05-11-17 Seg 4 Mens Room has their best friend

Thursday, May 11th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has another mystery theme song and a clip from Jimmy Fallon! Plus Headliens and Taryn talks about the good ol days


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Somebody else. They're considered to be ready. Men's room knows just. Kuwait news. It's. Then did you go ahead considering desk and Steve throw how to find out nortel's yes indeed today well today we chose the man. The myth. The Internet legend of none other. Then LeRoy Jenkins. I think believe or not it was twelve years ago but he first exploded onto the scene and into our consciousness but. No they can do better than this description that I found earlier of LeRoy Jenkins who read and I quote. Back in May 2005. The videos uploaded to the World of Warcraft and sites. Warcraft movies the video feature did killed a World of Warcraft players about the. Entering dangerous area. Discussing strategies. Calculating percentages. And generally taking the whole thing. Quite series then out of nowhere comes LeRoy Jenkins who is LeRoy Jenkins LeRoy jinx and Jake and he's a maverick a loose cannon a force of nature. Of his compatriots are crunching numbers implied in the next move. LeRoy shouts out his own name. In charges in two before. There. Yeah where momentarily stunned but in the end they followed the deal and they follow LeRoy. Straight. Into the loans slaughter yeah there were wiped out I heard a guy get a quick about it. I cannot believe it has time to look around duke down. Yeah. Yeah I don't know the guy that's it I still ahead if I watched that whole thing. And just wanted to Rudy does he goes argument on that LeRoy Jenkins into ET LeRoy Jenkins does he respond back. I don't even though they get like pissed off I don't think his program Rezko and Brodeur is. The they have all plotted in you see the characters with funny as you know. You see the characters come about because the guys on line or in Baghdad becomes this in the viewers like an app that an authority is as they're getting slaughtered like it ended LeRoy I don't know all that they are drawn at a conventional to that time. That got an amateur partners is articulate all those classic movement so to LeRoy would urge you. Before those bones and we drink this booze because we think it's yeah bank so over the tongue and down with us. Yes we're due party in aren't comedies now I'm not a whole lot of jobs. You're not align right now duels export to Iraq we get to easily afford to game is profiled as a we will play in minutes. It's miles tournament dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Miles and. And now android IOK I guess terrible. Our defenses they'll look we got profiler is playing for days as he lead afford that joy Clearwater casino resort Thursday June 8 USB 21 or older to inner. But the KI SW dot com for complete details gave me a slew. True precepts. Zero draw help to please tell everyone how profile class is playing I sure can miles it's simple game more reserved you a real like news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. Per. All are and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be tour people and the decisions that people would. Lest you would reduce the what will ask would this makes you think the story is the story. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. On average don't. Okay. Our I have Fahey understand how this here game played. Error. All right here is your story. Now a few minutes unfazed but wide with a gun. Well might get a Florida man did he gears or even light behind bars. In this case and gentlemen Fort Lauderdale only responded by FBI agents on FaceBook live video singing and dancing with the gun well waving an outside of convenience store. But I was convicted felon convicted felon and he's legally barred from owning handling or even touching a firearm. Now judge ruled that federal authorities have substantial evidence that the number Israel but said prosecutors and defense attorneys can argue that if you've been before. Now the suspect who's been convicted of at least eight felonies he was ordered to remain jailed and decided it was a flight risk and potential danger. To the community but the story continues does his attorney says quote. This was nothing but a theatrical performance he was singing and dancing outside of a storm not been threatening and anyway nobody even called the police. LeBron ms. FBI agents they did notify FaceBook why video. They contacted the ATF and the footage was still publicly posted on the friends' FaceBook page of the times. The fact begun that he was using the video got so close the cell phone camera got so close that at times. It can be determined to be genuine blog post this from firearms expert. The color shape and location movement serial number plate as well as the trigger guard collectively indicate that the guns were outside closely camels. Anyway the suspect's attorney instead of simply no way its plan would have taken some two ribs with a real gun. Instant knowledge during cross examination that they've been unable to find the gun. Despite searches of his car and the question is do you believe that this