05-11-17 Meat & Potatoes

Thursday, May 11th

Today, The Head Chef is in to talk about cake!


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I enjoy open. Thank. You okay. The women. Of everybody enjoy their free meal for the sake. This. Didn't. How much food every week. I that the hard part is getting all the doves. To get those dates I'm a little legged dog Jake query LA I provide the but they do with precision and they had done out Roberts deterrent of however bad things and I want to do but it works and everybody knows the big states like. Peace. It. It is a appeasement isn't. As well and he did them you'd. Love it beautiful and there's a beautiful people on those uncles and Eaton Eaton during the lean mean it had. All right now if you're with this program you know oftentimes we sing happy birthday to people all we do. That's a good idea unless I constantly at the dump. What I guess today yeah did it. We don't. Woman whom. Governments don't themselves. Did it break. And finally from my two of them so. I prop up our. Theft and other. I don't if you take well look hoping is the end result of food so you know we talk properly named Tate in its segment about food. One at the end result which is why it. That is that the epic I mean hell all roads lead. Back to a restaurant you don't presidencies are all active combos and they pulled free food. You have to prove Y you're about to eat at the bad feeling like a shower part in it. Like it just like a shower for shower part of the worst Newt get this that with you didn't get cleaned the dirty it seems now that we get there and like for appropriate food. Again image it is you know at the plate going camping and one in space there's Afghans possibilities and yeah I think it's a time when your brain knows that we're Kampman. This whole effort here is what I didn't mean to but I deathly dia and Google they'll back me up a little. Right so when you go to restaurants and stuff there's a bunch of different things like do you think people like having the birthday song sink in and out in Iraq. I absolutely. Adults Thelma. All right well that's why one of the best things you can do is haven't done don't know enough that. If it's not their bodies were. You they go to the bathroom felt MM. My buddies were to producing some of the Biggest Loser I passed along time ago at the fantastic. Yeah sparklers and said the device that bigger. I think it's an age thing to write absolutely because like when I was a teenager I remember like my brother's birthday. We went to lake. And another Mexican restaurant and they put a sombrero on nominee Alex free appetizer so we got chicken matches which were awesome. To remember some good Mexican into Brooklyn you know gets on brilliantly duke put under save it as a teenager I loved it and then like my early twenties opposed to cool sport. About him in my thirties I'm like I want the birthday so asked them don't do it at a Japanese restaurant management and samurai sword to do a poll that. As arch. Dewey. But anyhow most people do like. 58%. Of people like it when the staff sings happy part absolutely they love it. At 100 resembles that hates that I am I what percentage of people do you think like it when it's not their. It is out there likely isn't it'll rise it's would be nice to Miller and a decent little comfort victims. 38% of people around here ripping off restaurants spam. 30% of people like the of the Britney silence about their birthday. Long viewed wares and operatives and Felix and phone calls from them. All Euro. You know little blow when it moment though. Who greens and I'll go later on Google and mama grew from a thanks I don't know I know you were just remind that you just got detectives are a little mountain. And measured. Goon you do that stuff. The holiday and do and that's always liked it like when I've like talked to play my mom in my candidates and that and it's. The holiday phone calls or dog let detector my mom and tear and I was out. That Herbert forum. The threat to. My nephews is the easiest it's her hello while yes that this newest and I'm just neuter their brick and what is. Who the hell knows that body it's day. Well this is wise I've gone by the Weis didn't really care not too distant greens I don't like it's an improvement and bluntly and at her. And dunes. Had her and then. Have early today and here are the earth. Being earth days depot and. I think that I don't know old lottery literally fix McCourt learned we should clown the mother that we all share the but I like it if it. But I wouldn't pull out of mama Africa it. God but the bottom of our help the unit's core yo mama so blue. And her kids. She's a lot water CSI epic org presented aren't at. The what an eagle spreads are things that it bobs that won't soon. What percentage of people he loved the birds guy grabs. I would like that. Is so poor you