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Tuesday, May 9th

Mens Room Question: Who did you catch in a ridiculous lie?


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You guys celebrate a name may or grass 2007 dingle announced Saturday June 24 that Jo white river and Peter we'll see you there for Cole are still sour baby metal pretty reckless. And a whole lot more fourteen bands two stages and we have our own little private party if you would like to join us amends are happy hour and a half party first very good W price of admission we will also fueled the delicious millions of original sausage being from police sausage down the Pike Place Market and a limited edition men's room happy hour and happening in the grass T shirt also some double hard to rock rap plus fans which is that a private bar for ninety minutes and it's a very rare duel out ordering an emblem of the review. Hang out with us one hand cold beer. One hand this gothic church and what else do you want headset did not like lines but you do like baron sausage. Video that package and all the ticket packages for pay in the grass being. KI SW dot com our question today who did you catch any ridiculous lie we'll take a quick break about a Morey calls right after the. So now back to the men's room here's the question. Rob do you like to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Right. You can feel ridiculous life a couple things here. First most go to Israel. And Israeli prison service released footage. What did you chills of the leader of a mass Palestinian hunger strike. Breaking his fast eating and I'm Lauren along. Where eight a couple of candy bars those kind of hard does support to gut feels of the forum is going to oldest but he's eating during his fast in the it's like look me if he is vehemently denies it although they have pictures of meetings on video eating the food man like com broke and the thing is like well what are your calls my beat people much support cause you're gonna hunger strike. Obviously more people pay attention maybe they support you but the thing about the strike is you actually have to be on a hunger strike and now I don't know when the last time you guys have been to a church service has been. I'll get down to Florida for his run balloon known. I'll call this this sounds like an X I went and last year tied an actual church service yet and generally voluntarily or Leno and that was an on air when he or somehow trying to play nice from my arm to her quick fix that rabbit if I go to Texas and his family. And I'm not kidding I would try to book of Tripoli Tuesday through Saturday. Because everyone unfriendly super religious everyone there. Is older than me they carry the authority and and an American like they feel like I needed so Obama on a Sunday. Maybe you can enter to this tomorrow while you're not a boy and you ma'am but I know it's your thing man she sings in the choir most novel the whole thing and we don't so it's like. You know knock yourself out I always want you to see the show not it's not that don't like my embed times strictly. Maybe you say. It's not that I bet you we have. You should teachers I think there's things that you just couldn't do my nephew is thirteenth ranked an ally I've heard is when you seem a church she just looks pained guys face. So poke my mom loses Graham obviously spent the night with a one at my brother was sick right now my brother is not some kind of like get sickle right. So the next morning she says the plan if you CJ gets up right this is good at 930 match. He gets about like eight. And is it Schmidt we gotta be newly quiet so we don't wake up dead the there around 915 he knew they didn't attend that church that you that you hardware rocking this. That's Harry went I. Down to Florida or go a Florida man exposed more than his faith inside a church on Wednesday according to the newspaper Christopher James Frye who was 48. Was attending service at the central assembly of god in vero beach Florida. When he then walked up to the church's front stage and put on an expert on and an unexpected jump. Witnesses. Say that Friday pulled down his pants pump and displayed his genitals and from the crowd of forty before a group of men attending the service ran. The friends. And got into his hands thank god. When asked why he ran Trenton and nieces endless. The men's the year dignity and. It's understood the law I don't I'm not a religious but I'm pretty sure that's not what he may have even told you something. But that wasn't it pretty well ridiculous line living room floor like even at a church Florida like. Mammoths that I'm not religious it's your thing if it is but you have enough respect it's like what people do to you know and I just don't showed him. Your penis I may I don't think that penis was what anybody had in mind when they went to that service and all black that's the last I don't think that anybody has probably seen penis in a church before Kohl I think a lot of something happens on the grass that's true but yes I usually hear about toward years to learn who I who did you detonate ridiculous lie. Hello William welcome to the men's room. No