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Tuesday, May 9th

Mens Room Question: Who did you catch in a ridiculous lie?


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He would sure love to hear is real. There's this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and got to be invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And your. Begala and its November 2600. And the three act and along with Steve the thrill hill. Use this left. Robin fox. Divide car. I don't know man grow. Stay right gasoline drug charges into sit and spin guy. And once again we do it to Dayton songs that feature the recorder. What you don't need to know examines these things der whistle. Profile this as your biggest illegal floor. Plus headlines image or John today fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would tip click clack targeted don't aren't new ghost red Derek cancels nine flights of Fort Lauderdale airport so the customers decide that. It's time to fight. Meanwhile five lions escaped from south African wildlife park bruising it's weird to live in Africa where everyone's watch. Give reds put her record asking for free chicken nugget for a year. Seventeen year old pops out of confident from the spread graduation cheer and a climber learned you can't just hike up Everest by yourself. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug do you like to lay up resort casino. All that good news good day to you in York aren't I know of broadening. More one of our doubts. And when recognized anymore Juan Puerto no well he's the leader of a mass Palestinian hunger strike. And an Israeli prisoners seems familiar there's been warm up about three weeks so he's been dormant Gandhi. Except one little thing he was caught on camera. Eat poorly in the log a candy bars and a good good these rare but it. Down to bring to cloud over your. Hunger strike to see the point being Internet TV at all so yes he's been on a hunger strike for three weeks as far as you know. But he has not actually men on how bush tried to pull a fast one on everybody. But up all right they're just heard club in New York aren't they tried to get out of paying over three million dollars in taxes. My claiming that the strippers. We're therapists to the argument was late payment or Goldman doesn't stop here. We should not have to pay taxes Obama potentially you don't God's work while the tax commission didn't see it that way it's in the gonna go ahead collect that money anyway. Todd than is pitcher Matt Harvey and pitches from the New York Mets he's also the boyfriend Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima and I mean like what it is good for this guy. Well I got himself a little bit of trouble because he called out for McGahee. Because of a migraine headache almost faces did you get migraines manners. It's hard to explain how bad they are I could understand why he would not wanna go to a baseball game in the Mets understood too that were so worried about a listen to people over to his house. But when a piece together but he did in fact have headache but it more mormons hangover from partying until 4 AM. At the club that everyone had footage of imparting yet until. Foray premiere. So he has a little bit displayed and to do well look let's face it. We've all wide we've all had some allied troops as young kids it's nothing but bad but every once in awhile collide you're being told. Is just so goddamn ridiculous and you just have to Coleman to look it up watching this today. Whether juror they hunger strike whether that your faith migraine weathered your faith therapists at the place of employment we wanna know. Who did you catch in a ridiculous lie Big Brother Joseph called dual six core two on rock Ron 200 midterm live tech 7799 finance and those emails to the men's room have been through my doc out. Men's room redshirt. Here's the question and drive do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI SWL. Brian castle to run a charge brought in these. Ten songs that feature the xylophone. Yeah I did not know the roads and popular songs that didn't lol we hold the war well turns out people love the the top ten so we have expanded it and today for your listening pleasure. Ryan castle has ten songs that feature. The recorder. And I'm sorry for a listening pleasure I cannot I cannot remember with a recorder looks like recorder that's aren't so we knew an elementary school that the thing you Strom know the door stoppers and cause the little plastic flew looking thing with the whole thing yet the fake looking flute and everyone played them in every one song and I guess in spite of our anyone has more sucking of the quartet one. My kids that you gave my kids one god damn I don't think about it I guess I remember that. My daughter played it yeah I can carry AGI. Is she played the F battles Amaro did this on purpose star becomes one dollar of one run out points thing. Constantly. And brought back a lot of memories about bad every kid is and every