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Listening to the men's room. Miles and drilled 99.9. KI SW. Greg may have combined LB who Lee's famous sausage at Pike Place Market in men's room original read to form and rumor original. And rumor mills doesn't give a great combination of Italy's famous sausage. Spencer original read and a portion of the net proceeds from sales it's good if it's the VAN GB LM Fisher houses and now. You can pick up police famous sausage and online. At KI SW dot com also available at central co op at the dish on how the deeds. Nordstrom cafeteria in Seattle. Engine house nine in Tacoma harbor greens marketing Gig Harbor Iverson acres of clouds. On the water in Seattle. Hello what portage bay cafe locations and valor Roosevelt 65 hand south lake union also on sale. The shop for a place in the west Seattle thrift way. Get it in your belly is simply delicious mouth did you see that tweet from policemen assassins. I'm a Mac many jokes yes I mean I'm in Tacoma macaroni cheese we there's room original parent does saucers cheddar and injuries. Bob I guess you can order online you don't shouted don't go alone and other Beers the other night there and their fans and I don't like that was. Midterm original sausage all the details aren't KI SW dot com. Are causing that are bad what was your most memorable dating experience we'll take a quick break about a more your calls right after these. Fans it's. Here's the question I have brought you by July live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. I think today that are bad what was your most memorable dating experience rebel more story for and this is kind of a quick statement interesting nonetheless. Hey happy valley eighteen year old is answering some questions after his parents called police. To report what they thought was a home invasion and robbery happy. Studies say they have learned the thief was now not who they thought. One of even the ones parents called police to their home in. Now Oregon deputies learned the 200 dollars was taken from the bedroom nightstand homeowners are real where it was it was in the but it's a clack of let's counting. I'm gonna release happy valley is the name of the town that made me giggle at the Stiller yeah it fit into the home Oregon's got surveillance video. So he shows a woman walking casually through the front door into the home. Eight minutes later she walks out and leave here. Police on Monday said Kwon told investigators he was in his bedroom listening to music through headphones. Wasn't aware of anything suspicious. But an update from the sheriff's office said investigators found evidence indicating an initial report was false. Squad in fact invited the females seen in the surveillance video into the home. And now faces accusations of initiating a false report. And patch and rising prostitutes. Deputies continue to look for the woman. As she is still on the loose no pun intended. Are causing bitter battle what was your most memorable dating experience. Hello Brad welcome to the bedroom and I thought I. I don't know what it's doing well sir this is a good or bad dating experience all record is terrible dating experience excellence. So. My sophomore year college my body. Right there are totally out of line when it happened. Which now again and sorry I have zero I never see friend or family members. Both families a good thing yeah that's a good car and really is a whole incensed that. Carry a big east Tennessee friends friends friends family and got you got his friend in the okay he doesn't have a hard fast rule on that one mile OK and I will do good. So. I gutter where Gordon tighter we had the Cheesecake Factory and she needs to burst we go play good looking girl. But this regulation are down and the wait staff got eight switched. Listener in shape treats them like absolute garbage low just. Are really going crazy aren't just to get it right my beleaguered right you are going back. Fort I I I all know there. I don't care what looked you have got things I've I've never had. Oh red mill the Cheesecake Factory we can't go wrong at the cheesecake factor. You do is open on the menu just blindly point when everybody gets gonna begin the season only thing about geez if I was forgotten just how big the menu in its. What are the good it's huge bed you. And you know you're going to like what have you gets -- you're frustrated with that because by the time they come to check what do you normally through pages and little anecdote from I have of that place is that there's sect of people in this girl's scent and one of them. For whatever reason they just don't like it. Michael Alderman you know the exit the menu too big I get that. But it's a Gulbis and that might is just cold blade hate on. I thought chicks love the Cheesecake Factory I was on the total upside that I delegates although they like to like Arby's maybe your hanging out Cohen checks I don't know. Yeah exactly that's part of all battered. At this speedway in into the river I'm Sean Barrett right teller I mean going to the bathroom and I make eight