05-01-17 Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Monday, May 1st

Today, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Tourism and Gambling!


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Mr. Hartley or guests in his mind. I'm Steve. The way I play the game is pretty simple basically giving them want to get a good start and try to get as many correct in the category as humanly possible for three strikes you're out. There will be available Deborah categories to Jews. And I interviewed him really as his target definitely your guesses as good as mine you're going to love this but I think we should treat her well hello Tammy welcome to the bedroom. Yeah I'll. Are you Tammy I'm I'm. You know having you have the voice of lieutenant initiative to do I mean the guy who's only to him. Well. Let's throw punch them. Never never punched and never heard anyone I don't interim examine you but you aren't gonna Ancestry.Com. Or a camera. Now I got a crater is 800 enterprises can you throw stuff feel thrower. I am all hail our and I held fast to 85 on offense floating out there practice threat. She didn't face of them voted to go away with coffee mullah. And a man a great accuracy him. OK Jason two categories. We're gonna go with tourist attractions in America. For gambling. Out of those two categories which way do you wanna go today and your guess is as good as mine homeland. Sure the track in America tourist attractions in the United States today and you traveled much around easier and upstaged him. I have not who don't. Well basically what a survey did was they asked a thousand people. To name the best tourist attractions in the United States of America the best yeah more than 160. Different places got at least a few votes. But there are attending they got the most now what I will tell you know predicate is just so you know as far as amusement parks go developing the Walt Disney World will be that. Number one tourist attraction in America. Does not make the list and really there's not one theme park that makes the list most are either national parks national monuments and the like. Just to give you a little tip okay. So you need to get as many right in the category. Of the ten best tours attractions in America before three strikes and you're out. What is your first guest you believed to be one of the places that tourists love visiting the most. Are rare error that. Yosemite. Yosemite. National Park in lovely California. That is number seven. IR RI in America Tammy your track in with how this works the that. Biggest ball fly and by the way in Minnesota around on this deal in anything Goodman and really they still they showed up. They don't then they use these guys got a few votes. Yellow dot LA Times Square rates again yet yet those those great guys podium and drinking and I'm thinking how are found. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming yes and rat is the sixth. Most. As the best artillery. And the united Yellowstone number six I go to Yellowstone Yosemite. And number seven you wanna take against a jelly still bringing all that background. And that's what. I they don't scrap some outlet and you're two for two to having guys were. Oh. What oh. I don't player. You wanted to Times Square that is a great gash. Ball because it was number twelve. Yeah how to stop it looked you're you're danced all around thing and your your guess is it not been bent him you're doing a great job here's that was number twelve so maybe that the White House. I think a monument people it's hard though because. The White House does for me and I would you are completely. That on your. You're thinking what now Washington why monument globally novelist hobbling Washington months. You know. There are there are normal I mean there are things in DC the launching to admonish. None of the guys loans and business days a year ago. When I'm on the Internet and Abrams and equipment like. Edmonton which side. At a lot of guys go figure giant won in Canada that they like why don't the legal. If there are sort of all about it zigzag and a I'm dug into Yellowstone and about zone Yosemite opposite I would lingering pain and got a right now. It. Our grand. Grand Canyon jamming no lie and are granted I'm. Our best tourist attraction in America and even minded as a thousand people but not necessarily all of them from the United States are able commend country earning a policy step. Yeah Grand Canyon was the thing that audit people the most elect this is worth it. Glad we came here. Glad we so yeah. So so armored ground that we are what we. That's right two strikes Sammy and you've gotten three out of the ten correct on your guess is as good as mine. The category to ten best tourist attractions America you got number one the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Number six Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and number seven Yosemite National Park. In California and goes to mention monuments so I got nothing like. Three d.s is also New York statue of liberty Empire State Building right. Every athlete on the ballot mount rush. But it bulldozers and pretzel go this could easily that no lights yeah I would give this okay. Everybody's favorite at. Niagara Falls. And that again the united you're right a New York one's in the city ones in the state. So now we're balls New York takes care of the state. Version of that you don't Saturday liberty that the growth of the statue of liberty or empire state that's I think I. It I would ever that's true wherever