goddamn instrument ever played but the recorder in particular. And narrow well to jet of today should point and he three in this of the bear says stores and voters have story. Is that he. I can't find flew mr. miles gave me anyway oh really yeah what have a duty not paid top dollar for that I don't know would happen to my looks like a moment I could not possibly its closure of a mystery has a man we got a mystery on our hands around I may have seen it in a closet on the shelf that she's not tall enough to find it but I cannot confirm or deny that's the case a gift the keeps on given yeah oh yeah. Ten songs that feature the recorder coming double to right canceled today on sit and spin and our question did you catch in a ridiculous lie. It's miles at tournaments are married at point nine KI SW Seattle. So men's room where miles and thrill out of 99.9. Back bedroom moments through Omaha radio network big Joseph porridge and Iraq cancel the drug charge of this in Spanish as stated. Ten songs that feature. The recorder coming leveled the success of last week since been featuring xylophone tunes today popular music that features the record I don't would qualify last week's as a success wasn't simply that we can find ten songs and a ball another instrument the things that he wants to play at a success yes man and we've done once again this week with us it's been Kevin. I don't have a question what do talk about eye catching someone in a lie and sometimes a depending on the lie they can be a little bit ridiculous at times. Now let's start with Mets pitcher Matt Harvey I think this is something that we can all relate to and a number of different ways Matt Harvey. Was seen throwing bag drinks just hour before he texted the New York Mets officials and informed them he would not be able to attend the game. Due to a migraine headache yeah page six reports of the pitcher part needed to and that is it 21 oak. Got up and reading it wrong one OK in new your house and it's hard to read they they do it that way I goods like all your glasses 3002 because it's one oak. But they but it looks like ten AK yes exactly know what. I am guilty of this as well I'd just from. This morning I did not spend time really reading the headlines embolism scrolling through stuff I did see something about 108 K and I'm like I don't. Oh my god cannot and I did the same and I only got up around the I'm not down breaks for a quick as anyone run like an idiot what to do often. But either way it's ONEOK in New York City if you're in New York City this a lot of the players go I've heard of that before it is hard look I made paper I counselor assaults and AKA is usually the one okay and I think there's one and only two basically like you hear stories about the Kardashian late. Barely tell it's their battle them well they Leo's hurdle for AM handing him he does Ron. What they celebrity type group of people last two girlfriends he's out including the one he's been photographed with a has been a supermodel so I guess. Much like the guy that dates such Kate Upton. Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers naming a name escapes me now is on a one remembered about his name who's dating Kate Upton same deal kind of witnesses claim that on May sixth. Basically he was out for cinco de mild but the next day you see is the sixth and sold to forum in the morning. He was seen may sixth ranked these casinos that goes. When this is claiming that he was seen sipping on champagne tequila. And vodka. He was suspended by the Mets after failing to show up the game later that evening despite the fact that he was not scheduled to play he just insurer Lander Justin Verlander rise in the rotation but he's not post play Harvey. Was also ordered to pay a fine of 82000 dollars a fraction of the five point one million. That he is set to receive this year but he didn't have to play that they are even actually wasn't pitching that it was not pitching and encourage folks to. I he has no problem to find is angry about the suspension. Claiming notified Mets officials he would not be at the game when he woke up Saturday afternoon with a migraine. I never migraine and this was after he played golf in the morning. Also a few days away higher so you play golf Saturday morning yes he had so many of the my sixth wreck you've played golf yes in the basically and he got a headache it doubling time on the golf course gives you were hung over yeah. And when it's not a Margaret and went home and just kind of did this thing. So by the way Harvey. Was also not really in trouble but he he put a large black phallic object in a Mets players. A locker. And it was a photograph taken in you can plainly ski thing amity and it is a big. Vicki unit that he's got it in there is something he was kind of they're very slap on the lives of good it is and then you put this on top vulnerabilities yeah. A huge black until those jaws funny whatever else you've done c'mon he says is that he has a few running since people are kind