05-08-17 Seg 2 Mens Room gets raunchy

Monday, May 8th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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It's. Nine point nine. Yes I feel your eyes only dream of carrying. Hey and grass 2070. Bit I don't know Saturday utility for the Wye River M theory ask you'll see corn stone sour baby middle pretty reckless and a whole lot more. Get your hands on those that tickets for the men's room happy hour and a half party we have our own little private bar. Ninety minutes outdoor dragoon you'll lose your older red included prize when had many reds on their demands original sausage do. We'll deal with a limited edition shirts and the devil horns is bored during pain in the grass. That's in all the packages and details on this year's pain in the grass and ISW back out hard today is our random question question we will take a quick break and come back with a brand new color and more of the random question question neck on the and through rich. Last year. No rush do you like to let you know resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. Does Israel as we got profile this labor figures to see leave a Florida we will do the game formally known as black white makes your due coming up right after the shots of the day and a friend. Hello Cody welcome to the bedroom ran. All are all relaxed. I don't go to Barrett. I'm doing great act lucrative bid from god god is the perfect question for either go to see my feet. Why would you say in all honesty. It is awesome being used. Why is it awesome being coding and give us why he some the high points. Wolf first off I'm. When he four year old white kid with a really long dreadlocks that people just love. Check gummery then do you dropped it for years. The dreadlocks phenom got a Lambert. The good luck the dreadlocks. Yeah I get positive reviews everywhere I go along I would love anonymous and we have man great luck a lot of people just assume your bleed on. And how often they are right. But I didn't have actually not anymore I did quit smoking last week apparently wrote him a job might. I job -- posit as a big word in the wrong god jock community positive vibrations positive earnings positive everything to Betty Broderick. Okay cell people love your dreadlocks would also they like about Jose but oh what would life be like if you shaved your head and art in a effort. I'm gonna shave my head and now you walk in is this still also being code. Yes it is because. If I didn't have the hair I would still have. My fiancee and the reason you aren't sure about that man I'll let let the let the let and let me finish these currencies so often it because. Yeah they're really big but. And he loved. Backs he like back more than I do and on the male though your engine room but oh yeah overseas I don't wanna have such review if you do no regrets. Oh yeah yeah he is not he. Just one of those people who are more. More practical intelligent then look Osama tell you then guys look. That's not gonna Google. People that otherwise don't find attractively pay. Armored tried to dearly do you ugly piece them and give my man you know if you got the dreads and as we dreads and our complement our reds. She iso dreads that you save small man that big GI Jersey but might be floating somewhere else. News now Amanda is that you really love wouldn't hello how long have you been I've grown in the dreads. I am not a recovery year tied Ellis is assumed she leave your for whatever reason you don't mean that give us another positive thing about you why is an awesome being you other than the girlfriend and there the big butt of your debt and you said you were Smart what do you Smart. Like what I'm an area of expertise. IMac Mac of my big I'm really good with numbers. So I know send them back I like him well does that help you live coming does that give you a job Lance yeah program. Yeah well right now I'm a forklift operator but then in terms of inventing from anywhere on that advanced to require community have been math skills and what I'm what does your Hamas what does that you wanna do. I wanna be an accountant. OK if you go man helps sure yeah. Why don't I don't man I just looked good comes out there and we all appreciate what they do but that is one of those jobs that to me I would pass out of my dad's. Yeah I'm really I'm really meticulous some really oh like attention to detail and I pinprick summary then I can do the same small. Being repeated over and over again a hundred I'm out of time I don't get much more like Roland and I know a little joints generous here graphic like okay. I can grow thousand don't today I would never get bored of that okay Cody good with your money. Oh yeah. I'm okay well that's where it says we'll know cause Myers absolutely cup cars without their. I try to get it out really quick if William Colby would have been enough we don't what got us out of your bag mother's fiance and his view does that I didn't have the list of reasons why it's also contribute she's number two and you give a shout out to your body. Maybe yeah right here this that I you know there are other can turn and number. Reason we ask why is an awesome being you know. Celebrities from time to time is depending on the situation know why a little bit about being famous are hounding him as kind of sucks. A look at how they might give an interview so the people leave you alone Kevin Bacon got a totally different take he was on that Graham Norton show nieces people don't talk about the fact that big recognizable. It's 100%. Good. Because people