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Monday, September 17th


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Didn't mean what sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Least you did. Trying to offend anyone on the practice. There's a. Lord and I'm usually invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Fat. And ordered all right Thursday may the fifth 2016. And two number 2372. Along with Steve the thrill hill. He did Smith and that's like I'll mob that aluminum and Michael. And. It's. Individuals. The game we play big dead day. Kids meat and potatoes as some junk food updates Philly Sherlock is back profile that says your tickets to court and Rob Zombie. Plus headlines have been your shot of the day fumble this or emails made everyone's favorite TV time with tea extract beginning. I kind of real celebrating forty years of Olympic gold Kalin dinner to pose nude for the cover of SI game another Alaskan bring a plane crash kills four. Because of an all American bird flying in the sky. Police are looking forward to entrepreneurial Christians who stole 500 dollars of bibles from a store. Meanwhile a man steals a pipe understands because obviously his testicles wanted more. And a tow truck driver refuses service to a car with a Bernie Sanders stick your head result coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. And here's the. Question drug deal Mike Hsu Leila resort casino. Cause I. There is good day to you and yours today is. Today until the. And there's no. You call all three spin the wheel which tended garden though. Kabul and ask your question from a category but here's where big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one that question right because as always. We want you to leave here smarter than you showed us now today it's our biggest army ever two way tie between lovely Kimberly and the equally lovely Eric both of whom broke the law. Of averages and found a way to answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Did you do better of course you can give it to call it off we go home big dummy bit of program at a play a big got a call 20642 on rock grunt what are. 999 KI SW and events are live tech 77999. Answered your emails to amend your mad men's or live dot com. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. If there's accusations. Disney potatoes doesn't updates on Tuesday as students and mud junk food also today profile that you have got to biggest corn and Rob Zombie I tell you dropped out today and all this week of playing for corn and Rob Zombie tickets broke out as the game formerly known as black what makes your due coming up at 508. Handout today is Dailey pled big daddy to a 642 on rockets miles to demands are met nine point nine KI SW Seattle. It's a man's. Miles and drill 99.9. K guys SW guys coming free hey have you been addressed 2016 meg gone down on the sunny Sunday at Wye River ran 5 August 21. Hey you guys are Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax along with a window pane. It Graham 2068 and our friends and got people as well full lineup and all things paid if you haven't got your tickets yet had KI SW dot com. Hi welcome to the big show and a big show we do have Corey today the return heads meat and potatoes he gets a mud junk food updates and fast food updates he's India. Also weather update a thumb. I don't know whether slid yes it was in my brain correctly no I Sherlock another way profiled as we get your tickets for our contestants for corn and Rob Zombie again today coming up at 50 wait the game formally known as black why next year duke they're playing little big dummy today Steve who is our first contestant read play the game hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Or are thought. You find the last play lewd on the road on the players. The only thing that he played for teens overnight so. So where you're sober a lot of dancing I but I would challenge that the that the answer Horry got up there and do it. Jenny okay well off those what do my friend once what party is a question you like sports. Yeah I think man you sure you get the Spencer yet you don't. Man they don't need to. I have OK I'd love to hear that phone call your friend like okay I'm your friend rhetoric. And you call me up you just lost your virginity scientologists on the conduct doesn't tell me loss to Virginia. Ever they that's about what I think death has is that what they did yeah precisely while I was during those vilified. Sacramento with the news and actually felt pretty good. Amazing thank you claim to murders. I got a question in 1904. Or who threw the first perfect game and the modern era of baseball. I don't know I didn't let it ought. And I'll say. Wow it's I feel sorry go yeah. They worked and I think you're right there one of those things Juli thank you got its revenues in the old noggin. Harry and I can and got caught the balls gold glove. The Red Bulls labeled Golden Globe gold or gold glove there yeah golden gloves didn't mean that from Adam. Goldman clubs. And 1925. Biology teacher John Scopes he was arrested for