05-02-17 What You Don't Need to Know

Tuesday, May 2nd

Today What You Don't Need to Know is all about what Immigrants are surprised about here in the US!


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To come ride cancel the drug charge. Anderson spent today ten a xylophone songs that is double labor parts since. We're full of useless information. And you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill him. So my engineer on the men's room shares would you don't need to know Todd from what you don't need to know and nuts. A immigration seems to be in the news we're gonna talk a little bit about immigration and some of these stories of what people were actually shocked to find when they came here to the united states of America's that would become the country's. There's certain things that are just understandable when you get your ego well it would be an odd. Things are different so. We don't think they're different what we know them exactly there have been Mexico before and I could not get over the fact that I had to what my bud. And put those two issues in trashed it. Right is don't water it freaked me out like it took me days to get over this will be I did not want to whoop goes the strangest thing it also had a weird thing with Iraq who's being friendly. I was and exactly used that either where you can walk up in the record on human. Climb up your body up all the editing but directly in the come up on your shoulder impacts you as well they tell us yeah problem about lowering the oracle may. Mean green accretive to our track them differently and every other and I guess that's all men and they and it and what in her skinny too they might be expects of skinny reckoned with we're retired from the garbage you gave me and the wife with. We moved to Mexico but remember the time so they ask Tony five immigrants to America they asked in the question. What was the most pleasant surprise. When you got the united state something that you did not expect. So here if you. That and lots of ten people my dad is Indian and was born in Trinidad he says the first thing that he eight when he came to United States was pizza. He said the pizza was a magical thing and then nothing has ever been as good. As that first piece of pizza you don't crazy we interviewed the cow born years ago Indians at the same things Igor Birmingham England. You wouldn't think you'd be shocked about pizza but likes to have its tour. They go to New York City but tired on drugs and those who beat supplies to the opposite. You heard about pizza he sat down at a place be like he called wife Sharon yet. At Walsh apparently old like I cannot let. This is incredible he said as the reason he says when he discover pizza and got to America. He put on the thirty just eight Pete and I were ordered easily every room I could not in the pizza so delicious. Another of the Tony five. Immigrants or Asta what was most pleasant surprise when you've got the united states of pleasantly surprised about how open Americans are about discussing anything in everything. A growing up I was taught that the Vietnamese version of the Vietnam war in school in my mind I thought in America people would not wanna talk about it since it's a shameful thing. And the government would suppress all the discussions of it like in Vietnam era movie. Everything I came here us all the people can openly speak about these things even when there are many disagreements. Another on the you know that is that's probably the fundamental truth of this conflict. Right now we're greedy talent in my teeth and it warranted battled personal crap but India. At least we pay him a you know if you choose not to be an idiot about it the greatest thing about this country that law. On your most pleasant surprise people who moved to America very seriously free refills my blow. Oh yeah normally Maria we did this when corporate. Pay from the here's another free public restrooms and how every establishment has air conditioning. Aria. Ram and a lot by the way boo boo free public bathroom for huge against colon another story from a political. It's that he was in Germany and they had. Is on road services that he had to go to the bathroom had to go to the bathroom and pull over you run into the map but he's got a good number two fifths please about the brewers. Realized that the queen thing so he can't get and he doesn't have time rob I got was that he tries to climb under the adorable little space. His torso is now into the stall the back apple missed a lot about them. He loses that Andy who films while playing faced all because the of the pay to open handle. On asked reasons immigrants to America what was the most pleasant surprise when he got here ramps growing up in a wheelchair in a small town in Colombia was that the goal this app. Affect that a plus. Size servings imagine my holy S eating face agony all that for X amount of money yes I am back now. Charlotte has analyzed the world is next to him yet and that's this'll things like authority and flew in states like pizza and I mean. I was very young and we moved the one of the things my parents always mentioned it was whenever we needed help. Weather was navigating the interstates where to shop people would go out of their way to help us find the things that we needed or show us how to do things. And that was different from my home country with other countries can you not athlete direction. I think it's different your tourist of the people like two or not they understand situationally. But I guess maybe if you look this is not something you do. I guys I was shocked by not getting shots and a drive by. Seriously the Canadian media the way people talk made it seem like the US is full on gun toting rednecks in gangsters in your life is in danger every time you step out the door. Some of my friends drove six hours straight once through Ohio without a bathroom break because they were so scared. Well now being in California for fifteen years and it's much nicer kinder and with fewer guns and chaos than the