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Friday, May 12th

Mens Room Blank Question:  I would never want to know how much money I spent on ______​


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He what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and he invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. Thrill. They say shake your radio more than three times. Enjoy. Let me go look at this November 2606. Along with Steve the throw hill. You to read. Love and fox. I had my car. Yeah aren't men's room. You know I have no idea of the enjoys Friday. Return of dead birds as the FCC. It is a bad joke Friday bitches. Plus headlines about your job today fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take effect Platte canyon at the right all right here we go New Jersey sewer line break since Niagara Falls of feces blowing. And no one spells with things. Immigration and custom enforcement's aroused over 1000 suspected gang members in a nationwide sting. Shocking news as apple watch that no unknowns could actually save your life. A Michigan count does a DNA test and explains why six was so good for the wife about 18% of the time. And let his stranded there half of the and the latest trend is bumping into the back of your car and then stealing and that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men drew a. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All that they did a good day to you and yours are here are some financial statistics for YouTube. The average cost of a pitch over its life is just the average 42000. Dollars. Average cost of raising a child through the age of eighteen was just one. 233610. Dollars. And 41. And if they did is Smart enough to go to college for four years but not Smart enough to get scholarship well. Right now that's about another 33480. Dollars a year. I gave you weren't too on the map that all adds up to 461470. Dollars. To raise one kid have a pet somewhere in there and that doesn't include like keeping yourself and that's how much. It cheered in the pick up so. Knowing that a golf ball 461470. Dollars to do that the average American income. 51939. About yeah yeah yeah. That's again for a bit now. That's also why reading but Johnny Depp quote on quote misplaced. 600. Fifty million dollars. Makes me wanna punch him and his goofy looking for it plus he didn't actually missed placed a month. He spent this is the guy who brings about 30000 albums were wonderful you know lemon reports. He at least purchases. 30000 dollars for one per month. 75 million dollars and random houses. He has 45 different callers the other seventy guitars. On the thermometer calls but he does all the Caribbean island until about my drain the account a little bit and a whole bunch of other crap. And now he's suing his managers saying it's our fault that he can't do basic math. But he's not alone Nicolas Cage gotta Dave mccombs could. Do they use their money on ridiculous though let me tell you what I've bought. And we have a list of some of Nicholas cage's Mora extravagant and prod purchases we'll share those with coming up what. This is the thing right as you go through life if you're a smoker you know you've wasted countless dollars. I'm cigarettes if your big drinker it's beer if you have kids it's not just the kids themselves the may third and sport. Maybe you date that I meet the personal tone wasn't a problem going to dinners to complain at the banner at the top rest. We all know that these things happen. It could be your hobby is keeping your bills can be something that you have to pay for something you choose to but today we have a minute rule Blake question. Based on finances them. I would never want to know how much money I spent on boy kid brother Joseph called jewels export to a rock grunge what are men's or live. Dick 77999. Answered those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com now. Back to the men's room here's the question and then grabs you by June let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Welcome back to the big show on. Jonas morial we will bring dad tells coming up the shot of the day is on the way and it's bad choice prime. This should I do united I would go break double platinum album from smash mouth. Man I like to know about. I dodged a sudden it's almost now the Philadelphia go back to this day in nineteen semi regularly OJ. Okay joins Friday 60779990. Walking on the sun by smash mouth takes trained to 779990. For love train by the OJ's message. And it rates apply Eagles oval on Twitter by tagging at 999 KI SW and using hash tag son or hash tag loved one of those two tunes coming up right after the shot of the day those are your choices. On bad choice Friday as UN rank. Do anything well let me get this done this to say if that's less trust fund. Well you never know on that I might lose a lot of votes of people don't know but it rightward their partner yet most of you Alter your son loves match hasn't been that kind of you know it's. My question today I would never want to know how much money that I have spent and black is miles until amid dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Just men's. Yeah drills 99. Yeah. W jealous Paula. And a look at this November 2606. Away we go the drug charge coming into Iraq gasoline we will in fact can go bad Joseph Friday coming up to get set for the week and it goes bad jokes ready to go. And that's ever gonna talk about money mad men where that they. In terms of money goes in good places some terms of money you think it's gonna go to place and you realize what of them investment some damage to blow through stuff and. Would you