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Monday, September 17th


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Senior men's. Miles and drilled a 99.9. KI SW. A Japanese island is telling tourists not part in public. Kindly please not an old of bird were allowed you. Also we have the case of Amy Schumer who is now put in place I guess at least temporarily a no fault oh with a fan policy as she was accosted by some due North Carolina. There we have the story of a woman to try to get on an airplane with a twenty million gazillion no violin and she carried it on the pilot was there she is one of the first people who are allowed on board believe not only because the violent because he's also and capture and so she was well the first two there was general legs torn off by a trained. About forty years ago when she was protecting. A different but equally valuable wireless plan unease Chicago's subway train many think that the space that her legs say Vick just put the violent right there and not to be funny but yeah that's right yeah I don't know one leg opened the violent or my other leg would be and it's not hurting anybody listen she'll legitimately delivers Lama fled the needs legroom Reynolds he's league's true that's the point yet. So our question today what is your personal role as the pilot told her you can't bring the plane on other the violent on this because assets for the moment. So that people who are relevant other. Let let me get a few inches of leg you got to prove. I still got ride dazzled the drug charges that decision's been today we get to attend accident should enter the rock hall next we'll take a quick break and come back with your emails in the midterm amends in my dock out. I'm calling nine KI SW. I still downright ghastly. We'll suspend the ten next that sure. Entered the rock hall next year before and elsewhere they do their own thing LL Alex six or five ax anyway it's about the general into him they already announced to the Atlanta put the Sosa's castles like these guys got the snub or. Want one of these are I'm happy to be some have been no snub before in the and others have just recently. A guy without a point where their eligible again and so there's always that first timer. That seems to get in you know just based on their credentials Nirvana in that case when there when they went in first and they are eligible boom there they go win. There's a number of bans have been sitting their for years and years and years and people have been complaining about the then Liz he's of the world and show some of the more progressive rock bands from from early on who still haven't been kind of LeBron and so we've got to the Tim exit should in Iraq call. A Mexican world Ryan casts our question today what is your personal rule we have a much your emails here for the men German men's in my dock job. And he knows much violation rolling crowd roars of men's room original red because we think it's gonna learn silver bronze medal winner at the great American beer festival that means is a damn fine beer and you can buy by the case in Washington area Costco locations and by the twelve pack. Hedge your favorite rusher and it's expects. And and when he two's one not forgotten and I know you guys probably aren't on this tip yet and I'll tell you this. And this is my latest rule and I had to make it in my house because my. Teenage daughters. They go through a phone battery. Faster than any human being in the world I mean they're on their phones from the moment they wake up into the time they go to bed. I have one phone charger that I use and I haven't been living there are rules this you can plug your phone into my phone charger you can charge at any time you walked. But do not move my phone charger. Because when I need a charger I don't know where it is gonna go up and it's like under a bed someplace you know near my kids my kids rumor whatever select the rule is. The phone my phone charger stays put. And I don't know. What the deal is on phone chargers but their like that soccer gets lost in laundry I mean they are a hot commodity. Yeah villagers as somebody ninety dollars socks up. Policy here all you sexy to tell us. What do project going on at home such as mowing the yard washing the vehicle even making us something about workshop I don't like being bothered until I'm either finish with said shore or at a stopping point. Every it was a while I'll be in erupted in the even though it's the why for somebody blow my phone up. I just irritates me with it irritates the you know what out of me. It is not an emergency and you're not bleeding profusely. Let me get the project or chore done first I will deal with the problem then that from van scooter Shackelford the violate cowboy. No popcorn before the movie starts. From Michael I'm already tired I go away now so many previews. What usually previews and smells good Roberta got a man who. Yet there's there's no chance of doing that I could fathom your flock your flight your fry thing that nobody Goran. That it's it's cooling down the entire time I don't want called popcorn when a movie star that weird buttery lower credit for months I've been a hot I wanted to let everyone else is the unit. A Broken Arrow for sure. You rest of the half and half blood or trick when you go get popcorn. Definitely some of them have built a pathway to moderate and then put more popcorn atop the butter again have you heard about the straw thing now. If you push drama popcorn and you feel that with water