04-25-18 Seg 2 Mens Room is to blame

Wednesday, April 25th

Mens room question: Who or what are you sure got you pretty sick?


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This is dumb men's room. God knows it's coming out right now WA AF Boston's legendary Iraq station also down Portland at the classic run 923 KE GON. And 98 point three decay in Fayetteville Arkansas big show the return of who sucks less coming up the word has some annoying lingo. Then it's you only really here at work that they're also saying please stop doing that. And our question who or what are you pretty shirt got you sick 844999. Cola. I doubled comments comment as far as who or what are you pretty sure. Prince T shore got to say I think this is a good example the guy says the ocean and coast Rica I'd sites in the ocean and came back with a weird you TI. It's never good when a doctor gets excited about something that quote. He's never seen before. We all know it's. Way. Spinning is is that the ocean is that the company you kept. Recently arms. Let's use the bathroom happens almost it depends on what they find. But a little bit but understated you need to find out Mankins let eight could be the ocean but he could have been whoever you. You big men just don't know how you look at flesh eating virus is by getting a cut by during the offshore like you never know what with the culprits going to be. But Brett both the UT are like you had six. Yeah only out like that this is about fifty producing a coach Dooley did you have sexson walked in the coach and a door. That's we Jimmy Costa Rica is like the Australia of the Americans. Lighter moment says I went early season camping had a government camp of Mount Hood campground bookmark would campground was close. No problem we camp for two nights anyhow. We found out later it was closed due to a sewer leak in the creek the same creek we drank data. The same Graham Rahal Hogan that's wrong. No I am all in all. I all your is the batteries Georgia. Charter John does not know don't art cool it did you blew pretty G every word GYARRDIAG. Ardea GR do you clearly isn't at the stuff you put on so. No I don't copyright Kenya. You don't wanna see that you're gonna regret but sir Richard JIGGGR. A our. UCL with a background yeah yeah I really can't pick contaminated water all lurk in the Blair did image when it's. Super rainy through our winter here at least your dog since stuff can get it pretty easily because of any. Stuff like if they run and other dogs Toobin as Iranian that he gets into your idols and things didn't go get sick like create new and our Andrei you need to see it on your look now hang on hang on what did you see the other name for it. Now the bigger favor. Our. I'd tell god is my guy got another big guy you know I was really do or die all day old guy Costa Rica got no woman is huge yeah you gotta do you will rebook. Anyway but god I never fever. This guy's a good memory thing I'd say I didn't if you can do we were driving home. On the highway going seventy project album Nadal on the passenger window. The drug induced with Donald wipers and dropped way back no way out there and I had one last one of those. Is very upbeat very upbeat throughout that says hey guys I got the boot flew. Our fourth sub to accompany you everywhere on this business is to prove loop. Which causes straight up but. 35 days sneezing or slight call with a brutal flu could Hornaday real quick gray Dave bags. The new flu you know I issued you just take those sick days a week. I mean look if one is gets really really really sick we will take a sick it just doesn't seem to happen that often when it when it. You know maybe once every few players of forever but the thing if you're in that industry out think you need those days these are different sickened and under you always say let's all do you got a cold all get our call yesterday but don't get the cold in the slapped in the world if you walked it because. Our marketing give you the runs not a lot and after what would you say is a different and I think move flu like Brothers seriously go home that's why we have the rule if you put more than three times you can leave work area and it's about it's it's about amount of like texture. So you just have to poop. All right that's one thing okay sure but I think it volatile which is pretty liquid being very liquid people who. Stay home you know Amanda that's a good meant that I don't look how well do you feel. Do you still have some improved come work if you don't please stay home who are what are you pretty sure got your sic a 44999. Obama. Hello tanner welcome to the men's room. Load tenor dinner. I mean he's gonna and is gonna. Hello. Anthony Anthony welcome to the men's room. Or not I don't know Anthony. Could be useful system all I don't know mayor goes is somebody they're gonna hear us all I got me. I don't our area. And