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This is dumb men's room. Listening to its real. Our friends I don't know Arlen jumping on now by united salmon and Rawlins Louisiana. Also 1057 PX rock in Peoria Illinois. And our latest affiliate they'll be 97 point nine CPR rock and down and lovely Biloxi. It looks. Mississippi in the home of the half moving oyster house I believe it's have a love of god if you haven't been urinating and go to your I don't care rear allergic to shellfish and this will be worth the hospital all this is itself it's super bug come out on in the program big day for really get a game known as big dummy that had just announced as maid of potatoes hasn't stack information. And some statistics about eating while being distracted no I sure like this coming up and yes we will bring it tells where the shot of the day as they're setting up the party as we speak. Disney dummy four point 9990. Look who is our next contestant read play games hello Taylor welcome to the. Oh yeah it's. I Hillary so that's over. All over. Well it was still too deep and brutal thing. I don't mess with enough. Diamond will pools. Chewing tobacco is good here and how movies are sharp. Earlier marriage there you're in good company three other both career and you know word. Funny. Suzanne commented. I'm on clean this up as best I can but at home regardless Suzanne well. We're going on about the poll and she's very strong thoughts and keep attacking police about people of the millennial generation. Moon and he'll do you need to others fail hold full blown did is that it won't won't didn't appear saliva sharks really eight Moran a few idiots. Stuff Olivera grown up government do Lander did garner beautifully but some guy Greg also available here. Mean that they Indianapolis. I got chaos that could lift that's if she is too important Taylor are you what they call a millennial. I get away. And it. Steelers to a more open and okay yeah I guess you only have to do is not a new England and that is because the Gabrielle Union. Now our it is going to be think the last couple years on putting out there for all to note oh yes I do like coming out of the woodwork what good do it. On welcome welcome and hello hey and they glistening like they just talk about the secret handshake and he's. All right what stage is nicknamed the green Mountain States. Normally you own it all he. It. Ole. Your Vermont if it is removed about. You know you may remind you think math I'm more likely to face dreamed in my mouth. Mean to help continues green there it is green arrows in his verdict McNamara book yeah they amounted screwed. It's very lovely. It's very it's only local network yes and it. Who's the first female artists. Inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Can he was in debt and Sarah would she responded. I'll sixties and seventies Democrat shared. O'Shea there it's. Daryn yes XP machine a band or was she SO solo artist Joan Jett. Six these sudden. All is is it big artists that we should know literally and figuratively OK are we to write write the crowd rat so that's always glue because I was gonna go you guys are follicle no I was well once you knew huge interview like Aretha I was gonna Sudan Iraq. I imaginable and yeah she do crazy you pretty big big. Carnage in question. And a game of chess the keen to move a maximum of how many words. It. 1220. On the plant both the oaks. Play some. And stuff. As I when I was a kid I started playing just. The first dog in my brother my brother is it is it wing that militia launched typically much about it Ritchie waters on the dance floor and are happy wife happy life mobile phone world. I legal battle back bush do you tell me nothing is the first time I heard that saying it and a black woman that's right Fredricka if it's a matinee and other apple there's a white one on the board dude it's a I lose one of them they're pregnant happy wife happy life is in general. And divorced guy with a yeah isn't his is saying there it is he's gonna work out in the does he looked miserable on the UN you know is today. That's my nightmare I had no one ever says and happy. You never hears of a thing or you don't have your wife doesn't like Taylor married have two you are not Al Arian. You don't don't be a lot of time there idealized time in July fraud. Or if you do do what you know just know the will make your second. You got a make sure if you do get married make sure that at the time you introduce her as your first two candidates series if you get married now. We promise you that will get eight K demands of original red for your second look for your second weapon. That's OK are you now yes. Do we do yeah we'll just do it's it's all right look and feel any guilt by all of this article I wanted to do women I got do you see any hair you just I'm John how about the pitcher I don't really had a good barrel it that is given. Aren't into question ma'am we'll find taste. Two planets and solar system do not have movements Mercury and want. There's very good player in Atlanta and I finally go you're Iranian. During the says many moves on doesn't oh there are many things we aren't honeymoons smartest. I think there's