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Tuesday, May 9th

Emails, Headlines, The Word is all about your fahhts, and Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs featuring Recorders!


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Really it was miles into. Nine point nine. KI SW I know they're probably resents pain in the grass 2017. Saturday June 24 we will see you a wide river and theater for corn stone sour baby metal. Pretty reckless and a whole lot more tickets are on sale now there's a KI SW dot com for all the ticket and package options. Including the men's room happy hour and a half party we their own little private bar. Will be great humans or read it cements original sausage all the details on that package and all the other packages for pain in the grass. At KI SW dot com either way himself in the door one way or another is going to be a great day playing. Our question today who did you catch in a ridiculous lie we'll take a quick break and come back and read your emails in the bedroom and then survived doc out Mac. Calling nine KI ESW. Still got a drug charge and how frank castle Wilson has been with ten songs that feature. The recorder that is coming up after emails on our question did you catch in a ridiculous lie and we have those emails in the men's room amends or live dot com. They don't trust you Riley's abroad proud brewers a bedroom original red because we think it's gonna get a whole guys and now Robin. My third wife was caught in the biggest lie of Evernote if I don't thorough where she was that at her work she worked various areas of the store. Reply was that she had to go to another store in a town about an hour away and that she would be home later than usual. So I received a phone call from an anonymous source and told me the my wife was with some guy at a park just hugging and neck kissing. She got home later I asked our day was she told me how organized that store was what you got to fix up. A total that I called the store and they told me that she wasn't working there today. She turned ghost white and Studdard so I brought up the part she confessed that she lied to Mabel was still love of their last husband and wanted to be with him instead enemy. I asked why did you marry me then her answer because at thoughts you're lonely and needed my help. Don't see some stormy marriage I sure hope not even thirty days in advance Peter Shackelford no need to thank me for reading your email on the way you're welcome. No inherent hazard to our marriage usually why you need my hopes their latest sick dogs and few years back goes dating this girl that I work with we were together for a few months and one night the two of those a lot of my best friend at the time who also worked with us a few other friends of mine had all gone down to to the racetrack. Since my girlfriend and I were not driving we were pleasantly wasted the entire nice afterward my best friend drove me back to my dormant said he was gonna drop my drunk girlfriend off at her house. Then I. The whole thing felt weird to me but I was too inebriated to make anything on it though the next day I still felt weird about something and I called him up. He promised me he just dropped trough and that was the end of it. Few days later I asked him work they got cities all over us back laughing my ass off by takes a girly was currently saying the time to compliment her hand York. She gets back to me it notifies me that it was not her handiwork in that they had split up a few days prior who were I confronted him in my girlfriend and they both the knighted for weeks until turned out she was pregnant swing and the baby was his. Shortly after I dumped harass I landed a right hook square across his face and never spoke to either again. On the bright side though I guess my gut was right rock on that from me angry waiter. I guess fairly anger on that on death. Today bitch is back in my Tony is what the Internet was still fairly new like come on man in a most ridiculous lie. For about two months we didn't have any sex and boy was I trying to get laid he'd been staying up just about every damn night quotes gaming with friends. So I jokingly said on a may become back on late night born then maybe you have some energy for me when you come home to bed he replied with a not watching born I don't even like him estimate. Well our Internet history would later determined that was in fact alive everyone likes the master make every walk yeah. No kidding. She Jerry Springer rajoy now well our Internet history here proves this is a lie do you. A all Osama big Harry Potter fan my son who was dead at the time at homer to read a a book for twenty minutes every night. One night he decides to read Harry Potter I get your playing in his room the entire time so when he came out twenty minutes later I testimony read. Having watched part of the Harry Potter two movie with me a month earlier he confidently begin to describe the flying car scene debate. A dumb to go back and read for real but nice try and he then begins to defend his life trying to convince me that I'm the one who's wrong. Damn kids that from CJ two we have some text. We do all some or all of the plays ball referring back to miles you said man a man first lying goes if you're going Q. Hide the fact that you drinking