05-11-17 No S#!T Sherlock

Thursday, May 11th

Headlines throughout the week that just make you say it


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But first broke Steve throw hill Combs that I think they're looking for story but headlines it's. And sure I. We. Mountain biker gets chased by a bit here all man right well and act. Now bears not messing around there's like it happened in Russia and there's two guys who trail in the bears actually chasing the bike in front. So this guy screaming in his body like do it up on here and in Russia. Can't really do like you almost don't. And booked the big book to ministries and his tactics by ministers Catholic school the other way around him is there it was so. It looks again as. See my thought this counseled. By together as it bears teach you don't know my boxes. He climbed the members from right Google might Mark Buehrle mole I will be fine by delta Berman knows. The one of them moose Brett and after the snowboarders are mountain now hello but the distinct thing that they're going down and images this moves. But it's hard to tell if he's running might. After the ever discount are running with them like you animals wanna play your chase you again I always assumed they want to kill but Goosen Bayer both monster animals that can destroy its early and facts. You don't have a guard rail and mountain pass CU's road rally driver. Hello. Charter knock McDyess opens to let them know where the boardroom or a regular driver threat then it's less exciting like. Roll. A threat that barely had somebody good food completes prevented a table. A study shows that president trump will become the most mocked president in league history. So and you don't bills I wouldn't second Bill Clinton enters a new study shows the drop it'll become the most joked about president my minister and to be Clinton bush so he's been to but probably 1000 jokes so far this. He should depressed Bill Clinton's record of 1717. Back in 1990. Recanted because they'd be a lot of winning. It was Ottawa. Now it probably win the most headlines for this segments with everything going on right now others like it headlines every fifteen guidance that we continue. Total collapse renewed safety concerns about Hanford nuclear site. GOL kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl rock the total collapse did them all right that. When it always says safety concerns and nuclear pampered like as I understand the way of Reading it. And if you read locally there's one thing that they would RB often troubled Hanford nuclear site when redeem national headlines about it. The most danger has gotten him to please say it Rick Perry governor America hamper nuclear. Yeah good stuff as night. Anti vaccine propaganda is driving Minnesota's measles though. But the fact that. And threaten out of dormant come this thing with the like look man just like a lot of other things. Measles if he gets it helps the body develop resistance to that. Don't get measles and you don't understand that part of our current approval would juror's mind or is it a three shot but measles mumps and rubella and rubella and that may give you booster shot after that. It and left and right if you can get measles you build tong but for the doing when vernacular they have figured this out. This is the veteran. Most US households have given up land mines for so. Yeah. She and. This article came out many of 27. He meant to let us know that you have households have given up land mines for so. Stripes appeared to trigger migraines and seizures. And and show my. I don't think about that it's that this strike actually physically in nature aren't obviously busy but not in the way it's complete and on Berkeley. So basically your brain when it sees it that's what symptoms do you look at you go low like even a checkerboard or depth perception. Isn't it throws and here's how news is everyone I know. But neither has seizures and migraines including myself like vertical stripes are. A veteran don't study but it hasn't promised telling him he had enough paying paying. But it does what are your brain and blow people with the symptoms they and other symptoms and think Boehner don't they did then they started to put two people who have the symptoms they told them that they hadn't heard that people. Elementary. Vertical stripes and calls headings. Look at it you referee. Can achieve and put on a horizontal and so you're you're gonna do Iran's slows them through. Nobody thinks you're hoping that you're talking recanted. Russian foreign ministers that are game off jokes about Trump's fired if only for White House meeting. John. Oddly debt. Get the Republicans and raw milk is making a lot of people sixes CDs railway well sure and excellent passer but those two words you brawl. Mill. And its official grand jury the caller the more likely to drivers your. Monkey's uncle. Chirac auditors. Truck page radical Islam. Except when you can make money from it. Oh and wished it. Not many of strips out your mind. Attorney general jobs doesn't open to completely shutting down roads and GUL records are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Open to climbed out of Michel remembered and add an average Norman. Photographer from Russia's state news agency took photographs what you as the media shut out the low and aren't. Odd fact when from met with whoever is and look forward to a Russian owners handlers today. Their photographer there one note the guy that we knew he was torched on Tuesday this photographer is like my personal. And ones and you must document what they've done promptly Letterman and do you mean. Well it turns out here if you work for the Russian state it is reasonable what else. They thought of personal photographer here she worked for Russian girls and try to stay so. They didn't post a picture of the from talking to a guy we knew reporting on this story line had a meeting right but. The big draws include gather. None of the rest of both were supposed to his meeting which were the guys that's kind of got him investigations so. We weren't supposed to know that trump and none of his people realize that this guy with state agency. So the Russian media putting things and say these two clowns to handler for a short track guy talking to today. It leaks outs in the American leaderboard won't happen this guy but regular season you were talking Henry got him Kissinger. So are crafting would story might be it's got out of Andrew. But weakens it. One way to battle future flooding the ruling bluntly say X. Are you Eleanor are you kidding I cannot believe that knows and Cheryl and by the manager and a river and everyone else. To go to access pipeline and its first milestone in its first play and show. Gallons. Not Tom I was like only about hundred but the point is easily viewed through haven't I haven't it's my. You're currently in the process that was not a huge if someone would complain about the potential for spills approach lamenting her. With somebody should. The White House's explanation for the firing of James can only just totally gravel. And it. And frankly I disagree that assessment of our Reynolds border from virgin movements and why haven't all of them solvent in the months. The only problem is that the records against things we didn't think anyone of them individually. What one government notice with Korea. That makes them. But would ruin the game. And to glacier national market is running dangerously low on a glacier pace. Well I think well. Sure and kind of the port of apartment well I used to be day idea was changing God's name among. Stiller and olina and former glacier park. Some Democrats think homey firing an attempt to obstruct Russian investigate. And. And life is less stressful after retirement but only for those of the time I'll be monkey's uncle. Gotta make you feel good penis into. Uber about all these different things now where'd you can now. To read about surveillance and all the rest encrypt messages and all of us and others facial recognition moments ago. In response to I'm assuming questioned people were asking headline simply reads you cannot encrypt your face. And Charlie Hough and I will leave you this the title of the article actually quote from people interviewed. It reads I went to my first orgy and I loved it. Yeah. Battered I don't care what real president we got there had yet been announced I don't know about your birthday and gags we'll take a break his meat and potatoes is next.