05-09-17 Sit & Spin

Tuesday, May 9th

Today Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs featuring Recorders!


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They drug charges now's about to get time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again thoughts. Six and spending. Let's gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. Music think we couldn't put together and also like last week. I understand that there is a distinction. Between a penny whistle. And whistle while god recorder. That alto recorder I believe soprano and much like last week I still do not care with Jake now that does that say this song on the record this this thing so last week we said guys so you would. An hour and a microphone and that we have the field. And how it came at campus college marching band. Happened to play percussion and we understand the cams and opposition words like look the phones don't come up much in conversations of this was cams mine to go. The first out of college so he's innocent and telephone Barbara told us that out of there's a primary school the music teacher like I know the difference now and I can hear most of us have had a recorder and while our lifetime would pick one up we've attempted to plant would what instrument. Is the equivalent of being able to pick that up and play runways piano is that the flu like what. How does it translates I am now as far as the holes go political Blaylock what is the closest instruments of that instrument I can only guess are yet to learn in Julie individually but it won't think about and there's reachable on 21 reason anyone can do the recorder because if you Brett you complain it and then wants them goes to trumpet. Trombone saxophone clarinet reeds and the like some need to do different things were clips that doing the recorder is not a simple interest instrument to make sound out and if you know word to put your fingers. Hi you can make the notes that there are different levels of success when it comes plane quarterly their people that are actually really go to play record and others being able to play Mary lamb element shook his lead. Now flutes flu you blow. Across the size and all the outlets that recruiters like the others and their flutes that late you know it TC back in my old school daily ultimately people that would blowing it'll be. Of those into the other technical sergeant utterly. So do it for the sake of the argument we're talking about records and most Suggs actually user there's one that might be it and real these are ten song to feature the report. Oh. May not know the song but there's definitely a record that's what really report. It's up from 1982 album kiss in the dream house anybody in this and we found psychedelic. 600 a couple of us. Later it's there. Paul three fingers. You read. I. Okay. I did not go to bed and went recorder not those Gerri now this might be shocked even I didn't dig pretty deep to fight and recorders they'll have a huge hit it was it more difficult exile. Way brutal absolutely bogus asylum homeless miles to stand united to him I. That I understand now songs that have featured her corner today. Number now. Oh wow. Yeah. I'm port land at least protesters job. They sound like song. That should have recordings like these like you're trapped at a camp and then someone who already didn't like in a group of large people as an acoustic guitar. And now you're stuck listening to for those of you I was the elements that Lou Reed admitted notes from India from the album transformers. An album that had them while you're pretty creepy now. And a about social and gotten sent levels and a jacket songs so the guy who's playing it recorder on that his name is Mick Bronson we have not heard the end of him on this. Oh nick Bronson comes back touch application Dudley had been Iraq. Recorder player he was a guy who's the guy he's the guy he was it was a big TARP player back in the early seventies and that means that he appears again on the list. Not playing guitar. But also flight recorder once again these are signs that a feature of the record. It. We'll do the same time right. One year before that song which is certainly resent. This is where backlogs front of them again. Please welcome all great and played Hillary played guitar with bodily. Please. Please recorder on the song. This was actually inside the beside it was a song we all. As the man missile world. Yeah so the world. Man in the world thanks a lot to move on and became more popular. Beside. Is a quick note from to begin if you need to know an informant that nobody wants to play. The people in the text or they got to be so you're saying recorder how does that matter to children slip covers appointees is maybe bagpipers and on the record apparently the fingering the notes with the same system that smells look a problem there is there anyone you can plain miserable into the Yucca and sent them. These ten songs that feature recorder today Johnson. Numbers. It's not. Yeah. I'm so. Coming. Mean. Mentally retarded are bundled with the illnesses not even close smile. Manuel Ramirez is going to. So yeah. And again Jefferson green. Steve Jefferson Airplane. There's a line this on. That's all right well so Irish spider from new album Yong. Yes to this song actually you know I would know the song some free spin in like eight movies over the years flashback the Indian runner without limits girl interrupted a serious man age of lines and all of those with an amateur is one. Coming back to me now and 1910. Songs that was the era this the reporter he's written songs feature recorder today. Homeowners sick. Atlantic mobile for birdie to go to Denver and like. And earnings. It's now. What are his flight recorder that would in this country that would be your pal Chris Cornell play you're kidding wow Landis then they'll play according to my recent. Chris Cornell played recorder themselves we have to make fun of him for that sometimes it's a. You know that's the kind of thing you put your back pocket and your trunk it was recorded on night one night ten years from now. Who played recorder for this Chris Cornell could I do you still get laid playing the recorder he can stand up on stage of looking up and that I would like I end up. Does he looks like crazy mix and Cornell look he makes the record looks sexual. They're ten songs that athletes and recorder but our goals be like hey Chris can you help me in my next album. And he goes I would love to write. And you'll again not to single play the recording camp an extensive edition of you could have Chris around maybe happens. And songs that feature reporter today on since before. Under my. Yeah apparently. Martina. You'll notice. Song. But not because of the original you may know the original. Items on its web oh yeah Eminem most evident Eminem's songs stand sampled this that's probably I guess if Bowman and amyloid Amy and her I don't deaths of their core. Dude do you think that they were did the songs came out. You know not too far away from there like yeah he's this song was new when he was recording is now and like for example. The justice Lincoln like a year to difference between the skydome apparently besides being or. I mean I guess was the night she was a recorder player. Prior to her ears and I would never did but yeah any quarter at our accession process is going on the other guy plays a slide was a dozen though lovely to. There's been today stint songs that after each of the report. They're fun. Another song from 1967 I think the rule is if you realized 1967 and an end to order out of battery went all wrong. I like music with their abilities and The Beatles you and why. It's the wrong guy is a dot. That Friday. Yeah that shows it's early it's early Stalin's though there's been some overlap then I'm an Iran that what you think. Bank your recorder it's probably if I do act. This was the besides the Mets in the night and saw exit visas or color to. I've proven my point here. Yeah but the broad recorder. Thought your rebate thing. You don't just for car radio. Edit the and I added a goal. And it. So this Portland right now there's some the conflict. And data in the reports that I have read it on not on whether to pollute or it's a recorder. It's credited on the album as things Jimi Hendrix played flute. But there's been some speculation over the years that they've actually record that of course. Six. Is that Hendrick equipment and ten songs of digital cookbook yeah. If she. Hands. Another big yeah. Yeah so. Obama comes. This game is Keaton and weakness. Yeah. The swing and didn't report this this this is one of the Ozarks tonight it's. It may be that this. And he was salute to muscle and Beatles fans are little particular about things answer some. Cuba. Quarter its since then today ten songs that the agent or quarterly event. Well. I'll know nine. Well. The oldies reporter that I knew snowy Atlanta as the number one again. Yeah guys. Not everybody who thought that John Paul Jones. The Blue Line or two or three reporters he plays a series of reporters and court because he's a genius and harmonize them all together in the background. Center 500 signs god damn zeppelin again. I think about it last year's free bird. Reporter it's not cool you played that song and you don't. That's awesome and room and found that somersault would be on time with the you know the country. Okay needs yeah. The country admitted sumo and I got to the quarter and I was like that's going to be number one. You're right and it was settling maybe Bloomberg thank you we appreciate their Iguodala did songs of region recorder have admits during a.