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Monday, September 17th


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Oh Monday what do you done to us. Who you know I'm. Hello hello pillow and exciting happen we can't know. Please and golf. I meant. I mean 150 dollars an aggressive did you yeah man while sold and still selling yourself or someone else's does both in my. Of combat we had at a at a friend's house. And they were trying here to substitute she's pregnant so they're didn't address or discuss the big stuff to me about a house make her from a baby stuff and they basically sold nothing. And we saw the Culpepper. He's like Aristide has brought some people ever to these mass hold up from two million dressers and man I don't know if you can read about it here dressers apparently there's been a problem tipping over Renton. I've at a key addresses in my house for 8000 years so I just assumed it was due new Dresser was on the link that's on Saturday. Kids want to play outside with the called upon which totals cheap as plastic pools when I was on my wall does is swim charged. Sarah's son crime in the bedroom and did the right politic don't. And the thing is he look like I don't Alice hold Apolo Ohno subdued. He'll before like next week so little man who is crime but he holds itself but all the drawer to come out. As a pay humane to weighs about ten or fifteen pounds. That they don't round ball cinnamon ahead it is nobody will let me go to Israel is a little super durable mobile drill equipment even all the man his screams are recommend them. And then I don't know what your first NC Ronald helping Jim and as I'm pushing to draw us back on the what are you don't lose that fell over on what how old you know about I'm sorry ma'am. That is been read about that I southern girls do that I didn't know I had that dude I've had these things for every four ever I wanted to or no he didn't. That's several assumption that's like now magazine drug to lower Drury notre Scranton is overlooked or. The second or from the bottom then I didn't do over the top or any thing to climb out of but they open moved a drawer second from the bottom. The whole thing came over but the thing of him once it tips all the crap on stuff like all the kids Bo Ryan and a slides I busted as take your neighbors say don't scare but then like he took one drawer of the phase one of the jazz. One words v.s would be just could go all the drawers c'mon man so it like it was kind of funny. He's still a little hole about a dude NEC and we all the draw all the clothes from Florida. Very old about what it's been our man I've told Ramon we're done and I come measures are around a same man to renew your mail has a new Roman god damn man you made no mistake about fabric uses sort of under. Yeah and all of the site got nobody helped the thing companies struggle and puzzler OK IQ wasn't our O'Meara thank god you're there what my point is just this apparel way the thing about a cure drawer which they they've made people aware of Ed applies to all of them not just a new one that's gonna read about in the last few months I didn't know and I'm like ma'am I'm Sosa one of those. Pieces of furniture my buddy with someone is an old cedar chests like from the fifties right and it's been beautiful and I'm really nice craftsmanship and Aaron and but it's from some company that apparently insulin waxes on the outside there's a leg not a kibo district you know a much it yet but apparently it you know at some point meth. Sixty some control and Erin thank you look Manoush I don't know how many had suffocated in there are so he can't sell on Craig's list. That you puts our credit is like now and it's almost like that Craig that was Bret yes it did trap Reggie Bush. You can get hookers on Craigslist but they won't let all that kind of cedar chest furniture because it's like airtight and it's gonna last only does Australia. Stuttering and you gotta pay extra for that. He asked them less threatening house and I got things beautiful man I was we I was I group. Really any problem with oh with a wife as far as agreeing on what you're getting rid of her knowledge or is that very little I mean that's that was certainly a point of tension along the way we moved into a smaller apartment so we both had to get rid of some stuff but I I've been pushing for that for about two years anyway three years it is. We both kind of how a little bit of come and tell me this one day or this is cool I wanna hang on referred you know sentimental value so we both had. Things are just finally just like our elections I'm not sentimental and there's a if there is a sentimental we have to pick up a movie somewhere else I don't know why you write your Senator Obama wins zoom you viable under all right in the blender comes in the small instruction book. A warranty sheet did you never send back out now and like a small list of smoothie recipes are simply that. If it's anything like that. My wife keeps it is she shelves in the drawer like if it's a toaster. Thank you ever seen similar likes and that the toaster over loving man you're like oh look at all the things you could make him here are our did not know that the format toast light. I can just put our you can rely heavily in bright and he's an attack those pop tarts and she's just sometimes things just don't need instruction. In light of the toaster you'd only do one button to push it back home. So push and into the thing is the only thing your input and a toaster fit exactly yes and M is like them popped are just I want to live directions is like atomic pop. Chart and put our mile and one point 02 loss to bug on something she's like no I couldn't I can't accuse Obama coming on console button back on for crime and allows like. Give me your things are so when I realize that. You know those give you extra bugs assurance net. Yeah there's like nine million of the moon does nine million packets bunds and I mean look managing you buy and I got like a hubcap place are hung out and and you got to surety Austin bunt I guarantee you don't ever use one of those funds once they realize that she didn't know how to put pressure Jeannie and I knew it was an honest I want she gets an image she did even know how to use. Regulate you they she asked me if I can do before in my together kidney Keeley stricken by the Xena we put a bug long. Sauna I can items Obama ospreys I mean Jesus Christ is four holes. Right because there's four holes to take a real guy you read the computer there and thank you go to president there's so those that's to us all it's about earlier where British craft. It's a professional tennis is not that hard to freak him but he's not much going on the other one thing my life make you know she was given a copy table that we have a different account which at its. Big embolden you have put your drinks free agent that are well so. The thing is the coffee table it's decent sized table what has three huge drawers and so