are nice you all day long for absolutely no reason he breaks us down. People stop me the streets say Kevin. I love you I mean who'd wanna be loved who doesn't wanna have some let's say I love you that's a great feeling and I get free tickets. They're you do sneakers and stuff like that the cad Kevin did wanna know what it was like to be anonymous one time so he said he had AM professional make up artist disguise him and he went on public. And he's a quote nobody recognized me it was awful. And yeah exactly basically have a look and pay. Always invited to join about a great event tickets and soon you'll recognize and the other night here is that like. Brenda Brenda friend executive medium that particular restaurant Beverly Hills and into the tiebreak you be there a devastating. Hello mixed welcome to the majority hard luck. All odd. Fellow match. Rarely go out with a good man are you thank you are actually this material pick Arnold. Default on TV who. Do you are an early story man but they want to stuttering video and online ad market just even bought the food you know I'm all right. I don't know what dogs are not alone but I'll do my infection or seven maybe to manage to go home in this you know answer I don't know fiance and image. These droids I mean it is just what they deal I'd but allegedly hitting it anymore and that glass trawler you know you can get. Forty don't know it they know can't put a big mistake. Do what now he says is there's a little less caller to a called the wedding because he's only morning good remembered on sale OK not yeah did get a guy never I think Edberg ordering her dorm outward or yeah. Under control and Estevez the do you agree with me that because those dreads off on time into the engine. And it did you know are the wrong I'm sure they will guy is an object later are you going to Wear that like. You do any day out of what they have determined is okay if you do you're gonna you're bound to a new shingles got him dreads off man. Yeah you're you're you're done might expect that Serb big party here in fact if our electric border wake. Without. Mitchell's goes from. I've been good. What creature. Invaded your living area of your home your space we'll creature have you had to deal with before. Marriage that is what I would and Arizona. Lives Nixie out or go to orchard there. And I don't not yet know what you uttered on about a new Yorker for certain but. Tons of scorpions. This is what I know about Arizona and this is a very limited scope and I'm aren't bit. I assume every god dame where in Arizona is chock full scorpions. Well not they'll orchards or are really different there's like it's cooler here but they wanna go there and darker there. But I thought there might be in next to those interest rates. Probably like sugar to like most people. Yeah so major grades for Donnelly a dozen animals like I really don't like the heat I've met a man on there for the sun console. We live in propagate in the desert and that's my buddies get a wiry and snakes love grapes. Some minutes longer favorite things it was to open the minds in the sewer underneath and everything else is others are rattlesnakes. Do they do the same thing with oranges they care about that. You know I think when I was in Arizona I could here's our natural order form but I could ever find them. So they're out there now and you had scorpions in your home before we are they where they are there on your stealing. But you're right. The way that you haven't heard her say outside you take a black white drawn picture outside and dark it's we don't. But it not turn out I just. For some hairspray or whatever and torched them if they do they stand up like like they're getting ready to fight you when you command jugular and others minor thing you know they they can tell your children are. They might know something going on. Oh brother the starring you from the ceiling it's a few five minutes' notice that this god damn things above your head now got a good at that point it probably recognizes that you have not taking your eyes off of it an article Jimmie I don't all want you to permit from the bear it out of the way on purpose or just happens. I don't know why I I don't I don't think they are scorpions are gonna Jerry. Mention I'm I don't think like welshman proms on school films made about an Arizona I just got a lovely hotel at become a logjam playing in bed and scorpion falls and lens in my head and a rush off and it stings we run on the forehead. What what what would now. Like is he gonna kill me to avid to study the console and you know I like what's the deal worried about big it is. And like the bigger the less dangerous. Yeah yeah it's bigger you know you're like god has happened. You know an endeavor and I'll say yes it is still a lot of bad news well. Think got a huge not to worry about. I virtually never been done I've always wanted to get started to see how are felt by everyone trying to tell me that they get if determined not midfielder not just but the smaller ones. Just like our smaller space or they like that if say they. The baby don't I control there there are void but they didn't yeah beta you know Abby you know prematurely age they're all important. So you will you actually want to be is thus. There's just so wish of yours I continues to this day like I just wanted to would have liked. Yeah I mean. Yeah like just I don't know I don't know. What else would you what would go this brief the brother do it the pain and Trenton the one guy notoriously goes around and you tell in the worst Jolie Fisher