luck so I was always yeah. I had this Friday and I school. You're a buddy you are hurt guys we have character and it is very emerge are you out. Gotta have one of those around so he asks I never Lebanese human bones read relied on what is so easily funneled hangout with us. Well everything you said it was just ridiculous amount. You know owners are not final yard par out I'm. So. He told us it's us on our good seniors and I could this claim he's like yeah our guys like I got contractors here are. There are collaborators they are now. And her lawyer I ever hide currency mirrored. He has certainly been acknowledged that he did even playing. The ball in my school. I'm Dan I'm nick. So are you guys. And more like well. Are coming areas beyond the sideline go llama on the practice squadron are you know a great quarterback you know match. Back here on the practice a little cut you learn our cameraman. So I quote come put Obama and are coming our playbook by loud whistle blows your guys. So it's kinda. Any any of those double my theory they rarely our track. Anything new there. And then that day we get at least action are. And so we ran into your score worry America who goes up again. Means you never believe there Holmgren told Mir can't play careers they're good to army yours you know lose your. I can ridiculous. Yeah so what around Baghdad it is no quarterback conceal who I could Wilson wreckage. Up. I actually had my theory goes out. Earlier Canadian leagues I mean if he's still play and don't have to thank you had to guess where this guy would be doing wake. Do you think just gathered several like landed a solid job everything you do bounces around. Aren't saying he probably lives in a trailer maker some of her trailer and play wow on the I don't go Rico great from the floor and I am I get it. Earl Rico actually played football and I that was the differences at least he added to bad debt and you can't sit there ridiculous lie that Gary Hart a standup you know as a millionaire's software engineer and I years ago is running a we are the Baltimore Ravens. Flagship station the two guys to do the show was Paul letter are Meyer and Steve stopper and if you listen to any sport for renewable you know these guys are and they are big guys. That car over the Baltimore African ravens a lease back of the Stein and his personal question about this and these guys work for a so this restaurant undertaking. Questions from. Various people at the rest frogs football he's starting opera would ever wants fired up in the end up in an interview those guys who looks like this guy's. Kind of friend from high school. He's tried to convince them. That he's on the team and this guy wasn't joking and I'm listening. And you're gonna hear the tone of the voice changing in the kind of is this as really happening right now and I don't got like twenty minutes the same standard kind of questions in the thing as. Some perimeter lightly they know. Every single everything they can tell you the shoes size of the god and punter who remain have been a practice squad this is the kind of research the dead and this fool is sitting there trying to convince them that he's on the team it was. It was amazing to listen to the White House stupid are you even if you're not like these two guys and everything about this team. No one would believe in this terrorist of their deployment and they did the interview because obviously everyone's in on it except this guy and well you know. We'll see in the field and cable guy laughed like yeah okay. As he has had practice field and it comes squirrelly like that suit and anomaly you brought federal loose and you realizes you're lying in god and but he really did you know I think he really thought probably this I've pulled a fast one over Romney's cut. He did the did you catch in a ridiculous lie. Hello Brittany welcome to the men's room known. Hello work yeah it's. I did like karma acts in that water leave these stupid and quiet a bird ever be sure. I am I'm pretty sure it won't Cuban idiot for doing it either way I look at our young black we have a four month old son and that aren't. My former bullet therefore. He you would not the type of person to disappear for them right. So the first time ever the geared for the night I gave him. I'm old I called all the hospitals I called all the jail just took the case. When you first what did you go to hospital the jail himself a lot I called the hospital urge other guys aren't good. I am un armed Graham actually an all out my home everywhere that I get paid out. Are you and then he comes home at like 11 o'clock the next day. And held me that he had been over twice. Now do argued how are over year. Never heard of his name did not travel light and didn't have insurance the Carter and I have not that. And he scored what who you who did you determine the make that that the baby daddy again. And you start how did that guy that he started at a hospital I didn't know license so that registration doesn't have insurance to have a card up his name. How we we're. I'm very sad day in my life back and I think AS. Period opiate problem. Okay in Havana I am so you gotta have