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Wednesday, May 10th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Curious George and a lil Hairdresser! Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly takes over


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That somebody else. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. My days. Data that is usually had considering desk can't see the draw vilified on nortel's yes indeed and today we chose an unidentified man from too little to lose the backpack. You'll end of that says store I live in Long Island off the little pee in a poem is the Yahoo! will be able crawled. Couple weeks ago. The guy breaks into a clothing store New Orleans and he you know I was do you think in this is well put together he Boston through the ceiling and it doesn't come crashing down when most guys. A Lopez were our rope lowers become sliding down the rope and thrilled footage shows that as soon as he got into the store. If you don't abandon plans still declaring it became exclusively focused and how he was going to get the hell out so. For almost threefold and it is only plan that he had he's realizing this now was to climb back up the rope. But obviously we know merchandise in your hands doesn't work so well so he climbed the shelves you propped up furniture he just trash to play trying to get back into the ceiling then finally. He realized or the door which you ran out of empty handed the cops. The cubs are still put conform. They have no idea how you see the road slide down to it seemed like a well thought out thing he grabs a few things even if you look at the rope and realized. I got really do not think the surgery goes crazy trying to get out and finally. The walks around it was clothing store its clothing store. How heavy can this stuff a bit but imagine we're gonna put the clothes and if you plan anyways to climb back up you roper and yet. I mean unless you like Sylvester Stallone and first Iraqi you need both yeah. Your dude to AB should put a mark and you would think it's a new layer it was a big and tall store called Fat Tuesday. Now down to a golf I played I didn't do every printers did back that rope they were usually that's or else they. I could only ever. There's an dude can't drive general thing by my vows in shape to Shimmy up that that definitely not tied is give them now only is easy even if you fall you get to the same boys you know fall out. Hundreds of illustrate. With the smooth and retreat to smooth because they of Yemen and got whacked over the tong and down looks wrote to Bahrain in aren't Tommy's. Doubt not a whole lot of thought I. Stick Arnott line right now duels export to a rocky good labor take us to see lead a Ford coming up Clearwater casino resort Thursday June 8 game. Is profiled as a we will play in minutes it's miles domains are married I point nine KI SW Seattle. It's. Miles. Nine point nine that's. I guess you never talk target doesn't sell this way playing for days as he lead afford that joy Clearwater casino resort Thursday June the eighth you must be 21 or older to dinner for the KI SW dot com for complete details they're goes. True precepts. It seemed to help please don't want to help profile this is playing at Georgia and miles it's as simple game weren't sure you have. The real life news story. Something that happened right here I'm blender or. Or. Or and I do let's do a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be sure about people and the decisions that people make less Woodard is you think makes the story a story. Hello Kevin welcome to the Madrid. Oh and I want and I. Iraq I'd. Jedi jedi understand how this here game was played. You are right here is your story let's face it if we gonna go all the cops on someone make sure that you don't commit a worse crime than they did. While the police are and here's an example of 36 year old guy you want to convenience store in Salem New Hampshire. Called in men and borderline discount. How a couple of nights ago he called police after ten non paying customers left her car in the parking clearly marked like him and this is for customers of my please only. But on the cover showed up but indiscernible rusty and this guy for Randall knows why because after the forum called. Yeah you know 43 year old employ them out of the barn allowed thirty drilling holes. In more than twenty tires untenable cost prizes visit the park in his life he called the cops and in the time there he goes outside flattens all the titles. So it comes checking surveillance footage to prove that he did it and they found drove of the used as well. Both men are facing charges for falsifying physical evidence and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief. They're doing court in a little while. Question is do you believe that this story on the call the police were illegal parking in his life is black whites Maxi or Asian. What kind of business look at video that you say. At a discount store. I'm going to get your cheap liquor your cheap smokes. A children's stores Asian reducing it was a few New Hampshire. BA. You know man kind of lean on your side deal. Ran the shop. Is a parking lot. With the make money is serious business. Pipe that he called the cops and then went out and there. My thing it down eight and right. New Hampshire is very very whites you hate to put the sticker on the guy who owns corner store to mediation guy. Not nearly the Asian population. On the East Coast that