04-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets A Little High

Monday, April 16th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Stoner Movies & Comfort Foods! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Don't cut our guess is as good as mine as it is they want on the way our categories JB Stoner movies encumbered food speaking of we'd week. You can vote now if you follow the men's room on Twitter Edmonds reminders of Paul one of us got completely stolen before the show it is up to you to guess which member of the men's room. You believed to be high and in all based on the comments man. It's come down to myself models and Ted that's all anyone saying them to buy an equal numbers and says in all fairness Mike has not said anything yet it was anything but here's here's a line that comes good and well this guy cinemas who says. Through those high because everything is normal. I'm not quite sure that me. Someone else that thorough most beehive because he's act people meaning approachable in Ky oh I'm not. ISO and that's. Says miles your hide it William reason in the Ted eight million different reasons why everyone thinks your style focus and you left it Toski don't you acted tells you most via task. He's funny I think it's funny to. I have many enough to influence you out if there was anybody home on Friday night watching on the late show Jimmy Fallon. Not only show and I think he might have been hammered. Really oh yeah totally I think he was drugged and they're all one of two episodes of C Friday tomorrow night is an announcer Friday afternoon would look like they've been get a little excited for the weekend there imposed reservation over yet we're not drunk or high vote now at men's live to find out much you know coming of the in program with the sits on Jimmy do although what I think you kind of admitted it a couple of times. Liu was ninety uses night. Well we have to go before random like a couple and a couple Easton street to the Miranda rights hero kinda ran out of began more than a couple. Hello Natalie welcome to revenge room. Oh. Oh. Right here Natalie we have here. OK. Now lady living anybody's. I didn't have a friend went what shore. What George you do specifically around the house that you're what is your tour that you have to do. I do laundry because the last game plan yep that's that's gay and up all over the bed. Never unfolded what Don for a couple days. So when it's clean he doesn't pull ups are you based anyways the entire time YOK my current. What does he do. And he usually does the dishes. It up and down three adults so you sweatshop watch her token RC a lot going on. And during my usually didn't. Don't get it now how how old did you see the baby was. Not so that you guys have even got back to calculating and have you. I'd be very very careful you're extremely fertile right now you have no idea and I. Not just saying damages your soil has been sealed the most the most fertile time and a woman's life is right after she has a child and then. It seems like the first window of opportunity that you have done it but don't the last thing you want to you have got to the pottery to have sex again right. I know we have our economy one lap 200 she'll. And likable educate diaper at the time I. You can have sex just know you're extremely fertile you'll put on up into gang problem or resolve them right out of Iraq used by. Coca. I drizzle as majority do around the house believe it or not you're relationships or marriages a depending on whether or not you leave the dirty played in the sink in rinsed off. According to a new study out of the university of you taught your entire relationship hinges. On who does the dishes from the researchers found that women do more of the chores around the house in general especially the really as they say soul crushing ones like. Cleaning the toilets and doing the endless flow of laundry. But doing the dishes is the one shore that really breaks their spirit so. When a woman significant other pitches in and handles the dishes. It makes everything better. Those couples having to be the happy used the relationships are more stable they argue less and they even have better six sex so if you're a guy in your in a relationship. According to this the best tour that you can do is to watch the ditches. To basically drag like an adult you're in good chip I guess so. Clean up after yourself small things that I've been telling my joined grind yeah who c'mon man. I'd just do this year. Randolph could be done brands. Friends if I'm good about my issues I tried to storm after. That's usually the best sense you know you name it right okay dome camera you're gonna be a little anyway. Hello Damon welcome to the men's room. Left hello I'm. Cars there. Okay great fears Iran and the quest. What's funny name. Of a person place or thing plea you always remember. What name always being grave in your brain because you found it to be humorous. He's right. There's nothing. Now I am and I'm thinking Ali it's okay we hear your thing we hear your brain working it's almost like when you're around Vince Neil and you can hear and digesting food. All need me to pull only. Oh you know I guess he had those that guy's name the police officer that we had. Dick colder right last week to I would idiom of doing Kia interval we've golfers sick leave the door that we he advertises a male prostitute. Got