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Monday, May 8th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Michael Eaves and the Morning Joe Crew! Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly tells us about her weekend!


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So bloody day. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It just to win games. You only had considering death dance even throw a little flat out nortel's yes indeed add the daily dose of unidentified 31 year old man promise. Criminal California. Are today's honoree he was speeding in his 2007. Should be terribly as a recent partner. But unfortunately he also drug corner at that same rate of speed and that they crashed into a parked car. Now what do you parked car you lost control of his car and he was rejected from the passenger window as he blows out the passenger window but luckily for Hamlet. He landed in a grassy area and an empty lot. Sadly is trouble is there also continued ruled Tibet exact same grassy area. They crushed him and he was pronounced dead at the C hall. Rejected it so you go to other passenger window and lands government the feud where but the important like. It's an empty lot is we're parking lot he managed Landon one grassy park like coal beneath debris in store and a leg and terribly the gov brawling. And landed program toppled when Tillman. No longer trailers. And what of the outbreak after it's just horrible. Horrible the son of the late funny it is a day a man why you smile in my. I'd I'd trying to think of a joke to me it's only fund. Wells and mineral. I illustrate. We're for the blues imagery to smooth because we think it's Yemeni acts all the tong and down the broke two party in art Tommy's. Down oh yeah did you. If you are not a lot right now 20642 Iraqi People like profile doesn't labor days is the leader board Clearwater casino resort that show. Is Thursday June the ninth we've got profile that's coming up in minutes. It's miles total beds are married I've point nine KI SW CS. More miles and. And he nine point oh OK I guess. Michelle and our kids acted just as well this week on profile that's playing for delegates is the lead afford to Clearwater casino resort that is Thursday June 8. You must be 21 or older to inner there's a KI SW dot com for complete details are very little luck. Is true precepts. I seem to throw Hilton to please everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles that the simple game we're sure you're real life new stores opened it happened right here. I'm blended her. Burke and as you listen to the sword. Based on stereotypes you believed to be to the people and the decisions that people make Polanski would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room who can't count and thought god I am I hope you understand others you're gay displays. Notre Dame fan test it here is your story. Orange city police said they found a carjacking suspect. Inside a Wal-Mart wearing only a brawl and underwear but she did not go to jail quiet and owner of the same suspect who stole Mitsubishi from Seminole County. She rammed a vehicle to a boulder the infant to store. And then ran inside. The thirty year old suspect was charged on two counts of leaving the scene of an accidental damage. And one count of resisting arrest without violence in a journal records show that she faces charges in the seminal for carjacking. And gram fat. Now police arrived shortly before 5:30 PM and two officers originally tried to escort her out of the store but she kept trying to pull away inflate. Took several police officers as well some warned city firefighters to actually police are inside of police vehicle. Report also stated that you earlier struck two vehicles that intersection. Causing 7000 dollars worth of debt anyway eventually this bra and panty clad woman was placed in the police car. And taken to jail do you believe that this woman is black and whites Maxi or Asian. Now that didn't sit or that horse telephone and you know Florida Florida. Or Florida sounds torn city fla sources there got to be in Miami is of the she's started in seminal concert originally written for you carjacked vehicle. Hit two vehicles that are they aggressive car. Into pole outside the Wal-Mart in old city and and her bra and panties fled into the bathroom and made it difficult for cops and firefighters. To get her into the back of points that. I'm kinda lean towards regime audio and I'm dinner tonight Columbia Seminole counties up near Orlando even when I usually you know you're in Florida when. When I heard sitting on a lot of Tallahassee just based on the symbols being there and I figured that the the tribal be closer to the of the panhandle. Either way doesn't really matter in this man I think it's. My here's my take on this all right so okay. It took all these people. And a police officers in the fire department and all who police officers initially got her out of the bathroom I do not know what happened between you bathroom and then placing him please car. But that point firefighters had to assist physically getting your car I think the fact that she wasn't putting cops immediately like that. Even though she was in abroad pennies was a little bit awkward I guess maybe some of it's a little awkward. But Debbie it almost Nagin always seems white in the fact that she wasn't cuffed. Like they were trying to escort her out of the Wal-Mart like anybody else to be steal a car you 7000 dollars in damages Lander hasn't floor. The puts you on the ground clutching cups a matter what the dagger assemblage in Bangkok you have trouble