oh god go for doing great are you doing. I got to think Anthony. Or every six oh it is all part of what nobody's. Ever had a great time. And who aren't they don't sort of ideas that home number of blows in out. Well my buddies out there and really really good enough to get when you got your younger but can duplicate. And so ugly chaotic maybe I guess so they don't get anybody who actually Nokia. Now let our schools now model it. And I he didn't look so. So I definitively why Obama might have learned you know I'm old lady and stuff like that so. Okay. Saying I'm the only idea. Sugar and please keep them working side. So an unknown is gonna save and have pretty good idea. He started sweating profusely then and then all of a sudden his stomach did not feel right and he got the mouth sweats. He then ran into the bathroom where he project out plummeted everything he'd beaten and everything he drank the night prior. All over the bathroom and have proceeded to probably puke again when he made it to bedroom. I do those couple garbage that would be my guess now I'll. You know that I just get a dialogue cocaine and wants the ones who won't think I'm started down the road like. I've heard this Missouri go discover garbage menu you will pay a price you'll kind of laxatives now that I needed need is that is that don't he might not a little got to relax OK I don't with a hole no covered than with animal poison you because they don't want a repeat customers what to believe you ordered by say it right there and said look man. Who. This amount of money can get you this this is the suffers from coupled baby powder of the laxatives or pretty much smaller amount that same month Mon who you today as. This is the pure rocket fuel levels since you. Fly. That's the stuff so it just say. This sort of my math or does that make you do every time. Sometimes and all of a carnival lights and India and a call yes it's. One. Side or the other that's how you find out what caffeine cocaine base it's an upper and make you who knew Daniel finally got to where a total which nobody does elderly who are a lot of are you pretty sure got to 68449990. That's part of the fun of the game generally dire rhetoric and what it. It's just not on something I mean to but I have a feeling pride did images feed our IDs decent until it's led him to fill that gap it lie you lie and I decided to do it. Not a dragons jays. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Put up both our job. Both think the guy you and I may sucker for I've got prepared to get warm and our home. The dollar that is they are and we'll get. I and a guard. So I doubt early or not picked up the gummy bears that I electronic while blatant. And I didn't need them Mario home and I have been out there at a time and allied I had dinner but I didn't. Tell about them as they thought why did they let that play. But I had. I gotten though they probably think that you Egypt they took what is going to be dry evening. Yeah yeah. Well I was dry evening out of every bite every orbit let my body. What do you think I actually did like them because right he what is what is the brand name asserts that age is a caribou hat pair Mo are all are well know governments while Germans the notable ones says though the sugar sugar free ones are the ones that that are notorious for making you have diarrhea I don't know about getting his sixty any other way but. I've heard you're did warrant main battle red hair below are her her blue ones let it where like I'm gonna island area yellow bag. Why do. So sounds like you're hiding in the gummy worms from their lives. Yeah. Competitive I mean that's I guess they outlawed a. I don't know if you think did you would have got in trouble of you to come home like half a gum Norman announced wanted to live like have you been reading got real tired and you've gone he's no no I thought you are a dime I don't know all the data and Paul guys us. How my bags and these things he did they know more concerned about this. Our knowledge didn't like that day like tell you what what the mom I really that bad for the third Orlando got a problem all of the gate that they found bags yeah sadly enough it's. Not I think it's. Alan we 64. Call me and about three days and really. Why couldn't sit up straight. I didn't walk but it didn't beat them are bad burn are bad about what. Isn't that more is on the Euro banners like you're reminded of her something but that's from the easily worth. You know about it started out ahead like everything was an alien got a lot of we could get that that's at the deal I ever heard I've always thought I have all the gonna come out of my head. And I hadn't Iran been infidelity dry heat and then I'd be complicated it is and it is just. Every like DR Howard if I didn't I didn't get pole I didn't get it out you are a lot of I just couldn't get comfortable I was. I