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Now back to the men's room here's the question. Ryan teel Mike two and let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW Jack don't even think mail address 2016 there's a period this 2014. A lot. So it. And got smacked man we go lineup for this year Sunday August 21 Y river here he goes to start Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge. And anthrax. Graham hop evil and a window pane get those men's. Room happy hour and a half tickets now Mallory had a good time nine minutes of during campaign style. There are a little severe guarded private little bar area we've got double orange you can wearing sport throughout the rest of the day there and they a limited edition. A men's room party pain in the grass T shirt and get a beer we'll take some photos of drinks more beer line up for the full nine camera little. Private party already said there had Ted Smith high fives. Yeah all that good stuff and let them open low fives you never know what you might call blown in new a year and half today actually at the I'm really horrible to sneak away avoid the lines man party with those guys a little paving grass. Join us here they'll be flown there for the men's room. I'm happy hour and a half. Yeah elusive late at KI SW dot com how much of other people we've from issuing a full effort full night and go hole I have come. Back right at McKay coming up on the program USA women's bantamweight champion Vicente joining us at 340. And more of the random random question right after this. Men's room returns here's the question and drive teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Program profiled as dark recesses today Elvis week you're playing for tickets to see Joseph Rogan live in Johnson. We'll be the game formerly known as black white makes the urge you are 508. Right after the show today. Oh and done we should date you have C women's bantamweight champion coming at. At 340 in the meantime it is our random question question hello my welcome to the men's room. Old barbaric hear it oh yeah. And then my umbrella and ran wild lands on the rundown there and you're in jail we got here for a brand. Hide Mike are you married. Beyond that Ford is okay no okay how many times might remarry once before it gets warm and remarried when you were younger was reason. Or I got married it's like aren't we are here ordered divorce for a forty Florida and Jennie Garth. This is what we want enough. How did you propose to your than what. I pose a scenario you got everything ready at a safe for the ring for a long time ladies by the way. It takes a long time proposed because we have got to save up for the ring in the mean to. Your longtime two can I get it together that's what matters motives really does. We are you know this is that's a good question forming. All right so I'm homered for the tigers go work and try to save up get a ring. And I get her computer really guys bring from. Of all places JC penny it can turn I spend a little over 900 dollars on the race. It was somewhere and arranger aperture. And you know like solitaire being me. You know the food and catering. Your dude it was indictment Amanda that's the reason we are Brooklyn integrate it would look charity in my life every. And bingo we do not care if it means nothing to us. Now spirit sure. And it is very expensive. And Bret that's it all the matters are sort David Kirk about. But because. So. I'm getting ready and I I didn't know I did the right thing for my endeavor divorce so I called her dad. Asked him. He was OK with it he's never actually met make viewers in Utah are. I asked her mom's shoe lives opening bell. Air and ensure that put you bring hearing. Eric. What sort Labarca my truck. And Schubert policy. This is our moms went for it to Iran. And our liberal very. Or to sort of sort I get it. And she was like. To date field or dark. I like when you're hard at work a report also so big bell. And it's free your daughter go to tip your big. He's had some 200. As you being. Written. Rick well. I really hit thirty doesn't so be it big show like it this year the white gold gal not a gold gold haul return so was more like sober. So I say it would be crucial life. America wants over the course she's kind of a debt that was huge. And so. Forget her blessing and eager get it was doing. And then get our family we have this weird tradition where we give a Christmas or Christmas ornament every year arm. So I got this really feared the Christmas ornament that opens up. And you can put them inside it and it comes this black leather. Case. Reopened it. I'm like aren't as I learned that does work. So I get reservations for the space vehicle. I have. Champagne waiting force at the table. About three days performs well as you approach this girl. I get it do you. He's been. Okay. And. And throw her. Peter do you like him a fruit juice pitcher. Boarded before Christmas. Blackberry. Two days in jail we all lose. Then I have