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Wednesday, May 10th

Mens Room Blank Question: Looking back, ______ was a very bad idea


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Can't believe what you were a bad thing here is real the members of this radio program are simply. People would call. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Lord. In the invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. They say shake your radio more than three times. And George play in Wednesday. Wow. Let me go look at this November 2604. Error. Along with Steve the pro he'll. See Ted's. Robin fox. And by gosh. As to how and imagine a campaign returned a blue Sox last. The word has it all wrong. Profile this as your tickets to lead afford. Plus headlines of ads are shot of the day but Willis or emails and everyone's favorite TV time with team click clack. Greg ended brand I'm doing a Michigan man drives off road in drives through ditch. Then through the brush all because of the spider in his car. To Alabama where ten to rule attacks nine year old girl wanting to spark. On the Georgia where student puts another and it's so cold while the teacher is fast asleep. Dwayne the rock Johnson sounds serious about one day becoming commander in chief. And tragedy at a theme park in England that is all coming out today is very special episode of the bedroom. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All are good kids good day to you endorse our look here's the truth. People do stupid things about people almost everyone of us we've all heard someone say yeah pull out a year or you hear hey ya all watts Davis. Whatever they do next it's stupid. And you know it's stupid and they know it's stupid but Leggett says we all do. Stupid things in usually when we do stupid things in this part of what makes so stupid. We don't number so armed with this inherent truth. The folks at noble dot com recently asked people to share the stupidest thing they've done out of sheer curiosity. We have put the best answers humble share them coming up but. And I give my this includes everything from putting. Muscle relaxer is under the eyes an idea what they thought would happen memorable. That well frankly squirting battery acid camera for a reason it should have never happen but. Sometimes we think we can beat the odds or avoid becoming a statistic in usually were dead wrong. And luckily hindsight. It's one each one and today we wanna talk about hindsight as you look back and I think he just wanted to know everyone had told do that this is what would happen in my. I wonder of the rights have been you found out probably thought they were so today we have a men's room fill in the blank question. Looking back. Maybe blank was a bad idea approach they joke call 20642 on rock grunts what are meant to live take 7799 financing your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. Now back into the men's room is the last GM Brian do you like to lay resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. Our contestants tails we don't profile us like protect C lead afford home what a show that is where our casino resort that is a Thursday June 8. And that is our prize for a contestant today and all this week. On profiled this. Part of a blank was in today looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea. Miles until the men's dramatic nine point nine KI SW. Miles and. Now I'm joined now I K I guess. It's not hit the men's room mansion on number 2600. And borrowed a big show we have Corey today the return of the word you're not gonna like this one and all this tunnel words that we pronounced wrong. Each and every single day. In our common words and it's gonna annoy you but we do have a list. Of often mispronounce words in the English language the 100 most often miss pronounce words. Also was some news on the swearing coming up with the the work. Head today is a day we do our men's room blank question looking back maybe maybe blank was a really bad idea. A couple of things that happened in my lifetime I could tell you right now that I know for a fact be a bad idea the number one thing I'll always come back to the dumbest. Thing that I have ever done in my life. That you shouldn't never and I am not just saying this so did you go maybe I'd give this truck hide under tree on the golf course and lightning storm does a bad idea. That was number of the man this is dumber than men carrying as far as how I felt and I'm not kidding you I felt pretty bad after that little more of of Hayes were the days right it was physical pains got struck by like. Brooke well but that would mean a physical pain is more like I was in the days. But. And when I did it did a bong hit with tobacco and yeah yeah. I tell you know it was a bad idea no I never done it before what that's the difference went out and I know what did it with them both of those were crawled up in the fetal position or at least 25 minutes thirty minutes. Not able to move and feeling like it even if we look that are ahead of a little we puke all over the floor. Like I mean the vertigo so why did you do I bowled well no I don't think we okay I think this is what happens is that a week though this is exactly what happened I remember. My body armor please we with a bang theory I have to figure out funny my my buddy Corey came over OK he just bought a really nice new bong water pipe right back and you could call