05-11-17 Seg 2 Mens Room hits the bakery

Thursday, May 11th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You guys only crowd resentment grass 2017 days you're gonna wanna be there Saturday June 4 Wye River and burials a cornerstone sour baby metal. Pretty reckless and a whole lot more whole lot more bands fourteen bands all together Tuesday just. Join us fuhrman's are happy hour and a half party we have our own little private bar for ninety minutes whether manager red flown in that also looking over the man's original sausage. Very important to get food in your stomach when you do and all you guys vote they drinking as we will be ninety minutes of do and some outdoor drink in a private bar and give you teacher knowledge stuff. All the packages and there are plenty of different ways to get into paying the grant and had a KI SW doc I'm legally get self. In the normalcy you'll wide river Saturday June 24 our dad again his big dummy we will take a quick break and come back to more right after the just a man drove here's the question Ryan teel Mike two late resorts casino 99.9. KI DS don't you know. It did heads don't go to Ted may Dennis render birthday. Arrived for the job the day in the meantime the game is a big Demi do we still have Jay on line there's deer. Hello new day you still learning and I heard. Oh. Taylor on quite there Maryland grad you're putting military at all. All right then yes sir I am very young. Guys that are kind. There's there's just not a question. Of course and yet career or are approximately. Five point three million Puerto Ricans living in the continental United States. Are there are more or less living in Puerto Rico. Moral or you're in for a period. No rule I'd stay left. Hold me. Wow holes are that you get Lindsey Wright ever wow all. Okay the craziest that is most of those Porter can for the New York City yes absolutely and it has isn't it better to Brockman is that in Miami on. Then there's a big dummy goes annexed it doesn't write a play the game and men's Miami to play. Hello woods and welcome to the men's room. And it Tara. Didn't show the places over enough over. You can Wear. And you lose your favorites at the guns. I'm thinking they're in big greens you are dead diva and I don't know let's call re really zero. All right then let's men. So you go greatly under the go big league Q. I nominee I don't think we've stretch we had more players know it does nothing has more flavors and a delay was flavor. And I was like she's like yeah we Juno you have to be honest it doesn't last very long you've been a lifelong of the fruits right. There between the ghost comes from our made this quick burst and I think with wooden ones that the government put in your mouth you count in Ottawa's big league you you can do a little bit more then put a couple of easy prayers aggressive play of the first to back. But my topic to water the restaurant I don't ever go and the UK and by the way don't. Top my iced tea I put the sweetener and don't talk my coffee look man I've just created this damn thing now it's halfway done may put the coffee back on top now you ruined my whole entire situation just wait why get down close to the bottom yeah but that's the date at I feel the same way someone. I haven't got the garbage in my perfect ratio of my cream dreamer and a juggernaut a and now as a drawback is that another little thing of the cream and limit doing here it doesn't taste the same is to dilute like I know it's all eight restaurants you give me free coffee and yeah. I don't wanna bring somebody you know the all the ice has melted and I've discovered one single Q fluent in top and got a flat IST when those sweetener. Arch and Eric I have yet. And and it had a lot of homicides. Alison I could if if you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel what numbered yeah. I actually know the answer to last underneath whiny I don't know much higher. No reply me. That's significant and think they thrift. The devil's are way out of. Our agenda to question you don't know me out to what using Japanese name. Literally translates to quote fragrant harbor. I don't regret. What Asian capital's main literally translates to fragrant harbor. Who's Michael mob book. Well for Renault. You know mountain and you know I don't even know us. Yeah yeah. Zimmerman. Absolutely there the only number identity theft I'll say Beijing. Tokyo pong pong on. Harassment. So badly and and an add any 100 birds I am middle name and my mental list of who missed the home clones bullies. Onto the bomb to bomb to bow wow. Founded. In San Francisco in 1903. The bank of Italy changed its name to watch in 1930. I who. Chairs. It had no answer yeah. Didn't mean to you and securities don't catch it. I'm not how to walk and darn cute guy. I