plans and it doesn't exactly. I've got barriers so we're in October good for you can gradually you. Thank you I'm. Told you show them what their core. I'm going to wait you don't Obama white powder to targets out. I am and he told me they give them pulled over gone to jail. And then during the night and tell me you're they're that you have been bugging all night. Titles the real story and I'm Don I got hooked up on those some free opiates and spend the night grass where. Yet I guarantee and actually that night we got an argument about it and I called the police. Because he couldn't Campbell I mean urged. And that move. Would not hear you you mean our my problem. Well I called uplift and he'll lied he won earlier rent insurance actually the second shot. Analyze the police. And I guess because our email I got my employer or an argument he. Walked out of the ground and I walked out behind him and then argument continued our robot. I want to yeah because I begin even a year. And dressing do they separate you both and take individual statements of the time and that's what they've done that. The car and got. About that aren't more people that that are on drugs I mean I'm please select. If you are not drunk or you're not stoned at the moment comes guild of garbage all the time. But sober people ciller and here's my statement in a statement and and may do it separately. But probably not gonna arises about why you're very drugs couldn't go ahead and do that anyway as president to trigger Britney I gotta gotta ask is a little quick math there now you did you breastfeed your son. I did not OK I don't know does gonna ask is can you said you're three years sober and your child is more years old so what happened out your server is treating them that what happens it has been over what happened one year into your son's life well what was the you know look at I would think at that point I made the switch would flip would being pregnant. And all those things and I am sure that you struggled with that was your addiction through that period of time. Now the baby comes in it doesn't and initially settle and it does but it doesn't. Then a year goes by what happened after one year that made you go you know what man I am I am iron really done the stuff. OK well first I actually have an older child. All I'm I'm I AM my gut data actually literally big deal are how are created in 2011. Mom and the prices went up five dollars apiece after we are rated it without Albania. Rated. How were you aware of is that that was Dylan most of the time it was written. At the time I have deliberated yes. RA I'd love an employee here. Meant everybody else is doing and I am not an eight. Got friends I read a lot about pharmaceutical dumps a good in West Virginia all the time they dumped an amazing amount of folk music they never go over to Europe and arrest these people. But the odds are both believe and others not somebody cooking up OxyContin in the woods folks. An amazing performer you take it wrap this is actually manufactured by a drug company like I don't know like any other product you buy out there so. It's one thing to grow we do make met they will be different thing it's another thing was coming from one place so we did this huge raid man I. Other third set I can surely wouldn't play it did so impressed that I could surely what do people are who drop that bit that stuff well America yeah I mean my god and and I understand the small time registry gives don't give your honor I get that one has less obvious one doesn't but we want to pays taxes on what does not. Lesson that when I mean we get it they don't care and out of his flooding in the will serve the purpose when I was a bit over servant of flood the world like anything yet to what salt is bad rebels have no problem so increasing the price was the it was the reason that you quit you know. How. Why those don't give out my mother and I don't even look that great she'll. Yeah yeah. My. Mom and data. He. They're able birdie on the court heard years. Our good I'm so we're talking. Spring 2014. When I originally had quit the first time. My mom. And dad getting a warrant for her arrest and my mom a step that we're helping me get a rap. And now part I don't know my name. And the cops are not my mama bear and they allow their lives and our doctor Julie and I and getting him they didn't because that never came back and never outlook brand. And I am I am at my uncle and I would claimed her a little while. But I couldn't stand her anymore because they weren't helping program. He and are actually here. And he. Pretty much everywhere women out of the car but never had to sleep in my car was my children gunned. I'm I got pretty that I've heard a wild but instead of Obey the time was everybody thought often about. Certainly. I'm and then I'm getting I'm Doug and I know who would I yeah he's uneducated and they domestic violence shelter for three months I came back. I'm not very good situation my daughter had to go get her grandparents are my son they let that friend or my I had no clue where I was gonna go. And I realized that night and I've been linked. Look at how how is life now but I mean