got stung by the school gets on my regret it it's been two weeks in hospital. But the nobody do it again so are there are other animals like him anyway I mean it's a little box jellyfish. We don't know that that I am. The dirt or else spectator I'll stake you know just wants it's bad it's just there got bit by six enough. It's 11 bragging lowly slave so when image you got bit by baby rattles now he's in a monster of a joke about it by. I have read other snake that doesn't have deadly venom does that lead paint of them pure seniors get our god I think it is the same murder excitement here currency note you're far out from hospital you're gonna die let's just ask you but that is exciting but we typically reserved the word exciting for something we feel more positively by live in the middle of nowhere in Arizona canal walk into arrive dating and an anti venom for scorpion or for rattlesnake is that existed why you know enemy like gonna have a hand. And I'm sure it would and Phoenix there aren't always right coast aren't big city. I'm Aimee to a score but I know one of the little release every result. About two years we lived in outside of Denver Colorado but at the time. New housing development and amazingly good has bowled a temporary and her and her story houses up so. This was all new to my brother but my father's explaining like well. There's still a lot of construction going on the ground slogan churned up and the rattlesnakes ever so cool he's like no. No it is not cool three split with the war but here's the thing about kids lease is a remember. We haven't had rattlesnake drills at my elementary school because the possibility that Ben was. Like 5050 pounds ago before we can walk into the school every morning. They have a snake crew out there going for the same box in our little playground that idea and well I have to Mabel tore through snakes out. Every day put a little bag and an hour to normal got those. I think his good. Late you think she's good but they do the best they can no kid I knew got bitten at school we knew one kid. Got a bit more riding his bike long story short kids refined base when a slight look at rattlesnake bites you. It's gonna suck you're gonna freak out don't forgot to Marshal brought home to walk home and away they set out right talk to kids now like in school and went but they're like look. If you Iran in your heart rate goes up too much too involved then and there but you're going to die. Another berg didn't know the death is an alternative Leo. A follow direct result all of the parent and free go we will wake up to the semi file really tough berths. Pat and his on backyard was big memory just. Beating a rattlesnake it to a pulp. Because he reacts rattlesnakes web spiders look during the clear over reaction you have turned them into jelly I promise you they're dead kinda thing. And it always warm us and it can draw want to rose cooler Grossman almost would put football some snake let it go by both football and make a move. And content we have the decapitation with a hoe technique. Doubt if you know my or some type of a stickler summit. I regret what Kyra close enough Danny its own map out my mother's terrified us Mexico so. This is back on the East Coast we do not have rattlesnakes from looks they can counter. In the Baltimore area it's not always Churchill's little Gerson I guess and gotten into our kitchen. I did not know this I went to school isn't normally do and I come home among Mohler if you see my mother physically she is put herself via an ominous is one of those. Not so much is today right. So coming out of jams nominally apple Bartlett a boob hanging out here looking crazy and I'm way. Are you casual like you're crazy brutal groups to make at home like all my garlic in a while smoking crack and all booed right so. Look you OK and just nothing went expletives and it didn't do it rich merchants often tears. The snake was in the kitchen she discovered that she grabbed the broom. If you might she's hair or 56 which is doing battle this. Because she can't deal dad dealers they can house she calls my father my files and what would you want me to do trees and without him out. Joey Dorsey draws to brush it out and and this was or snapping points as he displayed to me she still boring hostile so. She's she's currently getting hysterical again will do. This normally it's the fun fun sure but it won't which hit with a borrow my guess is things. Like we are up in his two term. I want I give you her exact quote belongs in the message to a looking. Don't give my mother your attitude and her home in man she says that mother as they can estimate as she commenced to beat team. The SN if you like that's not OK there's like that was really. OK I've got that out. Rapper a bid to open it was blood on the base worked like Jesus Christ martyrs. If tablet this is my house that Jesse I know like I've been eight parties before when I was a child out and there was like a snake bear by a tree. But I mean I can't sleep in just a phobia depth to you're just paralyzed with fear them one almost fell on me when I was a child out of tree I'm pretty sure that's a cabinet. Ruin me on I mean it's you don't want to miss you're riding bikes in my body and he's running for enemy. And I've never seen so are behind him. And he seems stand up and keep pedaling and is empire by lifts off program and he goes completely sixty lions he still standing still peddling. Sits down in them as little kids do unit comes slide and one goal lead that was a cool thing about resumes this. Filibuster. Only