05-10-17 Seg 3 Mens Room opens the grammar book

Wednesday, May 10th

Emails, Headlines, The Word is all about Words you're saying wrong! and Who Sucks Less is between a racist father, a corrupt town government, and a cancer patient with a little weed


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I rockaholics. This is the men's room would miles and drill 99.9. KI DS. Hey guys so they bring. That's the pay grade I grass 2070 I don't know Saturday June Tony for the white river and the theater will see their record stone sour baby metal pretty reckless and a whole lot more friends and Iraqi. Also taken the main stage. This year you have listing options and a tag is available KI SW dot com including the men's room happy hour and a half party. Grab those they are won't pass by the way it's private party get a little bar for ninety minutes there. As we will endorsements or read Vince and sausage and hang out with you guys so I get that in all the ticket packages that KI SW dot com for this year's pain in the grass and hundreds of like watching today looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea we will take a quick break and make it reader emails in the men's room amends or live dot com that. Now I'm back in the men's room win miles it's 99.9. KI SW. Our question men's room lifestyle today looking back maybe blank was a really bad idea and here come here emails in the men's or women's remind our job. Approach your volleys are brought improper or some interim original red because with a good Jennings. Yeah every time you pick have a toll throughout bomber a six pack of twelve bacteria case amends or read you do a lot of good. As a portion of the net proceeds benefit our three local Fisher house is so we know we have a lot of beer choices out there and we appreciate every time a big government or rent. Our inspiration for our question today. An article on people sharing the dumbest things they've done out of sheer curiosity. A couple more as far as that impact goes spears the government. My father and I swung aluminum baseball bat simultaneous assignment Newton to move simultaneously. Act passed it each other to hear that loud clank noise. That they make an impact and so what do we connected I didn't hear the clank more of a loud thud. I missed his bats and hit his hand. Broke his knuckles and explain the mom why were out their fighting each other with baseball bats given seat. That doesn't become your problem it become major problems problem because the key in this story is mean and my father Montoya. Shared stupidity never too old elixir minerals guys Death Valley has lots of these little formations on the floor places they look like little columns. About five to six centimeters times a minute look like is still like tight probably. I knew they were salt but had to lick what. So I've been over and licked one yeah it's all I was fifty years old that I'm geez come on that result. They're standing their bases as assault. And they have now. Thank gets down on his hands and knees and elected in that yeah that's all you're pleased old Death Valley new dump the wanna lick things sticking out of the ground I think pavlik. Assault statute whenever I don't like if the what is legal it's so. I got a lately and you don't it's it's just so I think the salt shaker on the table you know itself you don't legally the top of it goes on to your advantage you are. Yeah but that's where it should be on the table Beazer is growing out in the desert I just got that crazy sold in nature later at all you're Himalayan Cecil we were yeah. Same idea but I wouldn't tell you I was in the Himalayas and there was a Little Rock commit to it that's all I'm Elaine seesaw battle it what you think that's you pick your pink Himalayan Cecil was. I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond that some liquids are no authority over your own a digital with the Himalayas at this time aren't cooking ground. When a fifteen years old like it to my based on windows legacy how easy was to break into my house turned out pretty easy break in and out you know who know because money go to replace Wendell. And this is a good one when I was younger. After I had a bath I decided that I would slide around the tiled bathroom floor naked. Pretending to be a penguin I'm not against that there was actually a lot of fun it's going to be fun and it. I've never I think I've. When I was an adult I peed my pants just tried. For an adult yeah. Were were you at yeah I know you could have to wait and be unit where where he's he's stayed together about the numbers on the Olympics it ought. And that is showered I'll bet you this would you just beat yourself to suit goes like. How drunk were you. So. I hit it was like in the morning out in a shower anyhow. You like them is gonna. Let's yeah quickly and then click anywhere but what inspired you tools. Like I had to do remember and let alone I'd like I don't even want go to click on the other kids feel is going to be my opinion I think honestly I think I'd watch like. Is kind of back in the day delay member like real sex on HBO they don't know always that kind of different sexual stuff on the as an in nineteen stuff about family alone being. Ali I understood how fetish is worked out gives Diana I'll give it a shot it's kind of lets. Law