think they'll learn I won't answer the zoo yeah cobalt blue dog not yet I'm never not walk my dogs hi how do you have a problem that. Well they're not my guy I don't know my client did you know about my arm around now I don't know they're Dodd Joseph Walsh she's in that you don't. You know me and I don't know why can't go out there and. Aren't returning tomorrow yeah I had ginger in the high dog walker Cuba calling it crazy. I don't like yeah I would just assume you're I you're walking god damn dogs. Jenny no car no I smoked pot I think our ears an ideal arm of the key argument. You gotta Q are you are you thin. And why you didn't tell Ella we found no really want. Already okay ring at 13130. That's the key because this community you get below the less shall have to walk the dogs. As long as you looked skinny and looks like you're walking a lot all right. But if you start to pick up pounds and particularly taken a dog around blocks generally IR. So the skinny or you get the less you can work because they think you're working but you walk all the places us getting. You guys are the worst June job advice to examine the open or read my got a what are my car. And that's and I don't know they have always said if you could and she lives is you want to work so this thing if you decided you wanted zoo here's some handy though we salute you look approvals and how Hillary I don't know I don't actually walked those dogs is don't just look like he's authentic OK we brought a threat to Italy's. We had a dog walker come for awhile and it was one of those things where. Okay the dog org was going to be gone for almost a her business partner also walk dogs and there was an come over to Saudi giver Nikita how's everything to you walk the dog right. Chance on the door. This is a very large woman and when she left at home alive when these dogs are not the longest. If if if if that hey. There's no next ten I think you might think about her zero quick may have a dog and on our caucus is no way he. Sorry Oprah why aren't there and there are Latin I was sorry guys make their. Competitor and heavy dog blog they like Nevada and yeah I mean. Would you look for that person didn't like trade bait if they had to have been coming at a yeah you know exactly that's why don't ever ask me to drain that I did like on you look like you if you're a guy. I did it. Question. For miles right now smoke weed you know. It because of fears Simpson scale measures what natural disaster. Or at all this a few years Simpson scale as say FF IR. I might be doing wrong upon selling. Like it sounds important some fear. This appears Simpson scale. When you are at army air Thailand. Let's go by an earthquake. And thank you for a third day. Oh well. Yeah typhoons and there's thing and tsunami not that day and I know it has been happening right now. Our quick decision where only different kinds of natural disasters. See tornadoes tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes wildfires. Drought I guess if you called the drugs a little slower now more mudslides you got all that but but you could we own the bloodshed that's one thing people like blood flow and the like all these other areas of the world like. We get hit by at all you have a boob. There's an element. You do attack but but we get tornadoes you never hear about a tornado making a habit you know I mean in just destroying villages. Let's agents on the differences though and got a remembers as you look at things culturally so relied on May go to a good line and ever get the lions go at being dangerously got an MR. People LLC and worldwide all school mainly tornadoes actually. Know it's like that's not great you want my heart do you have a list of natural disaster when a guy right here of. Only guys that make it as edited. Examples include floods could have been through what hurricane Andrew Luck tornado venturaland. Volcanic eruption never negative earthquakes now. Really now how long you. Third row you're miners are now tsunami easy like I suspect like we're looking for earthquakes right. All right and there are other geologic asking you to receive. Terrible category of our tent all the usual source of lower value out of that they don't get as we get get the next two with a volcano in your earthquake we could check them off the bucket list is to be very so I don't have in my book let's do they cannot play it because they lead into the market. Like I don't want anything like a bug explicitly accelerate the actual taking up and whose women charge late. No I don't know why it led yeah I got my second left to live gunbattle like a swimming with sharks just adjustment when Rainier blows that it will again the only people driving toward that none of going to be white people. All all that yeah I'm like hey