B article front door. A huge ruled out what sort of Eric thicker and thicker around. I did I don't know all the front door and yet not coming back whatsoever count Tucker with a belt. Why aren't the other you don't go out yeah I'd better back it singled secular that your parents that little puppet show you put on their. What do you order your member I did good would she got. How would meet our. It's gonna be out the people they hate that place always do the same thing the order sound oh my should stand up so big think I. At heart grow steadily now why do you know there are Norris Al don't pay money for asylum to legal would they given you three have to go into these shorter regular meal and they didn't want to salad on the sides could get him giving people money you know pilot cramping already ridiculous. When you can usually get a free Melissa by the time she sent it back the fourth time it wasn't just us it was a needed more oh no. Orderly and. Eric cook it and eats. It didn't work right. It didn't smell right what ever that we in. That would seem weird do you growers to discredit to the staff she would. Why didn't we tell me what we actually go out to the stack which doesn't bode well pretty damn why no not at all. Monroe amount of all man. They want to make it shows you how she treats people there man you gotta penis in your mashed potatoes too many of guilt by association I mean I would see oh. Which he rich. She was rich. It was written on service and now. Damn okay. You know I just I can't imagine duty would floor me I would think today I Cheesecake Factory gate is a guaranteed home. Sure guaranteed over on the got to find something you like to begin the minute a thousand pages all of the so. Just give whatever you want you got that covered in you know would you get for dessert and I think it's a green. But when you go to the Cheesecake Factory no points and one after the tendon too guilty for giving desserts like look the places call. Cheesecake Factory basically they just give us on the title over until we ordered the cheesecake of him and we will order to get unity at the I don't know I don't know yet like there's not for. Fried chicken slide earlier delicious yeah I think. The only issue I have personally are so many choices is that ultimate right the paradox of choice but I think what I order subsidence or something else goes up like. She got that but that's my point is the menus do big soy or resolve them and right so. In the time it takes a little prepared aura an operative thrust of the menu and went cocktail. Summoned someone start from the back page where Russell for love Cheesecake Factory. Down what demands are gonna date and I got g.'s K Fred you got lucky. I can't resist a half of them caught enough growth of that allowed four earned it and done the Kentucky oil change yet you don't tell medicine to keep singing their feedback like that you know you can never please. Now that Netanyahu really gutsy right away and Lego man this is not worth it to amass some point don't you just kind are at this is just what it's going to be good right now I might just be disappointed at dinner tonight maybe you just don't like that place we have on the fourth time you've foods Woodward. It's the clintons went what is wrong doing the salad and it's LaSalle its us Alice itself is everything wrong with a sound ready you ordered all bets are. I wanted to place a day like some we got we ordered we sat down and ordered a beer and sandwich is from from the woman right mr. service a man and a woman were set up the so she brings over the Beers and then we're just intercept them and you know the senate is all sorts of it items are fading as one orderly food and excited yeah we ordered with current and you can tell she's our best to threaten to put it matters for you just Selig are now us. Sorry guys I threat of a man of no word yet. Sounds to show up at the combine an assailant a look down on the other the other second half with sounds a huge parity act I may I. But curled like big curled up like a senate wrapped around in a selective. I just I'm like man and I got kind of call we dial a top man there that they can is offs aren't you pick at this hour takes away our policy he comes back and goes. Let's appears army you know sorry but the salads and Garrett at its funds are slim we finished the sentence for mr. Beers Melissa gets the check from the woman. Who but she didn't say Beers on us he said Beers on threatened so she got out all right what I was thinking like you probably should listen to him butler's so now that's the theme a server goes. I'm I'm terribly sorry sandwich is on us myself like all our direction better than beer is on us right you know right you know it. Such comes back gives us the big the bill but charges for an extra beer. The tax credits are now at this point it's just like you know what to pay for extra beer we got a recent interview rallies topic related excuse me this week that it should be learned here you know it's like just signed a dampening the scanner. But it's amazing and we will hear people complain