vodka. Putting a clear liquid in a Coca-Cola bottle doesn't really pull people not because there's no clue Coke clear that was that wasn't coconut ways Pepsi clear immigrant. Well according to detect that brought back Crystal Pepsi to global Fred Meyer. Why because nobody wants. And our corporate and military he lied about a prior service said he was an army but he wasn't when asked of which unit he was any game horrible answers. Does he really didn't know anything about the army system of organization. You said it is what the 101 airborne. And third is something service BetaNews that the guy I would to simply line when everything you said a resident. And actually is that we're we're just talking about the first airborne I think one of the most famous army archer. LLC an army movie you could probably say you don't want her current or former. My ex wife says you growing a business trip but she really went to Mexico with a bunch of her friends to party. The Delaware River and the tea and I mean my god you can't just go to Mexico and well. The giveaway was her parting my truck full of friends MM reference house report warned airport stupid bitch. Regarding Shaquille O'Neal we got a guy who called and said that a guy he'd do. That lied about everything but one of the stories a guy told is and went to Florida. He would kill Neil staying in the same the same motel they became friends they said room watching all the people out sags from across the way but the one thing that the the guide said is that you with bright about the size of his penis in my house you similar triggered by the in Shaquille African O'Neal who do you think as best bigger. We all assumed it's killing him Mac came back with Solomon says apparently scheck has the opposite of what you think. I know nothing about that prevents that now how would you know lol what size that's what I wanna know penises and this one I enjoy it just looks small because he Soviet. And do we feel bad form now now now and this is one market was my friend got caught me huge lie when he was listening in. On the other house phone to his sister's conversation. When she became suspicious when he was sitting in the pile of clothes has brother quickly jumped to his defense saying quote he's not listening and he's listening to the laundry. Nice save dude. Nice day. Don't have time for a few extra emails here for the men's room events or buy dot com. Hello today is my son's fifth part today can you please give a shout out for Atticus with a kid it. They Sam woods and dead doing an Australian accent I have a birthday inmates thank you guys. Baghdad here as a maverick that's a bad guess the strong name to sell you struggle fell keep growing. Those are positive. This study is I don't. Kimberly did and I've written and you're out there today and I thought you were to sit now though he's not gonna think all the kidding it's he's been regularly Australia. And German that we can judge some of them begin on the Australian dead that's on third and it is it's a beautiful golfer and Whitney's birthday today could you please giver a geez Louise and some dirty German talk love the show thank you guys that from day. Well geez Louise. Now know she's always just dirty German talk. Yeah who's could not make it because she was busy but things to make Eagles. Yeah yeah I mean you know these are tough times completely contrary to see my monkey grandsons. Did you think the birthday song for Greg Crowe worker at a dirty dirty old man. Patrick would love some turtle wax in some dirty German stocking from a Stephen Ted. A thanks fellows keep on rocking out from everyone and pro coach. Okay okay. I love the tweaking so close that we tangle on the would be its. Joseph bit dirty to I don't know for taking these pro coaching runner up. It's probably a painting company. Think it's particularly oatmeal demonstrated. It is thought this is very nice though. It is the most bad as lunch lady and my mom Paul's birthday she works at a junior high with people in trading which can be difficult times. But she does it well and she loves the kids behind the apron is a pretty awesome lady who likes to ski bike and is a joy to be around. If you guys could give her face sentencing of the birthday song had no maker day thanks guys rock got that from time fish sandwich. I gonna get nobody Tim neighbor they shadow opera's Torre seventh trip around the fiery ball of death. It was love and original fish sandwich and some dirty Germans talking about his majestic blue beard love the show guys that from John sandwich. Job I hear about the majestic via the bad from good to see the 100. Yeah I agree team US food medicine and let me I have yet you have yet but let's run downstairs. But beard but yet. And I saw them ones but their job they used to be an act engine Yahoo! had seemed pretty good cheap and distances. The degree to stop. This is it to him just today I applicable level 33 almost adult every effort to descend and avert their request but dammit. This year I made the point to not forget it. So Robert they request I would love to hear your famous birthday song along with the turtle wax and an Allen thick in the middle rock on the edges and I'll make sure to have a men's or red tonight to celebrate. Overlook God's. Okay okay. That's fun. Happy birthday Jake another