05-10-17 Seg 2 Mens Room shouldn't have done that

Wednesday, May 10th

Mens Room Blank Question: Looking back, ______ was a very bad idea


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Miles and. And he nine point oh OK I guess. Actually driver has been addressed 2017 I go down Saturday June 24 wife pretty. You'll think hard stones our baby metal pretty reckless and a whole lot more we're talking fourteen bands two stages join us for little outdoor drinking and as we have the men's room happy hour and a half party what does that now that's Soria a drink for nine minutes we have our own little private bar there and on the side the state so oh gets a men's or red and yet also cements her original sausage thanks to Lee at least a famous sausage at Pike Place Market also looking over the limited edition church in us and devil horns as wells you have them for paying the grass anyway. All the Aggies get yourself in the door one way or another man it's going to be a great day Bailey Garza blacks 2017. Is a is coming up quick here Saturday June 24 get those tickets now. At KI SW dot com are miserable I questioned looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea although I will take a quick break a mega more your calls next hour. He's grown rich. Last year. Brad do you like to play live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI SW. Back half we did actually I like it. This fast fashion it's market doesn't tell us we don't profiled his leg to take is this a lead for hardly afford yes that are coming up right after the show the dating game from a known as black white makes your view. Steve is fired up about that Barack are miserable I questioned today looking back may be blank was a really bad idea here if you from the article here as people share. The dumbest things the stupidest things that they've ever done out of sheer curiosity and to me on the difference between. There's curiosity in their stupidity a lot of times are linked brutally curiosity. Is just curiosity. Stupidity is when everyone has already told you what's going to happen there and you just have to find out for yourself or curiosity gets best compliment although I'm not cold flagpole outside for an imam wanted to know what was in a battery so we try to cut it open naturally passage shot and was up. The curse of the art at the emergency room told a news a stupidest person that she'd ever met. That anagram in today and I was studying in my school's library study room when I was younger it was a small library. So the emergency door with a sign saying do not open. Alarm bull sound and I thought to myself from. Will happen if I openness take in spite of what we'll see as the alarm a really sound it turns out the alarm is really well. Staff yeah well the thing about alarms yet. I as a teenager and mid eighties there were two ways to find out for me why a golf ball seemed so bouncy. The library look it up or cut it open with a pocket knife cost me six stitches. To the lower hand finally is a tiny hard rubber core with a lot of rubber bands right around. Why I guess it slid off an editor that you got to want overdosed on spring aren't like this when. One time I found this pile of crap in the schoolyard they crap right. It looked like complete. Legit crap. So I tried convincing my friends though. That does in fact was they do you know running and so they say improvement. Sought poked it in as opposed to I realize that I had made a great mistake it was in fact the real pile of crap. That I'd been carrying around me last week a finger son cried into. Proof that that that everybody left the ran to the bathroom to clean up my finger. And Wal-Mart. From stupidest things people done out of sheer curiosity once I took one of those little paper cup singled Dixie cups that you find in in the bathroom don't give a little quick a cup for swallowing a pill whatever. Until halfway will water in and out of its in my room and set it on the Dresser. I then proceeded to lighted on fire. My dad's smell the smoke comes bursting and money though tell I was doing and I told a wanna see what would happen when the fire reached the water. He was pissed at me for playing with fire doing so in the house. Funny was also disappointed the regardless of what happened I clearly had no plan for what to do look for her regret it but butcher curiosity to wrestle for you that once the flames. Came down to the water level. The water. Put the fire. There you go at that Larry would you provident bank you talk about faith groups so. My aunt is that this for years ago but she had a date with the guys this is the first date she lied and he's good looking and he's a funny guy Obama so. They go on a date and moreover they went part of it involved walking on the waterfront of Washington DC believe. And is that we walk up come the spear and things went very well Marty had dinner and things like I like this guy but at the end of the pier. There's this huge huge bowl of dog yes I mean just. Mess and click right in the middle appear older people by the bear but kind of glancing out at people have a chuckle it is what it is whatever there is no dollars apiece. So this date that she's where he won't let it goes like this is ridiculous someone is aquinas like someone needs to cleans up so finally. He walks over