to come out and I have to be our house that's a tough call out. Ha ha I. All. You do the right god he didn't get it wrong literally. In my Bogart out there so I'm very you're waiting or my parents via group yeah I'm Treo phone. Can get a good bit dollar 55 minute hey Mike you gotta get me out heroic are for further cripple the American. We do after go to your vote. Finally Chris could be sure. I am. The does your girlfriend know you're in jail if she does OK why is because I know editor and proposed the right after you go to jail. That's that's when I'm thinking the highest that you know you know of this you do you guys and other what is your question. So I. A Merry Christmas to you and me. Ankle monitor people show up. Think he can campaign here and there FF FF that's right away yet you just got this pre draft rubio and bring out my ankle. I go home and are finally get the glory girlfriend. And a military. Doesn't really come over should hang out. Arum. Basically she's sitting on my parents' house down spears. And war what should I do like good dam South Park movie or something just something random. I taught him about her my twelve. Effort to promote good I'm good now so. The rhetoric is a big deal regarding. I I walked in the room with its build a box and that's ornaments. And I handed cured. And I'm like hey just opened there. Shoot like Gordon I'm like whoa in our fearless from tradition there and give order career it's a very special. Those should start sobered. I get down on one knee termites. We marry my dumb ass and she opened the tournament. And mirroring it then you're. The ring is not in there. No no it's an all else and then there are Ghali what else could go wrong okay and is an important in the order rent I put it in their first story. So that was. Our current proposed duke mine now for probably should reread it fly out the miners as you would do what happens why what did your. Marriage end. What I call it or I was the one who. Used to be. Kind of a male escorts dog we IRI Lanka and take literary reality threatened there. That's held that. Yes. Or for both my dark wife and I. Well as you would do all that and in two years emergency room. We have the story that's probably a better story and other in this guy Tony seven year old Michael fast so late. You're in jail on. But I feel lucky that could have taken a backseat like you don't have proposed are macro secede they knew he was convinced you gonna do it he had his plan I agree with you a 100% but let. Clearly my man was taken to the plan. This most redundant the Christmas ornaments. Therefore mustard on Christmas time yes really I get that what I hear your present totally devoted to the way to go weeks ma'am and people fight through it dollars in just. Like if they're gonna do than make up the mine I'm gonna go meant when I got when I finally got the ring about my life Friday it was like I could waits for like two days to shed a work in a couple things going on a weekend and the orchestra which were tonight miss after the wait make their romantic or do it now Adams to mature now it's almost like it's it's almost like give you how's the ability to say what Christmas going to be all known and stores like I. Think today. There how Tony seven era Michael Banks a threat no guff Fresno California climbed a 581. Foot mountain. His plan to face time with a girlfriend from these spectacular view of there and proposed tour. Welcome so gonna face time. Where this talk of a sudden boom boom cliff so you don't want a guy gets up there fertilizer and that is really romantic desire to stay in the inning woes can be proposed are definitely wants his. Via face here's this guy critical regardless of what you have done that I just feel like really your proposal to your future wife was due face Tonya and she said yes and so he starts heading back down the 581 foot mound but he got stuck in any ended up hanging off a cliff. How likely someone hurting screaming call 911 of the California. Around turns out it's illegal climb a mound because it's way too dangers. And so he was arrested for trespassing. Plus he had met bottom serious charge on that too ill also be on the hook for the cost of the helicopter rescue which could run him some. Several thousand dollars a long away not throw a lot of math how do you propose to somebody not be there in person without. And when the debate every one thing I did you're an Afghanistan near me I did it that way. You live in the same time I don't know why did you acquire an illegal mound with meth on you doesn't say sensible. I don't know I don't know I just whatever then we got a guy named Justin Bundy he was in court in Smith County Texas last month facing charges for fighting his girlfriend's acts. He says the guy was saying disrespectful things so they punched him in the job the judge gives them probation with a catch. He told Johnston that if his girlfriend was worth fighting for she was worth merry. And that if they didn't get married