there were choices storm point Leoville. We wanna I wanna live. Gen iPod Touch or you or your person who read this unicorn idea of the black scuba diver like that would be the ideal guy Europe. Yeah our right well somebody actually doubles and a camera guy's name I am like man music in my opinion in our evening BR character that I die I get an idea okay he didn't care about this industry could have a brother. That's your guy he's out there and here's I don't hero instead. Either disease and he. That's why are you I mean beyond that the relationship did it is ours and doesn't that I didn't question she's here for a few bubbles and he'd yet. I you snorkeling. Caught the Red Sea. All right the home a new cup a couple of it's official state dish of what they. Hawaii. Got me. Just pretend like you knew it's not we get the sound of that quite a bit and I are everybody knows that a man. Boy who made a look he gave his big Derek. What Cambodia's how many letters are crap night admirably come onto what I want to letters are in the why an alphabet. The Hawaiian Hawaiian is it less or more. I don't wanna tell you that think about all the little or no extra letter I now and but you can other art piece of Jews the empress Sam Ridley I better time we dropped seventeen. Close. I'll go fifteen I think it's 1413 and boredom to inflate the I we've both government use guys and agent that's why is it that Hawaii oracle why there's. And a new way he threw those thousand silence sounds like. You know and advocates like applause. But it seems like to think that. Like right where you wanna say some missing a little different this week it was why right now it's about. It's like when it but but here too big man. And Gaza be like well actually is pronounced about you wanna say about you and I could be if I don't why he ending didn't add that last apostrophe insulate ten years ago by some airline with running an ad in the we went into two how about EMA event how about. But they they put the name Hawaii up on the screen and only has always been the apostrophe to getting those moms get. Uruguay and more skill I don't know why that is kind of like skilling when you when your for your mom or better yellen to give you business generally speaking to scream I expect. That's old you're giving them the apostrophe. Miss big dummy. Who's next contestant to play the O'Brien welcome to the men's room. All on its own. I've brought you Henry Bowman and saying are you so we're not sober. Enough to overturn current highly Covert but that's tournament. And yeah you sure. Preacher and my experience ma'am my Automotive News the only people that seamless robe for the move sober or not sober on the sober people. And not just over everywhere it's over which leads me to not believe. Brian good and that's what I want that. Brian you they are you a decent individual. I would like to consider myself on Friday. I've done a lot of Ryan's in my lifetime are all decent individuals. Almost one million I got none no asses. Nobody uses you know incidentally too crazy but just you know me decent individuals aren't as some guy credit president brand like kind of brining you that you could host O'Brien candidate and not and I feel like if I knew I was gonna hang out Brian I can feel confident knowing that we can hang out if you are now. You still like you have to ever going to be O. Hang out Lance Billick who we are. In an audit keep the crazy under under wraps yeah yeah that's important I hang out of the Lance. New one it was best friends and Brian Bryant wrote the best best weapon right now LA Atlanta Atlanta primarily together cool aren't even gold alliance. Oh yeah our. Our Brian here's your questions. 01 of all what a hero favorite favorite kind of go oh that's right. Why that's five failure sent out five no Mike McCready and all right. You are you where five goes yeah I mean it's today it let me advertising worked on him but you know it's like that little packet flips over and it's sliding it's almost like. Nightclub gums and how did they have the you are all five senses stimulative wouldn't you'd go. Mack truck that sounds fantastic. I'll go ahead he at least some of that. All right is a question. Mike Colter that's the actor who plays the title character of which Netflix mobile TV show. It's based that are superior included deserting. Her. Hello. How you now on Chertoff. I've read about it I just been moved I'm sure I've been doing it years from now under our noses in. Which US state drinks the most alcohol per person. And know. What caught some now be my guest tonight. So yeah I don't don't you know I don't envision getting wise. This doesn't understand something I'm gonna hand it makes completely ruled they think this hour Wisconsin Michigan and and I didn't. It kind of