teacher watched and Dayton Tennessee. We're nineteen and 25. Biology teacher John Scopes. You Beijing. I had. I don't know college did you. I'm probably going to be arrested for. If you would have said about losing your virginity much different and cared anything about. That's my guess is going to be. And evolution evolution revolution catalyst Scopes vs monkey trial he left. What is. It just it's always in the south always has been always will always working yet. Aren't true or false Jake dalmatians are born without spots. A. But like my. Turtle bulletin. Jake units a year playing for team self arrest. Got to believe. I say that yes you might have to knowing you're one record. I see an answer. The presidents. Of what Asian country that is an ally of the United States lives in the blue house in America as the White House. The Asian country allied powers the Brazilians in the blue she. Yeah. Posted pictures of. Often known as the brew house there. Because you statin related to question five loosened the Brookings. What was president Fillmore it's first made. I. It I had no idea call. You pick your own goddamn name. It's. Stronger so besides I've bond that was his life I was on a film never had a president in generally. Good. Moved there in chicken about it we had a Jake wow. Really. I'm logistics we should never Jake go out and James sounds like Donald complains and does a lot of presents you forget about it and there's no Josh is out there just never presidential material. I don't know sex get about a dude. That there is there really what I Abraham lobs I'm willing that was 23 George's I think overall both bushes and Washington could Vienna Henry. And Gerald from America and Gerald. JK I don't favor a favor president. I direct Washington. I'd kind of like everything at port and I predatory air fare and white and I like watching all of the agencies say that you can't can't run Soledad Rosie daddy you've did you see George Washington neighboring annaly. They are they mix all day all poorer. And negative on Jake violent and OJ six. We better rather for it but no doubt about that mr. hey maybe rub off saying we had a Grover and Chester and OJ Diana sees an OJ. I'm gonna brother for pays none of the first black president I don't know what that name and I mean come on a little rope pulled did we miss one as middle name is bull shore. Yeah seriously wrong for Richard Hayes say most of them Jesus job bottom rhetoric and imagery Moses named Rutherford charred havens that don't let your black man BI. CH ARD. Mom and a brutal blow. Bush already use. Who is named after his father on the for Hayes senior Wimbledon yeah. I. Com are our guy had to be my question six energetic. Which our company's name literally means three diamonds. And it could be it and very good IRS rules. Only took you sixty of one right but I do on this big dummy Essex Morris and all right well look I like the guy but there is no energy yeah six questions volley 27 debut if you lost your virginity to Jay give us a call I'm curious how that went down to handle the gas. Occasionally it's obviously probably slow sensual romantic. Apparently brought talked dirtier than an hour and an opponent and now it got fascinated in my office here hang on hang on. I'm gonna open up some one through I got just jobs. You like Bruno Mars. Game is big dummy you know we have airline rated player get into the bedrooms effort finishes below the reasons he's got to be an up down freak. Hello to Shane welcome to the men's room in orbit yeah I. It's a new era for the do not sober for Shane. What do you enjoy and changed. Just go Barak saw Barack. Yeah it was in the movie she listens. I have not ever look about as exciting innovative thinking well if if if if if if he bonds are hidden and it was amendment would. I don't read that book you have to read the bugs are out yet and everyone has just watch the movie like that it 2000 school I watched a movie in school. They just do that played a minute did I read a book about it. What are but he added I read a book and we watched a movie. And if he could always do that always ruins you re. We'll let you reels and old guys you know read the book is not where I want guys what do you say hey on the use of you have more to reach to reduce welcome and a map Friday were crucial to move nobody read the book. I failed one class and all high school and it was the class and watch movies and there was an English collective called movies on his watch that watching him watch the graduate who watched the Maltese falcon lake about a cool movies and that's the one class that fail cover you fail the heart the homework was rural. There's going to write an essay about each movie. Has goal that they gonna tell English among the two girls who read like you know fifty bucks a year they always had a book during all of to school that girl. No no no it won't look like our elementary school gambled by house who over I would just go a couple guys like that really know yet hockey mom and the summertime broke down to what audience and emboldens overtime did some really cool re diluted