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Tuesday, May 9th

Shot of the Day, profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from The President Show and Drunk Trump! Plus Headlines and Taryn is making some headway on the house!


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Somebody else they're deserves to be ready. It's just who it is. Did you have always had tutoring death dance even trying to a find out nortel's yes indeed today we Joe's NBA all star Dwight Howard. Portly Droid had a very bad day on Friday April 20 maybe you don't remember it's 2 o'clock in the morning here's Dwight is just try to drive down the street miles but now. He gets pulled over for speak. And he deserved a mute or not to 565. Auburn hours on Arabic dual bat but the cubs ran the splits goes man that is where an hour. That would found that his registration. Had been suspended. And that he didn't have insurance to destroy our marketing possibly format so then he got Opel the warning for speeding but he got a ticket for driving without insurance. And the total score now fortunately his security guard was followed behind him so he did get a ride home. But then boy today got worse that night is Atlanta Hawks they saw the season come to an end. With the game six loss to the Washington Wizards in the first round of the playoffs and frontal lobe. The home ground. It's still unclear wide white was out of two and Mora but I report elimination game but it wasn't until two teams going just. Nine points with seven rebounds in a bright guy doubled over it out of cardinal law's car. Gets find for driving without license loses in front of the home crowd games and just not a great day for going out there but we hear when it rains of Portman. What blistering column in my hearing I mean it works 95 Iverson a little career. Which bore the blues imagery does move because we think it's yummy out bag so over the tong and download it. For a two party in our Tommy's downed power outage on Iraq. You don't not a lot right now 20642 Iraqi be playing profile doesn't like overtake is C lead afford that Joseph was Thursday June 8 at Clearwater casino resort profile that's. Is coming up it miles total beds are made a point nine KI SW Seattle. Nine point nine. Yes you. High pyramids ozark contestants and Elvis we got profile that's playing for tickets as he lead a Florida Clearwater casino resort that is Thursday June the eight you must be 21 or older to inner. Visit guys W dot comfortably details a minute though. Is true precepts. The hell could you please tell everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles of the coast of the game are we sure you real like news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth birth through. Or are or are. And if you listen to a story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less Woodard as you think makes the story a story. Hello Tammy welcome to the men's room are not a. Okay. Our Tammy you understand those games what. I do aren't annuals and all the based on passenger names Tammy everyone in the studio believes that you were lunatics capable stabbing the end of the scissors. Okay is that true. Who aren't. I don't do donuts and a holds that I was Saddam is probably state I think. And I did you guys probably are back in your temple and not while you're asleep bull why you want to wage into the wind you are you merely harp. I would like Tony if you suffer for incapacitated into a vegetative state who aren't Tammy in your interest story in this case Amanda has demanded. That a judge allow him to show his penis to a jury so he can prove them corporate choked to death during oral sex I was I was kidding. This is listen to a certain sorted out. It's a political or they're not considering a request that was made during the trial and we can understand why so. The man is accused of murdering a storefront in her bedroom back in October 2015. Andy claims that the six year old woman's death was an accident. And that it occurred during its accession number 65 year old man. From Florida south goes. He previously admitted choking his girlfriend but he never explained house so his attorney told court that decides that his member is the key factor. And the defense case in fact lawyer wrote quote. The defendants will testified that her death is consistent with me accidentally sexually appreciated. During oral sex I think you've been. Did the gist of there I've done I'm here I'm I'm not up up. He's packed in so all my cheat the mother having sex that people like to enjoy she actually choked to death the when he is asking. Is to be able to show his penis through the jury because in his mind. This spectacular glory as tight and make peeves of the gods that he's gonna show them is went to convince them like oh. Agassi on Manhattan generators in Marleau is a real live. In the now knock I mean if they're Sony Gaza does appoint and not want to pay the question for you do you believe that this guy this very. Very very confident man is black light makes the or June. It's a profit between black and Hawaii. What do you guys thing. NBC more black penises in your life for white penises. Why they Tammy I can help you. And then. Automatically roll out. On the nominees they don't want. Let those Florida the reason jammed floor and four were everything's there and everyone glued to. I've just never heard something like look mentioned joked during Byrd's senate. You know judge I'm still the jury in my view this as an as he had this big magnificent specimens and understand how it happened did they see it. The judge the court is currently considering they're thinking about doing a plaster them legitimately up not a regular luck coming up about part of the defense will loan given to human. Are you sure difference now. The thing I feel like white. White males are more apt to talk about how big their