was out of the pellet just a lot of. Did you go to the doctor. Well Ali I think a doubling time we need to go the director I think after after 24 hours and years if you think you're right out it doesn't go away I think you need to go to doctor. How long did you get like do anything now gonna try to download by date zero I've what man if you can't walk ten feet if you're all the fight dry heave out of my blunt like for me that's enough to go to the doctor like that this doesn't make sense of damage you wouldn't even if they give is that just a fart. They devious side effect of a drug a new image might dry heat when parting. And you write our children. I know what I mean I think that you could outrun a drug just hoping that you know I doubt they now just a fared. I mean if your bud dry heaves. Is that just really parting. That's what I'm saying right about trying to even just a far Tampa Phil I don't know what the dry heat than to be a massive picked us on your plate and they give sales dip because you're prepared for one thing I think it's a through your mind is. I am prepared poop. And is all have a duty they give group garnered walk very far but you don't really get to drive a buck though somehow I feel like what he's saying it's like that's. But somehow you still feel relief ill. My own family and we knew fart it's like it's like dry somehow your gut still feels workforce miles you are right now two days of that. Be careful dehydration. What's that two days of go along and if you could only out of Tony might give your. Visor shut down who want to are you pretty sure got sick people or 49990. Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Who was smile and. Our disease control and prevention said thirty more people 31 to be precise have been. Fallen ill on the E. Coli outbreak lied tied to Romaine lettuce stop eating vegetables though the total eat all I have is now an 84 and is now in nineteen states that's is current information urban 42 hospitalizations. Nine patients developing a form of kidney. Failure to east no deaths have been reported but he knows better thing they did the best thing they did was either eat the sandwich or have a Caesar salad right they I guess the best you get. Italy's if you sit down and have a real then the human beings can actually eat you or aren't you got sick. They say yeah golf a salad may have thought you'd like this season. I had one last night I don't think about it talking about the guys that are little if I have to eat the salad that's not what the chops now aren't. Levi does salad that's not just drenched in Beijing blue cheese. Who then yeah out of Bosnia there's but what are the up do you think in the course of my life I have ever. Asked for a set up. I have eats and ate salad that's been a clear and I just I felt like I see not enough I don't like it enough and listen and those sounds horrible but never to my year of totally sprouts or one of the lettuce iceberg remained you name it. I don't know some star rock idol is to dating someone like I don't need it and you Rhode Island EC BS Mosley did three col Al stick with my deep fried shapes investigators have not yet identified a grower supplier distributor of the brand although the outbreak had been traced to Yuma Arizona initially but they say maybe it's not just from Yuma. I incidentally. As far as the people who got sick within two days eight days of swallowing the German. The reports massive cases of horrible diarrhea and stomach cramps and vomiting although most recover in a least one week it could lead. To kidney failure so they say to avoid the E. Coli wash your hands regularly and thoroughly cooked meat completely wash fruits and vegetables avoid rob know. And don't prepare food when you're sick if you find yourself sick right down would you beaten contact your doctor and report your illness only vegetables. Drug charge right now cause I join our user I'm all right you know it's thrilled speaking of let us at the same guy who used to walking in my studio every morning with a cheeseburger and similar to the lettuce and tomato office and ask if I wanted to salad yeah that he would immediately throw the track as I have for murder I'm trying to and I just heard me right American including LaSalle and a member trying to picture him eating a Caesar salad I don't know that I have ever seen in my fifty dollars I don't know I don't pretend it's the Caesar salad they'll look quality delicious salad nobody can argue it's the healthiest of south. So I just assume somewhere along with no you're right you know I know you individuals like a series and I thought like. Yes he's Sao if I have to in socially if you're at the wedding reception right analog out liberals crack under plate and events this season so I didn't I do get through to the dressing is good enough I can ignore the taste of Romaine Paloma I don't enjoy it does to me. It's like just pulling a Wii you fall over ran entry putting a delicious dressing and documentaries food we're topic is actually African ridiculous but. People enjoy eating that stuff but looks like we're get. It keeps happening in the quote on quote. Healthy stuff. You know it's funny it's not the story I came here to tell but I did through the Caesar salad on that. When I cinema and the first time I got drunk on peach not so it was all Opsound Caesar salad when you walk it was nuance that it was like they're closing out reverence sort of stood their ground I managed to salads to compete is about I don't I was probably you probably. 