of tired are you okay. Woke up Saturday morning feeling fine. He went out golfing with some friends in the morning he then returned home had lunch before lying down in waking up with a migraine. Party claims even takes it officials went back to bed only to be awoken attendee Tintin PM by Mets security does door. Team claims the men were said to check on Harvey's wellbeing all the former all star player says the men grilled him after he opened the door in his pajamas. The incident also came in the wake of Harvey allegedly placing that that that large black thing in Kevin whether he's lockers joke. He's been punished by the Mets before a missed a mandatory teamwork blah blah blah. Harvey apologize for being late that day he offered no public explanation for restarting is saying he simply screwed up. So he basically blame this on and look. If you get a migraine headache and Steve you brought this up earlier it migraines were of those things where one day when you're around some and I never had a migraine headache animal and allow them I just know that. The people that I've been around in my lifetime who have had migraine headaches I've felt awful for. They're just inexplicably. Bad just based on their experience I'm not saying. This by going out and drinking tequila. And vodka and champagne. Until 4 AM that that wouldn't trigger a headache. I like a migrate because I tell you what he would trigger a headache whatever is the worst case scenario would every Google the worst case headache and I can get. Back nomination right there. And the tequila it's Morley champagne I think it'll get I've about a single anything out but I know for a fact Obama is on my head exploding bubbles seem to do that more than a thousand. Man like if you get migraines and I get a certain kind of migrant and bad but. Ever talked talked to the doctor and and you don't needlessly understood the mid to late whatever you can do. To help me prevent this from showing up whatever precautions I can take well to do that the pain sucks right I mean. That's why do we care about migraines so tinted lens whatever it is a drug. But if I went out drinking and got smashed in trust me I have had many hangover probably in the last week. But I bet many hangover and some of them I'm kind of sure might trigger migraine. But I would never call out of work if the thing that led up to it was me drinking and exactly so battles in different is that the emirates on this what what gave him a migraine headache of course migraines and it laid off in the morning Richard the thing is you might have a migraine but you're also hung over so if you have a migraine. Andrew hung over yes your migrant really really really bad but if he's a guy who suffer from migraines which I don't know if he does not but if he does. You haven't called owl. From a game that united pitching in before not only them until I decide that hangover is the difference in this entire NASA spreads it and hang over. Because if you played golf the next morning and all the on this you wake up you still drunk and if you're still broken wake up it's a lot easier to keep drinking and I are playing golf which is all about drinking and endorse smoking weed out obeys what does the we've not that they don't I assume it was two but we also know. That if you go home and lay down take a map after waking up drink drunk and then continuing to drink. There's nothing you feel like doing when you not only that. Know that but they. Unlike a lot of other sports all right baseball has some unwritten rules about it that are different than football and other team sports art. You know if you're in the NBA and you show open your tired the next day. You probably had a couple drinks the night before that wasn't the problem problem was you were having sex up until 6 AM in the morning may be what two or three people in your bed. Your understood your tired you can show up high whatever the dealers. EEE show to play basketball. When your playing a sport like football. It's kind of understood that like OK during the week. You can maybe go out one night two nights Saturday night after the game Sunday night at the game. He you're good to go but you are expected to show what the next thing you know baseball is one of those where. These to drink beer in the dugout man. You can go back in the clubhouse to go walked on the hallway give yourself Miller Light between innings or whatever if you were playing that day there's all that did or does one thing that's understood in the world baseball. It's a good boxer is world there's plenty of pranks but it's planning a drink and there's plenty of fun between a group of young men. The one thing though is that you show up the next day. And no matter what kind of situation you get in the unwritten rule of baseball is. You can't get so messed up that you can't come to the ballpark the next especially when you're not play. Now you would never bought into messed up on an that you're pitching or anything like that but even if