have nothing basically nothing to show for maybe it's a great weekend but I may be had a good experience which is. My preferred way to blow money to be. I agree a 1000% but but it's different right and we have an inspiration for today's question and the nerves the truth. That your site so we have gone to borrowers blown way more money up. Now we should of and we understand that and regular cells we've all bought something real buyer's remorse is this they may be came to terms but. But I Johnnie dobbs case it's it's the amount of money so we I'd say man we want to Vegas. We lost so much money gambling Richmond wage much in a hotel rooms but. A reasonable expectation of how much that's going to be when Johnny Depp the same he misplaced 650. Million dollars in in thirteen years and it happens. No it doesn't is that it doesn't thirteen years that's only like what. Diplomats how you brought out by the pain and 650 million so it's like. A couple hundred million that he probably around 59 in the summit did I got a million a year it's like yeah. They had those there. That's on me we used to spending does he hopes to lose her gloved a broad you spent 400 out this man has misplaced 59. Million dollars a year. For third. Teams meeting for thirteen years isn't pay any attention to anything of that and I clubs and wants Johnny come back right let's just be honest you know those thirteen years for dude they're the greatest thirteen years and history manage pain. I have been friends with him for asserting our compile Obama now but I do which we've been printed those thirteen a guy like him. I like drugs all the booze like women alike at all hours like cars like owning island slight dip about a guy wanna be friends who have not only that but whatever you whatever you you'd you'd look for those urgent matter now you know when the Baylor and a wilder Branson you know in the band's getting back together. That's when you know that the divorce is going down. Legacy and Johnny Depp I got involved with the Hollywood vampires again like. It was look I wanna be honored and I wanna be on the road a talking to Joseph Perry in a bus which is just you know you imagine I can't and I would do is I'm. Hours and hours and hours of Joseph just waxing poetic about rock and roll and other. Gould is more here notably bold welcome move for her real love to walk me orange juice into the big rock and roll don't. Of the welcome wallpaper in Plymouth Rock little. You're talking in his sleep last night because they've bought doable if he can and world accounts limited knowledge of good sleep. Mark Lugo the Hollywood reporter a physician who comes out Johnny could not do well that's the only thing the guys says but it still leaning. And we've looked at them and that's what he does. Rock and roll. I'd love to hear podcast with he would Stallone. To go to those are good American you see anything else but that. Drew do you have a bringing. Hollywood reporter our doctors don't dole bug. Deepen the Johnny dense legal dispute with his former money managers and it does sound like Johnny had no interest in what reining in any kind of spending. Other management group claims it joining me 650 million dollars in the thirteen years. And while he was never literally broke he'd inevitably would cash to fund is two million a month lifestyle. Now a lot of the money was tied up and loses them yet. Not Johnny owns three islands in the Bahamas that he bought for five point 35 million to beat fair that is a god damn deal that the deal. If you go to San Francisco Armitage spent those rooms. He did today the five point 35 million I think about those twenty some years ago two votes to do or maybe their last days as it continues her Manhattan I mean that got you a house we'll flight three better known. We'll see him as a good point sir I mean he got the recalled ripped like. I don't the only woman that kind of money but if you had five million dollars to invest in property. Billy Heyman there's three islands for sale in the Caribbean or. One fairly decent house in downtown San Francisco part of the island season. Just like I went islands there there's like people on. Always got no there's there's there's property on the at least one level there's a whole mom one only has he shared with anyone else or is it just like his. His camp there are numbered and allows Terry and Richard Branson owns an island down there's a number of different islands and in. If you're looking for an island is that what you're asking me about my knowledge is of Ireland regarding what Barack. Well throw an active market in the guy by the entire Hawaiian island. The garb who I want to say I'm Donald I wanna say the somebody bought some somebody about an island in Hawaii that was like secret. They bought the whole damn I college somehow. All of you you yeah it's sacred right you Jamal. We know how that shows a semi let me play profile this. It literally hundreds you found room in the and they have shared in community. I like about 218 hole golf courses the farm out with the Richard Branson Johnny Depp and I own an island in the Caribbean I'm up there all the times alike. Have I've built other houses for my friend the result and I wasn't like chills to my eye I will we have that maybe we don't know the facts on the three rounds I'll give you this. So he bought a home that was on a cul-de-sac in west sea west. Yeah. West title and democratic got pounded year and a cold that I actually thought I thought I don't know unless Hollywood. Good and probably the same prize. And but it's it's over look it's like on the cul-de-sac and it's looking out over the Hollywood Hills