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Thursday, April 20th

Emails, Headlines, NO S Sherlock is back! And Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about those munchy foods

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This man is miles and drill now he's now nine EIW. No we got a real he's kind of get good that you're quite common man older adults smile a little dramatic nine point nine KI SW look at today for a week. Now we have we're gonna we're religion Fernando then don't Gillis ought to look we're or play and they don't we were targeted Daniel he's young and he's seven questions ebitda Daniel. You had done as a boy lemon. Yes it is yeah I don't know what was Imus is noticeable. Well it's be it or. This or what about you know you're out there you wish we got to let you go out there and you're you're an idiot before you go as I did yeah some or goes and poppies than you did an off season was ransom and goldfish Jesus Christ I didn't say I don't know what it is or how good you know. Others want more than that now that he's got to stop the camera and really you know we're always on our I blue that I well tomorrow I'm it'll be fine holy hell knew ruin. That's like I did you know you have the you can mean you know the bomber pay my way ahead. All all all you know I might know the mom and bowed out over a roller book friends stand up it's. Flooding the only model there you go on on big dummy and they're very good and we'll take a break and come back and resent your emails in the men's or mad men's or live dye job next. We weren't trying to stall or anything but just welcome back to the main. Nine point nine KI SW. It's more leeway. I had that's right that's a cinema on Wheatley takes miles rolled Ted or Mike to 77999. To vote who you think is not high message. And generates a blight and also votes on Twitter at men's room live we will announce these sober member of the program coming up. With the lovely to airedale like I do have time for a few emails here to the mantra momentum linebacker comes. Don't run to rallies abroad brown brewers a man drove original red because with the agenda down right summer bronze medal winner the great American beer festival every Demi pick up a toll to 86 back at twelve pack or a case amend your original red. A portion of the net proceeds benefit. Our three local Fisher house as a thank you for doing that we know there are a lot of choices that there were nearby and here. Until is just wanted to give a shout out to to my wife's hand. It is our anniversary today and yes you heard that right my wife and I it's our anniversary that from my my will do Denver's. We don't care about it numbers matter of fact when anniversary comes around you almost doesn't. God my anniversary is coming out again what do you do now. It's almost like. Do you ever see a squirrel that runs on the road in the cars talent in this world just doesn't know what to do. That's about three a days before the numbers they that's the guy he looks like he does like are got its coming out of Virginia god god. What I do and I am in reverse guys as my son says they didn't start bird take it to give them a little kid they sandwich believes that from neck. All right guys is my third zero emailing you guys to wish my daughter Lori. Happy birthday L lowering the salary of the struggle. It's probably calorie not Illinois house this way if Hillary ELL. A RY calories Allah yeah yeah she sat in the Ricci savage. Did you get a barber shop they sandwich things that from area is it. Going to be blown around this and wins. She's done her own desire. Cody Stanley is he's still really is in them on hand and and I am not. Records it sounds like mid ninety's like the heat rap CD. From like not right in the real Hillary. Renews and none other diseases that come up now master it'll back. Seth and I was new guys all the time makes it day losing you guys alleged in a birthday shout out and get a cut that bitch off. And a birthday song thanks guys embody. Got rid itself. Net coma. The Germans are no turtles thanks out of respect to thrill but I would like for Ted to say you'll kuril Taco Bell thinks it's on that from Delray Tokyo tackle bad only guys Joan from would be here. It's number okay. And I texted and on my birthday as usual. And normally falls on the weekend but if I get it it's time to take off deletion and Al hitting the window that would make my day. And you guys keep on rocket thanks guys that from Jonah does have a single. Oh Jones guy gonna face damage any like that from my dad Gary. Had a birthday dad and happy we'd week everyone else that from Cassidy sandwich. I guys as my girlfriend Emma is birthday. By the time this airs. Shall know our present as were headed to Disney landed a few days and I saw an item that can I get an original they sand wedge and the dead talking