FaceBook video posting gentlemen to black white makes you or Asian. Or yeah. I'll eat. I would definitely think she still only one dumb enough to do be a white guy. Bomb on hmmm I'm not Vietnam reiterate just that snaps. They are not doesn't there. He is they racial consultants. Thank you good and we are and all Hannibal antennas ahead of us. Did saint. I miss that did did you save which service of his arms and on into Graham who was FaceBook life. Pat one bugs me Facebook's like Florida everybody's good right. So he's on probation for having the gun. The Clinton and whatever he's giving good counsel like look dude in a time each time none gave it to convict him and he was dancing with the gun. Then to with a dump the body say what are announcing an outside convenience. Gotta be black dude. He's voluntarily dancing. He's voluntarily bands that rightly that is you don't you'll see a lot of white guys links Dana I'm not a voluntary advance. I think I don't remind me like white people generally have to be pushed to dance a wedding a prom. The draw. Bush speak English if I'm Jack Daniel's behavior I is that all the border under the dam is blown. We're is these guys out front of the store their stance and we even got on the live in the highly thank him. That's down. You know I'll go now don't like doing on their final answer no time to find out their black white makes your. Asian next fat with the tees now and just. With miles and drill 99.9. TI ESW. Why doesn't have profiled as we go to a convenience store the man that dancing outside in no waving a gun and air. I was I was in a time felon and I guess people love. The most part felt that. Things could get ugly and maybe the judge and could fire. Well the problem was the cell phone video that film DeWitt did the mine is nighttime Colin part of his. Being released like one. Campfire and owning guns don't firing on this and don't even touch gone knowledge and depth of gun in front of the convenience store pretty of the cell phone games of those. They can make out the serial number of the dawn ram and that that's the legitimate downing. But anyway Jeff we ask you did you believe this guy was black and white next year's Asian initially he said white. You would do well you called Obama a street braces we prefer to call them that he racial consultant. And cannibal mutants would. And he he's a black in you will with the L racial insult. Face the thing is don't gather things through beyond that and those I was so confident. Humor send that back up poppy static and assuming a trap you hold out for the human. I think if threw me on that when I think was the flight risk aspect of us trying to ignite everything about the story to me says wired ones as a convenience normally rose gonna damage publicly you've been gone. Not does but if it's backyard at a barbecue in my that's why it. And I do molecular mesa played a flight risk I'm like flight risk. Man come arguments have been here for our relentless concentration for. Feel the ration juices to address instead of firing when you're hired by major companies that are gonna come and were to speak to them racial groups. I was gonna happen well it's funny because every once in while we do the show. And Ian Pete you're promoting racism you'd dump some of the bridge understand something it's called profile so as an example. Z beltway sniper years ago John malveaux and in the Mohammed. Sell ultrasound alone don't John now Obama malveaux. And the other so just understand how the sport. So outside on the DC beltway going through Virginia Maryland Washington DC there's nineteen people from the three line team people who car a few people parking lot. No one knows who it is and no witnesses to the shooters just in the aftermath. No real thing in the to figure out that they might be driving a white box a why naturally. They hire FBI. All five now they don't have even the evidence but they don't have any description of what this person might look like give circumstantial evidence they go man. High powered rifle firing from tree line we're probably looking for a white guy and girl before and after the came up. I do my balding white guys you might wanna call FBI races that they said. A guy with a rifle long range is is dropping people. What they told pat and awareness it turns out they were dead wrong it was in fact it blacked out and about whether or Arab because they said would everyone else off like a lot of our rival. This is that he's human. This guy Allen who John Allen Mohammed. Now you guys and America does the FBI miles and that. Racist but we go all the racial. Range consultants balls all and sold and sold console Jesus distribute racial insult since but we'll stick with consultants and you need you here aren't about our goddess I get this on Anderson it's all I'm gonna show you why we're consulting right now on this American discusses rim figured out real quick this can be spoken with some. Can't we go back to the state of Florida not on purpose Florida disputes turning about. Fort Lauderdale in this case and as a video whistles and all those workers smacking herself in the head with a piece of broken sprinkler. That have fallen from the deaths. A Bolivar currency ever sprinkler