05-11-17 Seg 3 Mens Room sings the song

Thursday, May 11th

Emails, Headlines, No S Sherlock is back! And the Head Chef is in to talk to us about cake!


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Nine point nine. KI DS stolen you guys know everything paragraphs 2007 day and I go down Saturday June slowly for the white man hater cornerstone our baby metal pretty reckless. And a whole lot more get those men are happy hour and a half tickets while they last that low private party. Is selling fast you'll join us for ninety minutes during and outdoor style knowledge that we have our own little private bar will grow up some delicious men's original sausage or you won't most normal program they will this of the free T shirts by the way in and a tighter teacher included in the package and get devil horns in the baggage and all the different packages. All the different things in ways you get into pain in the grand AI. Doc I get backstage barbecue. I get yourself up in the front row feel like progress either way he it paid in a grass 2078. And your emails from the men's room at men's or live dot com next. We miles M drill itself. I'm pulling nine KI ESW. Head Jeff come on give me details. Celebrating a birthday today it out of the way Iraq before the shot of the day and meantime the game is big dummy we still have a similar line. Our our teams over and I believe has moved over to team announce over and Sam being on question that number ten. Until there's an. I nearly a million under the little. Off in my soft side and you guys put out a plan. Sam. Yeah we plan. I all you've got a big game. I'll. Monster ADM the samples eaten he got a taste terrible I would faith I mean god that I'm when he blood does Britain's ball all time. And dreaded comes into believing. He didn't heroes because you brought it out through our ride what do you know you gotta love straight paths have got racquet did a lot of good for you know hopefully you'll hear things. The only game known as big damage we have time for a few of your emails here. From the men's room amends in my Dag gum. They don't front you buy or lease a broad drop brewers a men's room original red because within Jenna. That silver bronze medal winner the great American beer does hold on only does that mean it's award winning beer and and is a big deal little portion net proceeds benefit our three local Fisher house is soaked. Think your return to make that choice. I guys my husband Ian turns forty my son Thomas turns Ford today and both are big fans of the show. Could you please bush in my happy birthday with a birthday song and a barber shop fish sandwich thanks guys that from Karen here's it. There's people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. I don't understand reason he's still rallying issue in the morning and afternoon and news and then and now. Guys are daughter Molly is turning the big six today and he loves opposing view on her way home from school and her way home from swimming. Here that VD. Can he do original face and I just suck it up update that from her parents Teresa and jolt sandwich oh. Daughter Chloe pronounced Chloe. Celebrates our search dress seven trip around the sun today can you please give a birthday Jennifer Mon Jan and Big Brother Conner how about a little kid faced sandwich. Love the show guys resolving you do birthday shout out to LeRoy Jenkins with a LeRoy Jenkins twelve years ago today that beautiful raid breaking SOB. Blew it all for some chicken and Internet glory. And you remind us summits every day thanks guys that from Mike we will honor him later. He. Guys today is my wife Jennifer's birthday she's very proud of being Mexican by injection can I get a little German talk from Ted and thrill please. New book they we will play navy do shall be a member of the boats I had seen them. I know this Mexican by relationships sounds like somebody really likes that and tomorrow. Themselves. The draws are today he. Case today so Mike give to her is for her name to be under shells though they have Labor Day to my mom Alito and whatever you do don't do internal sects. Guys today's my buddy Daniels when he's expert take and get out. Paternal sex for thrill much blown out there see that exists. Thank you guys there's my good friend a local clam shocker just in story six birthday. He were to Taylor fisheries and spends all day shut in the clams Toto I don't oysters and playing those big figure geoducks. If Stephen Ted could GeMS of dirty German and Australian that would be awesome guys. Now if you shot by lamb I will move. Baghdad did Danny and now than ever it maybe is still a javelin jewel sounds like things for your week week. Does that ever get out eleven to zero and go like you know based on their stalker map go west maybe didn't pass Arco group. Maybe president. Girlfriend of Kimberly but we'll see you guys since he was sixteen she's 27 today please could you get a suck it up please thanks from Brett I. We are so glad I listened along and fills a reminder that world. Assad to make it breaks my two best friends is