and order who's got like Ahmad turned around I like. Not as to have beyond it now initiative. Hollering while yeah. I don't know as a legitimate guys Amanda Smart Car bomb at a two full breaks of middle sparklers it was somewhere around eight inches in diameter and all done live in the cinema parents. Backyard. And ran and ran back up to the deck of boom. Woke the neighbors and had a good laugh of the morning apparent show me a metals sparkle or rod lodged in the side of the home. Maybe two inches of over my body and our standing in court cover. That from B dub. Yeah I guys it's a toss up between that setting the toilet on fire and lighting flash power. Without the black powder fuse both of which my girlfriend did back in high school. She poured bath oil and nail polish remover in the toilet and drop the mansion she's is playing both substances on fire. Surprised she flushed the toilet which put it out but soon after a certain smoky smell came out the toilet. As for the flash powder sending an awful black powder fuses a camera traditional fourth of July for her family one timer dad forgot the black powder fuse and the flash powder went off two feet from her face. You guys those arrested once on an outstanding Lawrence failure to appear for confinement. And put into the Santa Cruz high security jail area until like you'd see the judge the following Monday. Since I was a bit of a rally youth and had been arrested previously for assaulting a police officer they were gonna put me in with a regular fenders. A walk in the myself and saw button where someone had scribbled under the bus in the words room service. I was curious about the amenities at the jail has battering the room service bill. Needless to say this was not room service. This was the emergency alarm and all hell broke loose there were 78 officers dressed in full riot gear were shields busted in the community area proceed to drag my ass out of the cell. For some attitude adjustment they took me into the elevator and stop to between floors were they proceeded to beat the crap out of me for being a Smart ass. Through all that I must say it at a better short rib dinner ivy that weekend in jail. With all that that from Saudi we have injects. I leaders and inching one says hey guys looking back. I know was a bad idea to have ice cream at the park I'm real estate agent I wanna give up enjoy the nice weather while talking to potential homebuyers and sellers. A burger general wagon around apartment by spring. And two of the kids blow to the parent about real state could go to great until some almost creeped out and called cops army of god said. You can see how people can be were down by guy with a wagons handing and I history although I am not a united. We have we have. Guy we know and he had to do they work delivery. Either he had to drop it off to someone he knew it was part of the school I'm not exactly sure what the deal heroes. Yet he had to drop off delay based on what he does for a living. To a teacher at a school hate him to drop by the school's social house and like anything else maybe is a little early teachers and class can't exactly run out of between periods like anything else come out and stuff whatever. So he's sitting in the car. In a parking lot of a school of as a middle school monitor what do elementary or middle. We had as good up and sunglasses arm. And he's not thinking about this to the gay and he's waiting for a body and him. He had done some printing forms and probably due to knew that he was coming it is like you said he got there early in he's not thinking about it. A once they elect on his cell phone sunglasses on. Hadn't shaved four bit Dakota comptroller the producer and he is the cops are called on him affects the other cop show and easy to acquire the cubs come Anderson as the cubs brought about these like. Oh my god I don't outlooks man I sort of got it all back everybody's like hey man it's it's very uncomfortable but he adds that. I can see why may be here's the thing people in the school of predicament basically if you have kids you care about kids and you think about kids and waited that stuff works but if you don't. There's no reason for you'd ever grows and not ever I mean that's the difference or is not one bit of is it the fact that. If I didn't have kids I would never think about it I would never be around kids is not personal I love my kids is just. Tickets are like automobiles and Simon and on them deal schools different and used her brother's a teacher of mine when I ordered visit him at his elementary school you have to check in an absolute heroes like room down a hall known outlook for mr. Schmidt yet inevitably learn I got a few more we've got a cold you. Thought it was one of those big inflatable rubber balls are different Safeway night and kansans turned out as a bowling ball I didn't realize this league are Broussard kick this thing about. So I did the same things bowling ball. Except the door armadillo. Equally as regrettable those bitches are dense. How. What do they can armadillo be capable. You thinks is that it is capable but diverted targeting and a lot of weight under themselves well. When I was a kid may be five or six years old wanna see how the results applied for my motorcycle a how hot it was. So I grabbed. New sag a severe second