to those files and she's like I can't believe this and she's like. Is he disgusting or is he being valiant you the way he's he's beginning to reduce this to any pics of albums and I don't know no way and stuff and in his. In his mouth. It was fate whoop that he had put there are all of our lives knowing he was gonna walking down there so he thought this was hilarious she's like you we didn't date anymore and she's like. In retrospect it was kind of funny but this one properly fifteen minutes in a lake. They're trying to be romantic he glanced bankable proved effective ads cannot believe someone would finally get some good she's like but as she's watching it does not realize that trade. Is does it romance grabbed heard stuff and and is now that you Lara mark that. And many laughs let's have as an implanted here hours ago Jesus. Directing that's weird so she's like I don't claim we are people walk you to the park owners bouquets of roses or so they Milwaukee took part and just says there's a fountain show or some crap like that to play. His free planning for a first date was put paid to third on the end of pierce of the week and a romantic conversation. And then I can I admittedly be ready aided I don't bill that's the way to a girl's heart I have to find out what other tricks as gas pulled off in his lifetime because that is the only that's the only instance she knows of what else is this guy done incredible woman. The good thing and I think we all agree that even though this failed ethically for those guys there's no way that's the one and one time trying to. Yeah we we got a one time for the record that just seems so aggressive if you're already beaten somebody. Achieves they could find that we had we the companies are some fake coop who was so. And it was shaped like turtles and a bag and I think it was called nope it's so yet unopened silk and and I put those thirds when I got to in my kids about the and so like you know like you just as a joke you know ruling opened soap whatever they just sat there and I put him in the so ditch you know and mean and it didn't bother them like his ever said anything he's you know they announced like so. I'm not and I'm gonna Agha modeled it in on me like I remembered that the thing like. You girls each hour UB bogeyed shower tonight for dinner and arming itself clean of Bolivia. They both went up there. One came down the house on tradition and honor of the little deftly it is you know I mean she's not that comes out their third dude goto at a Mike. Did you see the soap and elect know what's only. OK first of all if I don't I replaced the soap that was in there. With this so so they ended doesn't look I'm Zack we like I presume you did not use soap. Is that what I'm assuming did you wash we shampoo irrational pollute it and none of thinking can I think about the fact there's no through public and you didn't see the so can I ask you. What happens in the shower how do you not know writes murdered in these soap did a little thing is put there's no so right so what what do you do it like. The first thing and I'll think of is paid there's no silver that the reason I'm in here's to wash myself the first thing they. I do so many Putin's eyes locked them both up and up plaza when. You have a follow autos like they didn't know so what Jesus so. And they are you so put those four I don't know what I'm trying to say it was like I'd devils open their fights himself literate but you would normally just you would look to look. One way or another. If you're going to use soap you look we're the soap it is yet. If there's no soap there then OK there's no so maybe don't use so that the majority of the aisle who have heard there you you have doesn't draw the reaction and if I never even looked to see where the soap is sort of the soap is there that's bad that's when I mean like you got it bad but you clearly were never losing so you do right and reach for the so you didn't accidentally night. Look to do thing that is built into 95% of course like this it's like a steering wheel in a car like. They just installed it because everyone assumes if you're going to take a shower or bath at that chip. A batch of these people also wanna use soap hey here's an idea what we put that handy so that it. And you put deterred in man and the thing is about to Kabul. Didn't note you know the thing about certain soaps just smell really good short man this head out of this had a very muskie would see time yeah man Lee Stetson type smell to it yet I used the salt axes soap was fantastic. Like Al it was a weird at first it was real weird man easy got blistered her hand manager evident on live every used different strokes for different late places you are. But it would like what your outlook would mean much about him watching what's so what I youth based ice goes sideways shouldn't feel like I have. I have a home so what is your home so home so we so have to admit. Doctor brush fire and then when I go on vacation Obama a bar of dial man. Bardem because you don't usually. Well I just I don't know reminds me of like the beat yourself and just like even though it's vacations at the UN dry out your skin when your playing away games home games you wanna be moisturize and using. A normal so I guess I used. All right you guys are using separate