out to be twins can they get here comes a dope pusher at from electric today yeah. I want my dad Tracy had a birthday she's the coolest politician and all of Shelton quite Dioner. Considers internal lacks please thanks guys that from angry and eighth hole. Yeah I. Oh. Guys are they set out to Zachary get a big old barn Brett thanks guys UK gas that from Mike Mike that's all we kind of use. Guy says no I smelly jelly 35 birthdays she loves the show but she hates the birthday requests she also hates though let's pull the NJ sound bite. So can I get up let's pull it in jail and a cut that big job to say happy birthday thanks guys that from well let's wait and Jay got. I've read now. It always my friend TJ AKA the two Jimmer. I had Hebert today can get some nasty German talk police thanks guys that from the cheater. Now I want to face noble eagle two he does have small groups. Yeah TJ until jam coming out with yeah true. Current series started I birthday AKA scuba is best rather friendly girl could ask for a listen you guys every day he is the ideal father to a thirteen year old son. Who listens to your show every day. I'm gonna treated as a member of original reds like you guys give a face Alex thanks guys reverend Lisa fish sandwich ratings gentlemen I trust you have made good use of those shiny bottle openers to open many a men's room read we have to use those quite a few that aren't thank you Gavin. I turn of the big 45 today and working way up north keep the same thing gonna get it now hitting the window followed by suck it up cupcake. Okay. Oh. Hi guys do oh happy happy happy it's okay yeah that is. We have got to. I pay you created the group. Bid says now unfortunately on yesterday's show. Right at the beginning of the birthday song I said the F bomb and we had to dump the whole thing so you might have missed it if you're listening. Are you able recently we science or truth. We know we thank you die I admit I haven't the hasn't yet on Danielle gadget really tells the entire Burton's attitude in here. Stars two time. About it Hillary didn't forget about no news bad news bad news never rude diluted bear would do my own resale those birds that things and it's not just lost on those days like today only a decade in upland candles on the yeah after the birth to Abu miles total amount. What are the hammer down progress being responsible and we're sorry we don't want to be up late tonight right around. Certainly don't count Condit how did you know that practice yeah I got this book I know the debt it should at this you always the perfect I. I if you look at what it's been erected outside in the long nights and we're going off on per hour meeting guy afterward he's got some stuff that's supposed to be its previous elements is loyal to what it was and farmlands and rest is pure is that they'll talk your backs out of man you might have dual time on the candidates worth and after the bust it and I know that chemical which in. Put him a statute which is its own Jones. I can see above me on the show there are looking back blank was a bad idea. Back in 2008 Els will be in north Vegas my remit and I decided to finally watch super troopers after listening to our friends read about it. After the movie was over we proceeded to have a heated argument about the bar scene when they are chugging syrup. I was on the side up there's a great idea really wanna try this after debating for about fifteen Mara may gave and agreed to a syrup chugging contest. Next morning using a generic brand of syrup and being mediated by another mutual friend we begin contest. I don't losing the race but it truth we were both losers that day we both door to door to door summer sales job and each mile we want it was a living hell. My stomach felt Legos rebelling against my entire body. And needless to say I didn't have a solid bowel movements for about a week and this day refuse to eat syrup. A later Diaz that from DeVon in lovely San Antonio Texas what station Wii on San Antonio again. KM PXK in the next the sound of San Antonio. Asleep cable Rio. It's a burrito Avery do you lieutenant burrito Tate case I'll ask WA CO. Hasta LA for the record I have seen super troopers like at least twenty times I don't know why but I thought to be located general Paul buckles I don't either. A few things are unfortunate and I guys my baby's daddy used to pardon the car. Kids' eyes were watery. There was crime really I'm dead serious it was those exactly if it's silent but deadly he'd say that we got a license plate frame help he started and we can't get out. A great show rock on guys and gas tank. Make child crime Duvall was wrong with you man subject faulting. I used to date a flight attendant who told me that the other flight attendants never wanted to do the flight from Vegas. Because the flatulence was so intense on the plane I'm not sure what the reason she thinks it probably from passengers loading up at the buffet. That from bill and a lot of reasons for the and drinking for four days straight. As they say the first time I flew back from Vegas