05-10-17 The Word

Wednesday, May 10th

Today The Word is all about Words you're saying wrong!


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The guy on the return of socks and last but march. I. Everybody had on those immediately. When you have things police. But that's just like the video. Of how you tigers used wrong against either but it I tag Hugo. Yeah words that you know pronouncing you guys did not know that. What about size issue diners you run into Ireland their camera. Oh my god we'll get into that definitely the wrong thing come on Natalie like dad if you've been saying words wrong your entire life so believe it or not terribly. A ton of common words. That you have been saying some of these are funny. There is based on how people slip up others that are pretty pathetic so let's start out here today at the top of the list here in an alphabetical can away. Don't say a cross. Say ones across across it and drive agreed to him in my life I've path. Like Al. It took Ross to. The street and India means that it's just across the street it's. Man you would looks Don like little kids they allow the kids that they know something's past and they would ED's so even. Like I bleed to death. I've folded parent and I get that Bernama talking full of balls across this is a this is from dictionary.com on base the tournament you know it's the 100 most often missed renounce where you can marvel does give you if you look here. I don't say alzheimer's disease. This is certainly people they alzheimer's disease I'd say I'd you know with now Al again I felt yeah I know people that had a role people. Hear your perspective as a kid so why are you old timers. Don't say and Arctic. Heidi Antarctic. Ira and Arctic no deceit that is correct however okay happily. Don't say athletes. Or athletic. I was here athlete and athletes. Athletic. Not at the leaked our athletic. Bar bit you don't say Barbeque it. Or dual. Say barbiturate. There isn't a bar a barbiturate are barbiturate that is correct that you don't honestly the thing right it does sound wrong there's sin and and a calvary. Calvary and cavalry it is how hagel would not calvary damage cavalry. Yeah Gloria. Don't say card shark he's a card charge card shark. Harvard sure. Threat that is exactly it. Alan Novak bought a book called the something in the cards so I'm like what the cards are one of the person says in the book is it's a card shark you did something wrong. Don't say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome powerful carpal. Don't Saturday carpal when way to mine don't they Chester draw hours today and best of chests of drawer and not just drawers is like underwear that just Machida Woodson. Went out and party colonized. Don't they dilate it's. Dilute the lakes and make them rode up and continued to delete your eyes don't they dip the area. OK let's say if the area the PH is an end with you for your immediate area. And I don't say it's a doggy dog world. Dog eat dog dog eat dog world don't say X that are up at seven and it sent for a don't think February saying February February don't think federal. Federal federal and roll don't saint flounder. For a flounder like to make an error not to call. Out don't flounder or perhaps I'm just name yeah I mean it's founder. Alberta. Rarely get older guy like floundering as a complete fail don't think quartet. Oh unfortunate it's for. Fort the EU is silent and lets the portal are dogging amounts speak her music. Your Forte passage of our ports that's not we'll have more today is. That your sport actually. Don't say. Hi Nicky and remover. This series it was hop on don't know I don't know maneuver since. He Heimlich all right kinda can remove Heimlich maneuver think about that. I'm not fail them possibly. Don't think in parentheses. Ruthlessness parenthesis. I don't they interpret things. And her and interpret. Your regardless regardless regardless jewelry. Jewelry jewelry but is anyone really think that wonders on my favorite ones in the often most often miss pronounce words phrases in English language. Do not saved. Ku Klux Klan. Saying it coup coop I planned if you're gonna be right this UBS write me he says. Don't say liable. That'll. All I'm Mike Hawkins you know Julia liable liable very good added don't say mayonnaise. May you may already may go days don't seem miniature. And producing an outside miniature many youngsters miniature Poodle it to do not say mutes. You're not move maybe moved to move the point is boots yet MO OT. Don't think new killer. Right if no one does except that George gets its its nuclear Wright knew what Leo was the wrong one new killer you can do you there. Yeah how about ordinance don't say ordinance. Could not say ordinance or did it. Ordinance. Not ordinance. Or word that still don't say orient states. Orient orient where you take out of work bottler from tax. And his team angered sure bet not sure birds or get there I don't zone. And by the way it's turned him in not ornaments don't say it's my prerogative. Were rock and prerogatives correct don't say prescription. Not purse Christian prescription. Prescription. It James Harden will play aren't Roth I don't think that you're giving it. When description and over three script we have written this in advance could get deeply for scripts don't think I'm real that are. Alan techno on bundles it real real poor real tour don't save revel in. Prevalence relevant relevant key not prevalent. Don't safe Herbert. Then there it is service how about silicone. The silicon silicon unless of course you're talking about so particulate in your body if you expressed by the way and other local ties missiles were supposed to believe. It is suppose that that the yeah yeah I know it don't put an act that espresso. Don't say spay and neuter your dog Spain Spain. Then they don't stay up most. Most don't think most of most. Yes. Utmost the utmost have a blockage don't think they'd knock program. We've been Selena camera Latin office. Vermont and verbiage birdie. That Israel has agreed to open for all of us do not say voluptuous. Below I'll shoeless voluptuous. Not lump we know that they I think yet problem ago threat. And isn't gonna really pissed everybody off on gives you laughed. Don't say yoke. You'll say you'll know don't even have it right about zoo. You don't say zoom. I'm actually zone. So really only the only good news though is though I don't know won't go to the Adobe is gonna blow your mind don't say wet. Do not say wet. As he's thinking as then I'm wet from the rain. I brown. IB three. Your clothes it's a W it's it it's at each W sound on the WH. Its way it went off Wednesday that it's a wet outside. It's raining and I'm a whole public lets him all the what if I'm an ethnic. Obama went to a number of marijuana and now they've got about 100 words that you are pronouncing it. I coming up we got this job and it on the way we will take a break and come back with the return of who sucks less next.