soaps when you leave town now it kind of depends manly because inevitably you have to buy the smaller toiletries. Yeah benefit and so let whatever is on sales I think at home amused and dial but the last two times I've traveled ones they'd. Dove for Maine we're all out but like infants and I got Barbara Steagall tested this is an amateur hotel room together I will steal all of them put everything all the candidates as a reason business when I'm like if I run on so don't ever. Like for like how could you for two days of my home I feel like I'm staying at a hotel and I am on vacation. Sobre got the soap I got to conditioner and at the shampoo a bit body lotion a usable ones I feel like I'm Stan you know at the hotel as a given degree Bob busted open a stolen holds a law lotion ready. My grandmother and I don't think you don't think for one that the last PBJ that I had made didn't have deeper cut jelly and a little time for John Cook got the second half. They had a hectic for you generally out of mad yell out travel and I got Joey. At the Pacific jelly. The best is the little Heinz dot. I don't I don't have one of those you have a local darling. Would you like I was yeah I don't know why but yeah I'll keep sauces for help them. I'm miserable like Wesley looking back maybe like it was a really bad idea and the so thing you know there's a certain brand it's famous for attractive women George knowledge when is it. I like acts. All right that's their whole thing right. So I have a friend she did her boyfriend just a little bit colder whatever so it's always those ultimately a little bit of a joke right but how did you pull her this and that. So one that's at the ninety and I did a shower and I thought the next stagger off an expense doubted over the next ranks yeah. That epic. Fellow will welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah I. You need it so well are you. I'm doing pretty good. Well to answer your questions though the worst one thing horse and never with a did. It is but it had any doubt all the wells that are not putting good. A buddy of mine. It was meeting him as brother and the girl that widget merits eagerly problem. And now we are going to unapproved bark and cranberry use. And we just never get mixed. I'm and you had me at hot blonde and cranberry vodka lemon right now we another day and you're so right Ted afternoon. How are you. Yes so we're hanging out I'm only like seventy. And I'm pretty young nobody like hey. I mean between what you poppy tiger done I'll fight I want it would not come migrant sit here yeah I want all right so and so yeah I would do my books. Innate you know two hours later they are leaving in the girls so there and I've been like you know slur when they're on Mars and they. And then after that. It kind of went on for about seven and after eight hours and that was the erection. No meet her home. Enact billion dollars. But how many dog and the Norwood. And I hadn't read it. Hours and they say and Ford you my one of solid guys that are did you feel bad dude did you hurt the next day or anything like delegate good you know of pump with the gym you know I mean like you're you're are now. They're not un is Barry wanted to look at benevolent bike week. Yeah I know what it sounds horrible. I'm sorry that you had a seven radar saddle marathon. I mean to be fairly party you're thrown for all your friends on the air right now device they don't have an erection that before our but. I'm still having sex with the federation Ahmad calling the doctor either. I mean I think even the doctor do what you saw the sights and why are you bugging me it was a really bad idea 15 her friends came in the rooms can go. I think you said you have an eight hour such a marathon thanks to the Viagra I don't numbers where it was a bad idea here what does a bad day yet sectors and take you reportedly for eight hours I just the governor called Bradford and looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea. Hello governor welcome to the men's room. Ya yeah. What was your bad idea Gunner. So when I was nine years old I have my family. We bought a cabin over a lake Quayle. And your brother is one of our first weakens over there. Or ride their bikes around the neighborhood. And we probably find that gravel road. That lead down to delay and it's not a right it's not like super fine you know a tiny drought we'll let you know you need a right of iconic look like we're doctor makes small rock yeah yeah exactly. Yeah right he seemed like a construction site is current. And down the road it's about. A quarter mile long and there's lead down to the late. And let I mean it literally ended in the water and that. We are like you know look look right down into lake is that it was a summertime and it's probably good hearted agreed out that we're or not. And so we're doing now our regular time and we decided hey what if we break down. So we line up at the thought that no word yet I was I was nine at the time is probably 6% and rendered. And yeah but get out of curiosity was going to be out then we get to raise them down this bill. And he he cut in front of me any knocked my front tire. So that's some I don't know. And yeah. And that we're on the gravel and so like our we're we're both already wobbly. I tumble. And I EIE the handlebars and