lumbered their request though guys today's my 34 trooper on the sun because I know no one's gonna email and for me. Please give me a barbershop fish sandwich thanks guys that from candy is it. Movie book around this and wins. Z.'s daughter on this. They'll have exam which is ladies video really is in the morning and afternoon. And you can and cannot. Johnson entered the big 40 gonna get turtle acts with a second I've come gig in the bus thanks love the show from island. So. Yeah. I mean. Guys 52 birthday wish for a name my lovely bride of twenty years big bong rip and maybe some sexy German talk from thrill. And the Ted Smith. Thank you for the birthday wish making afternoon to gas kibo of the great work guys that from our Randi. They go bomb Republica. I hope my bats are man on spoken we've done for done. Yacht goes usual weapon that is among the the presence. Oakland to. Untrue real name nick if job and expressed in May seem ugly and we have by the end of the night she depicted in my naked mole. It is cheapen it and it is the sand. My god cereals. We have had it not okay. Yeah because America happy and I'm Don. I I had I guarantee you bid says. Subject delicious for us candies. Hello all of us know what reason ever for dogs eating their own and others Kennedys is to do with gut bacteria. Not too long ago started showing up more on the news about people having. S transfers from other patients who had the bacteria. And god is lacking. Of the claim is it does wonders though I don't think I can ever go through that anyway. Same kind of idea is when I was always told that's why some dogs will only eat certain coup. While leaving some nuggets alone however this does not explain them starving down their own sausage trees food for thought or something. Chuckle nuggets and recycling bitches. My question is this and I'd read about the same thing where they were friends for somebody else's fecal matter to you for whatever back Q but. How are you know who has good fecal matter relics under driver's license you can be an organ donor. And give the okay main things kidneys or whatever whatever the deal live like. How do you know you have the good compromise let something tag bottom like yeah I got right isn't terrible ice and the good news is. That's it was bad enough that we have tons of fecal matter to scrape up he had some help these poop in the state. Good news we're gonna help. Healthy proven my mind would not taste good muscle much like healthy food so when I say if you're gonna have somebody who eats very clean. Whatever that definition is. Dirk who does not gonna taste the same as someone who eats fast food I the fast food taste better but lacks the nutrients but is still much like fast food's gonna take better you don't mean like the same way in is going to be the same way out I would I disagree. Using the healthier you eat the better you proved as number one for the record I think all the countries like group which is bad but number two yeah I would think I'd rather eat. Granola and stuff like that really in fecal matter. In my own talent crunchy and Allen a guide to release is good going down but it ain't fun coming out there and think about the pollution to the next day. Guys though I do I'll volume on porn subject guys my wife's father was like the deaf guy when it comes to pour in he would turn the porn volume all the way up to the point the neighbors could hear it. I don't know about you guys but I watch porn only long enough to finish the job he on the other hand he wants port four hours on end of the plot holes a mallet drastic. And from Nicklaus and to come. There you go on your emails some demons are mad men's or my Dhaka. I was doing good headlines go to one hour from now the first quick check my cock for some the stories and headlines he is not working out. Hey there's mark her close not even next. How little he's working eyes. On a New York lift the suitcase full of heroin and a cab last Thursday yeah I know man I cannot I want to give a bad. According. In case I might suit. That a briefcase had a suitcase was there isn't a suitcase and briefcase and suitcase as soon it's a briefcase has briefs him. For our chairman weren't briefed and read every case is smaller right yeah. But the briefcase you'll bring on the plane. Because your business Jack exactly the your you're its case is travel sire had a brain are sorry that I thought all right well what does this case what you put it that. Think that the fact I'm out. Are at a according to a new survey moms are more likely to reward the kids who buys agreement that adds 66% of moms have done compared to 50% of dads come with it that's why not work. And his arrest mom's more to have. Because they give them hit an ice and Marlene I like to parents when I was a kid my dad that shut up you get nothing going on it whereas my mom you can kind of where decked out as time went off undivided. A new study that gives a regularly use Smartphones and I've had before the agents who take longer to start talking to kids who don't. Rough path puff when everything because I had interactive game when I was a kid that. You know I still can't top and that it. I manage at a reasonably solid 3000 year old antique bronze pot to a collector for almost a million dollars you'd think it got smashed in the mail. So