there is on the West Coast obviously geographical and that reason. I agree I think you're right but isn't it funny I've been to some small towns in my dad how close scrutiny should do not run in the storing your child grows. Through my don't feel you're Ohio was your listeners in years ago. And I had to stop at a motel room they go through that tired at this point and it's the middle of the night. I want to do as McDonnell Douglas now all the little hole sort of understand most of the rooms in this motel were occupied. Because the Klan was having a rally in this city to make our city reasonably close the next day. And the guy you don't have to babble I walked into the lobby of the small town is an agent. Alex you've got to believe the brand comparable so. He had to do that a lot of people used aggravation final answer. I got you normally act eight. With nick that nick is exactly wrong because nothing bullets until that time only a little user. The professional racist Huntsman and and to animal. Always remember him nodding your an iPad while I wanted to find our to find out who's black white meg C or Asian next fat with a team. Actually than men's. W I I does that profile that's what got a New Hampshire now right above all places and and a fellow who was. None too excited that people are using his party wanted his a discount store as a place to store their vehicles over the knighted for customers only as he's clearly marked on the signs smiles and he decided to call the cops and let them know that all these people were parked illegally in the meantime though he did do was go out this money. And it's a good drill they probably twenty of the forty cars tires the Rorer. Ten cars that punctured tires on each of twenty tires to regards aren't kept a little. And asked you with you talk to the store owner was black whites mix seat or Asia and smarter than being in New Hampshire. You decided to go Asian based on what the fact that it's a discount market. Yeah that sounds terribly race. I'm okay. It. You know. Okay. I've got another important I would the editorials. You really never dogged all they wandered by you got the early years ago hone our skills or your leg are racial console stressed the exam that's an RIQ man because those Cubans call you racist prank that's and a cannibal tonight the president race and racial goods company did ruin not one already going that you're not as resistance and I'm like dude it's 2017. Phrases that change change. Maybe there's a bit RBI racial his salty yeah we gonna do I'm no longer races that we go to businesses and stuff for new talks. Yeah you know you got servant hotlines are called lunch all right well hell he. It is got a divvied up reflected chicken of the fashion and what they want our lives for freedom. Breaking consultants. And some sort of the from myself. I had Asia Asia you have to go to the moon aren't nice work Bob thank you. A New Zealand stories and there's no more woman was from Pennsylvania and according to her does apparently he was arrested. For throwing bricks. At a man's car and she says that this was a prophecy from god because god told her to quote. Throw bricks. It weitzman. Now police in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is simply cried all this is britcaster that's grand total of 31 year old woman she used during breaks and a man's car the motor told police that he called for under Britain's car. And in chased her into an abandoned Roman Catholic school. Turn off. More police officers he'd discovered her hiding inside of a school locker room. But about a rest until the job she was carrying out her problems you can drop urging her to attack the white man with Britain's richest. Now the bell motorists whose target of this biblical raft he was not identified story no immediate information. And any injuries at the world anything but this woman now faces charges of propulsion of missiles and criminal mischief and defiant trespass. You believe those wolf. Is black white mixed the Virginia. Oh boy. OK. I think I can break this down and. She ran into a Catholic schools it was an abandoned Roman got all man who can zionists right outside Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She was throwing bricks and as you start to discuss specifically because he was why not because he's him but because in the white guy and according to her she admits that she did it. He says god told her specifically to throw bricks at whiteman. The report or to god what are you ready are you ready for this enemy. She's white. Yeah I thought about that you maybe it's a huge confusion thing you've got a message from god another dog confusion when guys who want Bloomberg and I just. At the end of the day. And they did a growing number movement on the still bricks and I'm home black. Well. The Catholic another would lead me to believe it might be Mexican. What did my eyes and abandoned please running into right it's a man that's another I don't know if I'm signal why Wal-Mart a mole why scheduled black yet. One abuse of women one of views not those of we show you the picture. I our water. How reliable with the a white guys playing only because god told her do good break up the good old stories we original consultant's a year man we got me that's why did you guys story and that into the league that's just unfair to the caller we go boldly the quote. Throw bricks at white men among you sniffed out our hollow deceit top honor the man. Why does not when you looks like somebody