putting in one in the back of the car but still another day summit is say that I think she might be watched. Now what miles it feels pretty wiped I just the whole crimes sounds like you're crazy white woman in LeBron pain. Can't do it at a Wal-Mart curator I read a little Wal-Mart and she the and she had the knowledge to steal a car. Which seems to me to be more of a white type of crime on her own wells drove a junior do vehicles impression do the whole idea Beatles you go turn turn to don't think he sounds really method. Yeah I'm teasing messy our relations are Mets beat them remember they're messy messy very messy time we think it. I think I need a goalie I think oh quite final answer. Yeah I can tell you Iowa to find out just like my makes Eurasian next that was fatigued. Back to the men's room. When miles and three. I just snap profiled as we go Grayson a Florida. And they know lovely lady who lost old car and then don't play to wherever you're going. I did 7000 dollars with a damaged crashing that car in elegy to park cars or our cars were on the road and then she decided to know that a little loose Wal-Mart parking lot where she ditched the car after reading the pole outside of the store ran man and eventually she was contacted the police fire everybody tried container and pull around there. And I don't know brawn and he's full time which makes her absolutely like one of most aristocratic young women. You're gonna roll today but we as you might did you believe this woman who want to bring home to mom is black white makes your Asian you went white. Everyone agreed that seems awfully messy. All I'm sorry. I. Oh now today black. Kidding trust me I absolutely would bomb white on this and I kept looking at her mug shot gone. Are you sure this is the reverse. How are not right now tools export to Iraq you'll be on your legacy lead a Florida Clearwater casino resort that shows Thursday June AT we are not to feel that. The thing is may have every time we can usually you don't sooner than does for the show on your debated Q1 two or three stories tonight. And you don't wanna make that Sony or the moments in the famous you don't wanna make it's so easy to almost gone through stories but it occurred to. Every time we play this game no matter who call and when Google what do they always say it. Homeowner who from the experts. Mean that's an underground again. The Fed is the X prize it has collected racists are the act right Ted the races which are both nice people say I'm a racist and accountable. Lots of things are so I rather be at camp. The races. I don't about it ma'am. Yes it can't be erases Campbell ever I don't. Aren't we sweet net newborns divorce is glad he got very far got a story perhaps I'm gonna always have other story out gunmen. This one I believe little more difficult but I'm gonna share the story we do it to hear from you guys. And I think Robin you might do next time into the U guys olds they very quiet. And I don't hear any thing we've got their reasons why do. So this was tougher. That you guys got first from her. In this case the two most of these cities I'm suburban road led to the arrest of an intoxicated. Northwest Indiana bank. Who stole the forklift. Problems for former employee of politics a line. So the thing is due to strong comes birthday he'd recently been fine and his former boss when he was leaving for the day. Notice of former employees was standing outside the property stern. The guy leaves anyway and and balls decides annoy the let me circle back there's nothing about the situation trust that proved to be true the former employee who was drunk. Now who's driving out of the warehouse almost all of pork with not obviously all the throws were quickly able to spot the vehicle like that's the four with. And put it over and I'll pull it over. And rustic drive not a suspect who turned 43 that day. The news arrested and charged with felony counts of burglary theft and repeated do you lie and a misdemeanor count of damage to property was also cited for operating a vehicle. With expired registration and operating an uninsured motor. I would like the business owners that good this guy been terminated about two weeks earlier and then about 3:2 morning and afternoon east on the stand Lara. Turns out he stole the forklift just approved a closure clues millions northwest Indian. Black quick match you were age. Northwest Indiana and mean that could be to mind close enough to Chicago obviously close enough Chicago Gary's will ignore you I don't know and black just really wanted to. If they can with the registry hired Weis and miss you make an extra charge. And I love for Blair put. I do not only but there's a thing about it is sold for what we're getting close we're gonna get it. The fact he got an extra charged because he's used to have a license plate I have no business driving a forklift at all but I would actually go what must charge. I never analyzes getting drunk on your birthday that crosses the ball and analyzes all sexes everything. They just laugh term for everything they did an animals are totally Sam black Abby and I think it's too so the charges were to have the don't forget about the other minority out there he was Max. Okay. We. Remember we're not feel a today may treat Maxi poorly to and Ken if there you go let's say let's find out now what valid all the TV news all the time and is tavern on TV tablets it. And now. Find did countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. That went dead rusty lasted eight. It's thousands of hit shows and movies it's labeled it's only on him anytime anywhere affinity