I wind up knocking out both my. Repeat. Is that why you have a little bit of a whistle right now when you talk. There are probably okay but that now what was oh I thought they were they adult teeth at that point I guess they were. They were today they were not immediately hear the good part of that they were knocked out completely they were right there hang in there I'll that is trans. And thought I viewed on line they're streaming and leave no over the place. And he runs and get get our parents. And they said that they heard me scream. From from the cabin from down on the road. And that there. I had they come and look me up and put me in the car were driving back to children of course you know and there wasn't worth it at that point to get an ambulance so he got very think there and I get in Basil what. And we've bygone over that children here in Seattle and I just want to get my mouth put back together and I still have my radio royalties. So well so invested scenes they got knocked out of your mouth. They're still hang him by accurate okay are you know there have been years but it that you know that Dennis and have if you have an issue with your mouth you know how painful it is when it. But the but trauma to the mouth is a completely. Different scenario mamet has. When you go out and go businessman they've you know they've noble king they give you shots do you still feel it is still are involved in the process many can't give you enough numbing stuff that when that stuff happens cold. Like normally your body of go on the shot if you break a bone or whatever it will be as bad in your laggard armament or morality are you gonna feel as as you will you'll take the full gamut of this pain you know and like. No questions asked and then you don't realize that how important Buddhist. And all these other things that you take for granted you know I mean Ewing and yeah like you know your living off of milk shakes for two weeks what they would then Islam and like right they can knock you up into. All this stuff. Bull what's crazy is if you need to have a two to remove some of the numbing agent and they're saying all the stop you need to hear and put TDs in the one of times do you realize just how arcade this goddamn thing because they have these different. Tools as they call them and wires and a hammer. And the chisel a much aria and they're attracted embrace they say none on and we call little point and we were. But it's a hammer and the thing that shaped like a hammer. You used to waive their no Jews and hammered in the things that you don't call wires that we will Goldwire. You'd use in these exit way the McCall choir in the chisel which he had to break out. You'd use that thing that you don't wanna coach. To juggle stuff and then the sounds of all of this stuff they have like basically they took rudimentary. Caveman equipment. And they grandest 200 mile and because it's in your mouth and in your draw a line you hear it as though you put on like your iPod and crank the volume of oil companies just. I had them and keep old forum is more correct one came out hole the other three were chunk denim pieces to the Jimmy. Apparently adding that all go the first criminal problem and of course in other rude struggled under the black dude did the things that we don't call pliers that I'm gonna use the way like when you wires wires and a deficit to remark with my foot up draster chaired way did the thing against bill looks like it chiseled though we don't call the sizzle good night to -- this out. That's all right I was like the super drug he. Had a root and how and at one point I got an out it's still feel I'm probably needs let me think it and nervous gone you can resilience. I. Wow. Drugs down you know not yeah all I am glad the Fed noted that lose Durbin is not there anymore he's very. Mr. Smith mother has risen notre. Yeah it's dogma it. And he can't win anything we know mr. Smith lice department the answer my question looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea. Hello Jason welcome to the men's room. Oh not all of half. Penny had a good good Jason how are you. I'm not to work Jack goes bad I don't ya. So premier erode I'd love words thank all I did but there oh. You know me. Or like and I decided to take you don't pay we'll crew. I am down down the road bummer how'd I hit triple digit. The little crude I don't know undermined. Yeah and now. How they'll notice I just got to Biden's new enemy I was editing a street racing you can read that that's the way our own story. Yeah why I had I had other bikes look for someone that you had this one. Could deal and it handled a little differently then my last one and I thought Gordon who up until I think. I voted down a bit about sixty. And the backfire when outwardly later put it into a bit. How badly hurt any injuries. I enough yeah well on my broke I broke the thumb on my left hand along with my wrist and Arianna. I dislocated the phone on my right hand. And I. I know my neck luckily it didn't break anything in my neck. I don't please I would I don't work for about three weeks yet he still ride. I currently hold only because I total web site and just some of them do it and aren't working on it yet and I'm gonna go back out ready or. You can step in this scooter lifestyle like myself and Ted you