junkie is you know might not being. Whereas ethnic black dudes are you know you just assume they have bigger job and you know we don't we're not condone how do you correct and held the high paid political fire from critical to the I don't know cool that whether or not this guy telling the truth debatable tougher. How does it has proven in court. Yeah I'd say like if I knew that if I notice T his is actually big. We change currencies are attending what do you think and Brad hasn't been sued and yet you look on his big penis man what does it. I'm thinking I'm an adult why I think get their. Sounds like a crazy white guy agent final answer. Final Arab terror were gonna fight out of view is black white makes your Jewish next. KI SW. That's now profile as we go to Florida and not so good story of a couple and the the girlfriend was deceased. And how she passed on blows from choking. Yeah any and everyone commits them to understood and initially they thought okay we'll do this. Was this case so. Sexual and aggression getting out of hand as far as the -- New England knowledge I was in Julia Olin my hands on my campaign and I was I was joking there was something else are during our brand looters and by the way see you understand why this could possibly happen I need to show you the amazing size and girth of a man. Yes and and their requested that the George allow them to present that right now. The court is considering that we'll face that. I'd a normal that's the big proof when you select what you're if you truly believe that's gonna help the defense. We'll figure this out and like you said miles they are considering the idea of plaster Caster Tami we ask you did you believe this guy was black and white makes you or Jew and an engine went with one. I can't eat. You still feel good about things and Barry. Well toll concerns and I are. Very good Iowa Marti easily afford same time same game same bat station tomorrow night I'd like. And I'm sort of reactors you've got to dinner. I won't come to you guys and what would you guys huge experiment and I don't really well problems I knew the answer on that once I could really China too much everyone's so now we happen to know what's going on we don't say too much but people ask you guys all the time Ted you've artisan and as a racist and Campbell both of those things. You've last every day. You people view black people how does that work. And miles gives Intertrust use well I don't know why but I don't know stored for in this one of balls penis is well done. Yeah. Well could you demand we go to Toledo Ohio mammals admitted to a hospital after shooting themselves. In the junk. This past week and according to Toledo police they got a call after this guy was heard screaming. That he shot himself giving out of his car chooses own guns stubborn on carb thing discharges and shoot them right in the swamps because you would say miles. But apparently the gums illegal because after shooting himself in the groin he walked to a garbage can. Before eventually fallen to the ground and reason he did that to do with trying to get the gun. That he shot himself in the team's wins we still made the effort realizes we are more trouble. Than just shooting himself may review different regarding considered someone else didn't. Either way because of the witnesses. And it's almost got stumbled to dress him on this all the bruises gone and they saw him shoot himself in the arm by the way he's in the hospital who's gonna recover and have me arrested. But do you believe that this genius is black white. Vaccine or H black. It's a black yes pure and simple. Plaxico Burress you know a little Wayne. The most famous white person to shoot themselves by accident or by accident it's a fictional character name cheddar Bob any mile isn't allowed to hurt her he believed and he shouldn't. That is another room our continuity Johnson and I'd just never Plaxico and little waned activity shot himself a forgot about it notable it took about this. Seems like if you're one of those people who carry a a weapon on you at all times you're either one or two extremes to somebody who's up to no good or you're somebody who has the right to carry in your paranoid it's him. So you're worried about whatever that this has got one of those two so my mind it's either going to be wide parts can be black on either end to the either way. I want to blow them and I got a situation you know guard gun discharges. He still leads the effort to pull his gun and treasurer of loan evidence I'm gonna say based on that and the fact that he was arrested in the hospital that is why. How Aaron yeah same black out of respect I sent you gotta love Asian. God. And I am the only chance you on you know I was gonna guess that because well he does it. I too and I'm sandy shot yourself in the B missiles and illegal gun that sounds pretty much the myriad rather than Asia that's why didn't even do it for the top. I didn't do it for the regular people that called the is that that's just unfair there's no chance they would yes led that once again. Who did it again yeah dads are now brother TV news all the time it is time for TV time but today and now. I think life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking. DB time of Debra device city TV more ways to get more entertainment it's in any screen. There's about ways that's to have so defender Jonas with a semiautomatic gun at a us. DiMarco what parents and when he had an ecstatic. I. Infante north. Did you all that was gruesome man did you. So here's the deal. And I just thought about recently unisource boxes. One of the horse's name I think was like under she Drucker under there is no stress they used to eat either way had done then and so all the light whether people everybody's real pumped right. Then everybody else that my mama she thinks she's Irish won the Irish were cracked sacked and anyhow but