degree burn in my hand. About a firecracker or adulterer I'm pretty sure that went off and hide it put a firecracker. In adulterer. And finally the C one went through I was about sixteen. Some friends and I. I'll we're tackling snowman and then I saw little three foot tall snowman on the corner so I got a nice running start perfect form tackle then guerrillas of Google's snowman around the fire and oh boy at a time you extreme out there in the midst requirement to provide our god. The second worst thing to do there'll be you do pile of leaves that we've got the boot I knew like this and people used to drive through piles of leaves and stuff for their cars and shortsighted view of the serpent cinder blocks inside the pile. I am ma'am ask diverse amount birthdays shall we try to get to as many of these as possible can I get a birthday song for my new baby daughter Emilia. Pronounced Emilia born this day at 8:53 AM I did you get a little kids they sandwich please thanks guys. Is a lovely lady Alley cats Tony thirty love closing and the laughing along your radio show while maintaining the beauty and cleanliness. Of cliff side RV park. Could you get a barbershop quartet faced sandwich please thanks guys. Beers it sooner you book I wrote this and win. G.'s daughter on this. That's melodies have reason he's in jail really is she in the morning and afternoon and news and I am not. Different ostensibly for a birthday having a big old bong rip forum thanks guys a man asked. Guy's name is Sander I'm 25 years old today haven't a big old LeRoy Jenkins and a possible got to get some of that wedding puke. Movie. Guess I'll I don't know I don't suck and they're waving at events or guys as a particular gonna suck it up cupcake PS miles is sexy thanks. Oh. It's the last and dilemma that was actually a bald Mexican dude charge I don't love you Islam and sort of a biker and got Watson I think dozen. Guys on Tony eight today out loaded you guys to give me a LeRoy Jenkins as a dirty German talk about my blue lie and brown nine UC I have two different colored eyes. That from Timmy to tone. Leo look they we tell you truth you have to brown eyes and number two the wielded this group one. Not the way I can't complain with all your eyes let's talk about accomplishing eyebrows. Fellows early in Germany Kraft Mac. And the success you know what thank you Leo Middle East for the past month and running you guessed as Herbert they shut up and another my friends listen to humans are a little less than. Attorney Tony nine years of age nine hours sooner this year also finishing backpacking through thirty countries in the past two years. A my only request is a happy birthday from the lovely Robin and of course the birthday song. Our bonds had that from Red Bull yeah. You wanted to happy birthday yeah but he's in Germany Latin fully kingdom wants to ask how effective their religious religion but strap. They don't want to actually do that again does what I heard I don't deserve an orange suddenly Cuba extra you can try to save pretty doesn't matter fully kingdom bush staff still scared they still run like dean in your butts to think that this is the the problem is I mean it is Germans just trying to parliament on in the look at them. I would like to wish my wife Janet's a very happy birthday we met 31 years ago. In wise beta in Germany job setting appropriate for you guys Q givers and dirty talk thanks guys. You can join me for my new experiment why I have half and it happened to pull a college that news. Now portion of the woman and why he's beaten each nominee can't wait no more messed up I. Guys I'm 34 today. And I shared today with number there's nobody's noven Mikey to get it timed take off the leash in a LeRoy Jenkins. Thanks guys and rock on that from Graham does. Have a single season. We. Her brother Josh 38 years old most thousand brother girl could ever as four would not trade the world forum could you guys throw into internal sex sorry thrill little gross amount thanks guys from Angela. So are they shot to my cousin Marcellus great guy great cousin in law nobody asked for plus he's always. Got throw for the blunt. For his birthday at a guy gets a Jersey miles trying to sell him some slack to a Nadia German who just wants to get in his trousers. It's good to be slowed over here. Now numbered about Rand slacks this Marcellus. Drilling in the months to see you sneak. Yeah I usually use them because that does blows I got blanks blanks and a browns led to gas plants like that it did slack for guys like. You need. A man with anemic Marcellus I'm picturing pink socks. It is my brother Jason 43 birthday and I like to request a birthday song plus side canals or gets morning puke thanks a lot guys that from Jack. Yet today as I still say geez fared must if you know she's cute and I'm a beautiful wife kit goes 44 timer on the sun conceded some dirty German talk from thriller deadly. Got USA. I can't believe it's not about my forehead and that was a because it's not. Get off. Guys you go through it and really cheered as a butter for. John. You. Know what you go it's just funny how no apparent to see me but fees. It was not a bad now it's love bug flew before that I'd. It is just and pronounced we former drug isn't dirty urine from Ted and thrilled to get in the mood for some birthdays