two let's go Venus Venus to interact. Got to root. Like that later so I figured I never heard of these is all gases and it is yeah abdominal and considering all brands is getting all the credit none at all due to read his plan it's not. Mean this is an rocky planet but its atmosphere is exceptionally that doesn't mean. It's like my question five they're tailor. Your question what is the capital of Florida. Go to the center of lunacy and Tallahassee. Thanks we're out of all. And a targeted here that I faced out on the ownership and I nowhere near the center of Florida. Tallahassee really is basically. Georgia. Alabama. Kind of Mississippi. Yeah and we went into kids and and and it's hard to remember it's lovely area as just think that does not cattle Florida you like we need to be as close do any border. Yeah if we're gonna take responsibility for what the rescue you do that threat and we be next to another state. There's big dummy par 4999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello old. Hello and let's welcome to the men's room. Oh god in the various overnights over. Genuine school after. Momentum get thrown what do you wanna be when you go up. That's a long period that he found management OK art in an urban Drupal diagonal full of chewing tobaccos figure in movies are sharks. Are all of the failure of guerra. Also plugged the hole you feel the ball and Jake you're in some good company. If the. And what decade was the word Internet going. Our. Al Gore aka a mobile whether it will nose down the Lucia Portland hotel under the massages. The fifth or available look bigger around to roll over the few good available. That I got are got into a vehicle that I gobbled more. Superdome ports and Alia the app I don't remember who wanted to solves Estrada give little you can do if you think that it. Little sergeant. How mumbled or about Bob May go for delusional and I'll vote for big gals bigger now. Big barrier around the explosion. Doesn't really even bet that's his day I was under the bus our own odd bit of bitter about it lotions throughout why you should soft body it's only. There's drew much talk you'd be removes golf for business value stop. This guy is a game made part of Ohio are not signed 99 all out. We have AI contestant if litigation could this big tell me let's say butter you a bit of Internet you can take care of the scheme under under folk costly levee over there than it. This fellow Mets welcome to the men's group. They show. And sober now for over. I'm sober all right welcome to the show. Mad men's room pull it died in the pool of chewing tobacco spit your movies are sharks. I'm going to learn to put their world you're in good company. Used as soon called I've embedded the people who do here in. I've met into question. And what south American country would you find mounted video. And moved out of my geography and you see a clue. Argentina. Uruguay. Over the next country. You're live our lives noted our eighth you are quiet and you gotta have gone over the wall to lose the inability to get excited in Madison. There's who's gonna lose. All men and ever. I don't know why it drives secret because he had. She's a very told the woman she's very accomplished you've got all these things and then she just has some one god and take those are disallowed because that you'll talk you into speech very Smart about so many topics in the moment she's search get worked up about tomorrow tomorrow. It. Clinton out on the Disney film and just talked. May just talk which fired up. Listen I used to work with a woman restaurant business our way and we opened this joint at 5 AM Children's Hospital across street. No one's and a good mood and she would show up at 530 Jews in general manager. She looked like Snow White. To talk like Snow White but every single morning she walked in. Your body game. And I would threaten to stab or I mean you name it obviously you need to shuttle take your cheerful attitude. All right here's a question. So our man I'm trying to be happy at 5:30 in the morning the threes and although morning show that's right or am I gonna they had 5:30 in the morning good morning guys grinch who. Who was the US president when the stock market crash of nineteen and 29. Remove. Blew her. Older you are. The booklet and don't include. Through her roof yeah and question number two. Actor Michael Young actor Michael C. Hall played the role of what television serial killer. Earlier told her you consider what. Who. Let her grow this. I don't know and I work airmen Dexter is. Game is big Demi Moore contestants on the way if you would like to bacon does that. Call 8449990. Lamar big Denny coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure yeah. I'm like does we have details as a snack GAAP information for isms Matthews and eating while distracted. These stats are out they had Jeff Bezos coming up with dead meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is being done 88449990. What Steve is our next contestant ready to play the big game. And lo just didn't welcome to the men's room yeah. And yes good. I don't know what you should books or Eli welcome to the men's room. Although it all. In life overnight for