you go out and a night when you're not. If you go play eighteen holes of golf you can sit in a dugout for nine innings of watching baseball. Dark hours. But suburban game from an arm as he Zak am and he did I think you know we're tooth he didn't have to pitch that night so yeah. Gossage adds to sit down in the clubhouse just the watch baseball. Yeah let's allegedly bugged me and you know whatever it is just to put on the uniform. They're not gonna he might have to throw. When he pitches thirty pitches just keep his arm Lucas runs that old whatever the fees a baseball player like him jogging a few sprints like. That's a part I think a passenger jet. He probably don't left in this senate any notice that and then then all you want to do literally is sit and watch the game like. 30000 people sitting in this thing that's exactly right plus right. You're a picture for the New York Mets right now for the rest of that country there really cares is the Mets and but in New York it's still a massive deal if you're digging a well label RA Victoria's Secret model like. The notion club downturn. I'll give it a little other event and an honest to god I didn't sit next in this got a club party with small night and if you didn't tell me what he did I wouldn't recognize this face. What I recognize is girlfriend and I probably one of those people that broke out my opponent take pictures of people I'm not but a lot of people from what. Like he would end up in the picture but it never be about trying to take a picture of him be allowed me telling you guys liked. Lee was here here's a picture here prove that you might text me Baghdad and say. You know the dude is what Oprah had no idea what you hear how would you not think first of all of one oak or Tony Kaye birdie put go alternative Rosen school. Up to drag him out of that play so much cooler summer school Andersson LA the LA equivalent of record that you don't you have to know. That this is the place we do we're going to be. Photographed in your girlfriend is better looking you're just nothing about the next day every older woman that's they're your picture's gonna be today. Look here is the bottom line was I don't know the reality that club is free exclusive so I don't know he was photographed images. This is not a pro athlete that people from one of these okay that this is not they want pseudo hometown you have to know so that whether it's your group of friends your own children whatever. If one called and said some thing in the next kid called and said the exact same thing you've got to trust one more than the other. Mike talk calls in one day and he says you know look guys I can't command. I have a screaming migraine headache I cannot see. None of us would think to yourself hey he I got an iPad out last night I got so hammered that he could make it and today we would never send someone to his house for a quote. Welfare check welfare like when I leave my eye care about you that much if I know Mike you're ready you're heading over everything is okay it would never be this guy. Has been in trouble before. There's a reason used in these people too is all a world Jenkins based on suspicion exactly sure does he would state of mind is guys in to see how he looks deceive he's lying. This is not the first time that this has happened. If not there's no reason to send a quote. Welfare check odious it that you would we have a welfare check this any company other welfare check team who the hell even goes over HR and I don't even know who that is only a third suspect is it one of the yeah chooses right exactly that this guy who is it who who does the welfare check at your office look around and her into someone doesn't show up. You have a pretty good idea who those people based on who that person and I like is like he legitimately as a migraine don't worry about it in one of Boston's like. I would go to his house treated like draw down our development for all eyes are innate charm and can I do well pitching there had to protect and the intensity from him and let welfare check quick get away from my house dude and I am a doorknob when the next time. If we if we if we have something in the morning some and it's important. Having the we have to be. Little sadness attached to hang. Don't forget that meeting at 10 o'clock you drug bastards Odierno telling us now look now if we weren't including the following morning at willow bureau if we were drunk bastards then there's no reason to do that she wouldn't do quit if it. OK or a lot of precedents that we weren't real. Decent people. Who just did things normally the that would make it porridge you'll catch in a ridiculous lie will take a quick break you can edit your calls next. Now back to the men's room. Here's the glass Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Bush is no need to know. All about the fox coming up right after emails on our question who did you catch an eight ridiculous line. Hello Gerri good welcome to the men's room. Oh I know law and do you