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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program yeah. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Radio more than. Irons. And your. There are a lot of good November 2811. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Do Ted smack and all wouldn't call. The five car. Okay and imagine though a. I canceled it drug charges and sentenced may not today. The ten best boy band songs of all time so years you are welcome nice of you couldn't prove roles get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines read your job today fumbled as her emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would tip click clack period during my year ago this is actually real in England man gets eight months in jail for what they need traffic camera the bird. American airline passenger gates pays ten times in stool puts up a fight which seems a bit absurd. Tennessee while whilst needless to say has had a hell of a week. Man who stole a million dollars and that he does will now have jail food to critique and I was normal mouse ticket ride your trunk. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Although I've read his good day to you and yours are let's go to the final state of Oregon. Or mental wall this dog on the beach now we happen to be walking his dog on the nude beach. But he did never installed on the Leach. And that. Is when a naked man attacked them actually don't toppled and started beating them up. Ensure the issue was about his dog not being unleashed nobody wants to get beat up but the one thing to make it worse is they haven't done my make it worse. Meanwhile the go to Florida or ma'am brought home divorce papers his wife responded to the news by shooting at. Now if you miss what's it. And we told you yesterday about another a couple of Florida they got into an argument we don't know the argument was about but it ended while one of them was hit in the face. With Billy the big mouth bass singing fish I try to somehow that became the center of argument started getting petty this is a couple. And one thorough and independent guy in the head of the singing Billy the big match. True story now the common denominator of all these stories is simply this. Things were fairly routine the and then somebody snapped and things went south. Real fast what we've all been there either we bend the birth and it's now or we witnessed the person snapping and maybe never justified maybe they weren't. But today's question is very simple. And why brother Joseph caught a 44999. Only you can like the midterm on FaceBook pulse on tournaments in my hands and those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Told the dog now I know our limits on number 2813. While large and in charge pro. Ram may have quarry today. Guaranteed future repeats heads made of potatoes they had Jeb his back and we have some information and news about snacks and I guess some statistics on eating. While distracted. I guess we just don't sit down and have a good meal anymore there's other things going on out we have I think that probably would go back out to the TV tray in the early days of people who would sit in front of their televisions while eating dinner. And of course you know the at least in in my day and age. We did have a lot of family dinners maybe one or two week. But man you had to sit down yet to be paying attention everything had to be turned off it was family time. What are both and I have gone. And they're coming out real well about those a TV and our kids and I do remember that the thing. TV table slash TV tree the only person and every user when I was growing up like. My brother and I would use it if we were good and may give some kind of don't snack during the day but actual sit down dinner. I'm occasion I do remember my father grab that thing looking back I get it. Like I need to get aways are immune to Brooke Taylor Beverly would you sit in front of the TV and always want something he knew we didn't want to watch. Like the new news yeah there's no chance we were gonna join. And Soledad but maybe he worked late you guys that are out each hour now he's yelling Hollywood tonight is what he does not I know the song with the dude was home we overhaul and recruit. Work and I'm the data from nothing like that okay now aren't you if you hit it just a minute guys they just shadows are. That we were here together doing that. I'm not sure August cal and I'll drink it tells what the they shot of the day and today as it they would play the game known as big Demi it's an easy game to play. All we ask you is the one question right once dead spends a big category we'll. Every week we humans are told the company that and we asked you felt stupid like last week. What foot late night snack food to go forward like how to market maybe macaroni and cheese from the box frozen pizzas. Aerial tour there as well. Serial dominated this ball easily by far. Tripling the results of every other vote I sure don't tell you this last week I couldn't believe it number one frozen pizza number two hot pocket followed by Mac and cheese. What we basically learned here is is that people do not want to do any thing go any part of the world and he waited night not that point in the my don't want an oracle getting saying this is guilty eating this is some drunk eating this is not even you know the pockets of pirated microwave Obama might I really don't matter and come back if I could argue it's easier cook hot pocket it is to make the theory it might or the most Intifada. But here is the difference friend. I'm waiting for my cereal to cool off. Yes you may drop I gonna ninety's or zero strength in exit certain other ninety seconds a stern and