21 years old and what you guys I got you I hate these new salad job to keep popping up everywhere take a prime real stake. Are you the Al Walter downtown jail he's whatever it is mostly jury side as well as what ever dreamed and here's the thing we keep saying to. They have the best seller ultimately I understand I'm sure more are saying they look very good and company they have the best out but I was like saying this is the most they seemed altered my it's still garbage they just have the best garbage ribeiro. As god bless them. Good luck to whom I can promise you I will never eat your card just felt I thought I'd like to use of the rest of us have to answer to the doctors are now so it's like we're just good sound I'll I'll. I mean I'm okay genes that code in Kakaako and to pop tarts I just say as part of my as part of my plan into law. To bounce to them. So loud I don't notice I don't know that anyone sits around at night five going. How would he want for dinner tonight I don't know let's go out have do we doc no one really abduct. Do we tell which is linked to a duly duck it's it's like a penis with a clam protesting. Refugees today's session moves a huge follows massive and it looks at all it looks like a big clam with the giants like arm arms lesbian coming out it right exactly so to a major thing did you look look advertiser so here's the deal but if you're on a night you know Ron. And there's do we duck on the menu you might go. You know Larry tonight I don't have the do we Dotson itself that's exactly what happened to me some very nice restaurant for dinner with some very nice people. And on the menu was. Do we Duckworth so. Look at and I ordered it. And I got to tell you it was one of the most delicious god damn things of every month that you can watch me play with a little camera photo I I would go there I did you know you it was it was indiscernible. Because a bit with them with numbers 00 in the texture of the do we duck and it was kind of cut fine and there you know it wasn't like you were picking up pieces of geoducks it was all just sort of incorporated look at my stats right. And it's lemon too high so I went I had not ever I never had do we duck before. I had also never did you know at that point did you would never ever ever begins holy book miles to wait it gets better okay I'm I have never been that sick in my life and it happens. It's like 3 hours later I am laying in bed it's 11 o'clock and it came on Mike. Fast I mean it came on real fast it was it it from the point does a month back from the point of am I gonna get sick my getting jockeying in the toilet it was like maybe 25 seconds it was like oh god this is happening right now so. You guys have been in my house. Mired. Bathroom upstairs is about twenty feet away from my bet right. Beautiful design by the way our path that I amend their throwing up. So violently. That my wife is laughing hysterically Keating's Shiite makes it's hysterical now throwing in my Carter I'm like finally narrowing just to all. The fact it's probably no no no like I never know who knows if you're not hammer you wonder why it never bit like my body could not get the jets dumped out hard enough it was. It was like the most violent for and it went on for seven. Hours overall sat there and hours I could have so there's nothing left at the now you're just yelling into an empty words and equipment and so it got to a point where I had to go I'd go downstairs and lay on the couch because I first forced most I was gonna murder my wife because I could just hear doctor what you think you eat I eat this not. And finished with 32 announcers plus I was keeping is keeping her up so I went downstairs I laid on the couch and I took but a bathroom. Garbage and puts a compost bagged and and then screams and that this thing down until like 7 o'clock in the morning when the finally subsided enough. I can go to sleep. I you or I although I lost my voice like it couldn't talk for two days. I'm all by my adds we're just all all out a laugh like I don't like five million crunches like it. Beat the hell out of me but here's the kicker. Was it to do we dock. Or was it just bad do we duck. Or do I have a problem with Goowy dock or or wasn't the