no offense the rules on the let's start most of your sounds absolutely yes. All my whole bag if you can doubt or Malaysia or rest of that and about your mom and your stepfather they clean now are they still here I'm only claim. Actually have our retirement our band he do morning. Not really not a lot you do abandon because I don't really have a lot of respect or additional that they aren't you know. Do you what did you did you did you appreciate the fact that you were. Living in apartments based on drug money. I don't I don't know and I'll tell a lot of illusion is that the strength he's got rid this dude had such a supply. Now when he got raided. The price of appeals for everybody else who Barton went up five but the other CEO at Tyrus on the seal of mylan pharmaceuticals are just stepped aside get a 29 million dollar umbrella. So I I. I I caution you to not worry too much about your free apartment and he just walked with 29. Million. Dollars. Yeah I won't married they're rated my uncle engine almost all of what you are sending shipments humor out my dad. Yeah and no way no you don't they do and ship them from Europe and all around our country here it's not like they're. Sneak in cocaine and a summary is or can tell you people. Well I do this completely. Legal and then they go and bus queue for zone on the you're out. For taking advantage over all of the drug war works. Of Bolivia and in fill president to make your money to the private prisons like if you want to stop the flow of horrible drug immensely against. You can stop some chick US Mexican don't need and her god damn socks when she flies around and yeah as you can take a pound of heroin off the street would because. But all he's got them pills. Well and stop Athlon line and it's more fun to arrest people that brought him a look at go to war on drugs you do we're just saying strategy goes a long way. But it's all so Georgia north target is that's where I would start out bosses me. Here is they here's one story I'll give you real quick to see understand nine million. Oxy code own pills. Were sent to one pharmacy in West Virginia. With the town of 392. People. The pharmaceutical company. Since nine million OxyContin pills to one pharmacy. In a town of 392. People so if you're looking for the guy who's got the ox these. You know what they know they've got the return address label on the package. Just got 2099. Million million oxy pills to one pharmacy in a town of 300 that the first replica it goes on and on our. What tell did you catch or who did you catch it a ridiculous plot remember last question you don't wanna exercise to another foreign drugs it's a war on poor people say there's a difference if it right 780 million painkillers in the West Virginia admit rise of overdoses. Are to be able liberal Washington. Well I'm really demanding you know a million to. Please some 180 some milling them or like two for every person in America be examined to once they hello population that is here and you know why. The diplomats stayed enjoyed Yoshi and variety it is a very popular business so go bust the guy that selling dope on the corner and got. Are we gotta say I know each goggles. And go walk and tonight they're valuable they were stupid. Cop who we taught them we got hello re welcome to the men's room. All I've been adjourned auto. Fair here and there are doing great man are you are wonderful barrel of that so I'm just the global middle getting. Did you guys and ridiculous lie. Actually okay judge anyone by dad taught me actually I'm. Yeah those oh gosh it's not a ten years ago a navy. My truck was and show our good note give the brakes done and a blow to any sort of bargainers Toyota pick up. Well you mean borrowed for about a week and are Louie Karen and I went to go get it done right around or July so I went. To that would I want to be ready to go pick up some you know. Booms out there and yeah and I don't let nobody. And he was like hey no trail that he wouldn't go for my nose like OK well they're predicting and I would have threw it up and realize there at the whole truck was. Just dirty you know got mono over here remaining goal before he returned I got home I went to car wash. And I watched a goal down no prospect of despair and everybody that are dead next morning I'm when I come knocking on my bedroom door. And I third so would you go out I will be chock. And it's a lawyer went to merge build a go to boom city and I is that what else you do that if I didn't do anything else. It's like quote thanks for watching the truck but you forgot to pull out believes that word in the Catholic Church speaks to. Lisa jump start what was dead but what drove a dump the passenger door and slower and I knew exactly what you'd better do it or buy American if they're dared. No the funny thing to me about you don't we're which parent guardian ally like. If your mom guard Jim lie. If you're a son anyway your mama was kinda had to match so. You'd get in trouble and she would make a decision about whether or not to tell your father depending on how old. How angry she was she was really really mad can tell your father had problems and things because he doesn't