04-24-17 PodDammit has some issues

Monday, April 24th

This week on PodDammit! we are still in recovery from WEED WEEK! Turns out Miles got to go on a little ride in an ambulance over the weekend due to some bad mushrooms!

Someone messed with out board before we got in to day so Thrill and Ted's microphones don't pick them up properly until about 4 minutes in. We're all good though!

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Thank you as my quote and upon damage on April 24. Has some issues with the microphones early on so it's gonna sound funky thrill intends Smartphones are not pot and up correctly so old they're gonna some little weird until about four minutes and Joseph Joseph. If and world. The odds Jana podcasts. We're back we're back probably we solved we take there. And others are here. Three weeks. And forget we have that in our contract or a lot of Sega three week break for one period during the pod down podcast pretty sure had a blue after the year. It has been 21 days ES three. 30 god yes we use our one for the year. Nine tea now yeah I LL who that's we have are written in there because of our writers you know assign us we know that they won't run all these jokes. Automotive writers strike is a really writer strike Alonso whether or not here I thought was vacation and I was right I guess like the reverse years. You know yeah I don't teleconference address some early Heyman writes it's cardinals and strangely it's really only gonna affect reality television moment so. Holmes Leslie cash. It and it's. Very used that actors or not the right right literally patients took off. India so he crossed that it. He has riders a competitive because I wasn't sure the exact 'cause I didn't they don't they're not right yeah they're not writing jokes you know they're not writing jokes for a and I say on the Geico gecko. Then there's. That is the right story or does it impact I don't remember which made an actress wrote what was. I goes so don't do as they hire actors and animated thing with the guys and probably for produced and Paul. That would have required reports that it's like throws caller fruitless. That is terribly for talking gamers. Anyway that's what the Geico gecko exist for the wanna go through moments. So I remember that fracturing I think of any issues. Right yeah most of the last few months the most distributions. From our heads up right at it. But the late night shift that was a big line. And and write his own and I think totally hate you lots pop personal. Yeah I threaten it. Then they fired him yeah. More good times good times concerns that helps and yet how loses yeah Jay how Lou Allen for hours a sense evil action. There and he was ousted as far as his age who goes nobody is good it is on you worse. Like you want the program there there. The problem with Tebow is is that you have a group of Coke and of play you have. Heels have a group of kids who wears off else where else at the heart the hardest for for kids to grass with that age is not the idea of hitting the ball that he is knowing when to advance to the next base of the so you you hit the ball with a guy and first as a realizes now he needs to move to second and even if he does realizing he's good the second search running the guy still sitting on second base who doesn't realizing he's run a third does that Israel delayed it. You know kind of running ping which is basically that's the hardest thing all. After it ball you're dealt each individual players needed what they need him run as it's got a problem. They need to coach I remain home periods you've gone now I got got a triple play as it was to. So I was good jobs that are if you had insisted Cheryl I was. He bought hot hot hot hot hot Kelly Preston Wheeler closing share. I knew enough like the lie I was putting their right to the library in college but you're right. They don't overdo it is that what you think so at all but I still don't like that the religion of seconds is reacting like that that are. My senator and a face Myers who's microphones aren't on bulls football firm throws and heads are not coming in right. You're a plug in plug back galas do military normally done at the bottom there there yeah exe were gone for three weeks and all the sudden always things his. Yes strategy gonna Helena and mess comes. Master control. I'll have to go back and edited so. Yeah it is an excellent. So trillion gives drug problems systems take a look at all the way down only bug you gauntlet she appears. A prominent when she's in danger at ground miles belligerent answer I think movement and go ahead. I yeah. I don't know audio Canada February. What's not going to buy damage yeah beaten Jeanne. I'm freedom she auditioned having anything to do this paternity and Hulu yeah do you do old name at all they're not an audition go back on the blared as an exact thing I was asked him where you see in the machine might have a lower and how damaging plus all alone or should I go back and edited so that they have no idea what we're talking about the other one is sorry you're you're completely bizarre gravitas. Hi in a fun story for over the weekend just that thing few people this is a little bit. So Saturday night I have had the wife over. We're hanging out and marine bitter end when make your lovely day. So I could this dinner I make Marcella. Which is you know it's like whatever she worked on then come home consistent. Lot of the Gaza mushrooms and there delicious. It's about an hour and a half goes by. We siren check outs Dave Chappelle on Netflix the stand up to what I by the way is outstanding IBM had a chance of what satisfy myself. So. I don't know I have to later. I start to feel this really big hot flash tore my body in my go god this is this is not gonna I have serious food poisoning. And I did have one mushroom looked a little funk you know put in their evidence into much of does Alicia Rodgers and noted that looks like he had a little talk you to just I don't think you're considering how transparent anyway man I starts to prove if you sleaze sweat. And I mean when I see this thing hit me I mean it hit me like within about sixty seconds I went from. Feeling perfectly normal to feeling absolutely awful. So into the bathroom and I'm in there and had diarrhea or other but not thrown out but I feel like when have to throw. So scenario might only on this elect I'm going to pass out but I'm really I feel like when a black gal I can see in the stars aren't saying. And I as I have my pants or my ankles and improving you know I tell my wife or my head today. I think I'm gonna blackout. That's the last thing our member so trying to latch on to stand out but blacked out. Trash