he gonna go with a that you let I don't I don't know if that where you are correct I. I heard most popular tourist destination in the United States of America. You've got Greg so far. They Grand Canyon the statue of liberty Niagara Falls Yellowstone National Park. And Yosemite National Park you've gotten five of the ten. Two strikes against one strike remains there's five more choices on the best tours attractions in America. And there. You are around well wait. I mean it's spewed there all the Great Salt Lake the C. A lot of people from the text or suggesting not Russian I don't know what but that's the person. I just feel like you know like say people are unimpressed by at the same label like the Mona Lisa right. Yep you're exactly right I dislike about a foreigner like I'm there I'm a couple of its outright Tammy time for clues you've got two strikes against you I'll give you one. Three of these tourist attractions. Are in the District of Columbia. One is in California. The other I'm not gonna give you because I give you the state it is the only thing in the states tour. And you'll note immediately so one in California good amount rough and three in Washington DC. I think California events like the Golden Gate Bridge it's got to be like. Monica is holding. You don't want to think about it if it's a pull start same random but not the full house houses the chances are two gold neighboring India. I met a few everyone knows and DC united have like the White House. When at least that we're going to be in Lincoln Memorial maybe Vietnam memorial David Cameron the. Are out. You're gonna go the White House I'll go lie out you Bard against the White House that she gets. The mind all your against the why they thought it was caught with a line like I push. I'm sorry and the giants aren't I have no reason is just can't handling house candidate England as you just look at the light. Hi I didn't give towards the haven't started yet not Baghdad. This does he January but it is not a flippant about it and if that's what it. The golf like you always go to the white who's going to gonorrhea but been suggestions all full of awful club. What do to thanks clear. A Hollywood sign Hollywood is not the one in California. And redwood forest. Redwood forest does not make ballistic fixer the golden gate Golden Gate Bridge number and ultimately Golden Gate Bridge at number nine. You have three monuments remaining in DC and one monument aura of negativity you know immediately based on the state and the low ominously we can memorial. Lincoln Memorial is number five and anything. So the most popular track might Andy's blog vegan because there's there's a state that he won't give us that because it would give it away that's why I think it is mount rush hour because there's nothing else it's not the color tiger that is correct like this out Moore's number South Dakota there's nothing else there I guess did you stages though the badlands technically an event there people I guess they're there could recede just like the Smithsonian in general Smithsonian is number two apply as far as the best tours attractions in the united state of the lord DC. I think about it if UN BC you know was to feature you don't understand why it's almost hard to figure out of the Washington mind. The Lincoln Memorial and Smithsonian's. Folk kind of portable one thing. Tolerant and honorable good duel from the Smithsonian there's a want to monument and the other side Washington monument at the link him more. Yardage is named Leo and basically the Vietnam memorial separates them. Yeah right it goes straight Lima the capital to in the bunch is also it's got to be the Lincoln Memorial. Not me in the more wrong and not only bloom lake we Obama but being in Vietnam low toward Vietnam on war well. At. The hour an hour match. Gotta get your hopes. With the Jefferson Memorial yesterday. It's the national. I'll the national the National Mall number but it judges considered it but they consider that a famous plea of these other things the speeches that have happened there. But what are we that it enhances any department I don't understand that they just use it as a whole here's a quick sound like Bosnia to look back on Sony's number two within the national rifle event on the part of the same I understand that does this. And the buildings around the outside of the mall understand. By the way real quick that we found got another Vietnam memorial wall. Civil woman who won the design competition when they initially commission cut. She was an architecture student. Per proposed forgave her BER what can wall. He also submitted is operable and didn't get picked you think she's like socket dude you gave me be alert to get today. Eating featured it gives over there in Washington ultimately blasted out as the worst Vietnam memorial where would you guys say. Is your number one tourist destination without all the scrap. Where would you be if you can be anywhere in the world I mean in the united state of the seem to be on the ago Disney World or I would make a choice like suburban streets. Good urban street and Southern California New York city's in Laguna. Here are the ten most popular tourist attractions in the United States of America. At number ten mount Rushmore in South Dakota at nine Golden Gate Bridge followed by the National Mall Yosemite National Park Yellowstone the Lincoln Memorial Niagara Falls statue of liberty Smithsonian and the Grand Canyon. There you go on your guess is as good as mine have admitted to bring in that.