within thirty days Johnston would get two weeks in jail at all. NASA actually legal for adjust to do and the Johnston had appealed it definitely would have gotten struck down but he wasn't about to take that chance we proposed an eighteen days later he and his girlfriend Elizabeth got married. Oh jokes on you all plan on getting merits and not too upset about it they just wish they'd gotten do it more on their terms. How do you propose some world you can go to Joseph to reasonably good mirrored the we'll right he beat up my current boyfriend you. Tumble out at bright light that you can't be shocked when that ended in divorce in Islam now. Nicholas Sanderson Hickory, North Carolina took his girlfriend or restaurant planned on proposing to her at the restaurant just before he's married to ask her to Merriam. Guy busts and and robs plays much zone Nicklaus quickly shifts gears from going into proposal load 20 man the place is getting robbed. He jumps up and he grabs the guy he puts a minute chokehold and then he knocked the dude up nice yeah okay. The news and heavy information on whether it's cops came and arrested the guy were suing that's what happened now. This crime fighting was out of the way. He goes back to marriage proposal mulled it. But the whole robbery thing a general Atlantic you're around so they left them very Margaret where he proposed there and she said yes he's an after all that happened asking her to marry me. Wasn't near as bad guys and exciting day ever really know if she didn't know after that I just a cold that and also Brenda. Friend and then had a really good friend a friend Brent hello Larry and welcome to the bedroom random random random friends and oh. But no loner let it effect and it's our. Barbara thank all of you guys show how we love you're in favor gone out and those who are they get tickets have you he had a lot of jobs in your day. Different work dubbed death. Let us know in Germany getting three started up landscape in Oregon and I didn't operating in China I'm doing great carrot out have you ever put any real jobs. I DX is a matter of fact I quit trying to date you all remarkable job did you go on grandiose style and that's when he got there yet actually quit this morning. JIQ did you flip anybody off did you lock out little toll Hebron I mean when you. No Matt no matter how much I want to you know I don't like to burn regular people who still respect me you know I can still get worked through. But I love more fun to burn bridges of people that told edges do you have do you have a job lined up birdies as flat out quit. I'm certainly doing part time recruit them I just didn't wanna be working with all the employees there anymore but yeah there hasn't been pretty much wind out there that kind of company needed to happen for awhile so what you did you don't like some of your co workers and doesn't. Here are yellow of the co worker were put there aren't the only American in the shop working grandchild so there are Hispanic or Russian. So I am pretty much the odd ball out very hard to get along with them a lot of and they live like they like to make economy. Do you think it's because you're American because anonymous you're reasonably fund via big gears Karl size. I had a big Yahoo!'s overture hit it on the Ethiopian accident happened after that that that once you start your own company like why don't you be the granite gringo. Different note you'll I know I played I don't know although I am sure well and I think we're hearing god worked that people. I don't know if you don't agree yeah Ringo just gives silhouette your face back. It's a stoplight to sniff out good deals he told the obstacles can be like 3000 turned out it was six Eli. Don't you know that Ringo granite gadget that. Actually what caught my attention earlier player your first question that you had some early details on what what you have to put your plane Liza well. Sort it out if I could feel about the low blows question yeah. What what do you have a little Haiti India had to push through our area aren't. So it's so hard that the last summer I was sort of skate hard and would Billups learned from I powerful opiate. Six let it didn't about him about all we'll move hung out but he's. Corporate show up and I have to do really doing by the skate park you know rush off before. But it kind of put it down I would go into effect make it turns running Europe urban broke my collar bones. And so. I think everything is in the backpack you know night I don't think it's seniors aren't looking at least stopped in the road encephalitis in the wake up in writing all the way home with a broken collarbone. You're probably. Probably a good idea to death by goat rodeo and enough mostly the singer and actually. There are coming down. Now I have to ask you when you do about it can't have hit and run if you then leads into the actual reason we asked how did you quit your job I flight attendants deployed the emergency slide of an airplane last