business error but his actual name is gambling that maybe you went to school somebody like that was a school with a brook Trout. Deficit smoke. Little. And oh. Yeah absolutely. Hate it you have to have been a high school. I believe in ninety and they claim. And Ichiro didn't. Hood after ninety it. OK. I. You know yes I got a third Stanley real but I had a teacher named buck often yet which is it. And a great name we're used to be lacrosse coach and I still need to clone the journal we had failed when I first got into radio of the sports radio and locally taos and high school or tauzin college. Out to mayor Goodman. Are all the Jewish Jordan yet the George shorted the Jewish guy and that. The big thing with one he was good. He did not look like he should be good but the thing is he would observe the Sabbath so he would not play Saturday is an all this when and where is coach of the time. Was Mike hunt and a guy went to buy might not Michael. So one day a gossip might haunt freaked out in the locker room at halftime on the team threw chairs on the literature to turn ricocheted off the ball on a more easily brushed commuter shoulder but of course. When the printers don't monetary George Romero which is not true but the thing gives us all Bob Mike hunt might the so I'm talking about the sky and now our balls at the time. He was history and also look man. He goes by might not Michael Beasley who called coach I'm Mike I couldn't get code but it hit the correct item being. It's all the same to overlook what he wanted to do either the news that night it was great regrets what funny name a person place or thing we always remember it's a glorious day for all those who've been made fun of because they live and intercourse Pennsylvania or wherever it is. As porn hub just announced that they're gonna start giving free lifetime premium memberships to people around the world. Who live in towns with sexually suggestive many schools like intercourse intercourse Pennsylvania would absolutely never let list. Hooker Oklahoma. Three way Virginia. Forty town North Carolina. Climaxes schedule on that British Columbia Canada. Rectum and the Netherlands and it. The vagina in Italy all could get my three shy not Italy love vagina the vagina yes inherently all those towns. Anybody who lives in the town is that eligible for free lifetime premium membership the formula I and how do you spell is it too so I know I'm able. LA and then and I'm Diana in one word as in no two is in the the general get on the and then Italy love Regina I'm sure they have achieved their. Italy. And wondered if I'm not sure what kind you'd think there are in the village of Lou love the giant home and it's Italian. It is your to visit there. Be sure to visit there as if you are solid suitability don't look vagina belong to municipality of does not matter. Let's see here. And it was an old city's solid people live there. That's what I'm trying to find out I think that's the most important thing on the list but is it not then it doesn't really matter all evidence. From what umps they believe are now more men than women live in luggage. Horrific message I'll be down my Americans they like it there this is you know I got a lot of guys when they visit there that day they are they just gonna keep and then sometimes you still alleviates it's very humid in the film coast as I understand Polaroid it's humid you sense of an attorney Uga OK. It's a moist lifetime members. Random friends friends friends hello Mike welcome to the bedroom. And daughters aren't gentlemen oh wow. Right then I just got a big gentleman or quit your beer is awesome I've known about it longer than you guys. It straight you rock my world where a nice ones. Thank thank hampers said that thing find both Italy and together we actually nothing to do that I don't know amendment greatest respect to the course of the day yesterday. What's. Let's go listen for a what's. Who should you'll listen to her trusted. In your lifetime. It's. Move. Beyond this attitude that's a tough are the so many. Well Lou there was always son whenever I listened. On and mouton. I don't know. Him. I guess I guess probably I'd have to go back. Right outside a high school. Or actually just inside a high school districts where I graduated. Day went out on a blind be dead and ended up kinda paying an outlook figure out for a while and daughter pregnant and now she's stock report on New Year's. She starts you over twenty years. Twenty years he's still stalking me two days you semi girlfriend a credit request disk two weeks ago due to child again. We had a child together that was adopted when it suits their win choose you're all. So you no longer have any communication with EE no longer have a need to have communication or their mother and anyway share perform. You knew I just need to know unless here over the years and I probably. Color and tender about five times over the years each heat plus we issued every test big time did you get your nickname. I'm I'm like you are and let everyone sees me they go they're big Mike looked dog. Biomass and together you crank. All that you have a huge drank. I doubt I'll be happy about that's why she stocking you that's why this. But here's the big Mac I think we've all read about these stories before like in on a minute I think it's right there in the name of Sunnis and like its big Mike near the