that explains risen as much a creature invaded your living space a guy and Lan cast. Pennsylvania. He went to war with a group of up awesome so we're living in his yard last week. So one night he decides to smoke about is got a big pile a leaves a second I'll let Connecticut sizzling on fire I wanna smoke out these apostles. Fire got out of control though and spread to his home and and then completely burned his house down. Fortunately no one was killed in the fire firefighter did have to go the hospital Leo a shoulder injury. No word on whether the guy accomplish his goal and at the apostles to leave or he's going to be facing new charges one thing that is of note. When the fire department rushed into his home and to to try to put out fire. Using in it completely swarm of bees hokey I had a bee's nest apparently in the attic that he did not know about. So he had he had Beckel and on form as well no word on the other provident make it as the other house burned completely the pro employer that this level I don't ever possum when I was a kid Eric I might see one. He's usually dead in the road. And it is it dinners that are in Amman is it just plain that they got the ugly straw on the animal kingdom. Man they really that many changes the way they look and then you read more about their thirteen miracles and impressed the salt to wound of ugly no one ever says they would settle them what you have sex and organs and a possible alternative have a conversation. But it wouldn't be in a plaza Belichick brought about that would not be the split Howard and 6 o'clock you get and it went our memorial clearly uglier thing we can imagine. Isn't it just pop some. I wanna say possible piles of might be exactly the same thing you want means more American. But an article mantle of awesome I thought was it a silent letter like Illinois sic could make no I think Abbas and they there Irish and normally. I've always been a known. Shift. My brother dream that's about Enron's credit is like you can't save it out these final specimens we are British version of possibly give it up off that number almost I wanna go on wheel of fortune once just to say these. Pat I'll take a Piazza's pneumonia. I'll take you see as the czar a k.s and knock right he thinks he's so clever and this is like his bucket list and it got it. I'm I'm I'm Brenda Brenda Brenda got an open. Hello we now welcome to the minute movie inside look at the extra alliance. At home. I don't know I don't know about the war wrong I think it's the idea that I would what do they do who've been exhibit designer vivienne they're like design and we got again you can't speak usually a busy bridge. So it just gets well. Right. OK. This might be tough might be easy I don't know. What the worst thing that you've done. To look better. In other words. Did you gophers have got a hair treatments may be wars seven inch heels thinking that would go weld address but it was just a nightmare what what is the worst thing that you've ever done. To yourself personally. To trying to. Be attractive I guess. It's never bad. Well it into your quiet. I act my father to get me a spiral perm where they would be eighty. And am I don't know your stepfather but has already seen would you as the wrong person for Barack. You aren't sure. Do you think it congress while they're gonna or Gil are always gets a history broken amicable and such as the mocha. Right pretty odd thing keeping up on the latest trend. And what happened with the new look like by the time he was done. And not. Be able spiral perm. I don't know. Sort. Of our best friend. Let's girl. At the air. So there really tightened springing yeah. It and they are Smart why was that ever think he looked like that the white lady in a spoken to you why you are now. I don't know does that never never looked awesome I was the girl like me your opponent I had straight out. Yeah adding don't is apparently when that trainer mark earlier when they're on straight here guys you don't have hair will bowl them which we consume Grosvenor it's pretty basic chassis and from the genders. Our house much judge ordered it again. I am. Elaine and at least. 35%. So ordered a normal and don't. And it was already and he would he'd give me Eric pat I am recently already so it's ordered them. I have an increased period. Was he the gotta burst of Novak because he had a cosmetology license would he have been upset if you've gone to someone else. Really so basically the pressure's on you to appease his cosmological. What are relevant or cosmic how the pipe dream. But she asked for it. But make it should know if she doesn't. Mentioned left to do borrowed I don't do that I you know but her so you do how many other times and commands are message below. Rhode Island and man oh man oh man I got a good fan maintenance. Users that math that's twelve and you can't say how the radio. Sugar there. Please keep them working night. I was expecting something like when and and got a full Brazilians and or something that you know like was entirely too painful like you had your back what next graph so you did then my chat you do that for cosmetic purposes the urine and hair on. It hurt. I really had that more for show purposes you know you don't cosmetic purposes I took one for the team. But but I mean because you're that area of the book but was it. Did the pain was the pain worth the results again now the focus on think it was beyond painful. But I don't mind avoid German at the chairman out my back act but relaxing it is beyond painful that's why I could never magical