about the market in the it's just anything and I've got my period and just looked at the institute. You're looking up a relief to know him don't appropriate because they haven't handed to you and that's like the most ridiculous statement you could make them there. They understand him to Andrea because they're in the process of pouring your peers that he until they give a tea they know in particular that you were a hundred. Did I was on a date at a bar and the girls say it to the bartender she knows it's got a lead and nice plays yeah. And it's nobody it's very lake. Kind of hipster cocktail she'll look up so she knows this despite its flat. The bartender says that it just me it's not part flat like we don't even have a soda guy and he's like no I work in restaurants this is flat. And in the bartender talked so hard I don't blame her. She is you know those like little tiny bottles of soda and she held in front of her face and open to bring in nearly six. That are. Roughly the deficit hit a real good right now I don't blame you bartender at all the spot away not ordering food now. When it didn't tell that they go. May end and it was that a sign of things to come or is that just a glitch. Now it was a sign of things that she was topped that we understand. Yeah I served or you can taste bright and strong. Good or bad bright additives and say like you can't taste it I like you say though while it's I work in the restaurant industry. You don't have to work and restaurant industry to build topples opponents flat yet and you don't need a credit but that doesn't mean you need you'll to kill me yeah you don't so. Like I I don't know one person in particular there will always say how they used to work in the restaurant industry when they go anywhere. Because you used to work in the restaurant industry does not mean the people who work there have to treat you better than everyone else or more impeccably and everyone else especially this one situation and I don't think people care because I used to work in restaurants are used to work in retail voice thing I was alive at some point in my past him. A good time Iverson it is like DC a bartender who just didn't crush right in a say some ex army and trying to get an event finally sir jets late. No worries that sort of are I guess what else entirely different they appreciated those shortly no good or bad always your most memorable dating experience hello Jason welcome to the bedroom. Yeah it's. Well. School. I'd had to do a bit backwards. He could put it up to me. To try to figure out how we wanted to do that big cheers and be creative so we did it backwards we had 61. They weren't there. There were governance of the currency. Now I'm not that big you know there was no stress that they voted they were out I was actually in day. So a lot of this was your first day. Yeah. And I but I think short Godzilla glisan in what we do go to dinner go to one difference we'll have here is that I will not be distracted by something. I'm actually going to listen to what chip Sosa had a few approaches how did you get this done like this. Well we talked back and forth through tax and this sort of dark anybody American citizens I come over some sex not against dinner. Well notion there. We already had its setup we were gonna go out I think she just left it up to me to Cheshire Oregon they do on our gonna do Soledad sexson coming let them ladies if you leave that up Julie Guy every every day would be that way because I look I want to have sessions you have to make sure that happens. That's why would you be the first thing that we do. Number you figure out where we're gonna go what we're gonna words go to dinner. Remember it was some bullets I am a strong Georgia button that you cannot. A look at whatever they food granite city bartender. Here well bottom line could do that. Yeah I did my you know it's worth yes yeah I did so before what you're going to dinner with the hopes of having sex. You try to do also sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but if you start with such like a novelist you give would ever use one note for you wanna hang up reserve I got a problem that. I'm not in a hurry anymore right you know so I was only time ever done it but I look forward again how and he's still dating this person. No no I don't know last not very long couple weeks looking pose a problem. I don't know what's your question joints or an and force and its parent. I thought maybe. Still I had to think that would that would be that would put two on the list of being potential keeper. Yeah I wanna do I'm not sure about this relationship she just comes over and we have sex immediately and then we have that are going to I'm download what about my feelings about who I am as a man person Gary I don't know eventually you do have to talk to another but that's our boy yeah that's entirely on an ailing united we both had that when you go to dinner you actually will ultimately come out distracted by the idea of trying to get into your pension I'm not trying to be clever. I'm gonna finally gave looks like what we