05-08-17 Seg 3 Mens Room hits the sidecar

Monday, May 8th

Emails, Headlines, We review some Mens Room Rules, and Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Streets & Fun!


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Miles into. Nine point nine. K I don't you guys Jolie resents paying the grass out. Yeah editing get a negative backstage for the barbecue the men's room happy hour and a half your first beer included with the price of your admission. I'm not only that we have delicious men's or original thought that oxygenated. Famous positive Pike Place Market you'll love little sausages Winamp smoke starts coming off those grilled managers sitting out there is some element like. Where they held that government from a day or it's governed from. Men's are happy hour and a half part of it billow out ordering and for a full ninety minutes we have our own little private bar there and we will enjoy the sounds of Gordon stone sour baby metal. And the pretty reckless all the details on pain in the grass Saturday June 24 primary. At KI SW dot counts I don't read a question question quick break him back with your emails and an interim events are live right entities. Now back to some men's room win miles and three. Pulling. Still got your guess is as good as my today's categories streets and fumbled through your guess is as good as mine right before. The shots the narrow I don't have time for a few emails first in the men's German men's or buy dot com yeah. We don't trust violation Roy dropped brewers a men's room original red because we think it's coming yeah and add summer bronze medal winner of the great American beer festival every semi big of a delicious men's rumors are already doing a lot of good. As a portion of the proceeds benefit our three local Fisher house is so thank you and every time duke we know you have a lot of choices out there and world of beer. I'll look guys I would like to wish my daughter still a joy and happy fourth birthday. She's an awesome little girl and all she wants as they suck it up cupcake and a little kid faced sandwich thanks guys for an awesome show that from their clothes. How you all little kids end up with the same name to the same time. Our job that's just outside guardsman I don't I never liked Curtis dollars and then like now you meets dollars and are all at five and under it's crazy and those cells were seventy and older yeah and I only have been your bring about a mile to people text each other like honey no this popularity and in whatever way I when he can't come back. Yeah ability analyst Manny like I never liked it seems so crazy needing to Madeleine. But remember he's wrong with the same she's fourteen there's like millions of her and what happens late anything man you know. Ability give the stuff loses some of these more traditional names is based on the fact that the names are getting all the real stupid. Are in and night so grab the kid like a mutt named Mikey at one of these names as Joe's and then you have like a 9021. I am Melrose years let me. Hunters the pashtuns the coal tunes that orders. I'm joking on router but you're via a new level and at that but the only other children at all about fifteen to twenty years old. But what do real killer hundreds like Dylan Rudy now we go that family's last name on here until bill little brunt of it to that bit like what people name which out after a profession. Well this is partly. Hundreds a hundred in early and by people we does make SO applied throughout assay double bottom fees have fun. Plumber if it's downhill exactly Tucson plumber plumber. No kidding plumber and I that I is no locals who knows them there's less and hammer some kids babysit market power. A bit of major help you guys. Are gracious enough to sing the birthday sung to the friends and loved ones of your listeners I think this is great I would like to give a birthday shout out to someone I hate and despise. Her name is retracted and she's a horrible person just one reminder on her birthday that she's not mess in a previous place of employment hates her and has not missed by anyone. Please giver cut that bitch off. Thanks guys name withheld there's a birthday shot to someone that they hate to even in their nature even in hatred birthday wishes. Got pregnant no. Medco all of. Does it be awesome if you give my best friend and roommate Mike got shut out for his fortieth birthday today we listen you guys almost every day. You guys rock our workdays we appreciate it totally would dig a big old fat model reform thanks guys that from jukebox jobs. Yes here earlier if anyone requested deal. Yeah I know I didn't think so you got puke request aren't. A today's my co worker Vince Tony for a pleased him turtle wax with a feuding lady in the middle. Thanks guys for the show that from the doll. This. It. Candidates. But Joseph I don't know I'm happy that have been met a global one time there. That's. And if you wish a happy birthday to Robbie big fish Robby is a great friend and fishing partner and he always has a knack of catching the big one. Was in your show every day on his way home from work to his whole men. So one again lake in lovely British club I wanna