05-01-17 Ask the Mens Room

Monday, May 1st

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It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. I love. These sky you believe. And ration STD. We're told. Round. Asthma Obama holder of questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as government. If you have a question brass cement prohibition has been out to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com as you see anything you want to thank the subject as the men's room. And away we go. As he starts out all of thrilled over three years I have heard your experiences of being a line cook and guess once. I will be doing my first shift being on the line I'm doing graveyard shifts to start. Do you have any advice on how to survive this hellish next step in line coaching thanks guys that are receiving in all made just enjoy life. Do not take anything personally it is if you get busy at the time to please. No we're really worried about your feelings and I don't mean that bad way it's just there's a job to be gone gated. Bet that's the essence and small ultimately with a promise you everyone around him. There's going to be smoke lots of these. As a band remember if it's rainy outside. Probably go our way and the walk in refrigerator some of the best things all this and that entire restaurant. Overboard we spoke right do that and also in a pinch. If I want to care reits amenable and you can smoke I don't legally and yet those are my illegal any kind of group. Any other fruit but to go smoke weed stage show and get it. Citations to the fire in men's room this one France amends or malice is pondering some of life's greatest questions were and I thought about the days of Yonder. Since your great gentlemen were on the bus I'll what are you produce live broadcasts anymore well actually every single day Eric. We are in here producing a live brought me and remotes that thing I can think you look a bit like outside the station is likely to lecture every bit as your adoring public now has forwards they have brought to dishonor to your devotees. Seriously when the are you going to have another all live show Eric are you talking about live day are you talking about going. Now hearing outside of the studio for broadcast via the children like we don't I'm sure every day. Experiences outside of the studio opens anyone. Always horrible because so many technical things go it's just inevitable inevitable technical things and then alive days. To be dead honest on the data we do live at recent commercials alive everything's like the music alive. We. Probably put the least amount of work for that and I do know that the people that that put this thing Yemen are marketing you. It takes them a year to put it again like we finished our last live day and the next day they are to start blueprint so we just gonna show open door. And also rose you talk alive it goes over a hundred people that do work countless lead to put that together so and we don't. You know LT look even with the used to do this to on tell visuals typically once a week. Now Fallon and those guys they they do it live show but it's only an hour but they've hired people to there is so it this way. It's great for us to broach that topic with people the stress out about four exactly. All right here's another question press men's room if someone was a beacon. And a runner yeah from California. What would be the first thing they would talk about what is the order you have to drop. In this scenario. That from Dillon who legitimately wants to know because he lives in California. Della. I don't feel like my belief is going to know all three within one sentence. But I do believe this is just might totally in agreement. I believe it goes in California runner. Because it seems to me. California they're all the from California and for sentence but it's not the fourth were out now to David they like hey man. At a new caller you're well aware of California as were Egan. You can say yesterday today why Egan and I'm fine because it is a well apparently if you don't eat in meat dairy meat. Something happens in your brain and the inability and a television talk about anything of them because all the leaders don't pleasure actually eaters alike today I. Are committed to be the ultimate blood. Here's how did you. You think run refers you ordered. My degrees much because you know after our run this morning or I met this guy after this Ron price that. Have a crush of people have had enough of it so they don't bring it up as much to non crop. I bring this morning just because part of their life to making like. Runners in his first start from a rose morning so hard on the rest of the butt out of the California department. Here's what I was a Dylan you were in California. Even though it's understood that everyone around you are also Californians they're gonna die. It's not necessarily the first thing you have to drop when your playing a home game now any time you get out of the state of California. Immediately. The first thing out of your mouth is that you are from California. Now why you're playing a home game at home. Begin I think is number one all your exercise routine is number two but never forget to remind him we're both of you live. And also tell them that you're still in the state so I really think it depends on where you're traveling to anywhere outside of California California comes first. Once your back home determine where you wanna drop it but still do it in the first and seconds of conversation to the people you're with still no with state Katherine. Appealing begins number one because California is proud to let you know California like Lisa once they leave. The beat him I can also be. Sitting in the eye can be abused in chef at the beacon restaurant talking to