that we don't seat down okay. You heard a low owl are low and a good way to get yeah. Genius. Got to be good doubt awarded so fine you are trying to really show these oh but I just never go to the movies yes. Earl is to never do good work. First off the guy who thinks it's manly to sit down the but even more poorly the last time I sat down and do my business and I got tied a rope around the handle anti the other in the rope. Around the handle to door and opened the opposite way trapping me in there. Was able to open the door enough to finally untied the rope. Then I tackled him and hog tied and the rope. The stuff to whatever his mouth it was the boss's brother in law I didn't learn any good stars at a gold stars that day anyway don't proving a work. That from DB Cooper Akamai DB get paid to group. Mandatory or they don't in a non murders bitches that's my role. I'll have to deliver Fries by the way digital technique I use is to cover the Fries in my insulated bags in every direction except the top. This helps keep the heat from dissipating and every other direction while allowing the steam to escape. The idea being this will keep the prize is not as possible without them becoming soggy. In practice this only buys about fifteen minute stop top saw try to order your Fries in the closest place you can't. I do have a question related to this and I love your opinion would you rather have your Fries hot and soggy. Or cold and crispy. Thanks for making my life worth living just a bit more that from bacon your residence caviar delivery guy. On soggy odds are onsite as to when you order delivery Fries slate. You're you're making that concession to these aren't going to be the best Fries in the world if for soggy. I'll I you can put him in the oven for you just a couple of minutes you know and I mean if there at their cold and thin and crispy when you put him in the oven. They just get Chris fear brutal yeah yes they don't. This and I've eaten a lot of left over food you know that might netting ended in the fridge overnight team but track cold Fries and just start didn't that's the one that most people dislike net attack. I've a few rules guys I kept my nose clean over the years. Don't complain about a restaurant until after you eat your food agreed floor seasoning Sox. I don't be out after 10 PM when you have to work the next day and Lester getting past. Number 32 bears an hour is the limit and lets you have arrived. Number four when betting on card games with friends and Max bet is a buck per hand and number five thing before you respond especially if Gregory. That from gay Eric. Viral is always be open to trying new food don't be a little bitch not tries of the because it sounds unappetizing nor has one thing you. We'll like in an adult you try something and you don't like it still united and again but if you do like it then your goddamn welcome. That from Sam the Fishman that's a Guerrero sent. I don't know if I don't try to look at it like I'd try it first in if you don't like it then you don't like you took one bite of food you like that's not gonna in your life and a few acute and you found a whole new dish seal off Bryant sometimes just root. We got bit in a place like at a I'm not being on mushrooms in the that I was taking all this time right in front of me companies mushrooms right plays that you got to drive men like. Why did you make you do the job while we try to dispel that much time go to hell as. Honestly it was delicious when he puts so much fight is and I'm not sure picked a pretty good luck threw 51 of those vegetarian guys still could let lake everything super flavor. Sure I like that drug rule no needles no powders that from Brian I get that far Freeman's. Allow so the one thing I just smoke it. So what role I have sounds kennel in the first but there's a good story behind it in high school had a government teacher who was really strict but also mile time favorite. Anyone who went to the high school knows the is big too rules were to be on time and remove your hat when a flag is present. At the time off of the flag one was annoying but respected it's in this class. Since then he's passed away from cancer so in memory and respected them hours take my hat off and any time I notice a flag. That from albino match. Everyone as rules for life fear fueled mind parting your weed your dream hit or beer left at my home becomes my new year. As far as driving no hitting the driver that wants to. And drivers DJ unless otherwise indicated. Other rules as well with the main one possibly because I was being raised properly by a single mother and having three sisters is ladies first. I knew right public transportation I'm shocked on the amount of disrespect people shall fellow passengers. But it starts with getting on the bus multiple people to stop waiting to get on and guys rushed you know on first due to the very least that the ladies on first. It's one simple thing to be courteous and isn't that hard to do this also applies to elevators. Jeremy completely agree without knowing that. But if you let him get on the bus that had you they're attractive Steve visual signature got dressed economic and as a walk on stuff but at the use it to your advantage and don't be so stupid yapping in there aren't wait you just said that takes us unanimous party now she thinks that you're being a gentleman. The truth is Europe god damn creepy you get to look at that adds I cannot I consider the bust up but I know who's going to be a front seat piper and another guest