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Monday, May 1st

It's time once again for the Random Question Question

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I rockaholics. This is the men's room with miles and drill on I 99.9. KI DS. As Jolie brings a brain pay McGrath 2017. That's going down Saturday June 24 why are you there. Start corn stone sour maybe metal the pretty reckless you'll also see. Ten miles wide at yellow wolf Lebanese Radke two stages fourteen bands one big chill pain in the grass is coming up. Pretty. Broke through ten miles wide you don't wanna say that was working to run for re the Franklin and she initially launch monitor wasn't a day they agreed to issue that the Menendez of -- North American chooses to go ahead do on a men's room happy hour and a half deal you get a beer with us midterm original read silo double the sausage you can never had all of our world famous so it will please those sausages man there. Offense testing as well we have our own little private bar there. For an hour and a half ninety straight minutes the men's room happy hour and a half party all the details. On that package and all the great packages for pain in the grass at KI SW dot count cards are read a question question we will take a quick break a Mac Amar your calls right after these. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Your gas. Here's my job today categories as tourism and gambling will do that in your guess is good as my red Felicia day you know we had a a question earlier rest what's like the worst shot it into the junk that's Japanese waters spear fish it's. So we just had a conversation all their late. Did go through puberty for a herd of our member being sinks in and in Poland on serve the first time and a soap. We got some texture Ted it says what's got kicked well. In my area so hard I spent two days in the hospital. I was eight years old each one marble is no joke the size of a tangible. And then the other one when I was very young this is a horrible thing to do when I was very young and my brother says quote. Stay like this with the hands opening closure as this becomes a big surprise and punch from a just. That with the it's. Not that's not the kind of surprising look at four. Random is random friend and I didn't welcome to the men's room. Or oh yeah. I Dustin Keller and Brenda good Larry yeah. I'd doesn't. I told us what. How would you say you get your exercise. Whether it be daily. Weekly yearly monthly. Maybe gonna hide once a year or your family like haven't how do you get your exercise though say they know you read right all right guys. I'm apartment here so I get quite yet work like that. But right now I have really don't act you don't need to soldier carbonneau some jobs like if you're construction work late you probably don't also need to go to Egypt. No but I gotta go to gym but I hit Tony exits are and what I would have to think it has a high doing your job your stronger than most people who don't do physical labor of any kind. Yeah I'm fit guy so you know. I don't know. Meaning that any man ever seen a delegation crap out of your house liberal baby grand piano on her back the dude weighs about 45 if you might think he's on some of the but really he can do that even if he wasn't. But he probably guy that probably is a makes a doubt now why he can do don't ask him read it there let's learn where. I can tell you all of marble wall lot in my life. You real hiking. You know he's not ever I think Hawaii for about other Hawaii for about it here but it I didn't I one time. Double what they do we immediately got the beat you want just goes yeah he's the did you move today had a reality I wouldn't you stepped on your car where you go what do you do. You know what's funny and I just sort of you guys talk about it your bar none of the fire yeah got a terrible on the story please share gas might as well worn out when I was over Hawaii I was working for Kirk Hammett. And now it's you know and build a lot suffered head and and and what they are out on their first she had his wife should heal it no more small pox. And you know he kind of he had you know whatever and your knowledge so wherever whatever it looked progress well my dad he came back. All this stuff was done. Except for this one already like eight document hey hold on this or really are on out we you know my whole Lotta that. Well you know all you can know what happened that. Like when you see that guy diving for a remote you know look in that movie when nothing's fallen but that's a foul out there and and I cried like Nancy Kerrigan that we'll show on the. I did and I tried it's I dare you could she exercised. But under fair about it that the dollar that was the worst thought they. I don't and a fauna which I've still that's so basically your life you never lifted weights you never run. You never exercised. Having taken a walk on the beach which broke my third among all beat technical marks a little beach there are a lot of Gillick there's out there OK okay turnaround. And a. All right you got to using very trying to level I would have but I couldn't add it is the shorts and now are so why am but the sense I got from him was good to live through it didn't care for the I don't do anything but don't let I live in an air conditioned lovely Condo Iraq. Sri it is I think Joseph it is and water is not the reason we asked how he gets her exercise vowed he would do a lot some people walk and some people do. Yoga. Others are German England they just