05-11-17 Seg 1 Mens Room chews it up

Thursday, May 11th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. I'm trying to offend anyone. Lord and he invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And your. He's thrilled. I. It'll only go look at the so number 2600. And I am yeah along with Steve the throw hit. We tips there and walk and Bart. And the like dark. And the men's on a. Yeah I want to do is play do it does today. Dead meat and potatoes celebrate their first day. You're Sherlock is back profile that says your tickets illegal forward. Plus headlines about the shot of the day fumbled as their emails everyone's favorite TV time would to click clack traded down all right here we go as we go to a restaurant parking lot squared naked couple shows all. Where the dandy lions drove. No I'd dining area and mcdonalds. Were the service was anything but slow. They go to Florida takes a homer a grand prize after catching sixteen foot snake meanwhile a drunk woman spends the night in the wrong house which people discover when they wake. And Florida mom buys used video game win bonus. Free bag amendments act that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All of our big kids good day to you and yours today is today though we played big dummy. Game show that rewards you for her stunning ignorance and here's now works you call us we it's been a category we'll. How about like like a lot of we spending cap is very real and them. We'll question from my cat but there's were big dummies separates itself from your average more reputable and show. We will continue to ask you questions into you get one right because as always we want you to leave here. Smarter than you showed up now today our biggest study ever it's it's UAW can globally generally an equally lovely Eric both of whom dug deep. And found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive. Questions wrong. Can you do better the court's attention deficit goal and all we go on good. America doesn't play big debacle dual 642 on rock or on Twitter at men's room live takes 77999. Answered those emails to the men's room mad men's or livestock out. Men's room return. Here's the question and rod do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. K I guess W all. At seven outfit please tell celebrate your birthday of all of the birthday elect birthday cake. Storming through all of our offense I take that you like all right well and out well but most of the time with them on big UK can either either going to be like a mom who knows we're gonna take you like or you request to kick. With the last time you had a birthday cake birthday cake birthday cake for my birth and death I don't know I didn't know limited his birthday date would dedicate would you get. In Orlando I don't know a lot of times I take I gotta think about aids doing I don't think do's and the date when adult it becomes all power that's you know I mean I can empire but we'll take. You got to reverse it on a man. My niece she's still a child right thirteen yeah I have Herbie PK. And let her pick don't know I picked confetti of course but I want to listen. Yeah I thought I hate okay nine. Resort to yellow cake we know it's got it's got explosions at a colors and announcing a fund for any particular man I don't know what you have to have kids and I love unsteady you're not doing better on. It's all about decade coming up to the streets are natives of that. Every candidate is they donate miles until have been driven journalists into the bedroom on the bedroom radio network. Can't see and miles. Nine point nine. Yes you know hey John about Minnesota or 2605. An hour ago and ratio we have where contestants on the Elvis wig on profile this. Play overtake assist you won only lead to Ford Clearwater casino resort that show is Thursday June the hate bananas the prize coming up of profiled as the game formally known. As black white makes the ordeal I it's a big done today you really got to get a lot of tickets on. If you if you can that's fellows Jeff welcome to the men's room. What she saw pictures. Unfortunately the burden tickets are here we go we do pull. We don't play big dummy last week we asked you what you favorite fast food restaurant in Jeff city guests. What people say it was a favorite fast food restaurant. I would probably say you're McDonald's Taco Bell Mary go tried and true McDonald's number one Taco Bell number two Jeff you have you're the president now OK so. Could this week's been a room full go with a different direction here cannon were still going in the mouth. This time we're asking you what's your favorite type of Gomez hop. I don't I. Earlier. Thoroughly cute guy I always I think we can ask Missouri who know gum and then you got to do dumb things said by yourself I really tell us. But early nigam a fighter don't look like. I'm not brandish like any kind of like when triggering a company. Winter agrees or really really are they the standard of like I guess that's probably greatly Aaron. Ignored US then you went flavors or bring. Him aboard Paul Brandt brand but is there would agree let's say is that it really got probably the dome. Let's stick to. Obama you'd have Jeff is Jacki a good job. What would try to but there's different flavors Rakers rig leaves this city that may try to and I did they are scared me richter agreed to let you ever got. I just don't Leopold got they have faced Jersey don't know flavors and mentally