knowing. Always we knew bite into it again three hours and get burned to root for your mouth and I marked improvement over in the late night far too man other serial probably is the most the best thing we Judy I'll warrants a nutritional values concerns of a sitting in the senate and toast crunch was also the big winner and cereals I don't know if that's necessarily true depends solid tennis hero you you enjoy all right so this week on our men's room Paul. We're having you dive into a pool you have some options here as far as what you're diving into you can dive into old fool all of doing tobacco spends. You are right. Her movies bought shocks. Again you're diving in Opel. They can be of chewing tobacco spit it can be of your. Lou he's as in light. Reach back to the back of your thorough look and pull up the pearl of your mouth and then looney that. May be a little green involved we don't know we know it's gonna be stringing. We know it's going to be basically eight. Bike. Like a bit in oysters. Yeah basically it's going to be I mean you're just gonna slime your way through it you know splash in the and it's going to be salty if you haven't they get in your mouth. It's gonna taste Legos salute you ran the ball full look east or. Sharks lots and lots of sharks so that's our miserable for today it's quite simple you gonna dive and Opel will be chewing tobacco spent urine that Lou v.s or sharks very. I think. I've given this one a lot of thought because one talk like tobacco spit is absolutely off the table Lou he's wise outback goes Leo explain why. You don't man may be a does that too much experience whether or not you to tell we lived together for a while yeah it's just. One good bit the view of it itself is on plus that's one thing and also you realize. It's just spit man I mean it's losing never agree with it a little birds I know I know but it it's spit it has been so the little fitter. It is what are its gonna burn more in the future we wanted to be Minty timid real knock depends on the flavor ranked what one of the flavors. I think everything that he could be just plain. Okay you go oh look there's no winner in that case. The look he's absolutely. These are you can't be done so nothing no soul you. Does down the urine and sharks. I reduce beautiful was tobacco spit tobacco spit looks very immoral spit tobacco debate is the big winners the worst right ice so it's got you know I think that bright you know so you got tobacco summit movies I'm removing those from my options. The sharks know Robin brought this up as a lot. We don't know third of the gun charge them kill you and and as Mike added it could be the San Jose Sharks right we but the problem is it could also be tiger sharks are great white. We don't know you don't know once you get the pool. So I think. I think I have to pick the piece you go oh Europe yeah. Mean I'm not happy Bubba the sharks' mandates that it seemed like a bad idea Jack and I think I can handle the measurement firm faltered Abby and Opel will be chewing tobacco spit urine bogeys and sharks are at the game is big Demi 844999. All. Who's our first contestant ready to play big game on the how low this guy and welcome to the bedroom. It or not. Clothes well I knew there. That I get your name brand new Zion Zion. I halo GI oh yeah. Xeon we don't do this every day we'll break into John are you sober not sober. Little over Jian you would think we've been notified. And those over Jian when he got into a pool of chewing tobaccos that you're in movies are sharks. Home how often do. The old going to Aaron and I while the water more baby out there waiting for him drip drip for hope you don't gymnasium and the comments coming that it overwhelmingly. People picking short. We have a chain. What of what are getting better I attack. You have to look for a fact I don't know maybe three he's actually telling us flashed my money says that your base but a bit. A bullhorn charged charged chart one of the person agrees the Euro and everyone to insure a few people out of your mind. Clearly one Moody's might not be that one cut on your body. You gonna be you and your world heard of anything else what food chewing tobacco is for all of you out already don't like you're a dog bit and spit you are familiar and sterilize the and I began may be probably yes I didn't ultimately this is being I was really in Orange juice justification building and hang nail ha ha that's I grab a broad sharks still I'll take my chances I think in short staffed and man. While you are. You couldn't guard Eugene island Diana tub looting but here's the thing and theory you're going to swim to the other side no one it doesn't guarantee that that the shark. All sort. Yeah. Art here is your question. Who short class 00 or TV or clout on the outskirts of the solar system is made up of what's celestial objects. It. All at all. Call me. A landlord again. You can guess like visited. An asteroid belt is of the bunch of black holes is it to. A bunch of Michael's meteors all together all the data also. Look like our old. Comics com I'm or. So close. Did spending today to thank you all right their question who wrote the book a brief history of time bank in 1980 leader. Me. And I don't vulnerable and only red light issue that level all really got anything out exactly once you run for office. And news. This morning to I don't. Mood or the movie made about them that may have won best picture or. About this often. Yeah it was more than at all but god this book but this particular person in the Bronx. He what year 1982. Even while he's in his Steven. I imagine we'll. They know what books have you read. Can't that all I did I really really bad EDD Atlantic. Like reading news hit it harder or if I'd never. Cared