created a new work out called the now oversized strong snapper size car here's would you do. I mean that's been exercising yeah I'm almost it you go to the gym. You head into one of the class studios all right then everyone takes a 45 minute nap. You also do some stretches before or after. Those are optional by the way he is just the only exercise part is optional the nap is the requirement stretch first UB you'll have to. Records and then I don't have things on the net mode. And then you wake up. And then you stretch. Are at the gym says the class quote reinvigorate the mind improves moods and even burns the odd calorie. The odd would you have to replace any need to do with what they're doing that just taking a nap. A bush had to take an. But see what this is what they darn it they understand that this is kind of fraud but it's not that you said to the boss me I'm gonna go take an act. Also dude go back does get back to work and and I got a gym membership on one of Jim. I've saved money if you get insurance through work in you have the gym membership some insurance you know you you pay a little less basically that you pay a little less. You don't have to double balls literally just Laura and you've got a place to go to ghostly. I did I bet you are more Al. Reason iPhone guys to jump have you ever you ever done hot you know really take it one of those lessons not hop look at that's basically. That's kind of like snapper size for me because of it it's too hard for really sees lay on your back. And with an hour classes spent half an hour display and a Grand Slam yeah out and slowly extended child throws whatever. Good what good would I would extend the child of just you're just all the way kind of curled up you know get a feel for official. Well you don't know I don't dog. Down dog eat at you but there policy without those are your fetal all leader but down yet all that really does let you want to do it absorbs so it's hard enough. Yoga though against top of you go on the safe space man that's distaste and it is an articulated what I prefer just let me know clamor of the could you learn your front. You could have the ad that losing eight. Surrender on the range around. Find out whether it's tribal groups and try again Tony and Randy and they ran down around them right yeah I think all of that. Feel like the one boom. Everybody in classes are different level thrill OK John you better time left. Hello Josh welcome to the Denver hey good morning guys aren't long days. Of them do all right okay just wake up. I'm not aware of the brave soldiers is that this is still your morning. It would we feel it is until the night okay got it. Josh you had a lot of animals in your life yea yes actually yes what give us the story about would have been to your pet. I'm pat. Well. I had many at thirty years my mom had bleeding heart syndrome. Which basically means you adopt everything. How many when you're going what's the highest number of animals are good coaches from. Solution had five or loose shouldn't really dog. A crowd and the chickens I can't even count and it's your do you. And I think about and she actually had a donkey. And hands. To go to. Due to translation of that is a bleeding heart type person and he did not that they know that if someone who doesn't know how to say no strays. Know Gelman just doesn't know how to say no they they they they can't tell anybody and yet and that's crazy yeah. Chip yeah so would have been one of the what's best Orvella having on your pets. Well we got room tomorrow. Indicated an apple but we got the the donkey. There was an ego Mozilla engine amigo I mean OK go and in amigo you get amid an option so far on track it. It sounds like everybody I mean how many options do you know I've been to with a donkey name immediately are available where I can take is on right now how much gonna get this in my Ford Escort. Yeah that was actually what the issue we actually had to order to if you look. A pop on network for Republican temperature temperature. Yeah sure am but you know that it before you bet I'm a legal the bounty. Do you shouldn't and thus far she just saw something you were going to the glue factory. I don't know how he ended up and I'm not because we can keep them anymore and he kept breaking the fences so Orleans before or who were roaming around the neighborhood therapy. Little four horsemen role there bruiser who. Is gone picnic at all. So when you get rid of a meego doesn't mean go end up in Maine kindergartners glitter project. Yeah absolutely really I mean you send it directly to we glue factory they come and pick it up. I'm able. I wouldn't Monday so I just know that the end result that they're all Matta and that's what happened I'm I believed. Well armed well lowers your mom has a bleeding heart but he yeah pissed her off. Still the glue factory friend or she has sought to step my step dad somebody kind of it is time is they still married. No doubt that in yet. Yeah they're perfect okay well and by the way his thoughts amigo glue. Because you know horses Magglio. And I you can mend fences but horses are also apparently delicious. Are lower on the street well what's review all the people who story you blush portion Sicily Ortiz then your steak is apparently is apparently he's delicacy and a lot of places like in the event so. Can you eat a donkey. Another words can I get the finest ass steak let's say an ass arm all the finest assets it I mean I'm get an at stake. Did you eat a dog if horses technically delicious and