to future boss. I'm calling Atlantic City when he uttered activity yeah we're. Live on the draw that. So a lot of sports you may watch or whatever generally are outside right in debt. So that's what's kind of funny this guy. Michael eaves reporting for ESPN. He's inside a building but yet has an outside problem. That's when the rockets sent a double steal game one they didn't do it but it seemed like Barbie who does what he's expected to assume that streets night. That's a mentally so you wrote a book Lisa. NASA television I'm sure people. And look. No I didn't hit the water forget outrage. It paid a lot of voice flat and like please leave the water right outfit he's I have a note here or does it bug exotic. I bet you can watch a video projects than he plays like it's pretty funny is given a speech or give his little stand up and and you see him struggle struggle. Noting that sucks that you don't physically see the bug going out. I almost no one time of CNET and and if you've seen the movie raiders of the lost are you seem seem. Toward the end of the movie before all the Nazis ever faces multiple. Like any evil villain or the main bad guy was or open your big long declaration of why you're awesome and how the world's gonna end. But as a guys don't understand that as a filming you know time is money and some felt the same but you'll see the guy and it's. It's like quotes above his face and he's going right through his final I'm a crazy guy isn't gonna do to fly the dark Tomasson and other. Fly lands on his bottom lip. Number 12 you see is ours gonna flicked it is but he's not going to stop don't seem to think roles in his mouth and keep them. Nice and remember as a kid I'm like did they do that to make him seem you know even later Gary and I know he did it because you know. He he was in the moment of doing his lines a momentous in flight MA was focused did I guess. Some of the flies out the worst thing now why is I don't worry about bugs. Depends on the book it was a do all know did you eat a pizza man to fly and pepperoni eagle I wish I'd known that but oppress and I'll do jury that Peters caterpillar. We two field. I want to bug that did very ready to square internally what's the mosquitoes. And I got Ayatollah I kill him they're going but I mean like I bundle one might Shia are you not a person gets bit. Yeah Allegheny Lye yeah I don't eat her alive. Eaten alive even mosquitoes are races like that anyone might know of anyway I go over to Steve's house any had a cat it was an outdoor cat and cat got fleeced and so the fleas would be underneath the sofa and sit on the couch and please would literally be eating my my just my ankles optimize caps never jumped them never not once not pop and between my fingers and all the stuff you know there are slow governed there's nothing Wednesday EMI dog had fleas and the bomb house. They got all of reality mosquitoes. And it was jingles it's annoying. If it's weird to annoy you deserve suck my blood like a human being you take that little personal and it is like this disease riddled nasty ads. Yeah depends memorial blood sucker. So uninteresting things going on TV right now obviously. We hear about all the time the way politics are right now. The news network the news channels are doing very well shall so besides Fox News to having grade reading right now. MSNBC east and getting some good rate right Ruiz. Yes I like three year like they've always existed but as far as ratings when I mean everybody is like that isn't about 12 all right. So I've never really watched mr. the general on the RadioShack. Is Jack jerky Joseph Scarborough from now how this can I Joseph Scarborough he's a hoax right. Now the other coast is this meek or whatever it in writer named out how to pronounce it. It's a hole I know we'll do that I can't sit there name and therefore you don't need to know the girl because of what she's cohost of morning Joseph this Joseph Scarborough. Somebody we are doing this for about five years 45 are so here's the deal. They are together even Saturday Night Live in the last week is kind of made a joke about that they are together aren't they did get engaged but for some reason on the show. Everybody's real tongue in cheek about it did people not like I don't know anything about the show of sympathy I know it's well we have pretty. Sure here's how you values here here's the background on the story. They put these two together mourning are both of them are married. Oh us here this is known. Or operation or whatever the Paramount. But this chemistry started going on the air were everybody around is go elect. Hey those 54 U whatever it is today wait a minute here this seems a little code is seems a little familiar. As far as the type of arguments that you would have a special someone only you probably close to start I got it right or whatever it all you can just hear that. That the that the bickering whether it's jovial kind hearted did digging whatever so everyone around them like. This Kenneth seems like this is more than just that. Eventually these big big big divorced. There respected others or whatever the deal is that they just kept going on doing the thing but. It was quite apparent to most people who were watching most people who work there and everything else. That something was going on between the two of so when they announced their engagement over the weekend I think it was a little bit of relief it'd already been announced before that that's what makes this clip so awkward. It's that say everybody knows but they won't say OK as academic like Richardson makes. And a lot more on this straight