that would have random and acts there it seemed about as LeBron opener Dragan three events while this again tomorrow same game same time same bat channel all right for all the TV news all the time it is time for TV time attain. And now because you're pathetic life. Into countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. TV. Did exactly that brought to backs beneath it thousands of hit shows and movies instantly with Zenyatta may anytime anywhere today it's future also. You can call 800 zinni when he under a city. Did did did did did did did yeah. Are right I don't challenge for you to that Oka says hope TV segment and obviously TV themes are demolish. Do you want summer to play you a TV theme OK art scene you guess what it is now before I play it do you want any entity the you know. Well no that's it no I don't know him as well I think you're good you know we know what we don't and if we don't know well as house just dead. We're both allowed to ask if we don't know how many question two questions to each are out there and one question appease Iran we have not one question people are. Total to your total what I want one and one seed millionaire was like half of charcoal let me have it. But I play the whole thing is they. Think the show me a couple times is this on PBS. It's wise. Is that the new Sesame Street. It's not. On a bomb but did you ask your question what hey hey I failure just that could go with the thing well you can ask Brian hints I didn't ask for the quote we have enhanced it's not the news I know that. Without blew the I only for me hello everybody and answering it sounds like he did show right. Correct. I I have a hundred hint that help is okay but if there's a delayed this is just only people at the door open the door what your friends are there. So late. Blue's Clues. That I am now. It's my tide has to do with today's question and a couple of the topics as well lately news on the wasn't I don't know. Aaron I don't know I I view that was a good guess so because Sesame Street obviously got a good scenario right right and it changed the game we'll that's what is. All right one market demand and yellow hat. The. It was a book tour is George dude. Sorry Iran I don't know Leo's shot and no I don't EDS snuck a dude I was gonna I didn't by the great funky bottling up. Right you've read by Curious George. Much Jeff good football I don't know how he's no real goes all commodities and all these kids and I Jerel does the whole prime making it you don't care. Was the what's the gorillas live reds but we don't all the bad mood at a bad junior here goes and I want a man with a clean shaven as exit by Curious George. Our job out through the picnic there with actors and a I think you know that's one of those things too like why did nobody asked whether it's grown man dressed in all yellows disabilities act. Walk round of the month and convinced me even into a union yet. I just my chimpanzee exactly to check the website friends of monkeys. I will say Curious George. And done. Corduroy was probably the two children's stories I remember most just Curious George a bagel remember from school corduroy. And introduced to me a break had kids like my people bought the book until my house for a secular laws and really don't know making headlines it's a small bear trying to get a but. In a blog I don't small target of the book the ticket you advisors don't legitimate hero but a and it. What door to Connecticut and eight. You know how close are talking about little kids stiff stiff. I won't go much. I a blow to Carmelo I don't what did you remember jazz hands a car. I tended to and I I does that do different things I didn't have any sons son not and I are there I don't know that that's just not sure that starts here is this stuff. Stuff. Hourly does that start early on dude. What I discovered in my area the sun you gotta get a bath this morning is much like when you sleep in just happens a line he rolled out of battleground people's losses got him pull over only disastrous news back in the he has no idea. Once you hang coats on who content here it's our gators job if I stuff up. I had a bloody puddle lanterns that a product lines I know I'll leave that do not do that. Had a body that was like 66 and a modest home entertainment have a. Played Saturn college basketball this and that and he had a very. But he was well and out to order a good buddies and we ran a camp and efficient hunting camp way out the woods or whatever his stamina my family. First or shutting down so who 1 morning we wake up and I'm Chad with a my party peat stuff and finally use dude can you just turn around I can't get down with this thing right now. Police he was I only wish I he's in Alabama the banks iso sticking with little kids stuff. And this one's pretty funny. Basically this is is a mom kind of getting her her hair done by her daughter and like a real hairdresser the daughter kind of repeat stuff. And yeah that's how you can't Ukraine. And I'm at right. And grandkids plaque outside and see where else he gives him free. Milk only have to. Hang out water they guy animal. Zero DA it is and I'm excited yeah. Well I'm trying to me I can't hold any eighty crazy bull all lose their. Are. They did shout give you more than like want. Now let's face it called parenthood Malia is just hilarious kids it's just ape everything you don't realize how much attention they're paying you no matter what the agent you have no idea what's taken and it's a