on that has just against buster. You are the ones that just peel through to find a seat sit down there's also less by three. There's people sitting back. But the first plop bus rider it's a person kind of wobbles on with the job bags just as. Some Google like I move is as possible and you can always pick them out you know exactly who the hell error when I get on the dinosaur wheezing to listed on the on the bench and most out. The problem is is that the technically those are for handicapped and or seniors normal. I'm a little bit madam chairman and yet you know if you're generally able get off the bus in the back door. Don't accept the front door yet. If you're close and and guys thing about something else to say if the guy does not remember to open up the back door. A grown man screaming act all our our love the back doors public is not discouraged the locker for the other us okay are you want it are here I come back door I'll give it to it's also awkward his Abbas is generally quiet and he's just gonna start our act OR plus my favorite part of the commute to just sit there watching the people they don't know the panic. Back to back down I didn't know that these guys do all right you got me lube. But I did know the back door role. Tough violates what if I'm sitting in the front of the bus. Well that still go out and back if it's a crowded stop because people mostly octagon in the front so right and you're not going up so you should always government back. So what I should do lonely place in in the world were a grown man screams back don't meg not back door please I get to that none of the oil Ali doesn't the matter of okay ground stop US foreign. Forgot sports rules to. And like I know you're our kind of crazy about this one but like I hate it when I played golf with company and they don't count all the strokes could dig a bunch of Mulligan and afterwards ago. What's more volatile volatile death of getting like yeah I could and then with yesterday from a street ball. If you're gonna call fouls. Got called both went bright steps he can't just tax people at him when they had to you group. Well no whalers play the sticky tacky fouled out no permissions and version yes we are now. Let's say here how is that a rule that you you and this is just an old school rule you never wore the band shirts. To that concert. And I've always lived by that rule I don't know why that was just the rule of the that's a stupid rule is stupid rule did you Wear jerseys to football are there any sporting event play and don't really all is well doesn't. The movie it was an unwritten who has somehow funerals and it was in PC you Jeremy Piven gives this whole speech to gut man to gutter. Okay but that's clearly aren't the only literally government or important. You're kind of an idiot if you wearing a video without a school where your brand seizure of my it would make the most since then but I think it changed now. Third a lot of drivel that's like the new thing you where the band. That I was the only person at rush that was not in a rush teacher. I think rush is different rush is always Russians like I want I got a little bit it allowed I got ahead like you know moving pictures world tour and it was the original shirt you know for. He may where you are black jeans. Boy yeah this is no digital pony tail. No well then it you were already an outside right I try to get close to win a band teacher connected to the crowd will like to. So like billions later what the other on Florida and UW acacia exiles like. But the scraps mix and yet I mean you're you're going to like a metal show you can Wear out another metal bench or if Helio were New Kids On The Block shirt from metal show empathy that I don't think. Actually be punk rock Todd Harris judgment gentlemen if you're still pre rinsing dishes out of necessity start using a top tier detergent and potentially upgrade your equipment did he give us a suggestion of a top tier detergent now these days and wasn't baked on you largely don't need to reinsert just wasting water sneaky Pete I have to use gloves on top thirty terabyte is a little square ones and have the red dot on them the ones they keep saying toll children need these don't talk about exactly like something the children one well that's the that's the detergent for your washing machine those little it's -- Jennifer I had to wash yeah well that's how he was just that's like somewhat -- -- -- -- -- product and and made this delicious snack. The putter on the stove they keep saying don't every kid's Italy making it look like that hurt you make it look like something kids don't want to eat I had to quit using those because I'd rinse off my dishes and and reach my what handed it off and then they kind of dates path melting can Joseph together so I started this are disintegrating Alan I'm more old school is the powder in the box got either of those six. My personal role involves people giving me gifts nothing with an electrical cord is allowed unless I specifically requested her toys used batteries which I may have to for Mother's Day since I'm in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner that from Patricia Patricia of all the people in the world love. They would never be so rude as I give you a vacuum cleaner on Mother's Day it's just I know practically it sounds like a good idea for you but when you're on the other side of that. It just it's like here's the conundrum that we have we understand a mothers might say industry we understand what you said practically. What