book. They actually did like to go start a fire somewhere in the mailbox of a baseball bat do people do to vegetarians. That exit here right on the busted. Okay it's a summertime shows off let's go out and in the books yet I don't above eight Fiat union. Glad books from the Boston school college bullet. Ally kept away from bullies out of the would you say to the editor yes let's hit it is that the report read the book he's. The front class might trombone right next to me and I read a book well which they put it was good news that's. San even. The days and brought yeah I had. Whenever I yeah bush gave an average about a three point make it better bet your you know I got to college and I got to college it. Hit the toilets you know what's really sad here's a man got three point eight GB look. Just kept himself wrote a book on the bus and trombone nearby and all those arresting them anyway see it never ends it never ends my strategy the right thing. I came into question Bob clamp it was guy's name is the creator of what iconic Warner Bros. cartoon character. What. Is my favorite fictional character Alter. Something occurs when I can't let those Warner Bros. Warner bros cartoons comics Warner Bros. cartoons Gergen. For my money why do you I knew my adapt to fit I guess it is missing or greater to our. Show you say the fight going like quarter Daffy Duck from. Others are used to be saved both of Manitoba and stuff. I find it. I commercials cartoons now and still I'm still my kids but they still want to like crap. But they have discovered he Warner Bros. cartoons of lots of Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck man and I'm I'm down with bad I'm like in that hole. Yes daddy will sit down and out of debt gets killed soon and get as a kid that drags them properly racist. What they shows some of the older ones and and they've really done it and to accredited and capital as bad as the fall there was so there are still some decent one of Brooksville is to get their heads blown off for no good because. As per related hey get blown all viable solution adapted my daughter told a reminder adapted to. I think it's our answers. Only about a month ago might but the black I'm Terry Smith trust hot doesn't doesn't give them to you look here's a question. What element is named after the Greek word for green. Who work for green the color green. Something you. You smell if you go to smell those traditionally you smell those particular element during the summer promotional. I don't wanna say grasp on the gets an element that that is not known but Brodeur if you get it I'm. Willow. Uranium. Yeah wouldn't it. School in Florida. Our own managers try to change your Bruno you had to do and I'll listen Florida I will say ten or laws written grass because there's something in grass cat yeah I guess your car right three point eight GPA you had no idea. Chlorine. It's held in the terrible horrific. I didn't know chlorine was only Ethier Dave I'll be up to say I didn't even shoot I had. I noted did I couldn't either is it uranium right. Now during the flowers and flower on. I'm mildly and I really serious yeah I've thought surely make monetary got to go zone it was like emerald mania merciful. So on the green man oh man yeah. I gotta look how it's Armenian outlook user back Donald elect and nobody is but the format everyone's a kind of made up Coca and now. And a heavy metal crate and shipped out cause it's all done those I don't know Canada Latin. The row the boat held a hotel in Los Angeles hosted the first of what awards ceremony. It's a big deal of Hollywood liberals boat rolled Jesus Christ Roosevelt hotel on we stay gullible and Hollywood boulevard. Miles and I stay there about it or Gargan world. A couple of choose from there's a lot about a lot of history and I'm truly cares so much but I'm like man you see the people have stayed there and you know the reputation was yet you let man there's a lot of sex in Minnesota where they Jane. So. Limo and actors weren't really bored out of what were actors and that's the one who couldn't come up there two different names sport. And NATO are absolutely Golden Globe. Send home. Big daddy didn't want at all or tornado watch golf problem Minor League Baseball who could that ethic that wouldn't even more baseball that. You're kidding me. Yes I'll take a break come back with a question for and more of big dummy next. Men's room returns here's the question yeah Ryan teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Back get a on the big show at its nose. Todd junk food updates. You crazy with a flavors and it's got all the updates coming up but did meet him to you know it's loud mouth we'll do that in four or fifty right before the shot of the day all these crazy food combinations and a Ted's got them all coming up in the meantime the game is big dummy so far it's been a battle idiots. Shane still on the line are working on question three does. Shane welcome back to program their target on I'm not alone in quick commercial break but would come back it. This is the question for you how many women have ever