who's on the hook for that there's a light arrow public companies that he used to ship it says that the insurance pay out is only about 4500 dollars. Today is one million dollar thing Betty just solved easily and 4500 dollars and negative back and finally it. Orioles has announced their new cookie flavor what does it Al sailed out of one hour from now I thank you my god we appreciate it we do better headlines go to one hour from now also still to come the drug ajar drying gasoline to sit and spend. And today we're gonna get ten songs that feature of the recorder but first this. We're pulling useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares what do you don't need to know all man today almost don't even know Steve stimulus. Are you sure. Your look current credit bureaus. The most comprehensive study has been done ever in the world a low of four all right. Clothing. Include but yeah we're. Comprehensive study ever on the world departing we have the results come in on the first. A few facts that maybe you do not know about parts and drilling into Missouri more than anyone in here but I I'm I don't know what I know and get. Our privacy. Do we know who the author James Joyce's death James Joyce famous off from where I was name. Okay that forum but I know that he is an office. James Joyce I was writing this about his wife nor. OK okay nor choice who we are deeply in love he wrote this in December of 1909 about his lovely want. The NR I think I would know Norris part anyway. I think I can pickers out of a room full authority women who I'm rolling the smell of my wife's farm. James Joyce that he could make his life I'd love roomful of and if you don't think it's a good pick out. This thing over so when I lived where it's another thing Cubans say and then that. Some fun part thank you honestly I don't know that I've ever been in love enough that I can recognize parts. You don't know look the 38 president of the United States Gerald Ford although he was not there in office for very long yeah he had one thing that he loved it it. He loved the parts constantly. And the 38 president of the United States would always turn to a Secret Service agents and loudly for frame look proclaim things like. Jesus was that you pay man chosen class. Instead of owning up to his own parts yes the 38 presidents. He basically said like OK it's on you. He clearly never heard of whoever smelt it's obviously delta president I had to do nothing and member whoever denied it supplied. I just don't you know some addressing part facts according to a 1942 medical paper people often attribute guest indigestion. What is probably something else entirely. The chronic Belcher is swallowing air because maybe they're nervous or frightened of the woman who blogs may have only. Something in her about the man who feels as if yes gas and a stomach may have only ale all through constipation they do their thing and is like luck it feels a minister like not necessarily yet. Magical fruits and that's a budget to explain it says that's saying that if you are all the time with. It's easy to get to purchase is different reasons more so there's like not one universal reason why people formal. Are you to build them laugh track can't I think like agony and a bad mood in a viable funny smelling a funny Osama part of white. This is great this is the goodwill and this is why animals and a lot of people think parties discussed refer to all we all do it but this is how I know what part are just inherently funny. Favre around a group of children. I've been there are young and they are you know it's funny 2011 study said I guess once it's not about the beings it's no different than any other food as far as causing some people to fart and knocked. More car fax 2001 enough to put new work who has a degree in food engineering security patent or reduce. Flatulence based snack foods I don't ever want to. Designed to go on the in the identities. Like chili's he isn't well more the vessel would be designed to be served people on airport. Oh okay that was that was that believe it or not and this is insists this is also our aid construe. You can buy a pill. That claims to make your parts. Smell like chocolate. They kind of do yeah. But more of a figurative way they re availability retail for about 21 dollars each a French man named Christian punch of all cells far pills. At his store. You have to go and get our man I'm united aren't aren't the younger friends got to go for mountain road throw. A 2014 study found that hydrogen sulphide against makes parts run next felt about the same might prevent. Some damage to your body believe it or not study was talking about direct treatment of cells hydrogen sulphide. And was in no related weight departing. But will be using it as an excuse to let rip until someone does otherwise basically. The Salt Lake pretty good for it rather the more that you do better at it why go to Germany to began to like playing like this what. Denver Post reporter two waited a tidbit from an interview with the Broncos linebacker Von Miller Denver bronco NFL team. Earlier this this year that said that they have a part tax imposed for any flatulence during meetings. Miller said he was the worst offender on the NFL. No apart more than vodka in the somehow I could fit for the big goofy glasses