talk on the. You could see that video by the way if you went to the cast of you FaceBook watch the video because when the mom mentioned SeaWorld. That little kids how it might be out like her eyes light up so big it is is he your dead inside that don't make it happen yeah. You world to me means them entirely different. Somebody very angry when warming and the I got to go to see you weren't a primary and I can meet its and I. They think all the great you get it over the years to see where it's you were broom and I think that's at all I'm a that. That would be brutal. The last couple weeks a lot of things we've got to look at make him for dinner hole. You were and I'll play smelly raw fish and grandparents. Fissionable. A lot of people. Who did that limit that would have been or Goldman didn't fish in a book can. We. Get mad that isn't a drug remember Barr who otherwise go efficient about it from a man that would though there was going to own. Her friend over their units started solves the tartar Qatar. It. Tougher for tonight yeah you just double the gorton's fisherman a bonus you are mobile you don't I you don't. And stay clean. Let's look at the. All. I haul to the now what was really that look as if left myself out real good. I hate this and oh I just flashing back to once that terrible time the bathroom a very specific scent yes yes. So we talk a little bit about American Idol. Weather is it's been gone wasn't coming back and this and that and then of course Ryan Seacrest. Moved over to ABC. Ashe you moved over. Like Ryan Seacrest is kind everywhere. It can be anywhere wants from his when he bought Dick Clark productions like the new years rocket big eve Dick Clark fellow's a bit ABC stable so what he. When he does his own production company look he's put now shows what ever network wants to pick it up. If he's the host or not that's where he goes sure he's not married to anybody. Right so a lot of talks in my idols coming back and ABC he's on ABC so here he is kinda talking about a while. So what I do know is apparently it's unofficial though very close to being said it will be here I don't know if I can post that our yeah. You know I know you're busy in the mornings yeah. I understand it's hard doing double duty you've got the radio's chief at this. Our three. And that's my. Yeah. You know the preparation I have to do for the show every night. Did you think is different that I promise I need to know where it's like the day after I won't totally won't even have that how are not a a. Now ladies SeaWorld sounds like he's in the game it's like I said that exactly yeah. I say that I make it. It's pretty clear that if you wanna do that you can do that so that's yeah. I don't let that they break so here's a guy outside official now all of a pats Q did you leave like right. It's movement in the Yankees in the American obesity and its well right CE hasn't ruled it out so might well he wants to do it and and and we know how Kelly was when when Strahan started doing something now so I think he's like crap luck. Let me just make sure she's not a free. Good you look here's the bottom line ABC and pale that money for a show that right secrets hosting an incessant rain anywhere other than that I am because you know for a fact even like the apprentice did very well. And Donald Trump did very well in the ratings don't change much of the new put on over there I don't know watch Arnold to the bottom line is American public do not. So that show even though it was a pretty good ratings winner for for a period of time is always a back end that the hosting there but. Brent is a terrible ratings they just got worst with the correct correct. Either way you don't buy American Idol as a franchise enough but the guy who you know to be American Idol in the front of yeah bright Don Coleman took the treatment proud yeah. I drove it right guy I'm sure you. A hair right then hey I know both guys Coetzer yeah like I don't go where ABC's based out of the dark moments there. But hey bring back Brian actually I know give the gas muff. Actually tried to block nobody probably cares about Bryan Duncan you know actually I wouldn't even IDs and actually clapped irons right apologize. The thing is I had to read dry documents seem to remember it to say oh he does do. What do we may or is it Ryan Doumit. Who are you aren't aren't apartment nova who are you that you remain wider use here in front of me the protect act. It's a decent host American Idol you Ryan Seacrest in my full. You guys. This so yeah. Great Seacrest and Kelly rip us Alison that's a new one. Mean other shows sometimes people go often and do different things that they come back to get. So you don't remember for years on the late show. John Oliver. Steven called bear. I'm jumping Samantha beaten robber ago rob ray goal. Who I mean for our shared rare gold geez you lord all of our correspondents on The Daily Show so many it's even harder member of the ball I mean it's just everybody you can even conceive that it's that somebody who you're enjoy watching. So last night on the Stephen cold air late night show. Basically he had Jon Stewart back he had some of them a few people back in there and remember John Oliver and Samantha bee both now host half hour show so basically they kind of went. Back in time. And this is was to be one Jon Stewart slash shows in the crew's back together. John John little what what do you what do you millionaire the show's not start another show and yes John it's