05-12-17 FCC & Jokes

Friday, May 12th

All the fun of Friday in one easy podcast!

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The big winner to go back in time to the last time we played timbers is the FCC so we could go back intact. Who write me frank front freshly plucked buying peasant that there's. By night. Brand plucks the pheasants for franks fine pleasant. Doesn't fit their truck. But Fran is in block soon Fran won't have to shift and talk while driving francs freshly plucked pheasant feather trapped it does back. By day. French trucks freshly plucked buying bad and bad by night brand plucks the present for franks bind as it feathered struck. But Franzen luck. Some Fran don't have to shifted trick or truck while driving francs freshly plucked. As a feather trapped on my day rent trucks freshly plucked buying Batman haven't. By night brand what the president for francs by president feather trapped but so frank have been locked. So brand won't have to ship it struggled to having bread freshly plucked. I think that they're trying to do my pay rent drops freshly plucked 5000 battered by night Brian oxman the seventh for Frank's mind better than the other truck. But rather than locked. Through prayer and after separate truck while driving bread freshly plowed the. I was hardline as it goes let's go to. It was 320. I thought. It's that's their job over. Won't go away with nothing. It's not forward says verses the CC. Yeah that's fine. It is still 325000. Dollars to change that don't. I was trying to re serves that early this morning right away but as you go well off by forty I got my alleged that I fell asleep and I you don't wanna serve compute screwed up Ramona and black blue and writing rhymes. Anything over 55 dollars Hilton category. Cannot think anyway through releases. For Europe to 55 and that you find a crusty thing and let him back your calf was ever gets it okay. Let's keep them. Or a couple of street and I feel like numbers Lou liquid equivalent hand in Greta is black when we have assisted in that. If that from an influence but we give it was a great rhymes Reynolds last night but a local ligament medial and provocative bodies are jolly joked I know and you know now. Challenger to a little over Clinton vs the FCC. And now this week goes assuming like this. Sherry Joseph the bimbo loves very terrible. But she got dissed him by belatedly jock Clark rubbed his crock clock rub that lunch cuts country crock clock jock. Unique New York unique New York. Great. Yet say that wants them. Through and then three times fast that's going into Ebbers is the FCC Joseph has so much spare time he does that. This one policy from the south attorney machinery GO Sharon judo. Sherry Joseph the bimbo loves Barry harbor. But she does not cute disk and Bobby deleted. When jock Clark rubbed his crock clocked. Rubble are all. President. Yeah and I don't think that. Yeah her blew it all on the I don't think ordinary happened. As in the history of Denver's yet he's. Not even sure what to do right now. And everybody that quickly taken aback wizards and their well here's the peanut gallery here club a counselor at the ruling we give them another week yeah I feel that we have got we have got into the rhyme and Lillian. Techno that judges the judge's okay yeah what happens to everybody got a little excited at that apparently but if you load on the second. The president elect is gonna take you to dinner dots. Are brought it flops there forever and I want to and threw three times fast at. I think sick Egypt and share share each. Judge Joseph the bimbo loves Barry harbor. But she does not acted just him Bobby you've created within jock Clark rubbed is crock clock. Out that blunt. Our country. Crock clock Jack Clark unique you or me or you meet Mueller does not very Joseph the bimbo loves very ever. But she enacted just to populated when jock Clark rubbed his crew. Crackpot clobbered if my dad loved god country. Crock pot shots aren't unique. I don't look very Arpaio. But she connected to conduct populated when jock Clark rubbed his crock clocked. But that might not country crock black Jack Black beauty you your beauty New York. Sherry Joseph a bit well I'm very narrow but it does give Bobby elated when jock Clark rubbed his crock pot robbed Matt Blunt talk country crap. Got it. Hope like Jack. A blue. Ballou of I. Jose cordial and activism I don't like what nine at nine and nine. Ai is now lead to 77999. Of those bad jokes to the men's room. Admin survive that job unbelievable we will take a break the drug charge ride Cassel picked up bad joke running neck until Friday don't think we're doing our exit is bad jokes on Twitter events are live Texans haven't have a 999 aunts and to the emails. As the men's room. Kind of trotted out to minorities distilling companies be as being grab Michigan about it in the first to ensure that. Agile running last for generations to come we first must bring you these rules. This official. Joked Friday rules. It's. Necessarily. Dirty. It's like I'm locked. Out. I'll. It's a joke that that. It. Now. And what's it when people. Who comes. To. Mind the port. And. What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is all the time a woman who knows where her husband is all the time way to. Widowed. By the sort of from Canada we're back to AIW Seattle Joseph Friday about you by charities so again these me as being brown jug that and away we go on a bad joke track day. Hello Brian welcome to bad joke Friday. Let her. It Roberto. Clementi again. Rubber ago what you call a guy with a rubber so. Oh. Baird's rise. Back. Hello radical Russian welcome to the bedroom Britain. And Arnott. Cool. You can plug what he brought in people it didn't elect him you fool you're they get here. Out of the rough to be able turn lights on before they had candles. News now. New electorate who. I liked Gallagher visited that things are bad. I. Hello and welcome the bedroom for a make America great again incursion what it is. But why why. Do sexual you end or. Why should the blonde never good duo homosexual. Man barbecue wise. That was not did you come. Right does though you have the the text joke. The joke or you give us the setup unfortunately. Punch line is not suitable for these or any other Airways but we he would like the that next that the fund slight negative news thanks Stewart joked. To 7799. I. Are you. Wise it's a wise circumcision doctor's story. I. Thanks Joe Simpson and then.