04-11-16 Miesha Tate

Monday, April 11th

Newly crowned UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, and local star Miesha Tate joined us in studio today for an interview! You can check her out July 9th when she has her first title defense at UFC 200


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Ladies and gentlemen we are very excited to have in studio US. Music tapes bills and all thank you. The permanent. How do I have bell manna it is twelve pounds. Lexus golden battle learned that I am bullying that was pledged super blame away. At far ahead that belt I would just where rover ago. The that a little dogs and yoga and it's not just about no jokes there because just about fire yeah. They don't tell us anything. Look out of the chair overlap between eighth. It actually just signed him I chip nobody wants the need to hit fifth. Well I guess I would guess the guise of guys intimidated coming of the talking to you or they have a pro I mean I knew I don't know or. Think doubling hinder his say it's losing it's funny like that you know you gotta post that picture in the armor on each other and I can feel like they're repeats like is vibrating the whole time and like. You got a note they know that they're shaking and they've got to be embarrassed about it. And so I mean just because you can't fight. The original reason for me to believe that your going to just punched me in the face of me like right not for free anyway enough for free and I'll never paid to do let's just get digital Huntsman please refer you. Well usually that's what our team right here on the UN we you you thought it. Part of it too was sadly I interviewed you back in the day how does get very nervous is late Unita I won't say name's Jimmy other fighters and they're not as. Attractive but the dirt track you have endured great fighter. Those lake of the dude just like our Cumberland or other other compact car cupcakes do in Italy and so does her nickname like all right what's up Gupta Z looks I don't know that he's. You can call a cupcake Gilligan if they elect you are you being serious to not want like call her cupcake internally to trigger some angry thing. You know I don't what how how was cupcake your nickname. Out of that happen. Well. I like. Manila being double colonel salted swirl ice into the vessel that too long so it's you can't I don't I and I feel now. That you you you wrestled against guys in high school first rate and then you in the near when your senior U 11 Washington State champion and that's care. Do would do I was against him also. But you were still beating guys you're practicing and getting up and so there's there's guys out there that you and the high school with that you kick their ass. Yes and are so glad to the champ now for how little I know sort of you know. Don't mind telling it yeah see that's a good hey I just remember that yeah. So he's there every have you even dated anyone that you couldn't kick their ass. That I could get asked. The. Like Yzerman won the guy did you have to I think you'll I don't know is there is just like I even elect I would still wanna kick your grass again over his wrestling around like. Instinctively from me like I'm like are right he's my girlfriend but I still wanna beat her right I have to like that your hands the only thing that's possible. I believe that tickled no thought I mean like right there's nothing. Well so before I started fighting I dated a guy that I probably because he didn't wrestle and I Russell also produce bigger than I was though but I think I could take it and let's look at Mac I think I kind of can certainly take your current boyfriend now is he's top ten in the OC also he's right Carol yeah. It is pretty can. There is no way that you can meet. You can even like okay yeah you guys are lake when he sleep I would not our way up an athlete being there when you guys in our hand to. We always say if a guy. But I want to beat Gilles is why you came home shoppers go for it when a woman kills her husband looks like she's really have taught us eventually for six months he's been eating poisoned. No matter what's going on relationship you're never that comfortable Rattner eyes and I never got steadily she might be killing me yeah. Right now USC women's bantamweight champion Lisa we should take joining us what about. I would I would have to guess that unlike Mike Tyson. Now he would go into a bar in Las Vegas some jackass from the corner would want to get into a fight which is stupid or punch Mike Tyson that crazy yeah. I don't I don't I don't skate I don't see your world having any stalkers. Anyone who wants to come up and tried to fight you it seems like. More so than anything else like oh I'm not mess with you you mean like guys that does is no way like you guys don't you guys have an element of all the people. I am personally have never experienced that someone you know wanting to fight me now and the belt helps even you know you see a crazy and I remember I had the show flags yeah source Abbott Tyson when he was wearing his belt and that's enterprise and employment that's been put down movement. Am but I am not. I have some strange characters but I wouldn't you know Watson and spot and having your card you can see I have in my yard thinking that I right now. Now and he and that's evidently and a few days how's the how's the Vegas lifestyle. You know Vegas is entirely what you make it it was economic praising building get wilder that's obviously an option that when you have. You know for me it's pretty motivating knowing that there's going to be someone Sani prosecution re going to take my hat off for 25 minutes. I've still wanna get joining I don't. Especially because of right well for me hopeful that Greg is I I don't wanna I don't want to lose I don't get my head kicked off for anything you know Santa doing. I eat I mean do you really just wanted to let you know that you like I don't like five guys to stomach doubling Ira the crap you lead and it just sounds horrible. And I