this thunder horse what a wonderful is the gates open he's not happened. Well enough or not leaving me you'll get looks scary is the horse starts like thousand around all weird and freaky. Turns out the horse just in the run on the way to track. Now road legal too wet I was afraid they were gonna shoot the horse in the shot was really wrong I say I don't like the rain. You're without the thesaurus it's legit it's like I wanna run in the sunlight and I don't senator Reid all right though there is equipment for our app at it if it failed. Obviously people were very worried you know everybody knows what happens so ports at the break their legs who would need to he was acted so odd but it is funny like flat lake. And it was days after the thing I was like how does he would act without orders than the Internet which is another word he just he wasn't happy when you've. But you hero of the people annoyed and I he's running on. They can be grasses running on clay is running a third as a wedge and raped and then they have like a whole history. Of how that horse has done under similar conditions right. But remember at the derby they have to be three years old so most of them this is a once in a shot. Course lifetime since and a lot of them don't have experience so there is a Gerardo general about that field and never run on a track that was wet. These Dover you gotta run and on the dirt to. Confusion at the TV go to track and it's that grainy images are among grass and most of the time those sources are in Arizona there in Florida California they are born in a big strain were brought no strings. Yeah exactly. I let's see. Have you seen. A few days ago there was a whole thinking going to pound. Out a little girl that got her picture taken with Donald Trump. Instead. You're disgrace the country. So little girls of that to get dropped now they're not the exact. I consider everybody but you know we go way he could do I have the drum will only oldest and greatest of countries. Although this is the worst fingerprinting of every this is going around the McIlroy you call would it would glitter Turkey is clearly your hand. Perhaps this was going on the ground right immediately you know it here just you can listen to. It was great. Girl and. Oh wonderful little girl I am a disgrace to go. Howell wow what we realize it's this is for the president channel. On Comedy Central all right the problem was they were just kind of film and escape you could see the video about the way against him FaceBook does it everybody relax. It's okay Brett it was not the real present our team with an actor Kirk. Even as the president in just like him doing leg man in the streets up to eject a lot of people Mets with a bit. And what the record to be clearly this is the act. Actor who's played interact well does a few days ago the and it got to go crazy like ales little girl to this and that it was late. That he just didn't look cracked shortly cramping so then right back to that at that plays the president. He went on Twitter thing hey that's me but finally we're seeing a promo for the new show. It's on Comedy Central now front right runs like once a week. Well I just thought that was pretty with sound like it sounded very real to me that allows the rugged as a reaction was as good as the woes. Yeah rubble off and OK I bit of a disgrace to the complaint perennially. I don't think the real draw would save my Vera was when he was signing hats in this located game is that make America grating and one's science and excited just flipped off the track. Yes they'll send them there as humans can do is amount of my back. I don't just a blue view I want lie sometimes when I see that stuff like obviously he is so gangster he could achieve this goal how I think you're right. That didn't think I'd get up and gravity usually and so I don't get a proper I mean I do it. Yeah another yeah definitely he smiled about it. Let's tilted to change wouldn't you think it like it so awesome. If it's also. Joseph more treatment of children is something we truly enjoy. Also have a hard time now so late I was at fine Mike with a Obama's peace in and you know finger pointing. His thing about that broke got to go back and think about that those so now all the for a brief I have troubles DiLeo right talked about. I don't know if sonic possible time we've immediately like I can't say that people listen in without incident you know I want to read into a little bit paranoid about it. Osama Obama is one of those guys were Lisa Williams L quit but he always have waited indigestion. Still a renewed call if you did like when your normal broad sense like in your chest it's not like a real Burke because every time we have a pause in the spot the future. Sharaud came down and Mike is he passing gas through is just. Or is that the sound he makes when he's just trying to connect his own personal dobbs noted that phrase was always awesome about him as a speaker was that he eat. Generally you wouldn't tell somebody public speaking to do that and but the way he did it was I did they are and Galileo. Feel it. Ultimately take a speech of Obama Dave Gilbert of all the words decent and just isolate the and see if via the thirty minute speech how much of that is the sound. I'm saints three minutes of Lee's ten of everything you birdies just him and we're just probably let it go for like five as a that's all it it'll adult can't bump president I mean look at bats away at all and around making fun of it and I'm sir dragon and I even have a simple. Remembrance. It. I'm thinking about the way it. Reform program. About some of the. Girl. We exhibited. It's no longer something okay so are you okay because when you watch him as you know as a senator. Or when he's given speeches Mike O four and stuff but he. Es is much more anti in this match earlier but as president overtime those pauses got bigger