over. But. We'll. So Bert Ely welcome to the show but a lot of sober people called only silver contestants today it was a dumb reason. Who don't stay last week I'm pretty sure nine member should be much Caldwell. Not a little higher draw it doesn't really matter as far as somebody questions and take out yourself we're not so we're interestingly enough through the years to figure that out Eli miserable today got to dive into a pool is going to be up chewing tobaccos Goodyear and look user sharks. He's galloping on how a little bit so if there's time limit for all he had to be in the CNN dive in their guy would get out as fast scan all is scenarios. Okay and I case and they insurer in the day you invited in your shirt they are eating is there's an earthquake and about I don't. What about this show. That you have to dive in on the defense he can't just don't know the frequent sightings aren't quite get the job under the tenth local southern shark's presumably it'll be more to that is right. All are a little. About the guys putting the guys who live near the ocean and get up every morning. And swim in the ocean alongside the beach like you know 3040 yards out past the past the the break and shirking their exact like you wake up every morning and you swim in Hawaii and elect. How many sharks are close do you want any given swim that you have no idea about how do you know about all the time talk Palin's sale like. Does that give be great comfort like one of the most messed something blows a planet earth and armor Will Smith Google Earth came out they were born on about. The short migration trail right I mean. Hammerhead too great white unit of all the different charts and as a filming this economy doing an aerial shots of you looked down in the water it's. It's a door shadow slash cloud as sharply as far as you can see into the horizon. And then they pulled the shot back born this was right all the coast of Florida beat. What is so those people won't let the shortly twenty feet away this is the migration. Could you would note from the beach they got out that that everything that makes you feel better about our swimming with the sharks is they're always around they choose not to eat I don't know what acting like that also statistically jacks the oh you go into the pool you're gonna jumping onto their territory that what you're starling the sharks I think their tax everything I've read that we put out by the died you can do you look you wanted to water appeared to go feet first CNN and you can't dive into iTunes spirits too dark that would be dangerous. An illusion might not result of memory or come up. That same guy who think first I hatred demands which is jumping into yet to Campbell about that the cannon ball and I think elude his. Lou you spray everywhere. I'll be awful and yet the guy. So zeros we're gonna indoor pool or one of those to finally get a hotel in Oregon coast into the good looks to. The secrets of all of that chlorine stands balls and that would be the sound of that. And it's a question Gould's into two biggest spike in people searching for a hangover cures and January 1 it explains itself. What day it is second marks for a hangover cures that follows another holiday. It follows orders on the list follows him guys still don't know if I was going and always gonna guess Thanksgiving but that follows a holiday and about those the next day Google. Hang over your right so. Everyone celebrates new years before your start to generate first one accuracy of this is the day after another major drinking biggest drinking day of the year is the night before Thanksgiving so it's not Thanksgiving that's not that holiday that is the biggest. Far off are all right Arnold battle with these drinks and OK so I patty's day's pro gay poster form or another already called written. All I know we don't you say is it real feelings into the monolith and the reality followed him home and it's. I don't really think it's it pays is how they've Israel a I would MC is going to be drinking holiday fourth of July. Seeking to my oh. Saint patty's day. It's a penny seeing Adam morrow are like real hot list have been out but I think they are. And I can't deal would serve them well balanced as always right next to it on this event. The growing out there and thank you thank. Baghdad July 4. November 1. Oh after Halloween Halloween party you're out here and I enjoy it adding more and how early part of it right I mean a whole different okay. Not just for kids anymore. Aren't your question all total world of television we go to the epic show the Americans. The Americans and it might call do you what do Americans abuse you don't watch any proposal would probably like you don't. The American OK so the epic show the American that's about Russian spies living undercover new US go figure. It just to make sure they don't reveal actual classified information. Which federal agency has to approve every episode of the show. I'll. It Department of Homeland Security. I CIA CIA. Hello got a little bonus there at the other consulate Altoona Seattle gets all the bags of wonderful shredded documents down the Alley. You know it won't be on god and him and these