know I don't know it's very healthy yeah I know it's the right thing to do what is got a saw the do you just want pizza man I mean like yes. All the times idea sometimes they do but you know. My singing is like consistency is key Somoza time I try to be healthy but other than Malick I'll fight really one of these bees I'll just go to eat the damn bees at pizza and alters accidents like party if it's a big with a I I am not a highlight. Psycho about some people are really. Good in seventy Carter does just like some data is like yeah. I enjoy the pizza right after I donated guardiola what Giroux yeah I have much more pizza McCarty I don't think it's fair to say probably even in the list when congress. Because they're gonna. Is there any camaraderie with in the women in the UFC and it did you. Is there anyone that you if you follow a long way are on strike force that you can be friends with GO like hey man you wanna go out this Friday night let's go get a beer. Or is it just too much to be able to do so it's. Always like elephant in the room of course you know and you never really there's just. Limits seem factored even clear room on a summer that you really like think for instance hauling home. They had to stop her I really liked Terry Meguid it's impressed here's some things and I have gone great lake. But yeah my journal say till he now let's get as you know without being put. How can we heard this I mean is I mean I got to understood. It is this just understood you almost unhappy. If you drill was it like some sort of don't look holly homer in one files. Let me know the president of the government the end of the late god damn man late. We have a great fight problem and our respect you but. But I really like doing that sucks like I enjoy your company behind some has seen so I tried to bring yeah. I got to embody an ad is so weird it's exactly that crazy odd dynamics like and I really like this girl that I'm colleagues and I know I'm not overreact this got a tough is that part crap the it harder to get fired up for somebody you like. Or is it easier to control that emotion as opposed to somebody I like not it's it's not any harder for me to get fired up for some I like really good to know. Yet it is how close so I do our friend really different mind Julianna Pena is from Washington she was the first. Ultimate Fighter winner delta theater. And jitters over as the catch is not so sure she writes UC she's ranked some innocent like six clue don't comment that she's coming after. She's coming up because she's hot she's fighting cats and got to know who is also talks a contender potentially contender eliminate her fight and we always tell each other will never fight each other and you see a license for the title big money. Does snow not money not a money list for the title now that I have a bowel and she's in now. It's like that would be here because we're leaving France since we've got before UC is even a you know what. Got ears accommodate listen I'm a reward fund limited yet for the belt a breakage. I elected somebody with a noble accidentally he's hit some general Harding knock him out and actually kind of feel bad about it they draw blood like cool miles really cleaned not a fight. Never totally silent like I I happiness and legislate other. Well they would turned into second and you know it's either kill or be killed essentially like frock a better term. It's you know you gotta go out there and you have a job to do so and I never feel bad about it. But it practice I have bumpy roller dumb things like I'm so sorry especially not shutting guys. Add about that most. A way it's hard to extraditing if that's the only thing on your body that doesn't hurt. There's actually testicles the rest of your body is and instantly behind your I has its own when you are it's a dollar of its I'm and I really love but I thought oh don't worry about her husband and it is it is crippling I mean it's absolutely critical USC women's bantamweight champion Lisa Tate and steal wits how how is your life change him a true champion Mike I know you probably. There's got to be distractions that's got there's got to be atomic distractions as living in Vegas the number one I think you know as Smith at right yeah. You know what have we got a free teacher's knowledge and can also we only give teachers to Janice thanks to her that's mighty mouse Johnson has one of those in Europe that's just the only two we may think candidate are you injury humans from original ran into you know bigger than ever look great with the belt. -- minutes is soft teacher you know that is like a good one yes he was the only that I don't think you know and I feel like India like I'm gonna go where this paper bank tellers so it's so you're the champion battle with stuff meditation and get a -- I only part what's the special who you met -- I guess that starts that process where you get to meet people and sprinkle -- yeah I've on the I have my site manager Kevin Harvick with NASCAR some gotten to meet quite a -- than us senator -- which is really cool do your Budweiser girl now yes I have clever but I actually. Have a Budweiser for really long time and I just like Alec beer. I like did and so as political response mixes it's easy and can he stone cold Steve Austin and after a win man can just tell the Budweiser indicator. I'll had a lot of right back out. I bunch. Guys in the reporting tendency to kind of shake myself up after fighting guys haven't seen now I ran around like your pretty fired up the idea pretty fired up. Massage after that adjustments to humans who you know Jack and I now was like question. So I got to meet Gerard Butler OK I think without a super cool I heard Leonardo DiCaprio is a fight but it didn't get to meet him there. It was. One of the music you want the music are you gonna meet him intimidated by Sony went with your hair and corn rows in your all you don't mean jacked up for you wanna meet him with makeup on in your hair done. Yeah how you want immediately got them out he