a little less than what's your favorite color of the board the plane crashes and militant Al just gonna go bazooka. It's not bazooka and it got. Is that what you marine manpower but about god did I yeah I think. He gave up ground. Oh. But artistry Gingrich are very labor strife that did you see beat asset zebra RB or smooth and lawyers for that I and I go. All roads driveways are huge group I don't know it's got me right nobody. In years have lesson you Digg and celebrates doing a favor at some point this week just by yourself type of route through bill. Or it is due. And by the way for struggle in my own comments on that taste fantastic for the fifteen seconds as he closes in about maybe all right Jeff let's get it together his life. So. Why got a bad feeling that is to last all that and other personal my YouTube. But it is about you ended up are out there and I hear a question according to NASA. Where is the boy is spot on earth from space. And it is not your mind. But it unclear. It's a location to location. It's in a country. Just think about it is bright. All are very. Straight talk are gonna is gonna ask a question you can get it we have a very young guy I am dominance like Lugo Gomes basement. There were none Reynolds Goldman's ferries. Whoa all right radio is a bad idea on the guns communism Donald. In the brood street than the beaver stripe it and using her driver and then at the moment I don't know like as an adult leader summoned the chews gum or you don't believe his troop rest is very drug and of that we have no doubt this is the idea though that if you're gonna run into the store. Guys are about to kiss some and mouth after eating garlic Fries like. What is it that you would buy for OK does the wind out how to try to act all right I'm having settlements for Ted on the same tip all right yeah you're a bicycle right now right now but he used to run by growing up. Correct what was the Brent. Coffee today. That's all I'm saying even if you haven't read an abiding adult do you still trapped with a brand of Friday I'm trying to douse bogeys on my America does like their packaging. Tried and ask small little piece is you get a bunch of that little pouch Arlington T nice. Slob an app I am I think I cinnamon big red and I'm a fan of these and I don't know where sentiment on a lot of like these are the fire department but if I give big red I'll eat the entire pack. We have done that it has been many years but let's face it guns don't change too much overtime. Probably about fourteen years ago. We did a gum test and and we brought in about six or seven different types of gun just to try and everything from. It was all bubble gum base what people got to listen to issue yet and was basically bubble gum to blow bubbles so not necessarily trident dance team those types of things but. Hubble bubble and bubble Alicia so we had a big league chew big league shoe that was the winner with out. Question as yet though is the best gum I mean it's it's so does the went what does off stringing it's delicious little kids labor your parents and I wanna buy a Ford and arms are almost on the level with if he's still got baby teeth. Does Tom relaxed about it yeah. Like Brett there's enough around their right but it got they would do if Arnold fired and lose those teeth anyone and it's the only it's the only thing that the FDA. Never caught on to. That is similar to a tobacco product that your marketing for based public is chewing tobacco use to be something right they they called big league June shouted in a pal to make it look like it's. Loose leaf tobacco that she would shoot now which can't cigarettes and cigarette candy cigarettes analysts have put away a long time ago at all based on the packaging. But for some reason big league to the. Taylor. Do the coup led them excellent games big dominos are next in Desiree play games hello Brad welcome to the men's room. All other Joseph oh wow. My friends overnight sober. I am not to lift her revolution. Brad Lidge in favor of guns. Well quite a lot current Hugo Ebola favourite player wrote followed. Are easier big reach you I ask you thank you for edited to tell you sunlight the most it to CNN and awareness there I don't do is to go home. Hope we Knight didn't. His shoes. Hey hey that's my maybe. You captured them like I'll manatee try to create the watermelon man they're clearly pretty Pelletier managed to one that's in the actual tobacco we've. When the sunflower seeds are out. All right here's a question. Shell oil company got the main shell because when it started back in 1933. It's a store that sold an imported what he didn't get into the oil business for another fifty years. You can. These sales man. A friendly starlet 200. An estimated that the gun or left they missed out on so much money if they just stayed in the city shelled them. He. Read what's what brings you to this induction level today. I haven't spoken and markets are very nice. Yeah I guess I just take its remote you can amend our mom and bounded into our friends territory your house and let's say weird sit on the couch in particular is OG wondered oh seasons is your own journey and I'm glad you're bonded dirty places where my mouth about what to Kutcher isn't it nice clean bong with you know lights clean water and ice and I literally just green while it on hold that's all right that's that I'm glad he knew most of note about why did you Google holds instantly