guys. Editors fired of Orange go through Denver Disco they burn it here they do shredded go to bed. Does go back to the world little Philadelphia reserves are Jews on the Federal Reserve. Multiple choice. Which one of these cities is literally powered on burning money the Federal Reserve in his particular city could take the money used to wore out to be in circulation they send to local power plant. And his broad broad terms. Is it clearly Saint Louis Kansas City or Atlanta. A total Orlando. Kansas City as the Phillies Saint Louis Kansas city's residents eager to the barbecue. Negotiate or. I want to go from Philly history. Philip if you don't feel like my first read question I said the Philly region. Data theft. Put yourself mentally as such he steak and diet and only the finest she went to Philly Philly reserve buys a mushrooms on some kind of odd ball the sound normal. Still reserves on the got fancy version of their cream cheese. There are actually be the blowing everybody wants to some you know managers got the name Philadelphia on it really isn't bad on the food world. Food borne for a car. All right questioned both the Backstreet boys and TLC they both passed on recording a song called baby one more time so what to what brand new artist. Who. Who. It. Nobody. So the Backstreet boys and steals leader both passed on recording the song baby one more time that's all into going to a brand new artist many you'd. Want you know this woman. Boom and how old are you liked. Felt he Britney Spears all got better. Just the woody accepted it's Britney bitch. He could've been actually losing his mind. Because that comes that was how orders Brittany prayers. And that's not that's not you might actually does have a lot of newcomers like if you say mid thirties are tonight got to do this is in your wheel house right this is in your crank house crisis since Stanley as far as that's gonna spank bank data he. We have Paula Abdul or whatever and followed there was an infamy two of them generally really had to rely drama and just order. It was big dummy for far 999 hello who's our next contest and ready play the big game you'll ruin Paula Abdul forming what's ahead. The fact that she was exactly Chris content. A motion caught on Tuesday before Christie and his agenda I understand that what they're brewing before she looks like mr. Peters. Yeah. Sorry mayor made a week they know better than decent movie that. As far as dumb comedies go pretty slick in the mockup of you lab confided to him because I think I would that they had. Your kids would like it. They would they would Manhattan Corky Romano a world. Oh yeah I'm so sad I know that I have not done perhaps it'll move out of turn kids onto man. You know he's big adventure I all right so they are mesmerized. By humans and animals remember the movie but at the beginning. Do you live alone and boy when he gets up he has Legg. I don't know these machines he's got a great insult to make a breakfast horses keep all the stuff so my son. Is fascinated by PU her. Army is he can't make sense ultimately debt wanted to keep laughing because everything you don't happen after everything. Why is he black some men cried out like mental problems because I got to looks like. They says. He's really clever talk about the machinery sector if you look at. Many ask why did you like cause spikes about the bike looks so stupid socialism it. It's a goofy boy but it's important to it doesn't matter who cares that his IQ guys who finally is like dad. How old is he Max thank. I can't related and only 53 foot and told us and we dead wrong in command. I have no idea how old people like you assigned him the ball calmly yet again thank you childless again but he lives a local bridal I don't know what to tell he was nice dreams from teaching John what you wanna say John was 1977. I mean he's just Baghdad. How karma is a man shot. Hello Anthony welcome to the men's room. All all I pace over knots over. All are welcome to show it. Miserable today were asking you to dive into a pool of people love chewing tobaccos fits your and that hoagies or sharks. First I can't slip. Boy I had to dive into all of ethical he. You have to agree. Absolutely at all so Michael EXP. I don't Phillies to win win now do it is important duty critic drowned can't swim when you read the sharks each my. Oh all you want a wall one way or another. Slow launch. And caring and by the way to get awfully confident now are. Okay. It happened in the shark pool CPA swim I think it was full eight. So you can't swim one exacerbate the situation with AM there sharks in the water ideal. I'd really rather I'm hooked up you can fight your way to that you may need to figure out how to get to the service for the shorty gonna prove problematic drownings terrible way to. I think I think my charts terrible thing to grow because it over traffic at the moment I am so I think you're going to see right. All right here a minute you're in good company. Our rights your question. Multiple choice now migrating who created the Simpsons. He's only written four episodes believable and and and three of those cases he's only the co writer of the only episode. He ever wrote. And involved