a sick I had never tried it. I'm no sun amid diverse people eating horse I don't know that I've heard people even don't I have an eight and that's why mask. Is that because of the burden say I eat ads or is it because people don't eat like your sources delicious why wouldn't zebra B. Because once zebra on the horse with a close looking like it's like. Yeah I even look the same duck egg chick that they can blue dot they're like close but they're not in others aimed at this close enough. But pig is different than gore and they look like cousins shortage of remote you lead the ball. Yeah true true I have got to be some reason Keeney a donkey. Originally can't urged the people don't go there had her right there's a lot of animals and there you can just eat but when most people would reward just doesn't work horse you an idea we don't let me get eaten weasel no delays weasels and off the they'd stop you for me Michael wiesel the Bob. So it tells me weasels most tastes like crap otherwise you'd even if you don't like it in the reason that horses were relieved predominately eaten here in the United States as they were functional animal that people use for other reasons every call so that's the same reason why I'm assuming that they're addicted to the ass has not been eaten. That much because it's a functional farm animal the jackass and the traditional use of the other units so I just don't always edits on the deepest thing I got into all out of the dog he'll work farms do they do a lot of good work is they don't I know that can eke out a big gas states are typed in. Q can you eat schools filled and did you eat wheat can you eat raw shrimp keep an adult you know it can you eat triple pro McCain. The owner of that giant rabbits. Who died in the care of the United Airlines plane. Says the airline. At cremated her bunny so she would never know the truth about how the bunny does not big green maybe they cremated at. Without her permission. She says quote. The whole thing stinks of a cover up. That from a net Edwards 65 years old I've been asking them over Renault over and over for the body so I can have them examined here in the UK. But he never got back to me all want to know is how he died Unita claimed Iran was alive and it was taken out a cargo section of Boeing 767. The airlines CEO Oscar. Men know try to apologize after the rabbits death. But a drew fire for liking the pet to misplaced bags. Discussion not speak off and either way the assertion that Simon died in a freezer is completely false according to the airline. Simon was cared for at the pets safe kennel facility he's dead which is kept at room temperature on average is seventy degrees. He arrived at Chicago O'Hare airport in apparently good no hair or O'Hare. Okay. Love what he's dead now. He was seen by represented a hotel facility moving about within a straight. Last time 11 AM you writing campaign that shortly after a kid a representative of notice that Simon was motionless and determined that he had passed away that they put him in an oven and they couldn't. I I just how bold they are the statements. I know we careful with the vote you didn't please go ahead. And I have he'd gone to bat like an hour or before he got to apply to you the perfect doubt that he died under your care so. You didn't do a good job I guess about donkey cart public itself. I'm gonna read an excerpt comes articles that we have to admit it's impossible for us to describe a donkey meat taste from a first person perspective. Those numbers and his magazine have tried to me out here its own information we found according to allies the greens book field guide to meet donkey mutants tough. But more Kelly the author of the silk road bore me read to her blog that quotes the meat is tender sweet delicious it is nothing like pork or beef. For obvious reasons yet it does taste a little recourse only it sweeter and more tender they got a third opinion from Michelle up peroni. She and her husband on a restaurant but I camp announced and Verona Italy. And helper dog commute on the minutiae swings at the difference between donkey meat and other meats that similar to horse meat. Don't commute is leaner than other means quote the case is somewhat metallic in. Mean some but I can't say to make a delicious relive the marinated in want to vegetables for days and go to for long hours because of bird seed. Hogan and go we like your brakes or got a beef brisket or anything else I ever got to meet again 00 and slow in the Marron know what to believe it but apparently it's we the list you. You eat all that ask you won't mind me there are some sort of head on to that sweet maybe that's what exactly ethnic. Random random random. Iran may have run at it and I would drive them. And I would trend is not a lot of animals I don't think don't drive it's a gamble brand known heroin discussed in our home back here on old Dustin. Know what I want you speak. I would give me with a rattlesnake at all yeah I know I mean I would. The meat. In the men's ice surface right like to me one of the more distressing things crimes as Smart golf and not because I know what it is but when they get a dose of black. Potent unit would make an attempt to make this look good like it is they god dimsdale generally and here's the tool you need to. Greg vessel and some of the but I I had revenue for the first time their day and I was at my daughter just got a because that's what she wanted because she never tried it I would never. Go and buy rabbit from a food truck first of