into the sink bruised my ribs bruised my lung smash my elbow. Fell again until back into the toilet next thing and no way you somewhere address it not yet. Met yet not yet okay not yet. She comes and I'm out of it apparently in my eyes Earle Mack in my head. She slaps me in the face like three or four times I do remember that which ensure the very gratified all I'm sure just must you be Hulu and how a lot of innocent why why do I remember early on Wyatt. Wide. She's on the phone and hear the ambulances outside and then there's firemen in my bathroom alcohol or drugs and alcohol no. None now but I did like back to that. Meg collected myself. I don't want to you stand Delta's commuter pass out I don't remember any of I must have based on more my injuries are but there was no I figured out there was no way 'cause I went a re reenact in my. Position and realizes no exit Dennis damage. Unless I was open and felon to run not a man so. That's correct by the way the firemen the very serious thought it was a ligament should be there that I really don't like what product are belong on the new address Jen yes and they're like who make healthy a series not a life saving stuff can't make all the paramedics again if they're gonna paramedics. So like Elliott take you a hospital. They're very cool. Taken me down to a Swedish. In Ballard. Some of the back in the ambulance I'm out of it at this point in time. Trying to figure out what's gone and the white sick. No nobody hears my from a worried all this yet yes I went all right CS into and I know more questions about owls have got dressed and the whole thing and that but. I'm worried that she's doing is sick to in this is if this hits early get hit me how god look out right. So when the backing the ambulance next test my blood sugar in my blood sugar levels firm. My pulses find everything on an every Obama vitals are far right nothing checks out weird. So Laura but I still feel like I'm not a solo throw out so it is I hear managers few bags so we're on our way lost. Is to do is to talk him out as well very now it was as it did in other shore so much they're cool is again a drought meant. And he's a domino other Jack Daniels jags whereas Ku hasn't yet had a the last two red says man and a blasted. I dislike us. I'll kill massacre reigned in honesty lucky that is awesome. Bruce told an artist has gone commie download it you are anomalies some Alton stump and everything and are now and I are found normally in merger had to face and how to play the Gurney very united. It was an hospital on this like I cannot believe her and everybody senator and then. Puzzle to regulate what they unreliability don't really ruin jurors that oh well and the wife's means you need to be sooner they hospital 3 o'clock 3:30 in the morning with. How we keep him that he may X rays in my Chastain had a bunch of blood were found myself prize three hours. So I got all right 3:34 morning hostile suck. I had had a drop to drink we smoke sweeter really nothing just it was just my straight up cooking. And that gorilla so I want to thank the financially and then the fire department for. Coming mouse so how did she not get sick. Because I knew I had that bad mushroom that's what I really deducted as I journalists say man you know what birdie wins another make out the bad ones yeah. I and then that's really what I think now the man even though it was only glory well and in the you stop to have so little blue you know as much through the fat door then anyway it is so fast out that happen I mean and I know food poisoning so yeah you there's it's unmistakable feeling the food poisoning. But it was just could not it was 060 managed to move. Know my don't Florida law. Enjoy your sins he ally mass. I did take initiative earlier or are you Reza little room for sentiment. Ball is meant that I could tell you that I'm around our room floors him there is no hard and I. They. All. I am a slot he's gotten here to write new direction. Can attack as mr. looks a little funky I don't know I don't know I had needed that only messed up mushrooms. Palin any musher really looks say you only must your relatives if they mushroom and banners and mushrooms or you don't we don't want to lose weird for a mushroom don't you don't you don't need only look strange warning us closer look straight into the marsh drew me go boots on the wrong I still feel a lot of it today I still feel like underestimated in the cloud. A mushroom cloud. Mushroom week Muster went through all this. I would do all my name and I started I know are taking a mushroom and I a phenomenon must see that bill. Ambulance drive on nine Aaron tennis is nice element they're learning together that's it's produced my premier events comfortable. I was brought us. They're a bit more culpable whom would be desperate they are in Jerusalem right leg which is down Kaiser so I know you don't want to really have to be in one but they're usually sold by the storm to a -- and I will say this though the only problem with the ambulance and I've I can figure out of this is that being the victim in the back of -- yes and I would I would recommend this from ergonomics standpoint to future ambulance. The designers. I would suggest that the head of the bed is in the back. So that you face forward because if you have any kind of vertigo whatsoever or you have a hard time facing the reverse especially when you're sick and all messed up. The idea of going backwards in a vehicle laying down he's very weird position to be with you I wanna sit and go backwards and you can see everything. We knew laying down and then going backwards like it's not a natural position for your body. And it feels we don't even know inertia works when Larry and an ambulance. Vertigo or should not be your top that well here's a thing not you know you know she works just regularly in a car goes to a format when you're facing Ford you're sitting up. When you're William backward in your laying down the inertia is just alluded like nobody just shoot backwards. They're sort of saying like you don't stop plays the whole body massages this hit that I really is a girly girls formed. For the particular form the south. I would say hello lean back and face forward next. Sentiment and analyze us that must ask Deborah Craig maybe a video you make miles sort of draw widow Carol the best center usually apply and this is why don't we don't did you have sandwiches or snacks may bottled water. Will could east. Yeah off. We'll cookies they trust or he's in it for the diabetics and that's obviously right man that you don't diabetic or she you know that Cinderella you're gonna get. Get those sugar backup neither find out. Didn't.