05-10-17 Who Sucks Less

Wednesday, May 10th

Today Who Sucks Less is between a racist father, a corrupt town government, and a cancer patient with a little weed


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Yeah. Men's room wants to know. Yeah John blue. At time of embargoes Sox last April Hilliard who has three stories from the dunes is a dozen determine which of these three stories. Suck the leaks now if you like the men's room page on FaceBook the debates already underway on who saw excellence yes it as a brief overview we have a loving father from. Fine fine state of Arkansas. Putting your beanie against the city government of Flint, Michigan that you might members in the news because they saw. And finally they will be competing well against the police of Wichita Kansas who might be of the reactionary but. You be the judge and all we going to socialist let's start in my they replaced. Arkansas. Where anyone by the way who doubts that racism. The still alive and well America you need only to look at the text exchange between one white Arkansas father. And as teenage daughter regarding her front yard and those on both. And I hate the high school senior from lake village are insane. She didn't plan recently of the male friend one Philip Freeman who happens. To be black. We Novak well when the father and she does not live but the problem solved photos. He EU plus the added of course you was and he sent her along I rate of races that sentiment telling her that. He was not this morning there and calling. Calling both her and date. Heartbreaking mutants of names alone but for miles look at Africa do and why anyway and it says that Oprah is just a friend is also what really fun super cute so she's snapped mobs probably importantly. And as bad news she says has always been boldly races tournament in this market. He's all the pictures on line with the times during disappointment with her. And an incredibly abusive memorable go through these 71 quote. I won't be coming to your graduation. Normal major college go live with that. That's bothered to daughter. Yeah. You know having it out of my own hometown event when it was prime examples of that while on the bond Bieber. I have never looked beautiful music conversation a listen to and to. With your own daughter's friend called and to go live. You just go you know out of here he would give period then don't do it there. Just trying to slam it and out terrorism part but making me crazy. Let's go to Plymouth again what are by now most everyone knows that the multiple government officials and Flint, Michigan knowingly poison thousands of men and women and children. After cities which permits municipal water source of the Detroit water system to the Flint river. Both led to reverend now. At the poisoning of residents in total more than enough now this if you let the threatening to take people's homes. For refusing to pay for the tainted water that they switched from June 1. Although plant which blew open global body you're. It's largely on the head want to understand the crisis still hold residents' personal and able to drinkable. Leading most spam was for a while bottled water everything from brushing your teeth cooking maybe you name you can use. What's an attack so it's quite a multiple officials leased equipment Georges has not been single conviction. The only people to face it consequence so far over the atrocity and Brad. The citizens were forced to still pay for water that they literally cannot cannot use. And after the city made the switch back in 2004 woman by the name of Melissa means she's one example. That earn a fairly sort of developing rashes hair from pulling out her neighbors all at the same issues. They figured out waters so let's look and we re out of W walker she stopped paying a bill because they stopped using the water. At all. You think you'd have a pretty good excuse me and everyone in American worn out there but turns out another badly the stands to lose your home for refusing to paper that they to water. And back over 8000. Separate families got a notice this week. Just like them on this woman got and for those who refused to pay the bills in full. Then by may nineteenth. The citizen can foreclose on home and take now because you're not then or that you're not paying for the water that they intend to lose this by the fact the new. That a full poison and out of the people who live and planet understand the poise and understand they don't want to pay for water because there's not a single thing they can use of and Ellis they want to kill them this is just the tip of the iceberg and all that Boris towns cities places lenses the first you've heard of that this continued murder for years until the infrastructure thinker. The difference with a Swanson since birth you can still threaten people who live in the C management and important at their home event I want you to kill them. And outlets go to Wichita Kansas a grandmother with terminal cancer. She's in the east central county jail because of TH CB active ingredient in marijuana was in her system while she was right there with the superstore. The DNC was an assist them to that and a medication. That or pharmacist says she needs in order to eat while on chemotherapy so Angela cast an alternate. Just colorectal cancer and she's in jail as a result of the I had merit and all my system that the doctors and Oklahoma gave me to fight cancer and fighting cancer for five years. Arnold by the way it's FDA approved the medication for cancer patients and help them keep down food. And it's the synthetic form of GHZ and it is purple lately let's let the path fed rule. Maybe this is not what they would you synthetic marijuana is that it shows up as marijuana but pizza is the reason that. The government elect George top boxes and parent maybe I don't ever want illegally gradient and they did the same thing here and so anyway according to be pharmacists. She says that the team is Jenna Bush one is not enough to make and when I too it's not actually to aids the and as a result of the are putting her in jail for 48 hours. She was forced mr. chemo session which forced her to restore the whole regiment again. So ready progress you may have to start again because you want to. That's the situation we're doing with the move coming out of country sometimes and we have Alexy wonderful father and Arkansas disown me his daughter. Today black man. We have the find that the city folks and fled. Who will foreclose our New York home because your paying for poison water that they intentionally. Switch for you two and half years ago. And then they are taking on the police over Wichita Kansas or freaking out about big key aides say from a federally regulated drug but you've described. So this that you need food while she does radiated. While dealing with cancer. Thoughts. You know I'll start. I think it sucks the most out agree that you know it was well ad listing on the same page here. No in the poison people night or soon. I would say never tune of where is that Kansas. The woman that mr. chemo treatments which it started damage you know anybody that's ever had chemotherapy is the most one of the most awful things in the world. Right right it's is they federally okayed so again. We'd indeed he has state law this is approved by the FDA because that's not. It's the same reason you can watch synthetic version heroin but the point is made and cutting that went sucks TO. I knew that I ago. Now how might the father of accused him the N word and stuff and a Sony and his daughter because DTV aired just like two problems Levy program. I'd say that's that's the weeks and hear me in Ottawa just huge hypocrite just because lake. Or such the most. They did it act. It just import it seems par for the course in a lot of places in on there. Obviously in acting a little opera but I believe it's like look it's Arkansas. It's Arkansas so this guy and had no matter when and arkansas' like this but my perceptions that everyone and are missiles like the guy but they're gonna. At least he doesn't live with again. These are choosing not to be part of its him saying this does is give this my get taking responsibility. I don't I look at it like this. She's fortunate that this guy has excommunicated himself from her life right so if and I don't think this all right. A lot of people out there who would never seen anything like that child this guy I don't know I haven't date me through that those guys domino. To make those types statement obviously not the right is individual that's the way he feels he's probably going to be a much better place. Without this guy in her life that with this guy in her life of mine mine I'm glad this can happen for her does not get away from him. Anders a reason because she probably knew the guy was a racist horrible life but now it's out there for everybody Z. It's a news item. So even more so that's like like now you all know what I'm talking you know you see what I'm Lamar bonds I'll definitely have the other two story shocked me we even went under the dirt bags but. So shocked me at the veracity. The deeds in Kansas haters thinking it was a little behind the times on the senate seat. Off but Arkansas and I'm like yeah that's about what I expect to buy food from Arkansas but think about the think about the kid you don't mean that's gonna go on the prom on this date. Thing about how he. You know I mean like pay up finally comfortable to go to prompt that's nice. But still I think that's actually we agree we go Rosen John says this from the tax. The council which is also the least that's not their fault that the death came back positive that the agency. So they follow the law and its troops came back to it's we know that we don't know that I make a point right through details for 48 hours even if it was marijuana. That's excessive. For the drug in place let's assume that she had a pound pot on her name. You still should have been in jail fortieth out and that is still following the law you can't argue that we can do about him as a lack of black pitcher good point. But I hate that it could point shout out that if you let me on the men's room FaceBook page the debate continues there on whose votes last.