Columbia that's on Vancouver Island. So wanna get like British Columbia and yes we have bears he says. I could give Robin original face sand wedge a cut that bitch golf and maybe Ted could find a message from Melbourne Australia. Thanks sent from Steve many fish. Fish sandwich. At red snow. Red koala. Dad dad here Dan amendment you know it's pretty amazing you buds they Joes get the big catch funny it's just and we all know you walk around a little look. But so was my lovely girlfriend Lindsay I'll just over a year is turning thirty today. She's afraid that she's old now but she's sexy as hell. Consumer attorney actually how would and oh dear Jesus in the middle we listen you guys all the time thanks from Christopher us in Omaha. Darrent. Okay. Yeah. Guys today's my sister's birthday can you talk a little dirty German far please. Thank you guys we appreciated. No real low they will show you might sliced about it that means for us. She wants to get a national convention just systems can be done chairman ward. Natural cancer. Joseph losers how wonderful huh. And jets 43 birthday one and make sure I get a birthday wish as a failed to do so last year. We're both a big time listeners that I know make is data get a happy birthday. Did you guys Kimmel turtle wax what may be some dirty German talk at the end thanks guys that from Michelle. Ha ha. Okay. Don't you love that really addresses fumbles and you can shorten my amendments. He worked actively to party with you could passer can have a good. Registers while gold Gerald birthday this year's been kind of hard on them. Starting chemo and his wife leaving him. He needs a little pick me up. So gonna get a big old bond or evidence of dirty German talk from Furlan to edit his 46 guys thanks that from Patrick's. No bad yup that would show you a good thing by Greece weasel into a backdoor there. Now I'm Gerald. Let's be honest this is that a bad yup I did a turnaround for you then you could track him with two alternated warrior who's greasing reasons. To try and I don't I'm not he's going through he's going to give up that. Yeah. They seized in the two ball and we need to know Gloria I'll glory fight cancer man came close to ten Joseph what do you figure the answer. It's like a tiger like guys are terrible year. Most John's wife left yeah Ozzie Magnus you reasoning so much just different language now some just a show that's not understand all right guys here you go. I mean I've that is okay. Yeah yeah. It's I mean I've ever done. I take care and security you bitch. We got there say. All of its solos was wondering if you guys did show host city games that from us chain chain I'm sorry no we do not do shows it and we don't have any chairs. Yeah you'd stand you know we don't know commanders thing gold incidents legally we are not allowed to fully disclose what may or may not have happened since I'm sure it's all conjecture but now. Oh and don't don't ask me about it. And our rules personal but yeah I'll tell you could call it super market gets ready and guys wanna share the newest Oreo cookie. Since it was number two of the top five snacks on your top ten list not sure if it turns up era turn your carrier group color. Our makes it pop but two new flavors are firework Oreo with popping rocks and waffles and syrup. Let me know you guys have had a chance to triumph that from your Nabisco lady Michelle. Armored truck the wall pulls surf. Pop rocks numbered and I think for now. Yeah I'm with you man I'm I'm in for them waffles and syrup though look at waffles I mean certainly OK and he's good with Sarah Brett can better right like. And waffles. Minute evil one to other things so my you may put you make a little cookie out of a waffle was sure about what might make it easier than their mother does make a little cookie that is a lawful and put thereupon. And a piece of chicken in the middle their name it tiny waffle and recchi got to did you get to go awful sliders. Well yeah there's definitely a fancy restaurant. We have to get our home fancy restaurant for chicken wire ovals company you know in the moment in advance and I in my houses you don't Wear shoes with everything I got out of the peddler a lot of cities they have some bounce there's just an awful that I got on to on and on top of the new low oh. It's a reduced a potato product for me to issues like that it could take our hats. Guys that just wasn't. The big dummy where you took the pole on eggs and discussed grape seed oil. I love cooking with cast iron and keep the season with rapeseed oil. I use it because it has the highest local and of all the cooking oils so I can go get higher temperatures. Also doesn't play over the food great stuff that from a Jumbo John truck and as we saw Jumbo jumped another grape seed oil aficionado myself. Never the question we just need to talk keeps trying to go about birds you have as trying to bring up well of on invested. Again that. You have the I as well but as well organized a flash yet. And regarding the comment that people don't get horny in hospitals. Hi guys just thought you'd like to know of the day after my baby was born I gave my now husband some karaoke in the hospital bed. That frivolous wow