don't mean get that bad boy up to about 35 miles an hour call hey both thrilled with the none of all the thrill without reason. No cage where I don't have to you'd like you can learn gung fu and you can do decide gee that's a movie musical all Marshall are its slow motion ride bro that's all of this is the dad seemed the most eye you're no longer to get there stay healthy interstate please and it. We're gonna get the mayor I'm actually going to be downgrading QA a little dual or home. Well I can still ride you know let it go to work in south. By not doing anything crazy like I had. Yeah now I said man wants can you never know he has won a similar maybe I'll just openness and. That you inevitably the thing is on the scooter Philly Toronto Canada. You open ended ACC's Tom Allen in America that's like when you're going downhill. I don't you know sometimes a road says extra greatness and broad the current or they asphalt is an altogether means a great doing all thirty navy doesn't go downhill. But when you're in real hits that kind of wobbles a little tiff it's still scary well it like there has been something about being on two wheels I do I mean you have had to scooters first Greg I was I got. I get this thing out here SC they can do. And I can go about 45 miles now which is Impreza for fifty CC skater to stroke through the past 45 so I don't know my analysis. It has about 60 if I am drafting seven. If I can you bumped up a lot of season I can just give a hobbled back here if I got drug dinner and I don't know jail 120 I can sneak in Communist images humanity eighteen Wheeler and just let him take me there that's basically you get about you know thirty feet behind him it's gonna let the wind go. Anyway I knew what that is the files were around these are I would go Hugo hoping like that you make no effort ultimately put on the original Greg is going to be -- -- gonna fly into the back of a cameo on me like like a sticky wall crawler. But. You don't do that with a car that can never picked up my Toyota Corolla like. We seek to that was get under the hood. 'cause it's a Toyota Corolla. I mean I'm June never opened up the good. Its CEO and growling I'm well let's see what Taylor didn't do four cylinders just don't think points hunter thought like RM IC would this geo can do a broken ever been an idol runner up at PCC's bureau at the fact that you do battle again I'd feel safe right. For whatever you it's meals and still imagery and data but it's fifty's it's easy it's like a bicycle right and I'm sure your kids lake. Live your ride a bicycle UCL fashion don't want to swing in. My son well my daughter will. Daughters exceptionally cautious on the bike he. The boy that's got to embarrass part of it does get jet training wheels on her she rhetoric. C'mon man it's got training Assange is like Gladstone went very fast you don't care about her mamet's. Its logo yeah it is no that's slow that's gonna happen just. Opposite my niece and nephew notes that my niece is all about it my nephew took them years to light. But to the point where it was almost like you do too old now to ride a bike. Or like to learn right I think it was only add to that point you know I read how many candidates they always friend derived majority mean who think you got to get over yeah. Filter looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea. Hello Jordan welcome to the bedroom. Well. When I walk out. On the our iRobot call girl. That you wanted to meet out out are not want it all wild. Not bad. Idea. God what are called the girl got. A dog and I. Well I would pretty big bear little black bag you. I'm Obama and cried. Sort voter like every. Car got a bite you know. Bad okay I'll bring about Brett and that our board are not quite good argument but not gotten. How did you not to connect the dots. They've gotten. It didn't it didn't Bobbitt didn't get a bad idea and light are gone and right about that I really liked. I don't like not getting my ball. I don't know I didn't think about that man an old man you know what happened. We got caught our about how well. We're out. We get out there might call it wanted. Carbon debt at a right now are altered her crown and all more land grab around. That it. I'll under normal circumstances that's like the best you can get at. Yeah about but got out. I thought our no big deal. Go out there are good book out that part partly like oh good part about it. And so I'd bet you are girlfriend. You know on Bo turned around and you've got burned cornerback underdog I have no idea what are. But I turned our relatives that got a girl and she didn't hear. And saw hundred billion merit. And R&R Berkley alone Barry Leonard won or why it might duck. So it didn't give you an up moment that maybe you're at the center called it an alienated all your chancellor anyway it got there man. So it was probably pretty bad idea that led I've got to put I don't Brett worked there and brought out there but look bad now Mike. No I Robert nobody. Won would be called the view it all got out what I'm. Oh my god I'd vote rhetoric a bit in my out there and are quite a bit about their. But got hurt and be heard Billy here. And dot. Per hour are. This much all white and like OK. Let's I wanna know. I guess maybe I would go out Michael better about rendered the. How are