had that. Let's does he didn't talk until Anita at least from a guys point via did you double less distracting conversely if you talk about whatever level into math I don't know what I bring up the blinds them and air force pilot now because we are to have so I cry on the ball this morning it was amazing doesn't matter of you take a brand Maggette your fiber half hearted in the car like at this point we're going to be completely out of since. It's opened do you want it and those have socialist. Then let's talk to actually you know my theory man sexy for dinner. Yes that's only an ideal world have salute. That right there you knew localization champ old honey ditch campaign do what I do not know who didn't deserve they have run an extra lobster tail for fifteen dollars you and and I don't think yeah. You do you revise and ops every night they did tipsy feel full it doesn't matter if you don't play it it can no one's really worried about this anymore. Go to battle is your most memorable dating experience that probably. But two and a half three. But I know we just had sex drug get ops and hit it I have a girlfriend friend who. What does what does drive through today and lobsters. Hello say opposite tried chicken fingers could if that's a good David welcome to the men's room. And a job. 00 Mark Kirk was it's a wonderful market say they're organized and and I've ordered that the fire did things go great pictures searchable barred I've been at black or what part out. And at the time had about an eight you can put carpet python. That consult with really in her foot pulled out the Clinton. Up a little bit win that one of the bathroom. Went after she pulls an eight foot snake out the battle the tank. Now bear in particular record. She takes a stake into the bedroom where they're poor. Okay and then they'll want they would know we go another way our government don't know. That's not that's not a situation one thing leads to another because you just said that an eight foot snake is present in the bedroom with. Yeah but what that leaves another does not multi put snakes how was the sneak in bold in what happened that may machine or from the bald for want our Africa we get within the room one big word to another and we forgot about the aren't I couldn't for the Democrats. Forget about an eight states they get a veteran. Well. You're gonna bring good okay in understood our. Don't want him week after another and and they were all couldn't record and completely forgotten about it's always important. I woke up this tree and why. The most woke her up by deciding her poem of food and send it back hacked out of city you wake up and you. Ellie I woke up. I hope they are all about it for the second from the realist what what going on and then I realized the nice weather about the bartered them. Go right through it occurred over the plate in the third it. Collect the that he put it's not in the courage and character could calm their own apparent equator is good crack the block it's. And he says here who you're prepared for the war one my hand over. But she got bit by an eight foot python you know and he's got dumped. Our corporal corporal along okay I'll go look at the wasn't just a one night stand that while no word. But can you call it when you're still in bad. Isn't it great nice then I go especially if there's 24 hour period on that Barack. You might have some mornings sex but he never hang out and yeah it's still a one night stand on grandma and announcing shared Newser is never gonna hang out and again. Or she can only apparent and her car it's just great to me that she called after the when David had a really good time massage is great but when you're eight foot snake bit my hand. And I sort of bleeding stomach bug maybe maybe this is not for a minute some of the good guys had to replace. A pretty piece that can get out of here but does this first borrows his let us first night authorities said it was his. It was his snake gets yeah he sounded like maybe there was two big snakes and that room. He's said they wanted his boys she thought that his snake wasn't missing. She ran I don't intakes of them the murder was literally go decisions for agency I would have to think that a violent over to someone's house and they had an eight foot snake that out probably don't be my deal breaker. I don't care given a 100% agree with lines like look man I really like generic name I just can't get comfortable in here knowing there's an eight foot python yeah. He doesn't bother me about what the point it wouldn't bother me when she pulls it out and brings it into the bedroom that we're going into if I believe we're going to have sex doesn't bother me by age led radio's making McCain is good for you why why are you bringing him into the bedroom. Good you're indicating we will address sex rises snake oil into the bedroom that's well. I think I played third I'm just those miles because. Even it's I don't one nightstand let's take those little wood fart like I I just know I can't have a relationship with snake lady from now. I just I wouldn't we feel comfortably