whatever it is the main house with a view itself. He moves in there. I guess he's a little bit allow these Johnny Depp Felix has learned that plays instruments of whatever sewing and other neighbors are pirate dude neighbors are slightly annoyed his marriage. After a few months of this he says you know what I'll do I'll buy your home. A little clusters or one neighbor that was bitching about Wheldon was the guy next to him basically he's an amen. He got it turns down Jess is okay well you know. All by your home. And so than some more time goes by that's kind of bad as Johnny Johnny's got a three homes and and so the other neighbor in the Colmes hey man you gotta related stuff done and he says okay I'll buy your home. So at least for the most part of the Calzaghe except for one neighbor. He owns every single house there. Within that one neighbors came in you're gonna turn Mecca down to Jack is okay by your house to tonight was called so he'll vote a close at five properties in West Hollywood in this morning's. Says another piece properties sort of five he also has a forty person. Staff the cost three point six million a year forty people who work for him. He spent 350000. A month to maintain his 156. Foot yacht. Which he sold in 2013 and I got to ask. I see you've seen some big yachts is that what it calls to to maintain one of those bad boy Aamir I wrote an article I read a dollar step earlier this week. Act and our announcement I was really high the store somewhat I don't care about the sub run the whole thing so I guess the yacht he bought. Mean it's big enough that it's a yup a Dora something historical about it which is why the prices so high so wasn't just like. I don't know I don't know it's not recite it was like this he got was famous for something else and as one of those things were invalid Johnnie dobbs like. Then I have to pat Harry he's back it's like you settled Nicolas Cage for certain things he wants and I can remember Scott about the yup so it is bay. It's not the biggest but there some historical or weird value to. Even pass and I know it's just a matter of having the money in if you have a yacht that big obviously. You have a lot of money. But like the guy who buys the RV and decides he's gonna drive at all cross country and you know the family lives in it whenever you feel that's what he does show maturity he's gonna be that but that's where he lives. But on our that you are on sale tomorrow and see if I got yacht I mean the whole world is my RV park and not only them eyes red paint the war I'm living on that thing. I am livid on my yacht like if I guess you god it's got. And everything it doesn't I need a house but there's a couple of little ways to look at them and so the some of that we all know who used to work here worked on a yacht for a couple years for. The same wall as a doodle Wal-Mart you well body was alive wherever our well BA so he was alive but she worked on his. And should Tyson stories just. An odd family but what ever the case it was monstrous Asomugha how often is he on this thing she's like you just never seen anything like this. And you can understand you're Wal-Mart money your money yacht. It's going to be crazy and I guess it was mr. Beverly two weeks. A year not at a time but maybe three times amid the use that for six weeks I honestly don't know it just like a toy I know homeland but. This is such a nicer than any house today vote I mean like you know like you want. You're exactly right infer a normal person living and yacht late that would be mean much better than the homes we live and and sort by us it's like those he's gonna do this what it's like a guy and it's almost on the street right. I see you were you wife cruise by and cars and I can live in that thing but I pressed just caught. So from Zambia as just something goalie. OK it doesn't make it right on to say that. I am I don't wanna say like maybe not the captain of the goblet. Like some of the employees lived there you around to the public thinks they may I would like that's all things double she wanted to do which is like it's a Greek policeman and I mean it was. Beautiful so a lot of the staff like they basically what I got no problem running the CommScope I got to pick up food isn't gonna take a month ago Australia. Yeah I don't emulate that's not a bad leg are bogus and water will get some mud sandwich stop you think Sam Walton went at Costco I'm just Wear it to the super Wal-Mart man aren't you went. But they you know they load up on the nuggets and all the stuff they're gonna eat. You know the million frozen pizza we're gonna run a super yacht eaten chicken nuggets in the middle or they love all of are you guys and I did the middle of the Pacific and I look you're dipping nuggets you are not just those sweet and sour sauce man in the middle of nowhere to the problem isn't a lot of the luxury ladies that original oxygen and I did so again. What if we did did I today did sharks love nugget to. Chicks. I am the incidence of I'm gonna take you to Australia and we got chicken nuggets for the home. Right and alienate instant grandma don't Arnold's chicken nugget they did she have paying anything we did he go big bag you know pretzels whatever. Who pizza rolls yes go all out this is going to be nuts tot he originally bought the thing for ten million and spent eight million renovating the via so he's got a 156 foot yacht. Anyhow shells out big bucks to support his ex and their two kids and let's not forget about the 30000 dollars he spends on wine per month. Johnny blame the management group for mismanaging his income but they say they want to multiple times about a