all. Doesn't look like a brat is you don't like rabbit and I swear she didn't tell me what I was she said just try to she she pulled apparent to move on sister act just try it before she told me what I was not try to let days in my. It's really good she's like it's rabbit I just want president elect I'll be damned. Now spent has Rattay is like I mean is that does that sweet is this so what are we pork and chicken. Is the best way that I can describe it so I don't ever tell iPad I liked it and I don't like chopped up a little street tacos and I had like to think it's a piece of meat. Yeah I just Greece out of Charlotte while like fox is the bulls wanna eat. Yeah hey look man Campbell I am immune horrid tasty tasty and but I think I would I would be willing to try more than I have in my lifestyle at this point because what the hell I have to lose anymore. It's almost just like you know what new truck. Alerts that's an animal and and sliver I'm just not going back to liver and onions again to see if it was as bad as ever avoid organs let's actually Oregon's right organ or do when he understood my prime I've ball doesn't matter of the animal Ottawa month. I guess a mile to the Somali insects are being like chocolate cover ANC urgent horrible. But we've tried it we don't we've tried eagle field is not a looks appealing to anything on this earth but it tastes I think also. Our heart goes over dropped pretty much everything around them and I think tacos a way to track stuff too. Rhodes thing just yeah your. There's not a medical science and unfamiliar world there raised all day generally it's been cooking in a pot and then there's a little corn tortilla like there's a chance to go wrong with released anything that's braves' track helps yeah bribery and eat beef tongue now many of them again trying to burst in a taco I can't take it texture but does it doesn't look like just sliced up tone it does it doesn't has the bumps on and everything it looks like tong and his. It has the texture of TARP thing I always thought like maybe it was just a phrase the people use when I was a kid and a number of armored or distort my mother. As you get whatever the meat department they had prepackaged several container with a plastic over top and I looked there and it's just. Giant tong will be huge taste buds and all my guys tell literally beating cal star aren't. It's a big random random friend and details are good to own eyes I can I say hello to nick welcome to the Missouri and other cowboys or not. Our unit. They get. Cares about you questions here. Let's go this. Who would you say in your life. He's always. Always late. All the time. No matter what it's matter of fact there's your time which is normally standard time. And then there's their time and as you were in fact this person. The I have that same day I'm always played everywhere I go are you guys that. Do you know you're gonna delay do you actually bake the effort to beyond time cores and up the point where. Everyone knows you're going to be a few miles of the state Utah. Now I tried I know it is enough being Leonardo who are Ferrari for a new label is there anything that you were always on time for because it mattered. Class or upper class everyday OK and how about have a job. I did react. And as a marathon let okay. Anything other anything other than score toilet or so the things that are important for the most part as far as you needing to be there or maybe getting punished. You show up on time. But I'm not making money are not spending our way. Fair enough. And a concert you saw it on time sporting events to show up on time does that matter to you because of the look there's a lot of people out there who consider that a very important thing as far as holding it to about the first inning ground to be there you know. I don't know the team runs out whatever the dealers and many use that one of those got to be able. Oh yeah yeah I already I already they're terrible thing you preseason show of on time for your friends stuff. Every night secured my friends who stopped flying well as and that's that's raised the weather saying as you know that guy that does the girl who they say they're gonna be there and he's earning him. A 459 o'clock we have a friend. But just any woman knows is first and all of us agree this is the person who no matter. What to whom will be laid Arnold substances. Yet they say here's the reason he's a few reasons why people are laid all the time. A one of the reasons they did that they found from may a survey researchers were observing subway movers and workers in New York City. What they found was was that people end of workers who were multi tasked him with different things had a lot of things going on were late all the time for Everett was sure. There's one way to make sure you don't get too distracted is that reminders and from the slow go off ten or fifteen minutes before you need to do something. The second possible reason they say you're late is your internal clock just sucks. Tell me look pretty good at keeping track of time to do and stuff and others just are not mean so people the type a personality and they're usually better than realizing how much time has passed the type B. And a study had people try to guess when one man one minute had passed Taipei's were pretty close average about fifteen seconds tied vis. 86. I give you an idea and they say you can you better tell one way is to guess what time it is a few times today and then check to see how close you are. And they say if you