dirty in his Disney voice. Parts I was there they. His girlfriend thing and Paul Hamels. Redskin fan. Just to name and I can assure you we'll match fitness from a he's a little bells and. God. I want is my dear as we youngest child all today very happy 23 birthday. I know wasn't always even easy having your mom as the chief of police going up. A hole that's never eat off somehow doesn't surprise me you now are a pot farmer. Don't think I need to disable your father David tiresome very proud of you had a verdict you know remember mom's advice women of the devil key job in the Hud and always have a back up plan. PS it's your wife very savvy move on to that is your own place. Is that the good done this guy get a little dirty German dog since he lives on herself up and I know he's not getting any action around here. Thanks guys sincerely Austin's mom Brenda Camarillo or as most know me the pin up from gold bar. Adding that such a need to take romantic won't be certified until this offense. I enjoy the mother puts his chief of police have been to sneak off an excellent food and. It is today is my dad Dave's birthday he's a longtime listener love the show would be great if you guys can wish him happy birthday today when everyone sound effect was. Thanks guys are being awesome that from Riley. Probably. I guided by out of my back at least 33 birthday today voice sounds good these days. As my house in my Badgley 33 birthday today are huge fans the show a life's a big crap sandwich right now and she's having to take a big bite of that crap sandwich. She would absolutely love it you guys would can we. Give her face and ledge and you also like to hear from her two favorite dirty asked Germans she's organ state Alonso she loves or some beaver by the way thanks guys that from Bobby. And O'Malley sir Alex. Yeah as a diva is not know. My hands warm and go Google it if it. Job. Like most evils of the of the camera on the Sunday night. Yeah it's. Would stretch out there's even though it is coach. Which in the home. It to beaver. Up a little packet out thousands attended hibernate it just. Put on. Charities and add them to diminish you can I not been good lie. Critics though there's downloadable husband Brian is bird. They today he's been the love of my life since we were kids. And I know he would love hearing a barbershop quartet fish sandwich thanks guys and rock god Matt from Sarah can again if this. And okay so you know oh my god you run. Brother can I enemies end okay and geez man it's harder on this. Eight. Guys as my boyfriend's birthday he's a longtime listener but has never had a birthday announcement. Getting internal lax with the LeRoy Jenkins in the plaza there. Thanks guys that from the lovely Emily. Moving. I'm ruler or. It's almost a right. Today out tumbled to a level 37 run of the mill white dude I would love to hear turtle wax with the what end does that bro and applause thanks guys debug rocket from Jesse. Mike I'm with the you know. Guys did not run I'm Johnny stories faces guys are more like a brother to me for nearly two decades semi a lot about our shared field of work being sales. He'd ever listened to your shows and the buzz days I know he would love and if you give him an original face analyst in a big only draw AJ against. Thanks guys appreciate that from Sabrina I sandwiched. We. Our guys here yelled. Yeah yeah OK. Yeah yeah I did OK. Have you have you ever done. Hey David okay your creative. Assets that them. It. Let's see here once one of the crew it's the week week's sound effect when something hilarious Evans we have double different bugs I've got one and Robbins got one so. So I'd like to request the symbolism. You know all you wanna you wanna we'd week are here ego or medical ideologues in response when people Bozeman goes we agree. Thought at the wrong. Shut up. That's for Parker. Stage manager for the Montgomery thirteen stages to band festival I don't want to look at the list. Got a guy brought another sticky just oh yeah a parting of the things add up. He's thirteen stages do bay on the same day his finger. BO or London on the greens and the other over the no other way to. This is I'd love oh god Jesus what else dear men's room. I during the what you don't do that once I don't wanna tell yeah what is just so yeah I'm off to some old resentment. Toronto's weakness is birthday. How's birthday for today that. You know it's. Arm and yeah well Steve's on the world yeah or and they were all a put in the wrong order. What's his name yet his birthday he emailed him he's fifty years old resident Cameron Cameron are czar would look. Yes I don't know what to do is birthday yeah right rob rob rob Drake and this is from Cameron Isabel. And civil I have. Yeah well what's the name. Would do who are back. That is infects a lesser sold outside I don't know what that's pretty. If your