you want the singles and the one day were saying look whatever we do for you that's not to help you do crap later and this that we want to did you superfluous frivolous useful script what we did flowers we take you to brunch none of those last for ever looks at the Laguna. Get away from all my body of the bag and then overtime you vacuum until guilty that I think that's Obama mother for mothers and can I go out in the other people do the dishes my wife full complete one fish. Just so she doesn't have to do conditions. Her excuse is she always does the dishes while I'm at work she makes a lot of crock pot meals and uses the bags are some load the dishwasher to about washing potter too when I get home up notable way. So what did she really do. My heart felt awkward probably more than you know. Hotel or no less than you think yeah accumulation gets fooled. Also liberal I have in my house is never for any reason show my cold pint glass be taken out of the kitchen freezer. I don't eat ice cream pop singles or any of the crap in there so I just ask for the tiny amount of space and it takes to fit my pint glass in the freezer. We have a big stand a freezer in the garage were playroom to put other miscellaneous frozen goods. So I just ask for that one rule in the kitchen since I use that glass daily. By the time I can walk back from the garage freezer with a pint glass and we'll party lost a few precious to Greece. By the time I reached the kitchen where my African beer is safe frosty bitches that from one hit wonder weighed weighed grabbing a beer and walked it into the garage with. I have many but toilet labor always needs to be on the roll up and over. That from Dan we have all any text today. We do says all the riches one rule I had was no smoking among property. The report is in my house whether it be in the Graz in my backyard or at the fire pit I get tired of picking up cigarette butts. From inconsiderate smokers the next day ultimate to people want abate walk out on the street with a smokers. No I do not let us know of your fruit vaporize or also if you wanna come to my plays hundred web lose feel for. Just want your happy as out of the street smoke and jet engine and driver I'll match she's crazy Greta bonfire. No smoke this is just it's not the smoky snub bits and about the smoke I get resembled promise it made him. The cigarette butts of the paper's got to go out there to oil use and that's to Steve's reforms and elect has tremors thank. Got to smoke Baghdad sincere man you know what I want thorough Muller's like whom for this let's get look at new pipe my personal roles for my kids. It's the golden rule I make the gold and make the rules. Miles do appreciate those. My mom was a big one call per day rule. My boyfriend learned a thing goes like six cups a day and I hate this is me always have been let me too. I think everyone needs a low level it's really important that we both do the dishes so I don't know why he thinks it's okay. But this will. This before the bottom on this one I think is strong and you know make only break in one law at a time and Jack. Strauss a banner that that's wrong and you're gonna break the law it does break one. Do we not have time for a few extra emails here in the men's remembers a live duck down. Shot her brother and I've been scouring the Internet for the past week looking to the commercial where the guys as a whole milk house. Where the hell Kuwait five that damn thing. By the way as my brother John's to a ninth birthday if you gasket sing in the famous birthday song give men now hitting the window and I'll look out that would make his day thanks gentlemen rock on that from rob the friendliest repo guys. Oh yeah a little note could you please get a birthday shout out to my husband Justin with a Family Guy face that was were both big fans of the show and enjoy listening to you honor. A back porch while we drink. And relax in the day's work thank you guys that from any fish sandwich space here all of today's my birthday please clap. I want to thank you guys are making my afternoon commute to much less painful here's to hoping my old lady will take care of this birthday boy today you know and I'm talking about. Got please get an original face Sam woods and an Allen taken that are now hitting the window thanks guys that from Landon PS are a lot not wearing any underwear are refresh a look at. Oh okay. Edit it and he would do a good with the guys as well look I just pulled off more podcasts yet this is gonna care so we dug come doubled podcast we do the email segment in the 4 o'clock hour there's pull that thing off oh look at our area. Knowledge your miles inference. Today is my lovely girlfriend Isabel birthday and I should appreciate you guys dancing at a birthday song and giver random sound board mashup. She's been alive for 22 years and for some reason this one mail me for the previous for the previous two and a half. Thanks guys you are some of the best doctors on TV that from Pete Dracula in Bellingham. The script and story out of storybook Robin great I just said that all of it is a benefit I got my name is nick is my 22 birthday I don't want to fish sandwich. But can you have thrill cult had a dirty should Luntz. There's been no other way and as it ever since you guys made up that word on the show few months back. Are they wouldn't make Edwards salon salon it's spelled as HL UNC today and yeah I had thirty students I'd always thought about how I completed three years to ask you guys for having