really dealing with two crap. And I found as a father very much towards that way like this is stupid don't let it happen again their conversation. It give you are good you're dead you don't like he's kind of mad at him in to get in trouble the world we have punishment but he also explained you have to do better. We join me on every time what looked. Hey dummy. You know you said does this in this and just like your filed so late here's Richard forgot here's a small details. I would recommend you don't lie to me to go don't rely you come up with I believe I invented as well your age Bobby Ayala. But here's how to live better ride here's our ally betterment for the goes appreciate about problems like on your trouble. But I yelled at you gotta do this this this misty can't do this anymore but god damn body begin a lie about it again remember these everything I will say that yeah. If you're going to hide vodka. Don't put it in the Coca-Cola bottle because Coca-Cola is not clear exactly who tried that it's not clear I don't know I don't know Chris writes I would do just a regular old water bought them but that would be that's the problem is someone tries wanted to looks like a half open things bright militants like to finish the rest of this bright them residents other couple things to do is still better than having it in the vodka. That's true yes it was a little bit girls that I am so they really shoddy crappy attempt shore so I had to explain how stupid this team because. There's no such thing is clear Coke anymore. They got rid of the nose pads and perhaps whatever it is. Well that's part I mean my god I had a conversation about the right here we're rookies she six and a half years old and she walked into the kitchen & Associates glasses. And two arms from the glasses and a separate former of the lenses. And she says daddy. My glasses broke and I'm looking at the most and what what happened to them and her response was well I didn't step on them. I. So there's is almost live. And I was gonna look that part of you is angry. Gods are relying parties trying not to laughter that's so ridiculous and as listen. I know god damn boy you stepped on the glasses that it is okay B or insure your six and I have I can't believe you to do the sooner to beyond should. If you lied to me again which I'm sure she did before the day was over if you lie to me again we're gonna have a real big problem. Thank you for alerting me to does we will take care of it. But again there's a way to answer and but the thing is as she's saying well I didn't step on them and a total response today. My son is standing behind there and it got to looks at me rubles knowing knives and shrugs like. She's I mean who are due in an act after I realized that was horrible answer. If it was didn't stepbrother they did make kids like ZLX bendable rubber that could never happen like I don't out of that because no relative prodded the general of the bag and miles and if it's made for a kid make it cheaper it's god knows there are gonna break whatever it is definitely broken things I ever amount. It's all kids depth Anasazi saying your son's defense. When your child. The feeling of watching another sibling get in trouble is also there is some satisfaction to gray is a lot of satisfaction and just look on his face like you and I know. I know that's the worst answer you can do my daughter and I would like she consulted me there and what can they do they know well I'd say like it don't I don't. Assembly a three jailing of my sister was alive outs and she'll always with the wire in the one that got caught but she would bring it up to us and he'd be like now. But that's a terrible lie right. But the thing we used to do. And yeah. I don't know your son would do it but we would hide around the corner like his sorry to hear with a wrist right if she was getting in trouble they like if she turned to look around we would sit there and you've you've you've. It's. I mean can you it is the. It just love it it yeah but all three was dated to each others like him I was in trouble they would sit right like behind you you some it's an amazing that everything. Mean I think that we were evil little bastards I'm really so much fun doing that yet they get to that as you can see it on the face of clearly. There are enjoying whatever it is is going out he'll have a good sports to assure you you didn't do this on my team that just the one guy and a coach love them and and clapping when they yet he gets attitude out here Alex. And I welcome to the team bounds on this yeah. Good. Did you catch in a ridiculous lie we'll take gave a quick breaking about a more your calls next line and threw bricks. Last year. Brad you buy to let you resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW life. Half the price Josh started since then ten songs that feature is her third quarter company of yes. The one roller recorder the thing that looks like clarinet with holes yes it's like no resorted to plastic to put it this way you can buy it at the dollar store. You know my dad and its regular pilot got out here your lovely daughter messaging to play at any time to banks do well now