settles from the life and I get home. Yeah I have I've never besides the headlights look at and. Non union Democrats over you know you'll real style deli style. But the relieved. Kidnapped nickel fast seventeen. I don't have it. He's what does it look kind of goes I think all dealers though gives you that there's an amendment to an individual event deli style pepperoni may give equal to keep it. Down buddy judge birthday I know it those internals accent for Margie. Act sort of sex act scared off. Hi Emma Morley listen you all every day in a way home from work slowly the Tory. I would like Zetterberg they shout to my hubby Eric. He absolutely hates his birthday and appreciate though if you do the following to make this an unforgettable 51 hello barbershop faced sandwich thanks guys up from the lovely and that. Used it to move people around these and we had. G.'s daughter on the side. They'll have these damn reason he's still really issue in the morning and afternoon and and not. Plus an hour from now the first quick check to my doctor some of the stories and headlines he has not sorting out. I found that sound. Bold lead their products like she's announced skim milk aren't actually bad. For you I don't though they were ma'am and you know like you broke low fat thing Mike what does the fat version bad for you Google for low fat to convince people that was bad for him. That does say here that some people do think that the study BS stuff. Father is a woman in Kansas if if if if if if that's what I say to them. That was about it. Tried there's a lot again visible solid to back. I mean that's part of the issue right in the eighties it's got to get rid all the facts reformer thing. We'll sugar and salt right there isn't always that diabetes and if you did that affect equipment. There's a woman again this is such a bad drivers some of senator FaceBook page called quote CRV lady awareness of Topeka. Toward people for when she's on the road. Dale too because rough that is bad for the job is akin drive right a group will be able coming together as they like yeah they're they're running. According to a new study 34 kids go to the hospital every day because of cute of injuries Moses that most of from parents that their ears. To help parents are doing apparently on gas output from barrel on the parents and is in the warning children know warn the parents there. You did say to be careful all the time you think kids are going out buying Q tips are you just momma from the store and I like poking Miley Q tips. After high school ages late Q Tiffany. I the manager and my parents bathrooms mantra from the men as anybody in high school today mania boulders fallen out a year Paul. That's I got into you I guess that's what motivates Nancy took a and that's if that is that is god cares what a four year old man a Massachusetts got busted for drunk driving on Sunday while driving with no tires on the right side of the aren't just a rims would get a little gave it away and finally problem northern giving their date something and I did plays of course causes this year if you. You know relay as it on the floor and I'll tell you know about a one hour from now okay thank you I we appreciate it we do have deadlines given a one hour from now also still look on the return of whose Sox last but source. I got them on the Obama. Everybody had the honor those in medium. When you have things. But that's just like a video of how you tie your shoes wronged you guys see that the deadlock on Maytag Hugo. Words did you know pronouncing you guys did not know that. What I tire issues and you shoot wrung their entire lives haven't had a rock. Oh my god we'll get into that after the regular I'm wrong to think come on guys not only like dad if you've been saying words from your entire life so believe and on a ton of common words. That you have been saying some of these are funny. All right just based on how people slip up others are pretty pathetic let's start out here it says it's up list here in and out that a good kind of way. Don't say a crossed. Say winds across across dead driver Anchorage and has a lawyer I've passed that like Al. It's a cross to. The street. I'm in India means that it is just across the street would say that men are you would look stunt like. Little kids say it a lot little kids that they know something's passed since they had CD's so even. Like I believe do do. I folded Darren and I get that government talking full room of balls like I went across this is a this is from dictionary.com and basically an Orlando is the 100 most often missed renowned work into Marco does get your view up here. I don't say alzheimer's disease. Obama does is absurd it's like people say old timers defeats I used to say I didn't know is now alpha. Again I say although I still don't feel that habit roll people hear your perspective as a kid so why are they old timers and don't say an Arctic. Heidi Antarctic. And ironic Antarctic no deceit. That is correct however our OK athletes. Don't say athletes. Or athletic. I was here athlete and athletes athletic. Not after the leak to our athletic. Bar bitchy what's don't save more vigilant. Or dual. Save barbiturate. There is a car a barbiturate are barbiturate that is correct build a you don't wanna sleep the thing right of the sound wrong there's sin