now and that's how commercialism well you guys may have flag was a really bad idea quick break baccalaureate calls next. Now back to the men's room here's the question you have. Brian do you like to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Amanda. The word jump up as an all wrong everything you're saying wrong on the word that is all the way after emails honor mr. blank question. Looking back maybe blank was really bad idea coach hates welcome to the men's room. How well all the marrow out I seen it skies and a nice to keep quite adamant Larry. Camera trap quicker our relationship. You know he started dragging our interest issue but it was learned. Okay you're not confident with what you're working on this then they went along the your relationship debris laws confidence. I'm all right I a year and he never really had it could be anywhere. I error encountered a Eisner. And now you know I wanted to cheat on and you can right really great care. Of illegal I don't know do. I used to have little one of his bills. While that trouble being I act frank any in my Graco and good licking veterinary. I can't get up and a predator and move. She's dressed east all manage your spike in his mood that I didn't I know cursing at a pro and no I'm not a dream. You know I guess you are right you gathered. Drug he doesn't know about that I did drug and all manner of venom that's the death I what was the murder hundreds who have Zurich's. Why are OK but I got to ask K here's the thing all right and I know for a fact that that those bills work and they worked for a reason however. If you don't know that you've taken one. And back to the bulls Siegel effective psychology. So if I take a Viagra all right I know my confidence levels already gone up one notch because guess what no matter what I did tonight. I'm a pretty good idea I got to back up plan is gonna come through for me so Arnie have a level of confidence that I wouldn't normally have based on that now. If we're to slip me one in I'm going into a situation where I don't have that level of confidence based on the fact that I don't know what had that drug my question do you is. Does it work still or is it is mental as it is physical. I am well or you pour it backfired on me out. He and I am in doubt they're ranked European American recreational drug attacked me. Apparently pharmaceutical look back to him. In a bad way what isn't any bad way. How how that can be felt like it heart was racing when he felt like it let tried Sarwan got literally any. All of that up probably true blood pressure would have gone down but what would while you take a pill though for what is it. Now he treats or something like there's there's certain parts stuff in your on you can't grab IOK after the penalty telling you he does not feel right is over you're saying. Right yeah NE Atlanta later. Do it now liberation. I don't I don't really never talked about about how do you think you had a key peak and a little while warmer apparel talking to indicate how much Kate who did you get the full bill. As far right is and that's a hundred milligram pill I think and I are now whenever. I know for a fact I. Know for a fact that people who take them. Depending on the level of what they're into will break them up or use half or whatever so maybe for the first time for him taken a full bill was in the way ago. While Atlanta because. W let you know I don't. It gives you a pill says was when the polls for I wouldn't think anything you the meal like. Eventually be a small problem assumed you would handle bad record time production as I did detail says both why did that and they do have of this sort delegates so that your doctor did describe the level of military if you don't know that someone hands you opponent of god damn signed their freezer and I want that's okay that's why has what was in there I was at you know. So and so I start sweating and stubborn as. Yeah how worried Ethan Allen you know he didn't feel right at all he kept telling me he didn't feel our. Pacifica I think a lot of people mistook one thing by currency Allison although the ones came over. The love designed to make you horny they're saying. You already warned he were here to unity quit like you want to go play all out here is what we're gonna do you do your equipment here's how I don't want wrestling football was known exploits. To take this so. KU re exactly right even after they had an erection of he's not a morning. He's just a guy who's sweaty with the seller in the heart rate not deal well with and built our direction OK so how long delay there. I don't aren't aren't. All you us of how well you went home. Went out. Yeah editor and it didn't work out early. It was the sex the reason this thing fell apart the relationship. Now we can integrate nicely cued Berry hit the whole world looks very compartmentalized. And eerie at at what about your house one better let's head them. One better with the program will linebacker with the drier air level at any parent know placate and that's how. But no bush was. Pretty well for you proposal does still growing facility. To be fair. Does he get you Brent Barry and don't know blizzard could you said Ari you know he's got obviously he single you guys are dating at the time and I'm like this guy and a four bedroom house. A wonder