week and left on foot after landing at George Bush international airport in Houston. United Airlines that are decision flew in the face of the company's code of conduct we all hold our employees to the highest standard. The unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 40000 flight attendants who ensor our safety and our customers. The Boeing 737 departed from Sacramento nine landed in Houston. Five minutes after the plane had taxis the flight attendant made her surprise escape. When we landed we were told to stay in our seats as deep planning would take a bit longer detain. The flight attendant was one of six crewmembers onboard the plane which carried a 159 passengers basically she decided to quit but you wanna get that allowed there she deployed to slide open the door. Slid down the slide. Off she went off just a second slated to have averted that they didn't have enough first ethics charges and an. Don't ever won here was on the intercom telling people about themselves. But he still exited the plane so when he was done you know one thing I heard he cracked a Baird's comes out dead and slid down and I wanna say it's Mike you're audio. Was a red white and blue thrift store I guess that's the one and some dude I don't know why he got fired some guy works to restore toll expletives he gets fired for whatever reason but it before he leaves he grabs the ever come and serve talking to the customers. It's. And it just relax and and yeah yeah yeah small and I. I need to learn much and when I'm confident woman and. On the wheel and I can't lobby and onetime law. Yeah that's what I and what I have heard yeah. And you've got so tough I want to struggle I'm hopeful clearly they're going to do what you know I. I don't get it fighting for the phone with a bit yeah it it's another random friend out. Clearly didn't get them. That it did because random and Obama definitely growth for the job is powerful. There's got to hope works down your favorite but it is tough I don't know how good your workout for hill but Wilson. Hello Jessica welcome to the. I'm I'm married okay. Gentlemen little room. Just jealousy health. Few wild back in the day a little bit. I'm I'm telling ya and got to know I'm now told our. I'm twenty point two year old mother foam was wheeled off the should be the prime given an as yet you only get a couple more years to do it. Have you ever flashed anybody. I don't need you. Don't like younger kids he needs your play no I don't think so now since I have an older. So message you legally could probably write you did it as that you did when you're younger you flies and you get removed anybody and anybody parred that you know. Number tourniquet I think in an hour. Martin definitely moon I'd lose any avenue and a lot of people I might want it all early twenties yet if you saw me the most in three even that you were going to see my ass normally we would you are saying on a car window going on the interstate like if we're all going on the road trips and players and the like that some open inevitably when Noah spent intention. Fly violent and ask Sutherland now it just kept it and it's ending for the larger she is right though guys moon if she did it would be flash. What we got a girls to flash on the way to spring break to it in the cars that were also down you know you'd ever since at least that I think just because the guys but a woman's but that's only big difference. Already feel much I view a view of what woman Jessica. Like yeah like record I have no while both and to bring about sorbo. Yes OK it. Yes of all right elderly when you flexibly flashed in your chest or your your bus. I'm never. Flash my file which could be anyone's right no I don't remember I've ever watched somebody would you think people would prefer to see if you have the book does is abundant I don't wanna see more than your boobs. Well I mean I've seen you live phone reports are sure a book out of I was signified to pick one. What I mean if the parent that I have here saying there aren't there. Yet piercings Wheldon. Vehemently object. For now but some people don't like guns some people feel have you ever some people like some more than others right close and it if you have moved into all Freeman to me. There might be things about the my don't like I promise you I can fight him. Has anyone seen you naked that you normally. Would not want to see you naked. Yeah I only know. I don't think government and might have been blacked out. Very well OK ultimately Henri Levy and expose yourself. I'm not really. True or not. Well let's go. Listen I mean I hear we're just same but a lot of people that tried to. I may lose just those feet in nine times out of ten and the people who want to show you learn how to mr. people who are not admits nobody wants to see. Well the reason we asked. Did you Fletcher jumped to thirty year old Todd Kent. Went through a Dunkin' Donuts drive through in Dover, New Hampshire a few weeks ago. And we drove through the window