birthday shout out. I originally thought this whole thing was a joke peace Baghdad anyway turning 27 CA that from Levi it was a Joseph peace until Ted immense no we should keep doing them. This is just in from port are bad at how little home. To which my fiancee Nicole happy birthday to turn the ripe old age of 27 and she would love a fish sandwich quartet followed by Alan thick. Thanks guys are big fans of the show this'll help make Robert de Greg keep on rocket that from majestic. And I again if you send email so you know I got humor. Brother Jan nine I understand land and she's and it's under on the saw. I look out tonight is that Larry Bird to a hypocrite Abbas gave me today also already with a who's about dragon original face salad followed by the Al hitting the window police isn't transparent. I never thought that out bidding went on takeoff live though guns anyway. Very could just relax and I saw these dumb ass is a wedding adding that the Al could provide the rings that's what's happening. There if you don't know gather in a church okay. So stay small church much like these seahawk. Who comes out of the tunnel first and then there's a handler we don't strain murder yeah on the other they are doing the same thing as the Al was being the ring bearer. This is a kind of an atrium type of church so it's got cathedral ceilings everything else and the two Storey window of the goes you know all the way to the top of this out just makes a right hand turn districts that window and you hear him hit that thing and that is Ted. And Mike said if you listen very closely. Not only will you hear the Al hitting the window and splatter thing but you also hit him hit the floor at a reduced to floods us. Oh it's added I at. Area now hello James today about what they now I don't think you can tell you know I don't have to know Ali you can be I don't know. We'll let you try and now I know how I know that there's an address would be good. The spot and a leader clearly that's the one used you don't they got huge swings too like when you think chicken wings a tiny there. Like the bigger the wings and number you know I'm really on he's one way Buffalo, Wyoming air the new owl Hewitt wants eagle wing managing you know the continent that these. He laid at happy hour featuring. Our whole way pigeon to rest hello gentleman Briscoe darlings who'd Alpine know Briscoe darlings that sounds rednecks go well I don't know who's. Who Alan behind who our whole pie who Al one what do you what goes in addition to the foul play one of the greens are good with first ingredient is a good sized cooked hoot owl all of it's all going to close the plan to start celery onion. Sour cream can agreement who opens typical mom and I give it my all I want you MIA yeah. Who Paula Jones there's nobody Reynolds 35 birthday can get if they say it was a what the hell's that Jay thanks. PS will be guess chick got the derby this weekend for it is in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky that from JR I'm not sand wedge yeah. Throw all our new guys go. I mean I gotta go. Okay yeah. Hey have you had a good I tell you it's youth. You know looked up to as a kid bill not used to watch show all the time that's a reason I've tried my hardest to be the best science person I can be. Later guys that from Nicklaus when they do for a living and guys I finally got around you mowing the lawn today decided to reward myself with a tasty shower beer or in this case an angry orchard. I as always it's an awesome combination of two great things in a makes a hard work of mowing the lawn worth it. Ted I will forever be in your debt for introducing me to this amazing concept stay classy that from Shane. In Lacey char Beers are delicious man and battle on Friday night around 9 PM it's. Oh that's how I mean he's that's a good one you just got done working are working out shower beer. But the like I'm at now for the night shower rears and X I don't want that is next. Hold it just what I've been it's called Ohio a bomber one of the colors mentioned that she was not aware. Of any mail reviews in the area while I happen to be a part of an all male revue called the junk yard. I show I was based on a pike place market's can can cabaret shows are every Thursday 930 in fact this Thursday is the launch of our fourth season. We also do a much bigger show at the troubled oracle times a year called the buck a ruse. The junkyard that litigant has denim no more excuses lady friend you can put together. And on down to the Jackie I'm trying to images judges well lets you know you can nuggets are delicious men's room original sausage on beautiful Whidbey Island his head down to pay less food store. There on main street and pick up a pound or two from Joseph sausages awesome from Brian one more. Guys that email about my plans to draw the men's and sausage won a follow up holy ass. The sausage was amazing I went to engine house nine in Tacoma. Ignored the menu as I knew what I want in order to play the sausage came with two pieces of bread to crowd pair was some great mustard. I order one cranky I PA as well great lunch was worth the I'll wait and definitely was not oversold. Thanks again guys for all you do tonight Jeremy anger there's another about older Americans are original sausage. I go to other program profile that's our contestants today all the sweet clever things Secord and Rob Zombie first and take a break come back the drug charge rank castle as it. Times since then today we gets ten acts that should that should