went right. Honestly wouldn't matter to me yeah kind of flying into Atlanta either it's yet. You brought it about Leo you know everybody wanna hi ya that's the rank and did it wouldn't I wouldn't mind. You did did you get those imitations they wanted to go to hell layered Hollywood and do all that stuff and you would you where's the where's the next fight on Japan now might X us actually in Vegas again focus down to close the July 9 right I just around the corner for a do my homework guess that's. Canada and a big wow yeah okay milestone of the old pride fights I hear there's some that I wanna know and you have a video game character it was anti. Yates for a what is cooler as far as you federal movie you have a video game carefully which one is more surreal sealing seeing yourself on screen or singers of digitized. Philip digitized yet I don't think this is like air. Free creation of yourself and little kids can play it it's one of the coolest things and I see little videos like little girls playing fight teams now are valid unheard of at. And there was no like female characters and things like that and I was like really growing up in. Mush you know you'll guerrilla Wonder Woman. Remember really I thought huge which is so cool it's really awesome we're about my character looks so mean all the time you know that little. I mean I feel yourself and really I that's what I do I look yeah I. Slot that's the weird thing like that you don't seem like a mean person that is so you don't have any dizziness and it's like when I see myself living here and I'm like oh. I'll give me that until I mean and there's good price fight he can turn it on an off. Again we've seen you in the ring and you think Jesus Christ man I'm talking a woman's Meehan has. Ever then don't we we see in the homeland does that Arnold is very strange to me C announced smiley and happy about it like. But it does corn rows and in the cages luck wishes will be delivered. Has sent somebody yet correct and what's weird look at an even asked this before believed that journey you've been on. You know from smaller promotions to strike force whole match strapping men to finally get that you have seen gold and whip what does that moment like. That is a crazy now I cannot find a word I think I need to make an offer some despite one out and Allen meaning yeah I like like make one up that they can't find on the disguise it's so delicious ceaseless sounds like delicious but it also sounds thirties amends for his enclosure it's basically just yet that's exactly right now has really great work it's ten years and it. Tenure at ten years in the making and I I wrestled for four years before that. So long journey and this is a huge populace item for me to be able to caption than UC world title in its gonna need bigger than that it. They say it's hard to get Daryn it's hard to stay there and it's crazy there's even even doing this for ten years sounds like on time I still feel. Really new in the sport to an accent like I feel like every item so you can invent so. I mean in a way yeah for for an absolutely and and now I still feel like I'm learning so much tonight it's like an improving as an athlete and that's. Something that I feel like. I was worried about Lindsay get further in your career you start lake a lot of diminishing return right kind of all shall we. On the show one point five yeah. Terrible and as you have I got to ask. What does it take to raise the twelfth man flag having you've done enough. Right like with. Fiction yeah. In Seattle Seahawks if you're listening I honest to god I don't know what else you have to do I would expect like I was gonna ask you what do you have to which truly gain an act would gain can we go to to watch you do that since then it would be my question. But it. That would be cool right. I think to be super high pinnacle of the due in October for breast cancer awareness for had been heavy cool so when is October every corner ever read and yeah. Now you're looking for a hair products sponsorships of we usually those thinking we know a lot of you are not really low we know a lot of people and don't let down in the world beauty as you can see from. You kind of weird we can maybe I don't I don't know shampoo and that's what I. Typically how was the body issue thing was a crazy campaigned for ESPN magazine. And also I wasn't painted an Allen but they'd like -- you up when everything was we're actors are scene there's like ten or so people Aaron you're just fly under the boiling or make everybody glad to strip strip down and. There you are anyone ominous situation some close calls the cops. But I guess that's it. If there's ten people clothes hair and make him that's all they don't sell all circumstantial math and our lives to reach her oily guy just witnessed a project of this. My bills boil make it to really get upset we're gonna have to talk a little bit the USC. See daylight comes out reveals that taint gonna find Amanda is a new and hasn't Unionist newness. In her first title offense UFC 200. July 9. So you've got a few months to get ready to that fight in that fight is going to be and then miles thanks there will be answer opening in new stadium there the one that Guns 'N Roses plea deal and is that the one I believe there's yet Smith I heard that's a good. I think it's going to be the first couple. Dana thanks into that very cool so you get to defend your your change of WA good to back NC is again. How often you act soon to go to home. Saw it so irregular I wish I had a better answer that I am coming back in the summer Africa Senegal all probably be stunning I have a house already are Washington and tri cities actually can we come around to wanna go to an arena football game and his class crash of their fuel at eleven religions don't do it first dinner we left nut to still don't know that oiled up. Naked beltway. What is happening today and we'll just leave picture I don't care how good it is a flame down a UNC women's bantamweight champion restate things.