05-02-17 Sit & Spin

Tuesday, May 2nd

Today Plus Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Xylophone Songs!


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Yes friends it's I want to get at all. Six and spend millions gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. Hello I'm very. It wouldn't it's. A place. Us xylophone on wheels growing up as a as a child of course it is yeah I'd ever did Israel I think though reasonably you pulled it just went. Ended inning ending bing bing bing. Why is the xylophone on wheels what what what point today instrument determined that it needed to be ready to hit the road a moment -- of them Oca. We thought we would rub xylophone and that you get revenue conversation about last week was during big Deming is is that house or we've been apparently why the talking xylophone I'm pretty sure we of course and big department. Something like in Africa it's called Rambo I believe what do we call it in the states and so we started talking about the xylophone and said Mike wolf. The people play the xylophone and immediately declined xylophone and then the next day right after that we have this conversation. Lo and behold a woman is arrested for a xylophone rage attack. For the first time ever a defendant has been charged in connection with the xylophone rage incident Q according to investigators. Floridian. April. Incarnate C own. Was collared earlier this month a domestic battery charge after police responded to a residence at Fort Walton Beach. In Kearney sealed says she was in the kitchen when the male victim was playing a xylophone around 920. Apparently. He was not enjoying the Friday evening musical performance and she asked him to stop. When the man refused incarnate he unseen above dumped a pot of cold the cooking grease on top of the victim. An officer who responded to the nine on one called the victim had web spots on his shirt and shorts and there was a public on the ground the victim was sitting near the xylophone that's complain she was targeted Lou with 3000 dollars bond. She confessed to the xylophone attack. The charges does with misdemeanor battery she is scheduled to appear in court did a few weeks she is an unemployed housekeeper and is already serving a probation sentence in connection. With a no contest plea in a felony charge of battery on a police officer. That'll let Dan Brown master account had a record systems beats on. Now look up. Before we get started I understand it throat brought up the the marimba understand this distinction between his phone rumba. A fire by phone and whole range of other similar instruments. I also understand some of our listeners overwhelming need to host yeah yeah they do it corrective dirt that's a blockage feel dumb ass. Haven't yet that don't act having said that. Week ago and it was scary to think of today's conversation it it's all violence but we found ten songs that feature those sort of and I looked xylophone. And the and the good. And and yeah. Have you seen the Iraq general importance you know I watched it last night on my they absolutely. It's yet they were coming I mean there for a single yeah they were only rock rock band the delay. You don't question. There's. Zeile thought part of that is intended and that like they've got into the room probably with that which read like four notes and might be one little to reset it to Luke. And they built this giant amazing rock song off of that little oxygen tourism there. Okay. The bad it articulate. Let's keep bombers and come out you'll meet them presentation did I look at this look at these slivers and the 2008. CE I like that we've round of pile pyro well. Notre reducing the player. Make him basketball's. As our I thank you for an edited for ten songs that feature the xylophone today Johnson's been. They're now. Players that took good health clubs until you guys like that was part of the so. Hello. To be yeah. Act pop superstar for sex at number nine about what do you know mild. There's no real. And it's more complex as they think definitely the double that we've not just confidence you don't look there an anger there it's not that I Harrell. And for the sake of conversation today. It's all really let you know in the other trivia that argument has bombed it. Fitness xylophone saw Lokachokyo. Wrote on six game recap. Under angle. That's yeah. Easy. Yeah I mean being being named the plot is low that pin everything. Cocaine. Oh god yeah every time right here on inside just picture some victim of much coach and others like that I'd definitely honesty I think it's the era okay and yeah Atlantic OK there. Tens dogs have featured xylophone today on that fit. This. Like I've. It's like. If if if if an accident he and also on the board of Iraq. Now another one of those that feet. I would be on seventeen member of the street. And very little known player to leave and I was down there and Robert. Kids off to contain the xylophone today on six. Homeowners sick. Perry is here. Here a woman and her thirtieth I don't think. It's like. I think I like psychedelic version at I don't know I don't know what I thought. Right you know. Let me in a movie's but do you ever watch the wedding singer last of this investment. It's a good thing but you know like mere reverend now with them as its new livery dialect I thought of it. Stand at the bone thugs on this fit. Under fire. Banana Rambus back. Oh god they've reunited. And by the way dazzle. The gold medal from around the dial telephone bell market real well tonight belt from camp with the almost had almost all of them we. The pockets of all of the wheels. Bill footwear when your market that. And everyone makes fun of you. Who knows this stuff. I came in Tacoma okay. I'm Campbell on that note and so far gummery. Cam is our resident dialed the phone expert he's a really that all the ones that it's an iPod guy maybe can't come huh. No stop we're gonna get delayed voting just is communism might not up all right in there it'll happen for YouTube and actually I got blocked. A blockage the only thing. Yeah. In my secretary Donald Gonzaga. Under false. Yeah I think a lot of fun. Kate plus. That's your best of me. Belongs. And I give them a lot like him. Didn't realize that like a lot of songs that have and I don't. Edwards or that political battles cam but I think it didn't attend camp songs today. Only us. Surprised a lot of people even me because of CNN wrote the top of my page. Under my thumb. Because it reminds them to make the list with low and he pulled out from under my number three novelist oh yeah and hit a good idea that's there. Give us undermines job. Both men. Our right hand right Campbell and I'm not. Camera since menu while within would consultancy what what you do challenges with the instrument I am not respond yeah but back to look at. Because this is kind of a challenge to make sure did it's that you know more about what like ten popular ovals on like. Let's look more on the campus of flatness it's probably. Ten title thoughts on today didn't arrive on sit and spin. It's yeah. And yeah London. Yeah pain and that's that's next season and what maybe one of the greatest albums of all time yeah it's such such a cool fun and I believe that's me by. Another way Campbell. Now do you are asking me to ask views are different and many in between is the little wooden things. And the one with the medal but I don't know when it refused to Google's indicated it would. That would is that marimba and the other battle is on the phone but of microphone is metal but also a little relief thing and it gives them that the problem. Bear market froze in its current and is now with that is actually. And lately I've made dozens execs at. Some has come do this is the list U don't want what is it about the let people go out of the woodwork I think it's because everywhere it's relatable content every single person on the planet at some point their life as Cleveland. We bowled itself we've followed right there usually we should do recorders when he was our first instruments of which do because they're way ahead. This ten telephone songs guess what folks we made it to number. Well. Do away. Perfect number on it. And I think you're right we have presented there you go to and xylophone on Pam on Thursday.