wow is right that yeah that's that's amazing can be laughing possessed of legend has yeah. OK there are estimates it millionaire and I'll wrap our wrath how lucky that the as crazy you know the nurse walked out of it again a fat and the five knuckle shuffle the topic. They just got you guys talk about that over the weekend back in college had a couple twisted roommates eventually they get sick of each other decided to mess with one another using their own the yeah. Man a man stuff. One remain decided to right is congressman so to speak and the other shampoo bottle and another roommate decided to add some human she skirted the gallon of milk we all shared. I came home from class that they in my relates whispered to me. She's. Rock on that from out of the well boy or roommates. Our college during his girlfriend's state over every night. We shared room one night Al's about to get some action and he kept pounding on the door because he and his girlfriend were hammered wanna go to bed so break I arrive back campus early Amber's suited up. Leave something in his box that we thing I want to meet him when they got back from break from barn door human known out of it yet. Guys rub one out 400 feet in the air in the gantry crane while building the narrows bridge twice. Every man Burma Iran that's a long way man. The only way the wind is there was that we didn't follow what you do I all the way down there and eventually gets out like it has to go out the strait of one of hookah and the Pacific Ocean and I don't really you're gonna get to finish one day that look so loud like yup. Now at the new goal line was that disseminate the ocean or body of water. Done right we. Iran and the draining your bathtub but I don't eat out Ali come on it all goes the same place I ever I want you know major airlines unit you're a movie I went water until I guess this is that I I flight simulator center part of the mile high club. Like now man we need to be adios like duty PM I know my amendment right like off the side of a boat. Instead don't blame them. Straitjacket house with the guys did not do it over. Our house and a boat I think he's and I know these hand fission. If that's how awful all of the word is toys. Guys as well lets you know there are still eight bottles of black left to pay less foods in free London on whidbey Iraq on that from Michael. Men's or read it Bennett's face Shaq ocean shores embedded in there not a beneficiary guys official act alone and Jan. And you get now I get the beard the VIP liquor as well as. Shade hotel in Mobley Redondo Beach, California I don't know congratulations guys your beard may be happy our lists the happy our list as a reserve for the top eight selling here. All right. They're all very young temple. Newsroom presents. Two holes. And he just a laid back outlook on the men's room page you'll see the link to go on yourself when you can donate to these any of these Greg Gaza's your guys my name is Andrew 26. I was in the show for almost ten years never thought I would be in the situation just recently asked in a week in the icu would DK eight. Type one diabetic blood to turn to acid eating meat from the inside basically. After I was released I also need three weeks recovery time being out of work for a month as Kobe and financial buying hope you can help spread the word. From bug the diabetic. Hi guys I was wondering if you could share this with your friends. With a crazy storm we had done the other week. Friends lost their apartment they literally only have the dog circles on the back they unfortunately did not have renters insurance yet and of course are lucky day. Was not so with them that they lighting bold that the tree right behind her apartment fell right into the living room they were not home at the time. A luckily their dogs were Smart and head. During that storm that that definitely appreciate it's. The little things because to cheer this it would go a long way thanks guys appreciate. And Moammar guys let's say here. Little benefits. To help see AMA. Came up PK nine alerts and medical assistance program that generates funds to reach their goal placing 22 service dogs. In the veterans' hands and they're gonna have a little a little event there at the wise sports bar and grill. And that happens in span away on Saturday the may thirteenth. As are trying to raise funds are for service dogs for better and so its results against Betsy otherwise sports bar and grill Saturday may thirteenth starts at 4 o'clock. Our headlines go to one hour from now first project in my talk for some of the stories and headlines he is not working now. And as suing American Airlines because he had to sit between two obese passengers for fourteen hours tam says it gave him permanent back and neck injuries he did get on something called American Airlines I think you should just have that expectation that. I mean you let the and is that like air eighty juggling your cool American Airlines the goal we sit and it hurt his back in his neck. I'm not sure that it did Ted. But that's religions and he's right and I wondered how exactly he thought they were supposed to know with the body figure of its passengers I don't think I've filled