result or was it food poisoning like I don't know I say you can write again immediately that last shot. Fast forward now to fast forward to years okay. And another very nice rest your backpack your Mac this is say this guys is 821. Of course media overall guy is maybe. The most beautiful amazing meal I ever had in my life and every course is like a bite or two and they just keep bringing up these little things the jury is lying you're drinking a tunnel why you have a great time. And it everything you eat is the most amazing thing you've ever read in your life you try once the god that as a mate next thing 'cause like I've got that's even better alas it. One dish comes along and it has do we can. And of course it I say to my wife I'm like should I eat this. It's just one bite. Toy maybe you maybe just maybe to bite the dust out of the hotel is this just the glee duck as it is suicide thing is incorporated Friday it's pretty it's pretty pared its prepared the way I don't remember how they prepared and it wasn't like here's a hunk of geoducks okay unanimous it was it was preparedness. Kelly listen seaweed into legends write something when his Pulitzer and Leo so we have the conversation like so what I think he liquidity god it was so any of us are actually Albany says two yeah every everybody's eating everybody's getting turn out so well the good that we have the conversation was it food poisoning or does my body not like we duck and I thought well I eat clams all the time Michael oysters are like mussels that's on the I don't have a problem with shellfish so we camped that. You know what there's only one way to find out for sure. Down hats goes the do we tuck got a taste. Delicious thanks to judge so you UW might prove they loader driven fast forward three hour I'll know. No good if there are you know hotel a hotel overall though and I hit it comes on in about apps when he five seconds from a hot mouth and this is happening no way I can't seriously again and but this time it was 821 course meal. All okay. I am not you know I really don't realize he'd have fortunately someone else picked up the tent okay RF oh yeah so she saved yourself and the black up hoops from the the most exported. Why exactly but the good news it because it was only won by. Yeah I threw up like twice in the it was all over not done so until he's on o'clock and we got so now I know nobody ever have been tested the hypothesis the do we duck is definitely off the menu but no one else got sick. Noel Scott so it was just it was definitely night definitely much from what do we think OK so you never can have it again now now I've I've I've thrown up since then on different occasions but never ever like that never before like that and never sensed then like that that was the most. Violently ill iPod ever been in my life but my Johnny look and how cool would not get that out fast enough. The thing is a man in the end which embodies that is the one food you cannot consume with out of revolting. Right at quickly and violently is a bit. It's a sea creature that looks a lot like people think it's important tool in broad of the so it's a little peanut allergy they write like you kidding me you can't have Jeff you can't have our team finishing point I I think he's I think you Mittal I don't get the rest of my national Dario and we are not going to be cool were you on an island when you made this I once I got no category or do not I would go back there so far 812 best restaurants. Second in America. Yeah it was it was Atlanta everything I it was the most delicious thing that references and guess who got me was so good it tasted good twice but now everybody of course they don't want another restaurant you were in relic I know I need about an hour there's not a ball and also McDonald's hey man. It sounds a cure I do we talk must have been harvested from an area looks red tide it's an algae that makes you sick. You're right but I would I would not likely able had gotten sick perhaps most people that do fishing for a living one we continue to make money. Don't pull fish out of an area that has read time and then the rain we Heidi more than likely are gonna find anything alive in that period and and and he we have had that conversation you know maybe it was just this do we tell but because it happened twice and going to assume that no I'm. In my seafood restaurant Renta and they're gonna let us everything we deserve my hairdresser on an Alabama after its next do every single thing army shells like microwave fish when you are there because. Our I think Iraq after the drug charge you are what are you pretty sure got to say day 44999. Cola. Hello deed welcome to the bedroom. DER. I welcome to the manager. I guess is I love that oh. I'm a big going to be out come from Florida and that it's time I lived. Saying in Pensacola Florida my mom has to needs cleared they get. Our