system and poison worked yeah she's sitting on her desk and when you see the video it does it breaks often winds underdogs. It does not torture does not land on her just armored vest but we follow the story. Well k.s was filed against her by Florida's department of financial services it was highlighted during this year's legislative session will lawmakers consider various workers' compensation bill. And a reason why you lose. When they investigated reclaim the footage from security cameras so something entirely different look with Jason yes the BU did show the sprinkler peace falling on her desk. But it didn't hitter. She picked it up looked at it. Number 21 children. Luther Lugo who sold her big shoes no witnesses. And an intentionally struck burst open forum fixture several times subsequently. She's now ressam 32 counts of workers' compensation fraud and in December she entered a plea of no contest to volume eighteen months for me so essentially. Huge arguments several on the sprinkler peaceful law bash Burnett head and you want to get compensation. Well like anything with insurance and and review what they can reduce security footage they seek an up I've seen the footage of as it lands on bags in them but don't look for. And zero look at everything I describe looks around then takes it as lands and into before and France info to be to me insurance fraud always scream is white. Bunt. I go back to another story in Florida that we have a problem. Only six months to a year ago where those the guy standing on front of like Wal-Mart Wal-Mart are missing that's roots pharmacy and in one of those the on the letters like the waiting for the thing to fall and it turns out he was Macs yet. Sell. Just based on that. I'm a bit ago that maybe there's this idea of come the United States quick fix or leaves the city by different things you can't do it manager born here yesterday morning Gaza and I never it was. No work in the same consultant for a satellite to disagree with you if you meet I do agree to first point insurance. Insurance fraud says white. But to meet self harm also says white but you'll likely get themselves to do this and that and I'm I'm I'm not gonna get. Even themselves. If he did say in like I've seen it before. You know what that's a that's what I'm clean and unlisted but my guns that are so gonna go Americans who makes me for miles and wait for Ted. Ted. Yeah. The job has now brought the TV news all the time it is time for TV time would do and now it is your senator life. Those hours in front of a talking. Presents. Tank. Do any damage that brought you back stay with thousands of hit shows and movies it's silly that Simeon and anytime anywhere X thirty street journal's. Oh yeah. What 800 X and are often painful yeah. Every time the test. I'm worried. Yeah. Asian racial consultant and at all. I'm on fire I've got two things right but now. Twist in the tables turn them. Twisted arm turnover every doing the thing is then tables or switch around here we'll point our summer play a song for you get again. Yeah it's a TV theme should all right a TV. Theme bush theme song or themed show. Go to his show about it and the weight yeah net someone's own nobody would have no they have got another Michelle let me Barry Bonds batted that it is an eighteen behind me. Oh that's good enough why he's shown me that's why I'm like. What I mean what is the theme show as well that was gonna debate is that because I'm not always what I what I say it emphatically Oka and make a point. Yeah yeah Google saying you're gonna have another TV theme song. The theme song from a TV show Bo is the theme song from a TV show now gotten. A. It's. It's. Okay. It doesn't. Mean you and I know the song are you going to. The show. Okay. OK. Okay. I've heard it but I can what what decade. You know. Down. What they called on the fox so now there's reason. Yeah well that's where are these old right right the show you this war was recent. I think that Google me speech get what question okay. Oh boy. Was this a thirty minute or sixty minute program thirty minute program and to some things sitcoms like me drama. Miles the question. Does that star like a weird guy from outer space or anything strangely than nor does not okay. Repealing it would then we will resume booster and his Papa to repair a student over the last two answers for our profile that's. White and black yet white and black and two best friends. Joseph well who knew himself white black the best friends free Willy now it's got to be a comedy writes thirty minutes the president great last week. And it's I don't know what it was Robin date. Okay. We'll do. Man. Obviously guys are watched ship. Okay clearly guys do you ever watch I didn't uber where the government never wants him and so. Unfortunately. Big black from Robin big has passed away. Yet a heart attack couple days ago. So basically with the story of Robin big is rob. Curator mr. thank you was I was content geared. Yes dear tricky year for I think so these professional skate boarder and so then these so issued these videos which which they still do and skateboarding circles frank. But it was always kind of funny because they're getting chased out. By security guards whatever that