spending and he just would not listen. Which isn't hard to believe about a guy who's been five million. To blast senator Thompson's ashes out of can't win today like Fred it at school thing you got to do is read five million dollars to do. OK so Johnny does that senator chimes and Nick Cage yet you are questioned yeah that. He's got some weird stuff going miles a let him go up to our question I would never want to know how much money have spent on black holed a libel take a quick break the back of your calls next. Men's room returns here's the question and drive teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Johnny Depp blew through 600. Fifty million in thirteen years so VO story goes Nicolas Cage responded that we'll give you that information coming up here one of the things that were Thelma the guy right about that night and embers of the historic about it but. Apparently some of our adults. Listeners are excellent and I think everything I've heard this week. Doesn't I've never heard anything nobody out with the exception of the fact that they exist and won't person I know has been a but the guy nuggets but it says that mobile guy does bring him says everything covered as planned on spending at least 10% of the purchase prides. Per year to maintain. So if you talk dial 800000 dollar yacht there is a 200000 dollar upload hope may have debates about I got drug policy tank top ten grand enough gas shows and another but everybody don't million dollar into it. To restore three barber tan thru and other age of eighteen millions just to give somebody as a at least ten million. A million bucks a year to maintain things somewhat but couldn't just rent one cheaper. I don't I think right now there's all tied towards little easterly cooler. Due to new Leon life like stubby and it's a camera folks and that's that's rabbit and that's how I've been Roland. And on a canoe I'm absolutely yeah it season is daisy. He wanted it over. Hello room welcome to the men's room. Oh mom BJ yeah. I don't I don't there act act and act. Are you doing today good drew how are you I am also the older you know all. D'souza and put a good route Howard you what do you do. Tell us nothing to prove that sounds like you're about halfway away from Kaufman died. Numb it or we could cut Don Imus we need all the looters doing yet so what did you would you blow your money on there. The long term relationship it went nowhere. How many did you hat. I didn't connect it. Err on the general. In the last. Few years. Well. Are all well how long at what point do you consider it a long term relationship my comment is I'm glad I'm used to put your ears yeah I don't know. Some guidance here today but. Not blown literally had to me is that a couple years. I got and how many how many of those have you been. Order four and who what does the longest woman. So long struggle in any. Part one today and gave rue how alive you've been married before. Yeah it would lower your lit lower and that's a good home funnyman. I had room nice guy. I don't know how great is is great tell everybody how much play it would lowered its its amazing as to me I how attractive New York. Now OK so obviously now listen to you you go through the dye your wife. Okay that's got to be Obama took the one that everyone's like what if you want any move on the Internet open. On if the guy hasn't. XNG. Is still less terrible then. Well there's that baggage vendors always of the rob because then it lets you physically busy to let it she's dead. But like I own a woman's a wonderful counselor and a woman who has never looked at amendment the same way after she he says hey man my wife as she passed well. The kitty are among the dead ends on. You're just dishes outside my door you know what prudent. Well so there aren't there we haven't. And we I don't know if I did I don't alto to select a little Zelenka like all my life but I got plenty of food and they are getting married. Like owner. Lawyer chases an ambulance do you think there's a bitch wary readers out there with that the Africa that's right 42. Little. Personal or more that all of OK it's over to the dominant but you did the dishes but it did any of these broads make a move on gently. Room a lot of them a Hebrew root out an hour a day like Ruth and I'm I'm not like they're like scavengers like it was a dead body on the other news. I won't even know and he like there's someone dead it's time to make there's a lot of cash on hand no disrespect at all here but how was the body even cold yet I mean how long had your wife been passed on before they started bringing cast rolls over and stuff. Although it is very little couple weeks OK so yes we'll a lot of colorful what is our role and I got. I grew haven't I didn't have this could have been a funeral and he did not the way it did have this is why miles is never had a job and off. I. Well I'll tell you got blogger and journalist and without that you gotta admit it we gotta ask tough questions when I don't you. All right so you're our guy yeah this is how. Are you really don't call him. How long it was a before you got lady. About a year ten to ten years wow what it takes a long. Good eight period hurt at all I don't concern is way down I don't know that wiped out of the not divorce court like I wanted it delayed I had sex with a lawyer look at you know like that's how long that's now who was that your first life. OK did you get married after that. Yeah. I think are they what I wish her right now aren't an Allen and Allen liked. Three months three and lo OK did you did you lose anything out of that or was it too short to relate divide up stuff. Yes several thousand