it completely had a job. And he was shown at the employees of the window to hold on to the wind itself out. So they scream at the guy blah blah blah put away they call the cops given the guys description. But they did not get the license plate number. So they're being realistic about and I like our there's no way that got German and check this can download kind of an ideal color of the car was we don't have any other information. That is until Todd went back to the same Dunkin' Donuts the next day not to show office package just awakenings did donuts stand man yeah the staff recognize him because he drove they record I didn't dawn car this time they call the cops and had his license plate number so he was arrested for indecent exposure. People are quick hurtful to call the cops on the exposed teams aria I just. I did it but circumstantial you're working at Dunkin' Donuts decided on an elementary school in Detroit and escalate ML. I didn't want to see that but I'm not too cold cops now because you showed me your penis just one of those you're not proud I would you go cups. What do really you're a budget and his car and he just got his junk hanging out they don't like. Yet check out our call to come out a couple of I don't know if a woman flashes of the woman it's cool. Three mile colts week. Different go to. Thought about guys. Cops hit his drink the alcohol that got so you're day you're comb cops on the woman but not the guy. Maybe right now Ali what what you want to say go away and I wouldn't it hey Amanda to legal Muslim Oudin and so when you don't wanna suitable as a general and naked. Dude equals for creepy. Still to come on the program profile as target doesn't like for tickets to see Joseph Rogan will play profile visit 50 way but first. We take a quick break and returned with USC women's. Bantamweight champion Misha next. Men's room returns here's the question that brought you by June let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI ESW. I had coming up on the program would go to Joseph Rogan to his profile list and 50 or eight right after the show they played the gentlemen we are very excited to have in studio US. Great champion. You need to pay bills and all. All thank you for. I do. I had belt manna it is twelve pounds of Lexus golden battle earned evidently that was pledged super blame alike. If I had that belt I would just where river ago. Does it a little flags and yelled yeah it's not just about no jokes to the because. Well if I do not know they get it will tell us anything technically out of the chair over let me read a bit. It actually just science do you like chip nobody wants to meet his fifth that. Well I guess I would guess the guys who are guys intimidated coming of the talking to you heard they have a pro I mean they like Elmo or. They don't really get nervous that I was since signing like you know you gotta post that picture of the armor on each other and I can feel like they're rip he's like his vibrating the whole time and like. You got to know they know that they're shaking and they've got to be embarrassed about its own. I mean just because you can't fight. The original reason for me to believe that your going to just punched me in the face of me like right not for freeing him up for free and I'll never paid to do I judge good good you to punch me in the face for free. Walters yeah that's what you might hear on the U we you you thought that I did it. Part of it too was sadly I interviewed you back in the day photos you very nervous has its late Unita I won't say means to meet other fighters and they're not it's. Attractive with the church have endured great fighter so it's like the dude just like. I'm really hurt other other compact car company doesn't it doesn't nickname like all right what's up go guys let's I don't know that he's. You can call it articulate anything like you you be serious about what I call her cupcake internally to trigger something everything. You know and what how how was cupcake your nickname. Out of that happened. Well. I like. Vanilla bean double colonel salted swirl ice can give us a bit too long so it's a contract. And I feel now. That you you you wrestled against guys in high school. First race and then you and then you when your senior U 11 Washington State champion and that's care do do I was against him also. But you were still beating guys to your practice getting up and so there's there's guys out to the join the high school with that you kick their ass yeah. And are so glad for the chance now for another little. Yeah I don't mind telling me it's yeah stats that I met just remember that could. So he's there ever did you even dated anyone that you couldn't kick their ass. And I couldn't get past. But it's have been won the night did you go to I think you'll I don't know is there is just like I even elect I would still wanna kick your ass again over his wrestling around like. Instinct Julie from me like in my honor I tease my girlfriend but I still