get your counsel to our strategy clean it was some are running out call. Drug and alcohol and I screamed so I don't know let me introduce her next. Move so glad I don't tourniquet event. Didn't bring my bowl a ball boy or girl won't charge of false will Smith's first name is Willard. All of a pitcher. I had planned work knew about William I'm fresh prince of about lair but Willard. Is his national Willard Smith that's a crappy name. So our narrative Willard Smith. It's okay I don't know much got to go weatherman. Well today and Willard is Willard Scott has militarily and got all part of a lot of them. It was big W is our next contestant rent litigate hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Our rock our. Volatility in your event today. Left over sober outflow from the show. Daft why isn't that the so people always sound so much unhappy here. And so people when I'm not encouraging anyone's molten heat are avid drink. Yes. Alexander Campbell an afternoon or look at what about what's your favorite governor. You ordinance Sweden and allow our cuts fair while and did you visit you can elaborate endowment fund. Every day our current of them boys usually hated it might this man knows that nobody got the smoke cigarettes and go to your phone and Obama. And overcoming the light green and blue pack in his suite of solutions I don't talk about to surprise the manually. Why is that day the fancy chip got offensive Chitwood says the mayor of labor and. You know I want an up. Sweet mess we may sweeten positive growth rather got a little bit ironic that you all three minutes left the negotiating with you. Part of your question every element on the periodic table has to be named after one of five things he does something for mythology. Amend world. Oh please. A property of the elements or someone on what profession. Who. Our. Street. Assign those. Thank you cannot ever thank you may man who usually guys chemist area scientists with a dad's eyes Jack. Doesn't matter Roca is doing chemistry I know that that's why pedals science man why no doubt but only knows and nobody bid exam biologists without count. Yes Alan okay Max as a gun owners are I have dads aren't there's a word for chemists that's not a scientist which is that drug dealer drug dealer drug manufacturers. I guess. Two nights and David McDonough who's our next it doesn't read litigate hello Jeff welcome to the minerals. Eight very sort nobody saw. They give you. Over welcomed the show Jeff who was diligent bears got two ago. Okay. There. Extra already but here try to today it's got to come and pick up though ill thought god sixty feet Leonard do you go to bring you legal eagle bulk gum. There aren't you know and I let us and I know a lot of you guys the bulls gum ground using the molten. Don't carry within you get a southern home. Are you the bulk everything guy ligament in your house gym like a giant tub of like out of pretzels and cheese roots I could. So reviewed hit stuff go you know here we are for kids so with the magazine with the biggest thing you by mammoth what would you really have to stock up on our big ticket like. He's really Vegas they think is the heaviest thing in this case the water the biggest thing is that. That's what the 35 roll of toilet paper that loves that thing and now they let you go through it. Post to a utility of people are fair where women and they use that stuff up I don't know what they do and they're the I don't know. A hundred melted them they attention on themselves a big mess. I had my party left I don't know the native closed the door in my bathroom. When you the mob tore the playbook. Yeah you know a lot of but he's and her cameraman. Are still a lot of passes but what good loud mouths indeed yes. And as is too white a failure but I guess that's exactly and twelve and see what I'm doing the math there aren't made up his shirt that says. Thanks as is club teams come under are all right here is your question. In 19:49. So I am officially changed its name to watch. All. Europe. Siberia. I don't know. Struck Thailand straights and I have golf. So I am I am. I do not great vision anxiety and started to question this that this is hot off comprises of miles rob mr. my attention today if you don't know all be very happy to share those with the world here is a question. According to the television program the Doctor Who recently did a segment on how to find the right shade of over nude at stake. They're big tip is go with the shade that's roughly the same color as what part of your body. I don't expect to know it is you thought these are doubtless. How about your nipple. It's a smooth. I have no. Oh you know Amanda yeah I don't I would hope. That people would go to the counter. And it's here local department store and when picking out let's stick. To put it up against the nipple and made it look before they buy just to make sure that they get the right shading it's kind of like when you go and you pick up paint it to Home Depot I don't think they should do that though Amanda do and you gotta be out of the south but no Apple's had so. When do surged Alexa is go dark wave at all would you how does an end Donald starts arguing that we all at the moment where you want you. He's going to explore one another and you see the boobs and had been seen problems and can't help make a mental inventory we're sitting in my. There awfully dark for the personal minority these are. Lakewood there