time and I wasn't even yet one line but unfortunately. My stupid that. Boyfriend at that time had gave me strip there. So the real unfortunate one as I don't. If you think. Oh. I sound like Sinbad belt but it was fortunate because I had built up all the excitement. Ted got a big red alerts time I was really cute little who are excited to go and I guess I'm playing and then I'm starting yelling battered dreamer is. Like that the fallout and leg and can't. You know turn it red I still like a mother thorough you know unless. Of them were you when you're on a plane either that's that's the worst place to feel like cats and does her own no we're definitely going moral hazard nor you can go but once you start showing signs everyone else on planes first look and you'd like you might be patient zero at Alia I did and in laws don't sell a dog and final of that you know I mean that the plane is the worst place to be sick. Oh yeah he's tired so by the come a medal at my mom and they get. Naturally I'm a student and now my daughter's school for microbiology that longstanding thought I already knew immediately what it wired and Dodgers felt like not console swell and out. Billy boat Bainbridge and then by the time we got into bay get. Anyways no time to get to like the little mini clinic they had been like the CBS and I looked like I don't even want you got the diagnosed they already know how what role likely that they are able to get it the post its and some antibiotic. And I didn't agent in note to god precautions to get a little easier or better. I would not killing their they would sit by the words still and stay on the plane. Yeah you might be one of the more people you're the first people to go to the clinic when they land in Vegas. Yeah like hey I played people who stopped by the clinic and we've back to the airport to fly out here you are now just landed energy equations you take. And you graduated from microbiology. No right now brilliant student. SPU wanna be out this round. Yes this I do I think. So played microbiology. And it's fascinating enough they don't flip on the table my go to the stuff but. I would think that have been something I was knowledgeable about something I was aware of I would be the biggest hypochondriac. Ers team doubt about everything all the time. Oh yeah sure sure. I'm good what they played better. I currently do with me ordnance read it and you know you've been working with what Iraq okay that's right. Yeah you've been wet night I'm kind of used to it by I would not you it's good he's not happy when I found that I. Has stepped out about it from a left beg your bag got back on the Pensacola it's time. Now my lawyer Brad wrote down I. In some medication you need to go get. Get sunlight antibiotic could I know you got me saying and you need to go ahead leaving it to double B ball and that was bit tired I don't know where you got that problem and trading shirts and. Know how did you feel I don't know I don't know if I don't her look this up allure like that he got his agony kicked him out I don't know. Let's go into the getting sick I was gonna Vegas you're out of here. Yeah pretty hardcore route that I know it's a New Orleans to convey used to play with the already on the outs with the wind avenue and the saw I got to second he threw me out of the house of your today at all and if he. We need you want to got a gag empty worked Larry envelope on a sign it and then my one time he came back and I would have liked. Are you not about to get ratings go up the Bay Area. You know DO PaineWebber. The I didn't expect to get on that damn plane and they elect got sick in the courage and then I had found out. Wow wait no time little ad then mom let's go to the media I think the bag gotten sick and it's not even cool it's not like a kid thing but. Oh burst dump them I don't know that strip thorough. No I did I mention your mouth tonight your resign your mother's life thank god. Can you say we had to stop by the clinic my boy cried out why my Newser I'm gonna kill general Obama no my dad that's cool all right man that's. No worries let's do that then. I bet I'm at at at day 1111 good thing is is that you were underage new in you. You couldn't get a beverage because when you're on antibiotics one thing you can definitely do is drink because it did. All the antibiotics don't work. So handle I call me junior and if you're in Vegas and you are major governors wanna have a drink or dinner or something or glass of wine every once a while McEnroe and the antibiotics effectiveness. So at least you're always your underage Baghdad's so there's a silver lining. Yeah well it though I'd say wait a plan to do it. Huge amount he had to go out after that. I don't blame no. Always well I put it on my get anybody while I've got is against Garrett at the finest roses and I guess I don't know what have you overall I