in weeks off on buying tickets some trials are needed to. Jerusalem. Study has figured out why you like the smell of old books. Old books old blocks. I don't like this gullible books now and stroll rule books that is not an elective. The mid votes is random really the men's middle Mozilla. And I'm the last time I smell a little old books hologram miles south of the that the drama the road there my grandmother's house demolished cigarettes with yeah and I'm not Ali Al and I guarantee I. There's a Newport. And why did they say while there they got their votes are not now working on it than just the headlines and he thanks man I their supporters are you never heard of named Molly come Molly. Molly come out molecule volleys she's filming a promo for an app and an underwater shark cage when one of the sharks took a bite out of her ankle always Jordan I saw that video GAAP. It starts out great and it's terrible. It is a question our Ted and I thought that it was a video for an actual warrants we were kind of wondering where exactly. It's bad. At an advanced cell a night light may be a lot moment. With big moves rack space suit that's jump to the surtax yeah I don't like you know you're getting in the shark tanks over shark bites you Eiffel woman I can't even give you be shocked me about her defense just one big cut. Yeah and the sharks it's not like he ate a whole foot offer from just a bit by goddamn shark man drove there there's a dip like. You can bet my dog right and it's in defense like Sinatra mold you pretty much an equity program. I was bit bundle but once you offered to a wild mammal short line and chimpanzee. Best thing wounded a lot different and I guess after finally gets an attack razor blades for defense ranked. And finally a seventh graders suspended for liking a picture on its Graham. Rules of picture I'll let you know on an hour from our eyes he guided that there thank you my god we have version headlines coming up one hour from now Bert and. Preserve the smell its. Tests. Title at the rhetoric used a men's road rules that you have payable to drool. Issued as an email to the men's or mad men's or live dot com and make the subject men's room rules and away we go through again there. Men's room rules guys here's one for you. When using obscene gestures. Beat in traffic. Or otherwise aren't. You shall be required. To make eye contact with the recipient. Of said gesture. You are John Stockton making a no look pass to Karl Malone. The man a thanks guys that from mob. I don't disagree on this little over because if your drive and I prefer your parents still looking at the room instead of going. And it problem. What are your staff flavors stubborn gonna Brohm looking ahead to regret this when you get a bump to forty miles an hour to come whatever deal is admirable and overreact about like. A broken foot jump from passing and throat it's not lack of Kurds that I'm driving a forty miles now and I don't wanna hit the thing in front of me is a busy looking usually. You know you saw it sometimes like honestly for me like I'm just a foot right. So somebody is making like a right turn they do have the putt but the pedestrian as the right away and so sometimes they have they almost hit me or whatever like I don't you really stop on it's kind of a foot from often keep go shore up. I guess I'm scared who's in the car. That's the pedestrians wait on him and kind of yet and he got so they're among the morn I do journal where there's one let you know old or not happy about your decision. We are about all the fingers and apple yes I mean I see where he's coming from somebody. And you'll start absolutely man he was really worked up. Let me so we flew to Marvin did not make I got a very relevant data make the roads a dangerous place to be make eye contact things might escalate very quickly you just don't know it just seems like people have a different sense of fighting ability anger like all the normal rules of engagement rings that seem to go out the window in the car for for whatever reason just seems to be a pretty dangerous what I think you are most upset. There among us that Trevor regarding sucks and the way we've allowed things to spiral out of control for how we truth regarding Joseph. Like which freshman sucked out what the last five years so those are gonna get better on the road for short trip. Here comes another. And does pack. Gas has seen a situation today with a co worker that was so uncomfortable than needs to be a men's room rule the rule of those follows. No man. Shall hold his cell phone to another man's year if the other man's hands are free. Thanks guys that from Cody. So little words onto elicits an idyllic. Hey man listen to this and I put it up you hear and you lean in Indian you listen and then you listen and apple Lazard has given your phone listen list. At present along in his. Advances song hammy that got him from a bridge her daughter to play Danny it's David Wright like I don't know what is love I think does a visual. I think it is one of those things you have to see New York. Maybe he's on the subject I hear me out. This happened to me a few weeks ago I was somewhere somebody wanted me to listen to