enter the rock hall next. Men's grill with thousands or 99.9. W there is annual dragon air missiles into the shot they got up here in a minute but first the drug charges that want to get an attack is it and spin now. Guess friend there's style once again dogs and Hume six and spend millions gathered around me on the radio and listened to Arizona sweat a. All fame everybody has an opinion about the rock and roll hall of fame. Everybody has an opinion about who has already been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and I think that Iran rock and roll that would be my only criteria I'm sure either define rock and roll see there's the hard part I think it's it's kind of easy to say what is that looks so so when you say hey. I understand our oldest and I would use Madonna's example because a lot of care who you are not and I think even the biggest Madonna thing. Would agree that she does not perform right or wrong. Yeah Madonna Madonna has done some very rock and roll things in her career though but is that you're rewarding the musical or the persona doesn't like casings in the Lady Gaga mentally. Publisher I would notice you've got a new Madonna like I liked I liked I would put there on AM. Cuba I mean let's sell but only because Islamic. Tony as a matter what is really think does a great rock star stuff shortly to get these guys you know there the raft open artistry relieves us of the Solomon aspirin. You noted at the time being I think right now would define that attitude and has for the last decade been brought in at. Ya what do you went to UN NC ran from NWA is about Gene Simmons. Yeah arena basically he just said he sit at the police is way more rock and roll them rock and roll night aren't everyday won't ever be so we deserve to be they're more absolute. Gene Simmons is still sore because they're still not in Russia and over and they say when they they went in that he's just got to do Simmons and Paul Stanley mobile Tony you know Paul still apparently have a few cocktails Gene Simmons. Notoriously clean living guy he's a huge bag but he doesn't drink never did drugs that this thing. Look more of rock and roll and I'm someone brought him all night party record. You don't party and I promise you when NWA is an F the police they got their man at the police like there is. That would be Iraq general. Look if you define anything. That is. You know you might not like Abbott and you might think that Abbott is the biggest piece of crap in the world but if you sell millions yeah millions and millions and millions of albums. And you define your own kind of genre in music division so unique. And that sets you apart. Nobody sounds like Johnny Cash. Nobody sounds like trauma Johnny Cash unitarian like general though it right and whether you like the other band or not I do think there is some wiggle room for bands that were just so groundbreaking and Germany and including Madonna. That's what I'm sorry I can't Madonna the pass I think some of the Disco stuff I had a harder time with and I have with Madonna so these are these cynnex that Sheila into the Russell ruling center right ruling so gave their lives and their readers platforms and who do you think should go into the rock and roll hall of fame next few. Under ten. Yet you know hair club and I have. Had this conversation I was on the cart should go away and I think Rezko case it was. Way more accomplished in the cards ever were a substantial maybe catch. Before the cars go man they were live when they had that like and now you can Robert Benjamin Moore wrote half the stuff. You look at the writing credits on to him. I mean not the Ricoh is wasn't a ball but it's just much journalists minority or talking on the jobs done outside of the car license picture it simulates an official from lake. They're now. Okay. Woman Lori. Who aren't somehow warn you I'm not India rockaholic have been eligible for the 1994 when not even not even been nominated. How about beyond the so what do people know. If you keep cool I think it's a good all phases different than it's an accomplishment. Like you well you couldn't read a baseball than. Tim I know lawyers guns and money announcer call for. Any sign of choice you know and you find it more see bonds the musician's musician though to do if you musicians that are that are in charge of things over there you would think that they would give warns I don't know open and got nothing warms you bombers and hall of fame. The average person can't name moral ones long ago and now they do that the other it's like Pete Seeger they got somebody in their like Daniel. Oh I know the name but I don't really know wagons any of his songs. Yet he really did only have one commercial mr. dental and enough lawyers guns money maybe but that's about it. Number hey. Got a flawlessly now. What he did at first the first Islamist. I think Jeff roles but I think there's an easy person. They do you all the all important person right here you know generally it's just throw the guy with the clips of this. They wanted to have a middle Grammy over Metallica right that's right hey that happens wanted to throw. You know these are not cynnex agility entered the rock hall next. Not a good role. Well they defined the genre of music that suddenly revived. You got kids to cut themselves and how broadly will love it here. There's a third time in the no go over to dismiss a highly qualified jury to remove. Like Depeche Mode in the chair and gather is that old John knows we eventually got to believe that