makes sense that the state based on poverty. Little bit of bad. Is Louisiana. North Dakota flat. Well no New Orleans in enemy like the name of the poverty through Louisiana about what I no wait that was not what we're we're concerned there about well. He understood what knowledgeable folks still favor of Florida and Louisiana balls all the all the money. In it who called my confederate thank you sent a little reason to go back now what I don't give a picture taken with. Him. Nobody on the monuments don't. Other state is a bad back. Car. Makes sense that all our. Brian discussed how are. Our country. In which Asian country do horse radish originates there. I Korea. The very you know I knew that something was sobbing. I thought I. Did you not know what I'm not would you do all the Saudi gum Bryant. Absolutely not want or. I do I think a new Porsche reddish gum just couldn't assign us. We usually choose from like fifteen seconds yes fitted out area I would do to be dancing sensation and I get all worked for best unload those crowds are any McGwire Americans will sense of the without the shuttle is looked at it should be argue it in it is but we don't know that so renewed a different way I we'd like to do clearly learned a lot of little finger Kidman and in there. America without it and I could just torture. Him. What you state is home to the country's highest mountain. You know mound. God did Brian. Are you know how god net and it's also the highest mountain on the continent. I have no idea name has been recently changed back to its original. Well probably they want to act now. Heavy metal McKinley denominated combat. This which attracted to now. Palisades Logan in Canada and no one is saying up. And Kelly Whitney in the continental United States I believe it's not good news with I don't want to say boo and doesn't want to act. Which I'm not a hiker. It doesn't mean I like the yeah got into. You know hiker and a leg of a go to those giant mound that's different I'm not a salvadorans and over Australia is men consolidate our. Hello hi America. I'm not an astronaut I don't know the mood nerd remembers last night. The new clock and we're just it is OK. I get an exam. On whenever I. Which Brandon King Arthur lived in the castle joyous. Welcome arms came or for. And Arthur. Ordinary. I don't horrible day. Fifth straight talk a bit as good but tonight nobody can move. Well first dude go to the people like impossible and I'm gonna say the black night. We're not Martin Lauren to got. We'll go to White House. With Atlanta also there Lancelot denotes that mark hall of individual codes of all of the remains a cure for Merlin. And they ended may Merlin the wizard. Yeah that's what you that is there hang and a day he's the he's cute girl was born man hoagies that's like that's why we know I think it is it is Guinevere is graphic art. So little warning and thank you Michael and king Arthurs to king is he got the sword and the stuff. Actually his name is king and last names are or how does does he happened to you to listen don't the sort bullets. I do Excalibur a bad guy Albert who. Don't know I don't know how hard that always felt all right yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah there are okay badly it's a lie that he and are there started his milk flour empire yeah. Yeah it. And as we went through all the little mom and dad don't kind of like maybe it's. Baker joked his nickname doesn't album. I alleviated fears that other guys. I'm gonna king Arthur bread joking he's working and every time to only gotten into the act and gonna take the other student Brandon before. You're on a roll thanks. While it's in the proof that you won't. It. You need a little levels and. Brian you there. Are your article thanks for saying what does that. Legend roll yeah. Yeah. Content that is what is safe and confident and I didn't know I mean it's. I don't know how legible let them until they don't have done. Yeah. It's. Ready to be a dead and you are have. And when it hit it. You better to Thibodeau did I tell you wait I don't think I sandwich and I had a question. Also a big trees character who's the Greek. Who Greek mythology was the god of dreams. Dean. We knew that her character. The majors and movies. Dean we need it was I think that's what us that we are involved dream and I. I our audience all they might you went file beginning at Dreamweaver I mean it's just. It's just so over the top ridiculous way the song begins right and then when he started singing or who's this Kevin guy for real or even a funny Gerri right now that a name that aren't on. I really want him just. I know it's been awhile since two birds thought maybe you are recorded a hit going to be because of the ready ferried extra. This is like a new. Spreading very best