you know there so you're saying did you select to darken the lipstick we use your question alleged I don't know you know your nipple I mean I wouldn't this they mention of two doubles and think golf ego I think you got to think long and hard about you know -- we're looking levels you know remains gentlemen that Cecile what color goes by you if you feel weird Jordan and doubles the people to go we are definitely an element of Aurilia. I can do their own name color does a hole you really think in the scale of zero of a 300 you know colors to my nipple color have I can't guarantee it we think it is. I don't know I think it's I think it's a hair attempt to set. I'm a parent thing that it. Say Harris a heretic I think my knees is Sahara like not to say tenets of what went through mud. Which he's under don't like what would you want a winner let my would be who uncooked chicken. Ma uncooked chicken coop unless you must really get a leg a pain something thinking threat so. And pay by the big eye opener and the this big doubt they know their next contestant voted to play against her Monday blows our team playoff not another I don't look like without the Mets got it. I don't you think your bedroom and a good ticket. I like it this thing I got good ally get a lot goes well the white drab and if it hello Kelsey welcome to the men's room. I. Kelsey you love so we're not so I'm not that it's not so. Felt kind of pillows you destruction of no wind or what is your favorite Gump tells me that if the commentator Karen I'm not a 111 Bubba Bubba I would call good call. The great golf great I think my great great move about the. And what great aunt Lillian just as much or not. Yazoo added. We think in 1869. And America's first transcontinental road road was finished now the final spike which of the golden spike. Was put in the ground. As for modeling summit in what state. This is transcontinental he says. There and Americans are and is no I was immune gum and general wrote about all the invite our friends come and I would assume it started on the East Coast and worked its way west. There's already done Hillary. Regularly I won't won't. New York. None and and and and and details until. The existing ways it could save latter can. Thank god they tell me. I'll Oregon. Junk here okay terrorists may antibiotic Colorado used off due to host who didn't go only. You don't eat them yet so worthy fungal spike who's voted to do. And my guys down. A clever these words. All right this is also the name above a brand name product what is the most understood word in the world. This world. A brand name product it is in fact brand name problem. And it is also the most understood word. Corny. Colgate. Come on man they just. Colgate. About one on you know me and I'm glad I mean you might Mike hog got a right. The mom AM dad how Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. Coke. We got on the Internet. Are how well Steve embodies both opinions these cases and they all business does involve money with a guy named me. Should be. Much question in 1956 Alfred. And I am a hawk. But I am Mad Magazine. I was right after the advertisement called him up. There's a question in 1978 David Berkowitz. Better known as what serial killer pleaded guilty to the six murder charges against them. Oh yeah. While the New York City. And wet and you can. It was in 1978. A man who's. You don't I'm gonna do liberals themselves. Don't even as he wouldn't put junk hole we gotta support what you think about the the hole where Kelsey you're not a single on this afternoon there. Absolutely not thank god disease might be here awhile to break come back with more a big dummy you're listening to the men's or monument or radio networks. Now back to the men's room here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. I've got on behalf Jeff. Now says they've dealt. Top rated birthday today we'll birthday love on it is meat and potatoes gonna bred for the shot today. Every time the game is big dummy we've got the lovely Kelsey online Kelsey working on question for as we had a good break there I don't I don't think. OK so we know we asked this question before he comes back in 1970. David Berkowitz was better known as what serial killer he pled guilty to lose six murder charges brought against him. I don't know had need. 08 billion. Better known as Ted Bundy nope not yet I don't think the thing. More about north David hardware and all of the sort of saying. That. Son of Sam. About this. Morning and only talked to dog student. Who let's Berkowitz got elected dogs told him go kill people as a dog goes where the gaps these dogs were evil told him to kill you know dog Norman and Youkilis and what they say it. If you don't good dog and I bought clothes bag and found that dozens. Who like killed who who do you root for political reform and roofers came out looking for a okay. Pioneer is your question I don't know proper rock and all day with these dad jokes data that. The busiest day of the character for KFC is what holiday. Playing. Great yes and not let other girls giving. And I'll try July 4 no he mother's mother my doubt that you have been in my book KFC's. The typical typical typical Google. Oh. Hey you know you busiest day of his earlier love your mom and they'll soon have questioned his mother to them imam chooses to go to camps and you he'll add relate jewel room all the really great they are good taste in Bagram is not clear