on to lighten it up and I Channing at his party that much. They realize we got a day institute attacks they do they absolutely this defense I didn't do usually dude I'm party because I'm healthy. Emirates until I live now to the study. As over 200000. People recently took part in a survey about flatulence which is the highest number of people to ever be involved in the survey about Fargo kind of basic questions. All right some of those included and I'll ask you guys the same month. Do you ever passed gas and actually enjoy the smell. I mean I enjoy it in the sense of amusement but I've never. I never thought like cuddled and smiled back I've always on the small horrible and some Douglass Mosul and had a violent and good enough to come on man I don't know but that there's uploaded some that are so bad I'll Thelma Gillick alcohol and Yahoo! are dog and amusement a number of other smoker. Do you ever passed gas and enjoy the smell 48% said yes 52% said no. All right next question perceived on the dances and you Letterman if it weren't thirtieth try to hold them. I generally try to hold a man or at least get out of the studio okay Iraqi percent and a successful they just go for it. There for the majority people fart a by the way turn off room buyers on the part of some of the Watkins into inches away from it that's funny to top 40% that they hold of him because they were worried someone might say here or smell. Now partisans started today in about five people in the same area arouse and other our men are all just sit there and it. One of my favorites I don't know lose that stupid childish. When you know the element of I can formula middle read for a good golf I just love the idea that whoever gets on next walks into the hole but. Do you want to ask any art it's worse than that this is after a media that day it. Why why in the elevator right and it smells but then it stops on another floors now that I think sounds taking a stance that once you about it like. Not only do you have to wood door closed but whoever else might get on the elevator with you there that doesn't mean that I'm Allison Buick the farm was in your browser that. Yes you as are passed gas on public transportation have to strain cooler air behind you can never played 57% said yes again if you're gonna form on a plane. This is just my advice. Check to see where the urge anyone very very young. Don't know anyone very very old Ernie was very very open and I these races when he got to outlaw what one rip on the plane I do not do all the sound. But this think is better and no such but I department but the last few times about it strategically I've been near elderly people. And doubles he'd been angry look and all the passengers faces. But the all. Looking to do group of people assume that fat people old people with kids are responsible for foreign flag indicted museum got a plane as well one. Do you may see I would have to assume this if you very attractive if you're a very good looking individual and you can far anywhere you want to on the blue one is ever going to believe that you. Yeah that probably the bullet. Admitted felon table at your book the attorneys in dude. Yeah I mean do you just take the girl's body types and he's talked thinly people every time gonna be like he was hit a where my feet on the employment for this. Time I turn around after her past as some blame it on someone else. Well what about favour of right 780. Really got that yes sister I almost got in trouble in the years ago ten minute pardons you're gonna give a month. I am the col Brittany 99% of the time. But Ted drop this one and I mean you can monitor the white balls to do normal but the whole whole way reverend Al whose offices. Swords and here we go to commercial break I walk out there that are global like laying into me like hey man like you want so bad that it upon us to do. It wasn't me he didn't believe me for like what about a instead problems that man. You know that was me about member in Baltimore you just wind and I think that a silent wind. And and turtles I can't believe my parts no fan like yep brow with Saddam freely without number one situation for holding it in. Polling in the far starting at risk sex. Alone. There in the Kansas goes on evidence that's a great and that's mine no legs underneath in the morning with the New York first date. I'll know by Thursday for saying that that is the one time the most people try to hold then you try to go to the bathroom and decide if you outlook for the most part yet you're trying to do within. And with that do you pass gas now in front of your significant other or anyone that you dated over the years. If they're reporting got to play and I intentionally put out do things like I told I'll open my slider just kind of put my butt side. I think you'll find the with the wind blown it well I mean a dry run. Fact that ex girlfriends Buick and fired on me your sleep. It's. I think it. I include but I just got to figure you're living together for that calls for whatever like laments the human bodily function that is what else in the proves they do welcome back of appointment yet again just look you can build a far. So 65%. Of the general population say yes they parked in front of her significant other however the 35 that said no. They absolutely can't stand. Over