they know they're like look man that's insurance do as insurance. I mean how do you a lot of dogs and a big old mean vicious one that would be my dogs all kinds of tea but I'm with you know an eight foot snake like new. Good or bad what was your most memorable dating experience. Hello David welcome to the men's room. All they are mature a little. I guess you're not doing good man. Okay so make this go Erica I had. I'd bet my life online and bought out here after it started out like eight. Asked what their credit and all like quite an experience no you've met many people would do it but. HA that's why you meet our. Anyway. I gotta say. I'm neutral Malays to execute like your goal at like ha I leader and an answer or duck. I'll answer it turned out to beat her daughter. OJ other dog at my blog look it up that might picture the summary BJ for our. Bad actually just got the or socialist in Erica. Cute so much like a golf course and to like Colin said he took pictures. What he simply got a beat just drop dead gorgeous Pete. Her. And unlike you out they're not like a Russian or somebody trying to get money from there's no way aren't. The possible. So are. Unlucky it and like hockey and why send back I'm like hey they really good in bush for Russia. That she had no idea never on why can't you know like you are talking about. I was so I kept going and you finally UN deputy barefoot and number pitchers yup frustrated. Which I don't know why it would actually work. But I was sort pocket you're mad that I actually got to meter. Unfortunately. She blows girl that was pretty good about that might you grade out our audit rather quickly. And milk I'm ma. That yeah that politics so anyway. I am talking pure air Annika got her well we're going to a movie about our truck truck went out. Movie Asian culture like six feet tall launched. You know and very pretty. Russian mail order bride to move and we know that you bet you know every. Originally it's set. Chipset that's really your English because I don't need first major public are. The rush to get art against people who actually know what struck you and got the money now. But anyway so we go to a movie. We're sitting there and I got popcorn I'm like oh it'll be fun you know what you want to popcorn attacked Altidore. Bob good out there they don't I am not at all goes straight undershirt. I might that garrido and the market. It's not collapse and had to figure out or church they're not not. You know watchable. You go to the movie you know are there were saying and what should sit down we're able to call. Not duck it let our iPods or edit like horse pop or able. Looks ready there was one of my arm the tiger that public pit crew even more my first. Oh. And it that you like five minutes let's go to our got to you know but I don't miss. Should. So what Grossman remembers their figured out of rapture. Yeah I doubt we we give that would talk a little bit like topic actually hurt you. Out like if they're not grow up. Mean. They're good at like book at all or what what. Okay. There it would work are not like given current macro. Might. Potentially actually a little wide but that's what's working and I totally given her background revenue shoulder and I and I you know cargo and troops yeah. And cheap or accept me like oh my god what are you doing. And out of light look what I've. Select a way to give me an hour. Come on ladies calm as they would do eroded neck they want to have selected please under I have that right yeah that's a pretty universal thing that will get. Yet your let me ask you is giving you a neck were he's not just being next batter what was your most memorable dating experience we'll take a quick break America more your calls right after these. Now back to the men's room here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Drag yourself going on Saturday is on the way profile this as your biggest of drilling bull market doesn't play for billing bulletin is today and always we come profiled as a finalist. Sarkozy go to man what was your most memorable dating experience. Hello Darryl welcome to the mid drew all on Carol on the east goes your name was pronounced drool. Well it actually teacher from a I'm from these. You liberal well I do. And anyway I was married her. Oh god it continuously for about seventeen years. And I was going through a divorce and it won't work at a local hospital and flirting with a bunch of the nurses then he had just enjoying myself I hadn't really had a chance. Go on any date couldn't would divorce not final until litigant it would buy back. I contend and that you know like women love the UPS. Driver deliveryman great legs you know I'm not in uniform and all that minus Grubbs. Months drugs meant until you are nice the girls guns are like oh you did it did in Europe. Closed it was awesome and I actually. When they had moved out the first day that I moved out. This girl that I was had been flirting with for quite awhile I had found out about it and she called me up and say hey. I've got you tickets to go see there at least fingered ever clear and if you