something. I'm in a bar so I don't really wanna listen yourself and of course so I purposely was just like all right. When you read the headline yes I'm not holding your quote I don't Annika. Does not mean a thing. It's not a bad rule when I do think it's like the clip like I don't need to grab your phone of this is a real quick hits. As a may have its lead vehicle were throwing some pressure to show me. I got those here for the long conversation I give him your files I do think we should put a rule and I had a freeze its Sunday about showing people videos in bars and restaurants. Endlessly at all or they find it important. Yeah or they you don't mean even though like if somebody's home or give much longer than thirty seconds don't do it. It's like so many shows that video like we all kind of like laugh at stuff shore but there's some things that miles has since the human it's a little different than mine. So it's really just gives you are me too would argue about slots if you've got to watch like a minute and a half and on into care and I don't address threats coming up like it and and in an hour's. The hit gap that almost doesn't. Like all man is all watches TV show together right now are you a challenger there and enjoy your saga as well. How like this when gentlemen I would like to submit a rule. It is another one for my father before he passed I believe. Don't blame the last drink from last night for how you feel today. And other blame Jamal. You know what I'm guilty of it but he's absolutely a 100% that last shot of tequila is not why my night went south because really if I had only had a one shot of Cuba I'll probably wake of funds so. Chances are the other 45 drinks a put down now before granted you shouldn't have done that last whatever you do and the one before that probably the one before that one of them is going to be the last one. Yeah but I also don't like the blame game the blame game either you don't mean like if someone bought he was shot Jamison at the end of the night me and Jamison is not your normal drink. But you still had quite a few and you feel like crap the next day don't put all that on the jet Aldridge or whatever it didn't help. But it's not all our thoughts are on sale at Sony says like don't blame the last straight from the last night for how you feel today man up and blame the mall an. And half the time it's not even the last drink. If you don't really good idea to have it to have it in the first place. It was four drinks ago that was that was the tipping point of time. Those oriental or more slight none. This shot to not make this decision it's one of the other drinks made this a good idea to exit of that dress for an event eyebrows embodies in his and the next morning good we should have a shot of fire now and that's the thought he was in the last drink we sat there and have a four or Beers after the but I am viral fireball is dangerous in a way where you can have three or four Beers and you do a shot of fire almost just say okay. Steve we do shot par or a quick look at our. There also and Ted comes up like five minutes later. He's just right behind him he's like yeah I'm fueled the fireball right you know what we just wanna tell that. Let's get out over the too far ball goes down and away we like you know what I'll do though there goes down easier than before you know like is that you bankable more Beers and a near her in the next to fireballs credit goes down easy edit the second night and it comes back up these. Of all the develop goals ought to back up Favre all not nearly the worst and the last year my mind you should never be drinking something that's the equivalent of 7% 6% like you should not that's. The real point though that I appreciate are pretty strong man like the storm is an idea because I feel like it just feels every or my gut. And the thing for me anyway might go feels IBO slowdown drinking. If I do not have had gotten about how drunk guy who I am convinced I can drink more nods go and I saw where the dude I used to this Friday night. I was like a function and has that you've got to try the FITA announced that Martin had severed ears too late at night even just dried out quite all right. Our I didn't have to chug it like it was we'll let you and I are still did ya I hear like how like that I attack I did that I can't come I just I don't get it. Like everywhere put it like that fake fight like we're somehow responsible we're not responsible converted him drawn. I had past winter and and on my android people where I am in control. I like his rules either to edit the thing is ball breaking we're all guilty of it donate those Lola. I don't blame the last drink from last night for how you feel today man up and blame them all that from the total wasn't favors. Yeah okay. That's. Act as sort earth move onto another ordinary bet Kabul quite an interim rule suggestions both relate to etiquette between men and their motorcycles number one. No man should ever ride and decide gar. In the act if you just look pathetic. Probably learn to I don't know probably I don't know I forget to like garlic but only are you were goggles and look at yeah. Hi yeah I mean this is tough couldn't rather