that not my apartment there rule book there. You say ball and kicking you out. Nowadays there are Barbara notes another look this is flower. Just. It's shot out the right you know having shot opt in while it's a bong you don't it is. So he brings us bong and don't OK the cut for tobacco use only belong writer by the way it is no reunions event like the one you think you only thing that you should never do that thing. The only thing is what they encourage you to do otherwise you will do that anyway. They brings it over it's a really nice piece. And we wanna give it a truck. But we don't have any weak and he's coming in my placing that I have we could mow the time you know I know why did your placing new lead if he showed up your play eye exams and do it nine times out of ten I have read this day I did not have we'd. Which ideal line on some weed. An amateur with a deal was either way we are patient whatever we still wanna try out the bong theology you know through Philadelphia I'm all put some water in it like Arnold's friends and tobacco. I was right you're out of wheat. GAAP and SS yes I mean. I don't agree I was did not as I possibly think. That would be the reason but it was I belong here we go smoke cigarettes so how bad in this beat. Well that's a fair I would buy it right I mean how do you know how concentrated. As yourself I wonder why every keeps smoking cigarettes and not doing these ball well I don't know what the differences is is the is the the amount of smoke that's concentrated in the area of that water by the bureau to smoke out of hookah mute and you were to sprinkle some tobacco on top with the appeals in the fruit and all that stuff you wouldn't have the same concentration smoked hookah is tobacco yeah assassination is that an open June the same place as a bong hit of tobacco Marlboro light whenever Hillary put in their Camelot I don't know what it would ground cigarette originally only. How personal level loose leaf tobacco you're announced that it did in West Virginia got the Kerry got it and what its word two dollars a pack you know because it's an enemy no that wasn't even. And all the narrative and Lou right. Analysts say in the all in the family named Obama prices cigarettes and I mean and that was our old rural love today. Urged Israel to yell at Delhi again I Garretson tobacco out back oh my god I mean write anything we should the smoked. Spices or something like go to better probably to smoke something in there in the kitchen actually you know I did that and I did this silly to age of thirty. Somebody. Held since December about it was like one of these as Christmas gifts and it was. Like Turkish T yourself aren't you guys know god damn well I don't duties Arnold I was first. Maybe that a secret Santa and Mabel whatever so I have a scrap at home and it's almost like you know dedicated user if you smoke. Why debt and so much can drink than I have an infusion auntie and I should just make your team that much better maybe you'd like more. I don't like team but I heard there. I want to have a look like we didn't smile like lead with symbols like dude you know do you smoke a highly Turkish T yours uncle and it'll get to stow away. All right all right man solve a problem pipe and I I did a big pulled nearly three big polls. Nothing really happened and that of the hour later a thought in my back yet old really and I'm thinking to myself I didn't legitimately think I was gonna die. But I felt like I kind of wanted to die as arrows like this weird thing in my lungs. Outlook long story short it's a bad idea I kind of knew it was a bad idea and considering the source of who told me that it was a good idea might. Why did I believe those were laid nothing this person's ever said has been a good idea right but in this moment I'm says sure I'll smoked he. You're the only person is always that a world full be able smoke everything. And I got to go ahead and trust but he was wrong it's not a good idea. Messed around a smoker and edit them. I'd just let's just really teach your man your coffee. A drink but they're not the sort of look you can drink Coca-Cola. Ordering spread about the same man teaching me. I don't may have that may believe it's still too fresh to me it just is like you took like based water heated up through some sobering isn't it great that. To me as twenty days and I just could picture you me sit in there. It's sunny out yeah you're on a couch OK Fredricka Charles he highs OK okay. No really Middle Eastern and aren't supposed to look and yeah sure the team and shut down I just I like is different eyes yeah. Pace to and it is to date this girl and she had done nothing but ammunition and her car. And I mean ammunition she had all kinds of rounds all of the floor. In the ashtray. Mr. garner the article just the aloe just the ammo from going to shoot target practice she I OK Oca is someplace else but the MO was everywhere and you don't like my whole thing. My whole thought was. If if if this car gets into it and gets into rhetoric. And some things. Set off one of these bullets units and like that things are gonna happen and does she thought I was crazy. That I had this theory in my head is bullets are like you know. Falling out rolling underneath mine might be in the in her car I was like man. This just doesn't seem like a very safe safe idea and she thought I was crazy thing and I was like man. I'm just done and nothing ever