in their get my whole bottom side ripped I don't care what sex York. Yeah it just it's just not very important man the man area is not meant to have skin and stuff ripped off of those. The older part of the human body anywhere it was designed to have that happen to know at the that I like everybody didn't want here there are winning keep trying to grow at the right. Yeah that Joseph was not designed to haven't ripped out of wants to I think made towards Obama did the top of your dad that was stopped growing and regular people do it as little things look better have a man I don't. Sort of resorting goes I just think how an app from it she did to myself. And O'Hare bombs and all that polite man I don't know now yard you you definitely. I have a tough time of wax and reason we have the money from the nuggets by the way to know what I'm saying there's not a whole area known as black still. Are your mug now you've had and you know our weren't sure let's throw Falwell's Brazilian and thirdly guy that I thought all the Brazilian guy can do that at some say and I couldn't do it cannot discriminate what you're saying they wax thing in my tests that we could soon erupt at all. Authorities in thin skin it is. It's then stand in every way it takes a pinch quickly like delegates and team bird yeah it would be like trying to take the feathers off the chicken thigh. With blacks so you got the chicken the right right OK and then you whacks the chicken that trying to pull the feathers off of with a wax seemed kind of skewed villagers didn't record its merits of same place that's not I'm gonna now though it's not like armor some and it's a little more talk to it's what you could. Endowments out of that chicken so that when you really you know you get all their. Colorado so I'm openly slam title is the most viable stuff can hear including painful. What kind of what you save it to does the most pliable decimals is well who. This they mention the students who have probably here's areas I am I not waxed my back but it. The front was still hairy and Mike Thibault was still there on the amount in my life. Rays whereas worst thing you've done look better on this story a doctor in Florida just got ten years for manslaughter. And basically the story goes back to November of 2011. Should Barca newbie sent a letter to the State's Health Department about her enhanced but talks is back in 2011. She basically said from jail that her rear end had hardened and turned completely black. She said side effects from the years of old injections of the mother of three feeling sick and she wasn't doing so well. She claimed her surgeon Ron Morris was the same doctors same cosmetic doctor. That you just read about in the paper who had been arrested and accused of pumping at near lethal formula of cement. Cement. Mineral oil. Bathroom caulking and fix a flat tire sealant in other self flag woman's bodies had any harm Haitians called her the duchess. They begin an investigation and interviewed her but four months later the woman in that jail cell had died official cause of death was respiratory failure for mass on the systemic. Silicone that migration. From injections in her buttocks and hips of cement. And bathroom caulking. Morse was charge of manslaughter practicing medicine without a license in the summer 2012 although she continued to to to work anyway as you know water use her real doctor. Of course she wasn't they would do what cements fix a flat. Bathroom called the mineral. When I was in. You need to that like. The amount of money people paid for stuff that we know is it rare sort played. I don't know what we're you know like diamonds aren't quite as rare as we think they are but you'll pay a lot of money form and we'll explain why and right we know the markup on why any future pivotal mark. The payoff fort like if your getting plastic surgery like. I imagine that must be cheaper if the fake doctors do and like so crucial to the bell go off like this doesn't seem right this week to affordable that they pop. The good like you several wine and another kind of potential star for the market up so much. It's about looking good image if you buy cheap diamond people make fun and I'm worth crap people to spend a lot of money right so. But it's recognized like look you going to be a snob because it's done the same thing why an average every kindly to these tests are like look. And you bad Somalia is one of against the journeyman whoever they sit now on the do these states is now in the end the go look the average person at least in this country. The bottle your price point to be like twelve to fifteen bucks that everybody's final that's for most people agreed that for the best face was that they didn't. No the prize but people still relate to books. All told told me. Whoa what's that you don't even like doctor by the way or quote unquote doctor on the witness stand is that hey you know what man it was one of the patients explaining what happened during the process where they. A taped the bottom box and put Saran wrap over top of and then said then the patient was injected it with bathroom caulking she's the doctor denouncing anything. And then they said in that it appears that she was injected with fix a flat. And at that point in time the Dodgers that I don't even know what this supplied is a never used that. Are you kidding so basically slick talking thinking and ushering. Where every is all bad and got in. The same thing compound was founded in fix a flat. She was just not aware of what a nascent war that was so she did not