wanted to go and I'm like. Sure okay. No because you're inviting these otherwise he answered that question is now. Yeah exactly I had no idea whoever clear was they had no idea who this figure was art Alex something. And I don't sections that it gets. And so you know we go out the date it was great we went out to dinner. Went to see that showed crocodile. And I said late that I hadn't been on a date over seventeen years so I was trying to beat Blake and Blake so. Even drop feel at home page you like what. No we're back here plays he. Owner handled like okay. Didn't it totally do it. Did you do it. All. I was married for seventeen years I had never been with a another one of them before. And I tried. So you give it your best shot did you go back for a second drive. Are you did give me a second strike that worked out better than the first track. We are an Arab married we've been married now you're. And together for fourteen years wow saying why did you not to settle on a second time do you. I think well Tom Murray vote total I'll bet I mean I've met just I don't like this vote is there I don't know let's say do enough that this is that it's. I'm glad I didn't didn't. Realize that the first time it went quite a bit yeah it's worked for seventeen years I've and it's not working now things are nervous as hell yeah. So tell me about it it was really crazy yes you did his second try it and it's all worked out great. This is the second agreement sexual. No Larry I didn't go down to one again now. Jack that that are out there. A TB from B and disease there. Good battle is your most memorable dating experience audiences of the first work for some engineers and he's been married to this one for fourteen. Govern those 3 decades I am charged and got it like kind of mealy likes and enjoys a brilliant move. The regular Ralph yup. And it it just give me any luggage judges need to gradually things. Well I do you welcome to the man drew. I am only. Now my parents are they only very quiet at I would actually. Start up that it. Pack your article. And you sort of don't do exactly what happened. And Evans all the time I was truly didn't they do I do want the money called dating dot com. Unless I can't imagine at a bar and look at Eric gay. And EU RR mark you don't even quite a lot picking up and I want you got a look at how like OK you know what we're. At act entirely tallying here we're hanging in black out. Right here I know it's an. I am. And we owe you an apartment complex out and let the part any. It's. Bobby. Do you want. I'll be like. Right now. I conquer all. I would say you're ever at locking heads are gonna lead right here on the other people are blue and they're chair light Abbott or white I regret irrelevant if you're talking about how. Thankful they where I hear how important it quiet day at. I had been injured aircrew and it didn't turn a corner are unsure role in fat and I. Look I I had like a water break I would like. Under pull you off you're pregnant you really eggs a day. No actually it really get the heck out here actually pretty well. Terrible was there it was a group about liberals are. I'm I didn't get very far in Chile I added that they try to uphold like. Yeah I illegal look yeah. And you got trapped by Amway. And yet some sort or something like that it would. They are very close. And I would I was not about Wal-Mart. Why do you think this guy tried to recruit you amended did you seem gullible do you think you just that Carter was. Don't I don't know I'm not hiding. I would be quite a compliment I. I think that I was a little bit and that I guess. Come up their prey I don't really know. Yeah everybody did a progressive you're gonna another day with a guy. No absolutely not after. All I. I actually got a diet are right it's not that. What act in my apartment and did you never saw him again never ran into Mubarak and now you know got some good I don't how I would react to it yeah amend it long ago was this. I earned. A we re an accurate there are. Know kind of the total deal pisses you off I mean no matter what I was trying to ring UN assuming it just does his job it's one thing if someone. Cells candles and you know it and they're doing a candle thing or whatever nearly Guerin could go to dinner is tonight gives you means to so candles are I get that but that's and everybody party knows what they're getting into what does a lingerie party but they're going to drink if you're in the end book club -- and you look at Jimmy's round whatever the deal is you don't mean but man when you get when you blind sided I had a friend who blind sided me when I was I don't know 2627. Years old by gay man I want to talk to you about some stuff man it. I'll take you to dinner melded the equivalent of the Danny's threat the guy all right sir its an amateur hour which you deal that neither of randomized. These are CM waste Fiona might. You've got to be kidding me if I'm Mike you've got to be kidding me like we could've gone toolbar. Like is pleased to name is served beer writes you're really were like I thought that like a that is like good