electorate left it and movement. It was like all right now I wrote often about what about the same rules everyone scrutinized now say that the voters are steak it looked. When your president you have to be very presidential you go there you do your thing and when you're done you can come just be yourself again and that's one thing I really appreciate or really like we haven't heard much from Barack yet but I'll love listening to George Bush I levels in the Bill Clinton now. You know we are those that are relevant and malaria and other weapons that. I love that stuff Georgian luge charters out there cut him loose just lagged and don't ever look and act like look I'm Jimmy Carter I'd vote for Clinton. I'm glad I've been forty years Ivan stuff in the last three weeks ago about it. If the people used to think that was the you'd you'd want to today. And I don't. As well as for sticking with fake president and stuff always my favorite trump from my Jimmy Kimmel. The drug term. You know John really determined June 1 war. Being a politician. I'm sure a short period of time. Comment. My yeah. Okay. Okay yeah. Hopefully it's that simple I thought I thought they'd everytime I hear it out. To get him at this event this from the sports world ranked ESPN they laid off bunch of people and stuff even people you've heard of right so they had some of these. Which you guys to get this against that same word purge these days we've absolutely these things where these purges I moved to my own how the Burton simple. These purges are getting rid of people ESPN. But generally it's not people that are on camera right so this time is a little different there is a really sad stories about what was it Ed Warner. He beat put on Twitter there's dog died minutes next week was and I lost a job. I think your name was Sarah Walsh I was on maternity leave came back came back with a three month old was like come back to. The breast so I gotta look at all while she came back after the cuts and I wasn't aware rules gone. Her maternal and they're like oh you are on the list from two weeks ago are now on think of a person. That's on ESPN he's an ESPN I'll give you hinted that he he's an ESPN personality. I guess. Multi sport athlete. Now he got that far paired. He got a three year extension I'll Tim Tebow tent. Even all of those is a sorry everybody but keep in mind yeah ESPN ESPN had run some some statistical data in what they had found is. Is based on a lot of stuff Curt Schilling among other things. Just the general perception was that they were leaning very liberal and a lot of conservatives did not like that. And one of the things Curt Schilling has a hardcore rapper tells us these are tired yeah yeah he's concerned well he's in the Israel promptly so. Conservatives were were switching ultimately ESPN now because of that to this makes sense in the relative must bring politics some sport exactly this is what they're trying to accomplish. There I don't get it either. About Tim Tebow is trying to play based. Off glad you brought that up okay they had they put some of his contract that he you'd still pursue his baseball treats I'll go to the just working Connecticut knows I will say Tim Tebow I don't I think if you're just. He does draw attention sure you know and I mean yeah. Izzy go to America I mean I don't know outlook. Makes for Tim Tebow drew got a problem in Russian ice seems on the level who you get a 27 prostitute buried in his backyard but. He gives off a Bible these big a genuinely good guy debt so a lot of good form right. There's also something like. Is any good like I need to hear on ES PM. I think from a NCAA. Perspective focus birdies covering college football. Guys get a national championship he'd he did very well within that situation maybe you can get one. Didn't transfer over a he maybe got to NAFTA and transfer over in the pros. But when you look at people who excel in college than don't move forward into the professional world that well. I think that that's enough to be an expert in that game 20 yeah you know like I am with you is to achieve those calling college football where we are Derrick and our culture I think he knows the SEC and ESPN owns the SEC network now third their partners so. You'll see a lot of romance yeah I mean I think he's decent. It just seems funny now at a young broadcaster like him. You think your fire and everybody and he got that the extension not untimely hurdler beloved he's good looking in economy he's you know he's not Jesse Palmer good looking. Candidacy Palmer's straw man. Chiseled packets it mean to him because he's so lucky. But is nothing I that's I don't like he's I just don't like just not gonna do urban well. Yeah fertility goes back there. You know act and that's enough TV for a look at the news. It's Sunday it's. Yes here's my car I had announced the Orioles newest flavor to me not firework Oreo. Firebird or firework Oreo was good. Twice sold for Katy Perry making it up. It's a normal Oreo pop rocks in the Korean. Well that's a little at a price I don't. There are also following the footsteps of lead is they're offering a 500000 dollar prize. For someone to come up with the newest flavor of orchestra peanut butter in the tournament. It's the peanut butter and excellent feet under Phil as as a music out the cream and you put him about it they're like a peanut butter recent increases cannot. Yeah and now let's steal my integrity and then there that are failing an Orioles Orioles is such a unique chocolate flavor and learn and their cookies to juggle things probably are not met them around I don't know I've ever had blown away did the record our legs that did not believe or your job. They are browned but what is it does look at charcoal you don't taste bad but it does not easily into form of jock and I've read my life today. Are around the world as myself familiar bill we go to Scotland where