happens I have to bet nothing ever happened but I was always and I was always a little bit to leery about getting into our car generally think like man I just. I know this is horrible. I'm recommending anyone do this other than I did everything. If he's so cool to eccentric or implied. No no because I've been to the very warm people or people through ammunition into the file I've been theirs I've been to that and that's another that's really bad idea because my eyes situation you article are part of the new year. And a situation we were in its. Pain manga sort I just normal fire GAAP and don't look let's have you could run a hundred yards away and still get shot dead in the heart I like look of its gonna tell you it's gonna find is gonna kill you the bulls couldn't carry I mean that you can't run from that Beth and I guess he could do was drop on the ground but six inches off the ground take your head off still. So stupid idea butcher safer there. Take a lesson learned here is don't throw ammunition in the fire now and that China notably chick is more important in life you know what is dangerous. I was not driving without. I'll root ever really I don't hate it because I think I have a I want I Alice stared at the clinic no appointment at a date the I don't without a stop date yet there's a good time they came out we're talking a few expect him and man oh man. A drug dealer we had back in Baltimore sure was sketchy I mean just like you talking about drug dealers and audible alarm it would normally docile as you see I mean we didn't stay in your house for an hour it was terrible and I liked yeah it did get a read. They're really thought about that live there again that was dad's dog I didn't look how does not look. Instead you or drawing delay back. He was sketchy because he's drug dealer but like. Even on the drug deals like that due to sketchy but that's an of the ways of culpable going. It was at a wait longer than you wanted to it's overpriced the place was grossed guy was strange. And we saw 100 Breton light. We're still no prior Emanuel call had an iron it was either drugs women something as something that trumps everything and keeps logic out of your brain that's back to the no withdrawals from an ATM after midnight rule that I implemented many years back. When guys which I still have not broken I've been tempted. I'd contingent many times surely temptation though and I thought to myself no this cannot happen I mean even if I had nothing to do the next day didn't go to work. Just do whatever I can stay up all night if I want to. I just thought to myself you know what I've learned the lesson I've learned the lesson I break that rule. Probably four or five times a year for five times a year yeah are you in Vegas. Now Matta strip club. That's why today I have the source of the and that's why you don't take the money. You're right hey you know a more than cash you'll lose what is it like it's like a bee finals go limb there will be different this guy overconfident that's how we completely different. And it's like prudence is remembered and all that. Almost or Blagojevich the bag it's failing to make my withdrawal them in a hundred dollars that. I cannot take any more money I would I have bumped my heart from what it used to be but I still have a certain limit de Oca. Yeah I like mine if I had to go process is quite late at midnight at the salute. Do you really need mystical command and what is for Fuzzy cab relocated. To be your drug. You want you to blush looked like forty dollars that's what I'm going to I had I had one of those nights rights of money after midnight. It changed my life as far as how I'm going to do that in the future you know news is one of those things are Mike. All got him for doing that again that was just a dumb ideas taken money so and I and I know or four dollars and out there and order in fact it's less of myself and I and a giant boulder and I get smarter notice I yell work our way through the theory on this on my car. To go to my bank. Were to suddenly changed my my limit on my date under you know I mean in. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna ever withdraw past midnight again I thought to myself well if I took a hundred dollars out on Tuesday and announced that on Tuesday night. And then it made it to midnight and that's another day so in theory he was manner Eric and I still another hundred out of an hour and Jacqueline. That it's got to be flat out that he flat out no withdrawals. I'm trying to think of a scenario there's not Las Vegas might be a scenario where you take a hundred dollars on after the guzzling. And I'll honestly my ears that they don't need to you you can charger dinner I charge when you don't want to chart because this is don't we were just there a couple of months ago and we were very drunk again just because we were in Vegas number 21 or older this is how work. Well we decided hey maybe we should all go back to our rooms and men about halfway there I believe those councils of the never met blackjack at a casino. No so why don't we all go to the ATM withdrawal money put it down and and decide to gamble running way. And that's what we did good it did in the aftermath of nine applied is gong to my god name rumored to be initial plan. I would have saved the money that I initially lost blackjack at the time it was fantastic with a total phone. Those mornings like yeah. It was