about reading his energy on holding out Ali until I'm Tony that in my sanity you beyond eight ED medication still. Yeah if your arsenal to big sandy. We yeah yeah they've gone down. The astronaut we will focus and read. And see duke. I don't know I'd. Say eight back when I did so I can't get my job and in London in melanoma didn't want it to about. Although job one day and I can I don't know how you want and are excited to be easy that way they're right I mean have a slight disability livery. Our guys like reading is just like. I can lead to a colleague at making time and I still can't. Lol lol I can't own goals. School books it's it's been measured on interested in the subject matter that you say they actually put out a list of it was like look books that kids should no longer have to read in school. And they are just taking on the books they were being contrary they're playing it's a waste of time there is no value to reduce certain books at this summer we're saying get rid of Reid you could replace these books that you insert like Katherine arrived all kids get nothing from the some more in Herbert went boring to them replacing some dental filings and that's all Harry Potter would be better right that's Obama. Because they're interested in pain and their reading. And given my did Perry just to make Mac if they made you read the articles and Playboy magazine when you're fourteen years old. They would have a better chance you would still read the article you read the dark you would read the article Dora. Port on the you know who. When he questioned again if if your interest that it helps things like right right. This stuff I like you don't Mbeki he takes forever to read a chore you know and I mean look I have not easy Nelson. I'm there's no question there Xeon Xeon GG I mean all the aorta is the largest one in the human body. All all the aorta. Is all. Alone. Paul and all of it and. Do it you'll just have. In say you know any. And all the hard or harder. To maintain. They all whole host. All it won't and cute but are now getting that completed we are going to come our record we read your emails. Already I already had a lot of people who. The refinement. Your question what is so whole shortfall as in the New York City later. U2 and a woman dressed real stock gained she solo home. Can. Only solo hit all all. They need. It's a neighborhood in New York City. A lot of thoughts on this. You know don't we don't. The ball and pulled. A lot of I guess now is the proof proof download. Upload doesn't harm America's. I mean I think they just took it for me. It's south of Houston felt confused Houston street so. O Randall and what's a violent. Was left with the final low. But the final bow he sits so low so low yes that and also Zoho in LA which is south of Hollywood to injuries are as young question number five there's so in London. Believe there is but I thought that was just one of those things you just Tucker if you have a salad Calvin you have an agent and everyone as we get a sojo good yet we have so that's why they had so go in Seattle to go solo so those soda arsonists are to be so low or so ago and this and and of the final album so so. Kind of question multiple choice. Scab off phobia that is the fear of darkness and light or silence. All along Scott phobia. Old school all the good news. Owned. On the floor or save them darkness. Darkness. Yes that's into the case to go to pulled it. He says it doesn't like my Barry's life all the evidence says he might. Are your question whose autobiography is titled. Dreams from my father of course unless you a book question has surely this is asking the question why why my ass dreams from my file dreams from my father who very prominent. American political figure so the dream is vineyard today. Maybe. It would be hard look at king junior. And other prominent political black guy. Barack Obama did you know yeah. A smoker called dreams of my opinion problem fatherhood. They shortened the title dreams to your junior dreams of my a lot of low junior junior who dreams of hot box we didn't get them out of all the other guy now knows exactly. They look alone you're on number us seven or doing horribly. Hold. The need to cook. It was this team's shoulder to announce anything until it's over and. I don't land it'll go live to Asia minerals were staring at you right now. All your question multiple choice what company manufactures Viagra. GlaxoSmithKline. Merck or Pfizer. Dad certainly an are closer to climb. It. For the no no that's not Viagra all of that is Seattle are bad is Michael footballs are tired I want to be a pro football thread time and then it would you see algebra naval ship to bathrobes to waterfront property instead of just getting in the way that you wouldn't you love you consider in the bathtub look at the lake that you that's when I watched that NFL quarterback skills challenge then Orlando they'd be okay glad yeah yeah I don't see Allison as the good guys in drags on the Seattle. Think Israel for those terms of the U. Nobody lives like that man if you order a look like they you don't leave Seattle stroke lead and consider them. Did through some boots on the matrix is sectors Vincent Iowa and you don't know who were here were the arm when he got to learn. And six in Belgium announced that they said about those that walk the dog now decree related you're accuracy of the football impress the neighbors. Our dear to question what is the capital Sweden. Slid aside. And move and you. Circled yes. And almost yes there's this injuries and does in fact under the gun all four by clue about what why. We have. I think I'm gonna matter this just name a city and so we've got in Ohio we all Swedish cities. All I can only. I don't know I'm