California until they are completely offended and pissed off it needs and their significant other parts around I don't know the person who is disgusted. By your thoughts there you go on what you don't need to know. I go to the drug charge in the since then we've got ten songs that feature of the recorder Brian castle is in next right after the in the men's and win miles and drill off 99.9. KI SW. About market does Israel as we got profile that's playing her take is Susie Leno for gold of the game formally known as black blood makes your Jew coming up right after the shots the day but first they drug charges and now some of it is sad to see attends. And yeah. He has friends there it's time once again at all. Six and spend millions gather around the old radio and listen to some as well. Music and say we couldn't put together this has been that I also like last week. I understand that there is a distinction. Between a penny whistle. A ten with soleil guy recorder. It's alto recorder I believe soprano and much like last week I still do not care what they know that is at stake this Solomon on the record is this the same so last week we said xylophone OK so you played whatever his own style and our and the microphone and wrap we have the guys feel good at. And cut it can't and our campus the college marching band happened to play percussion. And we understand the cams in that position where it's like look our telephones don't come up much of conversations on this was cams Martha bill. The first time in college so he's like no symptoms telephone Barbara phoned this bad the weather man made this a primary school music teacher opens like I know the difference now and I can hear most of us have had a recorder while our lifetime would pick one up we've attempted to plant would what instrument. Is the equivalent of being able to pick that up and play runways piano. Is it the flute like what so how does it translation I am now as far as the holes Goodell ukulele what is the closest instruments of that instrument I can only guess are yet to learn they Julie individually later took the one thing about and there's reachable on 21 reason that you want to do the recorder because if you go Brett you complain right. And then once someone goes to trumpet. We're trombone saxophone clarinet to read in this place on the to do different things we lipstick doing what the recorder is not a simple interest instrument to make sound out of and if you know where to to put your fingers. I you can make the notes but there are different levels of success when it comes to playing recorder like there are people that are actually really good at playing the recorder and others being able to play Mary had a little lamb when you're home countries shall it's usually just a fluke going. Now flew to flu you blow. Across the side and hold off the side recruiters like that there's their flutes that might you know like you see back in my old school daily ultimately that would low we don't yet that would be the one of those. Into the other thing I'm worried about it earlier adding that right. So really for the sake of the argument we're talking about recorders and most of the songs actually is or if there's one that might be ten whistle but we care and yet there real these are ten song to feature the report. Under ten. I know the song but there's definitely report that's what really report. That's up from 1982 album kiss in the dream house anybody in this injuries that's psychedelic. So I'm turning a little bit. Well here. Think there's. Okay. I'm not really the bench player recorder not those Kerry announced that it might be shocked even I didn't dig pretty deep to find ten record yourself how did you ticket loses it's been more doable goal the xylophone. Play real absolute focus a xylophone list miles to stand it yet at the flag and I have had a better grandchild the British to announce songs good to have features are corner today. They're now. Oh wow. Unfortunately. They sound like songs. That should ever quarterly these sound like you're trapped at a camp. And then someone who already didn't like in a group of large people as an acoustic guitar and now you're stuck listening to this. So for those of you I was the elements that flew read it edited notes from via from the album transformers same album that had to walk on the wild side sort of pretty pretty big out. And a about those thoughts and I don't have led what was on the jacket sunk so the guy who's playing the reporter on that his name is Mick Bronson. We have not heard the end of him on this what's older drugs and get back on top magician does they had to do need Iraq. Recorder player he was a guy who's the guy is a guy he was a guy who's a big TARP Blair back in the early seventies and that scene so he appears again on the list. I'm not playing guitar. But also flight recorder once again these are signs that a feature of the record. Amber hey. They've done great. Yeah when your performance. Songs are certainly resent. Where America rocks rock. Again please welcome always end slavery played guitar would probably. A place. Plays recorder on the song it's. This was actually inside the beside it was a song we all know. As the man who sold world well that clock. Yeah so the world government. Man is all the world thanks a lot to