keep doing that for awhile. You should improve. Also the only other clock setting that the clock ahead fifteen minutes in and and knowing that that's the time they say the reverse psychology is that it eventually. You come to the understanding once again. That you still have fifteen minutes right and you go right back into the same pattern of your time adjust to what you need to do is sneak into their home and sent. Older clocks without the know it depends too on Mike which are going for right Soviet the sporting event. Or like a concert I don't care. But I don't need to see to kick off now I don't need to sell a song but I try to like tell plague so if people are my group I'm always very honestly. You should go like don't can't hear you keep going. We could miss the beginning but if you sit if you tell somebody going to be in the 630 for a drink. Sure you're in a timid when I was there when it comes like sporting event likes stuff like I'm just I'm the worst about it but I don't care. And when you look I have you'll need to be there on time you'll find them you get together yeah. It's is again is there when you get there if you run you another friend you're wondering another beer you're gonna do that exactly so you know I hate to write what I wearing wool me you know I don't mean me. We're all in world good don't find policy when I get there. Random random friend hello my below legitimate group of friends who live here or liquor and cars and are entitled friends of friends. Yeah. Where Michael. Still this random question. What part of your body parent. Has someone that you've gone out west appreciated. Or complimented. So. It could be your eyes. It could be your I've noticed that your genitalia out like what what. What about your body as someone who really who dated you like oh my god I love your this. Obviously I didn't love them the member and they are prepared and. What is it about an enduring this for more than one person. I have burglary at my I think and it change color are minding my mood at the note that I could bring you know quiet now. You're an insane like evil super. Bill and what are voters if I'm talking to you and I pissed you off your poker face that you're cooled my conversation like. What color are your eyes turning it yours if you're getting angry. You know. Our you don't even know we're right where I got my lighten that the sick what what color I didn't Wear digital cable though. Are you know her to look in her eyes and you know that's how you do an accurate have you heard from multiple ladies that you have a lovely eyes. Okay out and I guess multiple ladies have also gobble manager John. Or. Have units never has one never said like could be slightly disappointed. Do you consider the matter Aaron I don't know I don't want to. Okay I've I've had a minute minute minute of the disappoint Obama Marvin I mean while you are under its rotation I'll be low and I thought well yeah that's actually adding a break early. Did you think you're gonna see yet Jesus Christ I I did I meant I thought. You know Alex sometimes. You just think the sexes real real real good like you did a really dark out bang up job on on me dude it was schools of thought are you live and then set I think was really really good seldom do I think that I did a bang up job yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah thank that guy that he didn't receded because that's a good boy am I am home I am and I got done I get them we've got the new thing in the eye camera the subject Bravo that she was like and we start talking about people you know. And then. She talked about the fact that she gave the guys I know you aisles applicable. Can I just got the biggest crank it just in Canada and I knew right then and there that I did I do any thing in Iraq. We're not ruled out remote are nothing nothing. Nothing I mean even if I did one thing the main and nose out of sex though I understand you may have introduced to draw hold your girl she didn't tell me he does give them that well Andre it's you to send them like you know what I've really got a whole lot bigger than you this was tremendous. It's about all humanity I think are holding of that. And. They're updated its is that all you have all the way home. Honestly are you telling me. Dude there's the other match and then comfortable conversation that a little you know I still can't beat a little insecure if you will up. Let's just say at length it's OK I'm all right I don't know I didn't hear your great and now find that America. I'm not a simple why just all the garden of the land. The magazine Baird barrel having to do is get bodybuilder all right this is. I hope like it to kick the can I might have been talking about that and what girl goes genes they have seen a lot of coaches they just yet. You'll find a bit you're doing that I did go to another genetic letters are full of idol I. I you about it a few thousands any I've seen thousands and. I'll see you can tell you. In doing a news ways or has to appreciate to a party your body I Erin Moran passed away not too long Johns I'd die happy days yes. And though she had a show for a while there she was friends with John G. Oh and almost got Bailey made some really disparaging comments after she passed away at least you know. If you dream and do drugs used respected guy that they are at. Bertha although her demons but does not let parents a brother Tony live in the scout for making insensitive remarks about a death in the process and so are told him that he had a really