like. My game and I felt I know ladies intriguing answers. About yeah yeah I think he's not in America Beriault. All my goodness and trying to link and they made these eight sitting there and use this name is there anything. At O'Hare we wait are you calling Ronald what planet are you gonna get out there and you're good to look taser if he. I'm just trying to think of a weird Swedish word that starts with a ads and I can't. Like my brain I can't beat. Only here at this story please just acknowledge he could name a figure who is that I video how would have been hey I have is if Simpson. Yeah your dinner Tuesday plans Yoni do we sit if you can't name a city maybe we should just give you a little break here and allow you look like your thoughts yeah what are we stepped up horrible. You collect his thoughts and put that they could have gone. We're gonna get back in humans all right. And it are all weekend. I home away with me just our own I would accept that any city. Man moment. They call the game big dummy. People are designed to be a long game SA four point 9990. I Mora they donate on the way you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Just going on says we have details as some snacks get news and eating while distracted. So much information on that that's all commendable they had Jeff. Tentative date is in the meantime the game is big dummy I believe we still have a Gionta on the line of playing for teams over and working on question. And number nine. Number nine. It just weird now on winning and they're Clinton's re check out right. I think people who hurt me I'm began leaving early nineteen you're like man asking people who are close. No we're not losing your friends trying to make you feel better when we left off against an Akita named. It's that it just didn't see your friend bing maps and all they need to. Delighted Swedish word that lag it and like randomly create something. I really can't believe balls idea yet you or to. They better start than at well does cite the his ball is secured. Levees won't sleep last night all right here if you question your anger. Am I all right how many daily tidings are there. And UConn. Oh Larry and his oh wow I have wow all mine balloon. She gave his big dummy four point 99902. Revenue contestant rather play the game alight. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. You know we had to get her off the phone a dart games and he's on the show any longer she will be paid employed. They're trying to uniform on together to. Chris you so Burnett's over. Also fully aware. Chris welcome the show super sort of really I African superheroes. Men's men's room full dive into a pool of chewing tobacco spit your enough blue users sharks. They're all good children here. Hello Marcel posed little war. If you're fulfill all kinds of sharks great like we don't know about our problems you have done on the show are you know what to the other three poles we know there are sort them before. And might we say it could be the San Jose Sharks today you know the hockey players they can be moved if you need very wet we don't know. But if we never see you again we'll have a good yes. Blow on this. So this whole year or any alliance well the case right our tour approved a similar story in people who votes here. I think he's a much in the form gonna show. All right here and a man might call literally be armed and inform. Me sharks still win on Twitter. Really just a look I just don't understand. What is people's reasoning of the charge that they might not attacking I think he had generally people willing to risk not being attacked over jumping into pierce seeing this is where we differ I don't want to do any of the greens but if you said apple had shark to shore as he. Listen my yellow splash Pannemon apiece. I here's your question which one of these cities is not only to a Federal Reserve Bank. Boston Cleveland Houston or San Francisco. It. The guys who Paulson Cleveland Houston fans in Chicago Cleveland played. Houston. Lima yes we like Philadelphia Boston New York Sam ranked Kansas City. Denver might analyst at Cleveland is one I would guess we've in my. Car and have questioned two countries were involved in the toolbox war. This was a dispute between 19941996. Don't feel bad I don't remember either. But there's battle was between Spain in the and what north American country. What still name it would Delores. EU RB OT and this is you leave her box. Sounds sort of how I feel like they're they are sort of bought anyway and I'll say they do or say. But it still didn't care that I. Do theft. Now but you said OK you're the voice on May only an annual analyst day on everybody's in Mexico for the Canada and only Allah I been at. Wasn't that I have absolutely no idea and even when they as I'm really miss it all the talk about war but technically it's until about war dispute. Not artillery tunnels things like we might go to war boat we don't really want to settle in with Coke heads and hootie and yes source cheese dishes. They wind every time big cheese no more man. Are your question. Relievers or found almost exclusively on what's Ireland. Believe my yeah. And I go to Madagascar room. All the lemurs in the world really for Madagascar that they say the overwhelming majority of lemurs are mad against what I wanted to know why are they anywhere else. It's a kangaroo innocent people because I'm sure it's over and grabbed want to like look why are there with the big gas station floor you are now also there on islands. As next. The vocals makes his mother and I Wear helmets before. I gave his big dummy if you're like to dig into as an aid for Ford 999 all of our big guy kind of. Oh god this and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.