ahead our personal criticism and yes congratulations and thank you can gradually. Michigan in the numbers of monopoly when Israel goes along well we're glad. They're playing little known fact last two minds and highest rated more people watch this lessons and remove foursome thank thank you heroin is like we're family. It is is that really would Donald Trump like but I can. Really hear this other things to say congratulations out Anthony check out what I have and can. Regulations also deal on the ratings I think Dario great. Yeah exactly just everybody to oppose the story is all over the country people showed its you don't oh yay congratulations. On the rarity that's why I promise and don't bring it we don't want to bring it on the mega deal I heard about. I think maybe I've. Her go over the show our marketing emissary of general knowledge of what they do I don't know what they look like but some even I have heard this a wireless playing glowing like hey. The man in America back cares the least about it which I'd say it's probably right now he even though. Everybody knows I give it my kids like about a Joseph Moore did you. Well here's the problem that most dumb when you lose a job whatever life it's it's it's it's not exactly the same. But it's a traumatized and thing like getting a divorce like losing your job like all those other things. So. I mean out I guess as far as you gonna have a job if things don't work out. You still have this job. You still have to work on this person it's one thing to elect well out on the ordinary more revenue find another job. It's another thing when you go to work and the person. The two don't wanna be there anymore a month that the other is sitting there with you. Every single day so I sure hope it'll be different kind of bands are harsher hope to be is also I hope this works out here is welcome to morning Joseph here's horror. Yeah okay let me read by the time. Like Strahan did Philly article those not a nasty divorce was a nasty separation has formed an hour and down on gathered together in that right it's a thing but it was done like it seemed if you told the story was it can be a relationship you switched out job. Like what he was talking to the southern. That scenario why's that ridiculous so you know to me it just seems like now. Good luck and a lot of risk is that he loses that the vote that he knew I could be divorced and still had your job. You don't mean. But then you have to come in and and the reason that you want to get out of that is he not see that person anymore than every morning. Yeah there together for thirty getting ready to work until twelve and you know to look like. Yeah. It's very hard to run and I mean it that would be tough for me I I is sick it's amazing to do that everybody knows this news the out of sync and grads than for their for the race as it. Lately our laws that are gradually Obama. Yeah I just feel like there was something that shouldn't be spoken of them be like don't say a word about it but everybody throws that I thought on ambient light FAA regret. Do you know yet. I've never seen the show myself but apparently they were not to well it's hard to man. I mean Christ almighty look at any couple if the newly in love that are having that much fun like you can't hide and I did the same thing with. Well I think the same anxiety was sects of time. You know what I mean but even if miles that they mean you go out right and we both meet a girl and that there might be a way you view it. Did you cope with the conflict she seems different interact with the. Yeah I don't you know all the other eliminate or try gathered every detail make people everybody knew. I dated somebody like that for a long time man it was kind of like the the woman invest in show Eugene Levy's wife yet whether you like bedroom. Although I got a hundred C news since you don't fifteen years ago and good night at the beach we yeah I dated her. I'm very been very well you at all you'd. He would sadden. Apple lovers. If Ethiopia that you could you could fly halfway around the world man. Some maintenance usually comes from another planet like earth no word cougar I holy god. And what's the time difference right there's like if you're the reason most recent ex boyfriend you don't really care to meet the new. It's always awkward but then you're right if it's big bike lock enough you don't have any steroids were like yeah I. Yeah I guess we did everybody who meets the new person is always thinking the same exact thing. I'm so sorry for you it doesn't matter which side it's on a can be just like economy like the guy goes and has a new girlfriend or whatever like. The old life I'm so sorry for you and vice Versa it's the same way it's just like because you know you're the only thing you think about is. All the problems when your leaving and not the the wonderful time so to speak. So like it's all said and done this very. Very few and far between decent and like let me think about the happy times and at first divorce relationship by path that does the does not that we liked the work that way. It's just kind of like unite you know way out of arsonist outlined. Yeah let's think of the happy times I'd rather. An independent progressive. The fifth I got to wrap it I think sometimes do I get a cell did you pass enough time went to over remember the good stuff we got to remind yourself what are you got sucked via. But yeah that was far I mean hell even like when you're twenty Lloyd. You'll find out dude. You'll find out man I give don't worry you'll fired out there like yea yea yea Xena and yet accurate. We play. Miles you