small little thing down there and in me and so now his own wife come rescue took. Started out there dude really a big concern. Our cause and ran a question questions I'll take a quick break be right back to more articles. Men's room returns is still last year and rod do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Our contestants fellows we don't profile us play prepared to UC primus a merry Moore park we'll do the game formally known as black what makes yours you coming up right after the shot the day and meantime it is our random question grandma. Random friend Nolan Ryan welcome him random friend girlfriend. Aaron. The data Tim I'm all right Karzai. You're. Tim let's go this leaden read a question question style. Really did you not take your own advice. When should you listen to yourself. Yeah. And moved out here but our Carol aren't. Flies out what went wrong. Cannot get the borders and you know like I picked up to go to bat. And all as the advice you gave yourself that you didn't listen to that you should the current. Sure to try harder. And you know. It more perk. Do you still think that weighing. Yet sometimes al-Qaeda and you know what here's out of one years are not he's a guy who dat so I hope so. Yeah its forty years ago it's a different time in your lives on in like anybody else immature overtime what was the reason you got a divorce he'll mind me asking. All different of opinion about where we wanna live man. Here watching and not likely they're marked a lack. I know things that I never met the woman on search spend secure 100 we sing god damn correct. The north is about America I'm just don't and they didn't seem to. I've been depending what you're looking for a life like life. I would I would pick a lot of states over an external depth original that's north Carolina's is done by about the lifestyle I would want to be. Any real bud. So when you say you make the right choice words I mean honestly when you save it the right choice of this is where he wanted to spend your life. Even if you stay together Newsday in North Carolina new dislike it then you'll lose. You know it's yeah it's an issue moves that your season Israel's obviously they just couldn't work out because both of you want different things in life. Added no doubt at all not had voted as you want some peace drive Larry as he knows the blows her family there. Garrett vanity area okay we're all more easy move. That meant but when you have those famous people man you can't you can't beat that such a weird thing that is because there's there's of people people who really like to be close to their family they wanna be near emanate love them and they have a great relationship and people who wanna get as far away from their families humanly possible. I must have a very much I'm on the flip side of that I want I want you to death and then that's all was a wanna see different things RD scenic I grew up there I knew it well you gonna change anything emotion but it might get a new Carl's junior down mr. My biggest thing Edwards family in general is just. Somebody below this kind of thing I'm not a person who ever lightness or appreciated. I don't need people warning about what I do I do not like people bugging me about decisions are made emphasis placed on a personal life. For a reason it's offers women torrid personal life. And it's important time to go back to visit family to support ever reason cameras or stay concentrated one area. Like when you go back and visit would ever of the drama is and are always. Something and I promise you I don't care colored or dump their football limited Sydney to light about what. Yet to go back and listen to scrap the whole time you're there everybody's Tanya and everyone else is done wrong or why I don't miss that. I don't care I would dearly and I don't care now I cannot be happier to not live here. Just cannot deal does dumb ass the gas deals every day. Yeah as I Pedro brazenly ask when he's not Tigger vice. I shark lover who was to hold talks without educating. And warning people about charts. He was mauled to death. In the world's most notorious. Area before such attacks shouldn't he know Adrian do bulls died off of the French island of reunion in the Indian Ocean about two months after one of his best friends died. It almost exact. Same spot in the almost eyes I don't identical circumstances that happen when his body that is why was he back there because with weight is he a short expert or a short Lowber. They gonna do different things that I shark lover who devoted his life to educating people about the predators markets there's not an expert because he he went to Christ our investor got orders he wouldn't let her friend was killed by sharks a year before any obviously is invested a lot of time to understand what makes them dangerous. It and he went there anyway he's a member of the shark watch patrol. Well there's a lot of bullet tiger sharks in the area. And despite this he loved deficient regularly posted FaceBook pictures of once he had seen together would biological details about the individual fishing got a kept tabs on some of the ones you identified. Well just after 11 AM. On a Saturday morning he decided to enter the scenes. With his body board of the beach where water sports are officially banned on July the official club band that have their -- those waters towards. Because people like him who warn the public about the dangers of predatory sharks and made. There's a whole bunch of them here so we should closes down because