there was four of us and I was the only one that didn't puke on that flight grow on the way back yet audio outs and that's rough. Our guys just being a poop if you go wanna clean diet no fast food no processed food no beer Minnesota etc. And very little sugar after about two weeks your poop doesn't smell anymore. You are eating any chemicals anymore so there's nothing distinct of the joint. That's my scientific explanation and I know something is true because I didn't I just heard that would happen and those only one way to find out either made a bunch of pizza and drink a bunch of beer. You aboard the phonograph amendment from you are good foods think of someone else's bathroom propose a funny do you you're dead in size. Are they get done headlines given a one hour from now the first quick check my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right and JD power survey just found that airline customer satisfaction is actually an all time high. Drove it. Yes. All right. How logical is it doesn't. 1978. You know but it could be one of those things reflect what united kept up so big. That the media is one out of the way I was to share every fold airline stories so I think we're getting inundated with a little bit. Campbell we get inundated river Briggs got to go bitch about airlines to do her thing but really and then dragging bad dude it's awful the plane and united. Most of the other so we've heard this kind of par for the course or. Yeah but let's look at I. I mean for me right it got one particular airlines and all know I agree I like late in day out what you get it and I would not say that I was happy with air travel. It's now well and I think your hat to their travel it's. How happy are you with their trouble now vs video point. So it's still not worse I don't think it's a compliment or thanks but the but the media has been a little skewed to get all the storage to come upon usually that big giant big foot looking goddamn money the bat on the united flight and yet. So the next day there's an article says look man. United. More pets died united flights in the other airline that broken down for miles and I did quick math statistically speaking but it is not true. Work another airline emirates considerably more likely that they're gonna put that. Of the based on the number of pets these airlines took in united essentially will take your pet keep that in mind. I want to say nine had died in a year. But as out of like 15100 pets they took the other airline would someone not main significantly. They had six deaths aren't. But they only had like 300 pretzel went to the mavs went all my god and you take your bet on the borderline. I got like one of three chance to actually make and why united it's like look man. We're like 99 point 5% they get to kind of like investigative journalism what we not doing that hell plus just like they can't be this bad and everything. All right moment on a man in China swallowed two ballpoint pen that tree lot of that when he was fourteen years old. Forgot about them and just have them remove right now at the age of 36. Do you forget about it. Nothing as it did I guess Bob Arum right that he lived that long with the men that warranted a bomber of the good remember that they might. What color with the inks. Ten network and I think they're important part it's lot of pent. Lakota and I have. I go would you not swallow her beat the Droid and how long ago they swallow him. Jeanne would Ortiz 36 now so what does one do you're gonna say you sold a bic pen got to be a awareness of twenty years ago he's fourteen. What how you know my he would remember like there's another part sort of sort of all big pens and pencils all of us in the one year between mine. Sixth and seventh grade I wanna say it was before started going to. Junior high school one of the most significant upgrades in my in my school going thing happened in airborne had a habit that was the first. All the reasonable ink pen and all the shows trapper keeper a major Arnold forever you were read a few years before and every year you got to near trapper keeper. There's a thing that got them race will integrate this seem like the money shots question when he won't junior high and I you're actually going to do things and he doesn't think your complete idiot anymore. I'm very sad to get these as is a real child you get to school hole here's all of your new school supplies. If you're left handed you know from talking about. You write something under paper and hand breaks over there right eucharist ink with the side are now a dude sucked. Our 43 year old man in Florida was arrested on Saturday at three assault at a candy store employee by pelting them in the face of gummy bears and that's gonna hurt you bet I can that hurt. You babe if they respect. Well awarded February late amateur my mistake I. You'll be able to pre order a Smart salt shaker next month police smoltz shaker it has been the exact amount of salt that you want to use in fracture sodium intake. Come on man yes I mean what if you can't put salt under through