want a leader right I have to like that your hands only thing that's impossible. I believe that tickled the thought I mean like you say there's nothing. Well so before I started fighting I dated a guy that I probably because he didn't wrestle and I Russell also produce bigger than I was so I think I could take it and let's look at Mac I think I kind of can certainly take your current boyfriend. No he's he's top ten in the OC also he's entirely out of Africa and it is pretty can. There is no way you can meet. But you can't even like okay yeah you guys barely keep you any sleep I wanna have to have our way up an athlete being there when you guys now are and to. We always say if a guy. But I wanted in the Gilles is widely you came home shot and so. For it one woman kills her husband think she's really a thought how does eventually. For six months he's been eating poisoned. No matter what's going on relationship you're never that comfortable Ratner rain and I never in all that only she might be killing me yeah. Right now. USC women's bantamweight Chevy Lisa we should take joining us what about. I would I would have to guess that unlike Mike Tyson that he would go in toolbar in Las Vegas. Some jackass from the corner would want to get into a fight which is stupid or punch Mike Tyson that crazy yeah yeah. I don't I don't I don't skate I don't see your world having any stalkers. Anyone who wants to come up and tried to fight you it seems like. More so than anything else like alumna -- view you mean like guys and there's there's no way like you guys don't you guys have an element of all the people. I have personally have never experienced that someone you know wanting to fight me now I'm looking well helps even you know you see a crazy Jennifer I don't know how to have a I had the show flags I source Abbott Tyson when he was wearing his belt and that's enterprise and employment that's been put down movement. Am but I am not. I have some strange characters that I wouldn't you know Watson can spot and having your car yeah I have in my yard behind and I went past. Now I think any and that's evidently and a few of them is that how's the how's the Vegas lifestyle. You know Vegas is entirely what you make it in laws he let me crazy in building get wild and that's obviously an option but when you have. You know for me it's pretty motivating knowing that there's going to be someone's any prosecution he wanted to take my hat off for 25 minutes. I've still wanna join I don't so. Especially because of that. Right well for me at school that Greg is I I don't wanna I don't want to lose it on get my head kicked off for anything you know Santa doing. I eat I mean do you really just wanted to be like yeah you like I don't like five guys and stomach doubling our the crap you lead and it just sounds horrible. And I know I don't know it's very healthy piano what's the right thing to do it has got to suck that you just want a pizza man and you might ask. All the times idea sometimes they do every now. My thing is like consistency is key Somoza time I try to be healthy but other than Malick I'll I really wanted to be solved just go to eat it and he's a pizza and I'll just accidents like party of the so big that the I I I'm not like. Psycho about some people are really just. Good noon seventy Carter does just like it's a bit just like yeah. Yeah I enjoy the pizza right but I don't need to guardiola who watch it may have had much more peace in the article I think it's fair to say. Probably even includes what are the hours. They're gonna. Is there any camaraderie within the women in the UFC on its do you. Is there anyone that you if you follow along the way are on strike force that you can be friends with did you like how many wanna go out this Friday night let's go going to be here or is it just too much to be able to do. So it's always like elephant in the room of course you know and you never really there's just. Limit seeding factored even clear room on a summer that you really like think for instance hauling home. They had just bought her I really liked Terry Meguid it's compressors and things and I got on Great Lakes. But when journalists still yeah let's get that as you know without being the. How can we heard that I mean is it I mean it is understood. It. Is this just understood you almost unhappy. If you realize what some took you don't have holly moment anyone else. Let me know on a press junket together meant the end of the late John dam and lake. We have a great fight problem and our respect you but. But I really like doing that sucks like I enjoyed your company behind some seem so I'm gonna try to bring yeah. I got to embody an answer is so weird it's exactly that crazy odd dynamics like and I really like this girl that I go outside and I know I'm not forget this attitude is that Parker isn't. Harder to get fired up for somebody you like. Or is it easier to control that emotion as opposed to somebody I like not it's it's not any harder