booming voice that I think we know what she's what I was your gonna mayor Gavin levels. They resent that probably correlates as well you know. It probably does make tall guys ran out of that was like Randy Johnson the coming go small penis but do six elevenths. I don't like is by no I know people call him do it manually then big grand day. Right. We week. Coming up your gas is gonna buy category Stoner movies. And comfort foods that we get your emails coming up next in the men's room mad men's in my back on you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. Prove I've still got the orgasm just by categories Stoner movies and comfort foods coming numb as they want a weekly grown. During Intel's with a shot of the day first ever a few emails here for the men's room have been jamaat dot com yeah. And we've got a couple from today guys miles father in law. And I were driving a moving truck back from Wyoming somewhere in Montana. We. To get off ramp any started to take a leak this was on the craziest place you've used the bathroom is Walden Pond in Massachusetts is now full of your own. Wheatley takes a leak right beside the truck by this big statue. While he was going number one that I started looking at the statue and saw that it was a memorial for miners that had just died nearby. To people driving by you probably look like he was being on the memorial. Needless to say we quickly got back in the truck and got down the roadways that from Ashley did I forgot I Pete out of school bus once on a bachelor party. Allen and ID five out of the window yes a little round world yes we lowered it down and then me about. Friend both kind of squatted down on upper windows on separate sides and peed out. That's and you know me I'm a shy appear Sunday night that. Obviously you know I'm down I 95 out of a school bus with you clearly inside here. Yeah damn man I mean I'm okay how do you think it's a good pull this off then and now. It was a Jeffords that the right know with like forty minutes it is just that point up like yeah we're gonna be a candidate pocket. Our guys are worse than it does Steve Boll weevil the new Pacman Donkey Kong jazzy we feel we believe he wasn't able wobble wobble isn't chip didn't mind right now recognizes the Donkey Kong score holder he's a weirdo pop. Do I think he lives around here we should get a Montana. Which I've not much taken down as the Donkey Kong you challenge him donkey till now that is a world record holder who may very get a timber differently and and the fair yet stop. A while working as a golf all diver I would get there yes that that they have found they a deal though and upon and of course at the University of Washington deep while plays on. Everything about it it's the best up potter and the money can buy. It's always dollars and I. Pretty good points out on any counts. Basically Sam Gibbons gone back and forth about who they believe is high on the one guy does comment on the most expensive day. Does my most expensive date the two days I spent a beloved brands about 5000 dollar strengthen the in my head that from army. I was a date. Do they not called to date did he have a pre planned or was it just ran look that he put dates in for a quotation marks I understand but still fight I mean that that would be my expensive most expensive one too how do you wanna date give you one immediately you'd. Yeah right yeah let me think that's just the term like you're you're going on a date with the girlish selling out by that took him out for dinner. Is that all they constitute what a million of them somewhere you hope do get laid right here just to take him to dinner but like you we don't go to dinner we'd just outside is not a date it's not a daily how he's got its Internet lookup you have a wide open no I mean what am I still performs. Right what to say like sometimes they be allowed get drinks first and then decide if they're not dead as you know what mall later she just comes over your both. You're both ready for action yet. But I haven't beaten you are pizza yeah have sexy the pizza okay that a date. Yes OK I was produced little in the pizza before I'm sure she was a look at look at a pizza. Preferably stuff which I'm okay you're entered or guard to do is actually very attractive but I'm sure I was I should go hang out a little bit less. On how order pizza your fried did you stay. Yeah we had sex with a pizza got there's you know it she goes to just just with pizza was like listen it's got to be good. Plot adds depth I think is sex and the pizza as salads a Lotto ball and I just debut asked for pizza ups and it's tough. Towels I I don't. Well leave you. Ozzie Berger who has never did well into the world brazen Fisher who was born into 18 AM convenient after 48 hours of labor good guy out. The obvious choice is your penis is too small congratulations to his parents John and Lara. Thanks guys that from Uncle Sam the Fishman. There's just to my husband jail along with a double shot of an original fish sandwich for at least when he eighties been a longtime listener loves the show. That would be an awesome bird they get forum that from his loving wife Stephanie fish sandwich and Q8. A leg shot run thirtieth to request my wonderful husband corrections officer Brenda happy birthday he loved Beers and dirty German up president. And have wild and seduce him in dirty German thanks guys that from the