mentioned this earlier today speaking of having fun and which remember what you want and a relationship. Also you want fame you talked about Kevin based in. He's on the Graham Norton show and just talking about. You don't always gonna be recognizable were unrecognizable when he missed. People don't talk about the fact that being recognizable. Is 99.9. Percent. Because people are nice to you all day long for absolutely no reason. You'll stuck ministry said Kevin I love you I mean who doesn't wanna be loved her and who who doesn't want to have somebody say. Few that's agree that's a great feeling and you can get out of tickets and you know they'll give you free sneakers like that anyway. Good thing is my point. What's so while you tried to think to yourself flag what would it be like to just walk through the world's anonymously. So I decided to do you know experiment with that and it works from the UK it made obviously had a dumb by professionals and applied by professionals and and he definitely didn't know was made. I walked straight to the grove and nobody recognized me and and it was awful. The Sox did. All the anybody has been acting city Kevin. I think that's part of a man blows everything being famous and infamous note you're shy of the Boof. Broadway parent kind of sucks man people and punch him face plate to make you feel in about a side it's just because asylum. Kevin Bacon's pretty accessible to as far as a celebrity goes if you two of everyone I talk to whenever I'm never a couple times I've seen him. A personally he's in his man whose brother would have bacon Brothers yep Megan wrote residents and his older brother and has helped. Remember I wanna laughed like yeah I'm going to tell you what he laid out does that bad break. They've run you and you broke it isn't there anything about grown up and everything that and the time and some light at the end of it loses like. We're done and I wanna go of Tennessee's islanders division that I can you know I mean you can walk up there like no other hand they thing. And they just stand around talking and I'm paragraphs and after a musician seems to go one up to I guess it's only two ways could be political about it but there's still an actor. Or they're not and I think it's this in I think you're absolutely right about the fact that if you walk up Kevin Bacon on the scene in the movie reason character has moved sorbet come pummeled the role these in his own or whatever you know I mean. It might be different like man I gotta go to the scene an elegant you know shortly literal someone at work exactly what I'm up on stage can pay to play guitar and my brother having a good time toward the country with a am probably a little bit more ranks yeah they like that they concedes cool about it so some people that are actors already released you know it's like don't talk about the closer Joel song about the dog that grown up. Okay got a funny and if it sat out the ticker yet I appears on your TV Alex gets the news. It's Sunday it's. Yes here's my columns. Are not at seven prayer in Ohio has been suspended from school due to liking a photo on inched Graham. The picture was of a pistol with a tag line quote Redding. My eyes and an offense that led lays out apparently the didn't Wear outrage and as for the reason for the ten day suspension. Schools let that the reason was for liking of both of social media that indicated potential school violence. The schools stand by their actions saying that they feel better taking it seriously now as opposed to letting the potential disaster slipped through because it was made in fun. Time. This. This is not a world objects we got to Georgia where a lucky county may have a new celebrity sheriff. Shaquille O'Neal allows but he is planning on running for sheriff and wanna Tony but has yet to disclose where he will run 20/20. And we only need to wait three years. For Shaq to take over a municipal now share of Shaq. Review ruined is no question from collect a no I won't vote for the folks who looked so you can do to. A little I have been through reduced or. Petro owner Charles Barkley take that I'm so unfortunate part about it please I'm bored you I don't Charles and arrest him for doing their for the weekend. Unclear right now if Biden called the group in the engine. And reflect. Shaq man gambled and helicopter armed donors that it had to say how big of the lineup that are ailing and then you're gonna have the ground made him a Smart card all polls. If you could it verbally Holmes yeah wanted to put us with the with the decision on the street crowd that map and a dude so got the vote. Around the world it's. You got it for United Airlines announced that a pulling people off planes are just standing are sending them to the wrong place. A French woman was inadvertently allowed to board a flight that she thought was going from Newark, New Jersey to Paris instead it was a flight from Newark to San Francisco. After an eleven hour layover they've managed to get her on another flight back to France all in all 828 hour experience I haven. How he messed that up let's say hi ascent up. The could you tell them this you say OK nothing about this the plane is going from new Newark, New Jersey to rent to Paris France right nonstop. Like they always well not always but sometimes do often do. They put a woman who do not speak English all right she did not speak English but she had her aunt cousin or some of their translated their what do you say these were that right. So they put her to date they get ready to go. Yeah they do the famous follow. We ought to change gates. I ain't gonna but