and and a calvary. Calvary and cavalry and how hagel not calvary damage cavalry. Yeah marrying Maria. Don't say card shark he's a card charge card short. Carter the shark. Threats that is exactly right. I don't know that the Obama book called the something in the card shark and I'm like what the cards are one of the first it says in the book is it's a card shark you can say you're wrong. Don't say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Powerful carpal. Don't Saturday artful and wait your mind don't say Chester drawers say he's just of chests of drawer he's not just the drawers is like underwear than just the cheetah Woodson. Played Agassi are so nice fringe. Don't say de violates. Dilute delay delay delay Rhoda and continued to delay era films they did the area. OK let's say if the area the PH is an app would do if you immediate period. I don't say it's a doggy dog world. Dog eat dog dog eat dog world don't say X that are up at seven and it set for a don't think February saying February February don't take federal. Federal federal federal. Don't say flounder. Program. Flounder like to make an error not the home. Out don't flounder or perhaps I'm just saying yeah I mean it's founder. Found her yet rarely get older guy like I am floundering as a complete fail don't say Forte. Horrible unfortunate it's Ford's. Report that he is silent unless of the world are talking amounts speak her music by your Forte passage Boca. Our ports that's not we'll have more today is. Familiar port is actually. Don't say. Kind akin to remover. This seriously when was hot under don't know I don't know maneuver since. Gee I'm glad all right kinda can remove Heimlich maneuver think about that I know whale could that possibly mean. Don't say and Brent disease. Ruthlessness parenthesis. I don't say interpretations. And turf and interpret. Your regardless regardless regardless jewelry. Jewelry good jewelry but is anyone really think that wonders on my favorite ones in the often most often miss pronounce words and phrases in English language. Do not say eight. Ku Klux Klan that. Saying Ku Ka boom transplant. If you're gonna be racist get the gas rights need Jesus. Don't say liable. Nibbled. Thought I might Hawkins you know really got liable liable very good added don't say man names. May you may donate may go days don't seem miniature. And what is there not to let miniature many a miniature thermal benefit do not say mute. You're not Amy who's moved two points boots yeah MO OT Luke. Don't think new killer. Right to know one doesn't have the Georgia the it's it's its nuclear Wright knew when Leo was the wrong one new killer you can do dinner. Yet how about a ordinance don't say ordinance. Could not say ordinance for distance. Ordinance. Not ordinances. Or or is it next look at don't say orient tapes. Oriented oriented oriented not even work bottler from tax. And his teammate you're sure bad not sure Burke's power again there are known as soon. And by the way it's turned him and not born Americans don't say it's my prerogative. Were rog and prerogative correct don't say prescription. Not purse Christian prescription. Prescription. Right James Harden will play an answer or draw federal don't say that you're giving aid. We description another priest grip we have written this in advance could get people think first scripture don't say I'm real that are. Proud to have known bundles in Real Madrid real for real tour don't save prevalent. Rebel lengths relevant relive that she's not prevalence. Don't say server two. Then there it is nerve it's how about silicone. God the silicon silicon unless of course you're talking about the subject to put in your body if you expressed by the way and other local detectives also supposedly. It is oppose it that the F yellow and I know is don't put an act that espresso. Don't say spay and neuter your dog stay stay. Day don't stay up most. Most don't say up most of most. Yes. Utmost the utmost about footage and don't say Borough bridge our craft. We've been slain that term rap Latin office. Vermont verbiage birdie out of it'd draws and UH oven for all of us do not say voluptuous. Voluptuous. Below Q does not mean lump. We know that I think a lot of us the yen problem got to fatten. His one's gonna really pissed everybody off on gives you laugh right. Don't say yoke. You'll say you'll know don't even have a right have a zoo. You don't say resume. It actually is though. So really enjoy the only result is though I don't know won't go to them so you visited a lawyer mind it don't say wax. Do not say wet. As if he's dating as then I'm wet from the rain had an effect on how you pronounce. IB three. Your clothes it's a W it's it it's at each W sound on the WH. It's wet. What hog Glenn was there that hole what that's that it's raining and I'm a whole complex question okay I guess economic benefit among white the number of marijuana I couldn't. Now they're gone there's now 100 words that you are pronouncing went up. Are coming up we've got this job today on the way we'll take a break and come back to the return of whose Sox last next. We weren't trying just all or anything but it's welcome back to the main. I'm going nine KI DSW. I contestants. Today and all this wake up profile displaying her to gets to lead a full are wielding the game formally