lovely Mandy. For you move to. The throws to find out what they called my penis may feel. No if you look at corrections. So you have to listen would you CE. Beyond attends this lady in front nine yes like. Well listen thanks so like yeah. Slowest my beautiful girlfriend all good just gracious I'm gonna go with Missouri hold the Hokies are gonna name. Mrs. and miss. What you do yeah openness you know uncommitted men really. I don't know had a 32 birthday ballot. MRI as you eat is no new zoo you know mentally now is that Tilden or two of them. OK I don't know hundreds unborn children over the end of OK I still don't know username and yet. Have a 32 Ed I'm not gonna cut that big job next dollar and internal sex thanks guys that from the incredible Hulk. Read now. Wrecked car. And just like it was just my friend Rodney he's 33 and early lessons you guys that I European sizes too small. And the dirty dirty Germans please and thank you guys rock on that from his friend thinness. Yeah Arnold we have both their looks and Cuba lunching with my opinion it's the new been shown to swallow. Yeah I'll run the north could change you'll get some respect and actually the stick. My guys you know. It's. About a Diane yeah I don't live today. You hadn't had day. Hey you debuted the U birthday doesn't they're two Germans brought. Are available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Are you sure I declined. All yes you slam your guess is as good as mild day collar and I'm right now 8449990. I normally do that right now. Fronted OK I don't like to know Mike how are you gonna face like what's going on any panic game. So did there come leisure subject is food guys have you ever been in a dorm in jail your steering and everyone in a place when dropping a deuce wacko Mitchell doesn't cut. I'm glad you brought I'm why the Beckham. Polly talking about maybe weird places to two oh yeah and yet when you're late I know I'm their vision like hoop when you're there. I held my arm group I must lose three d.s. You had to prove brand but there's a little lake wall like this taller between but everyone makes it easier from the shoulder stuff group. Yes he hit it. Close or just pulpit that was an in a real sell at that point. Guys up Polly here from Salem Oregon on the topic of worry could be drunken walk around the streets holding a beverage not right. Savannah Georgia. It's legal to drink out of public on the streets the cans or cups only. No glass for good reasons I've done at the hard way since I was just visiting there the cop who approached me took the bottle walked to the bar and then brought me a cup for me to pour it then. Then we went our own way that's from Paul. Whites. So one night in my early twenties I came home from Martin primary may passed out on the council on television on the static channel. I go to grabbed two Beers on the fringe and wake him up with a cold and as I go to stir him awake I make the mistake of looking at what he was holding there in his hands was his penis. I grabbed a beer went over good mutual friend's home and for posterity services I brought our friend back to our apartment to show off my roommate there passed out in the living room. In mid stroke. That from the brother in chief. And finally Japan pianist fast guys heard you talking we were stationed in Japan and early eighties and went to the fertility festival there. It was awesome a giant penis was paraded down the road in a deal the parade we were joined it was joined with a giant vagina they had all kinds of penis and vagina shaped candy lolly pops an enormous strap ons for photo ops we had a blast still looking at those picks we tuck. Love you guys that from DD would you put that in love it. Love Jain Italy. And the did you well I love vagina out of my dad's name of the town. The pro big in place for a I still a common men's room rules Amaral drink it tells with a shout a day at a time first for little your guess is as good as mine is an easy game to play we get a contested there and you pick from one of two categories from that standpoint to get a pick 12 categories can get as many right. Instead category before three strikes and you're ST do we have a good destined for your guess is as good month hallowed. John welcome to the men's room. Thought all Iraq. I John it is we weekend we're here on the day one so a weed inspired if your guess is as good as minor categories. The ten most popular comfort foods in the good old US today. Andy tend it best Stoner movies of all times what category are you gonna go there four in your guess is as good as mouth. I'll put softer. Crude although it could go to movies today comfort foods and it's why why would he be where you always go to movies. Well unfortunately. It again I'm not gonna go as a jar. You're still welcome Amanda good Barack you don't know me you know what you had done purist owner he probably would remember them a hell of a lot about yourself would you. Well probably legacies there was the tops in romantic comedies of all time I would be leaving I don't know. You know knowing what you would know every one of them when she's in rural and I thought man you know comedy club that I know the notebook. Misery. I was there can't let go of the ten most five of their comfort foods in America it's just that symbol Johnny and his get as many rides again the category before three strikes you're out. Would