know that that was actually what she was you cannot just for buck. I knew auto. By the way they do wag your you're undersized. Well I got my report a second it was fine yes did you wager you're good stuff. One guys of my wife does waxing her particular place that'll do it for fear that there were ripped them off then some says look. The narrow underscored as the peninsula actually hurt the least from being born here calls a ran a classic question right after these. Now back into the men's room here's the question rob do you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. Your dad is a good bye coming up right before the job today the categories today streets and fun your guesses as good as mine camp Randall. Friend's friend hello and welcome to the men's room and all laugh. Are doing. I don't Goodyear's doing. They're gonna meant. Go this very. We ended. Someone mistake you for somebody. Completely different. Which are case of mistaken identity so my thought your somebody in your like united as I mean. About seventh grader at another Cody and youth. And I dispute this school it's. And teachers pass me my name I told my name and they act. They're gonna put him and this kid this other Cody was pretty notorious. I mean got a automaker. At the time out with a pretty good kid. So he initially Gary mixed up with him but I we cleared up pretty quick when I ordered my last name. And guarantor is based on name audio only ever get mistaken for like the bad version. I would do fort Lewis and his guy in of Iran right d.s and instantly there's guys out in sixteen strong. Pulled called over here are reportedly would you deal and do indeed look whenever you want my honest to god damn states don't that would be let them succeeding pretty basic white lesson amaze so. Turns out someone else with my name at Rome's stint airforce base in Germany they had hundred drums or bass Mike I don't noted is in Germany. Nodded elect misunderstanding. Yet but they're also told me. We don't like you but don't go to Ramstein air force base drum like you do Obama asking would this guy do that I mean like it's a red flag. But it sure that was user a little better. Mr. I had a situation I having opposed sort of for a back in the day. Buffalo Wild Wings was called BW three U. And they had one other firsts locations where I went to school and they called that they call BW three Buffalo Wild Wings and west wiping the establishment aired live on west. Me from a cracked. And I don't wanna see before I went to this place abouts. A month or two before I'd look I I'd had to adjust and asked will open had a down to me to the point rams still kind of shaken economy like two months later on just what he amassed what. Are gone out uranium Bremer about highlight item again by you know having a kick in the back of that is that we would expect yeah exactly I mean typical stuff for his regular got to monitor mark. I'd like Canada unidentified notified of good Jaroslav talking smack and I just I just I was so witty such Greco was given resentment. Over coffee come on you finally unable or you'll laugh before you hit me. I've become law figure out. So they might present Pope rule already in my original so I was I worked part time jobs. They didn't mean it won't mind I'm army. Right yeah generally a good astle minute there's a good line before right. And what that would anyone be so good to fight navy was funny whenever my yeah if if if I can whatever my check was it was an animal just enough to barely scrape by on bit abroad to get paid. I always treated myself the way things at buffalo wildly took all right so it's a Friday I go down by myself I'm like all right I'm gonna get like four different varieties of wings I've scope this thing out you know we have thought and always through. And I sit down do you shake bar yeah. So you could see across from the person is across the bar between bureau of India you see straight across there's this guy since Eleanor and he has cauliflower ears. And he's got like you know who alleges coming off where his for his straps are like on his neck like he's got like connected builds up like steps when you're gonna walk on the side of his neck you walk up steps. He's just got this look about him where his head's kind of smaller Lou that I mean he is just all muscle and he keeps look at him. I'm sitting there and he just keeps looking like. And I'm think it is just me or whatever and stern likes it my beer and now get nervous again because like us and it just had mastered couple months ago. I don't want this to happen again and you don't know I don't do well I don't remember all the circumstances of the last summer I aspect. Still like in the back of my head and things like that ruling as a Lehman like I just ornament in whatever reason that storm. But he just keeps look at me and look at me look at me and they know and I guess its downside me. And the other guy's nose right he says I don't know this guy like him and guys don't do is like humans are really doing my a shoots. Shall not look good out there to discuss the grass this week I don't even know it and we will deal. So I've got my act in oval wings come and I bikini. Like they're probably would like Al got that I just got my asking butterflies in Oregon got out earlier I asked it yet. And some like this is just terrible and just like in so finally like he finishes his beer. In eighteen. Puts it down on the counter he gets up when he walks around forty you thinking of as well there's no comments he's coming over to beat my parents. Any athlete he