blew a ninth grade I was dating has really Hugo time and when they go red dog lover I'm doing what all good and you can't help but I had. Let my guy got bored tonight and Aaron and look I've are older so I got to hear him give ear region dry eye opener here. Don't go I'd go there and it Gartner I've led about calling hell no I got bigger I get like John Boehner. And it. I'd like I don't think because he's EDT and he met in person even a lot lately little out of order due due entered and I good idea you look at. Especially you can't and you sound neat machinery doubt I would really doubt about it the guys aren't exactly yeah. We're being we are not fighting then I hate and then I ended up with governor. That sounds about right and Aaron no more ninth grade. Mailman you're having an upside down like I was trying to get laid and I've very played Lego that's it didn't happen that there. But fuel on the people you're with Brad I know it's excellent great. Did she could be cheating on when multiple people and what does that some believe that's crazy to me. Nice today to do it. Yeah I have like it when I was pretty all of the the the other one I'm going to fight I couldn't remember even shorter. Yeah in a moment. I have yeah what. My body and you never see yeah it is I'm creepy and are really equipment. What did pretty good you don't well yeah I'm reassured. If they're needed to act and so you might want to get an urgent editor dumb bird bird eat out Mike I don't know why I feel this way about life and. Just seems like that young it just doesn't count. Definitely got kind of it was a eight bear much if it is epic is a little mattered to you more of them that will wouldn't forty brought in on that level where. I sit there and this is awful and start making some really. Poor decisions about what you would like to do and hopefully referring to talk you out of it but. We don't want to get old real doubt that there was a video got I thought I Spaniards saint strategy trying to be like it doesn't matter. But right when you get older like a relationship fourteenth. You know I went man busts are slated to die by all all girls right due to a fourteen year old is the biggest its war everybody knows how would save and look into is nothing you can do to minimize the pain of teen love having gone wrong we understand that but. I would tell you that herself in favor of your teenager Aaron. And ask any cobble that together how long you've been together and everyone's gonna have different stories but they keep a separate list of armed people with a quote. High school sweetheart. It's like one in the thousands who. Very cold so I imagine and there's a reason why that is caused worry Dave and I school like it's probably gonna and whatever you think now plug in a compliment. But like every time someone says we were high school sweetheart. Everyone else is blown away there's a video the kid at a party and he is a kid I mean the navy's 21 to activity looks like it. And his girlfriend is making out with another dude half and his friends are dragging him and he just catches a ride the same time that they're filming in this kid just breaks youngsters crime. And you feel up close he'll torment him field that back to when your fourteen or fifteen years old. It's real it's a big deal manage it like in you can see in you know that age you can look at that video and you just. Feel awful for the kids about their minutes inning exactly at the same time we just like you know a lot of it's gonna happen again probably gonna happen it is ease hey guys I did get easily yeah teller named in Mike Ryan in high school and stuff I mean I think for most people. The first one is it just sucks and yet whatever time it is well I'm government brown and some girl Bakken in my twenties and didn't work out and his bosses the bubbles about it. How busted up I was about it and right now can I think over got them. Must be okay. I demos know what's her face man that less than most back home. I'm sitting up talking a guy who kinda knew no we remember each other global blah. We bring up a mutual grope for Erica that we both have a lot of them are brown won my first yes exactly all right do you rub noses and it was finding eskimo Brothers in minis are talking more about. She did the I'm and I'm Mike and for motels like why you're Mike always tells thirty years ago question equation and look you're the windshield demo oh she looked me up same way our outlook about wasn't the only bat you but I still had that initial hey wait a minute like IA at it as tomorrow afternoon Fredricka so I don't know I had that hey we're all used to block. Like there's another one who dated her purchased at who knows he's. Heated and probably out did you catch in a ridiculous lot what do we know it's the one who didn't group mercy don't put that's so weird thing to you kind of. When you first break up with somebody the new boyfriend it's late. Think now I gotta now there's an area and then eventually you both broken