read sidecar right bit nicer but I'd look solid car exactly. I think. If you're I have been written sidecar yet I don't know to look like it has any shock absorbers on and it doesn't look like it would be nearly the Mo money bunny brings on the seat on the inside somebody doesn't look like an airbag I mean early on motorcycles on Portland a certain amount endangered except that. Sidecar and armaments seen. I like a sidecar and Nigel also says that idea where you should never read bits that which is actually already ruled that no mention ever ride in the sidecar you look pathetic. I need to see a guy in sidecar of Saddam might go so brilliant you know I mean I'm like dude in a sidecar at awesome. Goggles that hat the whole deal you look like handicapped exactly. I drive the sea and I think America may consider if you have ever did you rent out beds are rolled to shoot us an email to the men's or amendments or live dot com may be subject. Men's room rules are let's get color nine online right now tools export to Iraq we'll take a break and come back with your guess is as good as my next. We miles until it's. Point nine KI DSW. It doesn't sell as we got profiled as flavored Digg is to see lead up Florida we will do the game formally known as black white makes your Jew coming up. Right after the shot of the day and age and the temporal your guesses this month. Isn't easy again to play the getting is just an online you pick for more active categories. And then from there it's up for you to let them do to get as many right in the category before three strikes and you're out and currency rules are desperately your guess is as good as. Hello Ben you welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah he. OJ. Eight Eric sort of breaks the categories today our street names. The most popular street names in the good old United States of America and god. And then we have the most fun there and least fund states here in the good old US of it. So the categories are funded at least fund states or street names veggie what do you think on your guess is as good as mine. Mean. Let's go outside. Fun fun not fun okay. The most fun at least fun states in the United States veggie who are you working with them. Are important I only care monitoring them prides itself. New study ranked all fifty states in the most fun to release them because they've all kinds of different factors there including all the attractions of whether you. Basically you name it you can have a good time someplace he would not obviously Vegas is going to be with a different kind of on the beach in Florida that's all of the bad that's exactly right. So what we wanna know is do you wanna pig Benji beat ten that. Most fund states or the ten at least one states in the USA. Grow the most. The ten that most fun states in the United States of America. The way you play your guess is good his mind you're gonna try to get as many rights before three strikes and you're out veggie. What state do you believe to be the fund capital of the good old US today. Our way out or it out there are back John Young man on you know are now rule. Go. And you didn't learn the identity of first right before they ever did they still think you're wrong. When a bomber outfit there are big on every California. They're bigger car bomb yeah. Army it's expensive many Hawaii civil I don't think there's like BT Asia. Thirds Disneyland there's beaches. The skiing snowboarding and why country there does not have phones and got I'll have some are ms. grove hey I'm not on the list believe it and a parent. Are out of the ten the most fund states in the United States of America god doesn't guarantee attitude and maybe in Nevada but I was so blown your criteria tag of like there's Vegas. You can gamble bunny ranch the minerals in the state. Exit hiking and all those kind of things don't tell but warned open desert yeah I don't know but maybe Vegas is the big enough draw that about it makes the list. That you now maybe go Hawaii Florida guy universal's go to Disney World and you can do any goddamn thing you want Florida known characters. What are your outlook get out they. 5 o'clock or where they're Florida and it felt. You know until I would tonight yes. Oh yeah oh beta and technical. Texts. Sure I. Might yeah uses his head he's decent usually home states. Yeah yeah at Dallas got caught in doubt our orange guy yeah there he got. All day that you got you know look no let me ask you are there are some big amusement parks down there. Gather next black but right next Beirut usually have a ballpark early yeah and there's little wild there. I don't know America's amusement parks did play in this old Ohio although they don't resign don't want it doesn't it doesn't seem to waive that direction but. That's why I asked. Turns eligible beat Florida right now they give Florida academy of marriages because the Disney World it got to. Get every. Look like oh I thought by Hamas or anywhere okay well I told the judge Ed hold on we're gonna flip the script and some day if she does work and we're gonna look under there. Hello. Yeah well that's organ we're gonna do we're gonna let you pick the two in the lead. Because there exactly