05-01-17 PodDammit is tongue tied

Monday, May 1st

We're back again for Poddammit! This week, the guys go on about their weekends, and then there is a little conversation on the things children say.....or don't know how to

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But this guy off the quiet you don't mind and your conversation all right org. You were the one thing that. I don't know dude that's right and I told them all require a minister's office is now you're fired I'm I'm I'm. Two miles of it William Bo and Bob Nemeth. You know pretty good yeah I was fancy Friday night would you he cocktails fool fence yeah and then does that mean you had a Moscow mule. No I have lake. Take a fancy whiskey sour that was like had a lights on the top you know it's like the dozens they. Yeah I don't know yeah friend or a friend might open a new bar my neighborhood they're whole thing is cocktails so they are. Maybe he's got to do so god please we martini martini bars are popular probably five to six years ago for the I was champagne and wine bars mean they seem to go through rotation now it's your craft cocktail but the food is great. Lamb little lamb meatballs from cal Mario not deploy a solution or not you Josh for sky but I am. Now what else yeah so that was Friday night then Saturday to Sanders. But I'm so tried to we're a food meant Jeff goes down to three months market when my kids walking around their pick up some stuff. My daughter Kate's like K I need and he needs something in my book here's his money you do your thing on me here. So I somewhat euphoric and finer she's sitting on the curb gun mistreating this you know this Botha of meat and potatoes. And it's kind of bread and everything was pretty government mantra that would as a to just try it. Take it as big hunk of meat occasionally as premier what is that country has to think it's rabbit. Oh nice lesson rabbit. You got rabbit and sweet potato Fries with his collective from United Airlines yeah I should really like like right exactly is that it's us and I just I was shocked that a high school kid picked the rabbit. She's like a never had to before along the drug it was like I would never done that good for you to not try to rabbit it's not about. Yeah I'm only a rabbit like it tacos I've always liked it to really get Yemen is meteor but it's good it was really good it was really good part yeah shot. All the restaurants or commanders of certain holidays any working like any of them but Easter. Like nobody wants to work Christmas because you want to Saddam to finally be on a one time you'll put off to grasp alike. These characters is more about seems more brunch able it is man but if you over for dinner and random songs sing out reservations polite. Just the way the crowd is on Easter like. It did the labor fancy meal and all those kind of crap and we did nothing but I hate when restaurants do which is you bring to a restaurant as you like Herman here so on this day were not server and yeah I got these students anyway we the prefix menus and we've fought a shop on the she wouldn't go for members of luck. That was sounds like we're just gonna caprice six menu was in the sixers did you all it every. No offense at your general strike you know prefix or. So I although the entire. They don't turn the Syrian government knows there's a podcast and I'll hold. You wanted to do that faith what can we leave just one of the courses because that was you don't know what 45 courses so small port can we please sir wrap. And he thought about it and he's like man if he soared to a guy out there these two but we don't care system point like we have to work. So can we at least thirty little middle finger out there to Obama you know a man needs some Easter Bunny did that's right you just had to go I need you need an Easter Bunning my buddy had a pretty was in town three weeks ago he had a pretty interesting. Observation that I never really thought about that much. He he was down the Stanley at Pike Place Market now and they were gonna get down there and you little food like 3 or 4 o'clock for that's why this thing's going out. Couple the restaurants are wanna go to though were closed between. Lunch and dinner with a nose for a couple hours two or three hours and then there's and they bring you back Kent. And my buddy Jeff was like you know. He's a one thing I realize here is like. On the West Coast. People eat or tend to eat really really late or he's like I want my family eat and we got the restaurants united six more worried about get a table. And the hostess and I'll know you're earlier we were finally do we siege anywhere and he has ever Ehrlich knows how to get his kids or high school age sorry young kids and trying to get him out there. But but he was Sunday that he went to get. Dinner early lecturer forty's I cannot forget maze like. Is that we eat dinner on the weekend really early. So we start talking on the East Coast to Mike Ovitz the family barbecue thing. The crabs thing you did mentally even able Sundays are Eddie whatever like you know a morning afternoon did you Finley got together you eat dinner like 2 or 3 o'clock. Like JUD later but dinner. Was attributed to left over to his every afternoon and Mike and Andy and his liking you guys don't do out here Mike. Well no you know like we eat like the late into the evening you know and I don't know. Culturally why that is or how they just seem to happen meant. Like you're really you're gonna religion or Sunday's lol or is this data goes in Seattle man the way the sunsets and summer I don't know we think about I don't know. But it you know sailor in southern Senator Obama