and that he sounds you realize he's playing one of those. Keyboard anywhere like it. What else would put my heart that he thought he claimed he keeps it just didn't keyboard usually good. Only speeds are down coming they gave the simple mainly dead and I didn't wanna. I really do Y who don't like how long does it into the. Ship just. None. And did you hear it I. And. To block party weekend but he's only got one song so sorry. And we look you do growth and another when you wanna you know people hello hello I'm so yeah. Italy's budget of course right. Yeah. Just remember every single weekend. We can't think of anything yeah. We are out of ideas. For forty years we have been out of ideas. It's another block party okay. Picture myself having those campaigns so we don't. Think the. Yes that's exactly what you do recently broke the huddle it's a drink and still very little blunt one are very arrive on the block party weekend I. True yeah did you try to relax that is my my friend. Yeah. Is a while Roger throw out there we've been dreaming. You should we've been drinking that this was big dominating that was our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello it's jobs welcome to the bedroom where her door Ouattara all. Yeah John you sober enough so. Are not true reveled in the showed jobs and a good which they've got to jump. I have been doing it goes they're both good upgrade you've been through juicy content first both reducing per today and it may move my testicles. Crap crap all right here is you've got a little known fact I thought Vernon. They're copyrighted but they didn't get that fugitive group. What food is that illegals eat with the forecast. In Georgia god bless George. If if if if you do you're or ordered her fractured it. There. Vegetable. Of some on what this gives a great. The mother ever. Read figure that you don't Mother's Day is over and over again don't putt of the day if you. And you know got their books but what was the incident where the lawmakers what we got what this group brought someone don't go I didn't look at it I didn't leaderboard that is their right to go to. That may get a ball. Jobs are only a woman than they actually just announced pull that off as well I'm Laura big donate go to will take a quick break your losing to the men's room on the men's or radio network. And drew returns yeah last year and brought you like to let you resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. You're not give back. Right after emails in the game known as big dummy is making a big going to we have a new contests and online there to play games hello Sam welcome to the men's room. All our pages are up. Boy guys that aren't. Familiar hey face over nuts over. Armed well three minutes I'm just going to you know. And three and I would put John teams over Sam for the meantime we will get there we need to what do what they are down. All my don't really have they've got to come down on the economic shout out. Is about gum. Yeah sure shot out about guns are I'd fly it sound like the favorite. There might have been banned under the huddle they loved gum. I think. They loved jump nice when work at it than we did a great job and I'm sure the third tag line is we will gum in fact if you go see this band. Play anywhere was named them again. Under the title under the brought our citizens know they love being am dumb thrown out and so you say to your government throws much covered him as you possibly can. At all actually we'll go to America and here into question. Who built the first film studio. He's better known as an investor. I mean Illinois and Florida didn't we. Let's go wind Aristotle. It's. Aristotle the third film studios that no one other quick thing it's built. I got to others and aircraft vetoed the first film vault. People wanted to see horse racing on the West Coast Kentucky Maroney took a bunch of pictures and ended up kind of movement gathered. Yeah and they're like oh this is a move parallel. There I don't watch any that there now comes ticket you know what can. Men and are the work night and it especially combination of two major cities what are the two majors and I. Do you look upon your book when you think do you just yeah. Don't know I think your guide to what happened here is Carol L Barack. Yeah Baghdad on all your budget guarded by. Don't know why they I have to go away it. Com. I mean it means you're. Hand in. Lou. Louisiana. Go to new York and London case miles apiece are all war I was and don't ever think demand. Sandy Lyle cook yes there. I'm not an issue only out now just put two and two together that. What is ballots are. I don't or go to the ladies had ladies fighter drag to slam god now yeah had a preliminary. Yeah all right look. How ugly are you knew what they got an icy