is great for storage remnants of it's big in black and kind of squares you don't have some smaller like a lot of lives there I mean they like him square from the black and square some like. Put the tables Monica I know it's not the ideal table and our dream home from Olympic dream home a little less apartment so maybe let's not spend money and we're protect our net enough that. That then went Tim Mueller had one hell I think probably I think that it that my wife had literally less and less sort of like about a tale moment. Last only about your bills leather they William by Brad buttons and they were indented down so had more of what a tough thing can't get tough to kind of tough to say oh great so don't hesitate got to buy trees do you enjoy new kid out anything anywhere okay guys still is killer goes move or rule us and look us in the cement. As a UCL a dying for germ there is this is my diner Taylor here since this is where rallied 90% of the time. On my couch on this thing this thing is not a coffee table it is all right eat my dinner attended a dinner table so once you look at little dinner table joins his look. And my drawer but it is Tom flips over and certain other wins a trail on Todd. Motorola's. Let's all remind their similar idea or a tremendous economic flip one way for looking niacin to do if firms were trained to dissect a solemn military exactly yeah I've seen that the format I know gas. I mean I'm not McClure I'm not a Democrat I don't know you don't I. That's organ of whatever use trays ever knew you do on those good you know Carlos they rule but the thing is it's not that you won't use the tough side because the point as. When you say that you I don't care who you order sitting in your liberal wants to do your order read only. Human drinker you have I don't know what every gonna eat something small so you end up you wanna usual tables table C get the tough ones that look great. You flip it over and then to realize like we never used to tough sides now the tough this is underneath snow didn't see it. With stuff on America anybody use the full entree there glove compartment you don't. This has helped older than Mel now. You realize that when you open up your glove compartment of falls under the future. At a nominal nominal as did some say no news is right I've done apart before my truck corridors there's the part I'm older and open Somalia I think it's like oh it's like an airplane tray. I am going to another era seventies. Song yeah brackets it's digital video out of your cars to deaf couple lemons in America. Now you got a crappy car than to get through today you're so proud of our thoughts and every car should have a food trail on reality current board and one of the day now not later investors see Geneva trade income level Mike magazine on the windows on top voted should be just like fly and I won't have to get a coffee table top is detached it'll actually come up to you on years. I couched that sort of mind you like even African even that is embarrassing all right you're the one who had a team meeting in the backstop so you know everybody had to. Well they've updated impossible ones I am now on my parents gave to me but for all would. Yeah they do fold over the girl would want leg Ronaldo what the frequent on top wood paneling on the Pinto let Joan and deny you took barrels and those little X fine. May I honestly don't know how low the world trade between those like twelve or in other stock. Stacking the deck whatever I don't know why raise a full well the back of the front seats for people on the back to signal play I've seen that. You know the electricity back there why can't you have a little a little straighter. What if that's the TV it's a little flat screen TV in and out folds announce he can you in the back of the TVT hi Jay you hit a lot of oil just like a plane in the back of the car should have a triage race did you have little cup place beverage expenses it's gonna save you square emerging. The word it's a bacteria like we're is that lady who who who who who took the perceived stolen car after the growers get laser guided for forty minutes notice you're like you know like it here in the in the backseat to a new apartment in American kids and no matter what they eat it just in the open seats and Syria now Syria and I hope they don't write yeah I'd sit in the back seat you get to the backseat in the sandwich without so whatever credit. To divide us shut down don't go anywhere yeah will be here for well let's go and annoys me know when you're in a car. When I tell a story about my buddy go come years ago he ordered late tender curse and all these sauces. Netflix to your email car man you disorder it's an average draw if you got to bite the bullet sometimes and I'll just take the thing with the bread on that I can he with one hand and a guy like ketchup on my Fries but in the car. Any surprise finally run out of the bag the end of now with more us now going to get there if we can put him through. There's Todd down. Mean honestly when we got anything else going all out of pay in the grass so good to get clarity happy hour and a half yeah we have a few of those left now. Hookah to get in the incidents about that time and you'll be you'll be regret and if you wait much longer the biggest show them. New smoke or drink it still a chance when cashier coming up next couple weeks and gentlemen we sit there and Grossman could. Yeah you're right I mean you knew you when you dig us out for your 150 dollars song craft. All manner is great composure piracy and I don't there's maybe like three and a 320s and there and the rest is just ones. So it was a fun that's that's a money but I don't like to put hundreds of books always your highs on. I had a solid telescope. All saw how high loaded and I don't know that I guess a great use out of it includes amateur and unfortunately I decide the two books are not somebody aggressive ideas of Abbott electors is north storms two revealed was bogey. There's that was a gift thousands over the I. That's always modeling and I'll tell us now. Then I will say guys the thank you with a gray gets an attorney to every twice. And about using an element in another way does go Doug Jupiter and and the moon multiple times so every guy you sending I was stoked yeah I'll be you do it another thought on C goes predecessor companies like how you know we're talking about Senegal straight out of the type season. And there's two there's too little set screws right to brag on twister there Hanson Ted take the cap off and you put this. The IDC anytime a backup it's a good twist that the industry broke right in my fellow American life. All due to all mass geez I didn't know what sort of so me man so he was going to look I know what the value is likely replace the screaming okay thanks now however good for the second of the first guy doesn't resonate to provision you told him that just aren't excited then and I know cells and then. Good very good.