some amount of self control. You need to put salt don't usually you don't know and all authority and your and vitally the SEC network just broke a huge unwritten rule woes that I'll tell you all about a one hour from now IC was what it was going to pay my god we do you have headlines go on a one hour from now also still to come tens meat and potatoes had Jeff will be celebrating your birthday coming up with some -- birthday cake but. First our own Steve throw hill Combs the good yeah including her story is good headlines it's career and show. And off we go. The mountain biker gets chased by a bigger all man all right well. Sure and act. Now bears not messing around here there's like it happened in Russia and there's two guys who now trail in the bear is actually chasing the bike in front of him. So this guy screaming in his bunny like cougars up Burr under had been in Russia. I can't really do like he did it almost. Yes they're good and on the bulletin be better on the big blow to the streets were so this guy takes his bike ministers Catholic school on the other way around how I mr. Baird and it was self. Is losing a grizzly bear. See my thought the suns called the biking together as it bears teach you you don't know my father's. Declined command bridge from right reveal what might Marvin we get mauled I'll be fine if I yelled Berman notes. He's either one of them moose Brett and after the snowboarders are mountain now hello to take the same thing that they're going down and images this moose. Today it's hard to tell if he's running my. After November discount are running with them like you animals wanna play your chase again I always assumed they want to kill me but Goosen bear both monster animals that can destroy wrecked it's thirty minutes of blacks. The next headline a Goer braille on the mountain pass saves and ruled rally driver low. Jarrah. A threat that barely ahead I had somebody good food and pillage prevented from kitchen table. A study shows the president trump will become the most mocked president in league history. And the show. And you don't bills I wouldn't second Bill Clinton has produced a new study shows the trophy he'll become the most joked about president lay ministry and I meant to be Clinton and bush so he's been the butt of over 1000 jokes so far this yeah. So he should depress Bill Clinton's record of 1717. Back in 1990. We can do it because they'd be a lot of winning. Go to our web. Yeah very probably win the most headlines for this segment so far with everything going on right now others like it headlines every fifteen god and second we continue. Dropped makes himself look guilty well monkey's uncle. Sherlock. Total collapse of renewed safety concerns about Hanford nuclear site. G oil occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl not really the total collapse did them all right that. I don't limit always says safety concerns with a nuclear site campers like as I understand the way I'm reading it. Mean. If you read it locally there's one thing they say like I'll be often troubled Hanford nuclear site when a redeem national headlines about it it. The most dangerous Gundy nuclear slavery to freedom and America ever nuclear. Yeah. Good stuff that's not. Anti vaccine propaganda is driving Minnesota's measles outbreak. Yeah. Yeah. I know and I'll be. Right now the dormant come this thing with the like look man just like a lot of other things. Measles but it did gifted and helps the body develop resistance to a plea. Also give me Islam. You don't understand that part of our current approval would jurors mileage and a three shot they measles mumps and rubella and rubella and then they give you booster shot after that. It and listen right if you can get measles you build a ton but for the doing under inoculated you they have figured this app. This is the betterment. Most US households had given of landmines. They act and. This article came on May 2017. To let us know the US households have given up land mines yourself. Stripes appeared to trigger migraines and seizures. Yeah. Yeah I'll think about that it's that this dressed only physically in nature aren't obviously the zebra would Ronald. But not in the wade it's complete and an early ultra. So basically your brain when it sees it that's like symptoms new look at you you go. Low roar like even a checkerboard or depth perception because it doesn't really throws and here's how our news. Because everyone I know. The dealer has these are the gets migraines including myself like vertical stripes off. So very I don't study but it and has the problems telling him that he had enough paying paying. But it does what are bringing her well hello people with the symptoms they know their symptoms and think Boehner don't they did then they studied a bunch of people. Who have the symptoms they told them that they had an intern levels people. Tell the truth. Vertical stripes and cause headaches. Look at it you referees. Can achieve and put on the horizontal and showed your beard got. Do you run the slows on the field. Nobody thinks you're helping so if you hockey reputed. Russian foreign minister Sergei love all jokes about Trump's firing of coal we burn White House meeting. Paradigm. Bet. You were blowing goods and raw milk is making a lot of people sixes CDs and play well. Sure and try to passer as those two words you have it wrong. Mill. Do. It's official the frontier the car the more let me do drivers that jerk. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock under the. Truck page radical Islam. Except when you can make money from it. And she. And plenty of trips Saudi Arabia. The attorney general just doesn't open to completely shutting down Russian ballistic. GU Alec cares are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl not open to name a planned editors show thanks how much of an event that an average Norman's. Photographer from Russia's state news agency took photographs what you was immediately shut out yellow. Charter odd fact when trump met with whoever is handling word to the Russian guys owners and handlers today. Their photographer there to one note the guy that we knew he was large dog deuce and hey this photographer is like my personal photographers. Number ones vanity they must document what they've done promptly when our men and do meaning. Well it turns out he actually worked through the Russian state agency to the White House got hit us. Do they don't discuss personal photographer here she worked for Russian girls Fox News programs right but it but it state run so. They didn't impose some restrictions from talking to the guy we knew reporting on the story led the media rat but. The big draws include the guy that. None of the Russell both for supposedly is meaningless which were the guys that's tied to got numerous investigations so. We weren't supposed to know that trump and none of his people realize that this guy with state agency so that Russian media and the putting out things and hey. These two clowns are two handler for a court from guys were talking to today. It beats out in the American Media there who happens this guy vowed that he loves America you are talking Henry got him Kissinger. So are crafting wooden sword my be it's they got out of hand grew. But we can sit. One way to battle future flooding start building out bluntly say expert G oil lawyers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl not an ideal and a shirt and a river and everyone else. To go to access pipeline its first milestone in its first week. Yeah. It's and a gallons. Not a Tom I was like only about hundred but the point is easily viewed through haven't I haven't this is my. You're early in the process that was not a huge event someone would complain about the potential for spills a prominent inherit from that got them with somebody should Broderick yeah. The White House's explanation for the firing of James got me is totally unravel. Yeah and the. And frankly I disagree that assessment of our Reynolds border from virgin governments that wide haven't all of them solvent and among themselves. The only problem stories that the golf courses against time to think anyone of them individually so it makes them. One makes no book or you need a belly side. But would ruin it couldn't gain. That's continued. Glacier national market is running dangerously low armament. Glacier candidate Darren bring out my welcome and kind of the port of partnered and well they used to be dead do you always changing God's name him come home. And yet we still are hurt and Ali now and former glacier park. Some Democrats think homey firing an attempt to obstruct Russian investigators. No Sherlock. Life is less stressful after retirement but only for those of the town well the monkey's uncle. Now Obama has got to make you feel good pianist in the zone you've heard about all these different things now where you can man. They're worried about surveillance and all the rest encrypt messages and all those mothers facial recognition among all this so. In response to I'm assuming questions before asking the headlines simply reads you cannot encrypt your face. Hello. Charter rock and I'll leave you this the title of the article actually quote for one people interviewed. It reads I went to my first orgy and I loved it. Yeah. Social and show. Very guns I think it I would wouldn't yours generally got the heads have been outside and all about your birthday and gags. We'll take a break as meat and potatoes is next line. The men's room he's back in 99.9. KI SW. This is Ellis we got both out of play for Vegas as he leaned forward we will do the game probably known as black what makes your due coming up bright after the shot today the first time Intel. Of everybody enjoy their free meal for the sake. Okay. How much food every week and I don't tighten up the hard part is getting all of the doves. To get those dates I don't look at delegate quite LA I provide dubbed it yet but they do with precision. Video done I don't know which it turned of those. However bad things that I want to do but it works up and everybody knows dove aches tastes like. Peace