com Homer Simpson was eat managing a country singer or managing a baseball team. Or baseball game. Managing our countries of the only episode Beirut. To what he uses that as animations Baghdad's green unit he still doesn't. Does it give full credit and so it doesn't matter who donated money on the show but what thirty some years they have relatives and you really want to. All right Americans. We are now drinking wealth or huge now than any time in the past few decades. But what country drinks more orange juice and any other country nor cook. Then he can go a long. Brazil America. We're breaking local we have an last twenty years we still very Moore and the president and general from the left and we got them we got fifth book in. It ruined it June's. All. This as just has not sugar soda. Cranberry juice orange juice all the good juices than it was still shocked to find out the whatever days you were going to be healthy but never phrase. Any time we heard Robert being pushed the tell you why it is healthier the whatever year old turner what but but I understand I damn good and bad for me it's on healthier. I know people don't think that way briefly listen to what they are saying we'll be telling you is true could. They alluded to be good if they put like yes this is a better alternate if you don't need sugar we talk about the adjuster at. We have goes to ensure free model more while what are the crackers reporting and their worst free sugar but the right in as the funeral and I grandma out and you have migrate Jews I tasted a cause to access. I think never nicely with late chiefs was like you were told for so long it was like because it was better to drain and to be honest with ya. I think a lot of us we didn't realize they were just like there's no real juice and it just like they're water is nothing bad out until you use. Maybe it's change and doing fifteen years ago he juicy juice is an I grocery store and it says naral now oh with timbers and referred to. Yeah it's called juicy juice. In your improvement is that 90% of it does not Jews and god payment. All right your question. I am sorry but it's like all kids. He's a huge drop in their like who made the real ingredient used by players as that suns all let's W thought that was healthy stuff you're giving your kids. If you shoot out while I mean I imagine ML. That's still seem better than a soda. It's now better and they don't care but underground bunker priests and so made him look really bad in a better dad taught you chug the milk. Absolutely and then our question. Cubs and Hollywood running out of ideas but only three of the fifteen highest grossing movies in the nineteen teams had not. Then remade. Or gotten a sequel or prequel thing about it of the top fifteen highest grossing movies only three of them and I got me Hollywood retract. One of those movies with. One of those movies with tootsie which starred Dustin Hoffman. And the other movie also stars Austin what is the mood. He is a real heavy moving. Tag got all it yeah at moments the moments. And his Boston golf so. Paul union. You all. Realize he was in two of the biggest grossing movies and to mayors. Yeah. It India. Yeah. Alana. I never got that movie and it's that error be indicating cranked an amateur as a little movie was kind of silly Nydia pack I'm glad to get his erratic and at the end to a arm and then his old yellow dress yeah there's all the other juror asked me and you went to the whole movie you're not piecing together where it's gonna go and then that happens. And it it sucks man you know and was enough to be a spoiler front one and has kids movie trolls come that aren't. Didn't just say there secede or be in loans were holds true it's. Charles gets. No no don't sort of to a pot of our about the component to our four dollar troll so my daughter are more and looked as an adult I know it is unlikely that does rated G movie's gonna slaughter trolls. I'm pretty confident they're not actually went to cook until the trolls on this move. My daughter does not necessarily understand this and forget that she's child sue. The scene pops army and I hear from both loved Marie. And only Jesus Graham Hebrew but from all public she bit her tongue borders ultimate poker to sleep. The trolls would say and also learn about the recalled due to him again it wouldn't be so it's been talking to die and I was like well. I think I don't wanna spoil the mood for and on trial not a Black Friday as she's very dashing he's trolls but I'm kind of groaning on my baby listen. I will bet you a dollar. Bet every son of bitch and that pat makes it in this smush your movie at Florida so if it's. Shocker. If they don't murder the trolls and drove over they are not cooked to death and I doubt in my not the first foot gym all the sequel. Brutal man it's a bloodbath but that's okay what it is to be its I don't know much busier than it. They're not old Disney does the right. These killer the beginning you're slaughtered at the beginning I. I've seen them on never looked any still on the ice again. Like bigger guys have played big dummy fared far 9990. Lamar big dummy coming up you're listening to the men's are ready and work. This is