a daily show you have to do every day. Eight quietly either cover everything is about politics and a half an hour I think white people would watch that on a sun dial it down. Wednesday at 103930. Central. I could see that's close to making jokes about that are jail yes but we've got a half an hour so the skit last night that's a pretty amazing as the money. Every one they're doing quite well and I am with almost all those guys are correspondents. Cinematic she thinks is that. They can't all be Jon Stewart there's got to be writers or somebody there at that show that can recognize that talent he can pick a mountain don't run. Well I mean they've been some talk yesterday man I should read this in an article little while ago but they said Stephen guo bay areas of the longest tenured of the people that their last night. And so Jon Stewart took over the game from Kilborn win Colbern was very funny kill boarding invited back Kobe shared did not know. So go bears one of the people there and applied to take over as host of The Daily Show. And he didn't know they even made the decision but they Comedy Central said hey we're gonna do a press conference to announce our new holes was do you go burglar. Why was this not mean but we are Comedy Central and if there's a press conference. That The Daily Show whatever color it obviously would be your own press conference about it most is so he never met Jon storm reporting goes down there and so drugstore says he's a little nervously introducing drug store to remove those missiles you go bare look questioned and dissolved into the effect of does that mean if you're the new hostess. Does that mean I am not the new host. Of the bail issue and people at a chuckled and said Jon Stewart instant response was look to the producer on the side as a place that he was funny. Friend that was his response he was joking. And this they hit it off from memo man like they've never spoken a nice word to each other kind of thing but in that instant Vanilla golf are but I was a great response. You know lost a I don't know about a fifth green yes number one CIS and CI AS number eight. Number eight embrace the great news New York I don't know why AMP I have we'll claim. Ole Ole via Duluth and an eleventh. Xeon. And being of middle and how little girl beaten but it was house and fix it and in some pimples you know. Well there Stevie let's hear the subtle sounds of my cock. It's Sunday it's. Yes there's Mike had a subtle than anything I've ever had some don't they had all the guys there now. Goodnight to lower their moment. Our act out there and I did the season has caused him to be making their way to prominent Israel has erupted after a while Arnold by rubble bile that I already read about everything. Saw a student text of one of the friends about getting of course size for his date but the phone ought to credit the word coarse size to Chris not. Since then the mistake is taken off announced dudes are presenting their date with the list is breakfast streets instead of coincides I'd rather have a response. Good save this is good. I put a crew songs on my tuxedo. Other than of course that's a misspelling it ended the threat for signs of delicious although there with a butter would stay in the jacket and had to pay their rent politically you're renting. You can't focus on as a pastry and yeah. Okay against a top that top line patiently sleaze we think because no and I. Brother more than it was a joke man in Michigan was driving down the road when he looked up on his visor arkansas' spider hanging off of it. Exactly and is that a doing the right thing and punching a hole blue room his car veered off the road it throw it ditches. And heavy brush before smashing into a group of streets. He got an accident just fine but passenger had minor wrist injury and death net. Motorist it mastery of the time. That would freak me out and I realize that we look man I mean. Yet yet again done about spiders winner in the cards are good people see you beat the five these numbers something in her car. They freaked out walks to the war as the worst. Until you good luck but the piece though for the most part you don't mess with that can leave your little lost but still it's only loss was lineup and I guess I mean it's his decision about whether not a boy distinct unit and I and you don't and the spiders like you don't know when faced Robin we've already if you take your eyes off for me I'm a jump under president don't know a damn thing to just jump on him to do double in the face and Michael bumble bees in the stingy with gonna die. So I never bears tradeoff fragile lost continues we're following coordinates of the things that here's the thing about a bumblebee. -- believing they can sting but is it the religious so lazy they're still play gaga and only now Brad Biggs if it's got the legs hanging in the in the big stinger hang in like butterflies like it doesn't care about the leg again there's an idea that get the hell away from that and again these like to have arms deluded they just got them. I think implied that they're gonna stay the hell out of him. Another video made the rounds and a nine year old girl visiting the kangaroos at Brazil she an assistant with you that we won't be tomorrow there's there's. Polygamy Duma must do now laughed at. A good fit with the wraps off the community in the book I have given them back. Still investing in the are added other videos regular rather than nine year old girl visiting the