absolutely I'm glad then win the neat thing basically all the money I pulled out. I gambled away in my mind that was budgeting of a blood 200 dollars. I won't gamble after losing 201 almost 200 dollar fifty minutes. CC won't say but at the time I was having fun and good reverend dreams and we're talking smack the next morning inflate it wasn't that fun. Yet let little bit less and less than on the star mountain she cracked up to. Pleasant also accused catch because you'll hand you can what is your bank account the next day and see all the debauchery did my dog him all I've sort of went there you paper cash you can forget that moment if you like. Are a lot of question looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea we will take a quick break and come back with your calls right after the men's room returns here's the question that brought you buy to let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. We know about. For you coming up. Inquisitive people share the stupidest things they've done out of sheer curiosity the dumbest things that they've done out of sheer curiosity. I would have to think some of these you yourself had tried it someplace so I'm they're there just basic stuff like. I've done that. Are miserable like what you're looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Let Eric roller our cars. Are actually this. They took the stage here I'm not I'm 48 now 46 when this happened I'm a big guy I'm I'm pushing 320. How can and I'm about six foot tall about there. I know a one and loosening wary error and I started you know when I was a kid like to skateboards let me agree we will lose some weight on how. All am 46 year old man you were 46 on its cable NS and I know you never hear any diet or exercise advice in America week. We certainly lack of that so you pieced together try to all of the other bodies in order to do. I put my big ass on a skateboard kind of looks like that family UC. In a different country with like eight people on a scooter he didn't hit their threat carried. Carol I like that so my my my street opens flat but in my neighborhood. Larry I'm here over to the mailboxes. It's a little bit of debt but not too bad well I get around the corner and realize that guilt steeper than I thought. And I and and that's when he yep for one curse may. I don't want to stop. That's when you remembered that you don't know how to stuff confiscated board. Well yeah our allied piecing all of this again. Oh yeah so so I'd I'd. It's cheaper and cheaper model long board 42 are too long. It got speed bearing whose speed will want to go. We're worried every contact your major speed you don't want to and its editor says that long slow all among those things to as far as trying to do switch backs are deceiving got a bag tempted to kill some speed that was going to edit the toys you realize I'm accelerating the I don't know ought to stop like what are you thinking. I'm mentally crappy repeated his replica. At the slopes. So. The multiple pretty major street 44 appear Lynn wanted to errant. I'm getting down to the end of Murray my neighborhood aid and they're spoiling their chart click on the I say I'm in the you know they carry you off where I come in front. They are and I are bigger all right I'll look up and down the street look great and if aren't getting it they're strap a drummer and I'll bail early. Otherwise there's a big grant Syria across the street out this current eventually get a stop. But you gotta you gotta cut over four lanes of traffic at an intersection kids' ears off the land on your Lombard. Oh yeah oh yeah I'm a little bored so imagine but her trick he's the only at this stoplight. You're you're due script they're almost certain brand with us I'm I'm. In my port. You're concur on the other side. Until about fifteen feet near I land on one side better. All over land on the other side there are. One Maliki elderly parent who are well aware of being of course you're a writer. Sure you know yeah absolutely Aaron Barr you have hydrated and the birdies when you've got to make sure you're clear. CD that's always the 83 is much better than I Motorola. It. Are wary held a date bullied by debris and Marty you can't exactly safeties get that. God I'll look there are no longer I don't know a lot of stuff but I'm walker and how do you started speeding down this village of everything yes not at. Oh yeah. I hear it like I'm kidding I'm easily go to 25 mile an hour. I can get the speed wobbled and I was proud of my cup better be able they are now it's as I say let everybody that's actually president. How would you blew through the would you blew through the the four lanes of traffic where did you even have a close caller was as. No no you're. Pretty great people ignorant I. Okay and have you bounced did anyone come over and run over and you don't mean to ask if you're okay part of their way for the camera Kurdish Phillips and they had to be thinking there filming something right. Do you wish I had a good approach you get what a epic Blackberry or your market wanna look like you need it. Wide security did this little parent I'm proud Mangold 25 mile an hour with a bottle it got there Barbara home on long board. Shop door neighbor's eye tonight I think you're OK at that point. Well I guess and I spent trying to bend ring finger in my right hand side. And it and I will be never broken finger but it's gonna grinding thing. So I. I