outside media would make it seem. Orasure. I would still draft Ohio street chapped just of the Ohio lived out of out of me dangers like you got a car you do it why in my standing immigrants until America or asked what was the most pleasant surprise when he got here the most white Americans aren't actual races. And just a lot of them. Of hummingbirds outside the window on the in real life hummingbirds right outside my window real audio and the fact that no I'm birds only in the states. Must be asked inevitably an answer entities in addition orbit it Hendrick wrote. The fact you know was threatened to kill my family based off bar religious beliefs those nice change based. Well give it. I showers and running hot water. Was born in the Philippines showers and hot water are really common in older homes over there and not having to fill buckets with water boiling some over as a to a stove topple such a big surprise for me. Experiencing that as a twelve year old was an unforgettable experience as both people who. A live here ticket for granted sometimes you can actually get a hunch I mean it is a while ago. Yet showers are one of the best things on the planet. I was amazed by what they call small talk. I really didn't expect people to to strike up a conversation with someone they'd never met before I've heard some interesting experiences from strangers while waiting in the airport and us error guys you don't really notice how real fresh air feels like when your breathing. I not breathing and polluted Errol Leo. From may immigrants from China I will say for a moment to Mexico so people always up to Simone. The biblical via political emissions and although we do the car. They don't do that there and it was a it's just something small to be just that smell in the air dams moment the 1970s. And. Recent immigrants to America castles most pleasant surprise. How hiking biking and camping is made so easy well marked trails clearly specified difficulty levels park Rangers to help you documented rules to follow for good experience. Bike trails document along Google Maps camping equipment you can buy at Wal-Mart with Chris instructions every step of the way. And well maintained national and state parks back home there's a lot of nice places to do outdoors stuff and the most are what Americans would consider back country. Some obscure about the kind of thing and I was shocked I'll save it was to walk around residential streets alone as a woman. Thinking back to when I came what my family from Russia grocery stores. Seriously are we came from shelves were bare or best stocked with drab low quality food. When I was a little kid I loved going to the store just to see all the different crazy things they have that would never be available in our old country. Produced. Cereals. Candy you name it even though we were too bored bile those things I want as a kid just going to see it was fun enough for me. Sort of got you have to do that stuff all the time it still does it now yeah. On Torii five immigrants razzle was the most pleasant surprise when he moved to the United States a lawyer Gloria fireworks. I had moved on the fourth of July was quite young but I still remember the fireworks. Another not having hagel. When buying things not having to know who to talk to or bribe to get in the little bit of paperwork filed in a reasonable amount of time. Not having to worry about being cheap lawn every little transaction. Just having standard reliable procedures for daily tasks was wonderful. You guys might hate going to the DMV but let me tell you it could be much much worse. Then I got even better with the automation and e-commerce and not even really having to interact with people for many tests. So happy about that. Honestly public libraries I know ideas such things existed until the public library in my neighborhood went or school and invited us to get a library card. It literally changed my life. I remember how the doors open on royal guard go to uncle Teddy speak I never read a book in my life. I remember how the doors open on the only walked out of the airport. And the soda on the plane ride over was in Cannes instead of glass bottles I was also amazed by individual houses all I'd ever known at that time was large apartment. You ever seen a single story house. I'm more. Most public buildings are smoke free wheels bugler decent enough not to smoke in someone else's house or car most people don't blow smoke to children and babies that Jimmy was amazing. It's amazing to me the people want most vocal and that you. You have to are just ridiculous scare refused a mean nasty person yeah recent immigrants festival's most pleasant surprise blog coming to America was. Rise he was a social circles that existed in schools and in life. Back in Italy schools and have the nerds jocks the skeeter kids in Mosul whatever people were basically all the same a minor differences in interest but most everyone played soccer casual gamer. Hung out the towns where at night that it may sound like an exaggeration but 95% of my friends there were exactly like this. Sort of came to school here I was amazed how the jocks would hang out the gyms and play four different sports afterschool. Other skaters headed off to the park it was a different and a lot. Because while I can fit in back in Italy it was always much more introverted and interested in nerd stuff in the US I finally found people who were exactly like me. I was really unexpected and you only notice it after spending a lot of time. Excellence in America now and snow I'm originally from Jamaica where the idea of us know is practically something a make believe. Because as we get to snow was by scraping ice from our freezer. To see snow fall for the first time was a real armor my dad waking me up at 4 in the morning the look out the window at untouched snow covering them. I thought somebody sees no for the first it it was a what you don't you know every ride gathered go to the drug charge we will sit and spin with ten songs featuring the xylophone next.