for me to get fired up for Sauna like really not good enough. Yet it is how close so I do our friend really different mind Julie on opinions from Washington she was the first. Ultimate Fighter winner dealt better. And jitters over as the catch response or charge you price UC she's ranked some cynics excludes a comment that she's coming after. He's tough enough because she's hot she's fighting hasn't Donahoe who is also talk a contender potentially contender eliminate or fight and we always tell each other will never fight each other and the NC a license for the title big money. Plus no not money not a money list for the title now that I have a foul and she's in now. It's like that would be here because we're we've been friends since way back before UC UC Bennett you know. Here is kind of the listen on a roll footage uploaded yet for the belt a brick to draw. Elected somebody with a noble accidentally he's hit some general Harding not gonna actually kind of feel bad about it they draw blood let cool miles really cleaned not a fight. Never totally silent like I ask you this much is the other. No they would turn it into second and you know it's either kill or be killed essentially like for lack of better term. It's you know you gotta go out there and I have a job to do so and I never feel bad about it. But in practice I have bombed people are dumb things like I'm so sorry especially not shutting diets. Really bad about that though. Lot of ways it's hard it's yeah that's the only thing on your body that doesn't hurt. There's actually testicles the rest of your body is and we certainly behind injure I had let's all we usually are it's a dollar of this I didn't really know what I got to worry about browser it is it is crippling I mean it is absolutely critical USC women's bantamweight champion we should take its deal with its how. How is your life changed in the true champion Mike I know you've probably. There's got to be distractions and it's got there's got to be a ton of distractions as living in Vegas the number one like you guys hit it right yeah. Well now we got history teacher intelligent I can also we only give teachers to Janet's I sure that's mighty mouse Johnson has one of those in your that's just the only two we've made some dictionary yeah you can Brigham and cameras around and get you know you didn't look great with the belt. Yet minutes is soft teacher you know so it is like a good one yes it was only that they're like you know I feel I feel like I'm gonna go where this paper bank teller so it's so you're the champion that all the stuff meditation AT&T I only part which special who you met. Like I guess that starts that process where you get to meet people who are very cool yeah I've honor I have my site manager Kevin Harvick with NASCAR some gotten to meet quite a few of the NASCAR drivers such as really cool do your Budweiser girl now yes I have clever but I actually. Have a Budweiser for really long time and I just like Alec beer. I like it and so it's really cool response mixes it easy and can you stone cold Steve Austin and after a win Mankins just took a Budweiser in the cajun. I don't had a lot of. Baghdad. Well a bunch of guys who need the after party tent city kind of shake myself up after side if you guys haven't seen now I ran around like. You are pretty fired up yeah I get pretty fired up. Massage after announcements of some humans who you know yes and I was like ocean. So I got to meet Gerard Butler. OK I think without a super cool I heard Leonardo DiCaprio was the fight but it didn't get to meet him there. It was. One of these you want to me scared. You wanna meet him intimidated I don't need a list with your hair and corn rows in your all you don't mean jacked up for you wanna meet him with makeup on in your hair done. Yeah we can't tell you what immediately got them that he wanted to. I honestly wouldn't matter to me yeah kind of flying into Atlanta either yes. Do you want an anomaly. You know everybody wanna I got there right what did they wouldn't I wouldn't mind. You did did you get those imitations they wanted to go to layered Hollywood and do all that stuff and you would you where's the where's your next fight on Japan annulment exit action megas again pocus or stay on your heels of a July night right I just around the corner for a do my homework yes. Ahead a that's a big wow yeah can milestone of the old pride fights I hear there's southern I want and I and you have a video game character it was Abby. DA's foreign what is cooler as far as you federal movie you have a video game character like which one is more surreal simulate seeing yourself on screen or singers of digitized. Philip digitized yeah I don't think you have to feel like they're. Re creation of yourself and in. Little kids can play it it's one of the coolest things on icy little videos of like little girls playing fight games now Catholic appellate unheard of like. And there was Alex female characters and things like