04-28-17 FCC & Jokes

Friday, April 28th

All the fun of Friday in one convenient podcast!


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First though I think me to go back in time to the last time we played ten vs the FCC public good let's go back into. And Jeff likes to cook. With this crackpot. That uses. Country. Crock. In his crock pot. Crock pot in crunch. Country crock go hand in hand country pot. Crock pot. Granted the fact that likes to cook with crock pot that uses country product it is crackpot crock pot country crock goaded it and country pot crack crack. One dent in the uses crock pot. That uses country crock it's crock pot crock pot country crock. No editing and not treat hot. Rock rock tune deadlines that uses crock pot to hit it that Patrick rocketed crock pot. Crock pot country crack cocaine and Patrick pot cracker. As a let me go to an end. Unstable. Whose 320. By. It's at their job Bo and won't go away with another day. This guy. Gordon says this is the FCC. Israel or right in the middle every single weekend alone global command here now listeners and as a delivers via outlook still shout out to our speed fireball where tonight you mix them together at the same time and time at the cocktail that we keep you go. Global we get this one from nickname. That neck and neck at a plateau. Of the beer that's just doesn't paddy whack of the thousands love at all here's one for timbers the UCC did it down a road and it goes on the like this. V Vietnamese snuggle up against sits on funky footage sheets saluted by the phone he has solidity sheets littered George Stephanopoulos. When it reduces you have to read at one time truth and that three times faster and instead vs the FCC. I've black Louie come out my pocket and in the bag. And big of a total random black at the potent drug man and admit it but you know I how I usually don't it. Brief second down a rabbit in rice paper not a foil becomes combustible mistaken it moon Reggie. I keep mine cheese ball exactly Amendola without full live breathe a little bit. Of the meanings it is tough words. Of the Yemeni snapple operatives. Sits on funky slid it sheets slid it by the foreign he just slid it sheet Slater George. Snapple operative. It does not to be a mini scuffle with his fifth on funky with it she slid it by the but youth clinic she slid aired George Stephanopoulos Barton. The Vietnamese couple operatives fifth of the funky slated she slid it by the puck and slid it sheets Leonard George sap a lot of good. The big cities couple epic fifth set them up funky footage she'd follow. One and you're the way no Cologne. Wow holy out of low cross lady did. Home man I. What reports it could I think that that the little path. Local Lowe's ozone are going to. Aren't bad dog. The way get a ride ago. Those things or do what rock that is the bad jokes on Twitter at men's room lives. Take the bad jokes to 77999. Incidentally the emails and the men's or amendments or live dot com. Heads up front they've brought to you by narratives distilling BSB Braun took about an. We'll take a quick break in the drug charge Ryan castle. It's a bad till Friday Nextel Cup trotted out to minorities distilling companies be as V brown should above in the first to ensure that bad joke Friday last for generations to come. We first must bring you these were. The speeds official men's room that joke Friday rules. That joke is a bad. Necessarily. Dirty. Words it's like I walked into a block. You know how that linens and yes we all know about the man from Nantucket. And watch. Oh about joke is a bad joke and not necessarily happens at one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Simple rules in mind before you go. Oops okay. Heidi wake up Lady Gaga. Anyway go Lady Gaga poker face. I've go to do about it I've put on their highest W Seattle back till Friday that Joseph six forgo a box and as a bad jokes to the Texas 77999. And emails at the men's room momentum line dot com. And a wailing on it mad Joseph Friday the miles we do have a few from the text the city of Seattle trying to build a list. Hours. Little notes Doug do you all talk group. What is the divers pulled backwards out of the boat into the why doesn't the bill forward they still visible. Alcohol it's an appropriately actually. Looking to crack cold one that is right. By the way not alcohol at all. Yeah a little bit off at the just today and read it and why why do female dogs have trouble walking. I'll have trouble walking because bitch is Beatrice. Hello yeah welcome to the mid. The villages along ha. Good Helen Keller log in toolbar. And at a table. There. Hello and welcome to badge of fraud or other auto guy. What it in the battered European and veterinarians. At a bird you'll see that Darian and it quickly. And Lance. Hello Jake welcome to bedroom rabbit. Dot on ma. The I would firmly. Why was the room wait why. Is it over web. Hello wait hug and a banjo Friday. Did it all job. Current forty man this weekend broke Yorker and a whole thing nice you're dead weight you know next. Yeah it's a card so what me and we'll get when he was young that if art go to the cannibal get when he was labored and but the the charitable gift we knew him. The cold shoulder. Good TJ welcome to bed till Friday. Well a bitches or shop. My lesbian neighbors gave me at Tai mix for Christmas. Then that's been misunderstood me and said I wanna watch. Right now you have it didn't show up at I'd led you to joked Friday on a boon to. Joke where you can give the answer but fortunately the punch line is not suitable for these or any other Airways but if you like the punch outlined to the joke all you have to do is take soared joke. 277999. So I know this girl who has a tattoo of seashells on her inner side. Yeah. I huh huh. If I don't know I was like I don't if these. Yeah I think its mind it is an innocent man I wouldn't do it during an attack.