reasoning seriously wanna talk about not like this crowd and told him around. Would retire on 35 million options these should I can now no money though you're not. Good or bad what was your most memorable dating experience but also this is that why did you tell me this the Braves could PGA ruled gonna might take that away. No blood that they say like. Well plotted nobody got shot I would've done that festival no kidding yeah I've only got. Do you want to the first time I went to Mexico man and what you did to your tab from the airport it's. Just a little bit not a big thing but mostly one little step you have to do sought to detect and damn rebels up grab suitcases. And are together who hops on the cabinet sitting up front panel clipboard is talking about Mexico and first time. And the nuances and the spiel courses like the time shares and op and it just. This is we all of this one's a white man I've been on plain old goddamn day you army like traveling to. And tiger won't throw all the scraps of base we've we've Israeli camera buffalo like you gotta you know. Yeah you gotta get away I'm actually giving so god damn angry I'm about like attack you. In this cab and we want that revenue you need to get advocate Soledad. President of Smart business to like even gonna pick somebody like. 80982. Or three when they drink in having a great time just tell me got all the way the plane is like anything else yet to establish a relationship with someone before you take thousands of dollars from the belligerent I got absolutely livid dislike or. Are you kidding me like guns got hurt our old Karl. Yeah you don't like comes out violently and I don't care your fate here is much worse do it opened in the. We've all done and they'll once without any etc. and I told that a neighbor gave me once with a vacuum cleaner thing. Are usually one scratches him steady for class and to practice presentation okay. And then like right and it's like well I have to go finish it like no you don't get to have found my place writes yeah. And at last the last magazine sales McKenna I don't have really seen in his five privacy your difficulties like yeah MM do this on your money to college and like quit. Quit we're doing right now this is not the job you go to college you've got to find that you got to find another job. Is it all well I'm Lou because him and I know that hit the I know that literally Zuma Armageddon Null or the college thing like it doesn't work for anybody vision never gonna make a 100000 dollars us magazine. They usually calls it ecology is usually not my golf I got to my 100000 dollars and your people time. Newsweek people who don't of the Internet all while you sold magazines knowing what to school for four years. Good or bad closure most memorable dating experience hello Kim welcome to the bedroom. Coli oh wow. So 1617. At age an army flying feet from a guy and normally might say. It in your parents allowed this yet ready right now OK. Got to kill my kids. Yeah I think that that was really why and he period when he forum and heat you might need to edit it actually a lot about blacks yeah about two hours design momentum can. I don't sort of miles this has this happened on MySpace your desire to do to integrate Al got you got to think that more. So we met at bat belt where he added he was late because but that's solidly and I was trying to. Very little soccer at their own transportation. And could that mean I hate going on about how. He's GOE. And he wants you girl or a farm in Germany. This is what is talking about a new day yeah and I am predominantly German. All right well done. Did you did you lose tumor did you do let him going. I just let it go on because that app quiet I knew I wouldn't do it again on you you know it's I was RD mid pack my friend of you know rest eat and get this phone call I got to get out of here. Yeah it's dead I'm so thankful that speed it adds a walking out my car. He is going out every car in the parking garage probably how each card there is not as good as his car which currently doesn't work and every car crash. No god. And great car me how and I Apple's hi pat and ED Dodge Dakota it was my current track. No my drug. I want that her car was drafted as good as his car. No no of course I can sell you ram the big one yeah arc it was terrible and that the couple years later I was on it. The other dating an actual beating web site. Yeah that's actually even though you might Dooley forty block block block most. Don't tomorrow. That's a pathetic. Proud Amanda yeah I guess being on the garden dating game got away you know like five select. Not there yet be there in a minute there you to comment on moviegoers loop that is good my car that I apparently left to go to their reasons are regularly busts. C'mon man get around it my carpets and a five people and it's two Eileen at the draft if I hate this do drowsy everywhere every city and that means good or bad always or most memorable dating experience you get your emails coming up the men's or momentum like Beckham. Has piles tournaments are many nine point nine KI SW Seattle.