bedroom during the what you don't need to know segments on weed you played a god awful song that was some mix a banjo whistling in yodeling. As terrible as that song as it is now stuck in my head you have my question to all of you is what is the name of that song. Thanks in kibo the great show that from Austin Austin. This his minor. Bruises and yes. If you're glad this is a famous son was the only. Yeah we have an agreement for us it's so real I just know from the movie. From raising Arizona yeah business from the soundtrack of raising Arizona and save mart is the same fine gentleman. I've really make this exact same sound and you know what else this guy you know this guy friend. One thing. And I am moving here you know them from something that this is catching up from popular enough where when I tell you really should be like god. This is the Yahoo!. For. Hello. Our heroes do it exactly right that we might Zaragoza. They a lot of money being Yahoo! got home so northern Arizona he's good listener. Listen let's see how do how much commented to do you have your professional was well he goes from listening to your I don't know the breaks I. Yeah but that also means he's not many up to me he's gonna rattle like this he didn't ever done this concept question with the territory. I look any new York and broke America good to be a total was a little. This guy's done a few years back this is on from we just maybe said the wrong thing and you feel a little bit the feeling bad about rats oh yeah so this is current one time few years back I'm at a barbecue my parents' house and we're just hanging out the backyard. And I knew that the neighbors were out of town. What's wrong. What's wrong. That's yet another item. Only guys want to ask you it's elevated it to one timeout and lipstick. Only as once had a few years back Els and barbecue in my parents house we're just hanging around the backyard and knew that the neighbors ran it down. So I hear some commotion. Had said neighbor's house. So having a little liquid courage are run over. And peak over the fence to see Hispanic guy creep really trying to get into the back class sliding door my god man will lie instantly EL. What the F are you do it. And turned to the people in our party and yell loudly. There's a Mexican trying to get our neighbors you say it like that come to find out he was actually the husband. Who I never met that stayed home due to work he was not very happy when my accusations. And needless to say I felt like a giant piece of us. That from Aaliyah I wonder how how Lake County NATO now. Why would you say let the right in the sabres on Dougal and and it's a Americans ordered her. Advertising dollars and Mumbai one up its Mike pronounced our Mundo. Are you guys probably six years ago letting you know that's a good vitamins are live and move on the podcast because my little boy that time was parity in the Andrew penis while running around this priest go buddies out. Not everyone though shares my sense of humor. Way music events and little Al was running around pretty rural Tennessee and when I humanity and is now eight years old in his second grade mice and we have a second little boy which I officially referred to as little as man. He's turning to an about a week and a half and as I've been playing the showed Obama noticed them sounds being echoed from the littlest man. I could really make it out before been got to the point keep track he is now mimicking the following. Bitches. All locked and maybe some form of the seven words but I'm not sure to give up the great work guys that from are Mundo Armando will continue to educate your kids for. And Omar guys I'm sitting this from my men's room and I'm not wearing any pennies. I have successfully made cheese using the original red after a lot of needing by hand came out great premium salty on the tongue. It is men's room most read or moose who random dudes. College make a load for you guys. Just let me know when to come next some bread aisle on some nice wore men's room bonds and and meet meet the bread. Attitude that after a lot of uh oh needy heating quake was Mehdi bread I don't even though. Sorry designating needing money nobody was doing it might even wild our workers done that America pronounced Eric. Mariners again and again I'm Derek aren't anything simply. He's there. That's for teachers did Tyler get headlines and a one hour from now on first the good tech in my dock for some of the stories and headlines. He has not Georgia guy travel and leisure recently posted a list on the cities with the least attractive people. And Baltimore was kind of and I. As well as I could I ask closer I love it yet 23 years and and miles from the federal government will yet. 76 year old woman Pennsylvania was arrested this month after she got drunk. Watch her on her neighborhood and her underwear and