my. You know as you know if you'll Bogut and maybe just his left greens and doesn't give up our business. Sit down oh my home and watch them bad and grow the ball between his sagging bread. That's what Marmol tomorrow and what did exactly that or didn't she no longer really you don't need to call him. And in trouble through no way of movement but otherwise I was on the order book didn't have never heard a woman I guess I'm Omar the good standard I. I don't what do marvel wants. A bucket of me that's the busiest guy than today's of these. Mother's Day you don't lie. No because children don't clan mothers day dad who is I think like every I don't handle strap got exactly yeah I appreciate you really got a garden I would think out of garden of global cancels out into a grocery store and get a bucket of chicken as a man is and fathers that balloon. If you look good news mobile. That's what side that bloom do what I. I've never voted yes I do is just nobody Jergen. I want to Vieira and I had an hour or. OK she's still hostages get this doesn't get a get a bunch of stuff there anything I ask everyone knows Wilson about Chelsea Vermont on brings to prevent her slope in person and we got older and you know. I should be offended it's a from the taxes on would've guess an al-Qaeda. He thought that was funny honestly. Want and why else do you think that there are dead yours and not for you and laugh. Meanwhile we got you going in spite of that here's the next question Celtic. What actor is the only person ever to be nominated for Oscars and six different categories. As anchor of best supporting actor director most original screenplay does adapted screenplay and as a named producer. For best picture. He's currently in active he's very very very very proud. Very very popular Halo 3 and they're re very top. We'll all I just wanted to area and back. I don't know I'm crew. Oh yeah as a hello Howard. I don't know at bat very very popular. And I think about frank good run on arm of I think Ron Howard as a popular. He's popular I got to give him the two very thick Clooney Brad right because they vary with Clooney is very to something else you think Ron Howard would be 10. Easy as our guest needs an iPad two you'll be getting us to do with it doesn't matter how high you have to like seven. Currently drinking beer the black. Hair and green and up nice. And I didn't really questioned. What is the most common letter in English language. Zero yells yeah. Time to run great I'm. A is a next eight is that earlier this hour so you got eat what you got EA is next on the go I. It's third I is for a full always of her top 50 is fifth. S our team it is a confidence. Yet. Our our our apparently least common letter he acts. QQ. Q more than 600 and he would you clean analysts have been going on xylophone and extra. He was the least common and it's followed by Jay-Z. JE ZX. And V. Hot but it's not for it doesn't have to start with the letter right does your friend is largely rest period are a few holes and Charles herein are the and so much gas X shows up sometimes it seems they Deming who are now doesn't nor Malcolm do to play the game or hello Jay welcome to the motor room. Yeah. I j.'s overnight over. I lived. Directory. We'll. Lawyers say I got a firsthand. And there. We're plume blue drink. All right is there a party going on the background. Not really a guess nature Jane what's your favorite animal rights well all the days dog stand at Furman Lawrence Tynes. Thank god someone's therefore it would carry every time the bubble gum Jennings. Who milder form Bogota and on them. You would see them do it really choose baby. He's ultimately. And hearing on other. A contestant on big death. I mean we're. Twelve should go to Iowa earlier this month. Are they getting 62 Mexican army they scored an upset victory over the invading army of what country at the battle played out. That's what celebrates and single demise it was all about instant care. My actor throw it net you know I think that's wrong no. None of this is Mexico's fight another country. Yeah little things. NRA rating down it Omare Lowe down because I had day you have to turn the radio down in your house. Well yes that Randy out not the one left hook I'm kinda. Area okay are good enough sounds much better things. Irons are wont be. Torn country and me and I believe who I like your that I Emmerich and great girlfriend. Displayed good. And 1862. The Mexican army scored an upset victory. Over the invading army of what it's untrue and the battle label. I celebrate seeing go to mine. Our own all lol what are you know we're. All right you know the correction an earlier question. Given up. Stay. Maybe I'll probably enough negative. Portugal I asked threats and the situation I'd get all up in banking today and fresher protect. Knight Ridder spirit. Joan okay whatever your head just this. What are. Not that we're good we're. Multiple choice question. Rentals are only about what percent potato. 42%. 32%. Or 22%. Did you know. They're deeper orange. Multiple charts. Jailer is very carefully. Well they're here's a sub typing listen just what authorities say oh where you're any hubris that. 32%. Are drawn in due course. What percentage on that but NATO is an outpouring. Boy you. Got. I would tell you look at the little sister just hang out. Definitely I would go home. And he is my better judgment we're gonna come back to public Kanye did during his cars more.