right now because again miles. There has been after two days of her blankets draped in the bathroom she played in bad you played in the basement you blender dinner I don't know what happened doesn't spread of her. Passion for the record that you neighbors she just can't find a shutter glasses that your back in a while Michigan stuff on as. Our cause and today did you catch a ridiculous I would go to New York there's strip club in New York City called the penthouse executive club and they tried to get out of paying a three point one million dollar state tax second 2011. With one creative claimed. They said there dancers were not strippers they were therapists who happened to be in their arguments to the state tax department there wrote quote. What is provided is not entertainment but rather a non taxable service similar to a therapeutic massage conducted in the sensual manner or personal services provided by six therapist. Yet they didn't seem that way they go through what one might appeal Latin dance like massage with Cuba. She talks via scenarios you know principal therapeutic and it cost about as much sing of service you'll spend a lot of money I don't know man I don't think that's true what Claire do you have any idea how many there because lap dances like 23 exactly therapy now right multiple. It's every week. Do I do want. Well no not being. I got kicked out of the strip club for not getting a lab and yet it was so stupid and it's some strip club in Anchorage and this is a massive massive placement of 400 people on different levels and all this. And his girl to work on the floor moment in this one kept walking up to me. And I hammered the stock and about one recommend I got a check displays to pay one weapon a problem my and our man by social Sakharov. But I don't receive her tall. To anybody since you've come back in the it was the fourth time with the white women she was back. I'm not home and I don't want lactic so. Biologists like why not get a little SE about it and I'm driving or my yeah and I think you're actually that's why that's came out of pocket so I continue to drink. Nobody won the smoker canceled inside so. A walk off the clubs like Timmons Clinton led a cigarette. A smoke I'm absolutely final turn around and a bouncer who is about the size of the state of Delaware puts his hand images. And says hey man. I was told not to let you back it. Did matters are drawn so I would try to Adams. Okay Knuble did that and I'm like there's no way am getting through the big guys in and you have that one bit of survival instincts. To its next. But the one thing occurred just cut. From a commerce perspective it's a lot different about a strip club when you go to a restaurant you have all these options and you pick which you want. What you want. Disaster make those are really are part of pork chop cancel once the last time you go to pork chop plutonium pork chop tonight like. I don't know I don't want more I mean that's all you're gonna need a pork chop you know I'm like no I've what I hamburger you know and and I don't know what happens sometimes and you can't get. But it was good this is saying I feel it was probably so what are you sure you want a porch I finally OK no Europe today. I don't want import job. No never again your case I said I think your ugly and I did this would think you could win which is so sick of her. Bug me but that was not the things get suckered sales to the quick no move onto did you catch any ridiculous lives. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. All odds on job. Yeah I worked with a guy who. We disclose their make up stories. As he telling you like good stories like the movie big fish or is that stories federal excuse for something else. Probably and it is up to them so. Couple of them range around that you as the yes it junk is so big. That when he was a freshman in high school spirit that senior here. He's scared to senior girls jump yet that it goes senior high school girls love experience. Come on. I mean as a way to improve baton. But I literally have like you are okay what do those things Larry that's true now don't want to see that is what about journey and Tommy about it through. We've been out there exactly. We're not saying Seattle one vacation I don't for all of the plays and that that image Jack that doubt and I became friends and then. They were in the same hotel apparently. So that a and M and Shaq got on the phone and why it's. They can beat other our street take you to the window and casually chatted while watching. That these people out stacked in a hotel or not that was the problem. Because I picture getting aroused. At the peeping Tom want to be able outsized with Shaquille O'Neal. Then I don't prudent burden our men's gym last Shaquille O'Neal how tall as a seven feet was 72 to seven to. Probably weighs 1350 at least at least okay how about your friend how big Lucy. I'm these properties. You maybe bite and 510. And could but Katie 200 somewhere in the field may still addicted beat him do all that winning is kind of the annual awards which one do you think would have the bigger fear is we're right between Jack and your friend. Oh