over there it's like value your private like I Jeff Burton does exactly the. Although the rookie sees origin is almost like I am humbled I told you are gonna told event. Hello Shawn welcome to the Madrid. Let go and all of those external cards. I don't act though John are you man. I'm doing good they're tired and Jack. So love who did you catch and ridiculous lines all that so as we all don't actually ain't bad I'm tired. All good and we're. What are strikes there so that we could be an essay I've got to meet and injured and I are doing right back into being good. And all. And we didn't get hurt yeah. I'm Aaron. Who had to do. A great that is bad and go to our kids shouldn't. Good or bad I don't know our current area about that at all. And I'm. We actually went there and you aren't editing you are we and and I am glad. Booed and a bedroom. And we've got to then. Ads and just. Had been planned and that white powder to a 208. Add and edit it at he and I. Couldn't edit it and and here didn't hit that bad and I go to. And it didn't and didn't get it. We did what you're doing. So eat it. We weren't and who knows what you're doing and. I don't know cocaine yeah a lot of good. 100 even gotten to but you know. Does your madness and all that's drowsiness or your home your rules. I don't know I guy we're as the rest of the stuff. Momentum on headed overcame an older veteran to try to find and I've no idea read it I'm not a had a friend who ended up being a a state trooper. Now note you know about state troopers are but these guys are bad. And they are bad asses and I haven't knows they're for many many years so it was a little bit more of a close relationship but he. He would often pull over people who are driving through that area of the country at the time and there was a lot of stuff I mean a lot of stuff sure and he like to have a good time ever wants a while he didn't do anything that was more from just his own perspective in his own fund that he. Roll on some kids and hasn't really good we'd. And to the evidence room. Colonel Perez the guy's gonna ironic coming. Up for some guns or tickets to. If I workshop and I both drawn drug bust and no one else is around like you're not on the jail. And give a month this is also why am not a police as they did exactly what order top. Absolutely irrefutable Riley's office Baltimore now literally joints soreness he pulled me over an absurdly bowled over. And but guys adding a big window. I did my headlights on at night but to drive into the city amendments that sometimes you don't think what everybody pulls me over and he says normally a dishonorable stolen car. I'm like it's not as it turns out of this particular car is my roommates and well. It was my roommates girlfriends call my roommates girlfriends Mulder. Had the title in my room mates girlfriend's mother was on her eighth marriage because my rumors or from mother was that kind of what occurred so I have no idea. What her last name is because. Every time his goal from brought her up like say every six months June with a different guy not necessarily married but look different so anyway pulls me over. Is Runnels info and Assad and and he's asking me stop us a look man. The Romans orphans car. Montgomery new times and know how this sounds I have no idea who hells yes so he runs back checks everything in the car not insulin he won't bag gives me namely. Her name is Wendy Abramowitz. OK I guess I don't know it's and it's good that does not named Bubba Watson doesn't matter I don't order does not lie so anyway. They're gonna say it isn't anything else and car in my. You know a man convinced the kid a little weird sort Tomlin got five joints on the the Dow Jones dome he takes them away. He admonishes me to go to this and I'm nervous right but I can tell he's probably gonna let me go. The Obama calls and a problem this is Baltimore city was bigger fish fry he's allowed ago. But anyway based upon joints and I was happy to leave but one last thing he said to me. Is that you can have gone and taken from the bottom up Obama while I'm in interviews and evidence and would rouge to move my twenties who. Blank. Hey man I gotta go to when I was like. At the risk of getting in trouble. I'll mud on the arrest you're not putting those and evidence for anything soul I'm thinking maybe maybe I could have to pick. You Q3 and this didn't happen he did say war back to the guard authorities garage and he comes stocks spectacle. And read your joints says have a nice and I'm glad I I'm not. I just need the other zero what what is very good evidence in my equipment and it was for web site commenting it's Motorola's certainly a Monica has spent all my paycheck in my blood man and you can click I'm broke I didn't believe so dominant ten songs that featured our corner right cast of the drug charges and has since been our question. Who did you catch in a ridiculous lie we've got more of your calls coming up your listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network.