what I think there's most of it so you just are even a multi if you're writer and a I'd ever. Montana's acts of one of the happy as fund states show a more just you know. The league this is a New York Arkansas did just that Dakota like SA pick again I don't know I don't know what the only one event. Standing there celtics' go to South Dakota is in fact one of the most plastics your own blood yeah. Still pick another to come. Pick another decoded. I guess they aren't sure what they could you please get together to go to other than sound to go to north go to that is correct it's when most times. States are wrong again it's yet that Shaq. Northern South Dakota along with guns and a. Three of the top ten fund states. Things that include number of attractions whether amusement parks beaches beer and wine price isn't so PJ is there's no. National airline rises movie prizes concert prices theater prices paid and reasonable prices whistle blows to the pretty ones to beat them is I think combined to do. Out people who live there right thing and it's fun yup I'm at it maybe because I'm more about all mingled. Why don't get global Jihad say it's always tracking right now like people that don't necessarily want to be around the people wanna do they do your job market. You talk about what you know it Utah's mama is obviously not a yes yes. I will say this all of the rest of the states besides South Dakota Montana North Dakota Wyoming all have a purpose. Of being there on the that we can't figure those four out. Yeah I don't I don't didn't have any guess Hawaii and Hawaii is one of the most fun states to live and apps aren't they don't have all the way number ten. Hawaii and a number ten. So Montana both Dakotas Wyoming ranked higher than aren't they are and what one Galilee go to negative he's just he's he's laughed. Are you ought to your killed some guys showed an out of loses it and interact Colorado because it really we yeah. Canon or. Oregon is on the less than a week you mean other illegally state. Colorado it's on the list are giving another legally stay reading gamble. Or there and that's good call actually the bad number and a lot of the number one both fund state yeah. Gloria. Are bigger than Enron number of attractions. Shows. Whether or amusement parks beer and wine prices movie prices concerts theaters and deceit. I think about it or in order. There are all that because of Thornton. New Orleans. Nora Louisiana's on listen I almost funds to almighty to you all I have born to a lab couldn't Louisiana your million New Orleans. If your do what you haven't have you ever been to New Orleans you don't know I'd never yeah. It's absolutely. Positively one of the most tremendous city is America in my opinion it's absolutely worth going to put that sent. I can't name another police in Louisiana you wanna hear our military college kid but this person is non college. And I got their place and have you all as setup. A school you go to bat her biological slower and that's about it after Batman and got the Louisiana about New Orleans is Mississippi. That's all you need to know to ignore all de Louisiana analysis Mississippi and Ken that was a that was pretty bad by you guys how would anyone guess how many of the good want fun place at three here are the ten the most buzz appeals go. New study ranked all fifty states in the most fund Elise fund based on 22 factors including the number of attractions whether amusement parks beaches beer one prices. Movie prices concerts theaters in casinos. Based on all of that the most fun state is Nevada. They say that's pretty predictable. Here's a reservation details from Nevada well South Dakota. Colorado. North Dakota New York Wyoming Oregon Louisiana. And Montana and Hawaii. Those are the top ten fund states what are the top ten least fund states Arkansas Arkansas is unless told a way to vote yes it is Nebraska. No room. It's the usual Sussman Mississippi west visitor number one west Virginia's number two Kentucky Kentucky's number four. Even the der reconsider Kentucky Georgia. Georgia though Melissa got hot let him down there you got changes in Savannah you've got to Athens. Little Oklahoma. Oklahoma novelist. These places have nothing. That's us and Oklahoma Ohio Ohio is not surprising guy on the island is momentum and right arms are Iowa. Novelist Kansas. Kansas is on the list comes in a number seven. I have nothing Mississippi West Virginia Kentucky Arkansas and Kansas you guys have gotten runs. How can you have less. The least fun. They want to movies on your shocking. And I'll be out. New Jersey is a shocker to me in the Jersey is beautiful beaches to give his or part of the criteria you can have thought the only thing I might take Jersey out of this cost but double. We made fun Jersey what you can have a lot of foreign voters the beaches are viewed there are casinos there yeah out you know. You can do that there are shows they're all that stuff. Tennessee was also on the list not so the deadly blood stain did you think Mississippi West Virginia Alabama. Kentucky Arkansas Indiana bull junior off Kansas and a New Jersey. And Tennessee there you go s's as good as mine are I have imaginary attacks.