the area. You thought of you giving him a war puts it so much danger it's not worth like don't feed the animals well you're the food. You don't want and that's entirely different rigs. A spokesman said the young man was in the water with two friends when a shark attacked them biding his right thigh and his groin. Here's the problem okay that by the time they got him to the shore be able to try to save them. He went out there and he was Tuesday. But it was. The beach was packed. The beach was packed everybody saw this guy die. And it was dramatic they have this and emergency workers basically to calm people down on the beach. So. They sit like four or five people down they're just to give psychological counseling to kids. And all these different things based on the fact that. They all just sat there and watch this tiger shark. Rip it wasn't easy he grabbed he thrashed he threw them there's blood everywhere he got a major artery obviously bled to death. This is what I'd be angry about that my kid to merit all of a bug or I wouldn't need to counseling is more reps aren't sort of dug him start and we went in the water no failed. I waited to watching you eat right now everybody is fair game religious they see somebody getting to know how people still see she's not their only daughter the water here because of so many sharks near but he was stowed on to defeat later I don't know all the frisbee towards unity so are well known that you don't go there goes a mix of anger. Yeah emotion when they went went when this happen do you dumb that you traumatize my kid. Because your dumb ass guy and assigned here neared the guy who's gone around Tel Aviv flood dangers though thanks well that to be fair. I think he's proven his point. No cause of death he's read the book on Joseph dribbled into the shark for and against frivolous don't really didn't know those Amaro is less of the limit. He has finally accomplished his mission and his friend yeah. All right because Rendell ran down the number you know ordered out of even broken government threw around random yeah I don't know guy ranked higher and I'm. Gonna ask you for your. Your armchair doctor experience here I thought. Whatever you're in pain and again whatever the pain is. What is your routine and what do you do to get rid of whatever that pain might be. You know thumb. I think that I'd be broke Daly is always. Always wonderful how many milligrams do you think when you can drop. You know as solidly 800 no. You may not Italian language you taking for individual Ibuprofen it's. And then normally does work minutes that's that's the size they let me get a script for either pro Kevin Everett and 800 milligram and to me that's an Ibuprofen. And otherwise it's like you've taken Ibuprofen and wanted to take 14 of them go Sparano is there anything that you guys can stop without medicine in other words read well yet I don't know ma'am gotta headache coming arsonists and people have a cup coffee. Or some people feel like that caffeine will get the blood flow a little bit better so that they don't have that kind of thing India's in a cast of gone down. We need also headaches goes up and the killing migraines does nothing else really does. Let's today like taxis and I mean you can do it right take morphine but I mean just as a normal thing right. I listen all the bong hit I think for stomach cramps and for stomach issues and I have those weed is eye and nose and immediately advocates are one of that queen of England Victoria maybe one reverberate thing man I got she got real bad mince programs and but we'll go to with wheat. My once a month like look she's in pain they give weed man and Nazis who was right as rain mr. felt a lot better OK I. I love this commercials about emotional pain thousand I my anti mastery smoke weed wow now mark you master bait for emotional pain but no doubt. It's a quick pick me up each got our own local ball okay. Does that make you physically feel better could eating Gilbert could be or physical fact. I don't know that goes well he did not. Want to go to the other for the first when you're 6660 guys get warning. Oh yeah but Romo is now I get I turn into a whiny little pollen August of god in mourning like you sick to think about I don't care. I'm married and could not to kiss Maine. Well I don't know if we're out but I only get this now you'll turnaround. I'm on the outside that. Thank you bring me some food highly mail that's one way to kill hang over mcdonalds I have pain I know for a fact the McDonald's Coca-Cola and a couple Amber's gonna do pretty well. Are easily ask Teddy kill the pain a new study out of the university of a Greenwich England. Found the drinking two Beers is actually better for pain relief. The drinking a Tylenol by the way if you are around you if you ever have any kind of Beers do not take Tylenol to you know we don't know if that's beginning to privacy diminished and ever if even if he had one glass of Barney it's it you eat there that having that's being. Wreaked upon your liver. It is is unbelievable in a study people who drank. After. Minor injury reported 25% less pain the people who took tile our researchers say they getting your blood alcohol level and do the slightly drunk zone. Pulled produces a small and a pain threshold absolute moderate to large reduction in pain intensity. Kind of like if you don't you don't feel pain in the fist fight in November until tomorrow you know the noise the men's or women's in my back comments vials and throw 99.9 KI SW Seattle's.