run a model and less than four days. Right now the record is three minutes and 43 seconds hedge around the four minute mile whatever one's talent out of the broken record another question is how many women historically have run a mile and less than four minutes. I don't know. Korean. Just weird to find a lot more women their runs and. Here's how funny thanks for chain if you like running in the four minute mile ovals a guy named Roger Bannister. And Roger Bannister was the first man ever to run a four minute mile and it was a very big deal back at the time. And when he did it he did and as an amateur obviously but there's no real pro running of the one time here is they're running as an Olympian or you're just running Hoosier run you're not gonna go. Run a pro ray somewhere in what you do in a marathon when he money. So he wanted to get a sponsorship deal the only product that Roger Bannister really want to sponsor and loved was Marlboro cigarettes. So Roger. Roger Bannister used to smoke over a pack cigarette today and the first sponsorship deal that he got to go round and he's gonna sanitary needs can be brought to you by Marlboro reds and that's what Roger Bannister did he get a book called the four minute mile the documents all this stuff and it's just kind of ironic when you think about the guy was. More than a pack a day smoker first guy ever to run a four minute mile and then got sponsored by marvel vote. Her basement looking go to NASCAR correspondent Bob book is already grabbed a I had. And you know don't smoke putters gallery informative my uncle lives Miller Lite car was last weekend Barry Obama's a school car yeah. We missed school. River true or false questions for Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011. And tour false the guy who wrote Elizabeth Taylor's obituary. Died before she did. Bull. Caesar's wife this war for. We'll figure out question six you're tied sober Jake or. More about it. The word that comes from the Russian were bogged down which basically by until about the case. But Bada translates to what other liquid. The goal Barca go lower body and bodies after a reference or the word for. Another look at. Hello were you got it now. Frozen will obviously be his this is water water. Once during an all time eyeglasses today. Game is a big dummy here is our next contestant read play the games hello Brandon welcome to the man drew. Our top. I bread and TV on today. Director ago. Parents and we'll move it. Well the grease and a greeting there still Larry having. Our brand New York fan of sales next. No and I April 19 when he won what state introduced the first ever sales tax. They appear to be a great way to screw over the residence as they had been screwed over enough. Good Washington. I don't want to your guests know they hit those knows that it I don't know does the state tax. I'll say New York. California beauty or the money is. Tyson I wouldn't. Can we scrutiny purely of our kids were estrogen plus tax and on sales. But it's one of the things in West Virginia has contributed to America that pretty much every other state jumped up and what two or three year old and killing one is that no one else jumped almost secession. It has a good record it but it. Tired in 1973. The Chicago's Sears towers were called it was completed and it was officially certified as the world's tallest building. Beating up the World Trade Center and since then been replaced of course pulled what does the name of the Sears Tower now. Several goals of Chicago's Sears our series actually sold the mammals in 2009. And an English company and they've remade. That's an English name. It isn't an English home most of the push for black in them up thinking that's the only executive. I. What can talk about how. We'll. Of those like the Bank of America. Where's the Bank of America. This is that the tallest building in the West Coast. Journalism on my. It might be but yet but almost every city has a Bank of America golden arm Darren arena. Right red terror arena or of the Nikki for two dollars or to walk in the door she had to make all the money yeah real tough body bag here amazing. If I am sorry. There's skyscraper in Manhattan as the BankAmerica are good. The price three dollars. A Manhattan shirt and what was the first planet discovered. Not observed but discovered by a telescope. The. Large. Always say. You can see Martha America. But it takes a special merit cigarettes. It was a really hearings. Europe. First after the just go to your rent and your system Amir's like one on the wall and make a mere it's the same way telescope or others correct. But this is the premiere of the delivered a very good he put another hundred meters away you see deregulated seriously about the merits you can't see your very difficult to tell words man. Question for Brandon. What was the first manmade invention to break the sound barrier. It's not a machine. Talent pool as those. I've gotten. Be my guess. A new threat to win the I never vote against a look. And graduated groups out there. Iraq doctor Jones is not a threat to return to homes that