they do it in English over the loudspeaker. So and they did it an hour before the flight. Had left and she was sitting at the gate in the ticket 8 am that her on the flight. With the wrong ticket right she did not understand the gate had been switched their fore again on the wrong plane when it gets even better when she got on the plane she got to oversee saw somebody in the seat. Called over flight attendant again didn't understand what was exactly pandered to the ticket she went on I guess it has been a mistaken and put her in an empty seats how do flight attendants and the gate changes both clubs. You know when you walk off I get in theory why we do it and don't wanna make sure it's right flight out of the ticket right right. How Conan Judah from people who work in Paris where I have to go to that Rambo good. Exactly. General girl swimming in a designated area of more of an Orlando area park in Florida. She was sitting in the shallow end of the area when she was attacked by an eight foot alligator look it's fresh water in Florida and Florida you know I look before you jump in your pool at night you ready for this like different and why she didn't panic she does grab the animal's mouth and and opened it so that she could pull her leg out of it's now know right around one of them back. This if you let it go. I've gone to a on an alligator sanctuary. And she had learned of before that the technique to use to get an alligator out and to take the jaws out you know that technique is Sandra let me act clothes that fit their stick your finger all the way up and Oscar how. And she did she jammed her dagger all the way up that things nostrils and of people brain and exactly so she was apparently was treated for injuries in the animals tracked down field to him that go to making Alabama nose is still sparks yeah by the way fresh water in Florida don't swim in it that's all he got an adult swim and I think they've had no I was from south. Carolina down to convince the leg don't swim in it. All right Navistar given me personally viral Steve to throw held a Green Party over and Austria have announced that it is holding a meeting. To teach women how to urinate standing up in an unclean public bathroom. I did an accident cleaner few misses the Marines I'm rob on the disaster of an end to this my eggs and this is predicted. And and the ploy they're using and all the verbiage that they are using about this is like Lokhmanian on gender neutral cool Fred winters think Gaza pigs and slobs. This is most of us sporting events in Horry on a honey bucket pork product right. And doesn't make it doesn't really does seem like the same stuff complainant in this like a man. A little CNET and I knew how ending up I had never tried to give it a shot my I don't think it's humor can't actually get to work out a lot like. Lazy guys who've. Just get an everywhere and the less your 92 all the excuse for going to be more than make a left to see Robert medley doesn't get it and yes that's going to make it easier for Miranda CN. All right a Motorola's board finally over the weekend record was broken in the end will be between the Yankees in the cabs you guys see this game now it was played in Wrigley Field the game lasted six hours and eighteen innings. I am a couple of things enough the field needed to bring in new balls in the fifteenth inning because they ran out Hulu bulls. They they reopened beer sales after the game was tied up in the ninth and advances that yeah yeah a lot of fun guy apparently don't like us a list and I think it on the fly Herrera at their very advised that I let that my the night we appreciate it we'll take a regular military Daley joins us right after these. Now that's just the men's room fund 99.9. JE IU SWO. Jerry Daly now yeah Daryn how the weekend. A lousy year inaudible he's exempt from Friday night your sister's birthday party is still that's not Tyler apple bachelorette party that parents critic is your actual birthday is today. That leader bachelorette party in leavenworth Friday Saturday came back yesterday that the best time ever got you have the pub mustard image announcement that he struck. Oh yeah just bonus here that's no way. And posters trying to say miles and you see actors did you guys stripper anything like ventured and no no. She can't all day all. Yeah I wouldn't be able to tell you. And OK and I don't call me and my whole get up and everything that's and a semi public via all we can cash doesn't help assist. My other sister is getting married as well. Her bachelorette party is at the end of this month so now that I know you're available. Yeah I mean it's not a fireman copped a mean again about August and are not sure sure it boombox varietal law are spread out a table cloth manages do my thing well. You know look the white tablecloth and radar it was also desert wells put up of them I know mentally that I tarps they can lick with pre often dog okay it has to act act. I love how much experience and that. Serena seems like you see this movie book I have cracked us up when it's not like he was good popular these is real good it is slow enough that trip to Africa and I hope they don't care dailies have been the ground you don't see you tomorrow for the drug charge dry desolate decisions made a morally afford to get a profile there. Yes indeed it is all true parent is and we'd be all about the habit of always will be back tomorrow so. Until then please do what you do best and pour a lead that sick stay. Man. On this day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited their presentation knows the man truly feel this way. Okay.