers curse. It was for effort so digital Power Rangers draft yeah and when I got to fight or flight fight monsters into martial art from some point they show up. And a monster shows. And never do I mean you and we dropped and just bombing that moment I think they're gravity in the reality of which are about to do from city hall and saw what Susan Marie. It was all right man with the kids what I'm scared Baltimore wanna go home won't point I'm like look man Edward. You're sitting on how this works it. Once they've turned into the guy named our friends of James Cameron so what they'll do in the last one even some movie. So I don't care about that the movie's time I'm just I don't need kids real parents are annoyances. Powering the show up. Now there in a joint and literally literally. You only need the edge of your seat we'll say the whole thing happened they have now both moved up understood and an advocacy sternum screamed. There's semen to both like more communities jar and got them monsters. Good guy hold back punching bag and a mouth a little slow motion all it. And the kid that are brought must songbook stood out the. It's. I thought I could. I did Honolulu at the low. And his buddies taking carotid should be notice or you don't come from god they removed. This dude speeded up man my son he's got his hands and is there. Mouth saying you know from what this is. As cinematic mother at the masters going in day out yet but it's on the last one immense the movies I do listen they're being scared and wanna go home grew veterans is the right move they ask mrs. rebels has tried out my news. Does does the army here could you wanna see it ma'am I don't see this SE Laura Ling Christ almighty just like just yeah chip. So far I got to the Power Rangers man so when you ask them to review the movie so great is we reverse. The first like two hours a man select the first hour and twenty minutes that they did not playing good mood to go is that the right after moving. 'cause what might get off nobody could really don't know whether that is a bit I don't know bugging me I'm trying to keep your call but you read you orbit now those twenty minutes change birth life match. And schools and follow our during most of us right now tonight by the dvd into a dramatic just what's the last twenty minutes of the movie. You know about dress for an older dvd V today former movies. That I go out without asking. I did when they were real Roy young a's took the commercial it would c'mon per. Nemo on nice Disney on nice liberal stuff was but. Those blood Dora the Explorer. I hate that show. Gallows. On the map Melamed. I'm a match that was bear bear in the big blue how well I remember that one out oh I never saw that there and a big new house sale put my giant mouse it was a drag news crews was a dragon where they go off to a magical land plus now there's another dragon who oh or nearly eight male dragon tales dragon tales jag and -- jag and I say no that's okay solicited so here's my move us. Outside sour look I'll take and there are like three or four years old early on. And about. A little over halfway through the performance they may be good two thirds of the way through the they take an intermission. You'd think it was a good idea the intermission this tour you know than the do costume changes whenever now that's not really limits and for its. It's this whole thing religious starts selling stuff they like vendors just start flooding down the aisles you never seen anything like ending up flashlight to go balloons and got. You know whatever the character stuff this but the flip on the house lights. So. Yeah we'll go without house let's commodity they always turn my kids go. Well did shows over the editorial I don't get I get a flashlight in my Gail good to flash subtle way outside by a flashlight they were having distract about a flashlight to go we got the Dora the ball Mariana and to that hell out of their man simulate 45 minutes a living hell could they never knew they missed the end they never question that whatever was his left. I think my kids are so my kids who lives at all from king live at the pig performance. Is coming third isn't and I showed they don't even know my head and ask they don't know. I heard about it I debated for three weeks the money. Like to be cool to do with them and it's a good memory and is Robinson as the revenues are important kids man to remember that these big things. And all that's really no apartment is like a vast. Before I sit to a garbage it's gonna suck the TV shows signs of life performed some dogs. Three taking specific community of his exceptional we're gonna watch it. I don't pay at the peak this is my only big ha this is very rare this is Joseph thirteen. I think that got enough. Can I hated man had a salon are usually I'm pretty quick to the disrepute that stuff a lot of Najaf. The first time it may repeat it all the time they're there they're getting just to the show every show is about its authority minute episodes like Hamburg 310 minute episodes have been. In a repeat tennis every time. Every time Manso beaten in her head and I don't know there Watson a couple years ago Amanda my daughter looks from across a veteran Jim is your daddy okay. Mr. perfect and I looked more. Paula has styled it what it is okay money amount she legendary pictures he's a flippant. But a week later. I'll watch the show on what. The makes granddaddy there to start from Darlene ma'am we edge of a new way a miracle really wasn't trying to. No questions are slow what's open and hey how are you just how are you anger there was a question of that was the ball from account opportunity. This is indeed yeah. Here. They say it's safe. But I. Think what. Yeah.