welcome magazines window if it. Eight or what percentage of the what do you think like booths over standard to a law 880% 85. I mean. After we made him proud I want. It didn't even know that like nine people to get to a one person tilting the Booth. I love boots but I like being on the outside. He's rather than get a yeah. I'd August ain't it that your depends on the today. But generally here is that I hate it when you're that big circle beluga and then you were let go Woodson just spot inside the circle Booth at the of course it's gonna be inside the circle yet. Spot the state use the only spot that nobody else ones that yeah I saved me that's my god aimed at opposite the do you think percentage of people that would rather sit inside and outside. Just know this is both men and we know it was women LB up all the time yeah thousands and I. Percentage of people that a rather it inside an outfit fifty. Actually 71%. Wanna sit outside insight into their public. I love you know Saturn stuff I hate sitting in the sun Mon allegedly cook out but at a restaurant. I just not too much yet drinking at a bar outside cool but I wanna I want ability aptitude. Thank you initiate and purify our capital lack what is now put it away. In Ireland prison but I think it. What percentage of people would you say order pretty much the same exact thing every time they go to rest seventy bunkers 85. 63%. Of you guys in the background now then Arrigo. Does the bent drug. All right there's been studies that show but mentally. You don't even realize that belly when you go to a new place you more opt to get something newer are different because of race where you go to like the place you know you get the same thing I'll attempt at an area. For years like in Atlanta leads a lot of mistakes. And of them moves yet Gordon I don't know I have one for short. If I go to Mexican the that's great I mean I look at him and desperately need an over this like not really expanding your rise of Angela Byrd hello alright thing did. Campbell at all among them I don't wanna eat anything like to leave assert let me see plays as corporate differently if you apple conference. I don't want or anything else and menus so. I tried to violate the print that out ordered an excellent comeback but to me that's like that's the canary in the coal mine. I don't think about this one simple thing I want even I don't think I get a true traditional traditional like not like the American Mexican target to meet stronger. Who it is your full band together and fried burrito academic in the Mexico just like from those that. Our our we're talking about people where they like to sit restaurants where they don't if they like the birthday song. Now let's talk some birthday cakes both what it takes to usually that top ten most popular Brittany cake flavor. My favorite bond bet. On fidelity fund that have you seen fund thirtieth Steve. Are bought and just brawls and no don't don't let that take the outright it's basically like a yellow almost like OK life and at light a little fun stuff in the middle. Funds what's it like this is why his leg on a sometimes you believe this. There's concern. OK I have much to the disease but it is village. We're now. Coconut cake really all knowing there's only on pit road grab. Number eight lemon cake. Orion and it's it's got a blizzard business. Kerry Kate Jack Donald cared guys like Derek. Get older like Garrett K two is one of those things when your kid elect are cared to MacKay. In Ambon wanna taste achievement as that is absolutely. Her sex marvel. At shop with a delicate and as I do marbles. You can vote the Reza I thought thank god you explain the problem. They'd build. Move it to Google you know much sugars and at the right choice and quick decision read other black belt you eat or drink it. Black belt it out and about well they that we read though look pretty good case. Earth hour. But Ella are yellow shall examine again the panel is a part of that that's their way out at the yellow cake. This is like that with elegant man advantage cream cheese frosting and our bilateral Bruno. C chips of chocolate. Chocolate chip taught gentlemen thank you and then on the if it's called it's delicious hot and think its first man infected chicken of the desert analysts and you can add anything to and its money which. Yeah it's chocolate dad tell me Angel food about it it's now or no move likely to see Allen Angel blooper ticket. Yeah he did they put up all the drizzle chocolate or do you drizzle off and shot over rippled through a versatile like that. Last there you look at that was really the iPad and you for the chocolate drizzle over time going in and out like Angel food cake with whom she. The trees you know like Jesus you know that was at port. Chocolate drizzle or just it goes governor did you meet the coat chocolate that tiger had not read it.