called 911 over a dozen times for no reason did out of that. And I don't I'm never am. On knoller rose's good stuff Giuliani's neck my guess I gob in Texas recently got fired after he had to radicalize themselves as part of his certification. And it turned out he was. Illegally. On Palin had an idea didn't couldn't get sort of a I don't even if it was the only doody was like get off day duties any duty. And finally Sylvester Stallone and utters it missed calls someone's number out of its bond. That's. The most loans daughter stole somebody's number out of this on who's number I'll tell tale about an. No Saint John Nelson and not looked at first borrowed Steve throw hill. Colmes good low incidence of adverse stories with headlines. Prelude and she. Really didn't matter rest and 411. The U line called quote grave danger to community and she not fair. Report reveals decades of sexual abuse. And in the leak mortgage move well be monkey's uncle. Sherlock and that's the president now we're going to. Then delete. Study majority of Americans that say they smoke or wanna or parents. GUL kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Sherlock arcana homered. They better right now. Somebody told me quote the other day it's like a performance enhancing drugs for being a pair of asthma and other whether it's program moment. There was some of those cartoons of the now immediate death what's the build a play fake blocks nephew stones displayed. You Daryn ma'am these block it depends on your farm ma'am don't take a little differently you'll make oblige you will watch the cartoons. And stories are actually funny you know. There's movement no knock knock joke for the eighteenth time and so far. Psychedelic drugs and the Marines enter the heightened state of consciousness and ousting Kevin means scientists and low and aren't. Rock. Oral treatments. And cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease stomach. Fat. I have every week what does and doesn't. Why can't they just summit of the X sizable pay jogging on your heart go riding your bike to work culture. Under. Do the walking if you look like they exercised. Just make one study and the exercise. Did you buy crack yeah man incitement to where Suzuki didn't pay off an audit work the other way to correct. We continue. Philippine tourism secretary says mass killings of bad advertising LA well. Doc and let's you're trying to appeal to murder which usually pay the players. You god. Is great and most teams associate school board room and fifty pound. And and no shirt. And I think got a real and it never goes away isn't that the assumption surveillance approach you assume again they had them measured in Estonia. There're certain subjects you'd like more than others but overall how are subject it's a long and data pay attention to them alone give it one subject anyway. You know one of 45 that you just can't stand but garment of course the board. It's gonna pay reparations to get a pay raise and how he becomes more horrible. And we. And not. That. How that. But doesn't think so late yeah. We know let Maine. Our goal. And I just it just makes me angry man. But even up demand that run leading get a job right now I like the look that hard. Cabinet. When you have a friend that has no job he's got everything you like what are you doing drugs are on meet those nice. NYPD treating death judge found in Hudson River as quote suspicious way and shower or shock. It was swimming. And meego will you there are dead so that my TV set hey man attitude adjustment and floating face down in the Hudson wrote. I'm suspicious about Hulu and and those that. Teoma twenty years of experience tells you did something is suspicious call this one in McRae. And got there on. With a closer to the Jersey Shore on her and a New York that who's indicate I damage it stops. I'm suspicious here. Viewership of O'Reilly Factor drops without below right. I. And I. Not that. About it. Below as you go around when he's not on his show. They don't want to him. Grab them the letters no match agreement retention. Study says Hillary Clinton's TV ads were almost entirely policies for all right well. And we could that then who says she's not saying anything. No there let you know now while you row. They've done a recent thank god they watched and missed it too late. It's too late edition I'm Heidi good right car in time. You know one next week I'll probably get an update on that very question. But I semis. Feces Pitt's made bad neighborhoods G oil liquors is king I cannot believe that no Sherlock feces pitted since. The headline in case you didn't lose weight they wrote that if he sees its. Bad neighborhood. They did report on this I wouldn't moment. I don't really get over a thing about my new house about minority there are other pieces hit next door what do you date. All three minority of