why him and before you finish that thought you are equal to gore room to Brooke what I did yeah I mean well why were you looking for room for you. In his house well. We ever gather like three years follow them and you know all direction that I would be able would be. To live together they don't have it yeah that capsule now. Again you can you move out of one of your grow rooms are gonna have Heilman. I you'll what are you with they are you with someone now with a well meaning penis. I'm yes I am they're not they don't know loops don't need it it's happier less. Seniors I think there here's the thing Kate. Every guy would like the scenario to come in after that type of guy who write that you mean like I had a hell yeah I read everything there. How bad I have no matter how small it is how short it lasts you know what. I'm sure I can get to the point where it's still better than the last guy I'm more confident than him yeah things and bad at all I did all of our act. My Dhabi this might not be that but I. I have a feeling it's gonna be good for you do right now is like the ideal guy that is deja annual on grass right before the day that's exactly so it was a kind of a challenge them. I find somebody alike but also silly I had sex with. Or to have chemistry gallery and I don't you want to your nose and your friends or your everybody's. And they jumble together it's like who we might date that's what's a rare Mea mentor my question looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea Miller morals and I've been friends for years who tried to have sex was six or sometime numerous positions just never could write we would read books everything in the come sutra Williams admitted three we made up our man from the German mark from. But the thing is and it's hard to do. Yeah legs don't know the third set we tried Indian who said you know what it is for asthma than. As a muffins voiced opposition it was what was wood to bloomers hello Ron welcome to the men's room. All obviously just a guy. Yeah this happened a few years ago I was. Hanging out at a buddy's place and I play little Amador Bieber in the backyard there outdoor. Bigger man Yi immature political turn into Dixon's second. Anyway. Yemen but he is back turned into I spun it it is kinda edit mode long and find the car. OK. But anyway I spotted this volume of what looked like Clinton I mean that's that's simply balls. And I got a running start and really put my toe into it. And this kind of leave there and agony. I can see that. Some holes in the two finger over in Iraq if you go to war and started to go bowling ball yes sir got it airborne about twenty hole. Wow that's impressive it was good good tick how much damage to the duty your foot. All my goodness. My big tore my read so it was shattered. Hall so you never play soccer than a sensation. No more I used to OK all I would tell me why would you leave you with the you're tell you kids with your toes spore form. But they went oh I don't like what's it like you're gonna kick all issued a smacked the entire top of your foot broken and build on ninety pieces that noted in my contact points are much hit it exactly 'cause like. Yeah that would be horrible dude so what good would happen after that and how long we been laying in the grass how long do you think you speak we're already you know. I'm actually. I didn't feel so badly that they actually got up and women working. And that matchup that Rudolph had big toe was yellow and purple and green being rated no it was shattered. Now I bet men taken up bowling ball of the U brother might be one of the only individuals. In the world who is he was kicked the bowling ball with everything they've got. I got to where I want our lives let's squall well I decision. You one of the only people. Now let her prison the other way. You nor any high percentage of people that have capable of all gone and airborne based on you not knowing it was a bowling ball for no one would voluntarily go to O'Reilly does anyone know why I knew it was a bowling ball never kick right whenever Zell I think you're the only person who's ever done. I know my body turn around just does that put our foot into it going no mold. To have any accidents have always have to be you have to be accidental cause I'm 100% of the time exodus someone has kicked a bowling hall. Airborne they did not know was bowling ball up until the point demagogued it I do nobody who was there via a bowler bowler and he had an unlimited supply balls he was bullet bullet multi sponsored tour so he would get certain things which we thought was cool. A loop when we realize thanks Joseph the shirt that I have on as a bowling shirts and but it still my shirt you know any yellow shirt you know this camera stuff and whatever the company wasn't responsible hammer also would it would sponsor his call. I don't believe in what you need to realize about bowling is as different balls for different Elaine slick trial this stuff so did not know he had like. Many many balls and some of those balls might have gone out of the big hill. How many vigilance cited any of them I was really don't know where we revealed there was he part of our guys still in his I'm not telling emails on the way to the men's hurled a men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network.