you believe to be some of the more popular comfort foods here in the US. There. I want to start with the kind of aggregate Dario. There's a single garrido. Comfort so now I don't know what an element is that I gotta think like macaroni teach me things I hear him yeah I don't know we're going to be a Mulligan there. Comfort food is more in the realm of food. If we are. That's seasick when you're having a tough time you return back. I. We'll go to the pancakes you know wanted to really thought of pancakes that's a great guest was on the she. Okay no problem still about those eyes screen John Mack you've seen John I think he's done for the taste of it it is a reason why you don't smoke weed. You test. I think it's your palate will go a lot farther man you just got to highlight every once in awhile man you be mine below nonfood. It what are the true I don't know if indeed factual but I believe that the headset Jack in the Box right were allergic to the public. Just gets blazed over what are some of the things that they have a Jack in the Box. Your typical photo or do I don't know how did dragon done very good these are the ten most popular comfort foods here in America. What else to they have their besides America you can see back in Steve Harris picks now Iran how I act very good John it's almost like you just gotta I talked to. Oh yeah yeah and that's why don't like it might hit the ice cream. Ice. Shooting from good I would think one thing more dinner then anything else here for. I mean I need the comforts me. He is pretty strong right. Bad day the sort of people who live there has a good thing people obese yeah pizza is a no apparent comfort food all right in America hands down beats a number one John McHugh strikes. One strike remaining and you've got three out of the tendon on the most popular comfort foods in the US. Pool. The Byrd got pizza. Now buffalo. I. As I really Genoa or not I agree don't do. Now according to comfort foods in the United States the tired and covered foods in Iraq opinion. This comes our way from PR newswire. Believe it or not fried chicken is number three million votes have some believe any other guest. Actually. Until we know and I and our goal in life test head man what goes to a burger. French Fries French Fries number four what would often. Is on the menu when you go to a pizza place sometimes even that he 06. Yeah I kind of in that vein but no more Kanye. Well you know of pasta slash lasagna notre. Oh loss to number five. Two things that go hand in hand that we have a list the other day that basically I wanna say Ted. Case you're doing your Disney Disney said that this combination. Doesn't go well again oh because grilled cheese and tomato soup both on the list grilled cheese and number seven. Tomato soup and a good job and there's one more comfort through the due to minerals through. And it's only for cover your self loathing number eight is a mashed potatoes self Ali top ten most. Popular comfort foods in America pizza burgers fried chicken French Fries pasta Mac and cheese. Grilled cheese mashed potatoes Chile and tomato soup real quick as we have a couple seconds here. On since it is we'd wake whenever they get to the time to invest go to movies of all times he guesses guys and AM Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is on the list that comes in at number three that is correct Mike which next guest guy Friday. Friday all we have Fridays on there it's number 72 for two oh with Switzerland Chappelle. Have now have big gap makes. Tampa Bay cafe cafe cafe scale as knocked. On. Harold and Kumar this is according to Rolling Stone magazine royalty Kumar is at number 66. Fast times. Fast and charisma behind not on the list are issues. You'd be on the list dazed and confused phasing in is an illicit number on that is not the classic movie I'm talking about this one goes back to 1980. And what it's. Two people have to mount any smoke up and spoke to each. All the correct yeah. So we've got Friday Harold and Kumar teach and John up in smoke and what else we know there. And dazed and good year olds and Hillary. Sausage party is not a little flame of the aids not on the list Stoner movies. Tapped into. All times. At number ten from 1993. True romance. Floyd hey it's a beer and cleaning products number eight bill and Ted's excellent adventure number nine soul play. That would be oh yeah rather seven Friday number six Carol if you are gonna white castle number five how high. And sports agent John three Pineapple Express do dazed and confused and the number one Stoner movie of all time. Morning Joseph Rolling Stone magazine. Big amounts. There you back just like your opinion man that's there. Oh. Terry go on I guess is as good as much for coming I was ready doesn't Saturday as volatile oil reviews amends or rules coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. I got up will break and tells where the show today as we need to week rolls on their day one of though we weekends out of that thing doesn't work consensus that. Oh yeah. Time now for divers the men's room wrote me. It's. Every show has Germans are my dock obviously all the rules you made to throughout the ages and everyone's a while take a little time to put a couple more into law so away we go here. All of starlet is when this comes away from a Dylan and Dylan says I guys the other day house that day local sporting