that's. The two seriously like I tripled as a child children I've ever heard of it being an ST DJ did not want strep throat. She made very clear daylight you got to do stuff do you do and bragged that. The front plagued. So people and I would have daylight looked ma'am strong like no I gave a strong throw an album that she would based game leg kick my as out how gone. It seems like one of those funny when you talk about. I'm sure he does not originally said that it I guess that is my Ambrose and is starting miles I you know for like a day and a half went what what would happen well it. I'm confused as she sounded very no announced that yeah yeah it is just dog food and go apple and I think they know who I am. There was drug for a few dozen up or is dead yeah. Aren't so that the as a kid I never got pink guy never got strep throat number allies right and what as a kid obviously you knew without having had a life and I had never I never analyzed the lice they both ways freaked me out more than any of them only because. You knew it was like those living thing climbing under Bobby Nichols. Strep throat terrified me because any Tommy Kidd has struck shortly we didn't seem for a week. Yes hey guys and Karen was because the reasons the potato salad she's not going to be disproportionate to me that was the most terrifying thing that the possibly was. And finally. There's not all right man I care armour who gave me chicken pox and as you always say it was an organized a planned event where somehow see everybody and I know some terrible GigaVox birthday party and they seen those nobody in our class footer you know. Looked weaker to another goal as you everyone says you want your kids. To grow up and a better life indeed for the most part that's so vaccination for that now see that's where I draw the line I. My prayers maybe play with so little girl I didn't even like I can get chicken pox and it was something else looking very forward to doing to my own kids. I really love him and they just back away from Norway can borrow somebody would love maybe. I go to work tomorrow but are you I'm pretty sure I got to 6844999. Omar calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you know have turned the men's room. You know our wives are you Frazier got to say this because of the sun I think London is a doozy I will read it as it was written by the all that if you. A mom says she found a used condom and a packet of Tesco Gayle after she had served a tiller family for dinner. Christie Gilbert's. Served in generous portion. If it's out threatened to her husband Paul 35 and sons Robin and three year old son Sam back in March. But when she attempted to grab a handful of the leafy dads to give to her to. Guinea pigs bubble and squeak a day later. She claims to have discovered the stained condom with hairs attached to lying among the league's push. After a full investigation Tesco says the condom which is confirmed it was intact and used must've been planted there after the 38 year old moderates. Christie says she took her family C a nurse fearing they needed dead an ST I Chad but was assured that the chance of infection was amenable. I just stood there for ages looking at it wondering what it was in ridiculously. Picked it up for a look said Chrissie. I dropped do what I realized what it was then. I rolled it's to pick it back up and you could tell it was used to. And it looked a bit stained the condom. What circles highlighting hairs found on it. Our question who or what are you pretty sure got his day game 449990. Look the hairs really take over the top right somehow that just makes skillful at that point out. The well it's. Hello do OK welcome to November and Mendoza generous portions of that I deserve because it's a regular with the US DeGeneres Jenna has fallen more detail that would normally on this day this one day we did more had a look. I. See little it's gonna get out. A lot Paula beverages and women are loose morals and it's outside. Well I was just saying you know I'm sorry Seacrest got a you know upon something that my first word for some reason I'd get sick sometimes. But go to work and I couldn't understand why it restricted Balkans. Finally divorced her after eleven years. And I talked my ex in laws. And what folks and maybe get sick every time they'd come over you know so I think she was poisoning announced that it anyway personal lawyer calls. Well okay that's just the sides out great. Canada. Oh yeah at about 25 years ago I was trying to quit smoking and no. Went to Afghanistan you use deep Jolly Ranchers don't get me out of smokestacks. And I got out gum line cavity showed hey you've got to give that up here you know. By these. Sure looks tired and anyway. In our side beneath them I'd grab sample is at Dorado look construction workers and you know after about three weeks. Mean Nancy Olympic at a party contest coated