a couple students at a local university placed a pineapple on a platform of our random exhibition and a museum at left it. And four days later they come back to find a glass case around the trying to. When people take pictures. Like heart art. I respect artist I understand we're doing but I don't necessarily respectful. Art in the seems to me if you tell someone in charge the respected even those not to survive poop on the sidewalk. And what do toothpick you know what a smiley face is enough man this is my dad. Does not interpretation of our society's going woman suddenly I don't get ticketed for four deprecating publicly so you know many donors are now it's bird. And I told it to thank god they have pineapple. There's so often direct threat and dump I went to the store paid a bucket in I am and that's it. I knew Twitter record has been broken it yet but we did it when he's trying to get free chicken nuggets has beaten a record set by Elena. And has gotten over 3430249. Reached its good for him nice work and they help them up with the nuts ranked tide. Does it done regularly we'd. Dedicated and now there's I don't like I don't know if they did that had been his spokesperson for what is came on to that they didn't expect. That much support forum and they actually donated a 100000 dollars to a charity of his choosing in his name the coach of duke they know it's a couple over the holidays and none of them but I'm happy for that charity but I mean it does in the picture that I have traditionally and eating nuggets so they might have. But I don't at least. To him com. I don't know man after they had to talk about some nugget probably a man about Africa bodied bass like it doesn't 8500 dollar fee to climb to the peak of Mount Everest. Unfortunately that may police officials found him hiding in a cave more than 20000 feet up to avoid people running into storm came and had a discount to buries himself somewhere because he wasn't with a group and in have a choice and it can carve out a snow cave and are well he was that they'll do it to leave the leave the mound and his passport was confiscated and he he'll probably find 22000 mile an and you can't you can't sneak into Disney World and not pay the fact. Right and that's all that is meant that is a strictly a money making operation that supports the entire local community. Most of that goes back believe enough to vote. You know that we know or they go to the groups who put these expeditions on the it's expensive to get their typically cost about 160000. Dollars. A big of the surface five bucks is dumb thanks for the summer militants during a Clinton doing good but now for the most part it's strictly money. Right speaking of South Africa there have been some issues down there at Brazil. Officials from the Kruger National Park are currently searching for five lions that are believed to have escaped the park. Fun times. 5 why am I lying OK there you know worry -- them well they're believed to be in sugar cane farms in the nearby area witnesses may July and you can't believe our live where did you ask your question at a grizzly bear enclosure in Montana and five grizzly bears get out where do you think they would go in the woods at home. If it lions got lost in Africa are like. Yet they just wanna go home and you're in Africa I mean they're just going back to where they where oh where should we look. And finally a New Jersey high schools didn't that has aspirations to become a funeral director decided to arrive in her promise style. She decided to shoved her prominent open casket and was helped out of that upon arrival by her nice to give her credit if you wrote a lot of his funeral director. Frankly on the higher. Black she's Caribbean up to do the job that's your eyes as passions that have realized tonight what that. My. Personal take a regularly turn Daley joins us next. Nadal that's the main Israel fund 99.9. KI ESW bullets are dailies and now headed to. There are no aria the sun is out its glorious feeling good yeah I was actually over the property today in some stuff done I'm we officially. Officially gone permits. Finally build the new addition all right yeah so things are good as our come along very cook now the foundation has the whole for the foundation has been dug. As an inexplicably is all happened in the wild walls and roof and eventually I'll be able live there and Joyce oral if it'll tell the stuff is happening on time. Oh yeah only former signs of downs and oh yeah I don't really all right I. I got the contract in world that I live in there's an estimate of time and then there's a realistic. Amount of south. So are what do they base their estimates on obviously we both know you're wrong so EO we are making my estimate based on your estimate it'd all be apps so the initial move in date was supposed to be yesterday a real. With a ten G I said so right now we're hopefully by the end of June and it's always a problem and when your we meet with if you didn't have a situation you are and oh god I have no place to live now oh yeah and how to what kind of place. Best part is when my sister getting married in a couple weeks I told McGinley yeah I'm in the you know does it cost failed us now Mike I'm and yeah navy and I. Revolution our recommendations on hotels yeah that's exactly and I'm in the air realist absolutely pathetic. Molitor Daly is an aboriginal see you tomorrow for the return of food Sox last add more to easily afford the profile lists yes indeed it is all true parent kinda homeless but about toll still live bum out. Big hole in the ground and the roof the new addition to the weather but in the meantime it's easier to entertain you we will be back tomorrow until then please would you do best in coral need to sit. You. Room as the day before a lot of studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the fantastic limited their presentation.