exactly yeah. It is it is a appeasement isn't alone in his eleventh and even though they did this man alone the world is a beautiful thing there isn't a beautiful people don't also Collison and eaten even though the extreme feeling in the Big Ten. At. All right now if you're listening this program you know oftentimes we sing happy birthday to people all we do. That's a good idea unless like us know at the dump. Lay out today yeah it. Rea dump tank will bomb them. Governments don't themselves. I just didn't get that during the break found out there and away from right to get them. So ha ha ha ha ha ha some other. I don't if you take a long time well look hoping is the end result of food. So yeah we talk about opening the tapes in its segment about food. One at the end result which is why not. They're Y and that is at it and if I mean all all roads lead to. That's a restaurant you you don't listen c.s are all the act of commode on table pulled free food. You have to prove Y you're about to eat that's a bad deal take a shower fart. If like it just like a shower for a shower Harlow first dude they get this that with today did you get clean B dirty at the same time that we get there and live pretty appropriate food. Again made it this you know at the plate for going camping woman's face and there's that kind possibilities there yeah I think it's a juggling your brain knows that her campaign. This is sold for two days and I don't mean to but I deathly. All right so when you go to restaurants and stuff there's a bunch of different things but late do you think people like having the birthday song saying to them. Out in Iraq solute lady adults held no. All right well that's why one of the best things you can do is have done no no not that. If it's not your buddies were ready if he. You play if they go to the bathroom until the Iran. While bodies were too good to seems so if the Biggest Loser I asked blogs ever got at the fantastic but yet sparklers and serving good like that bigger. It I think it's an age thing to write absolutely because like when I was a teenager I remember like my brother's birthday. We went like. I. And another Mexican restaurant and they put a sombrero on how many got like free appetizer to we got chicken not chips which were awesome. I'd have to remember that segment of the Mexican restaurant into Brooklyn you know did some Brantley duke put under save it as a teenager I loved it and then like my early twenties opposed to cool for it. Doubt in my thirties I'm like I want the birth they saw pass it down the door to door that is Japanese restaurant management Andrew samurai sword to do it. Oh now as harsh. Do we. But anyhow most people do like it. 58%. Of the people like it when the staff sings happy part absolutely they love it. And 100% of the staff hates executed it dammit alright what percentage of people do you think like it when it's not they ever pay. Odds as outlets like like the more eyes it's would be nice because you know what I really and a decent little effort that Denver's 38% of people out here ripping off restaurants man. The 38% of people like you the birth they site without their birthday like. On dude forcing our birthday is on the field lights and phone calls from family members and all Euro. You don't you know over the globe where it moment though. Who do reason I'll go later known to a vote and mum mum grew from a two thanks I know I know you were just reminded you just got a text him totaled Romo couldn't school publisher who's been with lagoon did you do that stuff the holiday and new equipment that's always liked it like once I have I talked to play my mom in my candidates and have anything Barack the holiday phone calls or to. Dog elected thanks to my mom and since he chipped and two I think she. I was. Remember Herbert reformer he had Drake you Mr. Bush lost my nephews is the easiest it's her day. I'll go well yes that's what this newest iMac just it would hurt there was friction in Earth Day. Who the hell knows that body at day. No this is why sides is gone by the wayside if you really care not too distant learning and I don't like it's an April man but I don't have her around. It and it's had the err on the button. Have the Earth Day deer and her earth. Birthdays in June. And that's how old I mean lottery literally thanks McCourt learned we should clown the mother that we all share it. But the negative edit it. But I wouldn't put out a moment or two corporate that it to their dog I'm bunt plays bottom of our hope to units are court tomorrow also blew. Better chips. She's a lot of water to see back and won't get irritated aren't at. The what an eagle spreads are things that the problems that won't mean. The typical. What percentage of people you don't love the birds got crabs. I always liked he does so poor you welcome matches as well if you think if you eat it. Eighty Barbara what percentage of people what do you think like boots over a standard table off and on I 8080% 85. I mean when a helmet to ask you me man. I doubt one blue. Don't know are we didn't