when he made big big black that was kind of a joke that he become his personal. Skate port security guy. And then and I wanna say maybe be black as a security guard at DC shoes or something you can do that he's had to deal with them forever. And then they sort of hang out and and they put out a couple these videos than MTV just hadn't got to do the reality show is obviously like. There was a period that I wanna see me were are on a 20052006. Right in the middle there yet first episode was 2006. But yeah their French league the show worked really well. No doubt shocking it only lasted three seasons have big black at the time it got this long term girlfriend pregnant he was and I generally the show. But then yeah. Doesn't bedroom. With a funny thing is to is they both because we've we've talked to both those do deserve that. But I think a lot of articles kind of came out I think rob finally just that he was like look man. Like they had it's partly we did like nine months straight a film and that's like it was like week we need a break from York. So that was always a great show man have in the mini horses one. Median. And and and and when we had each of them on they both spoke very highly about the other for sure who has no animosity that was nothing it was a great time in their life. They're hoping that everybody's doing well they talked about maybe teaming up again that I think. Did right because our rob had a fantasy factory and then it's you make big black has gone from a when he came back and showed up there selling. You know I eat you never want to see anybody pass away. That's it for our firefighters say it was everything you read about big black Chris it sounds like he was an awesome duty even is tempered doesn't even his ex wife. And Freddie is a large robots. It is like hey look he was a great dead lake we work together anymore but we still all live together like he was an awesome dude so. Yeah so it's always good to see that's our Andy you know to see him and rob option you know still be bodies after a time. By the way it you have you have angered the what are these people don't now dozens. Text sex thank you guys tell him thanks for. I understand her point so that two men and then Bennett and threat. Apparently it was also the theme song to our craft guys were the Courtship of Eddie's Father yeah. I can hold people let it go all -- loud rap I mean they are required to Eddie's father are one of the Ted. They are here that is not a liar it is it was olds used for the show people are only. People who have this net today Arlen anger group. Of old people. Yeah now the Courtship of Eddie's Father. The original show courts everybody's bothered anti semi dead look up Eddie's father though that things onto the courtship nobody's filed czar bill Biggs the. Big to be who we know betters grumbled that if you go to dinner anywhere on the time 5 o'clock you might you address beat. I do and won't move. Good. Good. Us. Or probably eat breakfast like 6:30 in the morning. Are hurt your stub. We're going to it's. If you what is coming up plus 3011 Longo. At. I this one sounds kind of funny. Basically these two guys are funny the way they talk about this too. They have a trampoline right they've set up a thousand mouse for its okay and avoid the neighborhood kids over the mousetrap sprawl which column set. Charges are set they're ready to step. Her husband. So Mitchell here is the guy jumping on that you get the mouse traps and a go off and then I don't know if they're British or whatever with they're pretty funny at the end they're trying to sell her latest jets. They're ready yet. I. All right Joseph I love my local local. I think they went off the face so who in the wait when you go lose your unemployment do you put food on goal. So you don't like. And you don't close my eyes and hunt. Do well I don't let you know excellent not funny it's when I mean really thankful that kind of company or. I think clearly don't. So you're watching with eagle at the ethnic excellent. It's kind of tough I just love the way they talk at the end physically you it looks deadly like it's really in Europe with an eight. What about your goggles I did put a moment. I'm surprised getting costs. Yeah oh yeah that would be I am struggles poses a goodly unbelievably good mood. At all I mean he's a Britain and the so proper. Yeah it's still have me beat me and be a hundred different trips. Let's see Jimmy Fallon I was like Jimmy Fallon last few weeks we've had some. Memorable drinking time to do was sink at him I don't mean I mean derby so you're suspected. You saw both my hands were taking it tequila shot. Can make you feel like a cat with a drinking problem. Yeah. In June it's. For letting me know what it would taste like Jim beam made a toothpaste. Thank you Ryan Seacrest for each other Disney co host. To let trying to fill that gap. Highlights on that show. Margarita glasses. Religion like martini glasses wearing sir thanks. Or not it's looking like grooms the morning after seeing good in my out there. Got another update from the theme song yeah you're still getting killed there after. Raymond says someone sneezed tumbled them at solace from the courts everybody's filers back in the seventies. Doug