that and I was like really growing up in full. Mush you know you'll guerrilla one woman. And every I saw a huge which is so cool it's certainly also would like hair looks so mean all the time you know that little. I mean have you yourself from the re I that's what I do I look you. Yeah I. Slot that's a weird thing like that's you don't seem like a mean person that is so you don't have any dizziness usually when I see myself living here and I'm like oh. How do we know that until I mean and there's good priced right he can turn it on the back. I know we've seen you in the ring and you think Jesus Christ man and talk about performance the Meehan has. Ever and don't we we see in the home and does that I don't know which is very strange to me C announced smiley and happy about it like. But it was corn rows and in many cases luckily she's will be delivered. And so somebody yet for it and what's weird look to and even asked this before bootleg that journey you've been on. You know from smaller promotions to strike force whole match strapping man to finally get that UFC gold and he would what does that moment right. That is a crazy now I cannot find a word I think I need to make an offer some despite wanted to rely on meaning Indiana like like make one up with I can't final and it describes it's six malicious ceaseless sounds like delicious but it also sounds dirty Samantha birds and listen it's basically just yet that's exactly right now has created the great work is ten years ago. Tenure at ten years in the making and I wrestled for four years before that. So long journey this is a huge bucket list item for me to be able to capture it and youth world title in its gonna need bigger than that that. They say it's hard to get Daryn it's hard to stay there and it's crazy there's even even doing this for ten years sounds like on time I still feel. Really new in the sport to an accent like I feel like every item so you can invent so it's. I mean in a way yeah for for an absolutely and and now I still feel like I'm learning so much tonight it's like an improving as an athlete and that's. Something that I feel like. I was worried about Lindsay get further in your career you start lake a lot of diminishing return right kind of all our children and. On the show one point five yeah. It's terrible and as you have. I got to ask. What does it take to raise the twelfth man flag and then you'd done enough. Right like with. Fiction. Yeah in Seattle Seahawks if you're listening honest to god I don't know what else you have to do I would expect like I was gonna ask you what do you have to win each truly gain an would gain can we go to to watch you do it since then it would be my question. But. That would be cooler. I think to be super high pinnacle the due in October for breast cancer awareness perhaps in the medical all of that so hopefully this October every corner neverland yes. You're looking for a hair products sponsorships that we mutual knows thinking we know eleven incident not really low we know a lot of people and no one found in the world beauty as you can said. You kind of weird we can maybe help you out there are no shift too and that's what I'm. How was the body issues it was a crazy campaigned for ESPN magazine. I'm also I wasn't painted an Allen but biblical build you up when everything was weird bizarre scene there's like ten or so people Aaron you're just flying under the boiling your naked body Atlanta strip strip down and. There you are whatever that situation some close calls the cops. But I guess. If there's ten people employer I make him that's all they get upset all circumstantial now and our lives to reach her loyal guy just went to stiff the tip of this. Got my bills of oil make it to really get us that we're gonna have to talk a little bit the USC. See daylight comes out reveals that taint gonna find Amanda is a new and as a newness newness. And her first title offense you have seen 200. July 9. So you've got a few months to get ready to that fight that fight is going to be in nice in last place there will be answer opening in new stadium there the limit Guns 'N Roses play the other. Is that the one only Valencia as I heard that's a good. I think it's going to be the first phone company. Thanks into that very cool so you get to defend your your change of WA go to the back and see us again. How often you back to it's to home. Saw it so irregular I wish I had a better answer that I am coming back this summer after it from the bell all probably be spending I have a house ironies are Washington and the tri cities actually can we come around to wanna go to an arena football game and his club crash of their fuel at eleven ladies open you first dinner we left nut to still don't know that oiled up. Naked belt way I could just pass it again we'll just leave picture out there usually isn't. Ladies down a US he would ends up bantamweight champion least they think he's. God comes miles totaled a dramatic nine point nine KI SW CS.