because it was Seattle IC gets to like here receives its two different towns right. They do agree in the spring and suffer when the sun's out afraid I don't leave my eye like right there are not ironic but in the wintertime I'm not out of my house like seven then I'm not going is just one of those guys observations as long as have been harassed tag was like to annoy you than Iran and every thought about that wouldn't discount seems like there's it's. Because he was gonna do this Sunday family gonna like 2 or 3 o'clock hearings closed Tuesday dinner at a Mike when doing better stories like we certainly do O'Neal a 330 Euro for hormone reduces our Mike. He had because people do do that on that one day. It's weaker here's the effect on coupled with the deal is on and I. He lives in Charlotte Durham Raleigh, North Carolina on earth did I the one fight I've gotten him in every girl I've ever dated right does that mean you know like we do the show so we get done at six or eight. See you know and sit with either way my point is I like to go home at night chill out for a little bit just to get your bearings before you go right satellite gadget we eat till like eight. But I can every single driver days seriously I'm starkly angry it's every time angry soaking in the afternoon oh you won't even tell you my wife it it's eating up that has to do this lifestyle minutes it's angry factor man and by the time they see you. They are pissed. And it's like look man. I can't control snack I can control the fact that the bridge went out of the bus was lit up you are tired like I know for a fact one thing we don't know for a fact tonight. If you're trying to get home on public transportation downtown I guarantee you're going to be screwed because even departures are just going across forth are down for the whatever that's a major bus route. So all buses are going to be blockbusters everything up tea and Amazon I mean it may well you know it we don't know I plan for this thing can't be angry about the one of the reasons I don't know best what Hillary is an and you bring my scooter I was because I don't wanna park on the street if things it crazy nominees like NASCAR com. And I'm seeing skaters not their ordering and made a stop before some life. Probably die would be the guy you disputed pushover some cells like you know like this if all else fails I'll just walk on solitary milestone in Europe student. Yeah well plus you know joining it about every or something on. Plus Q. Can't skewed and drinking that's for sure do you see that before I get home. I call all I ask of Mazar. I was. Ma'am hunger Tommie Liddell hey we don't tell hello Leon there you're. But seven minutes thirty seconds our identity as a sore about my daughter recommended on the pond down and yes today's his mechanics he's pissed me announcement. All I can just talk through got us off organize a total of sort of them are just designed to decide. Possible his father. Two minutes later forget the camera back direct I'd imagine now that you could attack outside the delicately. Had a talk we intelligent kids they know eight to know and and I said that in America I say this now and I just I don't know I don't think you'll see that I get where you're coming from you though religiously is not about what you do it's about were found it. We really don't look this thing is as rough I don't know what you do you know mainly that's the first thing dummy. Jesus Christ here she's again do you think when you're in May was just having sex all time like the yeah yeah so let it to pass happy marriage and sex in a big. So I got to know that it's. Battling against a really great time enough for you. Top parenting. Parenting predictions you defense in the gap I have a funny story about kids learn something in my top the podcast but it's actually out of the Panetta. This could still face just funny like how kids are different outings. Some accuses Saturday afternoon rights are a couple aaron's got some beer for the elevator silly too late. I don't 77 year old little boy he's tough a little later so like what's up voice. And they got a stare me in the want to guess I'm sorry I don't know how to answer that. Since when are you doing how you doing big what's going on and they go oh we're good okay by. Efficiency of six drop try to be nice if you think I don't believe in terms of that right. Give me five minutes of text of response but I know it's like to know what's going on garlic I cleared up Zoellick you know mayor what's going on how you do when he's like. We're OK okay. It's just funny how they've had relapse and Jesus. Can we are and what's funny to his Lisa really doesn't have kid's league. Those two what I can tell that they are older than like six but they're not like a teenager I just I'd like to talk too much adults do we just to see how they react in the back it was as funny when. Only answer that Saturday morning my kids are anything like K. Good round pick up some truth yourself of that aggression sir if you want to have a hot par pizza you know the macro and chancellor. She takes off walking down there and others a bar crawl going on and prima. All right so she goes I was by a slice of pizza drank whenever. Comes back in this dear are things that you had that there's a lot of people out there she is like I can attack on the craps about him off four times of the way to get breakfast long haul. Now like. I have and I you wanna orders has got them shorts some only amendments that might be stylish for you but whoever kid. Stay out of the bar drunk kissed guys don't go to the bar across fro on his jump bench broken a god man yeah as I yeah.