Mathis I wish someone had told us that men in Yemen and did turns out those songs from the courtship of embezzlement and I think it was the my buddy dole that map that he got. Let me mad that he had me wrong though was this city. Why don't people care about his father app man's back to all united as well as in Seattle the whole idea is every woman loves the money. Who's basically the first bounce is dead yet in it the courts are bit. Feel sorry for this village of the perfect scenario is as the X is no longer around because there dead. Oh yeah so the whole theory is the ideal situation for anyone to step into an relationship is when you're dating a widow our food and that's that's the entire. All I have nothing to worry if this is the perfect scenario. They're dead. Now it's acceptable. And the guy next that's the problem is endemic don't know yet that's were truly as she's dead. Dead that's the love I can really get into this person because there X is dead. That's the only way I can handle a lot of symbols Seattle like anyone else find those conservative base is mom is dead crew is trying to patch is good enough you'll cool he's attractive because his wife is dead and I does indeed know ultimately you don't. Cancer closet. All the strokes when it. Brain hemorrhage pudgy guy. Did you smack her head was a blood. All the good she's dead she's dead dead right right right there they're dead father is not right dead isn't the most beautiful area could ever happen under review I love you mr. Drummond and you know just which I. I noticed a switch something like that a life dating profile tonight I ask where that went out there ready X window perhaps. It would be thrown through your window you can do it you'll not a starter you can not stop the people widow or your under almighty god. You'll understand that that duke is on the social experiment any of you dumb a taxi drivers and all. The widow or on your and your profile watch what happens. You'll get laid tonight if you're married you right scare right right Rinna says a weird thing sumo widow or on there and watch what happens. You don't even know what to do it yourself that's real that's the most attractive way to get someone as long as they know the person you were with his dead. NBC has done some how the musical live musicals. You know they did the sound of music faded away as Peter Pan where's hairspray hey. I guess his role Lulu. So they're gonna do bye bye birdie in December. Which I've never seen bye bye birdie I just know every has less to do it pretty short seems back in the day. Would deal with they're gonna do for next year on Easter. On. Jesus Christ or restore chief's crown that smells good to see arms are gonna do it aquarius. I thought no let Jesus Christ superstar need to play I don't know slit does not mean he's doing Nadal he route woke. Speaking of which now for the subtle sounds of Monica. Well the subtle sounds of Michael. It's time day. Actually here's my car. All right our top and I the FCC no word broke one of its one of the most known and fragile rules in the block. During the as easy tournament earlier this week between him out of that pitcher elected as a Soriano was three outs away from the first individual no hitter in SEC tournament history. There were okay. You're talking with someone who doesn't understand the game it was at that moment that the next batter up left and went over the man you're a home run to AM effectively say joy and a chance for that know him out there. Dan I know Nellie everything was gone balance. And travel the daily go to cal Washington where. Oh crap. Rotor on it all right where a couple was arrested for indecent exposure after they were Qaeda having sex outside. In full view of restaurant patrons nearby how that indecent loser Oden crap you do good look at a Mike I won't he needn't. Well being arrested the woman reportedly flashed an officer pulled a dandy line forever. You're dandy lions front to back the front of the pro fraud but yeah she put out a dandelion like you want this had. There's gold at a starters freedom of the spreads about government level it's a good. Breezy and added I know I had been verified it really for the pieces to. Good that this is. Those on Teddy bears an hour tomorrow and I'm alone all right second whatever she got man and it looked local local multiple open. Staying with a public public love making it thirty year old man from Marilyn was arrested for indecent exposure after engaging in oral sex with a woman in the dining room on the dot. The pain anyway now where Maryland okay. -- a lot of this was in Pennsylvania and anyway he's Americana from Merrill they would have to medal figure it'll it's easy exactly would you think diskette tell please tell tell Tom tends the guy's name. The guys came down where the dollar loses Maryland is a good possibly it. His name is C it's Italy says his last name by the can't see is. His first name is his name it to black keys to Mikey says don't like Japan you're lucky to have liked. Our idea and you were on the table. All I install panic. A woman a Pennsylvania got so blasted last week and on her way home she couldn't tell which house was hers that the browser you try to climb to the