Nirvana became more popular on possession beside. Started a quick note from detectives again if you need to know about instruments that nobody wants to play. The people in the text burned Arianna they got to be so we're saying the recorder how does that matter to children's lives are missing the point he says many bagpipers Lauren on the record apparently the fingering of the notes is the same when someone that's close look at prosperity is there any why are you playing this right on to the younger and then parent them exorbitant. These ten songs that feature recorder today on. There's. How. Okay and. Melanomas. Are bundled those not even close now. Manuel Ramirez is premature. So. I don't know it's never gonna get in the Jefferson green. Steve Jefferson Airplane. Especially on this song. Was so I read this letter from new album Yong. Yes so this song actually you know I wouldn't know the song and for it in like eight movies over the years lashed back the Indian writer without limits girl interrupted a serious men age of Adeline it's been all of those what's the name of that there's one. Coming back to me comfortable just you know from 196010. Songs I was Vieira this the recorder to users and saw it was a digital recorder today. I'm Mercedes. Locals who birdied you know I've done a lot of life. We're kind. Oh there it is. Down. I wonder whose flight recorder that would and his family tree that would be your pal Chris Cornell play here. You know what I understand no way according to my research. Chris Cornell played recorder on the cell we have the big pharma home for less and died. You know that's the kind of thing you put your back pocket when you're drunk it was really a night one night ten years from now. Who played recorder for this Chris Cornell could I know that he is still get laid playing the recorder he can stand up on stage will be good looking and opened it up like Furyk are. No because he looks like Christie may Cornell look he makes the record looks at sexual. Exactly. Their ten songs that up to each other go under but our goal is to be like hey Chris can you help them my next album. And he goes I would love to write. And you'll again not a single play the record being kept an extensive it and don't you could have Chris around maybe happens. And songs of peace and order today Johnson's been exported. Wonderful. Yeah they're players. Martina. You won't notice it. Here you know you may know be original. I don't songs. Oh yeah Eminem those who have them Eminem's songs stand sampled this so that's probably where I guess if I'm Eminem white Maynard I don't know server core. Think they were did the songs came out from. You know not too far away from each other like yeah keep this song was new when he was recording is now they like for example. Justices like like eight years to difference between the Dido apparently and besides being the world. I'm thinking I guess was a she was a recorder player box prior to her owners and users. I would never hit it right in every corner of our possessions is going on whether they got plays a slide whistle doesn't know we've talked. Whereas I spent today stint songs it's a feature of the report. Her mom. Another song from 1967 I think the rule is if you are real high 1967 and running out of order has put a record. Go wrong I liked musicals ever written at the meals you listen and watch it. And it's a laundry a guy who's got. Yeah I. Pradesh yeah let's go through it early is early Stalin's news maybe some overlaps in but there and Iran active I just think. I admire your recorder it's probably did I do I think this was the besides it let's spend the night it did so exit feature or corner today. To prove my point here. Sandra. Custom car radio. That is the yeah. Look right now there's somebody after the popular. Yeah dad you know reports that I read it on the outside whether it's a fluke sports a recorder. It's credited on the holiday as that Jimi Hendrix playing the flute. But there's been some speculation earlier today if you actually record that of course we thought six. It's a Hendrix playing their. Tens songs of digital. If she. Dan's. Another good yeah. Nobody else. And I Collins who's paying is key thing and then beat this. It's. The slow songs I think it's. It may be good there. And he was salutes and myself and Beatles fans are little particular about things I'm sure some deer. Juba the third quarter were to lose that since then today ten songs it feeds of their quarterly event. Well. We'll all know things. Tim. The only saw a record and I knew snowy Atlanta as the number one again. And god yeah. Not everybody has thought that John Paul Jones doesn't play well on all two or three reporters he plays a series of reporters in court because he's a genius and harmonize them altogether in the background. Don't sit through 500 snaps god damn zeppelin again. Good thing about it last year's free bird. Reporter it's not cool if you played that song you know. That's awesome and really found that somersault would be on there but you know head as a country. OK needs yeah. The country admitted on Jolo and about a quarter and I was like that's going to be number one. You're right and there was no plan might be fluid very good thank you a version there you go I did songs of visual recorder ever imagined during a.