don't to myself all I did the walk it back in my house. I why sleep and she's taken a nap I know they get eaten in you know why. So. I sneak out and drag itself. Might stick syrup. Two day emergency room right find out that are broke not really broke my finger but I dislocated it is well. Who I was it was when you're driving your state entering federal pointing up and we are correct I thought that's the only injury you have an outsells gruesome and at that you go off birdies. Well now I keep your OJ Gator cattle oh I'm OK okay I. Know about it. I don't know about a antiques guy well on my left hip or about a lot in what was your head all right. Yeah. Horry had a helmet and and it wasn't only that I daddy was and it hybrid that it would go ahead drama. Isn't it Jack do you find it somewhat ironic that when your relationship with someone it just didn't do anything wrong other than just be stupid. You made a double vision based on what you thought your ability levels of the same point in time you know you're worried about what your wife's gonna say the same way you would if you're to come home your father or your mother. When this happens that I don't know I'm Becky do I guess you could be five versions are 4546. Years old but the feeling is is that when I get home. Whoever's there because low low neat. I'm gonna be in trouble because your disappointing be stupid break that's the debt once like because of course no effect late. 46. Or how wide do you think it. This story ended at the Mayfair this story hadn't exactly the way sort of broad public we apparently this is this is why we would still be able. You don't wanna do this. Is this is what I. So so part of it of course I got the skateboard in fact that I bought the skateboard. My life I am a grown daughter all. Particularly. How old are your daughters. I had my daughter Tori why didn't it. These are people who are still making really bad dumb decisions you don't know that younger adults seven they're telling you don't want he's telling you hey ma'am urging Americans this is a bad idea regularly over the remember I'm forty fives or worse the board now Chris. And Elway and the meter can get a government spare OK and I go back marketing and cut it sounds like it was a lot of ornaments to the call will go on a flat area first almost Acosta out. Trouble under budget to really nice slum lord you have and it would I got up until the crack. Oh boy look thing never ever done in my life so what was the that was the difference this time they took down my hill was that the the difference and how oh yeah and I really doubt speaker know what. I'm RC OK all boards find it into an industry where it's like normal law mortgage your money your time. Do you get to jeopardy taste portrait act so you know down the street I'm not gay can't speak I guess the fact that you. Did you rotator cuff and most of your pinkie didn't help your weight loss. No it was vacuum every figure it adds a book real quick postscript. You know it bat and one of the best answered new Seattle. Figure trig. Yeah. Three surgeries later in nine months of physical therapy why. I've got about 808090. Per that you suspect being the ring of the ring finger. Yeah out of right now on your right and yeah okay I'm not getting late. Our eyes well. I mean yeah I mean the end of go to physical vary my God's got a bad. And I can't do much about it and try to think like how often do I use the left finger on mine -- the ring finger on a non dominant hand lever. However for anything else it's almost eventually that lift them almost defensive front Angola beginning at that thing up by itself did very hard enough to get them by itself try to give it some on the finger with a ring finger it's hard even lifted up. The last time how does. Tension I was on the skateboard man and I don't hold them off Melbourne pro ten years ago but one of our former coworkers this guy rode skateboard. Everywhere big concert backstage at the concert in the in the backstage that is huge as Serena so the whole way disclose on and I'm not. And he's doing tricks don't all this stuff and new school is like. C'mon girl given a truck and I said man you know when I was a kid. Our run skateboard but I wanted to understand I was on a skateboard writer and designed as a kid I can physically get on skateboard ride on a hill and kill us. Got a man given detract. Apple one foot and skate board when I looked to my other foot to get on. My leg kicks out skateboard shoots down the hall a little I mean I am as up in just slammed down my back and I was at. Is a joy rider should look at how much evidence do we need that I don't need to do that. My body didn't even let me get completely on the the god damn skateboard. I got AD foot I'm skateboard and the than my other foot and a mama back and I had to win back down don't want to do it again no I do not. Yes and that was like perfect as it was smooth concrete like you did you're right there who skateboard. Because he why can't he was ordered breaks through letters may have frilly wasn't challenging you but I got away Yemen or what and I was at the last are Muslims cable Mike I'm a business to avoid this is that he's I would love to see that got crews to that intersection. I just got granted Victoria the towns along the border loads 45 miles an hour man I would love to. Men's room of my question looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network.