Wendell one home was unsuccessful admitted inside of another. The 88 year old resident of that home found the open winner the next morning and the drunken woman under the covers of wanna forget Fed's Q then render at nearby and if you summon all the leaves them. Goods. A woman in Florida took her son to GameStop to buy in Grand Theft Auto five or eleven year old son by the way it was buying program that nullified. Boy they got home that I have TV is that amateur one yesterday this act probably let out and had a game is what I'm saying. Problem I got on the found that the use game contain a bag of Macedonian side I'll bonus if there's something real life version of well paid. Rather I legal in my local and as grant them the auto play OK straits right but I could beat a can't feel a thing about back guys that are out of south I left my graphics aren't trying to Kendrick. All right in the finals I got rid of that I love to visit to the South Florida alum has made. We're champion python hunter dusting in the wild man problems who. Who doesn't occur around Andy's Giambi I went and are still legal wild man from your body you know diluted. A celebrity parent while I appreciate that and said 03 year old kid on me mumbled to block slow last year they gave back those two grown have you ever seen Billy the exterminator yes he's exactly which talking out of his dusty groom Lowe's Q yeah chances of any of the while many area pulled the biggest maker of the season. It was sixteen feet and ten inches long and didn't mention it and does he will be paid about 335 dollars that cats. Yeah isn't yet right at this you know I thought they don't like four dollars foot. That's seriously a 35 dollars a foot road that. Extra foot after four. For a fee a standard every foot after that you get 3540 bucks. I Nebraska the newsroom 125 dollars free checked for foot after four right there as a free and it's an island cash. And I don't agree citadel they are regularly turn Daley joins us right after the. Now back to the men's room. Fund 99.9. JE IU SEW a return nearly eight parents we had the big dumbed it Mandela the questions wheel wells who was a got a dream. It is like the dirt it was simply this it was also a character in the majors movies. Who is the more he got a drink so we determined it was Gary Wright the dream. Exactly now you are the classic rock yes and how many times did you play Gary writes dream. Yeah was not in the regular rotation it doesn't help Rosie don't clumsily put on how to tie did you play anything else. And gotten a request exactly. Ironically enough when you did classic rock you worked at KE. Hi as. Emma town. And the new flu feed him and bought a double. Yeah of the weirdest thing now. Now how hard was it for you extreme as a person and a broadcast isn't right you have those in the three out of 40 look he's insane and KI SM for years or oh yeah I and I never screwed it up thank goodness but I used to write it on post it notes and puts it at all over the studio like everywhere that I could see using it would matter ladies at W show. She. Doesn't even the homeland. And I don't Tehran. I don't know if veteran being good guys. He's still talking your classic rock boys. Longs that a musical what do we know you know a song classic wrongs I had to bring down business Thursday you know there's there's a let me. There's a lingo that's involved is there Amylin it's a little bit more than 48 and you're a forty minute free riders and good I mean. You don't want to talk to someone exported even though he argued no they were that's all originated throughout the course get ready dad and a dagger I. I think yeah. Yeah I was driving a street won the Colombian right smack dab in the middle of forty minutes for you right to our own Alley and a. Can I tell you guys know quickly who is listening right now moved on. I got cute I'd be kind of a firefighter today and station 99 evans' scandal it is losing mine on the 99.9. Station I broke an ex lovers do. We saw when there's not an emergency in which is I hope and not listening to this thing I don't address seven do all the things today and that and they're out of my client. Didn't. OK I don't major you know I was as a digital hundreds of portly as part here's the bad and we apologize to imagine on their because no matter what happens tonight you'd you do realize. Dreamweaver is Ubisoft I absolutely hate me putting out ablaze like god yeah it ain't very later. Yeah there's like songs that are good for like the compression and begin CPR dream whether or not we're not. I I don't want the heart rather do an act it's. I don't think it is like a dream we look at our. Lifesaving song they have killed several people today and we apologize man I'll call you back tonight but well lieutenant I yeah. I'll see you tomorrow for a bad choice Friday the return of dead verses the FCC and bad joke -- yes indeed it is all through didn't do. House London Imus. We were not the song. Written to do CPR to let you really really don't like them are bits is Derek is amber outlook back tomorrow until then duke back. Ever lead the sake it's day. Rumor has been date before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Minute presentation knows the names. Real.