one another request. Who have moved they don't wanna live news on the be fresh every Tuesday in Florida and duke late night. That you get that new house but I didn't get a pay raise but it's Nixon defeated. The good news and I had in August you'll have three or four stalks of corn growing out of there and do the I'm in Atlanta I'm very fertilizer you won't have the winner of that core only last year to barbecue grill right on that bit. Yeah the damn thing of everything I think your quote was the biggest damn gore I'm seeing the the contract anyone render beat Atlanta new equipment and the jays who celery lettuce started her own bill Pampers them all kinds there. Think sixty something where you eat it because it. Study finds significant differences in brains of men and women. No Sherlock. I don't doubt their bidding. Even if you can handle your boots are still terrible driving drunk yeah. Should tell when he different ways do we need to say that Norman and I god do not enough. Peaks plummeted in popularity in the face of better Easter candy options. Monkey's uncle I. Yeah yeah regular of the mind you know I got through about them. But no jelly beans. You've been around. And a final headline I'm making this world United Airlines has a job posting up for a new public relations manager. How. I can see anywhere Bruce did or will they gave out breaking bad seven. Canals we'll come back middle dead meat and potatoes and today the head chef all about the budget through that's up next now changes and with miles and drill 99.9. KI SW it's more of leeway there may bring remember. Program today. In fact that are high and one is sober so today you're going to vote for the sober member of the show you that takes miles thrilled to better my 2779992. Over who you think it's not high message and eateries may apply and you can also vote on Twitter at men's room live all right. Still look on the show today but first I Intel. No it's not just an exciting week here in the mention that it was an exciting week in the kitchen as well this threat you know. Thank you have you ever been indicating you know goes on and there the last a lot of stuff at indecision sameness yeah I got a couple different things for for corporate it just. Beef with our government they sway this week I do have the ten most popular us Macs or people that are a little bit higher if you will. But I also got some healthy ideas of fast food we can talk fast fast through France. Who's got the best fast through France says I'm really proud of budget he's fast food frat. I certainly formally Georgian fast food fast and very proud who has the best fast food Fries I'm gonna say five guys. Yeah I'm a producer and I didn't start out fast food for outlet well you brought it up one sound thing about French Fries. McDonald's you can't go wrong with a French Fries Burger King changes or Fries up quite a bit. And are normally fund Arby's has curly Fries with the are seizing curly Fries and that's a strong those are like man every month as I would say between five guys and the RBC's and curly Fries. But I'm completely wrong I'm sure. Actually you debt right on the all right yeah no line is our. A collection of tracks you did you standard Fries curly Fries they do a good job that yeah. Lots of options and they are lots of going out. Number two on the list is the McDonald's fry dipped OK until the Dallas yet without his late the gold standard is the gold standard mayor and there was pretty quality good. After that five guys which you mention okay that chick filet. I want all of the waffle the probable front yeah like I really just shape alone gets import sometimes though when you get that that lawful Frye its like all potato skin. You know I mean it is just not as good grammar and all intelligent little yeah in his pinky toe of the state run sucks yeah but Obama roster. Yet I want it's it's just true. Potato week. Glued to French I didn't its eighth. A bunch French Fries give us a little slack but like French Fries or because they're Friday and stuff generally Lachey they don't taste is. But hey Hillary you sort of say a man. I like hear me out. It's like when you take the onion out of the onion ring aren't I just eaten a nine. I'm on drugs Zocor without the batter incensed some like put a foot of the French but peek at super bride. It's morally is nothing that the data that's it's more potato. Opener file yeah. Blazers and pale man. Yeah we got there. The other usual suspects are on the fry lists do. Shake shack I don't think a Paterson checked for a OSHA. Shake shack. Also grow life and a post Jake Jack a hundred years ago that quickly took a human babies you move. Megan loved visiting his parents but you don't pick that out loves it takes. What do murder one murder if it. And outdoor you have Fries are pretty good that may this year the price per yes