05-03-17 The Word

Wednesday, May 3rd

Today, The Word has some alternative words to swearing!


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And police are now we experienced this today couple times on this very program today. We experienced this and more today than we do on average. By leaps and yes. And we all know that already done everybody knows of overdue and so we know the words that we are allowed to say in the words that we are not lobs so miles on the radio we cannot tell you those words but yes they do exist and if the basic words it's the same thing is like. Would you say this in front of your child would you say this in front of your grandmother would you say this in front. Of a family sitting down eating dinner that's got to the litmus test most of the time depending on who your family has. Not right. For you today we have. Alternative ways to get your frustration out on this your radio show without him back up. So we have 101. Great constant swear word alternative. Now again from my perspective I'll read some of these today the early. And as a man it sounds like Mike off is going off on congress go Mike one of those we you'll get the seasonal growth working Mike but overwhelmingly bikers the only person. That golf Assemblies of God but you don't necessarily like it and I've been funny this is. This is how you actually talk the latest let's put together by a group of teachers. And frustrated. That they were not able to cuts in necessary times around their students who were sometimes an elementary middle school ought out of into the the other students well hey they came up with a little of oh got word that they can use against the needless applies to hear you. Fudge nuggets. Buy it like it but you know you've ever used to these cheese and rights birds sugar god bless America. Snicker doodles. Banana shenanigans. Fiddle sticks bills to Barbara Streisand. Some of the gun. Great Scott Caesars skills Berlin's beer Marlins pants shock dark. Dag nab it jump in Germany he will records gee whiz cheese wedges sand hill son of a monkey some of the bucket. William as hitters be careful with some of them talking about that right now get Dicey point son of a mother in laws don't. Do you would think that and glad that you don't that you consulted. Do sort of a mother does go oh sorry Billy but maybe just like she stuff you're talented young son of a mother and the scope Oca Judas Priest. Gosh darn it. Shut the frontal war on bodies now and I'll just run doors and say quick enough attempted suffer and suck attacked son of a mother trucker. Butch Berry's mother Smucker. Corn nuts who want to stick. Still weak fragile rock. Truly bogus through holes that cracked. Cranky scuttlebutt shows bunt sign of biscuit. We put lizards peanut butter and jelly crime any mother of Pearl Harbor thoughts. Fish paste part soccer hop marker where you can use pop up these are all you know there. Kitty whiskers go lick and dunk I don't give a Donald Duck Jesus. Lockett yuck too all noodles to ease the way ease they stick to what that cuts should Taki mushrooms and son of a nutcracker. So essentially what you can do is emulate. Yosemite Sam when you're angry you are pretty sure between him and while more like warned that B five and those rates haven't packed garden TV now your Mets. If you miss. All right here's some words you can use it to me it is a myth like this shocks rats gosh she is sold to grapple absurd teach Lipton the week tick tack shoot. Jeepers geez crud dad dang darn darn it. Believe voters not hold on this Moore and wing nuts. Her path nerds crime mini crisis braves doo doo cock got good gravy good grief because duke is when your exasperated. Jack wagon bulls not that'll that'll that'll snakes. Crud muffin cotton picket Malarkey my land to what die hey Chuckie dark dad burn it that Babbitt. Confounding. Dan claimant and dad government. If you wanted to say son of a bit. Which you could face out of a bit here's an alternative zone around you. Son of a biscuits and that this could be your son of a Baptist preacher and the bacon bits than of the nutcracker and son of a model skills to feel like some of them this beauty. Thought that this year. That would scared of them apparently bit this quick note here from the tekelec. Well Matthew to recede Judas Priest criminals want to know was this made by Ned Flanders. Now someone else recommends that mother nature in front of mother ever. On a teacher in high school would the police say bad words in the war. Four letter words would say Batman and and is that what about our nation is strong our nation here's some easy ways to say sex of your looking for a different way of putting it. Portis making low. Bumping oddly hiding the British ship hiding the salami bopping jacking knocking boots. Hit in the stands going at the horizontal hula Macon bacon mattress dancing bunking getting it off. No he. Poking porky quickie fornication carry the ball both the Brimelow slap Boeing's popular and do the fees. Feather bed GA. The lust and thrust. To knock mops to get lucky to jump one's bones Frankie Frankie home run bump and grind play on all fours chick receipts. Churn butter. Boom boom how your father. If that's the last one dollar you're on the job at your slam in your sink in the sausage thread the needle the beach would do backs winding the clock rocking the trailer Rockies Kaz. The hokey pokey. Turn your zone around the horse until mambo in the bedroom rodeo to know someone biblically. It. Feeding the kitty stuffing the Turkey midnight jockey riding. Bumbling spies role in the newspaper. Barney mugging introducing Charlie the horizontal refreshments to pile to roast the broomstick beat disappearing came Drake and finally. To hook up the grains olive. They're abusive jets Bob like brother carved word from our listeners. I like to yell Bob thank get this one I like that they do have some of that it is. Slug in the ditch. We're a forgotten unedited slogan and a agility got dandruff and some of the biscuit either as well ultimately strong Mary go on the board I would take a record job today is coming up first return a blue Sox last acts.