known as black white a makes the urge you coming up bright after the shot of the day at first yeah. This room wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. After I was again Barr whose Sox last Steve destroy Hilliard who has three stories from the news and it is a dozen determine which of these three stories. So all policed it now feel like the men's room page on FaceBook the debates already under way on who sucks like CS bid as a brief overview we have a loving father from the fine fine state of Arkansas. We'll be good BV against the city government of Flint, Michigan that you might members in the news because they saw. And finally they will be competing well against the police of Wichita Kansas. There might be a little reactionary but you'd be the judge and off we going to socialist let's start in my favor voiced. Arkansas. Where anyone by the way who doubts that racism. The still alive and well in America he need only to look at the text exchange between one white Arkansas father and his teenage daughter. Regarding her prom day kindergarten or the small but. And the haze she's a high school senior from lake village are consents. Q did your plan originally with a male friend one Philip Friedman who happens. To be black. You know that goes well when upon other solution does not liberal but when her father sold photos. He was a good bit of course you us and he sent her a long tirade of races sexes sentiment telling her that. He was not disarming her and calling. Calling both her and her date. Heart breaking the offensive names but it picked for miles motive I had picked up villainous but whoever says that though Philip is just a friend who's also poor relief fund is super cute so she's math models probably importantly. And his dad who she says has always been vocally racist government to miss and Arkansas. He's all the pictures online wasted no time Jerry disappointment with her. And an incredibly abusive man rubble will throw these 71 quote. I won't be coming to your graduation. Brought major college go live with the (%expletive) That's fathered a daughter. Yeah. You know having a daughter my own hometown event when I was prime examples of that while Bob Obama really can't be broad. This path now let's go to Flemish had conversation listen to on time with your own daughter Sharon Collins and to go live. You just don't you know out here yet he has created their own duke game. Just trying to slam it and out terrorism part but making me crazy. Let's go deployment to get what are by now most everyone knows that the multiple government officials and Flint, Michigan knowingly poison thousands of men and women and children. Abu cities which permits municipal water source to the Detroit water system to the Flint river. Both Flint river now. At the poisoning of a residence in total wasn't enough now the city's flood the threatening to take people's homes. For refusing to paying for the tainted water that the switch from June 1. Although flat which blew the whole thing blew open about a year ago. It's largely up ahead want to understand the crisis is still pulled residents pastoral and able to drink the water. Maybe most Graham was rely on bottled water where everything from brushing your teeth cooking baby you name you can use. What's an attack so and sweat of multiple officials facing criminal charges there has not been single conviction. The only be able to face it the consequence so far over the atrocity and breads. All the citizens who were forced to still pay for water that they literally cannot cannot use. And after the city made the switch back in 2004 woman by the name of Melissa means she's one example. That earner family sort of developing rashes hair shirt pulling out her neighbors all have the same issues. They figured out of slaughtered so let's look man we re out of W water she stopped paying a bill because they stopped using the water. At all. You think you'd have a pretty good excuse me that everyone in America knows when I'm there but. Turns out that not only badly the stands to lose your home for refusing to pay for the state of water and back over eight. Thousand separate families got a notice in this week. Just like the woman's woman got after those who refused to pay the bills and pulled. And listen by may nineteenth. They see the city can foreclose on the home. And take him now because you're not paying your mortgage but you're not paying for the water that they intentionally sweat despite the fact of the new. That a full poison and out of the people who live in Flint understands full poise and understand they don't want to pay for the water because there's not a single thing they can use of and unless they want to kill himself does is just the tip of the iceberg on this all that as far as towns cities places Flynt is the first you've heard of that this is gonna continued her for years until the infrastructure thinker. The difference with us once it's it's the first you can still threatened through the limbs and management and good morning to take their home event I want you to kill them. And now let's go to Wichita Kansas a grandmother with terminal cancer and she's an. The did seems in her system because it's in a medication. That are pharmacist says she needs an order to eat while on chemotherapy so Angela cash and