in gold. This brochure is it's from a sugar free candy year's us from the actual jolly rancher. I was from the sugar free candy in a book I mean I don't know Madonna and you know it's like oh my god it's. This and everybody is on sale I think they're saying universal thing in sugar free candy it makes people just have the regular it was the dummies the sugar freeze the woman senator Roy into the toilet hearsay and you switch sugar free jolly rancher or not I don't know the replacements for north to get the taste but obviously. It's not good for your ass. And I'll men you know it was just like you know there's forty sluggish 62 or. Looks like he's. And a close eye. At that point you don't ladies it's it's a let me normal stomach cramps and didn't. Even the guys on the job you know big and move away from me is like holy. Yeah we don't we don't lose any room and here we can't do that in studio concerns that. Yeah. I bet I did you have any correlation and right I mean it's only the candy it's the sugar free stuff and I don't know I candy guy so I don't really care glad you reached for candy I guess I just reach for the sugar can ultimately it's. Hand and I kind of thought you're only buying sugar free candy some recent capture. It's the only read about your eating candy so that moment you're consuming can't really help there's not a primary concern and most of us know each sugar free candy in in all seriousness a diabetic why is that though it seems like. Whatever those sugar substitutes are gonna lose a few of them. They seem to do more damage than any the other church survived substitutes an army the body you hazards you Linda your right thing you're taking in sugar and it's not so it's holding everything and like hibernation mode. Instead of burning through each one thing about sugar as it does fire yup and burned through well. That doesn't necessarily work in some of these artificial sweeteners it just kind of holds on to your body but it doesn't speed your body ups united right benefit. Of the left with the sugar would normally provide. From Coke to Diet Coke even noble have caffeine. God has some type of corn syrup sugar rent compared to that crap that's just it's just lowering our bodies legacy of other of them being diabetic retire understand you don't want the sugar it seems like. Whatever they put in place of sugar to make a soda and things like cats and whatever the product might be while it is not sugar so maybe you don't get fat. Whatever its side effects are always seem worse than east side affect your computer. Yeah and left the court but I would put oil in and I'm sure there which are gonna get cancer you may get shut your average around the toilet and a bloody school click. Do you do as a teacher at that point I had to use the method needs yogurt. Is not supposed to go and I guess I just I forgot about that and why are you you know also so Jamie Lee Curtis each person makes you who. But let's say any more like good. Organic yogurt or whatever it's got picketed. And sirens sounded. And and it took me a couple days early buyout yeah I think what's going on down there is no room in just a lot of gas flows Justine all the stuff and they're probably. Are unusual look like regular malware your body's just littered doesn't happen Williams and you eat yogurt in Canada I think it was just fight the bad inside out okay I'm in and I have to do. Change is made me feel better when I Google this yogurt make you part because there it was that bad the good group. That's what did you think tour three days in a row that I felt fine my stomach get making very odd noises. Tiger I go to the bathroom just far this kind of check your freezer the food and drug association says pop singles may be contaminated with listeria. The is Seigenthaler company is recalling approximately 3000 cases of budget Saber cherry pineapple monster pops. Mean you had cries budget Saber cherry pineapple monster pops the I'd like to be the meeting when they came up with a name for that. And sugar free twin pops because of the possibility of the listeria contamination. Pop singles were sold in Alabama Arkansas Florida Maine. Nebraska fan and New York Ohio Oklahoma. Washington and Wyoming so if you have the obstacles in there they say throw away products in the recall were delivered between April 5 and April 19. A no illnesses have been reported yet but they just found itself the good thing about it it's sort of take you back and get a full refund hysteria not as bad as he cola evidence that they've both star of the same things that you might have good story. That's. So I don't know hard hats and knowing I know that you only hear in the workplace the return of who sucks less. It's gone up and our question who or what are you pretty sure got to 6844999. Ala. Why your golf kill insects. I shenanigans continue on the men's room. The radio network.