dollars. In three month summer of love how long did you data delivery got married. We did where we needed for a few months split. When we got together just to gain new Medicare so. Oh at our situation that you weren't entirely shocked and doesn't. No but it. Do well you know Hillary you are supposed to do Integra you don't map to wasn't that comes in the ocean. So you clean did you know you as a mother when you first got together with her. We know what. We're but that's a dream as a against this how would you still lose its. I'm here I'm easily. We know all as a matter of fact our recently filed divorce papers Chengdu sound out issue in hiding. What was he hiding from. Herself. So bad that it's. It applies here yeah. Actually I knew the people out there following are you don't doubt it very well no matter my wallet so if you ride from little. Good thing about math that makes it sound good right so. It'll be able not to heroin also will the first time to do and then it's a nightmare goes on not worth your we didn't hear about Coke even PCP like boy oh boy get awfully strong and to sweat the calories off. But with math you'll look like crap you don't go to sleep you lose your teeth you lose your job it's early it's impossible to work shirt that has sleeves. Your parents don't fit you are you know admired and you think there's people want to get you wake. What does the side affect the map that is so fact that that's worked back I think Mets also. Only point is like you cheapening of future high furlong track. What we don't want our debts are you grew have you ever had done and you'll see in the second wife so you don't know how how I mean I'm curious to know how she looks compared to when you have it's been that long ago how how she looks not to do metal at that. I'm very easily go to parent but you know all credit to. Or disappearances. Yeah okay and then it would happen after that and you with a woman that you were there was now or did you have another relationship. Domino little relationship now and many other for years we've been luring her together and actually you know in my reload here. When you re almost four year old woman and she's still what do you. Guy I don't doubt. Or she's crazy people always keep got him are you a little bit of a lunatic could be saved if you for you here. Why you hold this up yourself that question man I think that's great intellect Semitic I appreciated what the hell is wrong with him. Got a shout out you're sure yeah. Well it I love you so much you are Martin jewel I can't wait to marry you. I got too old rules losers knew the woman who knew I was there. And on your anniversary this little nice house tall boy that's. A neat idea Rihanna iris as fast learner so that the I'm Agnew looked the man. Pay miles by the way Vietnam Ozzie has guys say hey man. In on offense was the body you're referring to guys now that went with the body evil cold truly dropped off dazzled yes. This over the Daisuke golf than not I'm certainly looking Welker and is models even familiar with the concept of connect. No messed up god damn are you free things just don't fit differently now. They're going about your questions miles I don't know why wanna have you asked your request Jessica but the puts out a gun that is as you guys are amazing you've taken whose whose worst tragedy it made him laugh. Components of the most impressed. All the goes miles just doesn't care. If that that if I close a fair question now the US in Enid I imagine there's Lebanon and to think that I wanna that's the same question but I was coming doubled words okay. I had a buddy you're just going all right this is on the board but you call 800 forecasts are wrong and the outlook. I don't work associate who had to go through it and it was not keep it in he was and what it was was one of those things trees that look meant it was not easy. And we were we did have our differences and all that but that that does take place that you passed on. For the past two years without a point in time he's like look man I had no idea I just did not know. How much I would be getting late in the problem what it is is that nobody is images today. Right he's like you know I just wanna date do my thing he's like every single person that asked the wants at any interest in me is looking at me. As a potential long term partner of course I mean that's all it is every single. They are dead oh right so match when he was exclusive like that I'm mad exact he's in I'm ugly I. I am unemployed based editor at an amount like he's brought home a little or is that you know me man you gotta get a lot of it and look at me like I'm an average looking guy. I do OK a word I'm not you know and he's like but it's insane I have a good fortune not only that but he wasn't out looking for Iraq coming to him that's entirely on the big name her to win route you to one person finds out the till nine million people. That you are a widow. Mean it's like you know like I don't know whether but it support those prizes you don't wanna win a court knowing it's also the first had to go to the paint off your high wind yeah there is really Farley late. You really wanna get a lot of us but this is the one all I have to take her front row will you be a real bad situation but didn't give it. Another way I asked what's the deal appeal of math I got Dugard is the friend of mine once told me the bustling about math. That's all a quick correction. The other is meth makes you sure look a rock star that's the appeal men's or blunt question I would never wanna know how much money I have spent on black. You're losing the red probe on the men's or radio network.