event and there were two guys sitting in the road for enemy. One of them got a cellphone and proceeded to take itself be a both of them in the same frame and a very close distance. So I propose the following no man shall take a cell be within a Jason man in the same breath thanks guys that from Dallas. No and I would say the straight up I can't agree with the rule. I I understand where your heads don't from a I agree 100% the problem is the salty thing attack you cannot stop it right. I'm not gonna do it but the body from out of town knew and had. Beth I mean how right I hear it's not my thing I'm going to be salty guy but people do they do itself is what he had to do. You bring to ridicule and so it's two guys at a game having fun it's gonna you know maybe what what about this they they were just taking it. Delight give it to their other body be like with the you're not here have yet on exactly what I did this mean spirited to guys not out yet. The mouth the mouth so look floating it at that no gradual thing and tells me yeah adamant it. A mild storm out Soriano got via guys kinda of Jessica. If you. Don't ask I was building my MBA Jason Dunn and the same frame all's in favor say I. Today remove him. A love southeast of my buddies. Guys don't like to add a men's room run until article rather typical soap anybody. Do you not actually happens but you wanna Kaminsky did you do yeah we oppose unpaid try new self anybody. What does this do. He wants to add men's room rules to articles two and six article 20 loan guarantees here encouraged LA and eyes and they beat. I know ranch in order wine and cheese when in a bar with friends only and should order Weiner chief. Tomorrow with friends and assuming other guy for. So thumb with dead. We can't get a play of wine and cheeses at what we're saying what really gets your cure if you're younger athlete a lady's head is the guy that the good birdie one and she's a for that reason I agree this for. All of a barricade and I know. Nobody really honest I don't know what you guys that would do audible yeah you look at least you wait I do but the wind the wind would okay out yet Obama tornado rose now. Now how does together. I would you can't come to eat cheese need to rose with the amount of stress. I'm okay with the here's the real momentum or want to keep it at a bar with friends all those in favor say hi I. I'm calling them like a horse over here today that Thomas continues of another man agrees to be your wing man and takes all may less than an attractive person. Don't throw a fit when it's your turn for those of you that he. I understand that doesn't happen. He says you're revealing man and you gotta take one moment it's gloomy your turn eventually. For the judge of a record eight don't growth that footage or turn him so I like now he's having an experience zigzag all those endeavors I I. Contrast tell your friend blown up CT these days yeah. Right it yes indeed it has double the heat do you view if you give him whining geez the next day tomorrow we have to make it quick. From Justin no mention where once he's under any circumstances in pub I. Now hey now hey. Okay you're the big day under any Bergen says was its resolute look we don't want these. Yeah you have to learn outdoor grown man you'd ring circuit I felt I was not a roughly how I got a bright Red Square aren't there you'll feel like you submitted an interim rules issued its emails in the men's or amendments or live dot com. And make the subject men's room roles all right Robin have imaginary attacks. So bloody LNG standards to be ready. Saturday headed usually heads of the very best guess stevens' trial find out nortel's yes indeed today we chose 25 year old Xavier Miranda. A royal Palm Beach, Florida. Now Xavier was involved in a car accident but he had a very effective way to prove that he was knocked it faults. As Gil the driver was signed because he added that's cam the recorded every so they gladly signed consent forms a look at cops want to. And turn off a go to the footage great news the video prove that he was not responsible for the accident apparently yelled drummer kind other driver caught him off well the bad news. Is that the bears game footage also old had footage of him. Robbing a store. See earlier that day. He was caught using a baseball bat to smash through the glass front door the beauty supply store he stole bunch of stuff they had no leads but his dash came video. Record into a new crime. Further from Xavier he wasn't fact arrested armed burglary charge and just don't consent man don't consent if you're really don't have a dash cam in her car. Millions dash cam and look at the best camps saved him from being accused of calls and yet he rear ended the guy. And I don't understand it your fault right but is that can put his crew Joseph guy Kamal. Hot hot. He wins that the problem was he did not remember apparently that he also robbed a store earlier that day with a baseball back. Now they have the footage to prove it killings any without charge with burglar but. There's some surgeries and go. So report those boos imagery does booze because we think of the young may now Nashville all of the talking down the throat to party in our Tommy. Around the whole lab Arizona. Could go not a lot right now a 44999. All of profile this is coming up the minutes. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.