and done via stake in shape. Call overs and then white castle yeah most of those I have not had with him. Yeah how would you into the white castle I remember eaten tiny little burgers. Getting a prize out there it. Yet they tell us up there till I mean it's one of those things is everything's really millionaire TV consummate the new. You don't sit back out of out of the eagles' first full happening there they think it. If it needed to trade hamburgers really small actually didn't mean he burgers for a different team mad mad men the beauty that whole bag of mini candy it's what they've. They were how. I played there are no I didn't have chocolate today I had left over chocolate eggs from Easter group could take her hugging thing. Then kept completely completely get parts are right so now generally every year to Connie here lists like this hey Jeff himself and intended to travel it's gonna. The day I like this list is a little bit updated. Comes those from actionable. The master ball well but if I also think about the raiders specific. National leaders are my outfit it was the numbers violated the ten most popular snack for people that are hot which are actually going today a murder go traditional a good summer but I'm okay I think it helps. To kick back. If it's day or didn't. Would you not reach for a tick cat well that's very yes absolutely right I don't haven't heard from all delivers one of parliament blown yet. All right now remember this is an updated list of some of these flavors and Benjamin an Indy from the Oca. For now. He Ben and Jerry's 109 DO ice cream. Did not know that cookie dough in the ice cream note tonight though actual news tonight and hopefully by Jimmy Fallon and a half labor I'll yacht doesn't tonight Dell doesn't easily Jimmy pol icy with dated there. Yeah like tonight show but tonight tell you yeah get it that I originally it was supposed to be like crush a potato chips covered in chocolate and then at some British Open but. I think they might change the flavor and I thought they recovered. Chocolate covered proposals I'd like that in there I'm not sure what's in their by a lot of people like it. Yeah and tear them down on the list. Number it's your perennial favorite my receipt cups yeah yet though the traditional receipt cups I love them. Asked are you 182 wanted to time. You buy an item about broad unity oh why are pretty much airman whose brutal way if you. Your whole life. The authority of flip with the a he got the white chocolate dipped because without a you've done Cole Cole called the that in this Reese's peanut butter cups are delicious. Flaming hot cheese you know books I'm not just regular she does do it governor stone man definitely like okay Paladino or okay. Prefer the flaming out of arugula which a favorite cheat the the original I'm with a classic credit to get that it. Curse us nerds wrote. And nerds broke. That's a bunch of nerds can be made into a long stick. But it sounds appealing for UPI what do you say that they're below you'll do more of what the original organic and we are getting married that I didn't do. And did what did you parents yet. I analog stick part. In their starting guards and some terrible night. I chuckled at the maritime. Our viral didn't completely that you are Borough are on the way Kerry both Harry nobody there I'd yeah. You know. Ferryboat dummy damn America. Her car she fits today's edge all bets on deserved. Well I tell you this I think goldfish are bigger than cheese it's in the world that's not cracker or okay and did not only did start unity. I just was assume what goes blast. Chatter you know Pepperidge Farm things your argument in the day won't be a good song didn't it she's Arnold sort of overwhelming good the the goldfish. Goldfish are peppers and ala Moya. I have got to learn about their exact so let's step back a bit he has earned their marriage even more people buy goldfish and cheeses in a box that she's it's easy mogul I don't know though man I think she's it is a classic kind people that are hired just like this that doesn't mean I am gonna act club crackdown. You know I mean I don't let my RS are wrecked they're delicious or buttery and thank you but if an app. What I was sick political voice go I bought contracts are religiously. It's the and I've got my stuff like that I did so tasty being counted I'm glad I. Mike glad your back number through the list. Swedish Finnish oh yeah gas the rest fish all the land of Sweden want. You sounded to me that the. I'm 110. The shop owner foods these Monte foods the top ten let's grab. I'm mad but it's incumbent does follow up match was over really the the at the moment. What number are we on. Oh and number one and all right. Well I. Yeah I'm on the Ben and Jerry's have Brett. On Friday plastic absolutely thank you so much as if we appreciate I've noticed during its.