asked me camera removing asked me that now he is used substances that might. No I'm not Mike miles. And I reached into my pocket and I was like to boot it's not me like does that. Holy Christ like I think I gave of a guy like I hugged gadget like I'm so glad you don't wanna be by the fifth I thought you wanted to kill the man at the given worried for a half an hour Malaga slammed during demo of the butchers of announcement got a mighty man like I could even into about food. It could do you think got Dana. I read never good a religious come over B mass and then I get it gently it's the dead shortly notices all at the two together saved our puppy. It's not that it's never that like. This under the bridge stole my brother's blood like. What are you talking about a minute argued on this like man. I'm an airport bar and I'm really is connecting flight I've never been to the cinema. Actor. Free Beers before as at a hockey tournament these guys thought I was hockey player from another team that played goaltender. All good outlet that's not me they're like come on and they know it's it doesn't hit like you what appeared on the that's right you think I could do a good night and I think this is a terrible and I skate terrible case of mistaken identity at all. Nashville Tennessee. Not one not 2345. Not six but 77. Different bounty hunters. Descended on the wrong car outside of a Wal-Mart in Nashville Tennessee. They have all been indicted on first degree murder chargers in the killing of an on our man and the wounding of another. Oh. Opened fire at the same time. At four people and a sedan in the chase them for seven miles. None of the men in the sedan the had any outstanding charges and they had no idea what was going on in fact. The Clarksville bounty hunters were looking for someone else there is no indication that any of the victims fired at the defendants. Or were in either raw harm they were knocked out nobody finally just make sure that killed those 24 year old Jalen Johnson father of three. His family cult of an innocent man who died an act of terrorizing violence they just had the wrong car. Seven. Different. Downing and whatever the values on this guy dead or alive. They were all competing to kill this guy rightly one of their bullet in the emperor's decision that was there that was the deal till. You'll want to think about what more they look like you might wanna double bubble Google look aborted obviously you are bulletin board back. By at all Brazilians say it and we come on man those good it makes no sense right the bounty hunter you're supposed to go in and collect the bounty from bonds are supposed to. Seven of them right insulate the opening fire right editing by exhorting her weapon because nobody had a weapon on seven brawl charged random try our Brothers friends may end. Hello Matthew welcome to the manager. Or outages or. Matthew. Now do you view feature voters. I've never tried want you to everybody about there's never try ever done. I do a whole book and movies bit. That you don't file they flew into blue he's our proximity to other people are against in your mouth is to be able to swallowed back it's an eye brows you know I don't really taste a lot of fight with fully blisters. Well good so you're you're definitely not bugger eater that. Yeah I thought he doesn't know creating moral. You'll be surprised how many people out there actually eat they're bloggers. It. The ouster of you either do it or you know scientists from Harvard and MIT believe it or not Harvard and MIT. Just release are results of a study that found parents should not. Not discourage their kids. From taking their noses and eating what they fine. Even with five letters only over the motors should not and sounded crunchy Barry. Do we know why we should be eating our bloggers are serves the bacterial playing the same thing they say of the doll guess it's a rich browser war of good bacteria there will help fight infection. There was about a trying to get rid of they say that when you feature mucus that prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. And the good bacteria your digesting can help fight against everything from ulcers to. HIV. My thoughts I would throw I thought like when you're sick it's stuff back stepping to get out of there that's right giving out your boss or maybe about the bugger when you're sick but may reduce your daughter but I don't know what Jordan yesterday ma'am my daughter was asking me something appalled and Jordan looked like I should just come on the map and that'll push you take him gasoline and some heard it like on her cheek below the high. As an idiot like I'm touching a month to finish her sentence won't take and bring them constantly they did what is that just let all of that to bugger that. It's a bad moment for both of us it was such a huge Watson Google could potentially to. Yes I mean it was a hunk of voter what does crystal clear maybe that's the safe stuff to eat so here's with a gonna do a believer not. The scientists say. They are now going to start developing eight toothpaste and gum. That is made out of a synthetic mucus. To help you get the nose picking benefits is that you would get and they're gonna put that in your toothpaste. So that the bacteria will work America you can not do that instead of eating burgers you would just brush your teeth. Would you rather your own motors or synthetic mucus. You're ruling goes genetic road yet and Immelt volatile for the metro mad men's or mod doc god you're listening to the interim on the men's room a radio network.