kangaroos at the zoo and seeing her sister thought of the kangaroo was flying weather as it follows her up and on the east. So what she's that city animal floats it reaches its hands and heads for the cage grabbed her by the hair and bite her on the head. It is fourteen stitches at the incident and desist taking precautions to keep it from happening again well at age. Well I think there they're putting another barrier further away from the page. Itself mellowed kids don't just walk up to this case it's if it's. I know it's like a chicken wire fence and and it's not that that securabit. I tell people where this was again with a kangaroo attacks in Nairobi and that the debt. Where was this harmony part safari Madison County as a county where. Shy and heavily Wyoming that. Now that's their names are. World part caused Wisconsin. There was an Alabama Alabama Alabama and Alabama nine year old attacked by kangaroo. When Alabama. Mobile home. Mail URL I look there at that above the browns are great arm and Alabama's new. When you look down in the cage and as both the name of the animal and an accompanying recipes like that's zoo and alma I don't know him yeah Russa and did you. The picture was in Alabama oh of course shooting fifty but it. Our idea subs in danger in Georgia is under fire he felt simple students fought in her class. Burleson was jokes and the end. Substitutes don't know sometimes until that morning. That they're gonna get that call to rank in the doctor on call you might have been out playing poker game drug to 3 o'clock in the morning a phone rings but there is a we need a man features such and such middle school you've got no matter right now we are call itself. One of the student was joking the other to the point of damage so saved seven mama's not happy in a man and answers when she heard that the teacher was sleeping. Well I'm very happy here's the problem of the way to school works is if you need any physical altercation beneath the very kind. If you hit somebody whatever you're going to get suspended right or in the situation of this do you he was it was a retaliatory right so someone show him he turns around he can't breathe a maverick he punches this kid and basically Jackson mother's blood every right he gets in trouble based on the fact that teachers asleep in his own words if you throw the second punching your little -- and get in trouble no matter right lol what do you mean he's the first punch. All right and finally in a world of entertainment downtown may not be the last Celebrity Apprentice that we see for awhile after off. Debbie Debbie superstar an actor Dwayne the rock Johnson has said that it is a real possibility that he will run for office and when a funny thing. He will be our Iraq. Odd. I've never MI and I would bet my god it's. There regularly Terry Daly joins us right after these. Oh. Now that's just dumb men's room. On 99.9. JE IU SW college are dailies and now up there and I love you as an issue earlier but Tim was talking about a story where he that. Yes Obama a lot of them women. He said that he wanted to do a find those like to to be as parents. So he decide 1 morning that he was gonna get up and he was going to go into the bathtub and he was going to PMs. In a vacancy in event. To see what the sensation would be like to again you're an adult did to pay my pay remained. Worse by adding the usage did this as an adult has that miles Gobi years ago back when real sex was on HBO wasn't. Yeah it was set up an and I'm their arms and they don't want anything sex but certainly some federations. And Ruth that's a bush is standing by yourself. Fitting in Japan but the fetish is not being on your own self you know it. Not not again not positive I understood fetish that point ally. All right well see authorities say hello people's right you'd see people are mourning his other Hoosier nation though there are a lot of the almost that people are indoors even in anti reflection vote. What's the big I've never I never vetted and that's ever been addressed for me in that kind of situation. I'm never met the person who you know who wants to who wants this you know it. In the chow are enough New Orleans turn a medley but one of dudes do but none of them liked. Well I got decisions like I would like to do this to you and there's nothing sexual about this why I want to do this because I don't like you allies and. Like I didn't know I was like public thing in solid girl and I can use in anything the girl and Carla offense a college and I told us and your life. We he wants to do what he thinks yeah I he said yeah it it got weird real quick and it does like my first intro to this whole world the tend not do. And diner before Christmas. I hope I am it's actually if you ever go to the rock and roll hall of fame and the Cleveland in the Chuck Berry display my little. Mary. More in the. And Mozilla Ted do you look at the big sit back and when he did this now is our Cali cartel MacArthur but behind. Both turn there really isn't an easy out there looking at a popular turn a big dummy no I sure and I guess Baghdad's meat and potatoes and more lead afford tickets were profiled this yet today. Needed is all true Zambia was gonna really pay attention to bitumen. Aaron is and we are now we're back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and poorly for six. It's day you do. Truman's name date before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Their presentation knows the man truly feel that way.