dogs. Approximately one out of every twenty US residents' lives and what times there. One out of twenty amazingly no one lives in this times. We'll then I don't know. What times and you know. Nick mountain known and it. Fredricka I guess it's a little we know our east is down right when Elvis at a time zones around central events essentials Chicago nobody's in my source amounts Mosul Colorado where Wyoming Salt Lake City because when you take up Phoenix on that too because there's no time zone there. Right prisoner technically at times owners are notes on it depends Phoenix bounced back and forth as these doesn't change the clock so if it's 3 o'clock in Phoenix right now is 3 o'clock unity that same way when we flip our clocks have abused it bounces there on time rates they're not like they don't switch from. PDT break Pacific standard time they don't switch to Pacific daylight time might talk do you I had some answers on this there's a list of states that are actually a part of amount times and you got to Arizona Colorado Idaho Kansas stand and oh started a and that's the extent that state Kansas my name yeah Montana Nebraska New Mexico North Dakota Oregon South Dakota Texas Utah and Wyoming lose my little like little bits of organization and part of Texas were nobody lives. Now so Felix what do they bounced back for three time zones and reason I ask is this so if you were indeed. Central and mountain time zone prime time for use starts at 7 o'clock. They're considered eastern start today I don't know perhaps easier does my prime time started seven and the the other an extra service and doesn't say they stay on standard a data it's insane they don't they don't go to PTV they just stay on PST. How is it that Phoenix of all places in the state of Arizona of all states has outsmarted everyone. That is made it to me like there are the only ones most at its most of Arizona like there's a little corner that had that picks up on the mountain time switches but. When Arizona record as of an aid to states decide when Arizona has outsmarted you your politician and listening when Arizona has outsmarted. You just need to go back and and look over some stuff. Let's all. The third or something smarter than you like question your entire life right just as Jay has big W as our next contestant had to play the game hello Jessica welcome to the men's room. I. What does that mean yes. Well depending on how you do on this month rush over to the differences. Hopefully enough. All right there. The PGA scale you can lose TH June. You've heard of the you know like secret has PH balance for a woman. Yes. And so they say. We had killed managers specifically. To Al limited. And still goes from zero so what number. Arafat unpleasant thing went out and have no I don't think about Google goes PH rounds and see what it is worth nobody knows that this he loses doesn't mean anything in the back. Permits so it's funny. Twelve to fourteen. I was just go today or tonight. It have to actually the night's zero. Have you guys so far so good or now it's awful yeah what about you anything on the grill tonight what are your plans. And I think we're gonna do hot wings and salad at a delicate balance that out. Mount so what how. I would go back are you make your own making you're allowing easy going out. And what I proposed the idea to go out but adequate and I followed me around like not up despite the ball out of it at that Ingrid is gonna get amount we need to make a birdie try. Aaron had to play and we would be prior belt credit card with the packing command that I don't know of that. I think you can run and you stink up that entire pardon low level yeah. Thank you mega smelly penal because you didn't always guerrilla yes I don't know actually going to. Yeah I don't get it played out. I just is a question how many states bordering the gold two months ago. You current and actually noticed friendly think about it. And yeah from Mexico and factory. A Florida. You've got Alabama. You have Mississippi. You have Louisiana Tech stocks Arafat didn't need to. You know at least thinking why. And he could share quarterly that it has dropped after Augusta I was not I'm not just eagle. Mark rental program okay question three jets. The five senses and kiwis are the only bird the humps used to this so sucks. Part Jamie's lessen the burden not New Zealanders are the only bird to halt to using what sucks. Period. Two. Do it seems like your mood music but insurmountable. Critical period. There because she. What are regularly. Tax I don't have remote. Put down for you. 'cause nobody is gonna be speech. Get out of there you worm military. If I questioned for just I'm going Mario are well before the original more small pieces digital Jones. And. Shamrock the parent. How to go all the. Diamond. Our sports stars you'll lose yeah I think pretty cool birds for these shamrock. Terry got lucky chart. Just regulatory on hold chart I had no idea doesn't does have a drink and enjoy yourself to come back we'll that question five more big W on the way. Has miles to the men's room at nine point nine KI SW Seattle.