you. Catch Jeff tell us days stands with duties meat and potatoes as a nag information. And eating while distracted some some statistics coming up about our eating habits Holloway went ahead seven meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Alone who is our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Darren welcome to the men's room. Made the journey is over in October. The Oakland all right Daryn. Miserable today is I've been to a full load either chewing tobaccos that fury and movies or sharks. Literally every time you go to a bit earlier. Period of all thank you Chad. Right here is your first question the guy who founded the North Face. He doesn't what do fifty daddy died from aids hypothermia. Or malaria. The other on the book didn't use it and who can't. I'm in Canada just crazy or where was he. I'm not sure that you are aware extreme. Aurilia also merged they would do where you found the north then you worry north and his face but this is not aware of this is not where people Wear north faced off man people who are North Face it major metropolitan areas that I down while I swear by open hearted joke right they're dirt I'd never call a scenario downtown homes for you write that down I suspect overnight in attend but it was a nice ten to handle what Curtis. Did I do it isn't that yeah the knot with his her mind sporting event. Yeah he asked Saddam worked out well until you need to better so iiroc is an enemy. You know yeah there's like I'm gonna think a giant boom box falling out of the sky and killing windows threatened these acts like which is named peanut guy carver. George Martin and Harvard Diane Cho component being to think that it. You about how we get is very adds a darling I had to listen and it's Sainz to translate photographic with a peanut. Did was donate more parred 999 all those are nice and doesn't try to play doesn't it is dead. Giants fans. Well. We'll hold our villages and we're Hillary lunar games these children out over there right now filled right welcome to show us your. Take your breath. Part of your question with multiple choice. And this is ridiculous. But it could Corey Feldman David Arquette or James Spader which one of them is a certified. Bob Ross painting instructor. I don't know what we aren't against David Arquette scorer Corey Feldman and Corey Feldman in new. Thank Corey for almost two whacked out right guys get too much stuff going on yeah there was a ban these were not people Stabenow of needles. I guess so would. Change here in New Zealand didn't matter David Arquette for Corey Feldman. A dealer kit yup. Okay how did you. You know that. I just read getting. I think it's cannot they are also one point was the WCW. Champion in a guy gets into something does everything he does everything he says he raised up the Bob Ross dot com which exist I'd be asked them how he could learn to pay like Bob they go to mom's a local instructor and he says quote. I met this guy he was amazing and I took this course and that I asked them. How did you certified to do this and he said wrote a third recorders and a new Smyrna beach so this past summer I went in did it don't always thirty people how to paint these little happy tree. Another all of that man. David big dummy four point 99911 was our next contestant rated play the big game hello dawn welcome to the men's room. This is the DA WN Don. Yes please Don your solos over. I mean I can't odd state. Can only on the board Aaron not so not overlook another area has not been clearly doesn't want it doesn't work with a copy their. How miserable dive in a pool of touring spreads you're in the movies are sharks regal and they're done. Oh well I have he has you have to actually play at that Wales who think chewing tobacco opened. The United States stands stands. They're convinced the spare no 100 Y yeah we will all swimming Elian little technicality. Tonight and he'll lose. A young man. Won't all right voted which way going on this. Financially can get on you get shots aren't sure this. Guy can add to Magnus made a good show. By the way nice it was just. You into that well shortly Elaine. Of all the way miles as far as the have a gun sort of North Face he died about the Korea after publicizing and glacier water in Argentina will that today and those mandatory commitment at that point and it's a bottles landed the move marks the drop until those present that boombox that fellow's going to do is also one alarms morsels. Okay if I hope it's all right here it is an ironic it's you got it. Your quick elected. Here's the question. The word vagina it hello I mean hey. I know what I learned they don't come from the same Latin root word as a certainty. Because the shape of the screen when it grows resembles. An hour. So what being a do you believe in this. Room. Only like tickling them. I CNET and I know there's actually I do I do do. I get a guest. Donnelly and healthy what do you leaving it has done. To I I'd love tear gas just look so easy to hear your blow up here you can learn even. When I called in because they usually not you think will play again not stole. Old old. Ball and put. I'm being you know I'm not lose this and many things continue.