hey there's no it was it was a eighties British invasion the most. And I am like Pet Shop Boys. Right madness down and then and it SN IC which I would get access to Baghdad you could related idea. That's FF FF the ugly lucky Grand Slam would have an actual. You can text indigestion Australian run out don't we don't think there's an intelligent. It's a dog doesn't draw had to Google thank you for correcting it took care of becoming a somebody won't do basically and just what is era. Pleasure dealer about a bigger tent actually tested in other rock elements. Got a nomination. Through okay. Right and you know yeah. Okay. They're the movie blue. And I was some brief summary of the Peter Nero but they've done they've been eligible since 1989 never uses a combination. Of dance that's definitely not good and bad grades. That grapefruit. To have by the way how many excuses or number on this are hard number every year they just calories from you either get voted in or you don't loser let's annex it should in the Rocco I think they should limit the normally goes and an old for this reason to be said look. You don't three year for whatever it is I think didn't people get more interest in about who goes into an. You know when you're heading to go in like ten cats a year why there because they have so little produce your resume their managers and everything else in the categories. Under my. It's okay. I'm Rudy blues yes PLC. Not in what explains something that they were yes was nominated and that's what he's fourteen and then again this past year but I don't think a broad right Mozilla five. But I think yesterday that in good they are classics it's releases. Slew of soldiers who recognize your shore and they were reborn without album in the eighties was and I know. Not only will you got Kimble who I have known and I don't see one out the other telling us things are drill the holes of the castle not until it goes TV show with a nine matches that I go to California attitude. They're smaller. It's been put in Genesis is now. We're the nation has amassed. You can go all the females that are out there are now doing this in based on the fact that Madonna. And Janet Jackson don't fill Arenas flooded again areas of the world and Jared that gave them the music that they do there. Flu were drug Madonna gave me gimmick the tournament. Yeah probably not. Obviously Michael's the most talented she's the most consistent. That's like she disappears or five years lose the weight comes back and an album of the Louis and I'll be back at six year calendar slap. These are until next agility under the rock hall. Like give me a hard time. Finally this. No they're just difference on that aired throughout much other than your turn enough room. What does this fire on fire and had. They play the full music at the amusement park in the city New York. Home. Does that B thirty years ago I don't know the condition of an outmoded as cool as drive this is the song they play higher on high. Well you lot might what did you want this one. I'm glad it's just let us Rick can really fired up about now on camera it. They don't tell sort of laid out my if you look at some are if you wanted to do some old great stuff man get your hands on some below if you find it and vinyl whatever the art works fantastic everything you ruled out that bad boy on this thing in my somehow PLO it's never been nominated for the rock crawl and and that's a shame when we yellow. Allegedly I'm glad it was street Louis to a warrant and powered to number two is juices. Rich don't. Bowl guard I join. And I'll learn it's. Something easy rider suffered so million copies. And a little who have been eligible since 1996 you send him yeah you think in the I couldn't get our honorable mention I think little feet gives that country gathering will lol George it was pretty well over but the other troubles or new alert. He always does she took the availability. Visit today. It's shielded and Iraq all next. Well. Our prayers are. Over sensitive topic let's say go here this will be the first year that there are eligible visit yeah first ballot printed is it is it feasible. Nothing about this today as I was watching the video Pearl Jam was actually do the students. The other night in New York City they did take it to the street rule goes like you know I I was wondering if you have a say to continue to do and I don't ask that there a look at as he's he's. PC Mac back airmen of the net and I'm realizing that guy. Might just get in twice knowing what I know you know having knowing what I think I know about Pearl Jam I don't know that they give this awful lot of it. This carries a lot of weight with them and I don't know that they wouldn't have bothered chassis and and I disagree will not win we talked the fans but I haven't I think data clearly look. We don't care from the failed runs and I've been together in the and then the only way yes Jerry Cantrell about that mouse and JT actually played them hard was conducted so my heart went out there they have much guys and they everything Dave -- failed to right Jason was pleased that you know meant to you go there and you experience might have a whole blowing off some of thought process going -- you can get there you sit down around the these guys you see what it's happening elect. Pollyanna obviously Steve Miller joins us pretty cool we hated like I don't ever know about you know usually enjoy everything equal or. Right now the thank you so much or go let's zealots isn't regular beds ready Jack.