let your name. Just colorectal cancer and she's in jail as a result of the DY although she had nothing to drink she says quote. I had merit and all my system that the doctors and Oklahoma gave me to fight cancer and fighting cancer for five years. Merrill by the way and it's FDA approved to medication for cancer patients and helps them keep down food. And it's the synthetic form of GHZ and it is probably leave us led the past fed ruled. Made this okay is not what they would you synthetic marijuana says that only shows up as marijuana but pizza is the reason that. The government alleged killers off a box is my parents made and armor of the one legal gradient and they did the same thing here and so anyway according to be pharmacists. She says that the did Jenna blood one is not enough to make anyone two it's not actually TH C and as a result of there putting her in jail for 48 hours. She was forced mr. chemo session which forced her to restart the whole regiment again. So ready drug candidate to start again to get shipments to life. That's the situation we're doing well from the dumb ass country sometimes and we have a look see the wonderful father and Arkansas this Sony his daughter. Today marks aren't. We have the find that the city folks in Flint. Who will foreclose our New York home because you're not paying for poison water that they intentionally. Switch for you two and half years ago. And then they are taking on the police over Wichita Kansas. We'll freaking out about faked he would soon from a federally regulated drug issues prescribed sushi you need food while she gets radiated. While dealing with cancer chick but yeah I thought. You know I'll start tonight. I think flick sucks the most how to do that you know it was well and I think we're all in the same age here unknowingly poison people night or soon. I would say never to. A death where is that Kansas. The woman that mr. chemo treatments prejudice distorted damage you know anybody that's ever had chemotherapy it is the most one of the most awful things in the world. Right right as is they federally okay grosso again. We'd indeed see estate lost this is approved by the FDA because that's not. It's the same reason you can do oxygen synthetic version of heroin but at the point is made and sunny that when Sachs deal. I knew that I ago. Now how might the follow that you see in the end birdies stuff and a Sony and his daughter because he's date she. I'd say that's that's the least in your media to Ottawa just you can protect just because they. Or sucks the most. Hey dad didn't they act I thought it just unfortunate seems par for the course in a lot of places in on their app. Obviously there aren't they a little more perfect but I agree it's like look it's Arkansas. It's Arkansas so this guy and I know not everyone and arkansas' like this guy but my perception is that everyone and arkansas' like this guy but right to Greta. At least he doesn't live with the guy. He's already choosing not to be part of his saw him saying this is his give up this is my guess now I'm taking responsibility dark I don't I look like this. She's fortunate that this guy his excommunicated himself from her life grass so if it and I would I would say that's all right. There's a lot of people out there who would never say anything like that to their child this guy's I don't have a date means you would have this guy's dumb enough. To make those types of statements obvious he's not the right is individual that's the way he feels she's probably going to be a much better place. Without this guy and her life than with this guy in her life. So my mind I'm glad this gonna happen for her because now she get the hell away from him and it's a reason because she probably knew the guy was a racist her whole life but now it's out there for everybody to see. And it's and news item. So even more so than Netflix Lucknow yelled Miller talking now you know you see what my well my father is all about settling out the other two story shocked me like even when I know the dirt bags they're about. Still shocked me at the veracity. The deeds in Kansas I in his thinking and his little behind the times on that but it's not a real cheap seat. Fluff up but Arkansas and I'm like yeah that's about what I expecting the road from Arkansas but think about the would think about that kid you don't mean it's gonna go on the prom on the state. I think about how he field. You know I mean like payoff finally console until the problem that's nice. But still I think that's not the least we had great we won't Rosen John does as any this from the tax. The council which is also the least it's not their fault that the test came back positive did say. So they followed the law and that's true so they came back DNC we know we know now that I regular voice well does she miss a team. Right braille so for 48 hours even if it was marijuana that's excessive. For the drug in place of let's assume that she had impaled upon on her kind. You still should have been in jail 48 hours that is still following the law you can't argue that later this duo Bob and you can't I just let go but I think you're good point. For Heidi if I didn't do point shout out death. If you get beyond the men's room FaceBook page the debate continues there on who Sox last are I have admitted to bring it.