I'm not the only guy would have to think yeah two I put my money on the share. Part of it is the local time. There's a you know all of you guys. Read the story or not those guys floor he's an older guys succeed there's also one of our profiles of okay car I'd like I act I is a moment of movie he's he's he's probably in the same division body as far as that talking about the size of his manhood. This is situation in the as a little different in the situation he's put himself and that is correct it's almost not foods that you will most wanted to profile this but it is. It is unbelievable. He's either lying his ass off or he's got a claim but he's made a statement. You made a statement. Where he is a situation where. If he's to be believed. People will at least be impressed profile those coming up after the shot of the day our question who did you catch in a ridiculous lie and Bledsoe started to feed cancer activity you know Mimi yeah. It's everything like that direct talks come a lot out of the car come off hello Lee welcome to the bedroom of failure there aren't our top. If we're back. Probably 2009. We just recently found out my dad it started smoking match jeez how old was your dad how. He started when you were like forty award he's. Retrenchment and it. So apparently you are at this time so we'd. Well and good in the car. Ramon had run into the store that's our go to the gloves boxer both. And I open a center console and find what I it's going to be a big mess. But our call him and they hate what it does fly her daughter go. One political act or maybe it won't take it that things like well I'm not immediately get home it's OK. I get home. And he's like all that well my friend Lipton. You're like yeah yeah yeah right well he even went as far as to have somebody call me. And tell me that it would later. And about the mind methamphetamine. You found that and why murder weapon whose mother cleared up through that night in the bush is gonna cut it. Exactly and understood that I. You really thinking and I believe there. You know your body let met in your car when your knee. Or do you think your body you have may have been your car if he's on meth. Well I mean little both of those theories fail if you are on drugs in you have those drugs what you don't do. You might predict a lot of things privilege bombs don't meant to forget everything as the world we'd do is they'll tell you with a centimeter and once you become clean and that way. The one thing you have to do is distance yourself from all your friends that you used to do that drug normally only older drugs so let me get your call for the idea of running with the same crew and you're the Cleveland now is a little ridiculous that's one of the hardest things they say that you need to do that situation New York you gotta get some new friends because girls are not openers it's not just with her I'll definitely it is Matt. Now he might not a lot of owls won out in order to house methods. We had known then about part of that story is where it yet or back. Bingo argued back. And let them actress is delighted on fire right tournament. Wow. I'm still contacted defile our freedom and ten years he's homeless. He's almost DC you have any idea Aureus. He kinda hang got married. I think every now and then or by. How would did he start at 41 there was just he got back into. Wolf what it I don't know exactly but what do you think your words here are going to back surgery and I guess I think you don't know you're. And then one thing led to another and we don't know heard. Probably five years. And then some people came without one day and threaten my mom. And then an alternate unfolded. Thread you know why because he's your debt owed money. Idea they owed you the money. They want their money and they came and threaten my mom and as a mom due in August she's she's not gonna work. No absolutely not there and earthquakes but very few actually do better this year as what I am so. Marijuana I don't think so but I don't know if I'm irony though like I did if you sold drugs you want your money but most of the drugs out there are feel like if I deal in math. Are you charged that the method owes you money. Figured you don't really go to all the people that do all the different drugs are feeling as far as the people account I'm probably stiffing me the most it's going to be math. Yeah well like it no loser look you chose to deal met you have to know your clientele. Probably not great to follow up I don't. I don't know this I've never ran on the heroin oxy world I don't know to be true but what I do noses it. The only drug that I know of such arable drug is marijuana and it's and it's only drug that people share with everybody in the group with the if you find a bag of Coke it's separate you find the drug there anyone that they didn't care it's Bayer's they only. But even if you found we've found some of whether we'd but the thing I guess for some. The look you copyright Indio the drug habits on them it's there so they turned us do we get your stay tuned we had your emails coming up the manager of events are live doc I'm losing the bedroom on the men's or radio network.