even know like nine people had to get out to lift one person and I still think the Booth. I love booths but I'd be in on the outside. Outings or look and get a yet. I don't understand it well I satcher depends on the day but generally hears that I. Hey when you're that big circle blew out and then be real go we send your spot inside the circle Booth meant that I mean of course is gonna be inside the circle. Yeah we're responsible and saved use the only spot but nobody else won the set yet but it saved me that's my view of god they've been Wallace at the do you think percentage of people that would rather sit inside than outside. Just know this is both men and women we know if it was women and I'll be outside all the time yeah dozens and I had. Percentage you'll be able I don't rather sit inside and how good is fifty. Actually 71% to wanna sit outside inside inside of them do I'm with you. I love being out with southern stuff I hate sitting in the sun Mani allegedly a cook out but at a restaurant. I just I am not too much yet drinking at a bar outside cool Monday but I went out and ability bath food. And explained to get back into shape and if you're flop I don't laugh like it is now our food exhale Latin and island prison for her back into it. What percentage of people would you say order pretty much the same exact thing every time they go to a restaurant all 75 per yet 85%. 63%. In two are you guys and background now and then were ago. Does the Bend, Oregon. All right there's been some studies that show played mentally. You even realize that Billy when you go to a new place you more opt to get something newer are different because you and ultimately race where you go to like the place you know you get the same thing all the time. That's out of area. We gonna Frears alike and back into these complaints about leaves a lot of mistakes exact go to the end of the motion yet girls don't I don't know I have one for sure thing. If I go to Mexican the heat's. That's Craig I mean I look at the menu as great if we need another that's like not really expanding your horizons. Puts a lot of burden. Hello all right very good gamble at all and among them I don't wanna eat anything like to leave it certainly BCA plays as a print differently if UFO conference. I don't want to order anything else and menus so. I tried to violate the print it out more order than I saw combat and to me that's like that's the canary in the coal mine. I don't have a vote this one simple thing I want even though I know they might get a true traditional traditional like not like the American Mexican target to meet stronger. Who does your romance the deficit fried burrito like in Macon. Mexico just like from us that. Our port we're talking about people where they like to sit restaurants where they don't if they like the birthday song. Now let's talk some birthday cakes both the birthday cakes usually top ten most popular birthday cake flavor. It my favorite bond battery. Fund that he thought that have you seen fund thirtieth Steve are bonuses the brawls and I know you probably go to take the outright it's basically like a yellow almost YOK light and a better life a little fun stuff in the middle. Funds he likes it or why this is why is why get on a sometimes as you look at this. So here are yeah okay that's actually do the disease but it tastes delicious. They're now. Coconut cake really following fizzle on him. Number 211 K okay. A car that was all right and it's it's got its blizzard and when it's okay. Kerry Kate Jack download cared guys like Derek K download Karen I think there's ever Denton. Get older like carrot cake too as one of those things are when your kid you like are cared to MacKay. Name bottom wanna taste it you know as that is absolutely. Her sex marvel. At shoplift and very delicate and there's no marbles. You don't vote the Rosemont thought thank god you explain I don't draw. Earth. Read build it who went to Google you know much sugars and I think the hardest choice and quick decision read other black belt you eat or drink it. Black velvet yeah and juggled well and did not. Always been a good read though the pretty case. We're far. Bonilla. Are smarter we'll bring home. Z chips of chocolate. Chocolate chip Jon cheat on him and thank you heard and I'm dedicated. Hundreds of 88. Only delicious art and think it's personal matter inflicted chicken of the dessert I Willis and you can add anything to lose money put them. Yeah it's chocolate at Angel food about it is now Hulu. Like we head yeah I want Angel food per ticket. Yeah I mean it is out of it without fathers who drizzle chocolate or do drizzle I don't juggling rumors surround herself you'd like that. Well that's supposedly there you look at that I was article I had and we for the chocolate drizzle there's going to be an ally not Angel food cake with little chuck. The truth is you don't like Jesus you know that was has porn name. Chocolate drizzle or just how it goes governor did you eat that he spoke with chocolate too it's that you have Jeff you're ready to attack.