weather only to personality but I mean physically looking ahead Q what is the term Obama. Our own. Somewhere between. Alabama Manning Q in Jenin. While. Aren't they're not a boom and yet it earlier and ever. Yeah. I know I thank god out of pity though. Pity. The guy yells I do agree that it still might outnumber us and them Disney and I. We are ready to or sorry dog gone she's. Definitely yeah yeah yeah I guess tonight her last boyfriend took the hell does that mean. Hello my list of all out. And Dawson running mate is Illinois. I need to brush act in the history 20%. Of women look at what part of a man first. Boom. Move. More intimate you'd maybe like he's in and out if you if you if you if you aren't. Tough. Hey man I'll that we actually do that I don't take your face that I have good. That's motivated this super ugly and no one Cingular in the thing anybody except her face. That's it. Yeah I'm gonna have to go where. Years. You could still the future and your chin I'm. You've got to make that oh. But it book. I love that comment isn't limited and regulatory and it's that I didn't. Let us smuggling to movies to handle rented and I questioned five they're saying like Jim Ball didn't really have a product on the citizens. That it lays it out. I news or questions. What is the top selling candy bar from the bidding and actually. I'm gonna go live. It's death. Well my favorite candy and. Comprised. Downwind and ask who you would this man. Like so I lost the most popular. The land god. Or my dead. If they're faster it is knock her shake shack down in Del Mar a predator monitored you know it's most bomber loans masters extra good to hear Craig Brown's. Stated wanted to make it an area I'm going to seem not to over into Turkey. Decorate. I was just getting ready to ask. Our energy question what was the first Disney movie based on a real person. Oh what a group. It what did you say Aladdin. Yeah hall last. The guy who wrote. There's two guys over the magic. Obviously is based on the true story. But in this case maybe he was second. Bob the first one from Disney was Pocahontas. Okay that actually make wayward. He does there's no because of the answer the real purse that's why it makes sense is in fact a real person and like Aladdin have you adjourned to team budget yet. You know both team bus. Leg not so we're just so correct. That would be very correct. Right center we've switched to over I'm sure they're glad to have you and I'm sure will be and I can tell the difference. He and mom forgot you were so he's seventh im always Euro how long to go through school. Iowa and there I'd hook echo good for you man and a car. You have. A good committees. Now where it yeah well what are your best subject. I probably. Noon and. They're. Critical thought boy that explains Aladdin. Yeah you know Middle East semesters on him yeah it's and is many conquests of the moon people. Are you can't question. What kind of what kind of burden burden. So kind of question that I didn't entirely close okay what kind of Burr is her bed and. The Baghdad then thirteen. And it sends the wild Turkey superb object I think the connection to reverse time over. I think the way both parties for me just arrived yeah. I know that's the last question nobody so pleased that the death in every seven in my data. I'm a big spenders like old crow wild or what do you think got better look into. And if equipment. I'll order. The who diligent at jailed George difficult for him if she's if you can. You guys who knows his. Would stay and has the longest border with Canada. All come alive in. The big guys damn. Noon longest border with Canada and longest border with him and I know what I would add guests and assault him somewhat and kiss and maybe it was so. Con. Can and girl you're allowed thinker me. We're Oreo Marleau silence. He's deflate. Could go where to look. There's only fifty guidance states and our countrymen. And only to move more to Canada. You got. You heard. Or he didn't. Minnesota taught them. Hundred. It didn't say it way Oklahoma. All right question number nine Sen. In the United States. It's a crime for the media. To report on what's falsely. And actually true. There. Being. It's quite wrong. Oh. I'm gonna have to go rule where it. Who like out for wide. Category. Light sound if you watched the new things and over on the news. Costa time. I was aids it is it is about economic. It's right to. You just can't live hours just to say I'm a member got aquarium hope but. We get back the end of sadness and all the way according to detect a lot of people cheering formed in order. To break the record it is amazing would it like give a whole fan club. Sam on question number ten more of big dummy coming out euros into the men's room on the men's or radio network yeah.