customer and the customer and still feel compelled to tell me. You know. I'm of the union. An elephant and you begin because no one else dumb enough that you that a beacon restaurant Lester because everyone else who have no food. And it is going to be at a state to compete due to his Texas Texas takes a while though just based on the draw. You won't won't move. Global movable. Well you see. From Texans it takes a little longer to get the California Baja California taco suck here but there's a difference. I feel bad before it even if they don't note feel bad for themselves elegantly spent the New Yorkers. New Jersey new York New Yorkers think your procedures and they just right and it just I was given a from New York. And it's kinda like like that it's okay to me drunken idiot if you're selling your family is Irish right by the New Yorkers in the same and they throw it out so quick. Yeah Iran I don't know the look at New York do you know it's the greatest city in the world for reason. Do you realize it's one of the largest cities you realize that the reason the New York is so famous is because of everything that you just. The window. How we did a fairly new Jersey's worst of Georgia's only being vague. They either clean city they claim Philly and both of these Haditha located in different states and we close. On the New York or Jersey or on the villagers government why do you have a Jersey metro front. This really does likely and you and your city does not claim that other new York city new Jersey City in spite of how closely they stills that. Go to New York. Now subject testaments are at the beginning of the show during the intro as you say your name is man's house and in the Montgomery from the Guinness Beer commercial. I think Aaron Murray telling a story of why you say my house armed man. Other units and into their famine watcher anyway can tell me about that idea just the fact that no one was Virginia concede miles and it's not pronounced correctly. So if you were to pronounce my name in West Virginia was spelled phonetically him. Old w.'s Z. And that's the way the and if she's in jail. So my name in fact when I go back home and when I go to you know obviously candidates kilometers of things but that at home it's mammals is always get election. Our house now the city Steve like me you're an infamous outdoor peer like me you mastered the art of peeing while walking in the night pleasure he ninja. My first question do you is what famous place would you get the most satisfaction from paying off love to mark your territory IE Grand Canyon Eiffel Tower. Stunt plane. Where where where would you ideally like to let ago. Ideally. Much you proudest. One I was with miles then practical. He's goes gas station redeemable group walked into god forbid you walk into restored by products and getting smoked and if it were head home. And the way they had their boots and a you can always seemed like Naples. Does that apply open honest yeah poker he did a maternal and amateur. But I look at it it's just. You know the thing humans evolved in the money while back you guys to go I bookmark favorite. Appealed and bad about this but I'd visited Pittsburgh how many years ago was thirteen fourteen years ago. Yes man and an upper Pastrana knows anyway but it was a no open steeled for him. But at the ravens fan I'm sure you can understand. Her outside of Heinz Field. There's no game going and people are aware of the stimulus plans we've been riveted total day. But what you want to feel shore would go in which the stadium itself from a peak and the beautiful field that what diamond computer. That's rack in the purple it. I think the crazies when there receive it was just one of those things where. I could not illegals happening at a time. It was a guy who is. One over for me in the service line thousands and 102021. Years old and I was peeking underneath the bar. While I was standing at the bar. And was splashing all over the girl's legs beside him was standing beside did she know she's kind of jumped popped it mean once she realized she was getting splashed it looked animals cooled on. And then she freaked the hell out and I'd still that relies why he would be sets up the rhetoric and realized what was going on Mike. Oh my god. Oh my god like right there are actually doubles going used as drinking his beer and singer camped outside of the yellow school bus. Once on nine to five interstate 95 which is like interstate five on the West Coast but I had to go that that has pretty impressive yes look at it are right does he stand up in the seat. Right you are right that those are really got to kind of squat. And won't work. Question here throw would you be persuaded to silly cinnamon toast crunch type ice cream. Basically start a campaign to get that done. Another variations out there that may come close blessed and civilly want an ice cream with cinnamon toast crunch got in it are you there Ben and Jerry that from surge alliger. Yet you know I would our man by the Ivan Friday yet now will bring it in tomorrow but they introduced cinnamon toast oatmeal. But it only released it in camp I pitched to bitch about you would be willing to eat something healthy as long as it is like cinnamon toast crunch my buddy my Ichiro Suzuki might act so there is a gift bag sitting from my door announcing Friday night. And here's no from the lovely Emily saying hey. Mike went up to Canada heard your bitching about thank you can't read it I haven't eaten. Thought the whole new era but every two boxes are a threat to all the different choice and we went to Quebec I would talk to meet a guy like. Our fundamentals until it there you go get a question for the men's room just and is an email to the men's or amendments or live dot com and make the subject. Asked the manager.