05-09-17 The Word

Tuesday, May 9th

Today The Word is all about your fahhts


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He'll look on the drug ajar drying castle in this and spend. And today we're gonna get ten songs that feature of the recorder but first. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us killing field. So Linden area well on the men's room shares what you don't need to know online. Today don't you don't need to know Steve Phillips. Are you sure you're allowed aren't threat of your. The most comprehensive study has been done ever in the world a low of four all right yeah. It's. More than. Comprehensive study ever on the world departing we have resolved governor of the first. A few facts that maybe did not know about park stood and dribbling and thus far more than anyone in here but I don't know what I don't get. Privacy. Do we know who the author James Joyce's death James Joyce they must and I was name. Yet that forum but I know that he's in office. James Joyce I was writing this about his wife Nora. OK okay no rejoice we are deeply in love he wrote this in December of 1909 about his lovely one. And now I think I would known Norris part anyway. I think I can pickers out of a room full authority women is a growing the smell of my wife's farm. James Joyce that he could make his life roomful of its openness and pick out. Listing all of them and them went to nothing Cubans and none of some fun part the answer honestly I don't know that I've ever been in love enough that I can recognize park. You know mode the 38 president of the United States Gerald Ford although he was not there in office for bear well yeah you have one thing that he loved it. He loved the far constantly. And the 38 president of the United States would always turn to a Secret Service agents and loudly for Kareem book proclaim things like. Reason was that you pay manager of class. Instead of owning up to his own parts yes the 38 presidents. He basically said like OK it's on you. He clearly never heard of whoever smelt it obviously dealt a president I did do nothing and member whoever denied the night. I just so you know it's an interesting part facts according to a 1942 medical paper people often attribute gas indigestion. What is probably something else entirely. The chronic Belcher swallowing air because they they're nervous or frightened of the woman who floats may have only. Something in her about the man who feels as if yet gas in his stomach may have only a Alter or constipation they'd do their thing in my left it feels familiar static. Not necessarily yet. Magical fruit at the institute where it says it's in that if you are all the time with. It's easy to get people are just different reasons more. So there's like not one universal reason why people or aren't to build them laugh track and I think like I can be in a bad mood in a viable funny smelling funny of sonic partner like. It's great because the good and that's why it handles a lot of people's party the skeptical for all we all do it but that's one part or just inherently funny. For the Robert joked about the and they don't you know it's funny 2011 study said guess once it's not about the beans it's no different than any other blues bars and some people apart and now. More part fax 2001 enough to put New York. Who has a degree in food engineering secured a patent for reduced flatulence based snack foods I don't ever want. Designed to go on India. We should he is well more though vessel would be designed to be served people on airport. OK. That was it believe it or not in this is six this is awesome right it's true. You can buy a pill that claims to make your parts. Smell like chocolate. They kind of do but more to figured a way of retail the retail for about a 21 dollars. A Frenchman named Christian onto balls so far pills. At his door. The ambulance and get man of united or aren't the younger friend got to go out road through it. A 2014 study found that hydrogen sulphide against makes parts rotten eggs milk about the same might prevent. Some damage to your body believe enough that he was talking about direct treatment of cells hydrogen sulphide. And was in no relate way to parting but that will be using it as an excuse to let them until someone does otherwise basically. It's awfully pretty good for him but the more that you do better yet why go to the gym and give began to like me like this what. Denver Post reporter related tidbit from an interview with Broncos linebacker Von Miller Denver bronco and they'll. Earlier this year that said it they have a part tax imposed for any flatulence during meetings. Miller's that he was the worst offender on the NFL. No apart for the bond built in the era of somehow I could it with a big goofy glasses on to lighten up and I airing his party that much. They realize we get it institute attack they do absolutely in his defense I did it do you think you imparting to them help. At emirates Fella. Now to the study has over 200000. People recently took part in a survey about flatulence which is the highest number of people to ever be involved in the survey about Barton cut him. Basic questions. All right some of those included an ally you guys the same month. Do you ever passed gas and actually enjoy the smell. Never. And I enjoyed in the sense of amusement but I've never. I never thought like they'll smile back. I've always on the most horrible and some vegetables to Nevada Iowa and to come on man I don't know but there's definitely that southerners so bad mouth element gimmick Opel and a couple of hours on an abuse of this vote. Do you ever pass gas and enjoy the smell 40% say yes 52% said no. All right next question conceived on the dances you Letterman if it weren't for he would try to hold and then. I generally try to hold a man or at least get out of the studio. Okay prop 50% of the successful they just go for it the majority people fart a by the Laker room buyers only part you know some good walking into it away from it. That's funny to now 40% that they hold him because they were worried someone might hear or smell. Now part of the story of the day and up by people in the famers routes and other on men all of it and it. One of my favorite I don't know that it's stupid childish. When I'm getting all the element of I can port deal of it right for a at all I just love the idea that whoever gets on next walked into the old one it. Do you want to hang on it's worse than that she's at the media that day. I don't want in the elevator right now but that it stops on another floors back I think I don't think you missed it but what is it about like not only do you have to dorm that's what you might get an elevator with you. The organism this and California like the farm was in your browser that. Gaza ideas are passed gas a public transportation. Train here behind. And they have played 57% said yes again if you can form on a plane. This is just my advice. Check to see were there any one very very young. Don't know anyone very very old Ernie when bird very IV treatment adopted out or what one rip on the plane headed dual sound. But this think it's neck and nose sucks but I before. But the last few times about it strategically I've been near elderly people. And doubles he'd been angry look and look at the faces. But the all looking to do for people assume that that people old people look at the responsible party like it's abused him out of blames about one. It was me see I would have to assume this if you are very attractive at your very good looking individual and you can far anywhere you want to audible no one is ever going to believe that you. Imminent and that audibly the bullet. And it is the only table at your book attorneys dude. Yeah I mean you just take me in the world body types and he's telling deadly people every time going to be like he was it ever likely to Obama plan apart. I'd I'd heard back your pastor asked him blamed it on someone else call what operate. Right seventy per oddly enough and yet there's almost got in trouble in the years ago it pardons you're gonna give him mind. I am the corporate 99% of the time. But Ted drop this one enemy Yugoslav anything like off to be normal but the whole whole way reverend Al has offices. So urgent that we go to commercial break I want. There will be like laying in the mile pay man but you won't feel bad that upon to do. It wasn't me. He couldn't believe people like what about the problems that man. You know that would be about member in Baltimore you do it online and I think that a silent line. At intervals I can't believe my parks no penalty yet Ralph what Saddam Craig without number one situation for holding it in. Holding in the park letting it rip sex. On evident that the right and that's mine no play immediately in the morning with a nuclear first date. Thursday for saying that that is the one time the most people try to hold it and you try to go to the bathroom and you slide you out the most part yet you're trying to do within. And with that do you pass gas now in front of your significant other or anyone that you dated over the years. Or. Four out of it not intentionally put out do things like I told I'll open my slider just kind of put my butt side. If you vital if the wind blown it I mean a dry run but I have had ex girlfriends Buick far obviously. As. At a I include but I just got to figure you're living together for that cool whatever like lament the human bodily functions and also in the proves thing Cuba on the back of appointment. And yet you can deal before. So 65%. Of the general population say yes they parked in front of her significant other however the 35 that had no. They absolutely can't stand. Over California until they are completely offended and pissed off any ten or significant other parts around and build the person who is disgusted. The ideal thoughts there you go on what you don't need to know. I go to the drug charges since then we've got ten songs that feature of the recorder rank castle as the next right after the.